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JYJ News Week of 2/27- 3/5/2017

What's New With JYJ?
Will Update Continuously...

He's so silly! Love for that!

[CjesIG] Everyone have a good weekend  
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[IG] Yum yum
jj_1986_jj ins

Kim Jaejoong (jj_1986_jj) IG update: 17/03/04


Green campaign with Kim Jaejoong and CJES actresses...
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Be the ! 's green!
[Cjes IG] joins forces with Cjes actors for Allure pictorial to promote environmental campaign
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Oh our sharing a selfie (probably older pic based on hair color)

Note: He promised to share pics when he was using timers to take selfies...

JJ concert ment: "Yesterday I did not do anything. I was taking selca with a timer. I’ll post on my SNS next time. "  
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Collection of 's words during Rebirth of J Concert Tour
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[jj_1986_jj] Jaejoong's Instagram Update:
Jaejoong's 10th niece was born.


4:30 PM on March 3 Surprise visit to at work!
Surprise visit to Jaejoong's Allure magazine photoshoot set tomorrow? [V LIVE][V LIVE] 김재중의 스케줄 현장 습격!  

Photo published for [V LIVE] 김재중의 스케줄 현장 습격!


Beautiful loving family. 


콘서트는 추억을 만들고, 재중은 명언을 남긴다...★
서울부터 일본까지! 재중의 훈훈한 말들을 모아모아 탄생한
아시아투어 '김재중 말.말.말.' 지금 보러 고고!
1boon ▶

*3월 11일 - 홍콩
*3월 18일 - 태국
*3월 25일 - 마카오
*4월 1일 - 대만

#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #다음 #카카오 #Daum #Kakao #1boon #1분 #아시아투어 #ASIATOUR #콘서트 #Concert #2017_KIMJAEJOONG_ASIATOUR #The_REBIRTH_of_J #서울 #Seoul #요코하마 #Yokohama #오사카 #Osaka #나고야 #Nagoya #사이타마 #Saitama #김재중말말말 #어록 #살펴보기

The concert is making memories, and re...
From Seoul to Japan! Happy birthday to the hun of the horses.
Asia Tour ' Kim Jae-Joong. Say. Go to see.' Now!
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*㋂ 11th - Hong Kong
*㋂ 18 days - Thailand
*㋂ 25 days - macau
*㋃ 1 days - Taiwan

Eng Trans:Kakao Quotations of Jaejoong`s words during his Japan tour



'cosmopolitan korea' KIM JAEJOONG

[Cosmopolitan Korea FB]

Please check out roaming around the streets of Australia via Cosmopolitan behind the scene movie clip  
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cjes.tagram ins 일상 모습도 화보인 프로 화보천재 오늘은 이 사진에 누우렵니다


Cuteness overload... and young Gunnie

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보면 볼수록 바람직한 재중 삼촌과 조카의 환상 케미
이렇게 따뜻한 남자 김재중의 쿡방으로 GoGo!!

자상남 김재중의 쿡방

[FB] Wonderful chemistry between perfect uncle and his nephew Check out this sweet JJ's cooking show  
Translations by crystalmoon0213

‘V앱’ 김재중, 첫 쿡방 大 성공… “먹방도 시켜주세요” (종합)

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted tenasia

's first cooking show in V-App was a huge success..."Please let me do an eating show, too"


Cook Jaejoong!


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C-JeS IG Entertainment update: 17/03/01

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[Cjes IG] "Can't you pls let me do an eating show?" Check out cooking/eating by who also promised Spicy Food Eating Trip around Korea
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It’s def gonna make you #fun You won’t miss the 3rd version of “The Homemade Food Master, Mr.Kim” Can’t believe its already the last #episode of the season 1! hush it could be a spoiler though, he’s making a squid radish #soup

김재중, 전국 매운음식 먹방에 도전장?
드디어 공개된 '집밥 김선생' 마지막 화!
재중이 먹는 것만 봐도 배가 부르다

'집밥 김선생' 3화 ▶
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #네이버 #티비캐스트 #NAVER #TVCAST #단독공개 #집밥김선생 #The_Homemade_Food_Master #3화 #3rd #마지막화 #last_episode #공개 #쿡방 #Cooking #셰프 #Chef #본격 #먹방 #프로먹방러 #전국매운음식먹방 #도전 #시즌2 #기대해주세요 #CJeS_TVCAST #JAEJOONG_Vlive
Can’t #believe its already the #last #episode of the season 1! You won’t #miss the 3rd version of “The Homemade Food Master, Mr.Kim” It could be a #spoiler though, he’s making a #squid #radish #soup Let’s be #with him thru it and look forward to its #season 2!


