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[1Click Scene] Kim JaeJoong to Uie, "I haven't stopped liking you for 28 years" (Manhole Ep.8)


Who's shipping our drama, #Manhole? #Showtime :Thu-Fri 21:50 | Re-run: Fri-Sat 04:20, Sun 13:00, 22:30 Thu 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9) #Starring: #KimJaeJoong, #U_IE, #Baro (#B1A4), #JungHyeSung

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denied the news abt PD replacement but adding an additional PD for a better story

Related News: KBS and MBC have started a strike right now. These events will definitely affect productions. Hopefully, Manhole will be able to push on through.


Manhole: Episode 8 ==>

Manhole: Episode 8

This week, we soldier on with Pil’s ever-present goal of trying to figure out where his relationship with Soo-jin went wrong. Except this time, while hunting for the truth, he’ll have to face a secret that he never even saw coming. A time is quickly approaching when he’ll have to choose between the love he’s wanted all his life and a friendship that could become something more, so he better get himself figured out, and soon.
  EPISODE 8: “Confession, that difficult homework”

It’s a bright sunny day at the manhole, and two women with smoothies walk by, talking about the handsome (but strange) part-timer at the juice stand. As they pass the manhole, the current date flashes across the cover: 12:00 p.m. on August 31, 2017.
Out of the manhole, Pil jerks awake to find himself sitting at Jin-sook’s juice stand, wearing an employee apron and facing a line of grumpy customers demanding juice. Taking it all in stride, Pil makes their orders before taking in his surroundings in this new future. Remembering his most recent trip to the past, Pil frets about how he was still unable to confess his feelings to Soo-jin back in 2012.

Still, Soo-jin did say that she liked him, so Pil is certain that things must have worked out between them this time around. He gets up to go find her, but is immediately yanked back down by… the manacle around his foot, chaining him to the stand. (Umm, wut?)
Just as he starts freaking out, Jin-sook arrives and reminds the shocked Pil that she had to tie him down to keep him from constantly running away from work. Pil calls her insane, but Jin-sook leans in close and growls that he’s that one who made her so crazy.
Jin-sook reminds him that she always pays him on time, so he should do his work accordingly, driving home the point/threat with a cleaver pointed at Pil’s face.

Pil gapes at Jin-sook, but quickly rallies and tries to use the old “I have to pee” excuse to get her to release him. She just tells him to go ahead and pee, handing him an empty bottle to use. Heh… and ew.
Jin-sook heads out to pick up more fruit, and while she’s gone, Pil spies the keys to freedom hanging just out of reach. He tries to get them down (creatively using a banana when his arm proves too short) but only succeeds in knocking them out of the truck.
Luckily, two young boys pass by, and Pil calls them over to help. And so, Jin-sook returns to find her truck stand sans one part-timer.

Pil heads off to look for Soo-jin, believing that everything between them is now fixed. He finds her coming out of her house and greets her warmly, remarking on how pretty she looks. Strangely though, Soo-jin gives him a decidedly chilly welcome, leading Pil to ask if they fought.
Soo-jin just sighs at him, but before she says anything, a car drives up, and a nicely dressed Jae-hyun emerges. Soo-jin happily walks over to him while Pil stammers out that she can’t possibly still be dating this guy.
With an eye roll, Soo-jin jumps into Jae-hyun’s car and the two drive off, leaving Pil completely confused.

Checking in with the Jung-ae, Dal-soo, and Gu-gil triangle, we find that Jung-ae is currently staying/living with Dal-soo at the DVD rental store. The two are having lunch together and Jung-ae is not-so-subtly dropping hints about marriage, though her face falls when Dal-soo philosophically muses that he’ll save marriage for his next life.
Gu-gil comes into the store and makes a few pouty digs about the two of them living together, then plops himself down, grabbing food away from the lovebirds in spite of Jung-ae snapping at him to leave.
Pil arrives at the store as well and everyone jokes that he “escaped” from Jin-sook’s stand yet again. Pil asks if Soo-jin is still getting married to Jae-hyun, but Dal-soo points out that Soo-jin has been too busy to get engaged, reminding Pil that her studio opening is today.

Soo-jin goes to see Jin-sook, who is apparently catering her studio opening celebration later. Soo-jin casually asks how Pil is doing, but when Jin-sook snarls that he ran away again, Soo-jin lies that she hasn’t seen him.
Soo-jin asks how it’s going with him, and Jin-sook sighs that it’s like raising a son, since he’s always running off into trouble. Jin-sook is distracted to see Jae-hyun waiting at the car, and congratulates her friend on her good luck to find such a boyfriend.

