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JYJ News Week of 2/18- 2/24/2019

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ジェジュン Instagram 20190225

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JJ leaving BKK



【Trans】JJ ✖JJ Consult Jaejoong about the worries of love 10①[2019.4]

The second volume! This time about LOVE.
Big brother Jaejoong answers the worries of love.
Big brother Jaejoong looks like a prince and has outstanding singing ability. And he is popular with a high level talk skills. In last December issue, he responded to JJ readers' worries as a senior in life. Because it was popular, so the second one! This time we talked about the LOVE that we care about most.

Debuted in Korea in 2004. He has outstanding appearance and charming singing voice and is an artist who works extensively in various countries. In Japan, he is active as a singer, actor, TV personality, making full use of fluent Japanese. He also has active talent as an entrepreneur and possesses a variety of talent. His first concert tour as a solo singer last year was a great success, and expectations are also rising for this year's arena concert tour.

"Have I ever suffered in romance? Of course! It was in my 20's, but that was a very good experience."

News 1) The first solo album in Japan "Flawless Love" to be released 4/10! The long-awaited album is a collection of romance songs filled with longing lyrics on pop music melodies. I will respond, with my philosophy of romance in the past or future, to your feeling such as "Why am I lonely now" or "I want feel like this.” Just listening to them will make you feel like falling in love.

News 2) "JAEJOONG 2019 ARENA TOUR" Arena tour of 12 performances in 6 cities starts from April!
While attracting overwhelming attention in 2019, he will hold a long-awaited Japan Arena tour. Check the official website! jaefans.com

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ジェジュン JYJ LINE 20190224


[Line] JAEJOONG The Reunion in memory live DVD From being no 1 in daily chart to becoming no 1 on Oricon Weekly Chart! Thank you very much!
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ジェジュン cjes.tagram Instagram 20190224

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[박유천 ParkYuChun] ‘Slow Dance’ Dance Practice Concept Video

#박유천 Solo Album #SlowDance
녹음실 현장 공개
2월 27일 오후 6시 #슬로우댄스 로 만나요!
#パクユチョン #朴有天 #정규1집 #2월27일 #녹음실 #Dday3
Look here! See more of it on @cjes.tagram #ParkYuChun will be released #solo_album on Feb 27th!

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토드님은 준비를 다 마치셨어..🖤
시크한 눈빛에 다시 한번 빠져든다👀
뮤지컬 #엘리자벳 지금 바로 만나요🏃🏻‍♂️

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Jaejoong at JParty 2019 in BKK



Simply the very best! Our !

[ jj_1986_jj IG ] I was so happy today Always remember that I love y'all    
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[popperchn IG]

[ ellito88 IG ] This is how I became a squid... He's very handsome ㅜㅜ  
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[popperchn IG Story]


190224 popperchn IG update with Jaejoong


[kueng_chalermchai IG] As I say, we will meet again .. thank you for the great performance😁😁 @ jj_1986_jj

(Chalermchai Mahagitsiri is the Owner of 411 Entertainment and Thai Actor^^)
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190223 J-Party & Mini Concert in BKK mission1

190223 J-Party & Mini Concert in BKK mission2

190223 J-Party & Mini Concert in BKK mission3

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190223 J-Party & Mini Concert in BKK 9+1#

190223 J-Party & Mini Concert in BKK Kiss B

190223 J-Party & Mini Concert in BKK Good morning night

190223 J-Party & Mini Concert in BKK Just another girl

190223 J-Party & Mini concert in BKK ending

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Surprise VLive from Jaejoong 
JParty in BKK
Hello !
Click above link


Have FUN in 💚😊💚 Fighting!


[박유천 ParkYuChun] ‘Slow Dance’ MV Concept Video


's Kim Tops Oricon's Weekly DVD Chart For 1st Time

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has topped the Oricon weekly chart with his latest DVD!
According to Japanese music chart Oricon, Kim Jaejoong’s new concert DVD “JAEJOONG/The Reunion in Memory” debuted at No. 1 on its DVD chart for the week of February 11 to 17 after selling over 10,000 copies in just five days. The DVD, which had already topped Oricon’s daily DVD chart immediately upon its release, marks the singer’s very first No. 1 on the Oricon weekly DVD chart.
“JAEJOONG/The Reunion in Memory” features footage from Kim Jaejoong’s 2018 solo tour of Japan, including the entirety of his June 27 concert at the Yokohama Arena. The concert tour was especially meaningful for the JYJ member because it marked his first solo promotions in Japan in nine years.
Kim Jaejoong, who is currently in the midst of touring Asia, will be releasing his first Japanese solo album “Flawless Love” on April 10. He will also kick off his new Japanese arena tour “JAEJOONG 2019 ARENA TOUR ~ Flawless Love” on the same day.
Congratulations to Kim Jaejoong on his impressive achievement!
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[ jj_1986_jj IG ] yeah!!!

