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JYJ News Week of 8/14- 8/20/2017

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Manhole Episode 4 Highlights

Video Highlights


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#KBS #Drama #Kdrama #manhole 4th #episode tonight at 10!

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& beach scenes


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[1Click Scene] Kim JaeJoong dreams about getting married to Uie! (Manhole, Ep.2)

Manhole | 맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 : Ep.4 Preview

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Looking forward to Manhole Episode 4

Teaser Epi 4
drama KBS

learns Uee's true feelings Will be able to stop the wedding this time?

[Naver Main] Both and are working so hard in

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Manhole Episode 3 Highlights

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Manhole Episodes 1 and 2 Highlights
with subs

Bong Pil's sloppy birthday surprise for Sujin was a success

Bong Pil finally meets Sujin's fiancé! [Manhole / 2017.08.10]

Bong Pil goes back to his classroom from 10 years ago!

Bong Pil is always Sujin's secret helper! [Manhole / 2017.08.11]

Bong Pil changed the past. Will he gain Sujin's heart? [Manhole /

Actually, Sujin liked Bong Pil, too? [Manhole / 2017.08.11

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JJ and CJES IG Updates

[Cjes IG] Gangster Version selfie! He will discover his talent tonight! Handsome/charming: His talents too! 
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수윤(Sooyoon)Royal Pirates(로열 파이럿츠) - To you(너의 앞으로) (Official Audio)


English translations to the lyrics: :) 
Today my heart is 
Burning hotly 
Right now I have nothing to fear 
I don’t have anything 
I have nothing to show 
Except for my feelings for you 

You look like the moonlight oh 
The welcoming sunlight yeah 
It’s only you for me, forever 
I’ll run to you 

I’ll jump on the road ahead of me 
Until the world’s end 
No matter how many times I fall 
I’ll still head towards you 
Woah, oh oh. Woah, oh oh. 
I’ll cross time and fly woah oh 
Straight to you 

In this world of sand and dust 
No matter how weary I get 
My feelings for you are enough 

You’re illuminated by the spotlight oh 
This moment is the high-light yeah 
It’s only you for me, forever 
I’ll run to you 

 I’ll jump on the road ahead of me 
Until the world’s end 
No matter how many times I fall 
I’ll still head towards you 
Woah, oh oh. Woah, oh oh. 
I’ll cross time and fly woah oh 
Straight to you 

I won’t lose you, won’t let you go. I’ll make you mine. 
The time is now. I’m right in front of you 
I’ll keep running 

I’ll jump on the road ahead of me 
Until the world’s end 
No matter how many times I fall 
I’ll still head towards you 
Woah, oh oh. Woah, oh oh. 
I’ll cross time and fly woah oh 
Straight to you


Manhole articles...
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Time slips just have begun! Please look forward and enjoy the randomness and surprises

Gold chains and dragon tattoos? Unemployed->Gangster?

Sent back to the present by unintentionally finds himself as a gangster: 180 degree turn

Where did the unemployed go? Incredible consequences of random time slip begin to unfold

Serious consequences of time slips begin to unfold! Gangster spotted  

[Cjes IG] 's extremely different gazes: Seoktae vs Sujin Scary or Sweet Find out why tonight Tonight at 10 PM

Manhole bts...
via Naver
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Review of crazy 1st week and preview of ep 3/4


Marrying Sujin has been 's only dream Groom's visual is shocking Wedding March? Applaud groom's handsomeness working overtime

Texting to his Freak-Avengers to gather

I can go to med school if I put my mind to it I'll be a doctor in this life

Serenading Sujin and kissing her... wait! Time to wake up

Revenge match: If I come back, then I'll break you. And today is the day I come back.

won the fight but made Sujin angry ...

Ep 3: Return of as gangster, not unemployed "I saw in Pil the gangster spirit even from young age" -Seoktae

Run Seoktae, run! "I saw in you a person deserving a smack" Wait! It's not just Pil's live that has been changed!

Ep 4: Fun vacation? Suntanning or passed out? Waterspouts and camp fire too


Where do we gather tonight? In front of tv with the Freak-Avengers! Come to is watching you!


