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JYJ News Week of 1/16- 1/22/2017

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[OTHER SNS] 170121 More Backstage Photos with Kim Jaejoong – “The Rebirth of J” in Seoul (Day 1)

jxnxx Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 함께이기에 더 행복한 우리의 시간.
#고마워 형 ! 축하하구❤️

sangwoo_nim Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 재중이형 전역후 첫 콘서트 수고했옹
대빵만허게 축하한다 ♡
#찍스타그램 #우정
#jyj #김재중 #콘서트 #축하해
[PHOTO] #첫줄
재중이형 콘서트
내일도 화이팅.
#jyj #김재중 #콘서트 #우정

ssngheeee Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 민간인 된 재즁오빠🐘 #멋있다 #김재중 #개학식

kangwookyung Instagram Update:

2년만에 돌아온 jj오빠 콘서트
여전히 노래잘하구 말잘하구 👍👍 항상 넘나재밌는것
#김재중 #콘서트 #kimjaejoong #concert #instadaily #likeforlike #selfie #photooftheday #potd #폭설 #빙판 #jj

l22_ar Instagram Update:

[VIDEO] 내친구 일할때 짱멋 👏🏼 #김재중콘서트

[PHOTO] 내친구 대단해 칭찬해 응원해 ⭐

eskey_choi Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 名不虛傳,
Welcome back bro! 👍🏻
#kimjaejoong #concert #김재중 #콘서트 #명불허전 #쩌는가창력🎙+ #따뜻한말한마디✨ #역시최고🙌🏻 #photo with #iphone7plus

jungyoukeun Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] Great concert JJ 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
JYJ3’s Note: Jang Geun Suk & No Minwoo along with other Jaejoong’s friends ^^

luxxs4 Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 공연 너무 멋졌어~ #김재중#rebirthofj #jj

Kim Jaejoong 'The Rebirth of J' Day 2

Waiting to get in...Mosh Pit!

A Suhodae lady pulled me by my wrist to get to where I'm supposed to be...I guess a little closer.

Inside...Standing area.

Start #TheRebirthofJ #Jaejoong

One Kiss #TheRebirthofJ #Jaejoong

Gorgeous #Jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ

Stripping already #Jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ

Luvholic #Jaejoong #TheREBIRTHofJ

Shoving during KissB #TheRebirthofJ #Jaejoong

Omg Kiss B was crazy! #Jaejoong threw his towel in our direction. Shoving and elbowing lol. #TheRebirthofJ

Rotten Love #TheRebirthofJ #jaejoong

Let the Rhythm Flow #TheREBIRTHofJ #jaejoong

Drawer... one of my faves in NoX #Jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ

Love You to Death #Jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ

#Jaejoong is talking and we are enjoying and smiling...I don't understand but love his tender voice.#The_Rebirth_of_J

All I Desire #The_Rebirth_of_J #Jaejoong

Nekkid #jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ

Nekkid #jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ

#Jaejoong enticed this guy to kiss his gf #The_Rebirth_of_J #Jaejoong

All That Glitters...#TheRebirthofJ #Jaejoong

Breathing #The_Rebirth_of_J #Jaejoong

Interview with J #TheRebirthofJ #Jaejoong
JJ relaying his thoughts about the military and discharge from it...
He did great in the army and had a designation of Special Forces badge because he scored high on shooting, running, physical fitness.

Welcome to #Jaejoong's Wild World #TheRebirthofJ

Encore for Good Morning Night #TheRebirthofJ #Jaejoong

Good Morning Jae ! #TheRebirthofJ #Jaejoong
With a couple of encores...Jae was exhausted!

#Jaejoong is telling us how to chant his name !!! 😂#Jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ

9+1# at #TheRebirthOfJ #Jaejoong Rockin out!!!

MINE #TheRebirthOfJ #Jaejoong
Sounds glorious...

Love You More #Jaejoong #TheRebirthOfJ

Happy BDay #Jaejoong! #TheRebirthOfJ (Surprise event)
Fans singing...

Just Another Girl #Jaejoong #TheRebirthOfJ
Confetti all over after the song!

I'll Protect You #Jaejoong #JaeFans #TheRebirthofJ

So touching...


Kim Jaejoong 'The Rebith of J' 
HQ pics (as tagged)

[TRANS] Jaejoong's sister shares how Jaejoong was before today's concert started:…
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Kim Jaejoong 'The Rebirth of J' Seoul Concert

#TheRebirthOfJ 💚#Jaejoong

Kyahhhh! So excited to see #Jaejoong at #TheRebirthOfJ #Seoulconcert

We are here...#TheRebirthOfJ is soon to commence! Beyond excited. These fans from Taiwan gave me a gift just for sitting next to them 😊

Hold up the banner when "Breathing" and keep holding it until the song after "Breathing" is over Banner:  #김재중 heart heart
Via crystalmoon64

Via twitter

Proud #Jaejoong fan here! #The_Rebirth_of_J 💚💚💚

Multi leveled band on stage...

