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JYJ News Week of 3/25- 3/31/2019

What's New With JYJ?
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「TOKYO GIRLS MUSIC FES.2019」 ジェジュンさんと 写真を撮っていただきました📸 ありがとうございました☺️☺️ さん

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Our amazing at in ! Gorgeous and awesome and performance even with a tooth infection!



Jaejoong: "It is very difficult", his left cheek is swollen due to a toothache!

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More Pics


Junsu IG 190331 " # Groot family of five.. thank you for the gift^^" *the plants were gift from DC Junsu Gallery

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[ALLDAY_XIA] EP #2-8 : 토크파티 - 준수와 함께하는 즐거운 대기실! With 손준호✖️김소현ㅣ김준수(XIA)

JUNSU_XIA Official

Article on Junsu's YT phenomenon (from 2 days ago) is on Naver's main page in the 'performing arts' category : )


KIM Jae-joong | 金在中 Award | 獎項 AFA Next Generation Award | AFA 新世代獎

From the AFAs...more new pics revealed


Nene and Koko

ジェジュン Instagram 20190329

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【Trans】RELEASE INTERVIEW TV LIFE 2019 No.8(4/12)

TV LIFE 2019 No.8(4/12)
JAEJOONG 1st Album [FLAWLESS LOVE] release
"I made an album that can make various stages."

Korean artist Jaejoong who is actively working in Japan releases his first Japanese album.
This is about the secret story of the creation of this album, which is for the selection of the arena concert tour starting from April.

Starting with the Japan solo debut on June last year, Jaejoong is actively engaged in Japanese activities. Having spent busy days, he will release his first album "Flawless Love" just 10 months after his debut in Japan, and at the same time will hold a concert tour.
"To be honest, I was thinking of releasing more singles and then making an album. However, since it was decided to hold the Arena Concert Tour from 4/10, so it would be good to release the album at the same time, I started to work from the end of last year. I wanted to do it with my own songs, not the cover songs in this concert tour. I got a lot of good songs and I chose the best among them. I was able to create an album of variety songs.”
As he says, songs from various genres are recorded, and the diversity of Jaejoong's vocals can be felt.
"I sang with different way depending on the mood and genre of the song. So, the person who listens to my album first may think, 【Does Jaejoong sing all these songs? 】Lol
He chose songs while taking the concert into consideration, and the dance song which is long-awaited of fans, "Sweetest Love", is included.
MV co-starring with Yuuki Himura (Bananaman※comedy duo), actress Yuna Taira and Yukina Kinoshita becomes a popular topic, it is a must-see dance of Jaejoong who played an active role as a top idol.
However, he seems to have felt pressure to dance, because he has a few opportunity to dance since he became a solo singer.
There were a lot of opinions from the fans like [want Jaejoong to dance], so I decided to record dance songs. It's been a long time since I dance energetically. Before I learn choreography,【Ahhhh, I will get nervous・・・can I do? 】(Lol) But I really look forward to the concert tour.
There are ballads, pops, dance and rock, and it is an album that I can create various stages.
I will show a lot of new songs, so it will take longer to rehearse than the previous concerts. (Lol)"
He speaks fluent Japanese and is a friendly character, so he is also very succesful on variety shows.
He seems to have a wide friendship in Japan, does he have any secret way to get along with others?
"I was not used to it at first. Since I am a rookie in Japan, I thought that if I keep quiet and modest, people would think that I was surprisingly humble and kind. But it seems that I was hard to get close.(Lol)Instead, I raised me up and talked a lot from myself, and then I can make friends.
He also talked about episodes with Tomohisa Yamashita and Yu Shirota, who are known as his close friends.
"My friends held a party on my birthday in January, but I heard the two won’t come. However, they appeared late, it was a surprise. But I said,【both of you always with me, so I wasn't surprised at all!】“ Lol
He is completely familiar with Japan. What is his favorite Japanese food?
“The sushi I received a few minutes ago was delicious! I love sushi, especially Otoro(Fattiest portion of Bluefin tuna belly) is the best. It melts away at the moment I put it in my mouth.Lol  I also like prawn.”

[Recent situation]  In search of the taste of Korea…
When I'm in Japan and I miss Korean food, I cook jjigae pot (Korean hot pot) easily at home. I use kimchi sold at a convenience store, it will be my favorite taste. The combination of acidity and sweetness is good and tasty.

Jaejoong... Born January 26, 1986. From Seoul, Korea. Blood type O.
Debuted solo in Japan in June 2018 with the single "Sign / Your Love".
From April, he will be regular appearances once a month on NHK Radio 1 【Furuya Masayuki's POP ☆ A】.
The concert tour [JAEJOONG ARENA TOUR 2019~FLAWLESS LOVE] will start from April 10th.

