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JYJ News Week of 6/22-6/28/2015

What's New With JYJ?
Will Continuously Update...

JYJ Membership Week...With Yoochun and Junsu (a few days before YC enlists)

2015 JYJ Membership week Photo Exhibition : 8/17-8/30 at Seoul Art Gallery with exclusive photos of  
2015 JYJ Membership Week Fanmeeting - 8/25 at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium with Yuchun & Junsu  


Junsu Twitter Update...Responding to the verdict...

착하게 살았냐 물으신다면 망설일수 있겠다만.. 적어도 지금껏 부끄럼없이 당당히 살았습니다 .매번 호텔 안좋은기사만 뜨면 내용 잘보지도 않고 제일 먼저 퍼다 나르시던 몇몇 제주도 언론사 분들..어째 오늘은 조용하시네요;;

제 편에 서달라는거 절대 아닙니다.적어도 우리 언론사면 공정하게 중심에서 기사를 써주시고 올려주시길 바랍니다.같은 제주도민이라 그런겁니까?그 이전에 같은 대한민국 사람 아닙니까.앞으로라도 평등하게만 간곡히 부탁합니다.

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Via XIAH_Press

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Update on (now known as fraudulent) lawsuit against Kim Junsu...

Jeju District Court dismisses Cheonji Construction's accusation against Junsu Kim as it's false

His law firm'll also sue against Cheonji for false accusation, fraud lawsuite, compensation for unfair profits gained by the infringer  

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Via XIAH_Press 

JYJ's Junsu to take legal action against the construction company responsible for his Jeju hotel

June 28, 2015 @ 11:41 pm
Junsu will be taking legal action against the construction company of his Jeju Toscana Hotel.
His legal team said on the 28th, "Jeju's 3rd Civil District Court judges ruled that just from the data submitted by the construction company on the 4th, it was lacking to see that the money from this case was explained as a loan. There is no data to show this, so they judged that Junsu had not borrowed 5 billion KRW (approximately 4.5 million USD) from the construction company."

The court reasoned that while a promissory note between Junsu and the construction company did exist, there was another promissory note that was signed by the construction company CEO where it read, 'I hereby sign that this promissory note is to be used as a bank or a company's accounting document, and is not the actual tender amount." Basically, saying the promissory note amount was just a placeholder. They also took into account that the money could not be deposited into the CEO's personal account because the funds were for the company. Also, the court reasoned that even though the company listed 1.8 billion KRW (approximately 1.6 million USD), there was no interest received from Junsu

Junsu's lawyer added, "We will be taking a strong legal action for libel because they sued Junsu for fraud even though he never borrowed the 5 billion KRW. We will also be suing them for legal fraud for demanding he pay the loans. Furthermore, we will take it a step further with more legal action such as the return of unfair profits from the cost of construction that they embezzled, as well as to show that we have no further construction costs to pay."





Soldiers thanking Private Jaejoong and fans...


[IGTRANS] Autographed CDs, card holder from + skincare products,T-shirt, snacks n more from his fans.Thank you!
Via crystalmoon64

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Private Jaejoong's message to a soldier...
[TRANS] You have an ear. Society needs people like you so you'll be successful anywhere you go! Let's be strong. Hwaiting!
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[TRANS] One of 's fellow military band members leaves msg for
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Death Note with Kim Junsu...News video (0:17-0:42)

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Park Yuchun with mascot...During his #TGWSS fm in Japan.

Via Chicchai Ossan on FB


Kim Jaejoong's Cafe J Holic Announcement...
Hello, JHolic has an announcement.
Since July is coming...(If you ask us what about July???)
President Jaejoong is about to come out from army for a break on and around the 100th day of his enlistment~!
(But we are not sure exactly when he will be able to come out due to MERS...)
We are planning to collect letters for Soldier Kim Jaejoong at JHolic for 2 weeks^^

This event will be only at Myeongdong location~
The size of envelope doesn't really matter as long as it's way too big.
(Smaller than half of A4 size)
Simply put your letter into the box that will be place on third floor of JHolic Myeongdong location starting July 1.
(Only letters and post cards please. Gifts are not allowed. Just send in your heart with your letter please^^)

We will collect the letters until the day President Jaejoong come out for 100th day break, his very first break, and plan to give them to him on that very day!
Period : 1st, July 2015 ~ 15th, July 2015
Address : 

Myoung-Dong 2Ga, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Jaejoong leading us to where J Holic is in Myeongdong

こんなアドレス… ちょっと検索大変でしょ?
It let us know at Jholic.
Seoul special Jung-gu, Myeong-dong 6 Road 8, 3-JHoilc.
This address... Hey great find?
Jh comes with pictures!
Search for Jholic!
Today is the first guide from Myeong-dong station exit 6. ~
Come ~

If you are in Seoul, please visit J Holic...So worth the trip. Plus, Myeongdong is a great place to stroll, gawk, shop (indoor and outdoor vendors/stores), hang out...


Private Jejoong implied/mentioned by friends who came to visit the 55th Infantry...

[TRANS] Yongin's sky so clear today. Meanwhile, he turned into Hulk. I must exercise 2.  

55th Infantry Division Beacon Hall Yongin's air is nice, weather is nice.  

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Translations via crystalmoon64

Private Jaejoong's voice and laugh...
Gunheenim on IG

What does Private Jaejoong (who has turned into a Hulk) look like now?
We all wanna know!!!


