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JYJ News Week of 5/23-5/29/2016

What's New With JYJ?
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올 여름 더 핫하게 보낼 수 있는 바로 그 앨범!
XIA의 <XIGNATURE> 이제 아이튠즈에서도 즐길 수 있습니다~

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160530 Junsu 'XIGNATURE' Album Recording Studio


Vichelle Wong

[NEW PICS] 160530 Junsu <XIGNATURE> Album Recording Studio Scenes!



Corporal Jaejoong spreading the love....

[IG TRANS] Another autograph of

Nice fan art


Corporal Jaejoong update

[Blog] Busy performing at International students(soldiers) n sponsors' friendship night

Better link, performance was on May 27 in Daejeon

Seems like army officers' international exchange program/event to appreciate non-military sponsors at JFMU

One more exciting thing at the end of happy night (Misinformation) 's wonderful finale song completed fun night
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Rock the World
on YouTube
JYJ's XIA Junsu


Junsu sets out to 'Rock The World' in intense, dramatic MV featuring The Quiett and Automatic 

Junsu is out to "Rock The World" in his latest solo release, which is chock full of awesome effects and dancing. 
The singer is known for the dramatic, and he didn't shy away from it this time either. Junsu went all out for this MV, which is full of stunning effects and visuals that will keep your eyes glued to the sreen. The artistic quality of Junsu's MVs never ceases to amaze me! 

Everything from the makeup, the costumes, and even the dancing was on point! Plus, Junsu plays a madman in a straight jacket, and the look couldn't suit him better. Yes, that was a compliment. No one pulls of a crazed lunatic quite like Junsu does.


Finally! the 4th XIA’s album is out! #XIGNATURE
MelOn 󾫼  
Mnet 󾫼

Cjes & Junsu IG updates

Cjes IG update Junsu Xignature bts

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Corporal Jaejoong's autograph for a long time fan

님들 저의 절친의 친한 동생이 군악대인데 큰오빠와 같은 생활관이었다고  친구한테 서프라이즈로 싸인 받아다줬대요. 제 친구도 예전부터 팬이고요. 오빠가 써준 문구도 넘나 예쁨 ㅠㅠ 제가 대신 올려여

Best friend's close friend, band member/bunkmate of got sign for her friend(another longtime fan)  
Via crystalmoon64

"Thank you for loving me for so long Always be happy" -



네이버 TV캐스트 탑100 1위 축하!!🎉
'ROCK THE WORLD' 뮤직비디오 또 보러가요~~
M/V 바로보기▶

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #정규4집 #XIGNATURE #ROCK_THE_WORLD #뮤직비디오 #네이버 #TV캐스트 #통해_뮤비 #선공개 #9시간후_음원공개 #떨린다_두근두근

#Congrats A #huge thing’s happened on the pre-releasing of XIA’s 'ROCK THE WORLD’ MV at #NAVER #TVcast It already #dominate no.1 spot on top 100 chart. Check the XIA’s MV again thru the link and let’s keep waiting just 9 hrs more for the complete releasing of his #incredible 4th album

Junsu Update
cjes.tagram님의 사진  

It’s gonna be the #hottest MV #EVER Check in #detail thru above link!

XIA’s coming with The #Avengers #dancing team! Are you #ready for this? Stay tuned in XIA’s 4th album.


160528 JUNSU instagram update! Rock The World!
xiaxiaxia1215님의 사진


Cjes IG update Junsu Xignature, " XIA is out to Rock the World"  What do you think of the mv?



