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Junsu makes precious memories with his Thai fans for his 5th Asia Tour Concert

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Junsu  made some special memories with his Thai fans this past July 23 during '2016 Xia 5th Asia Tour Conccert'! 

It's been over a year and a half since Junsu visited Thailand for a concert, making this meeting all the more meaningful for both the singer and his adoring fans. 

Though the weather was nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit, Junsu fans still swarmed the venue and passionately cheered on the singer. 

Junsu performed the tracks off his latest studio album 'Xignature,' including "Don't Forget," "This Love Shouldn't Go Away," "Still," "Magic Carpet," "Rock the World" and more! 

As his concert drew to a close, Junsu expressed his genuine feelings toward his fans with, "Your cheers are seriously the best. I wish I could speak better Thai but I'm thankful that we were able to become one through music. I promise to come visit you all again. Thank you for giving me so much love even though I don't get many chances to come here."

Meanwhile, Junsu will continue his Asia tour in Shanghai this coming July 30, so should you be in the area, don't miss the opportunity to go see Junsu in the flesh!




  • cjes.tagramIs..XIA..❤️ Is..You..!!

  • JYJ
    XIA와 태국 팬들이 하나가 됐던 뜨거운 순간!
    김준수, 태국 콘서트 성황 "변함 없는 사랑 감사" http://me2.do/5qiSBJgV
    ... See More

    Xia and Thai fans, it is one hot minute!
    Kim Jun-SU, Thailand concert success "abiding love" thanks
    In the "hot and humid..." Kim Jun-SU Thai Concert 3 Pan and hot with the scene of uhud
    ‪#‎Xia‬ ‪#‎xia‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎regular‬ th house ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ #2016 _ Xia _ 5th _ Asia _ tour _ concert ‪#‎concert‬ ‪#‎Thailand‬ ‪#‎castle‬ fee ‪#‎based‬ not on me, it was pretty more _ your ‪#‎every‬ day _ the _ love. ‪#‎Next‬ _ Thailand _ con, a promise. ‪#‎Thx‬ _ Bangkok

    Press Pics of Junsu in BKK



    How Can I Love You

    More pictures and videos... Please scroll down.


    Actress Jung Sun Ah Says She’s Learned A Lot From XIA (Junsu) About Acting

    Musical actress Jung Sun Ah has complimented her former co-star Junsu (XIA) of JYJ on his acting chops!
    Jung Sun Ah appeared on July 23’s episode of the radio show “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” to promote the musical “Wicked,” along with fellow actresses Ivy and Park Hye Na.
    Jung Sun Ah is a well known musical actress in Korea, and she’s asked by the hosts which of her co-stars she thinks was the best. “Rather than just going by looks, I think the best actors are ones that I really gel with,” she replies.
    “Junsu and I really worked well together,” she says. “I’m older than him, but I also learned a lot from him as an actor, particularly about how to express sadness and happiness.”
    Jung Sun Ah and Junsu have shown off their chemistry while performing in the musicals “Mozart!” and “Dracula.”
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    Jaejoong Update

    [TRANS] Lucky mom of 's fellow soldier receives JJ's autograph on her phone

    Missing Jaejoong...Five more months...


    160723 Junsu IG: " !! We are really bangkok in Thailand..ㅎ Good night everyone~~~"


    160723 Junsu in concert: Thailand!




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    Fan Project in BKK

    (Cr nazotoki26)

    Genie time
    Butt writing

    Yellow elephant with long nose headband

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    Take a Bow

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    Junsu in Thailand
    리허설 현장에서 화보 찍는 XIA....😆
    Are you ready!!? Bangkok!!!

    ‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎2016_XIA_5th_ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT‬ ‪#‎태국‬ ‪#‎Thailan‬ ‪#‎콘서트가_기대되는‬ ‪#‎리허설_사진_공개‬ ‪#‎진리의_흑백‬ ‪#‎태국콘_벌써_히트다_히트‬ ‪#‎곧_만나러_갑니다‬
    Hang on ‪#‎tight‬ ! I know, it’s ‪#‎sad‬ to ‪#‎say‬ though, XIA’s concert would be just ‪#‎once‬ in Thailand this time. Thank ‪#‎U‬ for ‪#‎all‬ your waiting, he’s coming up very soon!

    cjes.tagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BIM3ihphQFn/
    cjes.tagramXIA는 지금 준비 완료!
    이따가 만나요~
    #김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #정규4집 #2016_XIA_5th_ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT #콘서트 #태국 #Thailand #오랜만에_만나는_태국팬들 #보고싶었어요 #우리조금있다가만나요 #헤어스타일 #제대로_취향저격 #오늘도_멋짐_뿜뿜 #XIA준비완료 #여러분도_즐길준비_되셨죠 #태국콘서트_화이팅 #씨제스타그램

    Just about to #kicking off XIA’s concert in Thailand! Can’t #wait more for his #amazing performance and the hottest #genie time, #agree ? Fighting for #tonight 


    Corporal Jaejoong Update

    [IG TRANS] 's fellow soldier shares a photo of JJ's signed cd


    Nice FanArt



    New pic of Junsu in Thailand

    [사진] Nice to work with you ️ (cr. newpatitta IG)


    Junsu arrived in Thailand for his XIGNATURE Concert
    JYJ added 2 new photos.
    드디어 태국 도착! 뜨거운 환영 감사해요~ 😘
    여러분 내일 만나요!

    ‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬#2016_XIA_5th_ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT ‪#‎태국‬ ‪#‎Thailand‬ ‪#‎이번엔_태국이다‬ ‪#‎싸와디캅‬ ‪#‎코쿤캅‬ ‪#‎현지열기만큼_뜨거운공연‬ ‪#‎즐길준비_되셨나요‬ ‪#‎태국에_요정이_나타났다‬
    Finally, XIA’s just arrived at Thailand! ‪#‎yay‬ Appreciate all your warm ‪#‎welcoming‬ for him. See U ‪#‎tomorrow‬


    Junsu on his way to Thailand!

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    Park Yuchun in HaeMoo

    Photo published for Film Circuit Favourite 'Sea Fog' AKA 'Haemoo' Finally Coming to Blu Ray and On Demand

    Bud Werner Memorial Library to show Sea Fog at the Chief Theater,813 Lincoln Ave. on July 27

    2014 Blessingyuchun DVD] #HAEMOO production report session #박유천 #waitingfor6002 #standby6002

    Blessing Yuchun

    Film Circuit Favourite ‘Sea Fog’ AKA ‘Haemoo’ Finally Coming to Blu Ray and On Demand

    Originally released back in 2014 on the festival circuit where it was a huge success, Sea Fog aka ‘Haemoo’ is finally coming to Blu Ray and On Demand from August 2nd 2016 .
    The award winning film is also notable for being the Korean selection for the 2014 Oscars (Best Foreign Film ) .


    Kang, a long time captain of the Junjin, is disheartened to learn that his ship has been sold by its owner, leaving Kang’s entire crew in danger of losing their livelihood. Swallowing his pride, Kang pays a visit to Yeo, a human trafficking broker, and decides to take on the dangerous job of smuggling illegal migrants into South Korea. When the Junjin arrives at the pickup point, a violent storm forces the boat to stall in the open waters, inevitably pitting Kang’s crew against the migrants. As tension and unrest spread throughout the Junjin, a dense sea fog envelops the boat, and tragedy unfolds in the mysterious depths of the fog
    Starring  Kim Yoon-seok  (The Chaser, The Thieves, Yellow Sea )  ,Park Yoochun , Lee Hee-joon, Moon Sung-keun, Kim Sang-ho


    Haemoo | SeaFog was written and produced by Stand out Korean Director Bong Joon-ho (Memories of Murder , SnowPiercer ).

    Sea Fog Being Screened in US Public Libraries


    Junsu gave his signature to <A-CUT> Pet Shop yesterday! Pika & Chuu! 

    via vichellelicious

    Note: Pika and Chuu are Junsu's twin brother MooYoung's dogs (although Junsu claims they are his as well).


    [OTHER SNS] 160720 iMBC’s Heyo!TV Instagram & Twitter Updates: Junsu’s artworks from Ep.2

    [PHOTO] 준쨩의 작품세계 #슈박🍉 #XIA #김준수 #김준수의사생활 #해요tv
    Junjjyang’s works of art #watermelon🍉 #XIA #KimJunsu #KimJunsu’sPrivateLife #Heyo!tv
    [PHOTO] 클레이점토인데 잘 생겨쒀 #김준수 #xia준수 #XIA #김준수의사생활 #해요tv
    CLAY the clay man has formed well #KimJunsu #xiaJunsu #XIA #KimJunsu’sPrivateLife #Heyo!tv
    [PHOTO] 너도 알고 나도 아는 그거그거 #sweetmelody #XIA #김준수 #김준수의사생활 #해요tv
    That and that I know and I know too #sweetmelody #XIA #KimJunsu #KimJunsu’sPrivateLife#Heyo!tv
    [PHOTO] 마지막으로 결정한 보기는 요거 #핏백이지영 #XIA #김준수 #xia준수 #김준수의사생활 #해요tv
    What is the last thing you see he decided on? #what_is_your_feedback #XIA #KimJunsu #xiaJunsu #KimJunsu’sPrivateLife#Heyo!tv
    [PHOTO] 쥰쮸가 처음 쓴 보기는 요거래영 #xia준수 #XIA #김준수 #김준수의사생활 #해요tv
    What is the first thing you see Junjjyang write? #xiaJunsu #XIA #KimJunsu #KimJunsu’sPrivateLife #Heyo!tv
    1. Sweet Melody
    2. Rock the World
    3. Don’t Leave This Love
    4. How Can I Love You
    5. Lean on Me
    Big reveal of Junjjyu’s works of art #xia #xiaJunsu #KimJunsu #KimJunsu’sPrivateLife #Heyo!tv