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Via PrinceJJ

Private Jae's friend also shared a pic with Jaejoong's beret next to the elusive soldier himself...Why only show a little of his uniform??? 

We can just all imagine THIS soldier in this uniform and this beret....
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[OTHER TWITTER + TWITTER] 150627 Lee June Hyoung went to see Junsu perform in ‘Death Note’ today

Note: LEE June-hyoung (@junelee1028) is a South Korean figure skater and has been the Asian Trophy bronze medalist for 3 years (2012-2015) now.
 photo 150627junelee1028 kjstws.png
Hyung! I was at the performance today where there were songs that gave me goosebumps! Every one of the actors were all amazing!!
You came, June-hyoung?
Yes ㅎㅎ
Aw you should’ve come to the waiting room! Hyung wants to see June-hyoung!ㅜ
How could I dare go in there! ㅎㅎ
Why didn’t you comeㅋㅋㅋ Hyung is your fan

Sources: @junelee1028 + @1215thexiahtic  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Kim Junsu as L in Death Note

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HQ Pics of Junsu...Death Note Curtain Call...

6/26 show...

More here:
[HD Link] Junsu Death Note - Ohmyjun 








Park Yuchun as Dongshik in Haemoo
Video showing some deleted scenes...


Private Jaejoong "NEWS"
Jaejoong's niece, Seohyun, writing a letter and sending care package to Uncle Jae...

서현이가삼촌한테쓰는첫번째편지 이제까지. 우체국 [TRANS] Seohyeon's first letter to uncle at post office 
Via crystalmoon64

Cool SeoHyun with Uncle Jae


Private Kim Jaejoong
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Brief Information regarding DC Kim Jaejoong Gallery's Recent Support for Kim Jaejoong and Military Band   

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[TRANS] 150624 The kinds of masculine types taking shots at your preferences – Puppy & Kitty

 photo ART150623063659.jpg
via MBC ‘Nonstop 4′

The men in the world are a lot but it is not easy to find a person who suits my heart among them.
However there is something in common when tracing back your own favorite person.
I have organized the men who takes shots at your preferences as the 5 types. Let’s check out what style I want exactly.
1. Example of a Puppy
This seems to be the most common but they are stars who are difficult to find around surprisingly.
Innocent eyes and a bright smile are the typical characteristics.

 photo ART150623061044.jpg
<‘JYJ’ Park Yuchun>, via SBS ‘Rooftop Prince’

3. Example of a Feline
Although it is hard to approach them because of their sharp impression, they have a strange charm they usually create that comes across about them repeatedly.
Like the ‘hosts’ who are possessed by a cat, you will find yourself being crazy about men of this type before you know it.

 photo ART150623061902.jpg
<‘JYJ’ Kim Jaejoong>, via KBS2 ‘Spy’

Source: Insight  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

Park Yoo Chun successfully finishes fan meetings in Yokohama 
Park Yoo Chun made another unforgettable memory with his Japanese fans.
On June 25th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, "On June 23rd and 24th, Park Yoo Chun held two fan meetings at Yokohama Arena in celebration of Park's 10th Japan debut anniversary."

24 thousand fans attended the fan meetings in total, and each show was held for about three hours. They welcomed Park Yoo Chun with paper flowers of many different colors, and they presented a surprise flower section event for Park Yoo Chun, and yelled, "Happy 10th anniversary (10周年 おめでとう)."

The fan meetings commenced with a special video presentation, which was composed of highlight scenes from drama 'Sensory Couple,' and the audiences made a standing ovation as Park Yoo Chun appeared on the stage.

It was Park Yoo Chun's first visit to Japan since July 2014, and Park Yoo Chun led the fan meeting in fluent Japanese without any translator.

A group of Japanese comedians participated in the fan meeting as special guests, and he deeply impressed the audiences with his fluency in Japanese once again.

Afterwards, Park Yoo Chun presented several keywords for drama 'Sensory Couple,' which will premiere in Japan on July 24th, and talked about many different behind-the-scenes episodes.

Park Yoo Chun also talked about other activities that he had last year, such as JYJ's Japan Dome Tour, and promotion of movie 'Sea Fog.' He also played highlight scenes from his recent works with a few randomly selected fans, and the fans were deeply touched by his great care for them once again.

Park Yoo Chun's setlist for the concerts included a song of his own composition called 'Walking Spring With Her (tentatively translated title),' Fukuyama Masaharu's 'Sai Ai (最愛),' and a solo track called 'Thirty.' For encore performance, he sang a song called 'Found,' and the fans sang the entire song along in Korean.

After finishing the fan meetings, Park Yoo Chun said, "It was a great pleasure to make another special memory with my fans in Japan. I hope that everyone would enjoy drama 'Sensory Couple,' and I will try to get back to this wonderful city as soon as possible."

A local official said, "We could see Park Yoo Chun's colossal power and influence through the two fan meetings, and he truly is the most leading Korean actor in Japan. We also could see how much he cherishes the time he spends with his fans, and his such an attitude seems to be the biggest reason of his unchanging popularity."

Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun will hold his next fan meeting in Osaka on June 30th.

Park Yoo Chun successfully finishes fan meetings in Yokohama

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo en@starnnews.com
EN StarN News

[bnt pictorial] Jung Sunah, One Of The Best Korean Musical Actresses  
(talks about Kim Junsu) 

[by You-bin Ha, photo by Choi Seung Gwang] With an outstanding charisma and clear voice, Jung Sunah captivated fans’ heart for each musical performance. Fans often say that she was born to be a musical actress. From sorrow to elegance, she plentifully expressed her diverse charms and the whole shooting was unrolled like a musical.