Pil’s mom and dad have bought a massage chair, and are happily trying it out when Pil runs past both of them up to his room. He goes through all of his clothing and, thinking of the sharply dressed Jae-hyun from earlier, despairs that he doesn’t have a single nice outfit to wear to Soo-jin’s studio opening. But then he recalls Jin-sook saying she always paid him on time and hurriedly digs his account book out of his nightstand.
Pil grins to see that he’s saved a small fortune, praising himself on apparently living a good life. Then he sees that the most recent transaction wiped out the entire account, turning the current balance to zero. He worries how that could have happened, and downstairs, Mom twitters happily over their new massage chair. (Oh no they didn’t!)

While Mom and Dad gush over how lucky they are to have married one another, Pil trudges downstairs and asks his parents if they know anything about his bank account getting cleaned out. Dad readily answers, “These days, filial duty is self-serving.” Pil gapes at them and then stutters out that they couldn’t possibly have used all his money to buy themselves a massage chair, right?
But of course, they have. Mom grins, saying that she’s finally proud to have a son, but Pil rants that they had no right to take his salary money. Dad argues back that they gave birth to him, raised him, and fed him, so of course they have the right. Mom even points out that all he uses the money for is alcohol anyway.

Pil huffs that he needed that money to buy new clothes for Soo-jin’s studio opening, so Mom digs out one of Dad’s old suits. The parents coo over how handsome their son is, but Pil looks aghast at the ill-fitting, thirty-year-old suit.
He grumps that he’ll just wear his own clothes, and Mom agrees that it doesn’t really matter if Pil looks nice, since Soo-jin has such a great boyfriend now. They both advise him to finally let go of his crush, telling him to be good to Jin-sook instead since she gave him a job and takes such good care of him.

Jung-ae, her boys, and Seok-tae arrive at Soo-jin’s studio opening, and the friends all happily congratulate her on her success. Pil enters behind the group and frowns to see Soo-jin holding Jae-hyun’s hand.
Pil listens as Jung-ae plays exposition fairy, revealing that the studio actually belonged to a friend of Jae-hyun’s who was moving abroad. Jae-hyun had convinced him to let Soo-jin have it, and Jung-ae sighs over Soo-jin’s lucky love life.

Pil finally make his presence known, though Seok-tae yells at him for coming alone when he was supposed to help Jin-sook bring the catering food over. Seok-tae starts to run out, but Soo-jin stops him, saying she’ll go instead.
Pil runs out after her and asks Soo-jin how she could be dating Jae-hyun when she had said that she liked him. Soo-jin scoffs that that was a long time ago, but Pil insists that he thought they both knew that they liked one another.

We flash back to that night on the bench when Pil had started to return Soo-jin’s feelings, but the manhole had pulled him away before he could finish the words. He’d disappeared right in front of Soo-jin, and she had leapt up looking around for him.
Back in the present, Soo-jin asks how she could know how he felt as he never once said that he liked her, always running away during those important moments. (Um, he didn’t run away – he vanished! Are we really just glossing over that?!)
Soo-jin starts to brush past him, but Pil grabs her arm, asking if he did something to make her be so cold toward him. Agitated, Soo-jin snaps that he didn’t, then walks back inside. Around the corner, Jin-sook arrives in time to see Pil running after her.

Soo-jin returns to the studio, and suddenly all the lights turn off. A movie screen lights up, and everyone turns to see Jae-hyun on the screen. Addressing Soo-jin, he reminds her of when they first met and jokes that if she feels bad about making him work so hard to woo her, then she can make it up to him now.
The lights turn back on, and Jae-hyun comes out from behind a curtain holding a bouquet. Walking right past Pil, Jae-hyun goes to one knee in front of Soo-jin and proposes to her. Soo-jin hesitates a moment, but as all her friends urge her to answer, she accepts with a smile.
Everyone claps while Soo-jin happily hugs her fiancé, and Pil watches from the doorway, looking absolutely heartbroken.

The friends (sans the newly engaged couple) go out for ice cream after. Everyone is chatting about the proposal, but both Pil and Jin-sook sit solemnly. Pil asks the others if there is anything he did wrong to Soo-jin, but they soundly answer that he didn’t do anything wrong – he just can’t compete with someone as great as Jae-hyun.
Dal-soo argues that Soo-jin and Jae-hyun are destined, since he was the one who returned her lost camera. Both Pil and Jin-sook look up at that, and Pil is confused, thinking that if Soo-jin found the camera, then she must have seen his video.