WATCH: (Junsu) Will “Rock The World” In New MV

JYJ’s XIA (Junsu) drops his newest music video for “Rock the World”!
The title track of his fourth studio album, “Rock the World” is a hip-hop inspired dance track that is produced by Automatic, and features rapper The Quiett. The song itself has an addictive melody that’s supported by Junsu’s powerful vocals.
In the music video, the singer attempts to escape, both figuratively and literally, from whatever is holding him back, while other scenes showcase his strong dance skills.
In addition to releasing the music video, C-JeS Entertainment has also promised to release a “special present from XIA,” if the music video reaches one million views by 10 p.m. on May 31 KST.
Junsu previously released “Is You…” ahead of his comeback, as well as a highlight medley. The full album, “Xignature,” will drop on May 30.
Watch his exciting and colorful music video below!
네이버 TV캐스트를 통해 독점 공개된 XIA의 깜짝 선물!
선물 받으러 가기▶

잠깐!!!🖐🏻 🎀깜짝 이벤트 공지🎀
'ROCK THE WORLD’ 뮤직비디오가 공개된 지금부터 72시간 이내에 100만뷰 달성시 XIA의 깜짝 선물이 기다리고 있습니다! 100만뷰까지 힘차게 달려봐요! (조회수는 네이버 TV캐스트 기준입니다.)

* 이벤트 기간: 2016년 5월 28일(토) 밤 10시 ~ 5월 31일(화) 밤 10시
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎ROCK_THE_WORLD‬ ‪#‎뮤직비디오‬ ‪#‎선공개‬ ‪#‎다들_놀랐죠‬ ‪#‎풀버전‬ ‪#‎으로_들으니_더좋아‬ ‪#‎심장이_시준시준‬ ‪#‎깜짝이벤트‬ ‪#‎100만뷰_달성까지_파이팅‬
Only at ‪#‎NAVER‬ ‪#‎TVcast‬ XIA’s MV of 'ROCK THE WORLD' is ‪#‎available‬! Don’t miss upcoming ‪#‎event‬ as well!
From now on, when the view-counting comes to 1M in 72 hrs, there is going to be a XIA’s ‪#‎surprising‬ ‪#‎present‬ for you! Let’s enjoy his MV first, then will see what the present will be!




Male stars with hot abs

Updated : May 27 2016
Celebrities work extremely hard on grooming themselves to look their best for the public, and some of them have achieved to die for physiques.

Here are some male stars who are not shy about baring some skin for the public:

Jaejoong of JYJ



Junsu and XIGNATURE updates...
XIA가 추천하는 오디오 티저를 듣기에 가장 이상적인 포즈~
여러분도 함께 따라 해보세요!

‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎자는거_아님‬ ‪#‎마음만은_경건하게‬ ‪#‎오디오티저‬ ‪#‎를_영접하는_자세‬ ‪#‎하루종일‬ ‪#‎들을_수_있어요‬ ‪#‎컴백‬ ‪#‎코앞까지_왔다네‬ ‪#‎기대기대‬ ‪#‎5월30일아_기다려‬
Being ‪#‎relaxed‬ and ‪#‎laidback‬ this is how XIA check his audio ‪#‎teasers‬ of the 4th ‪#‎album‬. Let’s ‪#‎wait‬ just a little bit ‪#‎more‬ till May 30th for the ‪#‎complete‬ ‪#‎releasing‬ of the album!

JYJ added 2 new photos.
XIA의 'ROCK THE WORLD'로 여러분을 초대합니다!
6월 11일~12일, 올림픽공원 체조경기장은 핫플레이스!

‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎아시아투어콘서트‬ ‪#‎ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT‬ ‪#‎6월‬ ‪#‎11일_12일‬ ‪#‎가로등_배너‬ ‪#‎신사역‬ ‪#‎을지병원사거리‬ ‪#‎압구정역‬ ‪#‎학동사거리‬ ‪#‎핫플레이스‬ ‪#‎에서_더_핫한_XIA를_만나보세요‬
Welcome to XIA's Rock The World! The ‪#‎hottest‬ XIA is coming for you. Let's ready for XIA's ‪#‎upcoming‬ Asia tour ‪#‎concert‬ on June 11th & 12th at Olympic Sport Stadium in ‪#‎Seoul‬
Check the dangled banners on the streets for the concert!