She is actually playing the role of Misa in ‘Death Note’ and is once again proving her awesome talents. At the beginning, she was quite worried about the musical since it was based on a Japanese cartoon but now she is completely pulling the character off.

Also, she said that ‘Death Note’, consisting of excellent actors such as XIA, Park Hyena, Hong Kwangho and Kang Hongsuk, has great teamwork and is making a fantastic ensemble together.

She is actually very close with XIA. She confided that she had some prejudices on idol-turned musical actors but she changed her mind since she saw him training amazingly hard. Thanks to him, she completely broke the bias against musical actors who were an idol. Then she continued that she was able to perform in diverse exceptional works and be supported by fans due to him.

While talking about ‘Death Note’s characters, she said that Light, played by Hong Kwangho, is very attractive and charming since it’s a sharp and smart character. But in reality, she would choose XIA for his humorous and friendly personality.

Moreover, she added that musical actors must have a strong body since they always have to throw all of their energy on stage and hold on to long-running shows. For this, she always eats healthy foods and maintains her body by doing lots of sports.

When we asked her about her thoughts after appearing in ‘Radio Star’, she said while laughing, “As I have a straightforward personality, I was a little bit afraid to say something bad on TV so I pretended to be coy”. (photo by bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

Complete article here:  BNT News UK

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[NEWS] 150626 Stars mesmerized at musical ‘Death Note’, amplifying expectations with favorable reviews

 photo 2015062610043930815_1.jpg

Amid musical ‘Death Note’ raising its splendid curtain with a preview last June 19, there is great topic over fellow stars visiting its theater.
At the theater for musical ‘Death Note’ that’s receiving hot popularity after its opening, Sol Kyung-gu, Lee Jung-jae, Park Joo-mi, Kang Hye-jung, Kim Min-jae, Jung Suk-won, Han Sunchun, Oh Cho-hee, Shim Eun-kyung, Hani(EXID), Choi Yu-ra, Ryoo Ui-hyun, Choi Young-rak, and other top-notch stars lead the way for their fellow peers. Musical ‘Death Note’ is the first production by C-JeS Culture; and in particular, it is said that many family members who are under the same roof[T/N: management (C-JeS Entertainment)] were in attendance, conveying their messages of supports and showing a warm scenery.
The stars who watched the performance said, “It was a performance that I couldn’t only focus on the solid story up to the actors’ acting” at the astounding stage, “Each actors’ commitments to their characters were outstanding. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off the actors’ presences onstage.”; and were unsparing of their praises about the production and actors. They also said, “As much as the actors’ energies were astonishing, I hope everyone concludes with healthy, strong performances till the end” and had conveyed messages of supports for the starring actors.
Musical ‘Death Note’ is receiving attention as truly the best musical the summer; and its seats are overcrowded with every audience. There are reviews about it filling up Seongnam Arts Center’s Opera House with energy on an explosive stage that captivates its audiences with addictive numbers, and drawing hot responses.

 photo 2015062509108099923_1.jpg
 photo 2015062509108099923_2.jpg
 photo 2015062509108099923_3.jpg
Source: Sports Chosun  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Junsu Twitter Update

우리의 씬 스틸러.. 린드 L 테일러 mc욱! 키라!할때 그 표정인가? 더웃긴건 내핸드폰에 나도모르게 자기혼자 셀카로 찍어서 넣어져있다ㅋㅋ갤러리 뒤척이다 깜놀ㅎ 잘자라~나때문에 불쌍히 죽는 그대여ㅜ

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Translations by theyoungestmin


Press Pics...Park Yoochun's #TGWSS Fanmeeting in Japan...

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Private Jaejoong "NEWS"

Sister of one of 's upper ranks shared her brother/ fellow soldiers & JJ's reactions to 's support. 

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Her brother is really grateful for the goodies and was really happy about it. Her bother was boasting about receiving gifts^^

Seems like shared the comments books w his fellow soldiers, they read them together n laughed so hard^^
Via crystalmoon64


Jaejoong's sister's Twitter Update

군생활도 힘들텐데 우리 막둥이 아프지마. 누나가 편지 자주할게. 늘 누나가 하는 말… 언제나 고맙고, 사랑한다.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

[TRANS] Military life must b tough, don't get sick our youngest. Will write 2 u often. Thank u, love u always

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Translations by crystalmoon64

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Junsu's mom Twitter Update

내아들의 이름은 L~사람들은 샤엘 이라고 부르지~~본명은 비밀~쉿~!! 

15.06.24 Junsu's Mom Twitter update! My son's name is L, everyone called him XIA L~~ real name is a secret`Shh~!  
via XIAkiss

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[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 150624 Park Yuchun ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ Fanmeeting in Japan (Day 2)

  • Entering the venue~~^^
    RT Love_Love6002: 会場入りました~~^^
  • Jen_BabyLove: To reduce his nervousness, Yuchun up his fringe and is showing-off his proud forehead
    RT babyskymicky: ユチョン 緊張感緩和するために前髪あげて自慢のおでこ出してます。
  • Jen_BabyLove: YUCHUN had teppanyaki last night. He had onion, scallops, meat and finally rice.
    RT babyskymicky: 昨日鉄板焼き行きました。オニオン、ホタテ、肉、最後ご飯食べました。
  • yochwennie: MC asked the same question. What have you been doing after the drama? YC said “Don’t you all know already?”
  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun is real handsome too today
    RT babyskymicky: ユチョン今日もめちゃハンサム♡
  • yochwennie: Yuchun introduced the teppanyaki he had yesterday
  • yochwennie: Yuchun’s wearing a white jacket
  • Jen_BabyLove: He was ready to explain bout the drama but tonight MC did it for him so he puts his hand on his chest, relieved w
    RT babyskymicky: ドラマを自分が説明するのかと構えてたら、ゆみさんが説明してくれて胸に手をあててホッとするユチョンw
  • Jen_BabyLove: Looks like he’s got something on his left eye (which I noticed last night too)