One Kiss never sounded better!!! Love #The_Rebirth_of_J

Don't know what he's saying but I'm smiling! #The_Rebirth_of_J #

It was -8 degrees on the day I was discharged, it is -8 today what's up? -#김재중
Geunsuk didn't answer when #김재중 called on him but he is here JJ says maybe he is too shy JJ also
says he is his best friend
Was using special shampoo to help my hair grow so I don't have to wear wig wile head banging w you fans #김재중
Don't worry about me losing weight it is just for the concert, if you want,I can gain it back easily #김재중
Via crystalmoon64

How to wave towel and light sticks at same time during Luvholic! #TheREBIRTHofJ


Rotten Love was awesome! #TheREBIRTHofJ #JJinSeoul

Let the Rhythm Flow is smexy #The_Rebirth_of_J #JJinSeoul

One of my faves... Drawer #TheREBIRTHofJ #JJinSeoul

Fire alarm went off coz #Jaejoong is too hot! 😂#TheREBIRTHofJ #김재중

This song is nothing but sexy... All I Desire #JJinSeoul #The_REBIRTH_of_J

#Jaejoong is on fire! #JJinSeoul #TheREBIRTHofJ

OMG...Run Away #TheREBIRTHofJ #Jaejoong

Full of amazing! #TheREBIRTHofJ #Jaejoong #JJinSeoul

Backstage talk...He's gonna strip now #TheREBIRTHofJ #Jaejoong #JJinSeoul

Rock is the genre that fits me perfect when I perform alone and you like it too so I'll keep doing it #김재중
I came back w concert first to show myself to more fans in Korea and overseas but I'm preparing for drama also #김재중
I want laugh a lot w you this concert Thank you for waiting #김재중
Via crystalmoon64

I called it lol #TheREBIRTHofJ #Jaejoong #nekkid

Such a tease! Loving it! #TheREBIRTHofJ #Jaejoong

Another fave! All That Glitters #TheREBIRTHofJ #kimjaejoong #seoulconcert

Breathing #The_REBIRTH_of_J #Jaejoong

It's 3:01 Am where I'm from! But rockin it here #RebirthofJ  Welcome to my Wild World

Nice mic J handle Good Luck #TheRebirthofJ#Jaejoong

The mid stage just rotated!!! #TheREBIRTHofJ #JJinSeoul

Good Morning Night! #TheREBIRTHofJ #JJinSeoul

Not a clue what #Jaejoong is saying but his speaking voice is glorious! #TheRebirthofJ #김재중

I don't have to act bigger or cooler than who I am now, want to be more and more honest in front of you as I age #김재중
I'm a civilian indeed... #김재중
I still feels so awkward to take off my shirt...I'm back to skinny JJ before army (and takes off his shirt)
Via crystalmoon64

Wow it's 9+1# #RebirthofJ #김재중 #JJinSeoul

Whoah! Direct to MINE!!! #RebirthofJ #jaejoong

Tripping and almost falling is sexy on #Jaejoong lol #JJinSeoul #TheRebirthofJ

Chanting #KimJaejoong 💚💚💚#TheRebirthofJ #JJinSeoul

Love you More #Jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ #JJinSeoul

Gorgeous #Jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ #JJinSeoul

Fans wanted #Jaejoong to take jacket off... he's teasing then a male shouted to take it off lol #TheRebirthofJ #JJinSeoul

Made many mistakes tonight^^ You know where... but I can make adjustments fast so it'll b much better tomorrow #김재중
Via crystalmoon64

Just Another Girl #Jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ #JJinSeoul

I'll Protect You #JaeFans are the best #TheREBIRTHofJ #JJinSeoul
So Amazing!!! So happy to be here at #TheRebirthofJ #Jaejoong!
We will Protect you always #Jaejoong #TheRebirthofJ


Other IG

KIm Jaejoong with friends...Singing and drinking and getting all tipsy and still sounds amazing!!!