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is the first star to be featured in Hallyu Star Mobile Theme... “3 Different Concepts are set to be released” 

[Other IG] “If I must sign a slave contract with the devil, I will go with 김재중 in this theme...” 😆
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Jaejoong's Samsung themes are now available!! Samsung themes: LG themes: Click on the links and enjoy!😃

There will be 3 versions of Jaejoong's themes!🎉🎊 This time is Mobile (Samsung, LG) Theme Kim JaeJoong Black Version! And they will release the 2nd version next week!!


재중이를 내 폰속에 저장 🔎
#블랙수트핏 으로 멋짐가득한 재중이를
만날 수있는 모바일 휴대폰 #테마 출시 📱
#휴대폰 속 나만의 스타 #김재중 ⭐️
지금 바로 확인해보세요 👀

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aire theme

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[ALLDAY_XIA] EP #2-7 : 먹방요정 - 준수의 금요미식회 in 광주 🍴 ㅣ김준수(XIA)

JUNSU_XIA Official 

[COVER] 김준수(XIA) - 혼자 [원곡:거미]

#틱톡 #김준수 멘토님 #심쿵 🙊💕
이런 멘토라면 언제든지 환영👍🏻
신개념 뮤지션 발굴 #오디션 🏆
4월 5일부터 두달간 진행된다는 소식✔️
망설이지 말고 도전하세요 😎
멘토 #준수 가 기다리고 있을게요 👉🏻👈🏻
#キムジュンス #ジュンス #XIAJUNSU #XIA준수
#틱톡 #Tiktok #틱톡스포트라이트 #기자간담회
#Spotlight #TiktokSpotlight #Cjestagram

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Junsu participated at the press conference for the launch of 'TikTok Spotlight,' a talent discovery program that will award the winner with financial support for a digital single and MV. He will be one of the 12 'mentors' that will judge the contestants.  

Kim Junsu "The most notable thing is, while a song usually undergoes a long process to get in the spotlight, this will help take down those walls. It's also fun that users will be able to participate in making the song."

To all the hopefuls that dream of becoming a global star, he added "I'd like to tell them to just take a chance. They would have been dreaming of standing on a global stage and I hope this program will help make those dreams come true."
He's rocking that 80s popstar look in the best possible way😍 

On his criteria for judging songs, Kim Junsu cautiously replied "I'm looking for music that catches the ear and has an impact. It should also resonate with people. I'll be giving priority to these qualities."

Junsu on his criteria "First, originality.. and creativity. And as I said earlier, it needs to make an impact within less than 1 minute. So it needs to be something that lingers in the ear. I think that's what I'll be looking for the most."

 "The only thing I can say to them is 'just take a chance.' Please don't hesitate and give it a try. Every musician or person dreaming of becoming a singer will dream of standing on a global stage. I hope this program will become the place where that dreams comes true."

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Q: Whether the schedule can match or not?
J: Everyone is busy. So many of my friends are ordinary people. I meet with friends who are entertainers by setting the time.

Q: In the entertainment world, whom are you close with?
J: Yu Shirota, Tomohisa Yamashita, Ryosuke Yamada and Yuri Chinen like that. I have few friends of entertainers.

Q: In Korea?
J: I have not been to Korea recently…well…There are many in Korea. I don't actually meet again and again, because I feel that we are friends even if we meet only once a year. I am in touch with my friends. Besides, there are many friends that you don't know even if I say their names.

Q: It has been a year since you worked in Japan. I will ask you about your first solo album to be released on April 10. What do you want everyone to listen to and what do you care about?
J: Usually I sing rock songs and ballads, but this album also includes dance tune songs and made many new attempts. It became a "delicious" album with songs of various genres.

Q: A "delicious" album (Lol)
J: It is really different feeling to challenge new things. Since this is my first solo album in Japan, I felt a little nervous. I was pressured to have to dance and I was both anxious and fun about what to do in the future.

Q: Is Dance tune a new challenge, too?
J: That's right. I used to dance a lot, but in solo I have been dancing for the first time in six years. I'm worried whether my body moves.

Q: Can we see a lot of your dance on the arena concert tour?
J: In this concert tour, there are various songs such as rock, R & B, ballad, hip hop, dance tune.

Q: Have you always been careful when you sing?
J: The most worrying thing this time is to sing songs of a completely different genre, so it's the concentration when switching on and off. Depending on the song, the expression, the way of singing, and the vocalization are different, so I have to concentrate on switching at the moment I finish singing one song. I think that is difficult.

Q: Switching...it seems to be very difficult. How do you motivate yourself before a concert?
J: I have to be nervous, so I don't think about anything. I leave it to my body. I leave it to my instinct.

