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JYJ News Week of 1/12-1/18/2015

What's New With JYJ?

Kim Jaejoong Bazaar interview excerpt...

"I have absolute trust in my fans. I am ready to sacrifice myself for them.
"Who would accept me as who I am except my fans?"
, "If I must sacrifice myself? Only for my fans!"  
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[Full TRANS] #Kim Jaejoong showed off dreamlike charms in fashion magazine Harper’s BAZZAR. http://article.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=97752
In the drama Spy, currently airing on KBS2 TV on Friday nights, Kim Jaejoon is portraying Kim Seonu, a lovable son at home but at the same time a charismatic agent at work. He is leading the drama as a man in dilemma; he has to deceive and pursue his ex-spy mom.

Kim Jaejoong looks mysterious and sexy as usual in this portrait style pictorial. He exudes absolute charisma in front of the camera but off the camera mingles casually with the staff at the set.

During the interview he expressed his special love for his fans. “My fans are the only ones who accept me completely. Sometimes I don't even like myself. Once I started receiving their hearts, absolute trust between us builds naturally. I don't want to sacrifice myself for anyone else. If I have to make a compromise, it would be for them only.”

Kim Jaejoong’s sensual visual and interview will be in the February issue of Harper’s BAZZAR
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Kim Junsu received awards (Interpark Golden Ticket Awards) for Best Musical Actor (Male) and Best Popularity...

[VIDEO] 2014 골든티켓어워즈 수상자들 from playDB 영상스케치

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Jaejoong TW and IG updates:

Jaejoong's IG update:
팀장님은 날 항상 지켜보고 있다.
Team leader is always watching me
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Jaejoong's Twitter Update:
중.선 놀이
Jung-Seon Play^^ (via crystalmoon64)

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OSEN Pay attention to n Jo Dalhwan's Bromance: They look like real brothers in set.
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Other IG update

수원 KBS드라마제작센터 세트 촬영중인 조달환

[TRANS] #Suwon #KBSDramaProductionCenter set
Filming #Spy #ChoDalHwan #JYJ #KimJaejoong
I’m sorry, Dalhwan-ah, for not knowing that your eyes were closing #sorry-I-couldn’t-protect-you
The #appearance-from-behind is #KimJaejoong#Jaejoong
Do tune in a lot to drama [Spy]. It will air on KBS2 at 9:30 pm every Friday.
(Trans by JYJ3)

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[TRANS] Filming #Spy #three_men #three-shot #KimMinJae #ChoDalHwan #JYJ #Jaejoong
#KimJaejoong ‘s face didn’t properly appear so I didn’t violate his #portrait_rights, did I??
Since I was so bored while waiting on the set…
(Trans by JYJ3)

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Park Yuchun!!!

Yuchun's greetings...
Excited for his upcoming fanmeetings...


[INFO] XIA Junsu, 1st Nationwide Arena Tour in Japan

 photo header.jpg
XIA Junsu, 1st Nationwide Arena Tour

 photo read.jpg
XIA Junsu, Come Back with 3rd album!
1st Nationwide Arena Tour decision!

 photo schedule.jpg


2015 March 3 (Tue) Doors open 17:30 / Event start 18:30

March 4 (Wed) Doors open 17:30 / Event start 18:30 Osaka-jo Hall

March 5 (Thu) Doors open 17:30 / Event start 18:30
2015 March 24 (Tue) Doors open 17:30 / Event start 18:30

March 25 (Wed) Doors open 17:30 / Event start 18:30 Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium (Tokyo)

March 26 (Thu) Doors open 17:30 / Event start 18:30
2015 March 31 (Tue) Doors open 17:30 / Event start 18:30 Marine Messe Fukuoka

April 1 (Wed) Doors open 17:30 / Event start 18:30
2015 April 7 (Tue) Doors open 17:30 / Event start 18:30 Nippon Gaishi Hall (Nagoya)

April 8 (Wed) Doors open 17:30 / Event start 18:30

 photo ticket.png
All designated tickets 10,800 yen (tax included)

+++ Ticket Sales

◆Advance Round 1
ticketing for
JYJ fanclub members
January 21 (Wed) 12:00 ~ January 25 (Sun) 23:59
◆ Advance Round 2
ticketing for
JYJ fanclub members
January 29 (Thu) 12:00 ~ February 1 (Sun) 23:59
Source: junsu-live.com/  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


스파이의 섹시한 선우,
멋진 사진에서 만나보세요!

김재중의 무대와 연기에 대한 솔직담백한 이야기, 그리고 내추럴한 모습이 담긴 화보!
온 오프라인 서점에서 패션매거진 <바자> 2월호로 만나보세요!

Spy's sexy Sun-Woo, nice pictures!

Jaejoong duty and acting for ingenuous stories, and natural look with a pictorial!
On-and offline bookstores, fashion magazine <바자>February issue to meet!</바자>

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Jaejoong reported to have purchased a building worth $7 million USD

January 16, 2015 
It has been reported by Sports Seoul on January 15 that Jaejoong purchased a building in Seocho-dong, Seoul near the Nambu Terminal for 7.5 billion KRW (~ 7 million USD)! The building's land is 143.84 pyong (~ 5,000 sq. ft.) wide with a total ground area of 534.42 pyong (~ 19,000 sq. ft.), one underground garage level, and seven aboveground floors, including 1-2 floors for eating and 3-6 floors of offices.

Jaejoong received a loan of 4 billion KRW (~ 3.7 million USD) to purchase the building, paying the rest in 3.3 million USD cash.  The monthly rental income is 35 million KRW (~ 32,000 USD).

An expert in corporate buildings Kim Yoon Soo stated, "The building Jaejoong purchased beats the buildings in Gangnam with a rental income ratio that is 5% higher than the average, so I think he bought this for the lease revenue."  He said that third class general residential areas had to have a 250% floor area ratio, but the building had an even higher one of 300%; additionally, there was a lot of parking spaces, so parts of the building could be used as office space, adding to the practicality of the building.