Afterward, Dal-soo and Jung-ae walk back together, and Jung-ae coyly wonders out loud if she will get proposed to soon. Dal-soo quickly changes the subject, but this time, Jung-ae will not be deterred.
She asks him if he has any intention of marrying her, but Dal-soo argues that they’re both still young — and besides, they don’t need to get married. Jung-ae barks that lots of people get married and live happily, and angrily asks if he sees her as anything other than someone who just cooks and cleans for him.
Dal-soo asks how she can think that, but she yells back that he’s never once even said that he loves her. Muttering that she’s getting tired of this, Jung-ae marches off.

At her Juice truck, Jin-sook thinks back to the night that she’d seen Pil’s video confession to Soo-jin. As it turns out, Jin-sook had almost deleted the message, but pulled back at the last second, unable to do it. She left the camera behind on the bench, video intact.
In the present, Jin-sook wonders why Soo-jin never saw the video if Jae-hyun returned the camera to her.
Her musings are interrupted by Seok-tae, who’s stopped by on his way to the study hall. He sees that her blender is broken and eagerly grabs it from her, promising to fix it.

Pil goes to see Soo-jin as she’s cleaning up the studio from the party. She isn’t really welcoming, but he asks why she didn’t see the video he left for her even though she got her camera back. She says that she checked the camera, but there was nothing there except the pictures they took that day.
Pil chases her outside asking if the video was deleted, but Soo-jin pushes past him, snipping that maybe the video was never there in the first place. He stops her, suggesting that maybe her fiancé had deleted that video to have a chance with her.

Soo-jin takes offence at the accusation and growls back that it makes more sense that Pil never actually recorded a video. The argument gets heated when Pil snarks that Soo-jin cares more for successful pharmacists than part-timers like himself. This is too far, and Soo-jin, glaring, stalks off.
Soo-jin storms back into her studio, but immediately grabs her old camera to once against check the memory card, wondering if she possibly missed something. Still finding nothing, Soo-jin yells, frustrated at Pil for bringing this all up now as she worries about why she’s feeling so conflicted.
On his way back, Pil crosses paths with Jae-hyun and finally gets to confront his mortal enemy. He asks if Jae-hyun saw the video he left for Soo-jin in camera, but Jae-hyun blandly answers that he didn’t really look through the pictures, so he doesn’t remember seeing it.

Pil accuses Jae-hyun of deleting the video so he could pursue Soo-jin, but the pharmacist calmly responds that maybe someone else erased it before he found the camera. Jae-hyun starts to walk off, but Pil stops him with an arm to the chest, pushing him back. Getting in his face, Pil warns, “Maybe you were able to deceive other people, but you can’t fool me.”
Pil is certain that it was him, and Jae-hyun answers that if that’s the case, nothing he says will make a difference. He says that with the opening of her studio, Soo-jin is getting a fresh start on life, so he wants Pil to let her go. Jae-hyun promises to take care of her from now on before striding away.

After her fight with Dal-soo, Jung-ae is found by Gu-gil when he runs up with ice cream for her. He tries to ask her what she sees in Dal-soo, but Jung-ae honestly asks how she can answer such a question in good conscience, when she knows how Gu-gil feels toward her.
That night, a smartly dressed Gu-gil waits for Jung-ae in front of her home, holding flowers and a teddy bear. Using the bear for practice, he rehearses his dating proposal to Jung-ae, promising to always make her smile. And, he adds, “I will always let you have meat.” Oh, you adorable dummy.
Jung-ae is walking home, wondering if she should stay out tonight to make Dal-soo worry, when she collides with someone carrying a giant bear and bouquet. She tries to hand the bear back, but the man keeps pushing it into her arms. He slowly lowers the flowers, and lo and behold, it’s Dal-soo, looking sweetly nervous.

Apologizing for never telling her his feelings before, Dal-soo kneels down and presents her with a couple ring. He asks her to continue on this journey together, promising to consider marriage further down the road.
Jung-ae giddily accepts, but when Dal-soo tries to put the ring on her finger, it’s almost too tight, making her wince. (Why hello, Symbolism.)
Dal-soo puts the bear on his shoulders, and the happy couple walks off. Behind them, Gu-gil watches them go, sadly clutching his much smaller bear and bouquet.

Jin-sook is closing her truck for the night when Pil shows up, dejected from his confrontations with both Soo-jin and Jae-hyun. He apologizes for bailing today, saying that these days, he’s “literally living life by the day.” Heh, Jin-sook remarks that that’s a new excuse.
The two of them go to the BongBong Pub, and Pil gets thoroughly tipsy. He reveals to Jin-sook that Soo-jin had confessed to him the day before he left for the army, and slurs that if only she had found the video he left, then things wouldn’t have gotten so messed up.
Jin-sook tries to get him to go home, but Pil keeps whimpering softly that a part-timer like him has nothing he could offer Soo-jin, and the only thing he ever did was steal his parents’ camera for her. Pil passes out on the table with Jin-sook looking on sympathetically.

