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JYJ News Week of 3/21-3/27/2016

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Lanterns at Meguro River...Japan
Fans showing support for Jaejoong...

[ENG SUB] 2016 Meguro River Paper Lantern Project - Japanese fans messages to Jaejoong



Fans showing support for JYJ


See video clip:

[PICS] 160323~27 Japanese Lantern Support for JYJ in the “Cherry Blossom Festival”

Scroll Down for more Lanterns display at Meguro River...Fans are simply awesome!


[FANCAM + TRANS] 160315 XIA THE BEST BALLAD SPRING TOUR CONCERT vol.2 in Nagoya (Day 1): So Pretty + Junsu’s charms

Note: These two talk videos are in succession.
Talk after the song “참예뻐요(So Pretty)” from Musical Laundry


Thank you very much for the encore.
The song I sang right now was called “So Pretty”
It is a song that I believe properly returns my feelings for everyone that I think I want to express.
really, really
“We are Pretty”

from this song as well
a little bit
to everyone
(pause) [fan: you can do it]
did it get through ? 
(T/N: Did it get through to everyone even if it was a little bit through this song?) (applause)

I am not quite sure (about that) though
Till now, though it has been quite a lot, about 12-13 years since I debuted
From that time till now, being together
every year, every time
being together (with me) till today, really
my feelings of being, really really thankful
well, to what extent, even if I work hard in order to answer back to that
definitely, [even if] by the time I die,
I believe it will definitely loose to the love I have received by everyone.
as much as possible
with the singing
additionally do other various things, work hard on various [things]
what I have received from everyone,
so that I can also give
I want to work hard and
the song I sang right now, it’s contents is this as well
till now, being together with me for the 12-13 years
Really, Thank you very much. (bows) (applause)

Junsu’s Charms


It’s really regretful but, right now is not acting right
Really, only the last song is left.
I’ve said this every time no,
Though I really, want to do it for long, long, till after 12 am
Because if it gets after 12 am, even in Nagoya,
scary old men chan (T/N: chan is a honorific used for children)
are walking around like hyenas.

I said it before right,
“We are..”
ah, not We
“You all are..”
“You all are Pretty”
Just before did I say “We are..” ??

Is that really true?
then the meaning totally didn’t get through to you.
ya, (eukyangkyang)

“You all are Pretty”
It was this meaning.
why even though it is not “We” (laughs)
That is so, right.
Because you all are pretty,
Because you are beautiful,

Truthfully, amongst in here,
I am.
not we, but I
[I am] the most beautiful, the audience who are thinking that
(T/N: raise your hand if so)
Have confidence

Who is it? then.
a bit, then, then..
ah, that is so.
Definitely, it’s good to have confidence right?
ah, that was a joke.
right now, I got told “meann~”

well, well, well
I as well
right now (lightly laughs)
I also, honestly, during Tohoshinki, I did activities as a (group) of five right.
At that time, no matter who sees it,
everyone who met me, Junsu, for the first time
first time, whoever, everyone who saw me,
they pointed their finger at me
[and said] “you are definitely good at singing”
(to fans:) aren’t you laughing too hard?
ya, this side really laughed too hard!
ya, that laughing sound has really [to my] mental state…
ya.. it’s not a [good] feeling..
(lightly laughs)
(fans: Junsu you are cool!)

But, I say this every time right
For a man, it is not the face,
For the face, no matter who it is, once they age.. (lightly laughs)
Excuse me. (lightly laughs)
[For a] Man, what do i say..
sense of consideration,
consideration and

the laughing voice from before..
I can’t forget
I am not able to forget
when I said “you seem to be most good at singing”
(T/N: that side went) HAHAHAH! (Junsu covers his face with his hand)
(Fan: but it is true, Junsu’s singing is good)
(Fans: It is true that Junsu’s singing is good!)
Eh? What??
(Rough trans: fan said Junsu is cool, Junsu is the best singer)
Oh, that I am good at singing the most?

That is wrong!!
Each one of the members have their charms
because they have their charms
that differs, really.
But singing is not my real charm
(fans: ehhh)
and it is not oyaji gags
that is, well..
but really well,
when [I] started [off] with tohoshinki
in Japan, what do i say..
what should i do so I’ll [be able] to sell..
The time when I was really confused about that
these oyaji gags, really what should I say
It became the one [shining] light but
It’s really true.
From those oyaji gags, from my oyaji gags
well, various, I was invited by the programme shows a lot.
If there wasn’t that
certainly that was the only [shining] light in the past
but certainly that, from there on
[our] real
The opportunity to have our Music heard was made though
But my real charm is not singing
the answer to that will be at the next stage.

well then,
while holding onto the feelings of wanting to know (T/N: aka curiosity)
I want to bid farewell

(fan: bottom!)
It is not [my] bottom (laughs)
It is quite hidden right now
It is certainly quite impressive
But more than my bottom

Eukyangkyang. (sits down, covers his face with his hand)
Excuse me.

Video Credit: XIARU 시아루
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Supporting Jaejoong's Moldir!

Lee Haru wearing Jaejoong's BORN FREE ONE KISS cardigan. [via tabloisdad instagram]  

Note: Haru is Tablo and HyeJung's daughter. HyeJung is a part of CJeS family. Tablo (of Epik High) is a long time friend of Jaejoong and recently collaborated with Junsu in 'Flower'...
Tablo and Haru were original members of the variety show "Return of Superman".
The whole family have been great 'models' for Jaejoong's Moldir... 

Good morning your cute but huge endorser of BORNFREEONEKISS! 


