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JYJ News Week of 12/3- 12/09/2018

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Good looking men taking care to maintain their visuals. and FT Island’s πŸ’šπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š Ganbatte

[ jj_1986_jj IG ] @/ftgtjhc miss youγ… γ…  Jaejoong wrote & tagged FT Island JongHoon 
JH posted the same pic with the caption: @/ftgtjhc: Hyeong I miss you/ I wanna see you
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Our ’s πŸ’šπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š Nene is same like us.

Our and his beloved cats. πŸ’šπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š Ganbatte! 

Dec 8


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So... It's heavy. πŸ˜‚


[JJstagram] Tokyo now!


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JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong to hold birthday party with fans

Updated : December 07 2018
JYJ member Kim Jae-joong will celebrate his birthday by holding two parties with fans. The party in Korea will take place on Jan. 20 and the one in Japan on Jan. 28.

Kim recently went live on Naver’s V Live to announce the special events.

This won’t be the first time Kim has celebrated his special day with fans.

Kim threw birthday parties with fans in 2015. According to fans who participated in the previous parties, not only spectacular performances but the singer specially set aside time to talk with them.

(C-JeS Entertainment)
Kim Jae-joong released a Japanese single, “Lavender,” on Oct. 24. The singer will star Japan’s Fuji TV Song Festival on Dec. 12 and TBS’ Christmas Song Festival on Dec. 24.

By Kim Hye-soo (

JAEJOONG ANNIVERSARY EVENT COVER PICTURE!! Sponsored by Date: Jan 28, 2019 Place: Makuhari Messe Event Hall


#Junsu is also participating πŸ‘πŸ» #campaign
Be with you too!

#μ‹ μƒμ•„μ‚΄λ¦¬κΈ°μΊ νŽ˜μΈ

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With huge love, let’s join the meaningful campaign of CJES artists & Save The Children for newborn babies!

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[ jj_1986_jj IG & UPDATE] Because I promised! I did it right away^_^ Enjoy everyone! # Coincidence encounter with SA Twitter: IG:


[ cjes.tagram & JYJ FB ]πŸŽ…Save the Children X cjestagram❤ Kim Jaejoong also participatesπŸ‘Campaign Face and HeartπŸ”₯ We would like to ask for everyone's participation! Newborn Life Promotion Campaign▶

#Jaejoong is also participating πŸ‘πŸ» #campaign
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With huge love, let’s join the meaningful campaign of CJES artists & Save The Children for newborn babies!


Model ! Always great to see handsome

Jaejoong at VOGUE FASHION'S NIGHT OUT 2018!πŸ’œ


Let’s go!!! Hello ! Looking forward to meeting there as well. (Hope I can get tickets LOL)

A piece of good news! In January Jaejoong's birthday party will be held! Let's wait for him from now on.

#Jaejoong Han · Work J-party confirmed πŸ™ŒπŸ»

πŸŽ‰ upcoming month is with Jae-in πŸŽ‰
I'm ready to send you a happy birthday.

Countdown sijaag from now on ╰ (*'︶'*)╯♡
πŸ“Œ Korea: January 20, 2019 (Sun)
πŸ“Œ Japan: January 28, 2019 (Mon)

#μž¬μ€‘ #JJ #Kimjaejoong #ι‡‘εœ¨δΈ­ #ジェジγƒ₯ン
#JParty #μ œμ΄νŒŒν‹° #μƒμΌνŒŒν‹° #Birthday

Kim Jaejoong HΓ‘n · Day J-party confirmed. Are you all ready to spend a happy birthday with jaejoong in January? FROM NOW ON COUNTDOWN START 9 (ΛŠα—œΛ‹ *) w

A piece of good news! In January Jaejoong's birthday party will be held! Let's wait for him from now on.

to hold J-PARTY in both Korea and Japan “Special birthday spending with fans” 1/20 (Korea) 1/28 (Japan)
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[ JAEFANS FC ] Jaefans FC website has been updated and has new design!!πŸ’œπŸ‘ Jaejoong's DVD, events, news, MVs, SNS, etc has been added on the website with new design!😁


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Maybe he’s looking like this now while out fishing hahaha.  Oh my LOL


Jaejoong X Kids!!πŸ’•πŸ’• Cr.__sehunO8

"I thought he was only available on TV. I was happy to be able to speak at such short distance. Jaejoong was so kind. He was also very kind to the children. I really appreciate it" cr.__sehunO8 
This is a recent picture according to the fan.

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《JAEJOONG'S TV APPEARANCES/REFERENCES IN 2018》 Jaejoong has appeared in more than 40 TV shows in Japan this year!!😭😭 So proud of you !!πŸ’•πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Would we have believed this possible more than a year ago?