    Is this the first thing you see Junjjyang write? #xiaJunsu #XIA #KimJunsu #KimJunsu’sPrivateLife #Heyo!tv
    Sources: heyo_tv + @heyotv_imbc(1,2)  
    Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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    [NEWS] 160720 The KCSC, measures in regards to ‘PD Journal’ airing Park Yuchun controversy

     photo Park-Yoochun4.jpg
    Korea Communications Standards Commission (shortened hereby to the KCSC) has taken advised action in regards to having recommended for administrative guidance and legal sanctions; in connections to the subject of Park Yuchun’s sexual assault controversy that was aired on MBC ‘PD Journal’.
    The KCSC introduced MBC ‘PD Journal’ on its item after holding the 25th Broadcast Deliberation Subcommittee special meeting in the main conference room of its broadcast hall in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul in the afternoon of July 20th.
    On this day the KCSC pointed out: “They launched a broadcast that lost its poise after overlooking the early stage where there were no concrete facts established when they aired Park Yuchun case,” and, “The program’s method of progress also led its broadcast, thinking the man to be guilty. This was a treatment that was against the balance”.
    Following, they added, “The[/Park Yuchun’s] agency disclosed their reason through an email to ‘PD Journal’ side about an interview would be impossible, but it is as though they ignored the contact and thus it is a problem that they put out their broadcast,” in regards to ‘PD Journal’ side had not been contact by the agency.
    The KCSC explained the reason for their recommended suggestions: “It was a subject worth airing but there is a problem with the production crew when they filled it with specific contents [from an ongoing investigation] therein”.

    Source: OSEN via Naver  
    Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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    Corporal Jaejoong Update

    [News Trans] Unexpected friendship, Show Me5's Flowsik shares heartwarming photo with #김재중 entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&a…

    Flowsik posted a photo on July 20 with a comment "Missed you so much brother. Finish strong and let's work." on his Instagram account.
    The photo he revealed was of Kim Jaejoong and Flowsik, through which one can confirm how Kim Jaejoong is doing currently. Flowsik composed and participated as a rapper in a song called "Only Love", included in Kim Jaejoong's 2013 album 'Y'.

    In others note, Flowsik lost to Seochulgu in early rounds of Mnet's 'Show Me the Money5' recently.

    Via crystalmoon64


    [Other IG] 160721 Flowsik Shares A Photo with Jaejoong

    Posted by  on Jul 20, 2016 in Pictures | No Comments
    *Flowsik and Jaejoong previously collaborated on JJ’s solo album (i.e. Kiss B & Only Love); Flowsik also appeared in Jaejoong’s 3hree voices DVD.  
    Credit: jayflowsik
    Shared by: PrinceJJ

    Jaejoong and Flowsik over the years...

    Flowsik with JJ in the JYJ DVD Come on Over

    Via rinmaze


    Kim Jaejoong post

    Daum Cafe Popular posting 1AM: habitually puts his hands over mouth when laughing

    Reason puts his hands over his mouth when laughing: He thinks his face looks U..G..L...Y when he laughs. WHAT?

    Translations via crystalmoon64

    Somehow, Jaejoong and the word ugly do NOT go together!!! LOL 
    It's just a cute habit of his...



    [PHOTO] こんにちは…ジュンスです。Fcmenとしては日本で当分離れることになりました。僕の最後のユニフォーム姿を必ず見に来てね。味の素スタジアムで待ってます~
    Helloo… This is Junsu. It has become that currently I am seperating as Fcmen in Japan. Without fail come see my last appearance in uniform okay. Will be waiting at Ajinomoto Stadium〜

    Source: xiaxiaxia1215
    Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
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    [RANKING] Oricon’s CD Ranking in 1st half of 2016 – ‘NO.X’ & ‘HMLDYHIYW’ rank in Top 20

     photo firsthalforiconranking-1.png
     photo firsthalforiconranking-2.png

    RANKING Music Ranking

    ♛2016’s Oricon CD Ranking in the first half of the year【Western music album】

    Survey period: 2015/12/28~2016/6/20

    Title – Artist

    16 | NO.X – Kim Jejung
    20 | How Much Love Do You Have in Your Wallet. – Yuchun

    Source: Oricon  
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     2016 Gaon Top Solo Albums #1 Taemin #2 Taeyeon #3 Jaejoong #4 Woohyun #5 Sica #6 Yoochun #7 Fany #8 Jonghyun #9 XIA