  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun got nervous while checking the arena just now via monitor at his waiting room
    RT babyskymicky: 楽屋で会場の様子をモニターで見てると緊張してくると。
  • yochwennie: MC: What does the female lead call you personally?
    YC: Oppa-ya. (Fan screams) Isn’t that a normal way of calling?
  • yochwennie: YC says he’s happy when the 3 of them have activities together and he misses JJ. He said he had teppanyaki last night, onion scallop + rice
  • yochwennie: When fans “booed” at him, he went “CHUUUURRR~~~” He did it twice today.
  • yochwennie: MC: What is Nam Goongmin like?
    YC: He’s warm.
    MC: How warm? Are there many types of warmness?
    YC: He’s a very courteous person.
  • yochwennie: If there are actions scenes, YC will practice in advance for 1-2 hours
  • Jen_BabyLove: I was told I have sense for action scenes. I have sense for rhythm coz I danced & Junsu wrote many dance numbers
    RT babyskymicky: 俺が、いや僕が言われたのはアクションに感があると。ダンスしてたからリズム感があるんだと思う。ジュンスがいっぱいダンスの曲作るから。
  • yochwennie: YC says he wishes to have a younger sister.
  • yochwennie: Yuchun looks so stiff and uneasy today >.<
  • Jen_BabyLove: When he heard OPPA fr audience, he went eh? Oppa? Just joking www Any teens here? “Hai” so he said no R-rated talk
    RT babyskymicky: 会場からのオッパの声に、え?オッパ??はい、冗談ですwww会場に十代いるんすかね?はーい。の声に、では18禁はやめます、と。
  • yochwennie: In the script, the direction was to act on his own for “CHURRR” so Yuchun actually looked in the mirror at home and practiced a few times
  • Jen_BabyLove: R u nervous abt romance scenes? Yes also high-spirit. Won’t eat garlic prior & listen to upbeat songs.
    RT babyskymicky: ラブシーンは緊張しますか?緊張しますね。ワクワクするんすよね。ラブシーンの前に気をつけることはニンニク食べない。明るい曲をいっぱい聞く。普段はニンニクよく食べますw
  • yochwennie: MC: Do you feel nervous when filming romantic scenes?
    YC: Nervous.
  • yochwennie: MC: How do you prepare yourself for it?
    YC: By not eating garlic at all and listen to slow music.
  • yochwennie: YC said he obviously worked with Jo Heebong before in 3 Days but he himself couldn’t recall.
  • yochwennie: Yuchun says he really wants to have a younger sister. Thinking of it makes him happy. He’ll be willing to do anything for her.
    He wants to have a daughter after getting married and he thinks his daughter will be really pretty.
  • yochwennie: YC says he’s careful not to eat garlic before romantic scenes but normally, he eats a lot of garlic.
  • yochwennie: Alien’s cryptic code of greeting [Cr ppeha]
  • yochwennie: Someone went up with this costume and Yuchun totally loves it.
  • Jen_BabyLove: This is the Chicchai Ossan comedian at Yuchun FM
    cr. raiterie
  • yochwennie: Yuchun interacting with someone in a costume [link]
  • Jen_BabyLove: Before the audience surprise, Yuchun had this “you guys prepared it right?” face when sneaking peaks at the arena
    RT raterie: サプライズやる前に「お前ら用意してるんだろ?」って顔で会場をチラ見するユチョンすてきwww
  • Jen_BabyLove: 10th anniversary celebration corner.
    At the surprise, Yuchun said he’ll want to continue activities next 20-30 yrs
    RT babyskymicky: 10周年お祝いコーナー。サプライズ企画に、これからも活動20年30年続けて行きたい。とユチョン。
  • Jen_BabyLove: Scared Yuchun at every motion the Chicchai Ossan made w
    RT raterie: ちっちゃいおっさんの動きにいちいちビビるユチョンw

  • Jen_BabyLove: Image of Yuchun’s smell.
    Majority voted marine-type & fragrance expert made a mix for him. Yuchun likes non-strong
    RT babyskymicky: ユチョンの香りのイメージ。投票でマリン系が多かったのでマリン系を作ったと香りの調合士さん。ユチョン、普段は強くない香りが好きです。
  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun likes the marine-type fragrance
    RT babyskymicky: マリン系のかロンが気に入ったとユチョン。
  • Jen_BabyLove: Looks like Yuchun was really happy about having his own mix of fragrance made for him
    RT raterie: 特別調合の香水プレゼントしてもらえると聞いて本気で喜ぶユチョン
  • Jen_BabyLove: Presents today:
    ID card, name card, cap all used in the drama
    RT babyskymicky: ドラマで使った身分証とか名刺、キャップもプレゼント。

