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This one is Part B, U can read the Part A in HERE.

N now it's time to look at his propose. Started with this imaginary propose.

Btw, did he borrow Det.Ki's car? N it just an "ordinary" propose. XD.... The Love balloon n the purple balloon. N yeah MG, we know U like to kiss her. XD... It's often to see ChunNi's poutylip but it feel different when see that Coz want a kiss... Hahaha

N the 1st imaginary propose failed. LOL... n these expression... Hahaha.... For Indonesian Chunsa... we can call it as "PUSING PALA MOOGAK "...LOL.. N don't U think it's  cuter? Hahaha... n ChunNi with his Fav CHURRRRR....... Hahaha 

N here we go, the 2nd one.

I want we get BTS for this scene. Poor SSK, I think she must hide her laugh.LOL
His accent n the dramatic tone..... LOL..

So, we didn't get ChunNi singing in right tone or OST. But yeah, Do we really need to see it?

Copy paste from my thought before about that.

As an actor also as a Singer, ChunNi very rarely has a singing scene or singing an OST for  his drama. I even made my own analysis about that before but kinda forgot. XD.... So, will make another one. This is only my analysis coz I don't know the real reason why he rarely doing that. I think this one might be a "sensitive" issue. Singing vs Acting.

SKKS - NO OST from him but we got OST by JYJ, JJ & JS. It was kinda an introduction ChunNi as an Actor n he's the member of JYJ.  It was the 1st time that a member of JYJ had a drama so for support it, they had that Found You. The 1st n so far the one and only OST by them. It was also to promote JYJ as a group. JJ n JS also had OST for support. N it's saeguk, off course no singing scene.XD

Ripley - Finally we got ChunNi's OST and so far also the 1st , one and only OST by him and no more JYJ's song.  It was kinda like another introduction but this time it's a reminder. He got success from his 1st drama and he want to tell to K Drama viewer that he also a good Singer. That's why we got a Singing scene and also an OST. The character & the story also suitable.

RTP - I think on this time, ChunNi started to "separate" his career as a Singer and an Actor. No more OST n no singing scene on this drama also fit with the character. Lee Gak is a Joseon Prince. Can't sing. XD

IMU - The 1st time I predict about his singing scene n I was right. When I knew he will get singing scene, with my thought above,  I predict he will sing out of tone. Can't see ChunNi the Singer.

3 Days - With the story like 3 Days, it's understandable no singing scene. 

So how about SC? Will we get an OST or a singing scene? Think most (all) of Chunsa really want to get that. They can put a singing scene like on Ripley (with/without Piano) in this drama. Maybe when TH get his sense back & want to express his feeling or maybe we can get another one like on IMU. If No singing scene, an OST also worthy n he never did that before, an OST without a Singing scene. Both of it can be another reminder. He leave as as a Movie actor, a Drama (TV) actor and also a Singer.

I always think that he wants to sing as a JYJ member. Singing with his bro. So, whatever ChunNi want to do, singing or no singing scene, an OST or not. I respect his decision.  

So, we got it. MG singing to express his feeling but ChunNi didn't sing it like him as a Singer. Now, I think I won't make the same wish for his next drama. That's his decision.  I respect it.

My friend said she want ChunNi singing like the real one Coz she wants her friend know that ChunNi is a Singer and can singing in a very better way. Then I said, It's Ok lah coz it means ur friend is not his fans n maybe just like the character.  I think I met some pep like that before.

N this one is my new theory. XD.... ChunNi gives U a curiosity.

If this one is ur 1st ChunNi's drama n U like his character n U read every news about this drama. U must see that on every news it always written like this - Park Yoo Chun (member of JYJ). So, U must know he's also a singer. I think U will be curious when U see him singing like that. So U want to hear how his real voice, isn't it? Hehe...Then U will starting search his video. After that U will see him singing with his bros.... another JYJ member. But later it's depends on urself.  U like it or not. U will be his fans or not. But still, the curiosity that ChunNi gave to U bring U to find another side of him.

U can check this video, it's kinda similar with MG's propose. It's about express his feeling to his girl. n He's singing with his real voice. That husky voice that I really love it n he also had makeup on this Vid. The guyliner that he only use at concert.

But once again, it's all only my thoughts. I'm not his mommy - ehh, I think I'm too young to be his mom. LOL..-...who know everything about him nor a mind reader who can read his mind. U can have different perception.

N the question for my question above is NO, I don't need it coz it's more awesome to see a different voice from him. I think it's hard to act as a bad Singer when U actually can singing well. N it can bring Us to the conclusion that yeah,He's a good actor. So versatile.