Kim Jaejoong (throwback pics from friends)

[IG TRANS] always looks so handsome. Wish he comes back soon healthy. My nose? Crooked

[IG TRANS] You miss this person a lot, right? Once in Tokyo Dom, I took this photo myself!



XIGNATURE pre listening
한번 듣기 시작하면 일상생활이 불가능 한 마성의 보이스
귀에 착착 감기는 멜로디에 자동으로 올라가는 엄지척!
Pre-listening Full▶

‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎ROCK_THE_WORLD‬ ‪#‎PreListening‬ ‪#‎미리듣기‬ ‪#‎미리듣기_풀버전‬ ‪#‎들으러_오세요‬ ‪#‎오디오티저‬ ‪#‎하나하나가_전부명곡‬
It's real! Two ‪#‎thumbsup‬
Click above link for checking out audio teasers of his 4th album! Stay tune in his completed album which will be out on 5/30!


Junsu working out!!!


[TRANS] 160526 This combination is possible? The TOP 25 Strongest drama castings of all time

Drama castings are always making headlines. MBC Wed-Thur ‘Lucky Romance’, which had its first airing the past 25th, raised expectations even with its very casting of ‘Trust-to-see’ Hwang Jung-eum and ‘EoNamRyu (T/N: Short for “husband in any case is Ryu Jun-yeol”)‘ Ryu Jun-yeol. It is because both the two actors are the hottest actors recently.
We have chosen 25 of the works where the casting stood out the most, among the dramas that aired for over the last 20 years recently.

 photo skksmain.jpg
#19. Park Yuchun, Park Min-young, Song Joong-ki, Yoo Ah-in
= KBS 20-part Sungkyunkwan Scandal (First episode on 2010 August 30th. Last episode on November 2nd)

Source: Xports News via Naver  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160526 C-JeS Instagram Update 3: Probably Junsu’s face after sexy BTS clip

[PHOTO] 지금 씨제스타그램을 바라보는 김가수님의 표정을 상상해보았습니다

#김준수 #XIAJUNSU #XIA #서프라이즈 #체코 #참멀죠잉 #이곳_인스타는_축제분위기_입니다 #열일하는_남자 #부디_용서를 #정규4집 #온다_온다 #30일 #두근두근 #씨제스타그램

FYI, XIA is in The #Czech republic now, and we can #imgine that this could be XIA’s response after seeing the today’s post on @cjes.tagram which is a short-video clip, showing his hottest work-out time..he seems very serious tho..
Please keep staying tune in his 4th #album which will be released #completely on May 30th!

What we are imagining Kim Junsu-nim’s expression is when looking at C-JeS.tagram right now

#KimJunsu #XIAJUNSU #XIA #surprise #Czech[_Republic] #truly_is_far-off #Insta[gram]_here_is_in_a_festive_mood #man_who_worked_in_the_heat #please_forgive_us #regular_4th_album #is_coming_is_coming #30th #pit-a-pat

FYI, XIA is in The #Czech Republic now, and we can #imagine that this could be XIA’s response after seeing the today’s post on @cjes.tagram which is a short-video clip, showing his hottest work-out time..he seems very serious tho..
Please keep staying tune in his 4th #album which will be released #completely on May 30th!
 photo 13269575_533256413527805_1803827351_n.jpg
Source: cjes.tagram  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[XIA(준수)] Invitation to MelOn Premiere Showcase LIVE: XIA!(준수의 쇼케이스 인사말!)