    [NEWS] 160715 K-pop star challenges ‘Dorian Gray’

     photo 13575999_500151413517252_6432681926835278107_o.jpg
    By Kwon Mee-yoo
    Oscar Wilde’s 19th century philosophical novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is being adapted for a musical production starring K-pop’s Kim Jun-su in September.
    Slated for opening on Sept. 3 at Seongnam Arts Center in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, the musical “Dorian Gray” is one of the most highly anticipated theatrical works in Korea this year.
    Scripted by Cho Yong-shin, with music composed by Kim Moon-jeong, the musical is directed by Lee Gi-na, known for mega-productions such as “Seopyeonje” and “Jesus Christ Superstar.”
    This is the first original production by CJeS Culture, a theater-related subsidiary of talent agency CJeS Entertainment. The production was originally developed for a small theater at a workshop in 2013.
    Cho said the show went through major changes from its initial conception as it grew bigger. “Now the actors have to bring out more depth as new characters have been added, creating more dynamics in relationships,” Cho said at a press conference introducing the musical on July 11. “It’s a totally new show for a bigger theater.”
    There were a handful of theatrical adaptations of “Dorian Gray” around the globe, including the most notable, Matthew Bourne’s contemporary dance adaptation, but most were small-scale. No major Broadway or West End production of the Wilde novel was created.
    Director Lee explained her choice for the esthetic, pedantic nature of the 1890 novel. “The novel is abstruse and can be difficult to read,” Lee said. “We will maintain the atmosphere and message of the original work, but the adaptation will be for people of all ages.”
    Set in Victorian-era England, the musical revolves around Dorian Gray, a young man who inspires painter Basil to create a full-length portrait of him. Dorian’s life takes an unexpected turn as he gets heavily influenced by the hedonistic aristocrat Henry. To remain young and beautiful forever, Dorian wishes his portrait to age and fade instead of himself, and he becomes morally corrupt.
    Composer Kim is one of the most experienced musical directors in Korea, who recently conducted “Mozart!,” “Mamma Mia!” and “Les Miserables,” and makes her debut as a composer in “Dorian Gray.”
    “‘Dorian Gray’ has a dark subject matter and it has been a dark journey for us as well,” she said. “I am not totally satisfied with my music, but I believe the actors will fill up the rest with their singing, acting and emotions. I want the music to complete the characters and as soon as the actors start singing, their characters will be achieved.”
    Kim Jun-su’s challenge
    The cast is headlined by Kim Jun-su as Dorian Gray, with Park Eun-tae as Lord Henry Wotton, Choi Jae-woong as painter Basil Hallward and new face Hong Seo-young as Sibyl Vane.
    Kim, a vocalist for K-pop boy band JYJ, debuted on stage as Mozart, a character based on the historic figure, in 2010. His uniquely hoarse voice and overwhelming presence fit best to portray unearthly characters, such as Tod (Death) in “Elisabeth,” Dracula in Frank Wildhorn’s “Dracula the Musical” and L in “Death Note,” based on the Japanese comics of the same name.
    He will face a new challenge this time portraying the young man who drives himself into catastrophe in “Dorian Gray.”
    “I saw a film version of Dorian Gray and thought it was shocking and interesting at the same time,” Kim Jun-sun said. “When I heard the news of a musical adaptation of Dorian Gray being developed, I immediately wanted to play the role. I have played many conceptual characters, but Dorian is different. I begin as a human but become more abstract as the plot progresses. That is challenging for me.”
    There is no doubt the production relies heavily on Kim, which will act as a double-edged sword. But there is no doubt ‘Dorian Gray’ will be a box-office hit boosted by Kim’s star power. The first tickets were released Wednesday and the show is already almost sold out from Sept. 3 to 30.
    This takes much of the burden off the creative team to make the show a commercial success and they can focus on the production and perhaps experiment. Director Lee, the latest member to join the creative team, said she jumped on the bandwagon because of Kim Jun-su.
    “The musical is show business and even a good musical would be short-lived if it cannot sell,” Lee said. “I am grateful that the producer and actors took part in such a risky venture of making an original musical. I think everything is set and I can have the courage of my convictions for ‘Dorian Gray.'”
    The musical runs from Sept. 3 to Oct. 29 at the Opera House of Seongnam Arts Center. For more information, visit http://www.snart.or.kr or call 1577-3363.
    Source: Korea Times
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    If you (fans) disappear, I'm out of things to boast about myself to my friends




    160720 CJES IG Update! 10 more minutes to <XIA Junsu's Private Life> 2nd Live Broadcast!

    Vichelle Wong

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    160719 CJES reminds us to watch Junsu's 2nd live broadcast on <HeyoTV> tomorrow at 9pm KST! 
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    XIA in Guangzhou

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