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OMO…..Did writer-nim know what I want? LOL…..What was it? It was Love Triangle. XD….In my opinion, on his previous drama, he never had Love Triangle – meaning: he never has Ex-Lover & he only love the lead female from the beginning. And on 3 days, I think Tae Kyung might be has ex Lover & might be he hasn’t fall in love yet with the lead female. So, there is uncertainty about his love relationship. XD….
With the story like 3 Days, a political & intense drama, I think there is 2 possibilities. Love story can “ruin” the whole story coz of the cheesiness (unnecessary scenes) or it can be the part of the drama and can “build” the character. And I think on 3 Days, the love story can make the story more interesting and make the character more “live”.
And my fav one on this eps is this one…
 photo 01.jpg
It probably the start of the Love Triangle. XD….
Lets begin


Han Tae Kyung…

I like the way he drive, XD…
 photo 02.jpg
Our agent Han Tae Kyung is sooooo different. Now, he become more expressive.
 photo 03.jpg
The Eyelashes….
 photo 04.jpg

Yoon Bo Won

Think that Bo Won’s habit….hehe….and luckily you still have that computer skill. XD
 photo 05.jpg
Even our Brave Bo Won still can scare. Yeah, it’s better to close you eyes and just waiting what will happened next when you open your eyes.
 photo 06.jpg


Han Tae Kyung and Lee Cha Young

From the previous eps, we only can saw the glimpse of CY but on this eps, we got the full one.
 photo 07.jpg
Coz of HTK’s shocking expression, he offer him that but off course CY doesn’t wanna say anything in front of TK.
 photo 08.jpg
The 1st Echo-ing from TK and off course CY’s reason made KDJ more curious and for TK, off course that he want hear the truth.
 photo 09.jpg
And with TK’s next question, I think beside it can give the answer for his curiosity, he also made DJ didnt ask him about why he was on his place and wore Jaesin’s uniform.
 photo 10.jpg
The differences of expression from 3 people and all have their own “agenda”.
 photo 11.jpg
From where it was taken? Elevator mirror?
 photo 12.jpg
From both of them…..Why are U here?
 photo 13.jpg
And this is our big question, how close they are?
 photo 14.jpg
Kim Do Jin is a good host, LOL….I thought that he didn’t want give a drink for TK. But he did. LOL…..TK, you should learn from him…even for his enemy, he gave a drink. Not like what you did to Bo Won, LOL….And  CY try to become a guest. XD…
 photo 15.jpg
Thats so true Tae Kyung….
 photo 16.jpg
Aahhh…..CY’s expression….
 photo 17.jpg
The 2nd Echo-ing…
 photo 18.jpg
And actually coz he really want to prove that everything he heard from TB wasn’t true. Coz he thought he know you very well.
 photo 19.jpg
Even though he still can’t hear ur answer, his last gaze to you prove that he still trust you and you have ur own reason to did that.
 photo 20.jpg
This one that become a question for Us. Why CY has the same wallpaper with TK before TK change his phone. Are they really a couple before? And why they broke up? Or is it just one side love from CY and she just want to have the same wallie with the man she loves so everytime she open her phone, she always remember him? XD….
 photo 21.jpg
And what an awesome application. You can erase your msg and the receiver only got msg that you’ve removed the message. Park Ha should has this application so Lee Gak never knew her feel. LOL….but can’t remove message is applied for a couple so coz CY can remove her message it means that they never can be a couple? XD…
 photo 22.jpg
And later, he still confuse and angry why you still act like he never thought you will do.
 photo 23.jpg
Okie, I always don’t really like scene like this. I mean….hey, she know that a car is moving fast toward her and I think she has time to move. Not just standing like that. But the writer need this kind of scene.
 photo 24.jpg
I can’t see TK’s expression was an expression coz the person he loves get accident. I only see his expression was an expression from a friend. Off course sad and worry. But thats it and he even didn’t hold her hand. It just because CY touch his hand that he touch/hold her hand back.  I dont know if this action has more meaning than that. Action speaks louder than words?
 Hope CY would not die & we will get a flashback from Tae Kyung and Cha Young.
 photo 27.jpg