At his study desk, Seok-tae fixes Jin-sook’s blender, getting all excited when he succeeds in spite of the other people shushing at him.
Pil wakes up at Jin-sook’s house and groggily tries to pour himself some water, but spills some on the floor by accident. Pil starts combing Jin-sook’s drawers for a towel, but stops short to find a small stack of the letters that he had sent to Soo-jin from the army.
As Pil processes this, Jin-sook returns home, cheerfully noting that he’s awake. Slowly, Pil holds up the letters. He asks why she has them, and Jin-sook’s face immediately pales.

Jin-sook grabs the letters and starts to tell Pill off for looking through her things, but Pil wants to know what’s going on – did Soo-jin ask Jin-sook to hold these for her? Jin-sook quietly ekes out that Soo-jin doesn’t know, and Pil puts together that Jin-sook intercepted the letters.
He yells at Jin-sook, demanding to know why, and she yells back that she had to. We flash back to when Pil was in the army: Soek-tae’s postman father had run into Jin-sook while she was on her way to Soo-jin’s and asked her to drop off her friend’s mail for him.
After he’d driven away, Jin-sookhadt looked at the letters from Pil (which were covered in hearts) and walked away, taking the letters with her.

Back in 2017, Pil assumes that Jin-sook did it as some kind of joke and shouts at her for taking things so far when she knew what Soo-jin meant to him. Jin-sook answers that it wasn’t a joke: “I did it because I like you.”
Pil is dumbstruck for a moment, then feebly tries to pretend that Jin-sook is still jesting. Face serious, she reveals that she’s liked him since high school. As Pil stares, Jin-sook adds, “You were too busy looking at Soo-jin to notice, but I’ve always liked you.”
Another flashback, this time to their high school years. Jin-sook is smiling as she draws a picture of Pil in chalk on the school steps, but quickly hides the sketch when Pil joins her to ask for a favor. Taking her hand and holding it tightly, Pil asks if she’ll help him. Clearly flustered by the handhold, Jin-sook agrees. Later that day, Pil tries (and seriously fails) to confess to Soo-jin with his balloon bike.

Returning to the present, Jin-sook admits that seeing his unfailing love for Soo-jin for over twenty-eight years, she thought that she should give up. But each day, when she saw his face again, she fell for him once more. Pil murmurs that he honestly had no idea.
Jin-sook continues, saying that she thought that if Pil was with Soo-jin, then she would finally be able to give up. But as the years passed, he and Soo-jin remained only friends, so she just couldn’t stop.
Pil starts to say something, but Jin-sook cuts him off, pointing out that Soo-jin has Jae-hyun now. Looking poignantly hopeful, she asks him, “So give me a chance, please?” Pil apologizes, but admits he can’t answers her right now.

Saying they can talk another time, Pil leaves Jin-sook’s apartment. She follows him outside and watches as he walks away, tears streaming down her face. Just then, Seok-tae runs up with her fixed blender, but stops to see her looking at Pil.
It’s a one giant relay of sadness, with Jin-sook staring after Pil and Seok-tae watching her. Finally, Seok-tae (ironically wearing a shirt with a broken heart on it) turns away when Jin-sook starts crying.
Later, Soo-jin comes home to find Pil waiting outside her house. She tries to walk past, but he immediately asks if she stopped liking him because he never returned any of her letters from the army.

She says it was, asking why he never wrote back. Pil says that he did write, but, hesitating to implicate Jin-sook, says that there must have been some kind of accident with his letters. Soo-jin doesn’t buy it, but when he tries to explain further, she tells him to just forget about it, since she already has.
Pil stops her, asking how it was so easy for her to get over her feelings. He says that he hasn’t forgotten a single moment of their time together, and everything is still fresh in his mind. He maintains that it was clear they liked each other, so how could she not know his feelings just because she never saw the video? He made it so obvious, so there was no way she couldn’t have known.

Looking at her almost desperately, Pil confesses:

“I haven’t stopped liking you for twenty-eight years. I may have skipped my meal, but my heart for you has never changed. I may have stayed up all night, but I’ve never stopped thinking about you. I’ve slacked off on my studies for twenty-eight years, but I’ve never slacked off with my feelings for you. Soo-jin. I like you. I like you, you fool!”
Soo-jin listens to everything, then calmly answers that she doesn’t care: She’s moved on. She says that he may have been living in the past for the last twenty-eight years, but she has to live in the present. Asking him to please stop this now, she heads inside.
Pil sighs, discouraged, and down the street, Jae-hyun steps out from around the corner and stares at Pil, having heard everything.