Q: Are you a type to be nervous?
J: Of course! I am! I am most nervous at the opening. I will not be nervous until the end if I am not nervous at the opening. However, if I get nervous at the opening, I will be nervous all the way to the end.

Q: Are you nervous all the time?
J: I think so.

Q: Can you perform well if you are not nervous?
J: Of course it is.

Q: How do you feel after the concert?
J: Lonely. It feels like it is over~. My concert is longer than other artists. About three and a half hours to four hours. So I am lonely.

Q: Do you intentionally lengthen the concert?
J: I've always been that way. Once I did it for about 4 hours, when the time is short, I think that the audience feel it's short. Therefore, the audience can not be satisfied without having a concert for three and a half hours to four hours.

Q: You really need strength, don't you?
J: This tour will be more difficult. Because I will dance.

Q: How many songs will you sing?
J: I sang about 19 or 20 songs at the last concert. What should I do this time? I don't sing the cover songs, I'm going to sing my own songs. But every song is a little long. The longest song is about 30 to 40 minutes. It was not my will, but when I was about to finish, the audience would say, "No, no, once again, once again." One song lasts for 30 to 40 minutes.

Q: I see. Do you have any plans for the stage you are imaging this time?
J: I don't really like the one-sided way of singing and dancing alone, so I like songs that I can enjoy with the audience. Sing the ballad songs with the audience. It will be fun to dance with the audience with simple dance.

Q: After the concert, do you feel lonely?
J: What should I say? I have a feeling that I do not want it to end. I get love from the audience on the stage. When I get off the stage, I will be back to just a person, won't I? Just an ordinary person. When I go back to the hotel and see myself there while watching TV, I feel lonely it is a completely different world.


Mar 27

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[ jj_1986_jj IG & ] It's my manager Tomi Tomi X 100 •
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Trans: Tomi-san is waking up right now! Good Morning☀

[ jj_1986_jj IG story] It's snowing in Sapporo❄
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[ jj_1986_jj IG story ] Nama uni ikuradonburi (Sea urchin and salmon) Sorry for the over reaction There wasn't any reason for it🤦‍♂️

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Mar 27

ジェジュン Instagram ストーリー 20190328_3

ジェジュン Instagram ストーリー 20190328_4


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[ jj_1986_jj IG &
It's snowing in Sapporo! But it's also cool (sunny)❄️☀️❄️☀️ #/Sapporo #/Hokkaido •

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ジェジュン Instagram 20190328_1_2

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Jaejoong will appear on HEY! HEY! NEO! On April 1! Jaejoong, who resumed full-scale activities in Japan for the first time in 8 years , will present his new song "Sweetest Love". 

In the talks section, Jaejoong says that he is confident in his strength, and he will compare power with Downtown's Matsumoto Hitoshi, who is a macho!

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ジェジュン Kim Jaejoong Japan TV Show Preview

Only Jae

Superstar Kim Jaejoong debuted in 2004 in a K-POP group, 33 years old, finished his military service in 2017. Started full-scale activities in Japan & his first single "Sign" was #1 in iTunes charts in 17 countries! Cr.vid: 0000025Mikako 

They announced Jaejoong's upcoming album and Arena Tour on April 10!! Cr.emiJ2145 Look at our adorable JJ promoting his album!!😭

Guest: I'm called by the nickname J JJ: eh~ you are J too?! I'm called J too. J I'm J!😂 *Asked for the man's business card under the table, the man gave his hand😂 JJ said: the card not your hand! Cr.monaiyo

Jaejoong: How many years of difference in age? Lady: 10 years Jaejoong: 10 years! Staff: How old are you? Man: I'm 37 years old Lady: I'm 27 years old Jaejoong: Easy to count! 😂 
Cr.vid: mitsumani

They gave him 10,000 & he's happy cuz though it was for 1 house only but the staff said that it was til morning when the trip ends, so he got shocked when the waiter gave him the ticket & it was 6,264, & said that he has the feeling that his money will be over at the 2nd house!😂
cr.vid: mitsumani

Translations of comments from fans and non fans...

Mar 27

(Trans) Comments from studio guests. Mc Tokoro: How good his character is! Kamenashi (Johnny’s):He’s a man of love. Mami Kumagai: I’m a fan now. He’s just an ordinary man, but the way he received a business card was gentlemanly.

(Trans) is good looking naturally. Plus having good manners, he’s funny, cute, & a good singer. Isn’t he great? If he’s a good cook then he’s perfect? Who can beat him? (c9) He’s never imagined JJ is a great cook. 😆

(Trans) Watching I found san is definitely a star with his great personality

(Trans) I was watching the program because of Kamenashi (Johnny’s) but as was so cute my man (in the center) was less conspicuous...

(Trans) I was out but when I came home, my husband said: “ in the program was really good. Such a nice person! Haven’t seen such a nice person for a long time.... really enjoyed.” He kept on ... which really surprised me.