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Junsu Way Back XIA concerts


181130 Way Back XIA κΉ€μ€€μˆ˜ - λ½λ”μ›”λ“œ(Rock the world) + "내일봐~내일도 μ£½μ—¬μ€„κ²Œ♥"


181130 Way Back XIA κΉ€μ€€μˆ˜ - μ –λ¨Ήλ˜(!) νž˜κΉŒμ§€ Incredible ヽ(γƒ…)γƒŽ








181202 WAY BACK XIA CONCERT κΉ€μ€€μˆ˜ - INCREDIBLE (Double Encore)


XIAsoar 1215

More videos and pictures here:
JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 11/26- 12/2/2018


A review of Junsu's WAY BACK XIA concert that actually mentions the broadcast ban.

Just.. please read. every word. [WITHINNEWS] "How Much Longer Must Kim Junsu Remain A Faceless Singer?"  



CJES IG Update


Junsu talks about his wish to sing on Korean broadcast stations...


[NEWS] 181203 Kim Junsu "I cried watching the blacklist of culture ... I want to stand on the air"
Musical actor and singer Kim Junsu (31) withdrew from TVXQ at the first concert after the evacuees and cried out with a hard day.
After completing his duty for 21 months, he opened the concert 'WAY BACK XIA' on December 2nd at 5 pm at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul.
Kim Junsu filled up 3 hours and 30 minutes and said, "I broke up with you two years ago and I felt it was vague, so I could not see it again on stage. I opened the door.
"I have not been in the broadcasting business for 7 to 8 years, and I have been to the military, so I have not been exposed for 9 years. I don’t broadcast it because is hard. I couldn’t sing a song, but I wanted to continue this. I won the trial, but I did not know I couldn’t broadcast for so long. "
Kim Junsu, who left the group Dong Bang Shin Ki in a dispute with his company SM Entertainment on the exclusive contract, formed an album with Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong in 2010 with JYJ, but it was controversial because of the constant conflict with SM.
The broadcast law (aka "JYJ Law"), which prevents broadcasters from preventing certain entertainers from appearing on the show without a legitimate reason, passed the National Assembly at the end of November 2015. However, except for EBS 'Space Empathy' and YTN News, I could not reflect on the reality.
Kim Junsu said, "One day I watched TV in the quarter, and some of the actors did not show for 10 years because of the blacklist, but after the regime change, they were broadcasting, so I really wanted to cheer.".
He said "The public doesn’t know why I do not appear on the air. I don’t want to do it. " At least I want to sing on the show once or twice when I promotion. I don’t want the first prize. It was all very difficult though. In a way, why I am a cultural blacklist. I was really crying that day because I wished for such a day. "black.
He said, "I envied everybody who appeared in the broadcast," he said, "I learned a lot and it became harder.
Kim Junsu said, "You don’t need to fight too much for me. Even if we get smaller, I'll do my best. I'll enjoy it if I come to the show, communicate with the song and continue the funny story.”
The concert, which was the last time of the concert, ran hot with 7,000 spectators. There were 20,000 people in three days, and tickets were sold out early. The fans shouted for two years, shaking a hand sign saying 'I waited, I adhere to you' and 'Let' s never break again '. The venue has 45m high and 8m light emitting diode (LED) tiles installed in the venue.
There was no music space near 2 years. He showed 20 songs including OeO, Intoxication, 예뻐', '토끼와 거뢁이”,with solid singing and rustling dancing skills.
Also, "Women say they do’tn like to talk about the army ...", but during the interim middle duty police service, the story unfolded and laughed.

"If a man is good enough to go once," he said to a male audience who said that he was enlisted.
"I don’t know what to say about the evaluation that the so-called" entertainer's disease "was absent during the service," I will put down everything and release everything at the moment of hair-cutting, I’m Kim Junsu, nothing, nothing. I walk in the minute and pray. " Also, the fans were applauded by the surprise announcement of the county officers in the military.
In 'Gennie Time', a corner where fans can listen to their wishes, the popular musical numbers that have been shown in the past have been heard in a medley. At the end of the show, I went upstairs to the second floor and shook hands with my fans.
Kim Junsu debuted on December 26, 2003 with a five member group, TVXQ. Although he was loved as the most popular idol, he withdrew from the team after suffering a contract dispute with SM, and joined the singer and musical actor. Last February, he joined the JYJ member for the last time and served at the PR agency of the southern provincial police department.
Kim will appear on the musical "Elizabeth" which will be performed at the Blue Square Interpark Hall in Seoul until February 10 next.

Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

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NEWS] 181202 Kim Junsu: crying and laughing with fans ... "WAY BACK XIA"
The space of two years was colorless. The performances filled with various performances and emotions, as well as sensible dances, came to the fans who waited for themselves like a comprehensive gift.
Kim Junsu held 'WAY BACK XIA' at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul. The show lasted from the 30th to the 2nd of December and a total of 20,000 people attended the concert.
A short VCR video was soon followed by a dreamy atmosphere and lighting. When the stage was directed by Kim Junsu, the cheering of the fans filled the theater. The first song started with 'OeO'.
Kim Junsu, who first met fans at the concert after the armistice, "I heartily welcome the people who came to the 2018 'Way Back Show'. Even today, the atmosphere is hotter than ever before when we perform the last performance each time. I will also perform with the desire to be supported by the energy. "
"I want to share some interesting stories. I will sing this song in a long time "μΈν†‘μ‹œμΌ€μ΄μ…˜(Intoxication)’을 μ„ κ³‘ν–ˆλ‹€, Kim Junsu has succeeded in producing ' ‘νƒ€λž€ν…”λΌκ·ΈλΌ(Tarantallegra)’, ‘νŒνƒ€μ§€(Fantasy)’, ‘λ…Έ 리즌(No Reason).
Kim Junsu made a small talk show in the concert by sharing various stories with the fans in the midst of the performance and the episodes in the army. "Today is the last concert, but it is the beginning. It takes a lot of energy, but it has gotten a lot of energy and the last day has come. It seems that the energy received is bigger than the energy used, "he said.

"I used to like anything I used to do, but I do not think it is anymore. I had to cheer me up. " Kim Junsu has searched nonsense among the male audience who found her performance and said, "It's good to go to the army once."
The concert of Kim Junsu performed in four sections in total. With the stage produced by Kim Junsu and composers, the songs of different moods were selected and presented variously. If the previous stage was a song that could feel the power of Kim Junsu, this song was also selected for his sensibility.
He exploded his singing ability and faint sensitivity as 'Flower'. Out of Control, "and" Set Me Free, "it was the turnaround. The fans got up from their seats in 'Out of Control' and “Set Me Free” and enjoyed the show.
Kim Junsu said, "I have not been in the middle of the performance yet, in fact, I worry more about torque than performance. But when I look at the fans, I think they are going to come up with something.
After the 'Lullaby' dance break was held. He has been performing many years of dancing, filling his stage by himself, and once again proving his capacity as a solo singer. Also, "Turn it Up" was played live and boasted to the shake less vocal ability.
Since then, 'Pretty 예뻐' filled the stage with the voice of the piano and guitar, and Kim Junsu. The sensibility continued to 'rabbit and turtle'. Kim Junsu said, "The time has come to bring this joy to two or three times. My tensions are also doubling. "
In this concert, "Gennie Time", the signature of Kim Junsu concert, was also prepared. This is Kim Junsu becoming a genie, to make a wish in a possible line. Kim Junsu came close to the fans and had time to communicate directly. He spent a significant amount of 'GennieTime', singing directly to the audience with his score prepared by the fans.
After 'Gennie Time', he went to the end of the show with 'μΉ΄λ‚˜λ°' and 'Uncommitted'. He also selected 'F.L.P', 'Incredible', and 'Thank U for'. And he finished the concert with 'Rock the World'.
Especially Kim Junsu said, "Thanks to you, I came to the end of this performance. I always said thank you for the ending every time, but the appreciation of this concert seems to be incomparable. I actually separated myself from this stage about two years ago. But the two years seemed vaguely more than I thought. "
"I actually knew that you would not really see you on stage. I was still happy to see you everywhere, but I thought I could not see it again on this stage. I have been in the broadcasting industry for 7 ~ 8 years and then I have been in the army for 2 years, so I have not been exposed for 9 years. "
"I can’t compete fairly even if I have an album, and I can never sing a song on the show. Those who do not like me or those who do not like me only evaluate the results. But this is fine with me. I did not know that I would not be able to broadcast for such a long time because I had to choose, win the trial and win. I want to do my song on the show once or twice even when I sang it without wanting it. I do not want first place. For the first time in my life, self - esteem has plummeted to the bottom. In January of this year, I thought, "Do you want to stop the singer?"

Kim Junsu said, "Then I remembered the song μΉ΄λ‚˜λ°. Then I learned a lot. It got harder. It is not a weak sound, but a sound that can be done because it is hard. You do not have to fight for me. I think it’s too hard. Whether it is smaller or larger, I will always try and work hard. If you come to the show, let's enjoy and communicate. I'll keep you entertaining. Thank you, "he poured out his tears.
Kim Junsu's "Way Back" concert was completed with a concert that communicated with fans. And it was time to awaken once again the value of the singer 'Kim Junsu', which has become more robust withstanding the hard times.

Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

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