Kim Jaejoong 
Performing live at Dingo Music "Tipsy LIVE"

[IG] Go watch Iseul Live - #김재중
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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170120 Ben’s friends shared a backstage photo with Junsu

[PHOTO] @ 예술의전당
군인아저씨 되는 준쮸오빠 🐣 #데스노트 #샤엘
@Seoul Arts Center
It was so so so so fun👍🏼#DeathNote
#L #Misa #Only_see_Misa_in_my_eyes👁
 photo 16123415_517168878482558_3696708446503043072_n.jpg
Source: s.hyojung
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


[OTHER TWITTER] 170117 Mass culture critic Kim Young-sam Twitter Update: Lenient sentence for Yuchun’s accuser

(T/N: What the critic said is in the chevrons[/angle brackets]; the rest on the outside is the title of the article and its link)
 photo 170117fmpenter_1.png
<‘It is very bad, but 2 years? The law is quite lenient.. If it is very wrong, there should have been a minimum of 5 years, an appropriate amount of 7 years, a maximum of 10 years.. #if_there_was_common_sense> Law, Park Yuchun’s female accuser jail sentence of 2 years in prison “Nature of crime is very bad”
Source: @fmpenter
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


[SNS] 170120 Kim Jaejoong & Jang Geun Suk Updates: #Elsa #Anna #Frozen #Friendship

Kim Jaejoong Instagram Update:


Kim Jaejoong changed his Twitter Photo Display:


Kim Jaejoong & Jang Geun Suk Twitter Updates:

JGS: With enemy <Photo>
KJJ to JGS: I’m curious about the fact that you Geunsuk ate rice
JGS to KJJ: Wow Mr. Jaejoong you came to Twitter in a very long time! Thank you!!
KJJ to JGS: I anticipated JGS’s reply, I’m happy www
KJJ to JGS: Geun-jiang! Do you want to make a snow man? I want to make one with you! cool oppa
JGS to KJJ: Miss Geun dreams of a snowball fight with Jaejoong! Making my heart flutter!! Cute 💋
KJJ to JGS: Miss Geun, tomorrow is my concert I can’t afford to get injured from snowball fighting
You can’t put stone in the snowball 🤕
JGS to KJJ: I’m glad I can go to Jaejoong’s live! Will buy goods in bulk! Requesting discount for the eels
(Note: Eels=Jang Geunsuk’s fans)
KJJ to JGS: It’d be difficult coz the goods purchase line will be long, but I will cheer for you😂, see you at the live concert💋. I wait for Miss Geun 
JGS to KJJ: Will go to Yeonse University tomorrow at 6 PM ! So excited!! ❤️
KJJ to JGS: I see… See you at Seoul National University ♡
This is a cold Oppa
Source: jj_1986_jj@bornfreeonekiss@AsiaPrince_JKS
Translation by: @crystalmoon64 + JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

Jaejoong IG Update

[IG] #김재중


[IG TR] Flower persimmons vs Dried persimmons (sound similar in Korean though spelled differently) #김재중
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Jaejoong IG Update
[IG] Who wouldn't be happy to receive gifts? Tea cup set and ashtray #hermes #김재중
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Kim Jaejoong!

D-2 More interesting ways to enjoy concert

[Cjes IG] D-2 Concert Anticipation for the concert escalates whether the weather is good or bad or just ok
Translations via crystalmoon64 

It’s coming #UP as D-1! Heat heats #super #fast waiting the #concert of Kim Jaejoong that will be out at #KoreaUniversity in #Seoul Check the bio for preview! It’s too good to be true.


[NEW PIC] 170118 Junsu at <Death Note> Musical Backstage today  Nice smile 
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Jaejoong with his Triangle family...

[JJstagram] 오랜만에 트라이앵글 만났다~^^

[Other IG] How long has it been since we got together! Miss Swan who couldn't make it.Everyone loves gift I wrapped w Ara(her daughter)
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jj_1986_jj IG
[IG] Gifts from Yoonmi and Yunsoo nunas Thank you so much~~~ 

[Other IG TR] Thoughtful
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[V LIVE] Kim Jaejoong’s Rehearsal Performance “All That Glitters” 17/01/18

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C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/01/18

Surprise V-app broadcast on channel at 8 PM cjes.tagram's video
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Published on Jan 18, 2017
C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/01/18

잠시 후 재중의 깜짝 V라이브가 찾아옵니다!
재중 V채널로 오세요~♥

#김재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #깜짝 #V라이브 #V앱 #오늘 #재중은 #어디일까요 #서프라이즈 #선물 #재중 #V채널 #팔로우 #10분뒤에만나요 #씨제스타그램
Hold on! A #surprise #Vapp live of Kim Jaejoong Let's get started it #together See #U all in 10mins!



cjes.tagram의 동영상

cjes.tagramOPEN! 준수의 V채널 많이 사랑해주세요~♥

Let’s get started the #Vapp live channel of #KimJunSu Enjoy his #adorable #pic & hit the bio for checking out!