Yoon Bo Won n Lee Cha Young

I hope the 3rd time met between both ladies wasn’t the last time.
 photo 27.jpg

Han Tae Kyung n Yoon Bo Won

The sync reaction from our TaeBo…..
 photo 28.jpg
Oooww…the glance. Luckily it was only TK who saw your hand, Bo Won….
 photo 29.jpg
OMG…they have telepathy? LOL…..The moment when BW almost could seen, TK made his own scene. XD…
 photo 30.jpg
He was buying time for BW to escape and it’s okay coz for that, he got a hit. XD…Luckily BW is petite, she can easily go in and out from that place. LOL…
 photo 31.jpg
Aahhh…the relief…
 photo 32.jpg
The mission didn’t completely perfect. Aahh, I think finally he remember that he didnt ask the reason why TK was on his place before. XD…..
 photo 33.jpg
but Bo Woonie, now…You officially became their target too. They can’t underestimate you. And If next time you get injury, I wanna see TK’s expression. He ask you before “Don’t you die”… what will be his expression?
 photo 34.jpg
Another in sync action. LOL…and just a simple question. What happened?….after you didn’t obey my order then I left you alone without saying something before.
 photo 35.jpg
And with a little smile, BW gave him the thing that she got. It kinda you should thanks to me that I became stubborn and didn’t just leave so we got something now. LOL….Is that another in sync action? LOL…
 photo 36.jpg
There you go…You should listen everything I said, please don’t interupt, LOL…
 photo 37.jpg
Off course she can do that. Wow, finally we got a scene when TK ask her help. Hehe….but there was something on her eyes. It’s kinda like a lover that know his boyfriend met another woman and doesn’t want to talk about that. LOL…
 photo 38.jpg
But off course coz she wanna know about it, there you go a surprise question for Tae Kyung. He was kinda surprise and try to think some reason for that and I think he didn’t want BW know that she was right.
 photo 39.jpg
And then the final decision has made, he didn’t want to talk about CY and please just follow my order and help me.
 photo 40.jpg
Is that a jealous expression from BW? “ You don’t want to answer my question & just left me without any other words and I should obey U”….
 photo 41.jpg
Even though I think she didn’t satisfied with TK’s answer but its good that she still follow his order and we got this “Pensieve” scene….
 photo 42.jpg
OMG Tae Kyung….You just hang up her phone without say anything?
 photo 43.jpg

Han Tae Kyung n Pres. Lee Dong Hee

Wow…..what a reaction Tae Kyung?
 photo 44.jpg
I like Pres. Lee’s voice when he call TK. It was a calm voice. Like a voice from a father who call his son who is angry. And he said it will be quick coz he know that he can soothe him.
 photo 45.jpg
Then the 1st question…
 photo 46.jpg
and he just listening everything TK said.
 photo 47.jpg
And after that he try to make TK understand that his action was wrong. Nothing can be changed with anger.
 photo 48.jpg
And just with 1 sentence, I think TK understand that.
 photo 49.jpg
I like that they gave Us this scene. Pres. Lee really treat Tae Kyung like his own son.
 photo 50.jpg
And also Leader Ham…They proud of him. And “blank” moment from Tae Kyung is so cute. XD…
 photo 51.jpg


I like Pres. Lee…..He always calm…He have that President’s aura….and he was so right about it.
 photo 52.jpg
And now Chief Shin has fired. What will he do next?
 photo 53.jpg
And We got the continuity from the previous eps scenes. The reason why suddenly Pres Lee ask about CY. So, after CY put TK’s resignation letter and saw many receipt and got suspicios coz of that, she went and talk with Pres. Lee…
 photo 54.jpg
What a calm reaction. I think CY surprised coz of that and actually already doesnt want any other person help him.
 photo 55.jpg
Did U all suspect her as the culprit? I did….
 photo 56.jpg
How about this man? I always think that he’s not good. XD
 photo 57.jpg
LOL….what a question?
 photo 58.jpg
Luckily Mr. Pres throw his book to that machine. LOL….And that’s an interesting USB.
 photo 59.jpg
I think he is more strict to Tae Kyung coz he doesn’t want him become like CY and think now it’s time for him to do everything by himself. Using his brain.
 photo 60.jpg
LOL…..TK acts like he’s not the Pres. And off course coz want do everything as he planned. He must try to ignore TK.
 photo 61.jpg
Including ignore for everything TK’s shout…
 photo 62.jpg
When KDJ said that before, I knew that Pres. Lee will do something so he can throw back that words to KDJ.
 photo 63.jpg
And what a request? I think he should chose every action that can give him more benefit coz he doesn’t want bigger incident happen. And there is Brain’s War.
 photo 64.jpg

The Things

My number..
 photo 65.jpg
Coz of the impeachment, he can’t use his Presidential Car? Or he use it because its not Presidential’s event.
 photo 66.jpg


Whoever on the ending scene, Tae Kyung’s face will always there. XD….
 photo 67.jpg

End of 3 Days 5th week.

 photo 68.jpg
For read my recap and give comments. I really appreciate it.
PS : My Triangle Thank you is represent Triangle Love in 3 Days. LOL….Thank you writer-nim. You  never made love story on you previous work but for 3 Daysyou try to make ur 1st one with subtle loveline. And its TRIANGLE. LOL….