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190222 Jaejoong IG UPDATE

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[ jj_1986_jj IG ] Going to Thailand~!! See you in Thailand^^

[TRIPLE_J] EP.5 날천재중이의 아낌없이 주는 마음 🎁ㅣ김재중(KimJaeJoong)


[박유천 朴有天] 2019 Park Yuchun Tour Concert ‘Slow Dance’ in Seoul

[Teaser] 박유천(ParkYuChun) – Slow Dance


[ALLDAY_XIA] EP #2-4 : 안녕샤토드 - 뮤지컬 엘리자벳 막공현장 👋🏻ㅣ김준수(XIA)

JUNSU_XIA Official


Always fun! ’s never ending Have fun at everyone!

190221 cjes.tagram IG+JYJ FB UPDATE

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Asia Tour Jaejoong's Cam series! J-Party's VCR captures a cute JJ👀 Are you ready to dance and sing hard? D-2✔️ Asia Tour J-Party in Thailand this saturday! Let's dance and sing together Good Morning Night! 

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Jaejoong's return Live video gets 1st place on its first week! Congratulations KING!!


Jaejoong ranks 1st place with 10,320 pieces!! Period: 02.13.19 ~ 02.17.19 step by step KING! Congrats!!


Jaejoong will appear on 'With' Magazine April issue that will be released on 28th! JJ: "Singers not only should sing well, but also is important to sing songs that reach the hearts of listeners".


Throwback to rockstar ! 💚😊💚 is life during Lives! Ganbatte!

[IG] Can’t believe this has been 5 years already... Need to live life trying harder now... Time flies so fast...
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Park Yuchun update

Slow Dance Teaser

[박유천 ParkYuChun] 정규앨범 ‘Slow Dance’ 자켓 촬영 현장(Jacket Making Film)


JJ singing SMAP's Lion Heart at NHK

ジェジュン Instagram 20190219

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(Audio) ジェジュン Kim Jaejoong Lion Heart

Only Jae



Feb 19

歌コン楽しかったです^_^ 沢山見てくださってありがとうございます!

Posts from ’s dancers during





JJ tweeted his crying eyes in dramas showing his eyes also turn red when crying...

Momoji !!! (c9) Momiji literally means autumn color & also a name of the actress of the vid stories. Then in the program it has become an acting skill of changing colors of one’s eyes. as an actor already showed this in his dramas.

They talked abt the color of the white part of Momiji Yamamura's eyes & how she has a technique of turning her eyes red& they call it"momiji" That made JJ laugh so hard. That also reminded him when a character called Freezer from Dragon Ball power up, he also turns his eyes red 
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The panelist said (many times😂) that when the actress (Momiji Yamamura) is crying her eyes turn red, a performance of her great acting skills. And he said it's called autumn leaves but the MC kept saying it's a physical condition!!🤣 Cr.emiko_51 

MC: Jaejoong laughed too much! JJ: When I watched Dragon Ball, when Freezer was increasing his power... MC: His eyes turned RED! cr.emiko_51 That's why JJ posted his pics with red eyes when he was acting with the name of the actress on Twitter
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JJ at another Japanese variety show as the MC!

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ジェジュン cjes.tagram Instagram 20190218

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ジェジュン cjes.tagram Instagram 20190219



2019.02.19 19:00〜02.26 23:59 

2019.02.18 Junsu's IG 
# 파라다이스시티 # paradisecity ?😋 # How's everyone doing?😋


【cjes.tagram】아시아투어  세로캠 시리즈🔛 심쿵  두 가지✔️ 넥타이...  ✨ 카메라 보고 웃는 상큼 미소 🙌🏻


More JParty in Taiwan pics

【capa_tw Instagram】金在中김재중 14張by CAPA 20190216

190216 김재중 J-party 'welcome to my wild world' _ ジェジュン

190216 김재중 J-party 'just another girl'' _ ジェジュン

[reupload]190216 김재중 J-party 'rotten love' _ ジェジュン


Happy in

【ジェジュン Instagram】 타이완 너무 행복했어요~~~다음에 또 만나요^^ 下次再见吧 我爱你^^ (訳)台湾とても幸せでした~~~また今度会いましょう^^


Yoochun updates

졸업 Teaser

MAGIC Teaser

Strong Teaser

[박유천 朴有天] 프로필 촬영현장 스케치ㅣ 박유천(ParkYuChun)

YUCHUN Official


JParty in Taipei
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190216 J-Party & Mini Concert in Taipei 9+1#

190216 J-party & Mini Concert in Taipei Rotten Love

190216 J-Party & Mini Concert in Taipei Welcome to my wild world

190216 J-Party & Mini Concert in Taipei Just Another Girl

190216 J-Party & Mini Concert in Taipei MINE

190216 J-Party & Mini Concert in Taipei Good morning night

190216 J-party & Mini Concert in Taipei I 'll protect you

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190216 김재중 J-party '9+1=# 구원' _ ジェジュン

190216 김재중 대만 J-party 'morning call selfie' 모닝콜셀피_ ジェジュン


190216 김재중 대만 J-Party 과일주스 만드는중! fruit squeez! ジェジュン


190216 김재중 대만 생일팬미팅 'Kiss B' _ ジェジュン


190216 J-Party & Mini Concert in Taipei
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