[Showbiz Korea] Kim Jae-joong (김재중), U-IE(유이) _ Interview



First Impressions: You’ll Fall Deep Into “Manhole” And Its Fun, Kooky Antics

Once a famous Korean actor or pop star finishes his military service, he is at a crossroads — either he goes back to his usual, tried-and-tested image that has garnered him zillions of fans, or he turns a completely new leaf to revive the public’s interest. After all, several fresh and trendy newbies continue to come into the scene, grabbing the fans’ attentions.
For his army comeback drama, Kim Jaejoong chose the off-beaten track and shed off his usual charismatic, mysterious, and handsome persona to play a lazy bum who has a one-sided crush in KBS2’s new quirky fantasy drama, “Manhole.” What’s interesting to note is that the drama is airing alongside “Into the World Again” and “Man Who Dies To Live,” which are all stories about time travel. So how will “Manhole” be different from the rest?


Bong Pil (Kim Jaejoong) gets himself drunk outside his rooftop room as he watches his neighbor and the love of his life, Kang Soo Jin (UEE), get prepped for a pre-wedding ceremony. In less than a week, she will get married to the handsome pharmacist Park Jae Hyun, played by Jang Mi Kwan, the rookie actor who is known for his villain role in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.
The drama reveals that Pil started having a crush on Soo Jin when they were kids. They grew up together as friends, with Pil always getting close to confessing his feelings — only to find himself pulling back because he can’t muster up the courage to tell her.
The two have been living in the same small neighborhood for the longest time. They grew up with common friends, Yoon Jin Sook (Jung Hye Sung) and Jo Suk Tae (B1A4’s Baro).
The first episode follows Pil as he whines and bugs his friends and neighbors for advice on how to stop the wedding. He eventually reaches his limit and is about to confess to Soo Jin once and for all, but he cowers yet again and buys time. Literally. He falls inside a (you guessed it) manhole and slides back into the past. He wakes up in his high school classroom, dazed and confused. Will this give him the chance to change his fate?

Cast and characters

Kim Jaejoong
Pil is simply Pil — a “loser” by society’s standards, but his heart is genuine. He’s been studying for a civil service exam (a cop position) for years but he keeps on failing. His parents ignore him, and his friends are sick and tired of his one-sided love troubles. Basically, the future looks bleak for Pil: he’s broke, jobless at almost 30 years old, and not to mention single.

This is Kim Jaejoong’s first foray into the rom-com genre as the leading man, and he made a great choice. This time he’s playing a completely relatable character. There’s no mysterious birth story about his family, no chaebol or idol image; just a regular Joe who is trying to get a grip on his life before it falls apart. For some reason he resembles Ji Chang Wook in some angles, but that’s another story.
Jaejoong’s acting has significantly improved, and while he sometimes does it a little over-the-top, it’s done in a non-annoying way. If he does annoy you, perhaps that’s an indication that he’s playing his role well, because Pil can really frustrate you if you’re the type who says things in a straightforward way. You’ll find yourself wanting him to just confess, for crying out loud! But that’s where the story is, and it will be interesting to see how he wriggles his way in and out of the past and present — and how his actions will affect the future.


Okay, so this role might be a breeze for UEE as she has pretty much played the ideal girl/ the one that got away type of characters in the past (the drama “A Fool’s Love” comes to mind). Here she plays Soo Jin, a photographer who sells stock images online. Her character is less than perfect: she’s pretty but she’s a total klutz. Soo Jin is actually aware of Pil’s feelings, but until she hears it with her own ears, she refuses to acknowledge it. Or perhaps she got tired of waiting. For now, it’s too early to tell. She’s been treating Pil as a frenemy, someone to bicker and fight with. But at the end of the day, he’s the one she relies on the most.

If you loved Baro in the “Reply” series, you will love him here too. He’s just like Pil in a way, as he’s also studying for the civil exams (which he keeps failing). He’s practically all dork here and he’s guaranteed to bring in the laughs.

He seems to be the other half of Pil, and together they form a dumb and dumber kind of tandem; but they’re just like any other young adult struggling and working hard to make something of themselves.
Jung Hye Sung
Hye Sung’s character is like the tomboy next door whom the guys consider as their buddy. She’s fierce and knows how to stick up for herself. She owns a small juice trailer in the neighborhood. We’re seeing some kind of pattern in dramas these days that show young, educated adults struggling to find jobs. Rather than showing a depressing, bleak representation, this drama shows the issue in a more positive light, much like “Fight My Way.” Like hey, if you can’t swim with the other corporate fishes, make your own biz or just wait for your time to come.

Final thoughts 

Sometimes in K-dramas, it’s hard to suspend your disbelief when it comes to the characters; especially if they’re supposed to be ordinary citizens. But one of the great things about the drama’s setting and its characters is that there’s absolutely no gloss or over-styling. Jaejoong runs around in a shirt and jogging pants that look like he’s worn them for days. Baro wears a shirt that has ramyun stains on it the whole time. The little details count.