Ok, now back to our MuRim....

Kyaaaaa.... even though it just an imaginary, I like that they gave us that scene. Btw, LOL... Did U see his lips gesture? What's that? Hahaha.....Oh yeah, it's forever left hand....LOL

Actually CR also took it with her left hand before she also use her right hand.LOL

And another dramatic moment. LOL

Ended with random Chunglish. LOL

N these ChunFace.... hahahha

N once again the propose failed. LOL... n ChoRimmie... I'm agree with U. XD

N we got the 3rd one.

Oh yeah, for any of U who doesn't understand about number that I used write on my review. Here the explanation:

3 is Writernim number coz he often made 3 times for the same scene or chose that number for the choice of date, PIN or whatever. Maybe it just coincidence.  On this eps, we got 3 times of failed propose.

4 is the number that I share with ChunNi. The birthday date. LOL

6 is ChunNi's  number from 6002.

7 is my Fav number.

On the 3rd one, It's not on his imaginary but he try to make it happen like what he wants.

But then when I saw him did that,  I knew he won't find the ring. Hahaha....

N it's another random Chunglish. XD

Then we got this hilarious moment. Hahaha

He really like a puppy try to find his bone.LOL... n it even more funny to see CR's reaction. XD

Ok, how she  can't get mad when she doesn't know what he's doing. LOL...  N Hahaha....Poor MooGakkie.... he really looks want to cry...

But then something happened n interrupted. LOL... Did U see the way he walk?'s so real...

N after got 3 times of propose scenes which all FAILED. I knew the 4th times will be the Real.

When I got the spoiler pic, I guess it's only his imagination coz I think the propose scene will be more  special n I guess it will be happened at the bridge with those purple light. XD. But I try to not imagine how it will be happen coz I want to see a surprising scene like we got before on MG's love confession.

The Real one started with this..

He knew that a perfume that she loves can make she feel more relax (U can check it on eps 10) so she must be always bring perfume whenever she goes.

N then here we go...The one n only propose scene that U could  see on KDrama. This unique, romantic n special propose scene.  ONLY for CR. It's so special coz even MG doesn't know if he write the right words. He use her ability that she thought before that made her a monster. But no, it's only make her a Special one. Ohh....I don't know what to say anymore about this propose scene. it's sooo SPECIAL. REALLY2 LOVE IT. It's so fit with the title of this drama.

n these nervous waiting moment so cute. I don't think CR will ever dream about this kind of propose.  N I like that she was kinda "pause" for a while to think that made MG more nervous.

N it's a very effective gesture for an answer coz of the distance between them. 

N I really like that MG kinda can't believe he gets the YES from CR n make her must saying it again. Aigoo ChunNi, ur expression really looks so real. MG really looks sooo happy.
N Yeahhhh....running to his girl.

Off course, from propose scene, we hope for a kiss scene, right? we go....Our MuRim 4th kiss scene. Started with these 3 kisses.

Really want to know if the script really written like that. Coz I remember about ChunNi's idea on eps. 19, GakHa's kiss scene at palace similar like that. Smooching kiss. Usually after the Yes, we will get a long (deep n maybe passionate) Kiss. But,'s TGWSS, a standard kiss scene would not happen. Hehe.... So, we got 3 kisses. N I like the sound that SSK produce. LOL.... That "Heh" after the 2nd kiss n maybe coz of that sound make MG want to kiss her again? LOL....

(That's my originally draft before I know that it's really ChunNi adlibs. So, I think I really can reading his mind. LOL )

After that, CR just realize that she picked the ring from the playground before. It's cute that MG kinda want to mad at her...Hehe...but off course he can't. Hahaha....n finally he can put the ring on her finger.

N then those words again n now it's for real.

Will U marry me? ...That Would n Will make me should check English lesson but then lazy to think about it n wanna just say coz MG is not a common man so the word that he use in his imaginary is also not a common word. LOL

N after 3 kisses, it must be added by 4 kisses n make it into 7 kisses.  LOL

It's really like a gift for me. Hahhaa.... n once again before the last kiss aka the 4th kiss, he stop n looking at her face. Love the smile on their face. n the place really beautiful... with those purple n blue light. Ooohhhhh.....

After that we got a rare thing happened in KDrama (I think?)...Shopping for ur new life as a married couple n yeah, why should waiting when U're ready right? 1 month is not a hurry.

N I really like the happy n shy expression from our MuRim.