In her room, Soo-jin sits at her desk and takes out the old digital camera that Pil gave her (the one he stole from his parents). Looking at it, Soo-jin speaks to the camera like it is Pil, apologizing for behind so harsh to him. She admits that the more he tries to get close, that harder it is for her. “So, let’s please stop now.”
Soo-jin takes out a picture from the same drawer the camera was in — it’s a photo of her and Pil from high school. Using her hand, Soo-jin covers herself in the picture and, without her as the focus, we can clearly see Jin-sook in the background, gazing at Pil. (Oooh! So, she knew?)

Pil walks back that night, checking the time and wondering if he should try and fix things here, or jump back in the manhole for another redo. He decides that he shouldn’t risk missing the manhole and getting stuck here in this time, but then he comes upon Jin-sook.
She’s sitting outside her apartment right where he left her, sobbing like her heart has been torn apart. (Oof.) Seeing her, Pil wonders how he can return their friendship back to the way it once was.
Pil stands there looking at his heartbroken friend, and on the other side of town, the light above the manhole gives its telltale flicker. The wind blows across the manhole cover, but Pil is still standing outside Jin-sook’s house, watching his friend cry.

Epilogue. Jae-hyun sits at a desk in his darkened apartment and watches… Pil’s video confession! (Ack! It was him!) Eyes narrowing at the screen, he scrutinizes Pil as he pours his heart out to the camera. When he gets to the part where Pil admits his love for Soo-jin, Jae-hyun stands up and angrily throws the computer off his desk, sending it crashing into the wall.
The computer screen freezes on Pil’s face and Jae-hyun glares at him, growling, “He keeps annoying me.”

Yikes! Well, we’ve covered comedy, tragedy, and rom-com, so I guess it’s time to add some spine-tingling suspense to the smorgasbord that is Manhole. I have to say though, that epilogue was quite a surprising character change for our mild-mannered, possibly cheating pharmacist.
So I’m equal parts proud and disappointed in Jin-sook this week. I completely understand the jealousy and pain that led her to consider deleting Pil’s video, but I’m relieved that she couldn’t go through with it. However, even though she didn’t delete it, she still left it on some random bench. Glossing over the fact that it was a very expensive piece of equipment belonging to her friend, leaving the camera behind was pretty much the same thing as deleting the video – either way, Soo-jin will never see it. It would be one thing if – like she claimed — she had only waited to see if Pil and Soo-jin would come together before confessing, but between the camera loss and letter theft, she played an active role in keeping them apart.
I am glad that it was Jae-hyun and not Jin-sook who deleted the video, except it does show an alarming level of manipulation if he started their entire relationship on such a large violation of trust. That means he eliminated a rival, purposefully approached Soo-jin, and manufactured a “meet-cute” with her, all based on a few photos he saw of her in the camera. And now he’s chucking computers into walls while looking rather psychotic. Seriously, where are we going with this? Do we need to call in Bong-soon?

One thing that became clear to me in this episode is that the show is exhibiting a clear lack of direction and purpose. I’m all for a character-driven plot, but to do that, you need fully developed characters with consistent story arcs. Instead, the exaggerated butterfly effect means that our character’s storylines are constantly changing, making it so each timeline has its own agenda without an overarching goal to tie them all together. I had thought that the endgame had been for Pil to stop Soo-jin’s wedding, but now I just want him to save Soo-jin from the potentially psychopathic pharmacist.
With the ever-changing timelines and no solid central plot to anchor us, I’m feeling rather adrift while watching the show. I do enjoy the characters, but I find myself asking what the point of it all is. Will Pil just keep jumping back and forth until he runs out of alien time-traveling fairy dust? We’re now halfway through the show and it is past time for some answers, gosh darn it! And I will not be distracted, no matter how many beautiful stares Jaejoong directs my way.
Well, okay… maybe a little distraction is fine. *Sigh.*



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IG Song "Yell" by Ikimonogakari Lyrics translation
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[IG] Korea's 15th President Kim Daejung's 123 Maxims for young people who've lost path in harsh life, "Learning" (Added TR of 1 maxim)
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[PT TR]Intro to book Learning <3 how struggles to become a better man/never stops searching to live worthy life RESPECT


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카리스마 냉미남 VS 부드러운 온미남 (봉필.ver)
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Charisma+Gentle Smile shows off polarizing charms in behind cut
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Manhole: Episode 7

In theory, a simple “I like you” shouldn’t be so difficult to utter, but for the past twenty something years, Pil has not once been able to say those words to Soo-jin in person. Stammering always gets the best of him, and there’s only so much waiting Soo-jin can do before walking away. This manhole trip transports Pil to a critical day in the past, and he’s determined to get it right this time by prioritizing love first.
  EPISODE 7: “What is it that blocked us?”