Jaejoong News:

[Cjes IG] Graceful guy's A cut photo we never get tired of no matter how many times we see it

jj_1986_jj INS   Uncle Jaejoong with niece Seohyunah and nephew Gunnie


Kim Jaejoong (jj_1986_jj) IG update: 17/02/28

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Jaejoongie took his instagram video at Ted Baker shop


Jaejoong with his former manager's wife
(Reportedly JJ introduced the two together...She was a staffer for JJ's drama Protect The Boss)

130309 JYJ singing "Found You" at Jaejoong's Manager's Wedding



Upcoming Jaejoong Treasure Book...Love and Rebirth


[NEW PIC] SOLDIER NO. 76, KIM JUNSU! Still so handsome! 

[NEWS] 170302 T.O.P & Kim Junsu, new ‘training center’ photos revealed..Charisma+Commanding

 photo 2017030208430201651_1.jpg
New photos containing training center images of BIGBANG T.O.P(30, Choi Seung-hyun) and JYJ Kim Junsu(30) were revealed.
On Chungnam’s Nonsan Army Training Center’s official homepage recently on the 2nd, the 2nd Squad photos of T.O.P and Kim Junsu were each posted. Previously on the past February 15th, there has been gathering buzz over the 1st Squad photos of T.O.P and Kim Junsu being revealed.
T.O.P in the 2nd Squad photo this time is pointing to the front with his finger with an intense stare and pulling off an image overflowing with charisma. Kim Junsu is giving a thumb’s up and showing commanding charm in the new photo [of him] at the training center this time.
Because of the photos containing T.O.P’s and Kim Junsu’s healthy, dignified images inside their training center, they are drawing more attention.
Meanwhile T.O.P and Kim Junsu entered Nonsan Army Training Center the past February 9th, and are receiving their basic military training in the 25th Regiment currently. They are going to fulfill their military service duty as conscripted policemen after completing their 4-week basic military training, and will be discharged in November 2018.
Prior, T.O.P since he had his name posted on the candidate list of the conscripted policeman recruitment exam for the 348th Seoul Provincial Police Agency in November last year. Kim Junsu passed the conscripted policeman exam for the 348th Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency the same month.

Source: Star News via Daum  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

170228 Junsu's camp mate told and shared a letter with Junsu's fan!  So nice of him! 

Feb 25

Junsu's camp mate msg his classmate whom is Junsu's fan  "Su-yeon ah, Junsu is living well" "Junsu laughs while watching soldiers have fun"

[FAN ACCOUNT] Junsu reads his fan letters + loves Chocopie

[FAN ACCOUNT #2] Friendly Junjjyu



Appreciation message video trans (Video from JYJ Official FC site)

Fans' posts abt An-chan. How warm-hearted


[TRANS] 170224 (Musical Director) Kim Moon-jung mentions Junsu in her interview

The exhilaration felt when working in harmony with an actor

 photo 1703_044_1.jpg
Kim Moon-jung bounded into being a musical director more diligently than anyone else. The past August, she had personally composed musical 〈The Picture of Dorian Gray〉. It’s been 8 years since musical 〈Organ in My Heart (/The Harmonium in My Memory)〉. She said, “When actors sing the songs I imagined by myself, I feel anew watching it be completed”. In the play actor Kim Junsu undertook the young aristocratic Englishman Dorian Gray. This is the fourth time she does a work with him.
“Every time there’s a concert, Junsu-ssi found me. I have methodically conducted his works so we are comfortable with one another. Should I say we have ‘chemi[stry]’? In 〈Death Note〉 there is a scene where Junsu-ssi cuts of the song singing ‘The last light~’ with my back to the seats in the auditorium, but it is a situation where I don’t see the shape of his mouth and the actor cannot see my command. It is cut off with the feeling ‘Let’s wrap it up here’ and it is just right. We did say, ‘It was exhilarating today,’ to each other after the performance. We don’t agree upon it, but we experienced several times the moment doing ‘Kya!’.”

Source: topclass  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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[INTERVIEW] 170226 Go Soo “Park Yuchun did well as This Man…Wasn’t his acting good?”