[PICS + INFO] 150117 Kim Jaejoong grace the cover of KEJ Japanese Magazine (February Issue)

Kim Jaejoong graced the Cover of KEJ Japanese Magazine (February Issue)
Kim Jaejoong at SPY’s Press Conference
But this Magazine via [Amazon] [Rakuten]
 photo 4910137270251.jpg
 photo 01.jpg
 photo 02.jpg
 photo 03.jpg
 photo 04.jpg
 photo 05.jpg
Credit: @okke126, Amazon, Rakuten
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review: Spy Episode 4

The battle lines have officially been drawn and the real fight begins now. It is Ki Chul against the South Korean government spies – with a very scared Hye Rim in between. I don’t see how she can play both sides without alerting Seon Woo – he is bound to find out about the tracking device and the hacking attempts soon. Seon Woo is sharp but Ki Chul is way ahead of him in terms of planning and strategy. Is there a mole on his payroll in in the South Korean national intelligence team? Maybe not directly, but I’m pretty his plans comprise more thsn just tapping Hye Rim’s happy home. Comic relief came in the form of the parents trying to spy on their son…with too much success. HEH.
KC orders HR to spy on SW and report back to him: find out who SW meets, where he goes, especially anything to do with his work. KC also gives her gadgets to hack SW’s laptop and phone and a tracking device. HR agrees to do so but at the same time she is bewildered at to why she has to help KC with this matter when he can quite easily do this task himself. When she hurries to leave, KC asks whether she has anything else to say to her because ya know, she liked him right until she met her current hubby. HR scoffs that he’s the delusional one. WS is relieved to find out that HR is fine.
Because SW declares he has a plan to lure KC out in the open, the whole team gathers at the office to hear him out. JH is a baddie, isn’t he? Looks like it. Because he concedes too easily to SW’s plan and puts him in charge of it. HT isn’t so stupid though and suspects something fishy is going on with JH. Meanwhile, SW blabbers on in Mandarin in a phone call – he is paying someone to speed up on a task.
HR returns home and stares at the family portrait: she thought they were doing so well as a family and thought her spy days were all over. SW chats with SY and informs her of his plan to lure KC out using her as bait. Gulp. This sounds so bad already. SY agrees to do it because she trusts SW and reminds him of his promise to save her family. SW assures her he will hold up his end of the deal. SY calls KC, stating she has important info to share and it has to be done face-to-face. KC agrees to meet her and the trap is set.
At home, HR preps to do whatever KV has asked her to do. SW returns home and heads to the bathroom to shower. HR reminds WS to keep a lookout. HA. The poor man looks so constipated at the thought of attempting to spy on his own son. HR secures the tracking device and hacks SW’s phone pretty easily. But the laptop takes longer than expected. Cut to Jae Joong fan service and the stalwart male lead showering scene. Does matter whether you’re doing a thriller, melo or rom-com – the showering scene is a must.
SW exits the bathroom and is heading towards his room – where HR is frantically willing the download to complete. WS distracts SW just in time by asking his son to get him a glass of water. SW bids them goodbye and leaves the house. After making sure he has driven off, HR quickly grabs WS to take off after him. I’m not sure whether this was meant to be comic relief but I was grinning a little at the parents playing spy. Dad is all clumsy while Mom is a little rusty. Heh.
WS is surprised to see the newly rented car – HR says they can’t possibly follow SW in their own car. They switch on the tracking device and they’re off. SW heads to YJ’s place and when HR discovers that fact, she ain’t happy. WS rubs it in by saying SW would want to meet his girlfriend before heading off to a mission, which earns him a death glare from his wife. HA. The parents turn on the voice-tapping device – with a little difficulty – HR huffs she hasn’t done this sorta stuff for a long time. Haha. The couple listen to their son and girlfriend exchange sweet nothings. HR grumbles in between like any mother about why home is much better than girlfriend’s home. HEH. When the couple start to kiss and their kissing sounds are heard over the system, HR quickly turns it off. HAHAHAHAHAHA. WS wonders whether they have to resort to this.
SW heads out to dispose the trash, and HR grumbles that he doesn’t even do that at home. He receives a phone call from the office and instantly gets ready to leave. YJ is super worried and I do think she knows a lot more about SW than he thinks. He tells YJ something important cropped up at work. HR overhears that part and quickly informs WS. She then decides against reporting that piece of news to KC, figuring this would only put SW in danger. WS questions her decision though.
It is pretty obvious by now that JH is playing more than one side of the game. If this mission crashes and burns, HT will be the fall guy. It is D-Day and the spy team is setting up shop in a café. HR is parked nearby, keeping a close watch. SW manages to call SY’s grandma and lets the girl talk to her. Awwww. He is halfway done to keeping his promise. SY knows that there is chance that things will not turn out well and begs SW to save her family at all cost. That is her only wish.
The team watches as SY heads out to meet KC. But an accident occurs, distracting everyone and drawing a crowd, which blocks SY from view. SY’s phone rings and it’s KC. He asks her about her family and suddenly, he is right in front of her. She knows she has been busted. SW knows something is up and after ordering his colleagues to stay alert, he rushes to find SY. SW reaches SY but KC is gone – SY is still standing there in a daze. SW glances down at SY’s body and is horrified. He catches SY just as she collapses.
HR watches in horror from her car. KC calls her and barks that she has disappointed him greatly. She promised to report all her son’s movements but failed to do so. Because of this, he growls that he will handle her precious son from now on. Yikes. Meanwhile, SY is coughing up blood and SW desperately tells her she’ll be fine. SY reminds him of his promise to save her family. It dawns on HR that negotiations with KC are over and there is no stopping him now.
So we weren’t shown what happened to SY – my guess she was either shot or stabbed by KC. Most likely the latter because a gunshot would attract attention. Maybe he used a silencer. Oh well. So SW suffers yet another human loss while on KC’s case. And HR knows she is at KC’s mercy now. KC probably figured SY may have turned and used this meeting to test HR.
Poor HR. She was caught between a rock and a hard place. You can’t blame her for not reporting to KC about SW because there is a possibility that KC could harm SW. But at the same time, she has been seriously underestimating KC and finds out the hard way he is not to be trifled with.
As for SW, I feel for him since the trap was his idea and I’m assuming SY died or will end up in the ICU. He promised he would keep her safe and I’m not too sure whether he is able to keep his promise about keeping her family safe with KC all riled up as he is now. I actually liked the tentative truce between he and SY and how do not love a hero who keeps his word? But work wise, this would spell a major screw-up for SW. Defected North Korean spy/informant killed on his watch and baddie gets away.