  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun used the female eye mask today. Very cute w
    RT babyskymicky: 今日は女の子のアイマスク。かわいいですw
  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun smelling & guessing what’s in the box, this time 1 of the comedians w
    RT raterie: 箱に入ったノッチの頭の匂いを嗅ぐユチョンw
  • Jen_BabyLove: His guess? Hair smell!
    RT raterie: ユチョンの答えは「毛の匂い!」
  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun got grapefruits, Japan soju, curry correct. Then came the comedian head, he touched & said animal? Human?
    RT babyskymicky:

  • Jen_BabyLove: When Yuchun made a gesture with his usual lips as if kissing, MC said oooh this lips, and Yuchun said it’s a habit
    RT babyskymicky: ちゅーのくちびるしたら、ゆみさんにまぁこのくちびるって言われて、癖なんです、とユチョン。
  • yochwennie: Yuchun during the guessing game. Touching the comedians head

  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun joked that fans coming at him with the recording bear toy are like stalkers w
    RT raterie: 録音クマを持って迫ってくるファンをストーカーみたいってw
  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun gets to piggyback a slightly heavy fan www
    RT babyskymicky: 若干ふくよかな方をおんぶすることになりユチョンが腕を屈伸www

  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun appeared piggybacking a fan and that fan said she’s happy even if she dies now, Yuchun said she’s very light
    RT babyskymicky: ユチョンおんぶして登場!おんぶされた人はもうしんでもいいとww軽いんですよ、とユチョン。
  • Consultation Corner
  • yochwennie: Fan problem 1: Her husband looks like Junsu. LMAO!
  • Jen_BabyLove: Fan problem:
    Just breathing makes me put on weight and I can’t stop.
    Yuchun: the only way is death wwwwww
    RT raterie: 呼吸をするだけで体重増加が止まらないというお悩みに、死んじゃうしかないってwwwww
  • Jen_BabyLove: What diet would you suggest?
    Yuchun: I think it’s not possible ww
    RT babyskymicky: どんなダイエットをすすめますか?
  • Jen_BabyLove: I won’t allow my little sis to spend the night outside. I’ll punch the guy! Sick & angry just imagining it www
    RT raterie: 自分の妹(妄想)のお泊まりは許さない、殴るから!気分悪い!と想像しただけで怒ってるwwww
  • Jen_BabyLove: After the video msg last night Yuchun called the 2 Directors & they’ll be coming to Osaka FM. Will catch up then
    RT raterie: 昨日のコメントを見て監督2人に連絡したら、来週の大阪ファンミにきてくれることになったって。その時にゆっくり話したいって
  • Jen_BabyLove: If his middle-school son said his GF wants to stay over? Yuchun: mid school? Too early no. High school ok, 20yrs old
    RT babyskymicky: 中学生の息子が彼女を家に泊めたいというがどうしたらいいか。
  • Jen_BabyLove: Envy Nam Goong Min’s physic. Maybe I train too, I thought only for about 3 mins. Sorry everyone I’m this type of guy
    RT raterie: ナムグンミンの身体が羨ましい。俺も鍛えようかなーと3分くらい思ったw すいませんみなさん、僕はこんな人なんです
  • Jen_BabyLove: When Junsu was shown, he smiled “just this is already interesting” w
    RT raterie: ジュンスが映った瞬間、「もう面白い」と笑顔w
  • Jen_BabyLove: Same video msg of Junsu from yesterday but Yuchun still point his finger at Junsu and laughed hard ww
    RT raterie: 昨日と同じジュンスのコメントだけど指さしながら今日も爆笑ww
  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun comment on Junsu msg:
    Well… a bit boring… every time it’s the same right?.. I’ll call him after this
    RT raterie: ジュンスのコメントの感想を聞かれて、「まあ、、、ちょっとつまんねえなー。毎回一緒でしょ?…今日終わったら電話してみます」と。ツンデレwww
  • Jen_BabyLove: Hope to meet/talk with fans not at event but incidental. 2 mths left & I want to properly do my activities b4 going
    Let’s meet again at the July fan meeting alright?
    RT raterie: 会場ではなく、普通にファンに出会って話ができたらって思います。あと2ヶ月しか残ってないけど、行くまではちゃんとできる活動はしないと思ってます。7月のファンミーティングでまた会いましょうね
  • Jen_BabyLove: Lastly, I love everyone
    RT babyskymicky: 最後に、みなさん愛してます。とユチョン♡
  • Jen_BabyLove: Chacchatta again today. Yuchun changed into white shirt very handsone!!! Enjoying himself
    RT babyskymicky: チャジャッタ。ユチョン白いシャツに着替えてきてちょーーーーカッコいいです!!!ノリノリ!
Live tweets trans credits: Love_Love6002 + Jen_BabyLove + babyskymicky + yochwennie + KISS_JYJ + raiterie
Shared by: JYJ3


Kim Jun-su’s ‘Death Note’ gets standing ovation

Updated : June 24 2015
K-pop star Kim Jun-su has returned to the musical stage as detective L from Japanese manga, “Death Note,” the Korean-licensed musical rendition which opened Tuesday.

Kim has previously starred in other productions such as “Elisabeth” and “Dracula.”

(C-Jes Entertainment)

Kim’s role, an eccentric detective named L, attempts to uncover the dark secret of a psychopathic genius high school student, Lighto, who sets out on a self-imposed quest of eradicating evil from the world by the means of a supernatural notebook that kills anyone whose name is written on its pages.

Acclaimed musical actor Hong Kwang-ho costars alongside Kim as Lighto.