The night of September 10, 2012, two days before Pil’s enlistment, Pil and the usual gang share drinks by the Han River. The guys (Pil, Gu-gil, Dal-soo, Seok-tae) are at one table, and the girls (Jung-ae, Soo-jin, Jin-sook) are at another. Soo-jin asks Jung-ae what she particularly likes about Dal-soo, and Jung-ae answers that he’s an aloof and innocent intellectual who doesn’t show any interest in her, yet he sometimes makes her heart flutter.
Jin-sook disapproves and warns Jung-ae to be alert because Dal-soo has the qualities of a bad boy. Jung-ae then asks Soo-jin and Jin-sook about their ideal types, and Soo-jin glances at sad and tipsy Pil as she answers that instead of a calculative guy, she prefers a nice and loyal one who’s athletic.

Jin-sook says she likes a guy who’s modest, but one who looks after her from behind and gives her strength. She glances at Pil while she says this, and Jung-ae takes note of her friends’ preferences and replies that their ideal types sound like someone she already knows. We see Soo-jin and Jin-sook eye Pil before cheerfully clinking shots of soju.
It’s a beautiful, tranquil morning the next day in the neighborhood — streets are clean and flowers are in full bloom. Pil is fast asleep in his room when Soo-jin enters and gently shakes him awake. He’s startled to see Soo-jin telling him to eat the home-cooked breakfast comprised of all his favorite food downstairs.

After she leaves, Pil wonders why she’s acting like a housewife since there’s no reason for her to make breakfast at his house. Suddenly it dawns on him: “Did I get married to Soo-jin?!” I don’t think so buddy, but enjoy your few minutes of joy while they last.
Feeling giddy that the dreadful manhole finally blessed him with a jackpot, Pil scrambles to get changed and heads downstairs to experience the moment he’s always wanted. He assumes there aren’t any kids in the picture yet, and before he can taste Soo-jin’s food, Soo-jin pushes him to the bathroom to wash his hands. Pil shrieks when he finds his dad sitting on the toilet and wonders why he’s at the home of two newlyweds.

At the table, his mom informs Pil that Soo-jin sweetly cooked various dishes just for Pil. Confused, Pil turns to Soo-jin and asks if they got married, haha. Everyone seems baffled by his question and figures Pil’s still hungover, so Pil tries again: “Is today my birthday?”
That doesn’t seem to change anything, so his mom says, “Sure, let’s go with that.” They dig in, and when his parents and Soo-jin offer him lettuce wraps by hand, he’s so overwhelmed by their bizarre coddling that he bolts out. Gu-gil stops by and concernedly asks Pil if he’s all right, and Pil answers that he feels weird, the people he knows are acting weird, and his own neighborhood feels foreign. Gu-gil seems to understand and grabs him in a bear hug as he emotionally states that it’s already the end.

Pil asks Gu-gil what he means by that, but Gu-gil says that Pil knows better. Pil grows serious and asks if he’s dying (again), but this upsets Gu-gil, who says he’ll see Pil later before walking away. Believing that everyone’s been so good to him because he’s dying (again), Pil angrily curses the manhole and runs there to destroy it, ignoring Soo-jin’s calls to eat.
Soo-jin watches him run away and thinks to herself that Pil is strange; his gaze is on her, but she has no idea where his heart lies. “He’s always close, but feels far away which is why when I see him, I’m happy, but always feeling sad.”

Pil sits before the manhole, fed up that although he’s not in a coma, he’s now dying and has no idea what to do now. “Why did you reset everything, rendering everything I’ve done useless?!” he wails. Jin-sook happens to be there, so she orders Pil to help carry her groceries, and despite feeling offended that a dying person is being bossed around, Pil begrudgingly carries all the groceries for Jin-sook.
Over at her rooftop, Jin-sook chides Pil for not skewering shish kebabs in the correct order of meat and veggies. Still thinking his time on earth is limited, Pil is appalled by Jin-sook’s quip that she’ll sell skewers at his funeral depending on how many people show up. But Jin-sook tells him to stop exaggerating since he’s not dying and that two years will fly by — plus, she’ll write to him.