[TWITTER] 150117 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update: Angry Sunbae xD

 photo 150117kjjtw1.png
Secret talk is for on Bluetooth
Talk to give a scolding is for on a walkie-talkie
Long conversation is for on a cellphone
How Hyun-tae
[T/N: Jo Dal-hwan] uses 3 pieces in 1 stroke.
[T/N: Ryoo Hye-young] doing microscopic acting.
Sources: @bornfreeonekiss  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Kim Jaejoong shares a photo of Bae JongOk...
우리 엄마
스파이 엄마

"My mother
Spy Mom

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review: Spy episode 3
Seon Woo is so blessed to have such awesome parents. While the espionage arc make exciting fodder, the committed relationship between Hye Rim and her husband, and their common goal to protect their family is what really propels the narrative to be explored in a deeper, yet relatable manner.
HR is still speechless with disbelief that her son is a spy. KC orders her to hand SW over and she’ll get her freedom. When HR insists that KC is lying about SW’s spy status, he acidly muses that the truth always hurts and suggests she should believe what she sees in front of her rather than seeing what she wants to believe. He gives her a deadline and clicks off. HR watches as SW gets a call on his mobile. It’s the office – they managed to get CCTV footage of the subway smoke bomb incident.

Complete review: https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/review-spy-episode-3/

Much more here: JYJ CAFFEINE: SPY Episodes 3-4 (Highlights) http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/01/spy-episodes-3-4-highlights.html?spref=tw

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SPY Episodes 3 and 4
Clips, Pics, articles, and more...

Complete recap here: JYJ CAFFEINE: SPY Episodes 3-4 (Highlights) http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/01/spy-episodes-3-4-highlights.html?spref=tw

SPY clips/videos

Episode 3






Episode 4

(ehem shower scene)





Jaejoong in...
Bazaar magazine (February issue)

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Check out...


Nothing new regarding the 'news' here but sharing is caring...soooooooo...lol

...just another reason to share Jae to the world...Oh joy!!!

Jaejoong reveals his chiseled abs during shower scene on latest drama, “SPY”

JYJ Jaejoong in Spy showing off his abs
JYJ’s Jaejoong has revealed his chiseled abs on the latest episode of his KBS drama SPY, captivating fans and viewers, who swooned during his solo scenes. 
Naturally stepping out of the steaming shower, Jaejoong revealed his well-toned body and abs to the world, emitting a sexy masculinity that would certainly make one’s heart flutter. Drama staff were reported to have also been in awe, and gave a lot of praise to the actor-singer.
It was also reported that Jaejoong had no trouble coming into his NIS agent persona as Sunwoo, easily completing his scenes.
The staff said, “Jaejoong is very committed to his character as Sunwoo, and is always seen with his script in hand.”
SPY, which had its premiere on January 9th, airs twice a week on Friday via KBS, and is a spy series following Sun Woo (Jaejoong), an agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), and his mother Hye Rim, a former North Korean spy.
Source: OSEN

"Spy - Drama" Kim Jae-joong's broad shoulders and tight abs


Kim Jae-joong was seen half naked in a shower scene in "Spy - Drama".
Pictures of Kim Seon-woo were released by the productions on the 16th.
Kim Jae-joong takes on the role of Kim Seon-woo, an intelligent and government agent with excellent analysis skills. Kim Seon-woo follows the rules but in front of his mother Hye-rim (Bae Jong-ok) and his girlfriend Yoon-jin (Ko Sung-hee), he is charming.
Kim Jae-joong in the picture is standing in the running shower with his tight abs showing. His wide shoulders and flawless body is expected to have women drooling over him.
The shower scene was taken in a set in Suwon on the. Seon-woo takes a shower to think about Soo-yeon (Chae Soo-bin) whose mission he is supervising. Kim Jae-joong said, "I didn't have time to work out separately before filming".
However, unlike his excuse, his body was near perfect when he took off his clothes to get ready for the scene. Even the male staff were in awe. Kim Jae-joong seems to have melted into his character well and managed to perform the shower scene well.
However, since he perfected the scene in such a short time, the staff were disappointed and producer Park Hyeon-seok joked that they should do it again for the sake of the staff.
Meanwhile, on the second episode of "Spy - Drama", Ki-cheol (Yoo Oh-seong) used Hye-rim's video of her leaving an explosive bag in the subway to threaten her son Seon-woo's life.
Hye-rim is surprised to hear that her son is not an ordinary agent but in Special Forces and the layout of the story increases tension for future episodes.
"Spy - Drama" will be aired on the 16th from 9:30 to 11:10PM, two episodes in a row.
Source : im Jae-joon’s broad s...
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Jaejoong and Chae Soobin!

(SeonWu and SooYeon)

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[PART TRANS] All roads were blocked near #Spy Yeouido filming location, and more than 100 supporting actors were involved in this large scale NIS espionage operation scene surrounding Suyeon. Filming continued for 8 hours, and even Jimmy Jib camera was hired to catch more realistic action.
The production team commented, "We, the actors and the production team, exerted our best at Yeouido espionage operation scene, because it is a crucial turning point of the drama." "The chemistry between Kim Jaejoong and Chae Subin resulted in a legendary scene. Kim Jaejoong led the scene with his natural, seasoned acting ability, and the newbie Chae Subin expressed complex emotion really well with details in her facial expressions." http://www.kbs.co.kr/tt/news/news_view.php?mgz_seq=281691

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‘Spy’ Kim Jae-joong releases photo from shower scene, showing perfect body 