The performance first took off Tuesday, receiving a standing ovation, and will run until Aug. 15.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com)

Park Yuchun Celebrates His 10th anniversary With Japanese Fans

[by You-bin Ha] Park Yuchun spent a special time with his fans in Japan.

Park Yuchun’s agency C-Jes Entertainment said, “Park Yuchun celebrated the 10th anniversary of his Japanese debut during ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ fans meeting. He prepared a surprise event for his fans and spent a great time with them”.

The event hall was full with 12,000 fans and each of them welcomed Park Yuchun with a flower when he came out on the stage. Fans made a special event by making a ‘10’ with their flowers and said ‘Congratulations’ in chorus.

After blowing out his cake’s candle he said, “Time flew very fast during these past 10 years. I will work harder in the future so I ask you to keep supporting me”.

Throughout the fan meeting, Park Yuchun talked about different subjects such as JYJ’s Dome tour, ‘Haemoo’ and ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’ and shared his thoughts and feelings. He spent a pleasant time by reenacting one of his works’ and counseling fans’ worries.

Meanwhile, Park Yuchun will continue his fan meeting today. (photo by C-Jes Entertainment)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

BNT News 


YC Weibo Update

Park Yuchun and his colorful signed balls...LOL


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Signball razer[doge][喵喵]


Press Pics: Death Note


150623 Junsu with Frank Wildhorn and Yoka Wao at <Death Note> back stage yesterday  (yokawao FB)
Via Vichellelicious


Press Pics: Yuchun's #TGWSS Fanmeeting in Japan

Park Yuchun singing "FoundYou" or Chajatta at #TGWSS FM in Japan


Park Yuchun rehearsing ahead of his #TGWSS Japanese fanmeeting...
‪#‎박유천‬ ‪#‎리허설_사복센스_숨멎‬!
잠시 후, 오랜만에 돌아온 무각이와 함께해요

‪#‎Yuchun‬ ‪#‎박유천팬미팅‬ ‪#‎냄새를보는소녀‬ ‪#‎드라마팬미팅‬
‪#‎일본‬ ‪#‎요코하마아레나‬ ‪#‎Japan‬ ‪#‎YokohamaArena‬

[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 150623 All of Yuchun ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ Fan Meeting in Japan

  • tamanidoonatsu: 会場

  • mamasan922: 中入ります

  • babyskymicky: flower event for yc!
  • babyskymicky: full house!!
  • asian_hana: パク・ユチョン「匂いを見る少女」ファミミーティング取材に到着しました。まもなくです。

  • yochwennie: Yuchun mentioned that he called JJ ^^
  • rilanna: Yuchun appeared on a segway lol
    He shook hands with those in the 1st row of the arena Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ via micky0423
  • YC on a segway via Lookkaew_SK:
  • ayahotate:
    Video Player

  • rilanna: Yuchun just passed by playing a Dragon Quest recently。 Now he appears to be playing Final Fantasy! (≧∇≦) via micky0423
  • yochwennie: Yuchun said he rang JJ when he was at the airport and they spoke for 5 minutes. He told JJ many things.
  • yochwennie: YC said JJ told him to mention more about him (JJ) when he (YC) is in Japan. Kkkk~
  • rilanna: Yuchun spoke about how Jaejoong told him to please reveal a lot of stories about him[JJ] & their [past] scenarios in Japan keke via micky0423
  • yochwennie: The game which Yuchun had been playing at home is FINAL FANTASY. Kkkk~ [via KISS_JYJ]
  • ayahotate:
    Video Player


  • yochwennie: The MC asked YC why is he sweating so much. And before that, the MC said even when YC’s sweating, he still looks so good ^^
  • yochwennie: A female cast (not sure who) said YC looks delicious (in Korean) but what she actually wanted to say was, YC looks handsome. YC was shocked
  • ayahotate:
    Video Player

  • 00:00

  • rilanna: Foreign love came out(≧∇≦)
    Does Yuchun remember co-starring in the past? lol via micky0423
  • rubypurple_fan: Yuchun with Haruna Ai
  • ayahotate:
    Video Player

  • 00:00

  • rilanna: Haruna Ai is a Japanese transexual TV personality and famous for imitating popular idol Aya Matsuura’s singing
    What YC and her did above, is a popular skit she does
  • rubypurple_fan: YC singing Sai Ai (Beloved)
    RT richun64: 🎶最愛
  • rubypurple_fan: YC likes Jasmine tea, also chamomile tea RT ma6oo2: ユチョン
  • ayahotate:
    Video Player

  • 00:00

  • rubypurple_fan: Game corner! Prize includes signed bear, signed photo, signed umbrella via richun64
  • Mask!Yuchun
    ayahotate: マスクユチョンwww #ユチョン横アリ
    Video Player