[TRANS] 170117 ‘Death Note’ Director “Kim Junsu is an actor I want to see in more works”

 photo 2017011801001320900090993.jpg  photo 2017011801001320900090991.jpg
Actor Kim Junsu, who’s in the middle of giving an impassioned performance in musical ‘Death Note’, is meeting audiences each time with acting that’s even moving the director.
For Kim Junsu who is continuing his performance with great success opening since the 3rd [of January], musical ‘Death Note'”s director Kuriyama Tamiya has been speaking very highly of him. He said, “I had thought about what it would be like to be able to fill up Seoul Arts Center’s Opera House’s large space with one acting [performance]; but it’s probably because there is a degree of concentration about the role of ‘L’ undertaken by Kim Junsu,” and, “A lot of light and darkness intersects when Kim Junsu and L become one. His energy arises hotter and fiercer than in multiplication, not addition”.

 photo 2017011801001320900090992.jpg
Continuing he added, “Because there is used on the stage set the image of a white Note that have nothing written on it, the actors have to portray a world without relying upon anything and with their entire bodies. But in that, Kim Junsu paints an abundant of colors in a colorless note sometimes freely, sometimes ferociously, and exquisitely. Fascinating characters appear to overlap in a lot of works just by watching Kim Junsu’s image walking on the stage. He is a provocative and revolutionary actor to the extent I want to see him in more works”.
Kuriyama Tamiya, who undertook the direction for musical ‘Death Note’, is Japan’s best director to have consistently present the best level of stages without genre; like theatrical play, opera, and musical.
Meanwhile, ‘Death Note’ is receiving attention as Kim Junsu’s last musical before his military enlistment. It can be seen at Seoul Arts Center’s Opera House up to January 26th.

Source: Sports Chosun  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

CJESCulture Updates

Be ready for the upcoming performance that #KimJunSu starring at! Can’t wait tonight’s show at #SeoulArtsCenter Let’s catch up w/him & #HanJiSang #ParkHyeNa #KangHongSuk #Ben & #SeoYoungJoo



Sergeant Kim Jaejoong



Jaejoong IG Update

Expensive 'favorites' #Jaejoong is cool!


[INSTAGRAM] 170118 Kim Jaejoong Instagram Update: ‘The REBIRTH of J’

[PHOTO] 연습끝..
End of practice..
 photo 16123499_217094708699074_7323354818083291136_n.jpg
Source: jj_1986_jj

Translation by: rilanna of JYJ3

Shared by: JYJ3

[INSTAGRAM] 170117 Kim Jaejoong Instagram Updates: Slippers & Countdown

 photo 15877588_1002037853273711_4231074761209282560_n.jpg


 photo 16110947_252881488482156_6181871498580459520_n.jpg

Source: jj_1986_jj  
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[ENGSUB] 170117 "Death Note" Musical: L's Narration (AUDIO ONLY)

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Junsu at Introverted Boss
[DL LINK] 170118 CJES Kakao Blog, 17 pictures and 8 gifs!  

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170117 JYJFB update! Group Wefie !


Jaejoong and Junsu
V app channels...
안녕하세요, 씨제스 엔터테인먼트입니다.
V LIVE 개편에 따라 활동하는 가수의 개별 V 채널이 개설됩니다. 다양한 팬 서비스 기능이 추가 됨에 따라 앞으로 재중 V 채널과 준수 V 채널이 아티스트와 더 가까이 소통하는 공간이 되기를 바랍니다.
재중 V 채널과 준수 V 채널에 많은 응원 부탁드립니다.

김준수(KIMJUNSU) V채널 ▶

#김재중 #김준수 #JAEJOONG #JUNSU #V채널 #VLIVE
Hi, this is CJES Entertainment. According to the reorganization of Vapp live broadcasting, there will be opened individual channels of singers. We all hope that it would be much help to communicate with together better thru ‘Jaejoong V channel’ & ‘Junsu V channel’ that would be added various fan-service function etc. It would be very appreciate if you would continue to give warm support for it.
Thank you.