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This post is also available in: Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified)
‘Spy’ Kim Jae-joong releases photo from shower scene, showing perfect body
Kim Jae-joong of ‘Spy’ revealed his perfect six packs from his shower scene.
Kim Jae-joong is current filming KBS’s Friday mini-series, ‘Spy’ as Seon-woo, a genius segret agent who works for the NIS(National Intelligence Service).
Seon-woo is a man of a principled character, but turns into a loving, sweet person when he is with his mother Hye-rim(Bae Jong-ok) and girlfriend Yoon-jin(Go Sung-hee).
His shower scene was shot at the KBS studio in Su-won, Gyeong-gi do.
It was a scene of Seon-woo taking a shower, having concerns on being in charge of espionage regarding Soo-yeon(Chae Soo-bin). Before the scene, Kim Jae-joong said he was worried about the scene because he had no time to build up his body before the shooting.
But when it began, he actually showed his perfect six packs, heating up the studio.
After the shooting, the female staffs seemed to show some wistfulness to their gaze, and soon Producer Park Hyun-seok made a joke saying that they should film the scene once again, making everyone at the studio burst into laughter.
Meanwhile, the 3rd and 4th episode of ‘Spy’ will air 16th, Friday, from 9:30p.m to 11:10p.m, a 50 minute episode run twice in series.
GET IT K Han Jihee, Photography by IMTV, DN Contents, Studio Seven, English Translation by Veronica Choi

[HQ PICS] 150116 New Drama Stills of Jaejoong from SPY

by Ces
54741-292849 54741-29285054741-292852 (1) 54741-292854
Credit: kbs via Koreastar Daily
Shared by: PrinceJJ

@ShadowJaeJes: LOL seems like baby completed that scene real fast due to his excellence acting but the staff all felt regretful that there are no NG! Lol
And #SPY PD joked "then for the sake of the audience, as a present, let's film one more time." Hahahha
And no, it's not just the female staff, it also includes the male staff. Hahahha
Jae was originally worried of this scene as he did not "prepare himself" due to his busy schedule.

Thank you PDnim!!!

Male leads in KDrama almost always have an obligatory 'brooding in the shower' scene...
Jaejoong had a 'sauna' scene in Triangle...
But first SHOWER BROODING scene...
We welcome it and much appreciated...

Translations via crystalmoon64:
 @MyloveKBS Everyone held breaths during filming but yelled"one more take!"Legendary scene/special gift to viewers #김재중 http://t.co/4t5Oy77S1X

Reveals perfect ab muscles like CG What was he worrying about?

Inverted triangular shoulders+tight abs=perfectly sculpted body!!

Reveals tight, sweet ab muscles. Exudes explosive masculine charms

HOT BODY of ! He became a NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent in a new brand drama <SPY>
Oh oh...my dear, !!!!!!Why are you so Hot
Tormented in the shower! Legendary scene!

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<스파이> 김재중의 '고뇌의 샤워씬' 공개!
'섹시한 남성미'로 여심을 한 껏 설레게 할 예정인데요^^
오늘(16일) 밤 9시 30분 KBS 2TV 본방 사수!

The scene so called 'The Shower full of Agony' of 김재중 is released at <Spy>!
He will make your heart skip a beat by his 'sexy masculinity'^^
Don't forget to watch it tonight(Jan 16) 9:30pm at KBS 2TV!



JYJ’s Kim Junsu to Make Solo Comeback in March

2015.01.16 11:49 Newsen Lee Min Ji Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

 JYJ’s Kim Junsu has confirmed his solo comeback.

C-JeS Entertainment announced on January 16, “Kim Junsu will be returning with his third solo album in March. Making his comeback after about one year and eight months since he released the second solo album Incredible, Kim Junsu will be promoting the album in Korea as he carries out tour activities in Japan.”

The agency rep added, “Kim Junsu is currently working on the title song for the new album. As it has been a while since he released a solo album, he will be going through an extreme transformation.”

With his first solo album Tarantallegra released in 2012, Kim Junsu sold over 120,000 copies of the album and became the first Korean male soloist to launch a world tour in six Asian countries on top of New York, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and more.

JYJ’s Kim Junsu to Make Solo Comeback in March
With the second album Incredible released the following year, Kim Junsu included songs from various genres, such as R&B, dance, neo soul, funky and more, and met with over 100,000 fans from seven Asian countries, proving himself a global artist.

The rep stated, “The affiliates in the music industry and the public have been showing keen interest for Kim Junsu’s new album as he has always tried something new and shown extreme transformation. He will be showing his unique stage with higher quality music as well as further intensified live and performances.”

Kim Junsu is currently preparing for his third solo album.
Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment

[TRANS] 150116 JYJ Kim Junsu to release 3rd solo album in March; Korea + Japan tour planned

CJES stated, ‘Kim Junsu’s return to the pop music scene with his 3rd solo albuum has been confirmed for March. This is his return as a singer after his 2nd solo album ‘Incredible, 1 yeart and 8 months ago. After releasing this album, Kim Junsu will hold domestic concert(s) and embark on a Japan tour.’

“Currently Kim Junsu is working hard producing the new album’s title song. He will make a shocking transformation for this album”

A music representative stated, “Kim Junsu has always tried new concepts and made shocking transformations so the level of interest amongst musical representatives and the public is high. Through his high-quality music and leveled-up live performances, he will show a stage that only Kim Junsu can.

Source: Tenasia via Naver Translated by: @ohmyjunsu Shared by: JYJ3


Jaejoong News...
Cute little promotion...LOL

w/ Kim Jae Joong! He plays a secret agent in Viki exclusive Spy!

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  Kim Jaejoong in SPY

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JJ bought a building!!!

JYJ キム・ジェジュンは12月15日にソウル南部ターミナル近くのビルを75億(8億1千万円)ウォンで購入。地下1階に地上7階。1~2階は飲食店、3~6階は事務室、7階は住宅。購入時に40億を融資してもらい、残りは現金で購入。

Jaejoong bought a building near Seoul Terminal on 15 Dec 2014 for 7.5 billion won. This building is from Basement 1 to 7th floor: 1st-2nd floor are restaurants, 3rd-6th floor are offices, 7th floor are residences. It was purchased with a loan of 4 billion won, and the rest was paid in cash.
via Vichellelicious

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SPY Fan Support
From HK Jaejoong fans

as tagged and via NicoleLeungKaka

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Jaejoong IG Update and Spy Update

#spy 화이팅
#스파이 화이팅
스텝들과 함께
#앙짱 내표정 따라한다

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#KBS #금요미니시리즈 #스파이 #SPY
1,2회 다시보기 메이킹 비하인드컷!
스파이 #수연(#채수빈)을 안전하게 인솔중인 국정원 #선우(#김재중), 동선 파악중!