  • rubypurple_fan: Smelling game. He was wearing the mask I just RT’d. I think he guessed all correctly? First is watermelon. 2nd is Natto. 3rd is Ramen
  • rilanna: Reenacting drama scenes ; Fans have to call out Mugak’s name via richun64
  • rilanna: Fans are picked through a lottery to come up; as well as fans with the same name as ‘Suzuka’ are to all come onstage and call out Yuchun’s name via richun64
  • rilanna: Someone failed two times from laughing out loud via richun64
  • rilanna: Yuchun’s line: “Good night, Suzuka” via richun64
  • rilanna: Game is called ‘Drama Reproduction Corner’ via richun64
  • yochwennie: Scene reenactment 1: The scene where Chorim wanted to get away (after her contact lens fell off) and Mugak held her back
  • yochwennie: Scene reenactment 2: Chorim almost got run over by a truck and Mugak pulled her back, holding her waist.
  • rilanna: There’s a lot of talks & stories with Yuchun
    Consultation Corner with Dr. Yuchun via richun64
  • SIXZEROZEROTWO: Fans problem. 1. Cant get a boyfriend because they love Yoochun too much. 2. Gained weight. (When yoochun heard 2, he’s really happy) lol.
  • yochwennie: MC: What type of girl do you find attractive? YC: Girl with braided hair.
  • yochwennie: Q: What to do if I’m not attractive and not sexy. YC: Do yoga, then you’ll have the S-line.
    YC: you won’t be sexy. You need to make more female friends. [via KISS_JYJ]
  • rilanna: Do you exude sex appeal as Yuchun?
    Does Yuchun feel the sex appeal from any woman’s part?
    When a woman ties her hair. When it touches the back of her neck
    It’s better if she does yoga. Then she has a feminine bodyline via richun64
  • yochwennie: YC says when a girl is in a relationship, she should be voice out what she wants to have and what she wants to eat. MC acted with him and said, “I want this necklace.” YC responded, “Don’t you already have many of those necklaces?”
  • rilanna: Korean women don’t do aegyo and are a paradox to Yuchun
    What is aegyo? via richun64
  • yochwennie: MC: What should a girl do when dating? How should she show her aegyo and express herself? YC: She needs to say it out. For example, when going out together for a meal, don’t say “anything is fine.” You need to say, “I feel like thing this/that” (doing aegyo tone)
    MC: So, Yuchun you’ll follow her even though it’s not what you want to eat? YC: Sometimes, we’ll decide using scissors, paper, stone
  • yochwennie: Yuchun was asked to say a few words but he said he thinks he doesn’t need to say much because he will be meeting fans again tomorrow =.=
  • rilanna: A video message was sent by ‘TGWSS’ Director of photography
    Said the most memorable scene was where Mugak shed tears over his little sister’s death via richun64
  • rilanna: There were also video messages sent by ‘TGWSS’ Supervising Director, Jo Hee-bong (Detective Ki), & Namgoong Min via richun64
  • rilanna: Junsu’s video message is in Korean
    ‘Why is he speaking in Korean?’ said YC via richun64
  • rilanna: Yuchun burst out laughing when watching Junsu’s video message via richun64
  • ayahotate:
    Video Player

  • Video Player

    Video Player

    Video Player

    Video Player

  • yochwennie: When Junsu’s video message was played, Yuchun asked, “Why isn’t he speaking Japanese?” LOL
  • ayahotate:
    Video Player

  • Video Player

  • yochwennie: YC said JYJ has been around for 5 years but it’s going to take another 3 years before they can get together again. JJ is working hard while thinking of fans. Yuchun hopes that fans will continue to cheer on the THREE OF THEM. [via KISS_JYJ]
  • yochwennie:
  • Video Player

  • rilanna: Yuchun is singing Thirty/Lazy Life
  • Video Player

  • rilanna: Fans chanting ‘Yuchun! Yuchun! Yuchun! Yuchun!’ (for him to come back onstage) via richun64
  • yochwennie: Yuchun is singing ‘Found You’
  • Video Player

  • 00:00

    • rilanna: FM finished. Balloons are falling down as it’s ending
      It was fun ♡ Thank you, Yuchunヽ(;▽;)ノ via richun64
    • KISS_JYJ:

    • Duckies signed by Yuchun
      [pic cr. 0904theMomicky + LOVEJYJ26JJ]

    Live tweets trans credits: tamanidoonatsu + mamasan922 + babyskymicky + yochwennie + Lookkaew_SK + ayahotate + micky0423 + KISS_JYJ + rubypurple_fan + richun64 + ma6oo2 + rilanna of JYJ3
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    Jaejoong's Fans' Supports for Private Jaejoong and the 55th Military Band was very much appreciated...

    [TRANS1] Comments Books n goodies for soldiers were delivered safely. Person in charge (of military band) even sent me txt msg.  

    [TRANS2] 'Soldiers love goodies so much n r grateful. Sorry couldn't take proof photos due to circumstances. Have a nice day.^^'  

    Person who led this project said, "DC Kim Jaejoong Gallery(including myself) only follows 's direction."
    Via crystalmoon64 

    [TRANS1] Sending goodies to soldiers is not prohibited. Person in charge of the military band didn't show us a special favor.  

    [TRANS2] Fandoms of many celebrities in army send goodies 4 fellow soldiers of their stars. This is not prohibited by military.  

    [TRANS3] Only when the celebrity refuses or prohibited items are included, then packages are sent back.
    Via crystalmoon64 

    Embedded image permalink


    [PICS/INFO] Comment Book and Goodies for Jaejoong by KJJ DC Gallery

    by Ces
    Statements from Kim Jaejoong DC Gallery:

    1. We contacted the person in charge of the military marching band, and asked about sending support. He discussed with Jaejoong and consented.

    2. We sent him the list of items to be sent and he checked the list to make sure there is no problem.

    3. We are sending letters collected in the last 3 months made into books, and items that can be used by all marching band members.
    Credit: KJJ DC Gallery
    Translated by crystalmoon64
    Shared by PrinceJJ 


    16 K-Pop stars who overcame their predebut hardships

    June 22, 2015 @ 6:45 pm

    6) JYJ's Jaejoong

    In order to chase his dreams of becoming a singer, Jaejoong moved to Seoul by himself. Because his family struggled financially, he refused to ask for any money from them even though he was often poor and struggled to make ends meet with various odd jobs. 

