Saturday, May 31, 2014

Junsu's Interview

Interviewer: It’s the first time in 5 or 6 years since I’ve interviewed you.
Junsu: Is that so? It’s been a while. Everyone, have you been well? I’m finally appearing on a radio broadcast for the first time in 5 years. Right now, I am a happy and fortunate Junsu!
I: It’s a good thing that we get to meet again.
JS: That’s right.
I: I was really moved by your live concert yesterday. You were amazing.
JS: Yesterday.. well, it’s my first time bringing this kind of stage (T/N: he means ‘musical & ballad concert’) to Japan so I was a bit nervous, but I’m relieved.
I: How’s your Japanese?
JS: Japanese…hah…I will work harder hahahaha.
I: Were musicals your dream, Junsu?
JS: Yes, you can say that. After resting for a year or so, it was musicals that allowed me to stand on stage again for the first time. Shall I say it’s a ‘new dream’? I felt like I was born again.
I: Is your voice different when you sing musical songs and when you sing regular songs?
JS: It’s a little different.
I: Did you practice that?
JS: Yes, of course. I learned from my sunbaenims and also practiced. I realized that I want to keep on doing musicals. Ah, I’ve done this type of concert twice in Korea already. I really wanted to do this in Japan too, and this time, I gathered some courage and started the concerts yesterday. I am very happy.
I: You cried a little too, right?
JS: Yes, that’s right. I tried hard to not cry, but everyone in front of me was crying. In the end, I lost.
I: How about today?
JS: Today.. well..
I: How did you feel singing old songs?
JS: To be honest, I sang it a few times in rehearsal. The medley, how should I say it. I had the feeling that I would cry, so I wondered if it’ll be alright.. I lost yesterday. I cried.
I: But everyone was so touched!
JS: It was touching. I’ve missed it.
I: Any new plans?
JS: What kind?
I: As a group…
JS: Ah yes.
I: …or as a soloist.
JS: Ah yes haha.
I: You started with musicals but you’re doing all types of activities.
JS: Yes. If there is time, I want to sing more songs for everyone. At my next stage, I want to sing other songs for everyone.
I: The acoustic version of <INCREDIBLE> was the best, after everything and seeing the dance, it’s really satisfying?
JS: I worked hard hehehe.
I: Did you practice your dancing too?
JS: Ah the dance was yesterday… It’s been a long time since I danced so… hehehe. Yesterday..Ah, I started a musical last November or December, and there were no dancing parts at all. It ended in February of this year so for 2 months? I rested and it’s been a while since I’ve danced, so dancing for just 2 songs became hard hahahah.
I: In the last 5 years, how do you think you grew the most, or what makes you think you’ve become an adult?
JS: Ah, um. The first time I felt that I became an adult… is the sense of leisure? I think my songs, personality and thoughts that come from having that sense of ‘ease’ is me becoming an adult.
I: Your expressions yesterday were also quite like an adult.
JS: Ah, hahaha.
I: You spoke well in Japanese too.
JS: I didn’t use Japanese at all… Come the day that I return to Korea, I will probably be really good at Japanese. Once I return to Korea, I won’t use Japanese again haha.
I: What do you want to do or eat the most in Japan?
JS: Ramen!
I: Ramen?
JS: If I come to Japan, I must eat ramen because I feel it’s not right to not eat ramen.
I: What kind of ramen?
JS: There are many different types of ramen. Miso, shoyu, etc. I like all types of Japanese ramen hehehe.
I: What’s your next dream or goal as XIA Junsu?
JS: After this concert, a JYJ album will probably  come out around summer time, we have that planned. That.. because it’s an album that’s coming out after a while, 2 years, I am anticipating it and the members are anticipating it as well. I hope it will be released smoothly.
I: What are you focused on the most right now?
JS: Recently, I’ve been most focused on this concert tour. After this, I will be doing a musical, Dracula. The guest at my concert, Sunah, will also be in it. I must practice for this musical. Once I go back to Korea, I will start musical practices immediately. Ah, and recording for JYJ too haha.
I: Will you come back to Japan again?
JS: I’m anticipating it. Please wait for me.
Audio: listener G
Korean translation: 핑키됴아 @ DC JYJ Gallery 
By Intoxicated by Xia

Triangle Episode 7 Recap

Friday, May 30, 2014

Jaejoong as YoungDal in Triangle

YoungDal's new stills

Similar shirt...JJ during WWW concert in Osaka, Japan
Kiss B
cr: mikilovejj
Now is Good
cr: ayajae11

More...JYJ Tokyo Dome DVD...WE all want a copy!!!


2014年5月30日14時09分 金曜日 【写真】JYJ、あの忘れられないコンサートがDVDで蘇る! JYJ東京ドームコンサート『The return of the JYJ』が遂にDVD化!

JYJ東京ドームコンサート『The return of the JYJ』が遂にDVD化!
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Disc4 スペシャルアングル映像(メンバー別カメラ) 27min
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注文予約受付開始日 6月1日 11:00~
商品発送開始日 6月28日予定
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