1월 16일 밤9시30분, 3,4회 연속방송
광고나가도 채널고정! 본방사수 기대해주세요.


[OTHER FACEBOOK] 150115 eDaily Culture Awards Facebook Update – Kim Junsu to attend as a presenter

 photo 150115cultureaward.png
[TRANS] The 2nd eDaily Culture Awards will be held at Hongik Daehangno Arts Theater at 7 PM KST on Monday night, February 2, 2015
[…] singer Kim Junsu, […] will come out as a presenter to give an award.
We ask for a lot of your attention and love.
 photo 10922556_652613654861708_5951629345984801563_n.jpg
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3


Jaejoong Twitter Update
...and his coffee shop's reply...

김선우 출발~
"Kim SeonWu, Let's go"

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이른 아침부터 국정원팀이 뭉친다 화이팅!

NIS Team is gathered from early morning, Hwaiting!
Trans by crystalmoon64

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Spy: Episode 2
| January 14, 2015

Sleek and stylish, just how I like ‘em. That and how briskly-paced this show is, since Spy isn’t messing around when it comes to getting in and out without wearing out its welcome, which is pretty nifty considering its double-header format and its unusual time slot on Friday nights.
The limited timeframe also cuts lingering introductions short, throwing Mom into the thick of things when a ghost from her past reappears with a score to settle. If our resident baddie knows what Mom was capable of when Sun-woo was just an ultrasound blip, what does he think will happen when he threatens Sun-woo after he’s all grown up? That second-degree sunburn will be the least of his worries.
Complete recap here: http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/01/spy-episode-2/


[TRANS] 150112 The full account on Hallyu star Kim Junsu’s counterclaim against construction companies

“The repayment of 4.9 billion [KRW] to collect debt” VS Strong response at “defamation·false accusation·fraud lawsuit”
Hallyu star ‘JYJ’ member Kim Junsu(28) has been having a puzzling time in getting swept/caught up in various lawsuits. Following that he’s embroiled in a legal dispute in regards to his Jeju-do’s Toscana Hotel last year, he is currently getting sued for fraud. But Kim-ssi’s side had actively opposed on this and came forward to give notice of his strong response.

The hotel’s side: “The fact that we borrowed money from the construction companies isn’t true”
The construction companies are suing by using one out two promissory notes, the one that is advantageous to them.

The root of the whole incident is that Toscana Hotel is owned by Kim Junsu. Toscana Hotel opened its doors in Gangjeong-dong, Jeju-do in September last year, where Kim-ssi made an investment of about 28.5 billion KRW. This hotel was constructed with 61 rooms and 4 pool villas with a scale of 1 level below-ground and 4 levels above-ground, on an area of 21,026㎡.
Kim-ssi’s own investment is 13.5 billion KRW, out of the 28.5 billion KRW cost for the hotel’s construction. The remaining 15 billion KRW was obtained through loans.

Start of legal action surrounding loan(s)
with two construction companies last year

CJ Construction and Cheonji Consolidated Construction –who were involved in the hotel’s construction at the time– accused Kim-ssi with the suspicion of fraud at this time. The two construction companies had applied for an order for a loan payment against Kim Junsu last year already. At the time, the Jeju District Court’s 3rd Civil department had accepted the two construction companies’ application for an order for a loan payment from Kim-ssi.

The Department of Justice ordered that Kim-ssi pay for the 4.9 billion KRW loan of about 3.03 billion KRW and 1.87 billion KRW each to these construction companies. At the same time, the property –like the hotel owned by Kim-ssi– became known to be seized provisionally.

However, Kim-ssi’s side had submitted an immediate statement of objection at the time. The law firm for Kim-ssi’s side revealed the promissory note specified at the time that: “The promissory note is an accounting document and is not the actual reimbursement amount,” and denied the two construction companies’ claim. Also, they refuted, “The construction companies embezzled the cost of the materials as the inflation of the construction expenses, if anything”. Currently the Jeju District Court’s order for payment is a situation that’s cancelled with Kim-ssi’s side’s objection.

The construction companies charge for compensation of damages
Accusation against Kim-ssi to avoid

Kim-ssi’s side goes way back to the time of the loan for the construction cost of hotel to when they were made to write the promissory note. Although Kim-ssi’s side received 15 billion KRW, 6 billion KRW out of that was the loan they received under the pretext for the hotel’s facilities fund. The loan received with the facilities fund was feasible for the construction companies only. Therefore 6 billion KRW was deposited directly into Cheonji Consolidated Construction’s side’s account at the time of the loan. After this, Cheonji Consolidated Construction excluded over 800 million KRW of the facilities fund and paid 5 billion KRW back to Kim-ssi’s side. The 5 billion KRW from the start was Kim-ssi’s side’s loan.

The promissory note was created in a total of 2 pieces for this process. The promissory note created on August 4 and made public by Cheonji Consolidated Construction, and the promissory note created on August 5; is the promissory note revealed by Kim-ssi’s side. On the promissory note that was made public by Cheonji Consolidated Construction, the phrase: “The promissory note is an accounting document and is not the actual reimbursement amount” was omitted. Kim-ssi’s side at the time came to discover that they received an additional promissory note to prepare for what might happen, similar to the situation this time.

Despite the evidence against Kim-ssi’s side by Cheonji Consolidated Construction, the reason for the matter of the legal action toward him, is because Kim-ssi’s side found out about the fact that they[T/N: Cheonji Consolidated Construction] inflated the construction expenses at the time of the hotel’s construction. Toscana Hotel had damages caused by the two construction companies’ slow construction after the hotel’s opening and prepared their claim for the damages, knowing the fact about inflated construction expenses. The hotel’s side is arguing that the construction companies used media play to avoid this.

The contents of the accusation itself is groundless
Kim-ssi did not write the promissory note

Under a civil suit action, the two construction companies accused Kim-ssi, last December 11, with the suspicion of fraud for the non-payment of construction costs at the Jeju Dongbu Police Station. After this, upon the Jeju Dongbu Police Station completing the investigation of the accuser, they referred the incident to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station on December 23; since most of the money transactions took place in Seoul.