1theK (원더케이)
With English subs by  xiah junjjyu

Cjes IG update Junsu Xignature Showcase message

XIA와 함께 쇼케이스를 즐길 준비 되셨나요?
5월 30일 저녁 7시30분, 코엑스 동문 앞 광장에서 만나요~
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎쇼케이스‬ ‪#‎ROCK_THE_WORLD‬ ‪#‎무대를_최초로_공개‬ ‪#‎5월_30일‬ ‪#‎코엑스‬ ‪#‎멜론‬ ‪#‎아지톡‬ ‪#‎원더케이‬ ‪#‎생방송‬ ‪#‎으로_시청가능‬
Let’s get excited!
At the East side square of COEX in Korea, XIA’s showcase will be on 5/30 at 7:30pm. You can’t miss the first ever performance of the song <Rock The World> at there and also watch the live-broadcast thru ‪#‎MelonAZTalk‬


Visual Shock Kim Jaejoong of course

ViuTV Hong Kong Top 3 Most Handsome Korean in the eyes of foreigner No.1



Dancing Junsuyah...
JYJ added 3 new photos.


[PICS] 160525 Photo of Yuchun at his aunt’s shop Mickiss

 photo 99c702b0gw1f47xaloo7fj20ku112q4r.jpg
 photo 99c702b0gw1f47xb9h7npj216o1kwgy3.jpg
 photo 99c702b0jw1f47xbqougij216o1kwk3i.jpg
JYJ3 Note: Yuchun is holding up lip balms that are being sold at Mickiss

Credits: JYJCN + @MicKiss_6002  
Shared by: JYJ3


어제 XIA의 스타DJ '샤르르' 1화 방송 잘 들으셨나요?
들으면 들을수록 빠져드는 마성의 목소리!
다음 주 2화도 기대해주세요!
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎1화‬ ‪#‎잘_들으셨나요‬ ‪#‎퇴근길‬ ‪#‎다시듣기‬ ‪#‎2화‬ ‪#‎도_기대만발‬ ‪#‎31일_정오에_또만나요‬ ‪#‎5일뒤면‬ ‪#‎앨범발매‬ ‪#‎행복한‬ ‪#‎5월‬ ‪#‎샤르르‬ ‪#‎5월31일‬ ‪#‎멜론라디오‬ ‪#‎스타DJ‬
A rousing ‪#‎cheer‬ toward his the 4th album <XIGNATURE>
XIA’s the 1st show of ‪#‎Melon‬ radio, it was so good! Let’s ‪#‎catch‬ up on next week thru his 2nd show, 5/31 at 12pm!

160525 CJES IG update Junsu BTS of <XIA's Real Radio>! Stay tuned to next show on 31 May, 12pm KST!


160524 Junsu IG: "Even though the water is very cold..I bear with it because of the shoot. Really~very coldㅜ"

Via vichellelicious


Corporal Jaejoong's Autograph

[IG TRANS] A fan shares 's autograph her friend received

Creative fan edits...


Corporal Jaejoong entertaining soldiers (aka new fans...)

[IG] (Kim Jaejoong) singing HANDSOME wow  
via crystalmoon64

[TRANS] People can't stop praising 's handsomeness


Corporal Jaejoong;s autograph...

[BLOG] "It was delicious. Will come again" Leaves autograph at Croquette Cook 


Soldier Jaejoong News...

A trainee who has same new recruit trainer as shares his trainer's account of JJ
Via crystalmoon64

Nice fan edit! Team Captain Jae anytime anywhere...


160524 XIA <Rock The World> Teaser MV is HERE!!!


[NEW PICS] 160524 Junsu <XIGNATURE> Album!


[NEW VIDEO] 160524 Junsu raps <How Can I Love You> on <XIA's Real Radio>!
3 flowers

More vids/audios
Musical in Life (
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Loving You Keeps Me Alive
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I am Music
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Death Game

DJ Junsu
JYJ's Junsu goes shirtless for his Asia tour poster!
JYJ's Junsu showed off his hot bod for his Asia tour poster!
On May 23, C-JeS Entertainment announced, "We give you the poster of Junsu's '2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT,' starting on June 11-12 at Seoul and then moving on to Nagoya, Kobe, and Tokyo. The jacket photo is currently receiving hot attention for showing a tough and aggressive image that is 180 degrees different than the boyish look of [Junsu's] past."

How do you like tough and aggressive Junsu in the new poster?
Junsu's Poster for upcoming concert...
XIA와 함께 체조경기장을 후끈! 달아오르게 할 준비 되셨나요? 다같이 외쳐요!

‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎5th‬ ‪#‎ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT‬ ‪#‎포스터_공개‬ ‪#‎역대급‬ ‪#‎상의탈의‬ ‪#‎헬스‬ ‪#‎하는_남자‬ ‪#‎섹시미‬ ‪#‎남신미‬ ‪#‎다_가졌다‬ ‪#‎여름휴가‬ ‪#‎는_XIA_콘서트‬ ‪#‎6월‬ ‪#‎11일_12일‬
The most happiest weekend is coming! Your truly ‪#‎CJeS‬ XIA's ‪#‎RockTheWorld‬ concert in ‪#‎Seoul‬ will be on June 11th & 12th.’s a secret that XIA is working out so hard for performance of the concert. You never be disappointed.


Corporal Jaejoong's autograph

Finally got 's autograph after 14 yrs of on and off fangirling(Faint). I'll always be happy, yes! You too oppa!

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[INFO] 160523 Daum Cafe’s realtime most popular post: Best alternative/competition to girl group performance in Army? – Jaejoong

Daum Cafe’s realtime most popular post: Best alternative/competition to girl group performance in Army? – Kim Jaejoong

You can check more videos here

Source: @paradise_126  
Translated by: @crystalmoon64  
Shared by: JYJ3


[TRANS + HQ SCANS] NYLON June Issue, Kim Junsu’s Interview

Note: There may be some discrepancies in the translations, I apologise in advance.
Do you know that today we talked about coming or noes or minute dust? 
Originally I am a bit sensitive to the weather. Today there is no dust and the sky is really clear so even while riding the car I was feeling good. Even when I am at home I often look up at the sky but recently because of the minute dust aren’t there many times the weather is cloudy? I don’t like being depressed maybe that is why, thus I like summer. Mood becomes refreshed.
In such a fine summer you are releasing an album. Just now before the filming, I overheard a bit of when you were talking to the staff, it seems the title is a song with good tempo. 
I think it will become a song with a beat. And last time I tried something new by making a ballad as the title song of my mini album. If I try to show something which is becoming of me then I thought wouldn’t it be good if there is a bit more performance.
Full length album is already the 4th one right. To the things that are seeming of yourself, is now the time where you grasped an outline (of it)? 
However, what is called as my color is not something necessarily limited to within only the genres. Though I can not stereotype it into a few words, I want to avoid excessively trendy songs. With a feel separate from the typically common dance songs using the strings or orchestra components or.. Rather not to show the same style every time, I am happy if they feel my music’s different source or atmosphere.
This time as well is there a part that you attempted for the purpose of unique music? 
Last time, “꼭 어제” (T/N: Yesterday) by Shim Gyu seon ssi (T/N: Lucia) was like that and in this time’s album the song composed by Seonwoo Jeongha ssi is also like that and more than the composers whose names frequently appear on the charts now, I like receiving songs from those who are underground. And for featuring as well there are more [instances] of requesting unexpected musicians.
In last time’s album many rappers participated in the featuring camp right. 
And so just by looking at the names of the participants there were also people who thought it was a Hip Hop record. Haha. From some years ago I have gotten into Hip Hop. There was also a time when Kanye West featured in JYJ’s album but unfortunately at that time I was not quite interested in Hip Hop. It is a difficult genre but when you understand and try to listen, it is different. I felt about how much of a great person Kanye West is and while composing with the rappers as well, I admired the part that I do not possess and it is like my musical spectrum has broadened as well.
Is there any song included that you have written yourself? 
Firstly, when composing what ever kind of song omitting too much time itself is already like a situation where a good song can not be composed. Even if it is made simply it won’t do if it doesn’t sound good and I believe it is wrong to forcibly make a not so good song into good. My previous album was made up of many self composed songs, in the beginning the stress was a lot. That’s why this time more than composing i furthermore did lots of lyrics writing.
It seems that you don’t write lyrics intentionally either.
I rather write well when the time draws near. If I try and write in a too comfortable situation it is rather like it’s circling round and round. There has also been a time, recently on the way to going to China at the airport when the fans were taking pictures I suddenly got an inspiration so by scribbling the lyrics were done.
On that note, recently there is also the question of how well you can make it but you can not disregard the method of conveyance right. 
If you question the details of the ratio, more than music, publicity is becoming a big part, I feel regretful (about this) as well. On that note, since I do not broadcast more than that part I combine my focus on a different part, which can become the answer right. Making songs while thinking of the broadcast stage and making songs while thinking of the concert evidently has different parts. If you do music which is easy to listen on broadcast stage or music then it becomes that you make [music while] matching your focus even furthermore on the trend.