Pil’s unsure by what Jin-sook means, but then he asks her what year it is and freaks out when he realizes that today is one day before his enlistment. It all starts to make sense to him, and he remembers that all his friends (except for Soo-jin) had gathered for farewell drinks on this day. In flashback, everyone was at the bar, and Jung-ae had explained that Soo-jin wasn’t present because she got drenched while taking photos. To make matters worse, Soo-jin’s camera also broke, which ended her chances to enter a photo contest.
Back in the present, Pil realizes that he missed his chance to profess his love to Soo-jin then and decides to feign having the runs to avoid having to skewer meats with Jin-sook. He groans and keels over, thoroughly grossing out Jin-sook, and frantically tells her that he has to go home to use his toilet since he’ll most likely clog hers, lol. Jin-sook tells him to hurry back when he’s done and sadly realizes that today’s the last day she’ll see his stupid shenanigans.
Pil runs and decides to treat today as if it were his final chance to profess his love to Soo-jin, planning to profess with the desperation of a man enlisting tomorrow.

Elsewhere, the friend gang marvels at Jin-sook’s new food truck, which she’s named “Bong Pil’s Skewers.” While a few of them don’t love the name, they all congratulate Jin-sook nonetheless for winning a new menu contest and for using the money to start her own business. At the same time, Jung-ae continues to shamelessly flirt with Dal-soo, much to Gu-gil’s chagrin.
Soo-jin arrives and takes a photo of the gang in front of Jin-sook’s truck on the first day of business. She apologizes for not being able to help out since she has to take photos for a contest. Gu-gil wonders why Pil hasn’t shown up yet, and Pil doesn’t answer when Jin-sook tries calling him.

Suddenly, Soo-jin’s phone rings, and it’s Pil who’s calling. Soo-jin tells Pil that everyone’s waiting for him to arrive, but Pil merely tells her that it’s going to rain today and advises against shooting, since she’ll get drenched and break her camera. But she doesn’t believe him because it’s sunny out, so before she hangs up, Pil asks her where she plans on shooting.
Soo-jin tells her friends that Pil still seems hungover since he’s spouting nonsense, and she assures Jin-sook that Pil will probably come even though he didn’t explicitly say so. She apologizes again for not being able to help out, and Jin-sook sweetly wishes Soo-jin well on her shoot. The food truck crew decides to get going sans Pil.

Soo-jin eagerly arrives at a lovely outdoor garden to find Pil already waiting for her. She’s surprised to see him there when he’s supposed to help Jin-sook out, but Pil says he didn’t want to waste today making skewers, so he’s here to be Soo-jin’s assistant. Soo-jin says that Jin-sook was counting on him, but Pil says that the others will help her out and adds that he has something to say to her (which he’ll divulge later today).
As they walk in together, Pil tells Soo-jin that she can use him however she wants today, adding that he’ll do anything for her. She’s surprised by his sudden maturity, and Pil asks that she visit him often in the army if she wins the contest, since he had some part in it. As Soo-jin goes off to photograph something, Pil asks for forgiveness for choosing love (Soo-jin) over friendship (Jin-sook).

While Soo-jin goes around photographing flowers, Pil happily holds her bag and offers her water, alternating between assisting and modeling for her photos. They’re all smiles and laughter as they take turns photographing each other, and there’s a cute moment where little birds perch on their hands.
Pil can’t take his eyes off Soo-jin the whole time, and the two take selfies and take a ride on the carousel.

Meanwhile, Jin-sook and Seok-tae have the grill fired up on the food truck to serve chicken skewers to the customers. But Gu-gil, Jung-ae, and Dal-soo are too busy off to the side stuffing themselves with delicious skewers to be very useful. When Jin-sook scolds them, they decide to get up and try to attract more customers.
Seok-tae struggles to make more skewers, so Jin-sook takes over and tells him that he should just stick to studying. He doesn’t like that he’s so incompetent, but Jin-sook orders him to take a break nonetheless.
In a bid to be helpful, Seok-tae offers to get more water since they’re out, but Jin-sook decides to go instead, despite Seok-tae insisting that he’s strong enough. Jin-sook sighs that Pil’s the strong one as she wonders where he went.

Speaking of, Pil tosses coins into a water fountain and asks Soo-jin to join him since her wish may come true, although Soo-jin’s dubious. With his eyes closed and hands clasped, Pil wishes internally for the courage to profess his love to Soo-jin — because if he fails to do so again, he says he’ll throw himself into the fountain and die, haha.
Soo-jin sees how serious Pil looks while making his wish and wonders if he’ll profess, since men tend to spill right before enlisting. She tosses a coin and makes a wish, too. “If Pil is planning on professing, please let him succeed today,” she prays.

We flash back to their high school days and see that Pil had followed Soo-jin around with a bike decorated with flowers and balloons to tell her that he liked her, but he always stammered from nerves and only succeeded in testing Soo-jin’s patience. Jin-sook had walked past him after his failed confession and called him a doofus.
Back in the present, Pil asks Soo-jin what she wished for, but she replies that it’s a secret. Pil says he likes spending his last day of freedom with her, but Soo-jin is more apathetic, which makes him pout and ask if she doesn’t feel the need to be nice to him since he leaves tomorrow. She says she’s not sure about that, but she admits that she does stop worrying about things when she’s with him, which makes Pil smile.