About this, Toscana Hotel’s side set out to take immediate, resolute action. The details of the accusation itself is not only groundless but moreover, is judged to be excessive in defamation and etc.. Kim-ssi is in the position where he can no longer condone their intentions with ulterior motives to abuse and try to benefit from tarnishing the point that he’s a Hallyu star.

Lawyer Jung Heewon, who is in charge of Toscana Hotel’s legal representation said, “They are fraudulently suing with the same exact documents they used for the order of payment application. This is not even rebutting because the situation is the promissory note was found to be invalid already,” and gave a strong response.

Lawyer Jung said, “It is not true that he[T/N: Kim Junsu] borrowed from the construction companies, and also the construction companies’ claim that he did not paying back the money from them is a groundless, ill-founded claim for any person. Moreover, the fraud is established when someone swindles money out of another through deceit. Kim Junsu didn’t even write the promissory note during the construction process and also, he never met or spoke with them. He cannot even be the principal subject of fraud legally.”

Also, he said, “If these people weren’t looking to damage the reputation of a star and wanted to reveal the truth, then they would sue Kim Junsu’s father, who was the one who worked with the construction companies, and not Kim Junsu. The construction companies are committing a fraudulent act through the press to harm Kim Junsu, a Hallyu star, on purpose.”

Lawyer Jung disclosed, “CJ Construction and Cheonji Construction have greatly damaged the reputation of Kim Junsu, who is a public figure and whose reputation is his asset, through their lies which establishes a case for defamation. Additionally, filing an application for provisional seizure of property through the courts by providing evidence of a loan that does not exist establishes that they have attempted to file a fraudulent lawsuit. There is absolutely no truth to their lawsuit for fraud and the construction company representatives know that yet they are suing an innocent person, which establishes that they have committed libel. This is the content of our complaint [that was filed to Gangnam Police Station]. During the police investigation, the fact that the construction company representative’s stance makes no sense will be revealed immediately. Just looking how they used the media to release that they have filed a case for fraud, there is no relation to finding out the truth and the Hallyu star will undeniably suffer harm. Their lawsuit is only to damage his reputation and we will file our complaint with the police soon.”

Source: Ilyo Seoul  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Proofread by: ohmyjunsu  
Shared by: JYJ3


Yuchun's Weibo Udate
Preparing for his fanmeeting

Park Yu Chun hitting China for a new fan meeting tour next month

Park Yoo Chun is going to hit China for a new fan meeting tour next month.

On January 13th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, "Park Yoo Chun is going to hit China for a new fan meeting tour in February. The tour will be held under the title of '2015 Park Yu Chun Fan Meeting Tour Loving YU in China,' and fan meetings will be held in Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai."

The representative also said, "A great number of fans requested extra fan meetings after Park Yu Chun held fan meetings in Guangzhou and Shanghai last summer. Park Yu Chun is going to make another unforgettable memory with many Chinese fans through the upcoming tour, and he is devoting his full energy to necessary preparations these days."

Park Yu Chun's popularity started skyrocketing in China after he played in drama 'Rooftop Prince' in 2012. 'I Miss You' and 'Three Days' also made big hits in the region, and Park Yu Chun's popularity has been rising since then. In addition, Park Yu Chun's appearance on a famous local TV program called 'Kuai Le Da Ben Ying' also became a hot issue in the region.

A representative said, "Millions of fans watch Park Yu Chun's previous dramas on Internet every day, and some fans even traveled all the way to Korea just to watch movie 'Sea Fog.' Many fans showed explosive reactions when he had visited Chian for a fan meeting last summer, and many people are showing hot reactions for the upcoming fan meetings as well."

Meanwhile, the first event of Par
k Yu Chun's new China fan meeting tour will be held in Beijing on February 7th.




Jaejoong's JParty Update:

News about KJJ's JParty selling out...(see 1:21-2:04)

: [UPDATE] 's J-Party lightstick & towel

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[PICS] 's 'J-Party in Seoul' Promotional Bus (cr. paradiseinjyj)



@crystalmoon64: #스파이 #김재중 Spotted carrying Ryu Hyeyeong on his back: JJ did best for 3 hrs in cold, smiling http://t.co/5UMv7KGRsC http://t.co/iWe2qnBxtT
JYJ , walked up the hill w Ryu Hyeyeong, drunken/fallen asleep, on his back

Oh my goodness. SeonWu Fighting!

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‘JYJ’ Kim Jaejoong Will Take Song Requests From Fans for His Fan Meeting

Kim Jae-joong, JYJ/ photo=Cjes Entertainment
Kim Jae-joong, JYJ/ photo=Cjes Entertainment
‘JYJ’ Kim Jaejoong will prepare a special fan meeting for his fans.
On the 13th, his agency Cjes entertainment stated that Kim Jaejoong will receive song requests from fans to be played on his fan meeting. Fans can make their requests through its official website (http://www.c-jes.com/) on January 14. Selected songs will be sung by Kim Jaejoong at the fan meeting.
Kim Jaejoong came up with this idea. A rep stated “Kim Jaejoong is looking forward to see which songs fans will request from his albums”
The song request for Kim Jaejoong’s fan meeting will be open for 24 hours starting at midnight on January 14.
Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will hold his solo fan meeting <2015 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY IN SEOUL> to celebrate his birthday with fans. The event will take place at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on January 26. The entire tickets for the event sold out within 15 minutes of its release.
| 위키케이팝 | 양자영 기자 |


Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – January Week 2


10. “Spy”: Dating is an important issue

KBS rolled out “Spy” this past week, featuring Jae Joong in the lead role of South Korean agent Seon Woo, who is unaware his mother was once a North Korean operative. In the first two minutes, a white truck of doom tries to take out our gorgeous hero, but his life is spared because of the family photo in his wallet: his Mom’s face is recognized. He sweetly tries to reassure his ladylove, Yoon Jin, not to worry about him being injured during fieldwork since he’s been transferred temporarily to a desk job.

She’s happy, asking if this means they will have more time to date? Hmm, that’s pretty much all we’d be thinking about, too, if this guy were our main squeeze.