It’s the ultimate story about being friendzoned. It’s like the American film “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” except the person who is trying to win the other person’s love isn’t conniving or manipulative. I’m expecting a lot because “Manhole” is kind of reminiscent of the Japanese drama turned Korean version, “Operation Proposal.” Both stories explore the one human feeling that we all wish we can do something about — regret. If only we can turn back time to make all the wrongs right, or make different choices to change the outcomes that we don’t like.
Time travel dramas are nothing new, but the wackiness of “Manhole” just might give it a fresh take. All the same, you can feel the longing, the frustration, and the desperation of a person who has a one-sided love. The drama will also give you all the nostalgic feels if you’re a ’90s baby. The present age of the gang is 28-29, and the clock will turn back 10 years to the past. From the posters, you can see that Jaejoong is carrying a boombox, UEE has an old-school camera, and the other two are wearing outfits from that era. It looks promising, so let’s hope the drama keeps up with its energetic pace!



The always amazing as in  

[Cjes] Didn't forget ep3 is coming tomorrow, right? Expecting hard work from gangster taking selfie during his break
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"" Shares A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Cheerful Atmosphere On Set

On August 14, KBS2’s “Manhole” revealed behind-the-scenes photos of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, UEE, Jung Hye Sung, and B1A4’s Baro filming the drama amidst a cheerful atmosphere.
“Manhole” began airing on August 9 and captured the attention of many with its unique storyline. The drama shares what happens to Bong Pil (Kim Jaejoong) after he coincidentally falls into a manhole and travels through time.
Behind the scenes of the drama, Kim Jaejoong puts aside his crazy acting as Bong Pil and charmingly makes a “V” sign with his hands as he poses for the camera. He also takes a selfie with Lee Sang Yi and Baro during a break, demonstrating their close relationship. UEE and Jung Hye Sung, who play best friends in the show, pose together like they’re best friends in real life as well.
The producers of the drama stated, “The actors’ optimistic energy and fantastic chemistry bring energy to the set. Bong Pil’s time travel is just beginning. Please look forward to the synergy created by these passionate actors.”
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Just to ponder...Hmmm

ridwan.hereIn episode 1 you can hear song "Living next door to alice" from Smokie played when Bong-pil was peeping Suu-jin in the rooftop, Just search the song and lyric in youtube and you can understand a bit about the story because the plot may has the similarity with the song, it tell about a complex triangle one-sided love :). I hope he will give up and fall for the second lead girl Really? Will research some more. I'm sure the song is placed there for a reason. Just like DalSoo singing 'City of Stars' from LaLaLand...characters there didn't get married in the end! #PilSook may come true hahaha

ridwan.hereYeah, i think the writer perhaps get inspired by that song :D


CEO Jaejoong Celebrates Opening Of CEO of KAVE Mall ➜ Read More:

This Man May Just Be Korea’s Hottest CEO Ever

Not only is JYJ’s Jaejoong an insanely popular singer, songwriter, actor, and designer, he’s now a successful CEO too!

Jaejoong is the CEO of KAVE malls in Japan, who recently celebrated their grand opening on August 12.

The area surrounding the mall, which is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, was completely packed at the grand opening event!

As Jaejoong now starts a career in business, there’s no doubt he must be Korea’s hottest CEO ever.

With the successful opening of Jaejoong’s KAVE shopping mall, he adds one more set of talents to his already impressive list as one of Korea’s most recognizable stars.

At the mall’s grand opening fashion and hair show, Jaejoong was joined by other big names, such as B.A.P’s Yongguk and celebrity hair stylist GUNHEE.

Source: Yahoo Japan


Hello Dr of ! is !

[Cjes IG] Pil is the "V Fairy" of this area! makes V sign automatically as soon as he finds a camera Cute Handsome
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From Naver:
4 Freak-Avengers are at it again! x Uee x Baro xJung Hyesung Great chemistry on/off screen
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Kim Jaejoong at KAVE Mall Grand Opening and Fashion Show in Japan
Note: JJ is the Owner/President of KAVE Mall









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김준수 스페셜 영상회 D-5!
설레이는 이 마음을 <It's XIA TIME!>으로 릴렉~

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Photo published for [V LIVE] It's XIA TIME! - 2nd 'THE BEST BALLAD SPRING TOUR CONCERT vol.2' 연습실 비하인드

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[ENGSUB] 170812 Kim Junsu with Police Agency Ransomware Promotion Video.

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