As a singer who did broadcast activities, to match focus on the concert, isn’t it tough?
It is more like it is buried than having become skilled in that part. In actuality it is a question of mentality. Because to make it (something) you want to do and (something that) you are not able to do even if you want to are evidently different issues. Of course even if I say that I can do broadcast now, I do not have the confidence to do it like the time when previously doing DBSK activities. Even then there is a time when on broadcast I want to stand on a stage where I can perform my song at least once. And also want to appear in interesting variety programs.
There is also that talk of the likes that you unflaggingly release album in order to increase the concerts right.
Recently there roughly are no albums with more than 10 tracks right? For my previous time’s album as well though it’s 8 tracks I made it into a mini album. That is like my pride. As a singer doing concert, release just one digital music and you can change the arrangement at least of the existing albums. To release album is the only method by which I can express my gratitude towards those who come to see my concert. To those who believe in me, I have to offer so as to feel the value to that extent.
You are busy to the extent that the year’s schedule is filled but among that from where do you receive the motivation?
Even till the very smallest thing to me, all is motivation. If the heart is an engine then in the twenties it was running more faster. On that note, sometimes it also ran slowly and at the time it was like it stopped there was that sense of danger too. Recently while watching Produce 101 my heart beat fast. Although joining among 101 people is tough, within that work hard in order to become 11 people, just with releasing an album for the first time how much happy (it would make you). Once again I vowed in my heart, “my situation is really where I should be grateful. Lets work harder in the time given to me,”
Don’t you want to try and move general masses other than the fans who unconditionally support you? 
Isn’t that a part, in case for an entertainer, anyone would be thinking it? Even so, I have even made music with a form contrary to the fans’ requests and expectations. I do not move while expecting a certain result. If I move while knowing the result, I should be producing a furthermore even more bigger hit. However, what I can say for certain is that at the time of releasing an album therein I am trying to break my limitations.
What kind of existence do you think is right now’s Kim Junsu? 
I am okay with anything. There is no prejudice in the point of view from which fans or the general mass who are not my fans look at me. For the me now who is 31 years old to be seen as an idol at times is embarrassing but it isn’t bad. There is also the amazing power only idols have that musicians or artists do not hold. Reversely, to see me as an artist or musician means that I progressed musically, because it combines the focus on that so I am grateful. Whichever modified [words] it is, as it is an opinion that is a chance for the general masses to be able to understand me, I am pleased with everything.
Debuted in your teens, now already passed 30 right. 
In the ending of my twenties somehow or the other there was the uneasy feelings but in reality when I became 30 (years old), even though the age has come, I don’t actually feel it. More than the musical progress, it is certain that the responsibilities and burden in life has increased. Because the age of being able to be seen with the point of view of, “because he is young such kind of things are there,” has passed.
As a singer who celebrates an explosive fandom, has there been something that distressed you regarding the top?
While doing activities as DBSK, I celebrated immense popularity after which becoming independent though regretfully I couldn’t do any broadcasts activities, I think amongst that I firmly hardened my very own path. It’s not that I was the best, regarding that time I have feelings of gratitude. The rest differ depending on the criteria. As a musical actor as well I want to build a new peak and as a solo singer as well wouldn’t it be the stage to work hard again once more in order to go to till the end of the top?
If you tried to become a person who exists for long, what is necessary? 
The thing called popularity as well wherein there is rise and fall however, isn’t it something that goes up and down. If the time to descend comes, I have the heart to want to go down beautifully. Though having said that I do not have any fear regarding that time. There are people who still want to hear my music. Till I have the thought that, “there are people who are waiting,” I want to release but though having said that as was expected in the time when I feel that such people are not there whether I will be able to stop, I worry over that as well. One thing I can offer to promise. That there is the singer called me, within the hopeful thoughts of becoming a singer who can become a topic (T/N: of interest) for someone, when releasing an album one at a time, I will exhaust to the very best.
Source and Kor-Jap translations by XIA Wonderland시아원더랜드
Jap-Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Pic credits: TWINKLINGJ