That’s all for this week’s top 10. Please drop a comment if you’d like to add on to this list!

Till next time!

“Spy”: First Impressions

“Spy”: First Impressions
Here is our first spy action show for 2015! The newest espionage thriller “Spy” from KBS offers an interesting adaptation of the Israeli drama “The Gordin Cell”. The focus of the series is aimed towards the loveable relationship between a mother and son. The premiere was surprisingly better than I expected: a simple and balanced narrative with nicely directed action sequences.
Spy 07
I found the show quite intriguing on its own concerning how it was filmed. The handheld and close camera shots really deliver the suspense and the unknown which are the unpredictable fears about national intelligence. However, I’m not quite sold about the drama just yet. I really hope it doesn’t present too many characters being spies and secret agents leaving the story bloated with complicated loose ends, strange confrontations and patriotic nonsense. So far, I’m enjoying the ride with the series having a blend of adventure and romance.
Spy 01
Embarking into the premise, we follow Kim Sun Woo (Kim Jae Joong), a NIS field agent who is as cool as Bond and as smart as Bourne, on his way back home to Seoul after a mission in Shenyang, China. After receiving a phone call from his mother, his vehicle is slammed by a truck with several hooligans stealing precious intel from his briefcase. The driver is stabbed to death and the scenery is disguised as a larceny by orders of North Korean Hwang Ki Chul (Yu Oh Seong). Fortunately, Sun Woo is spared from the attack and gets sent to a hospital on Korean soil. Worried, his mother, Park Hye Rim (Bae Jong Ok), rushes to her son to see him after the incident.
Spy 03
Of course, his mother doesn’t know the nature of his work. Supposedly, she is a North Korean spy disguised as a housewife waiting for many decades a sign for a final mission. This proves Sun Woo is a talented liar camouflaging his career from the rest of his family. After a week of interrogations at the headquarters, the filial son is supposed to meet his girlfriend, Lee Yoon Jin (Go Sung Hee) and introduce her to his parents. Suspicions arise with Hye Rim disapproving their relationship after hearing about Yoon Jin’s shady background.
Spy 04
Then, Sun Woo is assigned with the task of recovering a North Korean defector, Jo Soo Yeon. The reason behind the defection is Soo Yeon asking asylum while demanding a mounted rescue for her dying comrades from the hands of a newly assigned and ruthless team leader in her intelligence unit. Meanwhile, Hwang Ki Chul makes a visit to Hye Rim surprising her and ending the first episode.
Spy 02
Following my thoughts about the premise, the character who caught my attention the most is Hye Rim. She can be seen as a mother who deeply loves her son and cares for her family. She also has this mysterious shroud darkening her past and she certainly has a connection with Yoon Jin, Sun Woo’s girlfriend, from her hometown in China. I’m very curious about the history she shares with Hwang Ki Chul and why the latter is so interested into Sun Woo. It will be interesting to see making her choice whether to obey her country or to strengthen her son’s future.
Spy 05
As for the actor Yu Oh Seong, I really liked him in “The Joseon Gunman” and he usually picks the villain side so I cannot wait to see his role as a merciless operative. For Jaejoong, I’ve been anticipating his return on the small screen and I was quite impressed by his performance in “Triangle“. Although, I’m not really convinced about his portrayal of his character. Fortunately, he carries this natural confidence which should help him deliver later on.
Spy 06


[NEWS] JYJ Kim Junsu sues Cheonji Construction for defamation and filing a fraudulent lawsuit

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has filed a case with the police against ‘C’ Construction company (T/N: hereby Cheonji Construction) for defamation and filing a fraudulent lawsuit.

Kim Junsu’s legal representative, lawyer Jung Heewon stated on the 13th, “Regarding Jeju Island’s Cheonji Construction company’s defamation and filing a fraudulent lawsuit in December, we have filed a libel case against them with the Gangnam Police Station.”
Lawyer Jung Heewon stated, “The provisional seizure of property requested by Cheonji Construction and applied by the Jeju District Court has been removed through our legal response. Following the formal objected raised against the provisional seizure, they have filed a lawsuit with the exact same argument and evidence, and as filed a case for fraud [against us]. Our stance is that this isn’t even worth rebutting, and it is because the promissory note has already been revealed to be invalid.”
Jung said, “Not only is there absolutely no truth in their argument, but they have used low tactics like defamation to damage the reputation of a Hallyu star, and have foul intentions to obtain benefits. We cannot overlook this anymore” and “Fraud is established when A deceives B and cheats money out of B, but Kim Junsu has never written a promissory note for the construction company nor met their representatives before. There is absolutely no legal grounds for them to file a lawsuit for fraud. The construction company is intentionally damaging the reputation of Hallyu star Kim Junsu, and is using the media in their deceit.”
Toscana Hotel’s Management Departemnt said, “Cheonji Construction and CJ Construction have the same address and are the same company. Additionally, Toscana has already paid for all construction costs according to our contract. We are even receiving calls from subcontractors that they have not received payment from the two construction companies. Therefore, there seem to be ulterior motives for continuously mentioning Kim Junsu in the media.”
Lawyer Jung Heewon explained, “They have greatly damaged the reputation of Kim Junsu, who is a public figure and whose reputation is his asset, through their lies which establishes a case for defamation. Additionally, filing an application for provisional seizure of property through the courts by providing evidence of a loan that does not exist establishes that they have attempted to file a fraudulent lawsuit. There is absolutely no truth to their lawsuit for fraud and the construction company representatives know that yet they are suing an innocent person, which establishes that they have committed libel. This is the content of our complaint [that was filed to Gangnam Police Station].”
Jung Heewon added, “During the police investigation, the fact that the construction company representative’s stance makes no sense will be revealed immediately. Just looking how they used the media to release that they have filed a case for fraud, there is no relation to finding out the truth and the Hallyu star will undeniably suffer harm. Their lawsuit is only to damage his reputation and they will definitely receive legal punishment.”