(Trans) Watching , is so amusing- My mon doesn’t like Korea but she’s been saying he is cool & funny. And his Japanese is too good! He must have studied hard. I’m so happy. ✨

(Trans) A person named is cool! Just like he’s out of two-dimensional space!!

(Trans) I tried to ignore...the responses to my tweets. There’s a force in SNS by JJ fans. “As long as works hard we will support him.” This atmosphere... it’s showing a good relationship between JJ & his fans.

(Trans) Seeing my tweets being retweeted like crazy, I knew is loved by his fans so much, quite understandable. Because he has nothing unpleasant. I guess his fans share the feeling that they wish to be a good person like JJ. Fans are also nice.

(Trans) -san looked so happy & cute. Due to his hair color it was like a friendly golden retriever appeared in Shibuya all of a sudden, which gave me warm feelings.

(Trans) I wasn’t much interested in Korean entertainment but was amazed at ‘s great skills of communication and reading between the lines. I just envy his handsomeness & cleverness. I like him.

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Following tweet/translations via

This couple works at the same company. JJ asked them if they hold hands after they leave the office. They said yes. He further asked which one of you first hold hands. The woman said she does.  

My friend said that the way JJ cheered was like He half teases, envies, congratulates him. 😂😂 



Mar 27

晴れてきたよ☀️札幌!良かった^ ^

Translated from Japanese by

It's been sunny, ☀️ Sapporo! Good.

[ jj_1986_jj IG ] Hatchi❤ #/puppy #/jj #/puppy Hatchi is a puppy who is working with JJ Magazine as model for its June issue!^^ Jaejoong really loves animals!💕


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A pre-released song from his Japanese solo album tops iTunes charts in 8 countries-> Participates in drama Original Soundtrack... Proves global popularity 
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[News Article] Kim Jaejoong: Prelude songs from solo album got 1st place in iTunes in 8 countries.. also involved as OST!

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Mar 26


Translated from Japanese by

Thank you, ^_^ everyone.

Mar 26


#Teaser Cut 만으로도 기대감 UPUP
오늘도 눈을 뗄 수 없는 준수의 #매력 👀

화보장인 준수의 멋짐가득한 사진은 물론
솔직한 #인터뷰 까지 📝
Don’t miss✔️
#바자재팬 6월호에서 만나요 📌
어머 이 #화보 빨리 봐야해! (💖)
カッコよさ満載のキム・ジュンスのHarper's BAZAAR JAPAN 6月号ティーザー写真を今すぐ確認してください!
Follow newly #released teaser-the-scenes of #KIMJUNSU with @harpersbazaarjapan

#김준수 #JUNSU #XIA #金俊秀 #Bcut #magazine #キムジュンス #ジュンス #XIAJUNSU #XIA준수 #바자 #바자재팬 #Hapers #BAZAAR #BAZAARJAPAN

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[ jj_1986_jj IG ] Eat - not eat X 1000
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ジェジュン Instagram 20190326

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Jaejoong Update

According to some fans that assisted to HEY HEY NEO's recording session, Jaejoong will perform 1 of his new song & will dance! His dancer Taabow has also shared this IG story!! We can expect a wonderful performance from the KING!👌 Looking forward to it!👏 
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【TRANS】Jaejoong | The Declaration of Independence (GQ JAPAN 5, 2019)

The Declaration of Independence

First solo album "Flawless Love" released!
I am looking forward to the reaction of Japanese fans from now on.

From Japan, Korea, and Chinese speaking regions to Southeast Asia. Big success in all over Asia! Jaejoong, who is also popular at variety shows, has released a Japanese first solo album.

His first solo album in Japan, "Flawless Love," has a wide range of musicality, from dance numbers to rock and even more to Miyuki Nakajima's cover songs.
"Overpacked too many in one album, so I was worried if it would seem cluttered."
When I told that I felt like a greeting to a Japanese fan as "please know me", then he showed a relieved look.
"I thought about the concert tour and put in various songs. It should be a stage as if a group is performing.
Jaejoong, who is on the stages in various Asian countries, noticed.
"There was a difference, more than ten years ago, that Japanese fans were quiet and Southeast Asian fans were intense, but the audience's reaction has recently been similar, probably because of the Internet."
The concert tour will start in Japan, where it has become lively with a good atmosphere.

[Flawless Love] A long-awaited Japanese first solo album, including "Defiance" which has been certified as a Gold Disc. Coincide with the release on April 10, the concert tour also starts.

Musician, actor
Born in Gongju, Korea in 1986. After the military service, resumed activities in 2017. In a concert tour around the Asian countries that year, he mobilized 130,000 audience in 9 cities and proved highly popular.

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