Sunday, April 5, 2015


We got more cute scenes n funny scenes from eps.2 n then I realize my pics became double from the previous eps n it means that many interesting scene that I should give comments. Btw, I’m sure that Writer Lee is a ChunNi’s  fanboy, hahaha....He knows a lot about ChunNi like his dorky side, his satory accent, his wish to get a daughter even his gag from old days. Mu Gak is so ChunNi, hehehe....Until now I can’t decide which side that I love more about him. His Serious side or his Dorky side. I think it’s 50:50, I love to see Mu Gak’s emotionless and his cute/dorky expression.

I chose this pic as ChunFace of the Day (2).....

This is what we call Emotionless. It’s a very good acting by him.  I was wondering before how he will put that emotionless into his acting. So, as always....he’s doing great. Proud of U ChunNi.

Choi Mu Gak

So Hyun ahh....U should be happy that U’re the 1st actress that ur oppa did that underwater love sign. Hehe....

How many of U who imagine Mu Gak call U like that? hahha....From the way he calls her, U can imagine how close they are.

ChunNi.....finally U have a daughter, hehehe....Yeah, I was right that there’s only both of them, no parents. How their parents die? Maybe it’s not that important to give Us their family background or maybe we will get later. N because he act not just as her brother but also as her parents, no wonder now his purpose of life is only find the murderer. Those ChunFace on this scene is so Awesome,hehehe...and So Hyun, after only got a little smile on IMU, now she get not just smile but also hugs....hehe

Mu Gak’s home looks cozy....The aquarium is a thing to remind him about his fav.thing. I hope Writernim write a scene that make Cho Rim comes in to his home and see Eun Seol’s pic. 

Eps.2, the food increase...from 2 became 4 food. XD

How many times we can see ChunNi’s tongue on his drama? LOL....(It’s not on pervy mind, okie....hahhaha).... Mu Gak is so funny that he even doesn’t want to trust Cho Rim till like that. hahha...n Pepermint candy  remind us about Lee Gak’s fav....hehe...

ChunFace moment , hahaha.....he still can’t believe it.

N OMG...... This scene.......wkwkwkwk......I love the writer can make the funny thing from simple thing like that.

I felt sorry for Mu Gak when see they leave him. So I was thinking...Mu Gakkie...U should just get in to the car. It’s OK if the guys dont like it and he really did it. XD....The 1st time I watched this scene, I didn’t notice when Mu Gak get in to the car. It just suddenly he popped in n gave me Shock n LOL....Then the 2nd time I watched, finally I notice when he got in. A good camera angle..Mu Gak got in when the camera shoot to the older Detective n close the door while they switch their seat. N then he shift n made the guys know he’s there. Gosh....his expression (no expression) is priceless.

N this is so Right.

Your acting is so AWESOME ChunNi.

It’s a weird thing. Not much I can comment about the pic, but when saw it I felt this...”Oh My, ChunNi will leave us soon n I’m going to miss him”.

ChunFace we got from the ending of next eps preview from 1st week of TGWSS

MuRim Couple

LOL.....she forgot to write the important thing. But off course if she remember it, we won’t get that Choi Eun Seol moment.

I like that at the same time they did the similar thing. LOL....

OMG....that scene is so funny....when he try to comes in a cool way but then LOL...... 

I like that Cho Rim still can scold him although she really need his help. I think later we will find out why Gag is precious and serious for her. The reason why she chose that as her job n Mu Gak will understand it. Will she still as gag woman till the last eps? Coz her ability is really useful. 

Hahaha.....I didn’t expect that we get that scene but wrong recipient scene always funny. 

LOLing to the background song when Mu Gak thinking about what Cho Rim’s said n LOL.....why U must thinking, Mu Gakkie....coz it’s true. Hahaha..... these awkward moments....n it’s in a row. LOL

The Foot and the Hand.

Why the way Mu Gak show his hand was cute n funny? XD.... . I really like to see if we get scene that tell Us how Cho Rim learn to use her ability by doing concentrate on 1 thing.

This test is so funny especially with the path that Mu Gak made n Cho Rim precisely following his path.

 LOL....many kind of way to close her nose.

LOL at MuGak’s expression when Cho Rim looking at his face. 

Korean with their language level. I like that Mu Gak who initiate to start it.

I like that Mu Gak give attention for a little thing. So maybe it’s like what happened on her 1st day get that ability, saw all smell. The good and the terrible thing. So sunglasses is important thing for Cho Rim.

LOL....his face....Annoyed face. N Cho Rim still love draging him. XD

I can’t write alot of comment about this scene. Just their expression is priceless. XD

LOL....Mu Gak can threaten.....n the way Cho Rim wear her sunglasses is funny. XD

N We got Mu Rim at the ending.

N one more time, Cho Rim is really helpfull for Mu Gak. Let’s see how helpfull Mu Gak for Cho Rim in next eps.


A little thing that I like from them. Using their left hand for eating. Hehe..

Writernim really like Butterfly or it just a coincidence?

This is a place that I never think will popped in. WOW....The support from JJ. Maybe later we will get OST from JS?


Another  number 1, 3 & 9 scene.

Look at the percentage of Mu Gak’s phone. From the 1st time he got message from Cho Rim, till the last message. The battery  phone percentage was 39% n if U see the time. It’s 1.30 n if U add number 1, it become 2.41. It’s exactly like the time Mu Gak received the 1st & 2nd msg. Maybe it has no meaning but coz I’m like ChunNi who loves number. XD...It became important for me. Hahhaa....

N yeah...Writernim should not forget my fav number. XD

7th Day and 1 Week aka 7 Days. XD

Maybe coz the release date of Samsung 6 is on April 10th, so they  cover the brand name on Mu Gak’s phone? When the 1st time I saw Samsung 6, I had thought that I think I won’t wait till Samsung 7 released to change my phone. Coz 6 is ChunNi. LOL....n I saw it has BLUE colour (hope they release the blue colour in Indonesia). Then I wonder will the new phone became a sponsor for ChunNi’s new drama. N off course the asnwer is YES.....n Mu Gak use the BLUE phone.....Love it.


OOOuuccchhh...this creepy doctor....

He’s the missing lady doctor n a weird man who doesn’t use a mobile phone in this age n his name is Dr. CHUN.....aigooo....XD

A very good question from Mu Gak......I was wondering before, what’s that BARCODE murder mean. The murderer put barcode to the person he kill so, is it only for his symbol (trademark) or have another meaning?   I’m looking forward for Mu Gak’s cooperation with her. A cool lady. 

N I ’m also wondering about this scene.

He was in US for 7 days so why Cho Rim still can see his girlfriend’s scene in him? Her smell still left trace even though he already wash his hair, hand (body)from the last time he met her?

Got 2 interesting episodes this week. Hope next week will get more. I like that the writer can combine the serious thing n the cute things in balance.

Btw, additional pic coz got this from SSK’s in Running Man.

It’s BLUE jacket. XD....n maybe the 1st kiss we get will be from Cho Rim. A kiss in Mu Gak’s Mandu cheeks. XD

Coz I already write about ChunNi’s acting, I think it’s nice if I also write about SSK. IMO, so far she’s doing a good job as Cho Rim. Not over acting n I can enjoy watching her scene. I think she’s on her element (RomCom)

N about MuRim’s couple, I love them. They didn’t falling in love at the 1st sight, no quarrel (no hate to love relationship), they complete each other. 

I love the funny moment come didn’t on the “forced” way but it’s natural.