    16) JYJ's Yoochun 

    Yoochun's family's move to the United States as well as their poor financial situation proved to be too much as it led to his parents' divorce. Yoochun and his brother ended up living with his mother, whom they hardly saw as she was always working with the three living on mostly instant ramen.  

    16 K-Pop stars who overcame their predebut hardships http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/16-k-pop-stars-who-overcame-their-predebut-hardships via @allkpop

    Park Yoo Chun Greets His Fans In Japan

    [by Yanchingsally Chu] Park Yoo Chun showed his friendly greetings to his fans in Japan.

    His agency C-Jes Entertainment revealed, “On June 22 at night, Park Yoo Chun arrived in Japan for the fan meeting of the drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’. Knowing that Yoo Chun would come, his fans from all over Japan gathered at Haneda airport to welcome him. Yoo Chum greeted his fans kindly, creating a warm atmosphere on the spot.”

    Regardless of the bad weather, around five hundred fans went to the airport and shouted, “Yoo Chun”, to welcome him. To thanks for his fans, Yoo Chun greeted them several times which caused a louder cheering sound from the fans.

    The fans held the posters of ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ and shouted, “Chwa”, which was the famous line in the drama. Although the drama has not yet been aired in Japan, many fans have already watched it online. Being called as ‘Korean Wave Of Drama’, the tremendous responses of the fans proved the popularity of Park Yoo Chun.

    Meanwhile, the fan meeting of ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ will be hold on June 23 at Yokohama Arena. (photo by C-Jes Entertainment)

    Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk


    [NEWS INFO] SSTV K Star Global Ranking – Jaejoong at 3rd Place Despite Being Enlisted Since March

    by Ces
    SSTV (StarSeoulTV) is developing a K-Star Global Ranking System.  In June, they ranked Korean Stars' popularity in China based on data from China's largest portal site Baidu (www.baidu.com), China Star voting site' 123fans' (123fans.cn) and Weibo 'star power' chart.
    Despite being enlisted since March 31st, Jaejoong still ranked 3rd in the third week of June (June 15-21).  He was at 8th place in the 2nd week of June)
    Source: SSTV via DC Gall  
    Translated by: @crystalmoon64  
    Shared by: PrinceJJ


    Junsu Twitter Update

    ㅋㅋ일상에선 처음 써보는 스냅 백.. 
    The snapback that I've worn for the first time in my normal life..

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    Translation by theyoungestmin


    Yuchun went to dinner in Japan...
    and left a signature...

    as tagged


    150622 Junsu with Kim Jae-kyung, a member of Rainbow! She went to watch <Death Note> today! (JaeKyung_K)

    Via Vichellelicious 

    Embedded image permalink 

    Junsu Twitter Updates (6/22/15)

    머나먼 여정의 첫주 돌입! 자!힘내서 가자~~~^^한번 해보자 누가이기나ㅋ

    분명..데스노트를 시작하기전엔..난 단걸 그다지 즐기지않는 편이였다.아니 정확히 얘기하면 컨디션 안좋을때 일부러 초콜릿 한두조각 입에 넣을때 빼곤 단건 손조차 가질않는다.L 연기를 하며 참 곤욕이었다.씬 끝나자마자 사탕을 버리고 침을 뱉기도 하고..

    단걸 먹으면서 연기를하는게 무엇보다도 곤욕이었다..근데 이게 참 사람은 말이다. 적응을 하나보다.이제 썩 나쁘지 않다.물론 아직도 그리 맛있다 느낌은 아니지만 그냥 입에 물고있을만 하다ㅋ이 데스노트가 끝날쯤이면 우리집에 츄파츕스가 통째로있을까 두렵다

    물론 과일 맛이나 그나마 참는거지..나머진 안된다.오늘 처음 사탕신에서 물고보니 콜라맛이였다..조금 힘들었다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 차라리 깨물어서 삼켜버리고싶었으니까ㅋ

    translations by theyoungestmin

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    Yuchun in Japan ahead of his fanmeeting...

    as tagged

    Yuchun at Gimpo airport going to Japan...


    as tagged


    [NEWS TRANS] 2015 TV Daily Half Year Report on Idol acting Assessment: Kim Jaejoong

    by Ces
    New Image

    Source: TV Daily AsiaE  
    Translated by: @crystalmoon64  
    Shared by: PrinceJJ


    Cast and staff Commemorative Photo...Death Note


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    ‘Death Note’ Extends Its Performances Dates

    [by You-bin Ha] After fans’ unfailing supports, musical ‘Death Note’ will extend its performance until August 15.

    On June 20, the musical started its first performance and had a tremendous popularity. With its 2 strong main characters and overwhelming performances, the musical definitely captivated fans’ heart. Also it received a very favorable response from the public since actors showed a perfect synchronization with their characters. .

    'Death Note' attracted lots of people’s attention and was a hot issue from the beginning. To repay fans’ love, some additional performances will be held until August 15.

    All the tickets were sold out for the existing performances so fans are glad to hear the news.

    Meanwhile, the tickets for ‘Death Note’s extra performances will be available through different tickets portals starting June 29 at 2:00 PM KST. (photo by C-Jes Culture)

    Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

    BNT News


    150622 Junsu Weibo Update: Death Note "L"
    via Vichellelicious

    Previous Week's News...

    JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 6/15-6/21/2015 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/06/jyj-news-week-of-615-6212015.html?spref=tw