Photo published for KIM JAEJOONG : V LIVE
Photo published for KIM JUNSU : V LIVE


[INTERVIEW] 161231 With gratitude towards his fans in his heart, heading for military enlistment JYJ Junsu

Note: This interview was taken by Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, (T/N: shimbun meaning newspaper) which is widely regarded for its journalism as the most respected daily newspaper in Japan.
[Prepare the time to always answer the various requests from the audiences at the concert. The conversation with the fans became enjoyable = Osaka-jo Hall, C-JeS Entertainment credit]
Kim Junsu of the South Korean artist group ‘JYJ’ in December held, going to become his last before enlisting, solo concert ‘BALLAD MUSICAL CONCERT vol.5’ (T/N: in the source the concert title was written like this) in Saitama and Osaka. In total around 60,000 people were mobilised and during the tour he greeted his 30th birthday as well. Junsu, who went from an idol to an adult artist and added an year to his age, talked about his celebrity activities of till now and his thoughts before his military enlistment.
In February you will be enlisting into the military, this past one year with what thoughts have you been (doing your) activities?
In the remaining 1 year, formed a clear plan and worked with it. It was an extremely hectic and busy days as compared to usual. When I go to military, my activities as a singer and musical actor would be suspended for a while. Feelings of wanting to securely organise the last of the 7 years (as JYJ) and to adorn the ‘Crowning glory’, came about working hard exhausting my utmost best.
If I do proper activities till the end then the 2 years while enlisting, I also had this thought that wouldn’t then the fans wait for me. As I still have one more month, I will work hard securely till the end.
Debuted in South Korea and Japan as ‘Tohoshinki’ member in your teens, big group in Asia. In your twenties, on one hand you withdrew from the group and on the other broadened the width of your activities with solo activities and appearing in musicals. Was the 12 years of celebrity activities [feels] like a blink of an eye?
It wasn’t like a blink of an eye. The activities of the time of ‘Tohoshinki’ were like a blink of an eye but the activities after that were challenging towards new things or overcoming things, there was a lot of pressure. (Circling the celebrity activities) there were various trials as well. To the point of thinking were there any other celebrities in their twenties who experienced through that. However, from overcoming each one, you can feel that no matter what comes you are endowed with the power to overcome it. In that meaning it also made me think, ‘it was a good experience’.
[The last stage in Japan before military enlistment. Let us hear his singing voice filled with various thoughts = Osaka-jo Hall, C-JeS Entertainment credit]
Changed your agency and with the three formed a new [group] ‘JYJ’, believe that there were various barriers in South Korea as well as Japan. ‘I can’t endure any more’, (ever) thought of it as well?
There is, there is. Because I am a human being as well. Honestly there were many times when I thought of giving up.
Even with that you continued your activities, what was the ‘driving force’?
That is well, the existence of everyone of the fans. Because everyone was there, I definitely did not want to loose to the various obstacles. Even when my heart wavered, from the power and courage I received from the fans, power sprang out again.
These 7 years your television appearance was close to none, on the other hand you’ve continued activities to connect with your fans directly in lives or musicals. Was there any change to your attitude in music or activities?
Having the opportunities to appear on television decreased is sad but in exchange it has become so that I make by matching the whole of the performance in the live. Even at the time of composing music, I have come about composing while thinking about the performance I can do onstage. I believe hasn’t that change had a good influence on my performances.
A few years ago I began standing on stage of musical and so have broaden my ways of expression. I believe by mixing the musical performance into the stage of a live, I was able to show a stage of even more charms. I believe that hasn’t such a stage in itself become my ‘signature’.
This time’s concert is also composed with focus on musical and just before enlistment you will be appearing in the musical ‘Death note’ as well right.
To me right now musical is really important. After the period of resting from activities, to once again having to stand on stage was in musical. Once again I sang was in musical as well and received an award was in musical as well. In the award ceremony I appeared on television in a long time as well. It made me think, ‘it’s good that I didn’t give up,’ and I received a new life, a new dream. That’s why for ‘the Last’ activity before enlisting I wanted it to be a musical.
To put into words the charm that can not be known from singer and idol activities would be?
Musical, be it standing on stage for 20 or 30 times, each is totally different. Everything is ‘Live’. That is totally fascinating. For example, watching a movie even after 10 years is the same but the same musical can not be seen a second time.
The difference with ‘singer’ is that acting, singing, expressions, everything is needed right. In musicals, the lyrics become the script and you sing with feelings. The actors while exchanging various emotions, together go (about) making it (T/N: making the story/musical). The time when singing while exchanging emotions is really enjoyable. And in the last the sound of the applause received from the audience, that is really amazing!
During concert several times you have talking about, ‘I want act in a musical in Japan as well’.
Umm,  I really want to do it. Some day in Japan, together with the Japanese actors, in Japanese, I want to do a musical. I’m not sure if it will become reality of not but the performances that I have done in South Korea till now, ‘Dracula’, ‘Elizabeth’, be it those is okay as well and I want to challenge in a new thing as well.
After the enlistment has ended with what form do you want to appear in front of your fans?
(Distancing from activities) I am worried. However, even if when I return from my enlistment and the fans in front of my eyes are no longer (there), till now the love that I received from everyone was an unbelievable ‘miracle’ is what I think and thus I have only feelings of gratitude. A few years ago I thought that ‘I may be finished now’. Thus, till now having continued doing activities like this was a miracle and I am only grateful towards that. When I return, I believe I want to with those feelings I want to again work hard.
During the enlistment while thinking about the feelings I received from everyone inside my heart, acquiring the composure as a single human, I want to return back. And when I return it would be good if I challenge into a further more new genre.
As the Korean artist Junsu, cann you once again put into words about the meaning of activities in Japan and/or the existence of the fans?
Japan to me is like a second home country as it’s a county that has given me lots of love and ardent support, after a while when I come to Japan they always give me the same warm reception, it is a place like a home town which shows unchanging love. That’s why I can not do even if i’m thankful.
I am a foreign singer right. That’s why in Japan especially if you do not appear on television, the hearts of the fans becomes estranged. In reality in these 7 years such a thing happened and it is obvious. However, undeterred by that too within the 7 years the fans have supported with all they’ve got. Regarding that I can not find the words but……. in various meanings I am grateful.
Till now the half of my singing life was in Japan. The time in which I’ve matured till now, the time I spent with the Japanese fans, it was in the memories of Japan.
Truly, Thank you very much.
[Personally planned a style of reenacting the musical program with the accompaniment of an orchestra. The result of having done the trial and error on [making] his own stage = Osaka-jo Hall, C-JeS Entertainment credit]