[XIA 정규 4집 발매 기념 SHOWCASE 안내]
안녕하세요, 씨제스 엔터테인먼트입니다.
XIA의 정규 4집 <XIGNATURE>의 첫 라이브를 함께할 수 있는 쇼케이스 현장에 여러분을 초대합니다.
일시 : 2016년 5월 30일(월) 저녁 7시 30분
장소 : 삼성동 코엑스 동문 앞 광장
입장 시간 : 공연 시작 1시간 전 일괄 선착순 입장 예정
(해당 공연은 별도의 티켓 혹은 번호표를 배부하지 않습니다)
(야외 공연장 특성상 공연장 설치물 작업이 공연 시작에 임박할 때까지 이뤄지기 때문에, 부득이하게 공연 시작 1시간 전부터 입장이 이뤄지는 점에 대해 양해 부탁 드립니다. 안전상의 문제와, 더운 날씨 속 관객분들의 안전을 고려하여 이러한 진행을 하게 되는 점 다시 한 번 양해 부탁 드립니다)
*공연이 이뤄지는 해당 장소는 출, 퇴근길 유동인구가 많은 공간입니다. 사전에 대기할 만한 공간이 여의치 않은 만큼, 공연 시간에 맞춰 공연장을 찾아 주시길 부탁 드립니다.
*공연 당일 날씨가 매우 더울 것으로 예상됩니다. 날씨 상황을 고려해 관객 여러분들은 안전에 유의하시길 바랍니다.
*해당 공간은 당사만 사용하는 공간이 아닌 만큼, 현장 안전요원들의 안내 및 지시에 협조 바랍니다.
Hi, this is CJES Entertainment Company.
Would like to share a news that there will be the 1st live-showcase of XIA’s 4th album <XIGNATURE>
Please carefully check below detailed information for it.
Date: 2016.5.30 (Mon) at 7:30pm
Venue: The square of COEX East-gate in Samsung-dong in Korea
Admission Time: 1 hour before the performance by order of arrival
There are no additional tickets or ticket number as well.
Please understand that the admission will be started just an hour before the performance as the nature of outdoor activity and because of an installation work for the performance.
In addition, we would like you to know that we are deeply considering security issue and weather condition of the day for you.
Thank you for your kind cooperation in advance.
*As there will be lot of traffic on the venue, so I would like to ask you to come on time.
*According to a weather forecast, It’s going to be very hot on that day, so please take care of yourself and stay safe.
*Last but not least, please follow safety guard’s instruction in order to prevent any security issues and aware that the venue is not just for the performance but public place.
We deeply appreciate your understanding and support toward XIA’s performance.
Thank you very much.


JYJ's Junsu releases more teaser images + star-studded lineup for 'XIGNATURE'

By jennywill
Junsu has released more pictures for his upcoming 'XIGNATURE'!

C-JeS Entertainment also revealed that the album will have an incredible lineup of featuring and producers, including Ben, Crucial Star, The Quiett, Paloalto, Seon Woo Jung Ah, and more.

Are you excited for his coming release on the 30th at midnight KST?


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