N this one, the different between man n woman (I think....LOL )

50% is good but 50%+20% is better. HAHAHHA

N then we got double cameo. LOL... A formal clothes from Song Yoo Hyun n the yellow umbrella from Han Jung Woo. Hahaha....

Btw,  we can "see" ChunNi's body with that shirt. LOL... n I really like the way CR hug MG. It's a new thing I guess in KDrama land? Side hug. n coz their height difference isn't that big. So, it's so fit.

N Hahaha...he can't wait to call her My Wife. N once again he's going to be mad at her but at the end, he just hug her again. XD...

N this one. Is it a common thing in Korea? Making video for wedding invitation?,everything in digital. XD ...n it's absolutely a new thing in KDrama.

The 1st attempt was failed. LOL... n those ChunFace... OMG....It's not every actor want to be "ugly" like that. XD

N the 2nd one also failed n this time coz of CR. So, it's fair...both of them make a fault. LOL

N there U go...the 3rd attempt n it's success.

Do U know that I actually don't really like a girl who act cute like that? Hahahaa.....Maybe coz I think it's not the real her. LOL.... That's on  my real life. But on drama, I like CR's cuteness coz I can see it's really her. n those promise... Hahaha... so cute especially coz they add it with that cute hand n body  gesture.

N for MG, Ahh....he just like the way he is. He's not forced by CR to do that. No hesitate coz that's him.

N yeah,I believe that our MuRim will live happily ever after.

N....tada.... The WEDDING SCENE. When I was kinda "betray" ChunNi with another K actor.  I saw a real wedding scene from him. I mean with suit n guests.  N then I thought...Oh My, is this kind of scene will ever happen in ChunNi's drama? ....N then ChunNi give me the answer on this drama.

Oh gosh....when it really happened, I couldn't believe what I see. XD... I knew MG must be get a different hairstyle but the thing that I couldn't believe, MG transform into a real ChunNi.  Okie,  I think maybe just  coz of the suit n hairstyle.

N those wedding picture are so cute. Even the pose represent their character.  I rarely watch scene for  wedding pic. But I think, usually the photographer who give idea about how U should stand, how U should smile n so on n on this MuRim scene, it's so natural.  So Bravo for PDnim, ChunNi n SSK for doing it so real....n really fit with their character. 

Ahh Btw, it's a pretty  simple wedding dress n it's really suit her. I also like her hair accessories.  N they really chose Aquarium for their wedding venue.  It's so unique n beautiful.

But then I really see MG as ChunNi himself. Seriously, from the beginning I saw MOOGAKKIE NOT ChunNi. N now it's not only coz his suit n hairstyle. It's his expression made feel like that. I think most of Chunsa agree about it. The shy smile n the bite lips moment. Aigooo ChunNi.... How dare U to did that? HAHAHA..... U couldn't use those expression in a wedding scene. Coz it make Us think that we watch ur real wedding. XD 

N off course MooGakkie the Gag Man should popped in on this special event. LOL...

Laughing so hard when he made that gag. Especially when he said try his best but still ended up with a Jeju girl. XD....CR made a gag about Jeju girl before n actually she also a Jeju girl. Hahaha..... n I do think that the real SSK's laugh.... LOL....

N CR's Boss is so funny.... What a joke? Hahaha....

N there U go...the moment....

I watched some KDrama wedding scene before n usually the expression was smile or giggling or maybe other expression, it just I never really give more attention for it. I just watch without evaluate. LOL

I like the moment he was walking,  there were 2 sharks above him. They gave him a blessing. LOL...

So I like that ChunNi (+ PDnim ) chose that expression for MooGakkie. Yeah, we know He's playful but at the important moment like that, a nervous is a better expression. He even didn't smile at all.

N also for CR. Nervous n she did like she used to do. Put her hand on her chest n take a deep breath.

N then the moment that I knew will happen. A wedding could happen if it's on the last eps n then the drama will ended with the happily ever after. LOL..... But if it happened not on the last eps, something bad will happen.

I like the contrast from 2 background music when JH enter the room. With his scent flying like a bullet. He doesn't need to hear CR's voice coz he know it must be her.

N then a moment that must be happen.  JH kidnap her.

N it happened on her wedding day.

A very good eps. Many different expression n many different feel that we got.

U can read the previous week eps review in Here n Here.

PS: I'm so lucky even though need more times to screencap coz I always laughing  n then collect n combine it into frames. I didn't really get difficulty when write my thoughts. The idea just coming n flow like water ...LOL... Coz I thought with 77 pics...Jezzz....How to make it? 

credit vid to the owner.