Kim Junsu, born in 1986 in South Korea. In 2004 debuted in the celebrity world in South Korea and Japan as a member of ‘Tohoshinki’. In 2010 with Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, the three changed their agency and [started] activities as a new [group] ‘JYJ’. In the same year, began his activities as a musical actor with ‘Mozart’, in 2012 received the award for the Best Male Lead in the ‘Korea Musical Awards’. From January 3rd to 26th he is appearing in the musical ‘Death note’ in Seoul.

During the interview, Junsu said the words, “these 7 years” several times.
Separating from the two members and ‘Tohoshinki’, changing the agency and did his activities, of these 7 years, the harshness of this journey is indicated.
In reality, he experienced several lawsuits concerning activities as a celebrity and after changing agencies, he confronted, ‘adverse wind’ such as the rapid decrease of television appearances.
In South Korea in 2015, with the proposal of the Members of the National Parliament who viewed, the ‘circumstance’ of JYJ not being able to appear on television music programs, as a problem, the stipulation of prohibiting the broadcast company from stopping the appearance of particular artists was incorporated into the Broadcast Act.
In “these 7 years” in the substitute of being unable to appear on television, Junsu and JYJ what they poured in their energy was in the live etc., in the venue of the ‘Live’ they delivered their words directly to the fans. It was not the period of Internet, as much as the television appearance decreases the popularity becomes in danger as well, it was such the usual state of things in the world of show business. With just that, the form of in various (ways) talking about the gratitude towards the fans during the interview was impressive.
In the greetings of the last concert, he said this to the audience, “when I was about to give up, every time who grasped our hands was everyone. If everyone was not here we couldn’t do anything. Thanks to everyone I was truly happy.” Continued to savour the contradicting two, the difficulty of having to continue living in a complicated world called the celebrity world and the enjoyment, perhaps it was a special “7 years”. ([Writer:] Nami Hamada)

Source: Asahi Newspaper Digital
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Junsu in Death Note
뮤지컬 <데스노트> 연출가 쿠리야마 타미야의 폭풍 칭찬.
"김준수는 때로는 자유롭게, 때로는 과격하게, 그리고 섬세하게 무색의 노트에 풍부한 색을 입혀낸다. 더 많은 작품에서 만나고 싶을 정도로 자극적이고 혁명적인 배우다."

'데스노트' 연출가, 엘(L) 김준수에 끝없는 호평 쏟아냈다

“김준수, 더 많은 작품서 만나고 싶은 혁명적 배우”

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #MUSICAL #뮤지컬 #DEATHNOTE #데스노트 #연출가 #쿠리야마타미야 #극찬 #샤엘 #자극적이고_혁명적인배우 #1월26일까지 #예술의전당 #오페라극장
Wanna share the #compliment comments toward Kim Junsu & his starring at the muscial ‘Death Note’ from #TamiyaKuriyama “He’s being sometimes so #free and sometimes #radically #extreme yet so #sensitive covering so many colors on the #character He’s the #revolutionary #actor that I would like to be with for more pieces.” Check the bios for details & don’t miss the #performance that will be ongoing till 26th at #SeoulArtsCenter


JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Prepares For First Solo Concert Since Military Discharge

2017.01.17 15:20 Mwave Susan Min
JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong has revealed behind-the-scenes images during his concert preparations.