JYJ's Chajatta (from SungKyungKwang Scandal) and Junsu's Love is Like A Snowflake (from Nice Guy) mentioned in Entertainment news about OST...

160326 KBS Entertainment Weekly Top 50 Drama OST



Mar 26
120326 ’s biological mother tweeted his pics with his grandmother when he was 3 years old

Note: Han Jaejun was adopted to his current family soon after...Name was then changed to Kim Jaejoong...


160325 Junsu IG Update: "On the way to with shy Min-sook~"

160325 Junsu arrives at venue! He change his car colours again!  (Ariel_Jia)

Via vichellelicious 

Junsu at Seoul Fashion Week

Vichelle Wong

Star Daily news

xiah와 행복

Star News









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Kim Jaejoong's The Beginning of The End Concert DVD
Fans receiving their copies now...Get yours NOW!



Geon with Samchon Jae... Cr: Shie (Jae sis) 
Shie's latest kkt dp



[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160324 Non-fan mentions Kim Jaejoong at 55th Infantry Div. Boot Camp Graduation

[PHOTO] #용인 #55사단 #신병 #수료식
#아침 9시에 #jyj #김재중 #상병 #노래 들으면서 #동생 만남 😍
#군악대 짱멋. 내동생 최고멋. 👍🏻

[TRANS] Yongin 55th Infantry Division Boot camp Graduation: I met younger bro at 9 AM, listening corporal Kim Jaejoong singing Army Band so cool

 photo 12446267_1057382690975143_1582324801_n.jpg

Source: belief607 Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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[TRANS] 160324 ‘Descendants of the Sun Syndrome’, reaching its climax with Kim Junsu’s vocals

 photo 77183166.2.jpg
The participation of contemporary singers for ‘Descendants of the Sun OST’ is not stopping here and expected to continue. Masterful vocal Kim Junsu also is slated to join the ranks of ‘Descendants of the Sun OST’. In the airing of Episode 8 the past 17th, he showed off his one-of-a-kind timbre and revealed his own presence. Kim Junsu’s official song is due to be released in order of precedence, with the flow of the drama.
In fact, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ OST is changing with its latest released songs every week, with the flow of the drama. It is said that the tracks were coordinated in the order of arranged releases and worked on to heightened the perfection between the drama and OST and all.
Since ‘Descendants of the Sun’ already surpassed a rating of 30%, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ OST –with a total of 10 songs set to be released– is likely to become richer with Kim Junsu’s participation.

Source: Donga via Naver Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3


160324 Junsu IG Update: "In the midst of eating snacks.."  

Via vichellelicious


Junsu BTS...Spring Ballad and Musical- Nagoya
왜때문인지 나른한 목요일 오후
이거 보면 눈이 번쩍 호랑이 기운이 솟을걸? 😻

혼자 있을 때만 더 보기 ☞ http://goo.gl/njj40G

Via jjyyjj


On 29th April 2016, Gummy san will hold a concert in Mt. Ranier Hall.

It is (her) first solo concert in Japan

I also want to express my congratulations with happy feelings

I believe it will become a rich time in which you’ll be able to feel Gummy’s high music sense directly.

Really, congratulations to Gummy’s concert being held.


Video: Marvel- Ent
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[NEW PICS] CJES Website Update <Dracula> Musical BTS HD Pics!


Jaejoong's Japanese FanSupports!

2016 Meguro River Paper Lantern Project `s Japanese fans messages  
Via angel33wing 



Corporal Jaejoong Update

Jinhae Festival Tickets will be distributed 1 hour before the concert starts 1 per person, free of charge
Via crystalmoon64


[NOTICE] 160322 Be careful of scam tickets at high price for 2016 XIA BEST BALLAD CONCERT in JAPAN

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.25.31 PM

[PLEASE BE CAREFUL!] On the internet and etc., there is ticket being sold at a high price under “For person concerned”, (T/N:  関係者枠) we are not performing sales such as those. Tickets with such a description is an act of fraud so please be especially careful.

Source: http://junsu-live.com/
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


kim_euno Shares older pic with Yoochun...
...and since it's our first time seeing this, then it's new for us. So nice to see YC at any capacity...



Nice Jaejoong artwork by fan...


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160321 Corporal Kim Jaejoong’s Autographs

12150422sm Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 밥먹으러 갔다왔는데 큰오빠 싸인있길래 찍어옴 오빠가 싸인에다가 JYJ라고 써놨는데 아저씨가 밑에 쓰신거같네… #JYJ #JJ #재중 #일상 #김박김 https://www.instagram.com/p/BDLBFJHLOVo/

[TRANS] I came to have meal, found Kim Jaejoong’s autograph, he just wrote JYJ (apparently owner wrote the bottom DBSK)
 photo 12818890_249723738694887_2120562816_n.jpg
Pohang Seafood Soup located in Gyeryong! Next Groung Forces Fesival! Food is not sweet they say, Kim Jaejoong’s taste Link


bdh0525 Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] #영웅재중 #울병원에왔다 #ㅋㅋㅋ #싸인받았당 마스크로 가렸지만 #넘나잘생겼엉 캬캬캬 https://www.instagram.com/p/BDNG9CgCy9J/

[TRANS] Kim Jaejoong visited our hospital Got autograph, hid his face with mask but was really handsome lol
 photo 12141991_1583992045254718_1651118091_n.jpg
Sources: 12150422smbdh0525  
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: JYJ3


Junsu...Fan Pics from Spring Ballad and Musical in Nagoya, Japan

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For more Pics and videos, Click on link below...

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