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JYJ News Week of 6/12- 6/18/2017

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170619 JJ insta Live vol.2


Jaejoong IG Updates

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Our with of part 2

170618 Jaejoong's IG w/ Heechul


JJ and Heechul Convo on IG
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① It's real 
② It's real. An actual song encyclopedia. (HC got all the songs correct in their guessing game)
HC: Told you it's not manipulated hehe. When filming 'hyung-nim i know (Knowing Brothers)', I thought 'should I be wrong on purpose' and (tbc)
HC: there are times where I was wrong 
JJ: I thought it was scripted... daebak
HC: what if you think this is scripted too? 
JJ: (in eng) never! 


20170618 jj_1986_jj IG


불꽃놀이 하트 사진이 갖고싶었던 재쥬.. #김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #재중이의 #검색 #여행 #첫째날 # #해변 #불꽃놀이 #폭죽 #하트 #사진 #실패 #즐거운 #일요일 #보내세요 #2편까지 #D-5 #씨제스타그램
He wanted to get a #heart marked #pic of the #firework Have a #great #weekend & stay tuned in him!

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cjes.tagram's video Awww

He wanted to get a #heart marked #pic of the #firework Have a #great #weekend & stay tuned in him!

[Cjes IG] wanted to take a photo of heart made of firework  But failed... Happy Sunday! 5 days till episode 2 of his spontaneous trip
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Yoochun sighting...
From his fiancee's IG


Actor Jaejoong Comeback Updates:

Hello Twitter! Fan account for KBS drama MANHOLE/맨홀. A Wed/Thurs drama airing from 9 Aug 2017~ Follow us for news and updates.

offered lead role in KBS's upcoming drama

UEE will likely join upcoming KBS drama 'Manhole' as the female lead, opposite JYJ Jaejoong.

[K-Drama 2017] Manhole: Wonderland's Feel Soompi Forum:

UEE also being considered for role alongside Jaejoong for 'Manhole'

Photo published for UEE also being considered for role alongside Jaejoong for 'Manhole' | allkpop.com 

UEE is being considered for the female lead in 'Manhole'.

Her label said, "'Manhole' is one of many dramas that she was approached for. It hasn't been long since she was approached, so we're still looking through it."

Jaejoong is being considered for the male lead Bongpilin the drama about trying to block a wedding that's only one week away. The main character goes back and forth through random time slips.

'Manhole' is scheduled to air in August.


Considering Role As Female Lead In Upcoming Time-Slip Drama

UEE recently received an offer for the female lead part in KBS’s upcoming time-slip drama, “Man Hole” (working title).
On June 18, a source from UEE’s agency announced, “UEE has received many offers for different projects and ‘Man Hole’ is one of them. It hasn’t been long since she was offered the role, so we are still looking it over and considering it.”
KBS2’s “Man Hole” is a comedy drama about a man who goes back in time to stop a marriage from happening. And previously, it was announced that JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is also in talks for the drama as the male lead.
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Manhole Update

[TR] Naver Posting by PR Agency for 's comeback drama since military service [KBS Manhole: Pil in Wonderland]
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Jaejoong IG Updates

Even if showing a not-so-great side, still happy to wake up to

[IG] Am I going through puberty again? Why pimple? 
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[IG] Finished everything, just two of us me and Jaeho-hyeong at Barungogi
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Note: JJ is referring to his former manager, Jaeho hyung....


JYJ Jaejoong confirms KBS’s timeslip comedy drama Manhole

JYJ’s Jaejoong (Spy) has decided on his first comeback project after his two years in military service. It’s a youth comedy called Manhole where the main character finds a random time portal to the past and manipulates events to prevent a wedding that’s happening a week in the future. Jaejoong will be playing an unemployed man named Bong-pil, who’s the leader in a group of five individuals whose stories will be told throughout the drama.
Bong-pil is the only child of a retired postal worker, in the third generation of only sons. He had to take the college entrance exam three times before passing and enrolling into university, and after graduation, he spent three years doing nothing, and now he’s on his third try “studying” for the civil servant exam. There was a brief stint where he started a cafe business, using the financial support of his father who had to go back to his post office job post-retirement in order to pay for the loan needed for his son’s startup capital.
However, within three months of opening, Bong-pil’s cafe went out of business. Now he lives a parasitic existence off the people around him, especially his parents who barely got him to agree to a humiliating promise to study for the civil servant exam. Known as the neighborhood bum, he’s set up a base camp at the local study hall, always going around in comfortable sweats.
PD Park Man-young (The Vineyard Man, Million Roses) is in charge of production, and Special Affairs Team TEN’s writer Lee Jae-gon is writing the script. It’s an interesting collaboration for sure: a rom-com director and a crime-thriller writer coming together for a sci-fi comedy.
Upcoming KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Manhole will air after Seven Day Queen finishes in August.
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Note: No official word from CJES yet.


ジェジュン Jaejoong Fans Message Project ~ June 2017

Angel Wing


20170613 cjes.tagram IG


The #staff giving #poor JaeJoong a #chance to #sleep at a #comfortable #hotel... Let's see if he #grabs that chance in the #full_version linked above!

Our happy virus  

JaeJoong #earned a #Korean side dish by #successfully eating a 'spicy' #lemon! #Wonder why the lemon is #spicy? Check out the #full_version to #find out ;)


CJESJYJ on YouTube updated its Playlist...
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Included in the Playlist:

Jaejoong's Comeback from the Army!

Gummy's song MV IIYO


CJESJYJ on YouTube updated its Playlist
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Included in the Playlist:

How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet

...and special Yoochun vid version

[NEWS] 170613 Star News Exclusive: Park Yuchun and Hwang Hana, wedding on Sept. 10 ‘confirmed’

Group JYJ Park Yuchun and granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Products’ founder, Hwang Hana, have set their wedding for September 10th.