Actor Go Soo praised Park Yuchun’s acting.
Toward reporters’ buzz over movie ‘Lucid Dream’, Go Soo disclosed his thoughts in an interview conducted at one of the cafes in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul recently: “In the movie, it might not be easy for audiences to accept This Man’s presence”.
About this, Go Soo added, “This Man is an important hidden character. He appears as a person who’s able to freely come into and go from dreams but I learned he is actually a presence named This Man. I hear he is some kind of presence who generally shows up in people’s dreams”.

 photo 2403559.jpg
Also Go Soo was unsparing with his praises, saying: “I had the notion that This Man is an attractive character and wondered who would play him,” and, “I wanted to get along well, to match, and to work well with Park Yuchun. I wondered how I could express it. I even saw ‘Sea Fog’ which Park Yuchun-ssi acted in,” and, “Wasn’t he acting really good?”.

Source: News1  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

[TRANS] 170228 ‘Lucid Dream’ review – This Man

The part of the supporting role of This Man/Park Yuchun

 photo 16251782_1196197850498807_6674091485134198889_o.jpg
Appearing as a mysterious man early in the movie, he is This Man. The doubts [about him] crumple with Dr. So-hyun’s kind explanation. Meeting in a department store going after Chairman Cho Myung-chul, there is an encounter with This Man within a dream. The movie starts to come alive with the ingenious This Man [aka] Kwon Yong-hyun’s presence and character like you’ve never seen before. Contrary to a ‘maniac-fan’ shown in existing movies, he is a character of a ‘maniac-fan’ who talks a lot but his abilities are obvious, for one; and even though he cannot use his two legs, he can certainly take care of himself, for another. He brings life into the film with his fresh presence. The shared-dreaming attempted by him, as expected, makes you sense a taste of following into a ‘dreamland’ for the first time, as much as This Man’s appearance early on.

Source: MediaUs  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[Eng JP Sub]Jaejoong Saitama Arena Last Ment 2017.2. 26 Audio

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Jaejoong The Rebirth of J in Saitama, Japan

Good Morning Night

9+1# and MINE

All That Glitters

Run Away


Love You To Death

I'll Protect You

Run Away

I'll Protect You

HQ Pics

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Jaejoong News:
After wrapping up his Japan tour enjoys a day of well deserved rest in a local Tokyo resident style
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Non fan account: Encounter with our baby in Japan


CJES IG Update
[Cjes IG] Can't leave Japan before tasting crab  
Pouty lips: he is so into taking best food photo, his gourmet food trip continues 
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[JJstagram] カニしゃぶーごちそうさま!

Jaejoong IG Updates

Cute silly



Other SNS Update

Jaejoong! Thank you for eating our takoyaki "Green onion and Salt sauce with Mayo"
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[JYJ LINE] 月曜日は何だか疲れるよね? でも、頑張れ


Kim Jaejoong Headlines...

Words used in news titles : Return of the King, Perfect Live, Grateful toward fans

(Translations via crystalmoon0213)

wraps up Japanese tour …"Return of the King" INDEED!

returns, communicates intimately with fans and completes Japan tour successfully

Still solid : Mesmerizes 100,000 Japanese fans after discharged from army


[V Report Plus] JYJ’s Jaejoong loves spicy ‘death sauce’

Updated : February 26 2017

(Naver V App)
Jaejoong of JYJ is very fond of using a spicy Japanese sauce in his cooking, showed a recent episode of a show released via Naver’s V app Saturday.

In the second episode of “House Cook Master Kim,” he cooked squid and radish soup.

To make the soup tastier, he decided to use a very spicy sauce, dubbed the “Death Sauce,” which he had bought from a discount chain store in Japan.

(Naver V App)
He has said on another show on TV that it is his most precious possession.

“Whenever my friends go to Japan, they always buy this for me,” Kim said, showing viewers eight new bottles of the sauce.

(Naver V App)
“It has a unique smell. The smell gives me a good appetite whenever I smell it,” he said.

The next episode of Kim’s cooking show will be released Wednesday on the V app.

Naver’s real-time broadcasting app V allows fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars through live broadcasts. The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit

By Kim So-yeon (


Jaejoong's signature for Marutomi Ramen Shop in Ebisu, Tokyo, he went last night: JaeJun !! Came again ^^ Delicious - ! 2017.2.27. now.

思い出を食べて来ました。 懐かしい…
Memories come as I eat.

Feb 26

Thank you Japan. I love you! Happy <3

JJ's recent sign is next to Yuchun's old sign...

Jaejoong and Yuchun came here in 2014


[Cjes IG] Special news from for Chinese fans! JJ can even write Chinese characters well..

Chinese words: Jaejoong is back. Miss you guys.
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In Korean, Japanese & Chinese. Believe them to be Jae's own handwriting. He is always full of sincerity Cr owner

For more Jaejoong in Japan, click link below...

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