On January 17, Kim Jae Joong shared photos of his band praticing for his upcoming solo concert through his official SNS channels.

JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Prepares For First Solo Concert Since Military Discharge
In the revealed photos, Kim Jae Joong shows his passion as he is seen practicing with a live band. Fans are especially looking forward to his upcoming concert as it is his first time officially meeting his Asia fans since enlisting in the military almost 2 years ago.

Beginning in Seoul this week, Kim Jae Joong plans to visit Japan cities Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya and will also be visiting Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Thailand.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong′s first Asia Tour since his discharge 2017 KIM JAEJOONG ASIA TOUR in SEOUL ‘The REBIRTH of J′ will hold the first concert in Seoul on January 21.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment


Kim JaeJoong to Hold an Asian Tour “The REBIRTH of J”

JaeJoong will be touring 8 Asian cities for his Asian Tour.

C-JeS entertainment stated “Starting with 2017 KIM JAEJOONG ASIA TOUR in SEOUL ‘The REBIRTH of J’ that will be performed on 21st at the Korea University Tiger Dome, JaeJoong will be touring Asia to greet his fans. He will visit Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau, and Taiwan to greet his local fans.”
JaeJoong has set a big record of selling out his Seoul concert tickets in 1 minute, announcing his strong return. With the news of his Asian Tour, fans and even the media is expected to show great anticipation for his concerts.
Representative said, “With the news of Kim JaeJoong’s Seoul and Japan tours, fans from all over Asia have requested for additional concerts in their regions, so we’ve confirmed Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau, and Taiwan. Being able to perform 13 concerts days despite the long break in career proves that many fans all over Asia still love JaeJoong.”
JaeJoong will be holding “2017 KIM JAEJOONG ASIA TOUR in SEOUL ‘The REBIRTH of J’” on 21st and 22nd at Korea University Tiger Dome.
Jaejoong, kim jaejoong, jyj, the rebirth of j, concerts, 2017

Kim JaeJoong to Hold an Asian Tour “The REBIRTH of J” ★Kpopmap - Global Hallyu Online Media


Jaejoong Update
JYJ added 3 new photos.
연습실에서도 빛나는 원조 비주얼 쇼크!
아침부터 재중이의 미모가 여러분들의 심장을 후드리챱챱!

#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #2017_KIMJAEJOONG_ASIATOUR #The_REBIRTH_of_J #아시아투어 #연습실 #비하인드공개 #열혈연습모드 #남신미모 #콘서트 #기대감폭발 #서울 #21_22일 #고려대학교 #화정체육관
#Good morning! Wanna share the behind-the-scene of Kim Jaejoong, his being at the practice room! Looks #gorgeous indeed! His #Asian tour concert is coming up. Stay tuned & don’t miss on 21st & 22nd in #Seoul #KoreaUniversity

Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and standing

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Enjoy the #revealed pic of Kim Jaejoong taken at his practice room! His #Asian tour concert is coming up as D-4! Looks #awesome & #fabulous Stay tuned & don’t miss the moments!


Junsu Update
모두 본방사수 하셨죠?
우리의 슈스 김준수는 어젯밤도 빛났네요‼️
#김준수 #무대에서_다시만나요 #슈퍼스타 #오늘부턴_천재명탐정 #내성적인보스 #tvN #드라마 #카메오 #특별출연 #뮤지컬 #데스노트 # #샤엘
Did #U catch up with #us on tvN #Kdrama #IntrovertedBoss right? Thank #U all being w/him #KimJunSu Stay tuned in him & the #musical #DeathNote

Image may contain: 28 people, people smiling


Waiting for Yuchun...

Blackmailers in Yoochun's sexual assault case sentenced to penal servitude

By beansss  

The 1st blackmailer who accused JYJ's Yoochun of sexual assault back in June of 2016, woman A, has been sentenced to penal servitude by the Seoul District Central Court. 

Three individuals involved in Yoochun's 1st blackmail case were sentenced on January 17. Woman A was sentenced to 2 years of penal servitude, while her boyfriend B, to 1 year and 6 months, and acquaintance C, to 2 years and 6 months. 