Source: Star News
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


[INFO] 150112 Jaejoong's 2013 Yokohama Concert DVD Ranks in Hanteo's Daily & Weekly Charts

by Ces
Credit: Hanteo + nomjcanuse  
Shared by: PrinceJJ


SPY BTS updates from FB and IG

금요미니시리즈 스파이

#KBS #금요미니시리즈 #스파이 #SPY

1,2회 메이킹 비하인드컷
국정원 #선우(#김재중)의 중국심양 첩보작전 수행 중!

1월 16일 금요일 9시 30분, 3,4편 연속 방송!!
광고 나가도 채널고정! 본방사수 기대해주세요!!
금요미니시리즈 스파이
#KBS # 1, #SPY's the Yomi Gold Series # 2 making a spy behind cut NIS # Sun-Woo (# jaejoong) of People's Republic of China Shenyang intelligence OPS!

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Note: They were filming SeonWu's steps (from underneath hence JJ is elevated) during opening part...
via choajj_0126

Update from KBS World on FB

Do you guys want this poster?
(We will open the event that you all can participate! Tuned in KBS World Twitter and Face Book, Giveaway event is soon coming up!)


Park Yuchun's Fanmeeting tour in China!!!

Yuchun Park holds fanmeeting tour in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai Beijing on 07 Feb 
via WidM_info

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JYJ's Yoochun to embark on a fanmeeting tour in China next month

January 12, 2015

JYJ's Yoochun will hold a fanmeeting tour in China next month!

His agency C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 13th, "Yoochun will hold his solo fanmeeting '2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Tour Loving YU in China', which will kick off in Beijing on February 7 and move on to Chengdu and Shanghai. Through the fanmeeting, [Yoochun] plans to meet the fans in China who have sent a lot of love and interest up until now, and create special memories with them."

"Following his solo fanmeeting in Guangzhou and Shanghai last summer, requests for an additional fanmeeting have been flooding in from fans. As much as many fans in China have been waiting, [Yoochun] is preparing various stages for the fans in China."

Yoochun will kick off his fan meeting at Olympic Sports Center, Beijing on February 7!

Park Yuchun To Hold His Fan Meeting In China

[by Woorim Ahn] Park Yuchun will meet his fans in China on February.

CJeS Entertainment said, “We confirmed the schedules for Park Yuchun’s fan meeting events in China ‘2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Tour Loving YU in China’. Starting from February 7 in Beijing, the event will be held in Chengdu and Shanghai.”

Moreover, the agency revealed, “There were so many inquiries regarding the fan meeting event after Yuchun’s last fan meeting in Guangzhou and Shanghai. As the fans in China waited much, Yuchun is also preparing various performances for the fans.”

Park Yuchun received lots of love from drama ‘Rooftop Prince’, ‘Missing You’ and ‘Three Days’. In particular, as he appeared in variety program in China, the viewer’s percentage ranked first among the China’s programs.

The manager of the fan meeting said, “Not only the fans are watching Yuchun’s dramas, but they also visited Korea to watch his film ‘Sea Fog’. As this news is released, many reporters and fans will focus on this issue.”

Meanwhile, Park Yuchun’s first fan meeting in 2015 will be held at the Olympic Sports Center in Beijing on February 7. (photo by CJeS Entertainment)


[INFO] 150112 Interpark’s Concert Ranking for Best Advance Ticket Sales for the Week – Kim Jaejoong’s J-Party in Seoul

 Top Advance Ticket Sales for the Week

Date: 2015.01.06 – 2015.01.12
“2015 Kim JaeJoong’s J-Party in Seoul”
 photo 150112interparkweeklychart.png
Source: Interpark


 photo jyjkpk.png
 photo 0123_9129.png

 photo B687FV3CcAAsmIg_rkddkwlEhd.jpg
Credits: jyjkpk IG, 0123_9129 IG, @rkddkwlEhd  
Shared by: JYJ3

[MORE INFO] Due to cold weather, 2015 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY IN SEOUL’ official goods sale will be only in C-JeS store (www.cjesstore.com), starting January 14 (Wed) 3pm KST (via C-JeS)


Spy Update

Spy Greetings

스파이팀 배우 가 TV특종을 통해 인사말을 전했습니다~ ☆ 기사는 ☆영상은

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[TRANS] 150112 Who is the most-anticipated Korean male & female actors of 2015 determined by Chinese reporters?

Korean stars were hotly receiving interests from Chinese medias and local fans in 2014. While not only receiving love from Korean dramas and movies but also entertainment programs in China, stars’ entries into China has diversified even more. Hereby they build themselves up gradually to receive attention as a ‘Hallyu star’, and many stars head to China for the title ‘Hallyu star’. Lately there are numerous stars going to China, so who is the most-anticipated star of 2015 determined by Chinese entertainment reporters? Let’s hear the opinions of Chinese entertainment reporters and movie officials.
 photo image_readtop_2015_37045_14210534721715642.jpg
Jia Jia(佳佳)/movie official: […] The male actor I’m looking forward to is Park Yoochun. I saw drama ‘Missing You’ and at his cute face, it must not been easy to be active as an actor out of a singer, yet Park Yoochun is really outstanding. I hope he comes out with a new project soon.

Feng Won-jeu/Entertainment-dept reporter: […] I’m also looking forward to Park Yoochun but I was told that he will be going to the army this year. […]

The actors mentioned the most were Lee Jong-suk and Jun Ji-hyun, then Park Yoochun and Kang So-ra are in position next. […]

Although movie officials and entertainment reporters consider the stars’ appeals first as the main factor to expect for; it is reported that the actor and the role are factors that drew interests.

Source: MBN  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Junsu shows off baby face

K-pop trio JYJ member Junsu released a selfie on Twitter on Thursday.

“I am bored,” he wrote in the caption alongside the photo.

In the picture, the 28-year-old vocalist looks younger than ever with his flawless skin and signature pink hair.

Meanwhile, Junsu successfully ended his year-end solo concert, held on Dec. 30-31 in Seoul.


KPOP Herald

Junsu's Twitter Update

심심해 "Bored"

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JS must be very bored because he twitted these earlier as well...

나른한 오후야. 
Lazy afternoon

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JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News: Week of 1/5-1/11/2015 (Will Update Continuously... http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/01/jyj-news-week-of-15-1112015-will-update.html?spref=tw


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