Tuesday, April 28, 2015


(Urrrgghh.. I'm so late n  make this review  in a hurry, try to not make many screencap but later the total pic is still 40. XD.....n maybe my words in this review kinda messed up – hard to understand. LOL )

BOGO aka BUY ONE GET ONE was the theme from last week eps n we got the implementation on this week eps. It's the KISS scene.XD

OMO....Never has tought that Writernim will give Us 2 kisses in  a row. No complaint though.. hahha... coz it's nice to have MuRim compilation of kisses.XD...8 eps left, so how about 1 kiss each week. So the total will be 6 kisses? Hehehe.... The same like RTP (but it’s not 16 eps drama. LOL)..... If 6 too many, reduce it to 4 kisses then. Hehehe... (Btw, I hope later  we don't hear his complaint about kiss scene. XD.. Like he said about his prev drama coz so many takes. LOL )

From eps.7 we got the Bonus (sometimes Bonus isn't the same with the main good - it can be smaller size, cheaper n absolutely never  1 level above the main) coz it's "one" second kiss.XD...N from eps 8, We got the main prize.XD....Just chose which one is ur fav? XD....n maybe U think the opposite with me.

For ChunFace of The Day (8) I chose this pic.

Seriously,  I rarely saying something like " Oh, U're so cute " Hehe....but lately I often use that word n that pic, He's soooo cute.... though actually he didn't act cute (plus no smile.XD ) He's just an obedient patient. LOL ...Actually even though often complaint but at the end he always obedient for whatever CR said. Hahaha

ChunNi aging backward, he looks younger now. Ah yeah, sometimes he made  that kind of pose when fans ask him to do that n he's on good mood.LOL.....so he act cute with smile. Different with what MG made. But it's also CUTE.XD

Then I remember that the thing that always in my bag. This Cord Holder.

LOL....It has the same pose. Hahaha 

Choi Mu Gak

I just love these.

His hands, his eyes n everything U can see on him. XD....Sexy pose on the 4th pic. How come he looks so sexy when he just lying in  the bed? Hahaha

N when we can see his tummy without must has eagle eyes,  it cover with that thing. Hahaha

On the Blue shirt pic, He looks different. Btw, BLUE N RED... Superman's colour. N now MG is no longer as a Superman.


OMG MooGakie..... Seriously?

LOL... why U chose that pic? Poor CR...when she's so dizzy riding the rides at the amusement park, he took that pic, hahhaa....

I think I prefer the girl crying for him than the opposite thing. XD... Ahh...finally MG knows that He's important for her n he likes to tease her.

N OMG..this couple... even at "serious" place like hospital,  they can have a moment like this...

Hahahaha..... That situation could be happen in real life. I hope we get the BTS for that scenes. N yeah, we get it, hahaha....so funny.

ChunNi n Video Call.....always LOL...

n he did that while lying on his bed like that? Hahaha... This was the coziest position on bed he ever had. LOL

N Korean with their language....n I like they can use that n make a misunderstanding became as funny scene.

Poor her, she must running n holding her phone like that. N why the sound of that "STOP" really so cute to hear?  XD.... I think coz of that "comma", MG is kinda get back the "old" MooGakkie. If we see his scenes with his sister. He's kind of person who like teasing, acting cute n whatever vibe U got from those scenes. A plyaful MooGakkie....N his last msg...He wants his food or want to see CR A.S.A.P? HEHE

The answer is the 2nd one. Hahaha.. both of them look so adorable with checking hair n lips....HEHE ....oh yeah, forgot if I already said this. I like CR's lipstick colour.

Based on the webton, MG is so hardly to fall in love. So, is it too fast that MG fall in love? Hmm....I don't think so. Falling in Love is a different thing with no sense. As 26 years MG, he didn't want to have girlfriend coz of his sister but I think it's also coz he haven't met his soulmate.  n now as 29 years MG, finally he has found his soulmate. I think the stages of MG's falling in love started the same like CR. It started when they knew they are the same. The 2nd one when CR told that she think  he can protect her. The 3rd one was when he promise that to CR. It's kinda like marriage promise.  That's why he was so annoyed when CR said He's not his boyfriend.  I think he didn't know CR's feeling but after heard her sadness, I think he realize her feeling though he use it to tease her n CR didn't admit it.

Did U notice ChunNi's shirt on his weibo update that support CR (SSK) is the same with the one he wear on 2nd kiss scene? XD... It's kinda his sign for his fans that I'll give U the REAL Kiss Scene. So don't "HATE" her (Hhmmm.....maybe it's for his fans who still doesn't like SSK? ) but should support her. I think it's the 1st time ever he share about his costar fansupport.

N yeah....I got what I want....their rendezvous move to their house. HEHE....n the 1st one should be MG's house coz he's living alone.XD...N the 1st time U must doing is cooking. XD... I told to my friend why he was right when guess about Ramen. Coz MG think she can't cook... n the easiest one just cooking Ramen. LOL.... n that's his 1st question.  XD ....n OMG why U’re doing that MooGakkie? Waiting for CR cooking U something with that cute gesture n expression? HAHAHA....I always LOL ing every time he said Yes Ma'am...