According to both families on June 13th, Park Yuchun and Ms. Hwang are getting married at an undisclosed location on September 10th.
It became known that Park Yuchun and Ms. Hwang confirmed their wedding date and are in the midst of preparing the wedding.

Meanwhile, having made his debut in the entertainment industry in 2004, Park Yuchun is in the middle of carrying out his compulsory military duty as a public service worker currently and will be discharged from his military service this coming August.

Source: Star News via Naver  
Translation by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

Yoochun sighting in a restaurant (he was with his fiancee and future mother-in-law and others)


CJESJYJ on YouTube updated its Playlist...
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Bowling competition with Ryu JunYeol

Live Performance of December


CJESJYJ on YouTube updated its Playlist...
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Fruitful Trip

JYJ Worldwide Concert Highlight


’s Kim Jaejoong Considering Lead Role In Upcoming Time-Slip Comedy Drama

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong was previously reported to be looking over a role as a lawyer in an upcoming drama but it looks like he’s looking over a variety of options for his first drama since completing his military service.
A representative from Kim Jaejoong’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, stated, “Kim Jaejoong has been offered the lead role in ‘Man Hole’ (working title) and is currently looking it over.”
KBS2’s “Man Hole” is a comedy drama about a man who goes back in time to stop a marriage from happening in the present. The main character, which is the role Kim Jaejoong has been offered, is a man named Bong Pil. Bong Pil is a character who has been studying for the civil servant exam for three years and is known as his neighborhood’s token unemployed person. He’s an immature character who doesn’t feel the need to grow up and depends heavily on his father, who is a postmaster.
Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong recently showed off his acting chops in Gummy’s MV for “I I Yo.”
Source (1)

JJ to return to TV.. considering "Manhole" [N1★이슈] 김재중, 지상파로 복귀할까…"'맨홀' 긍정 검토 중"
A cjes official said that JJ is considering to appear in KBS2 drama Manhole after receiving the proposal.
Manhole is a story about the process of going back and forth between past and present through time slip to prevent an event from occuring.
It's expected to air in August after Queen for Seven days on KBS2.
Nothing is confirmed. The news just said JJ is considering the drama.
Manhole is said to be a comedy so looking forward to this one in case JJ accepts the role. 
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[Full TR] Will comeback to the small screen soon?


[PT TR] returns to K-drama world as leading man of 'Manhole' after his MS (More on his character Bong Pil)  

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More info here:

Apr 27

Is the reign of legal dramas finally over? Dramaland tends to strongly follow trends so we can get a long spell of a specific genre, and I wonder if the sci-fi time-bendy dramas are making a comeback with upcoming dramas like SBS’s Reunited Worlds and tvN’s Circle.
KBS has announced their follow-up drama to upcoming Seven Day Queen, titled Manhole: Wonderland’s Feel. I know, the title sounds weird to me too. But I’m pretty sure it’s a pun on the main character’s name, Bong-pil, and the Korean pronunciation of “feel.” In any case, this time-slip drama centers around Bong-pil and his five friends who travel between the past and present through a manhole in order to stop a wedding scheduled a week later. This sounds a lot like Operation Proposal to me, but it’s described as a youth comedy, which… *cue sighs of relief*. I can’t do that to myself again.
Directing is PD Park Man-young, whose credits largely include dailies and weekend dramas like Sweet Secret and Strange Daughter-in-Law, although he did direct miniseries The Vineyard Man starring Yoon Eun-hye waaayy back in 2006. I am much more excited to hear that writer Lee Jae-gon will be handling the script because, if memory serves, he did a pretty solid job on Special Affairs Team TEN, which was a hit for OCN at the time. I can trust he will bring the bendy in time-bendy, and give us a fun, comedic sci-fi ride.
They haven’t announced any casting offers, so beanies, start preparing sacrifices and saying prayers for your dream cast. Manhole: Wonderland’s Feel is set to begin its run on August 9 on KBS in their Wednesday-Thursday slot, following Mystery Queen and Seven Day Queen.


Jaejoong Updates:

매니저 게 발라주는 연예인! 따숩다 따수워😍
풀버전 보러가기 https://goo.gl/b5M0Jz
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #게_발라드림 #애갸_가위_반대로_잡은거_가튼데 #자상 #한_남자 #스타 #매니저 #의_좋은_예 #강원도 #여행 #재중이의_검색여행 #풀버전 #보러가세요 #TV캐스트 #V # #trip #behind #video #jaejoong #sweet #manager #TVcast

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[JYJ FB] A celebrity extracting crabmeat out of shell for his manager? Warm-hearted I love doing this
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Travel with 💚😊💚 Let's go!
click link and give hearts...

"Should we just(give up on fishing) go to the traditional market? Let's just go" 
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Photo published for [V LIVE] 김재중 - 이 여행, 시작부터 불안하다! (The spontaneous travel of JJ)
[JYJ Line] I thought at first I could catch a whale
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낚시 실패에 이어 숙소 선택까지 폭망!!
그치만 계획 없이도 잘 놀 수 있..겠지?
풀버전 보러가기 http://tv.naver.com/v/1761680
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #검색 #여행 #강원도 #속초 #중앙시장 #바다 #낚시 #관광 #어복의_사나이 #결과는 #풀버전에서_확인하세요 #TV캐스트 #V
#Failure to catch any #fish followed by failing to choose the right #place to #sleep! Can this #trip still be #fun or #even #possible without a clear #plan? Find out in the full_version linked above!

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