Back in June, woman A accused Yoochun of sexually assaulting her in a bathroom at an adult cafe, but when her charges were reported by the media, she cancelled her accusations, stating, "There was no force involved." 

Police concluded that Yoochun was innocent in the accused case, and revealed that woman A had blackmailed Yoochun and his company C-Jes Entertainment an amount of 500 million KRW (~$448,895 USD).

Yoochun is currently still being investigated for soliciting prostitution, and is also serving as a public worker in Gangnam in place of his mandatory military service.


Park Yoochun’s Accuser Receives Prison Sentence For False Accusation And Blackmail

A ruling has been made in the false accusation and blackmail case against the woman who sued Park Yoochun for sexual assault back in 2016.

January 17, Judge Choi Jong Jin ruled in Park Yoochun’s favor during the first trial of the case, sentencing the woman, hereafter referred to as “A,” to two years in prison. Mr. Hwang, the gang member who was involved in the blackmailing, was sentenced to two years and six months in prison, while A’s boyfriend was sentenced to one year and six months.

Judge Choi Jong Jin said, “The bathroom of the adult entertainment facility in which [A] claimed she was sexually assaulted has a lock on the inside. Considering that fact, it is difficult to understand why [A] did not leave the bathroom or yell for help.”

He continued, “Even after [A] left the bathroom, she stayed with Park Yoochun’s friends to hang out, and after Park Yoochun’s party left, she was seen laughing and happily talking to a waiter. These facts confirm suspicions that [A’s] claims of sexual assault were false.”

“Because of this incident, through which Park Yoochun was painted as a sexual offender, he, in addition to economic damages, received irreparable damage to his public image, and now his future as a celebrity is uncertain. Considering the fact that the defendants made no efforts to right their wrongs and consistently offered the same, ridiculous excuses, they are deserving of severe punishment.”

Previously, in June 2016, A’s boyfriend and Mr. Hwang, upon hearing from A that she was sexually assaulted by Park Yoochun, demanded money from C-JeS Entertainment. A couple days later, the two threatened to take the alleged sexual assault public. However, when their plan failed even after they filed a lawsuit, they went back on their word and said later that there was no sexual assault, and that the sexual relations were consensual.

Source (1)


Charismatic Jaejoong

, ‘카리스마 뚝뚝 흐르는 눈빛’

topstarnews#topstarnews #JYJ #김재중, ‘카리스마 뚝뚝 흐르는 눈빛’

[TR] : Kim Jaejoong having eyes that charisma trickle down "drip drip"
Trans via Jaetaku

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[CAMEO] 170116 Junsu in 'Introverted Boss' Korean Drama TOP STAR

Xia Girl21

via XIAkiss

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Jaejoong IG Updates

jj_1986_jj ins

jj_1986_jj ins おやすみ

jj_1986_jj ins 😊

[IG] Kim Jaejoong seonbae-nim, we respect you so much: Bolbbalgan I (respect) you more:
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JYJ shared Pikicast's video.
그거알아? 눈과 귀를 사로잡는 김재중표 멜팅라이브~
팬들을 바라보는 스윗재중의 눈빛에 녹아든다....

나만봐라이브 비하인드 ▶️

Jaejoong to appear via PikiCast
cjes.tagram ins 재중의 ‘나만봐 라이브’ 대공개!

#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #피키캐스트 #Pikicast #나만봐라이브 #NO_X #그거알아 #밤새 #돌려볼 #혜자영상 #지금 #심장이_뻐렁친다 #두근두근 #씨제스타그램
'Just #keep an #eye on ME' of Kim Jaejoong thru Pikicast! Hit the bio for it! Be ready & get #together

Still looks so handsome though he came back in 2 years Return of the King! Sob sob, he came to Piki at last A series of eye contact

[VIDEO/GIF/PICS] 170116 Kim 's PikiCast


Hello Jae! Handsome  

jj_1986_jj ins  

jj_1986_jj ins 갈사람

[IG] Who wants to go to sauna or The one who will be go to sauna
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Kim Jaejoong will be heading to Thailand!  Get ready!!! 


Kim Jaejoong...The Rebirth of J

Various News Headlines:
kicks off 8 City 13 Concert Asian Tour on 1/21!!! Seoul-Tokyo-Osaka-Nagoya-Hong Kong-Thailand-Macao-Taiwan

's first Asia Tour after discharge has been confirmed! Distinguished class of the "Concert King"  

"As if there was no hiatus!" confirms 8 city Asian Tour
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Kim Jaejoong at the Golden Disc Awards
"God of Face"

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