N now it's time for heart to heart talk.

I like that he's really listening to everything she say..

It's her another secret...n now she can easily talk about it with him. A good advice from MG.

N tada... THE MOMENT... When she said "oocchh" n looking at  his lips....It was the moment when I said "OMG, Cho Rim, Seriously,  U wanna wipe it? ".... (ChunNi got this kind of scene on Ripley but it happened at public area, so I knew the scene will not continue into a romantic scene.  LOL ) n yeah, she did that (at private room). HEHE... n the next question was " What will be MG's reaction? 

Touch is a different thing n touching the lips is too intimate n too sensitive. XD.... n He can feel something? This time kinda similar with what happened before (her face is so close) but now, there is a feeling so he takes her hand.

So, what else after that? He knows her feeling & his own feeling although haven’t said that in WORDS. Get the moment so why don’t use it? CR kinda nervously waiting for MG’s action. Thanks GOD, Writernim didn’t ruin this magic moment with MG say something silly but he leans closer.

I don’t think CR knows MG’s feel for her. So she start to back away – I like MG’s gaze-,  but MG isnt let that happen n then he pull her n then kiss her. It’s ChunNi’s 1st kiss scene in Drama when his character get a kiss scene before he say “I LIKE YOU”. 

So, SSK is a lucky lady.  Can touch n kiss ChunNi's lips. XD ...At the beginning,  CR'S eyes is wide opened. I think she still can't believe what happen.

But later she close her eyes n kiss him back. Don't wanna over analysize for this kiss scene.  It's sweet, tender n romantic. N I love the background colour. ..

N when MG want to make the kiss deeper, something happen.  OMO.... The kiss kinda like the key to open his heart. It's the 1st door . How many door  he has there? Might be 3 doors ?
The 1st door already opened n the sign is like the electricity jolt.

So, we need 2 more kisses to make MG back to a normal person. XD.... n it will be nice for 2 kisses at Happy moment (at the ending)....n please give Us a REAL,  sweet romantic n funny wedding scene.hehe

N COZ of that, he stop the kiss n I think CR maybe has a thought that MG realize & regret what he’s doing. Especially coz he doesn’t say anything.

But it’s not like that. He just wonder, what just happened he felt something on his wound n I think he’s kinda surprise to see CR’s reaction (it looks like nothing happened)  n maybe thinking “ Did I make a mistake? She doesn’t has the same feeling like me?” 

But I think I saw a smile on the pic beside CR’s smile n then he seriously thinking about what he felt.

N hahaha....it’s so rarely I heard ChunNi’s character called as a bastard. XD...

Hahhaa....Ae Ri....Bingo....how to stop something when it even haven’t started. N LOL at CR’s eyes.

Ahhh....the 1st time meet after kiss scene n ChunNi in Suit. I like it. I’m glad it’s not really awkward. N let’s see the right time when they will talking about the kiss n let’s see who will initiate to start convo about that.

Ahh....It’s so easy to make CR’s mood back, just say Sorry n she will forgive U but she want ur msg, MooGakkie...hehe..

I like that MG after saying Good Night, didn’t just walking away.

N finally MG know her home, LOL....n ahh....even though he’s kinda look scolding her but actually coz he cares.

N LOL....his expression.

N so many excuses just cos he wanna go into her home n it’s funny when CR just leave him. XD

The Thing

Wah...finally no more cover on the brand. XD n it’s a cool charger.

The Mystery

Ahhh.....finally from one of the Duo n with the unintentional help from Elena, we get the answer.

Ahhh....I don’t have any idea yet , why Dr. Chun gave the clue. 

N those 2 books beside give JH the clue, I think it also give us more about JH. But unfortunatelly I don’t have that time to think about it. N just a quote about the character in The Hermit – 

I don't have any desires, or rather only a few, or rather I don't have them anymore. If I have any, they were not worth being exploited and encouraged. Perhaps I actually do have desires. But they are dormant. I'm not inclined to wake them up. What are my desires? That people leave me alone; that other people's desires leave me alone and don't involve me in their repercussions. What I desire most of all is not to have any desires.

I think JH is more alone than MG. So, what is his desire? I think all he did have connection with his childhood n I think the publishing company owned by his dad (parent). So just let’s see.

N I can’t wait to see MG’s reaction when he meet the other Choi Eun Seol...... But I haven’t decided which one I prefer. MG who will be the 1st one to know or CR? 

N yeah, MooGakkie...that’s our question.

N aigoo....Det. Oh already make prevention....n unfortunately CR didn’t notice it.


Oohhh....I like that MG move to sit next to her n really concern to her.

So, it’s time for U help her MooGakie...

On the preview from ep.09 , we get the holding hand n the word “AEIN”....hehe...Will MG say that 3 words or it doesn’t needed in our MuRim’s relationship?

N wahhh....we’re on the half of the drama n only left 1 month to can see ChunNi in my screen. So will appreciate the moments. 


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PS: yeahh.....Success for making my sister watch this drama every week. Hehehe... As a NON K-Drama fans (though I think I also can called like that), it’s so hard ask her to watch K Drama. From all ChunNi’s drama, she only finish RTP & 6 eps left for 3 Days.