She’s been worried about job prospects, but Pil assures her that he has uncanny foresight and knows that she’ll open an amazing studio, and her photography business will be booming. Soo-jin’s buoyed by that notion and asks him to divulge what he planned on saying to her, but as Pil’s about to start, it starts to rain. Of course.
Pil quickly grabs her camera and shields it with his shirt. They seek cover under a tree, and Pil drapes a raincoat over Soo-jin. She’s alarmed he didn’t bring an extra one for himself, but he assures her he’s fine and makes sure that Soo-jin’s well covered.

From the top of a staircase, Jin-sook freezes when she spots Pil and Soo-jin below. Oh no.
Soo-jin orders Pil to speak up and reveal everything he needs to say to her before the end of the day. Pil promises, and Soo-jin takes the raincoat off so that they can both huddle under it.

Meanwhile, Jin-sook glumly watches the two together as the rain pelts down on her. Seok-tae rushes over with an umbrella, follows her eyeline, and wonders what Pil and Soo-jin are doing down there. Jin-sook instructs him not to go to them since Pil ignored her call just to be with Soo-jin. Ouch.
Dal-soo dramatically recites a poem about rain and sorrow, which instantly impresses Jung-ae. They head back to the food truck, and Jung-ae sticks to Dal-soo’s side like glue while Gu-gil just scoffs.

Back at the food truck, Seok-tae stands next to Jin-sook, appearing concerned for her. Jin-sook figures that soldiers train regardless of the weather, and when Seok-tae tells her not to worry since Pil is strong and athletic, Jin-sook replies that Pil lacks endurance. That statement has her wondering why she knows so much about someone so useless, aww.
The rain stops, and Seok-tae tells Jin-sook that her feelings are akin to a passing rainshower; not seeing Pil will allow her to reconfigure her feelings and notice that there are better guys around her. But Jin-sook interrupts him and says that her feelings aren’t like that, since she’s felt this way for awhile now.

In flashback, we see that when Jin-sook was in high school, she witnessed Pil bring bundles of paper to an elderly woman collecting them and helped the woman bind everything to her wheelbarrow. Jin-sook was touched by his kindness when the other students had feared the old woman was a homeless beggar.
Back in the present, Jin-sook tells Seok-tae that she divulged all this because she knows how hard it is to like someone who doesn’t like her back. She doesn’t want him to do the same.
Meanwhile, Pil and Soo-jin warm themselves up indoors over coffee. Concerned that Pil will catch a cold, Soo-jin gets up to obtain towels.

While she’s away, Pil faces Soo-jin’s camera and presses record. He reveals that he’s making this video message because he’s unsure about whether he can say all this to her face: “Strangely, when I’m around you, I pretend I’m not cold when I am. After spending twenty years with you with that mindset, I think I’ve forgotten how to be honest with you, but for the first time in twenty-three years, I want to be honest with you.”
He continues, “I like you. Remember, your past and my future are connected… please remember me, who’ll always protect you and stay by your side. I’m not sure if you feel the same way I feel right now, but I know I’ll be the same in two years. I like you a lot. No, I love you.”

Pil quickly stops recording when Soo-jin returns with towels. Soo-jin still regrets that she wasn’t able to help Jin-sook today, but he just advises Soo-jin to have her camera with her and says he’ll explain later so as not to ruin the surprise.
Pil’s send-off party is next on the agenda, so they get up to leave, but as they’re heading out, Pil spots Jae-hyun enter with his girlfriend, Young-joo. He does a double-take when he sees Jae-hyun, but doesn’t dwell on it.

The whole gang has gathered at BongBong Pub for Pil’s last night before enlistment, and everyone brought gifts. Jung-ae gives him a photograph of herself (lol), and Gu-gil grabs it when Pil flings it away. Soo-jin gives Pil an album containing photos of all of them so that he can look at them when he’s feeling down.
Jin-sook throws him a package of 100% cotton underwear so he doesn’t get heat rash, ha. Gu-gil takes off his quilted jacket and gives it to Pil, and Dal-soo gives him a book that he claims will keep Pil’s sensitivity alive. Pil thanks his friends and hopes they all realize how precious he is while he’s gone.

Soo-jin appears nervous when Jin-sook asks Pil where he was all day, and Pil fibs that he was on the toilet all day due to army stress. Jin-sook asks Soo-jin if she took any good pictures today, but Pil steps in and says that they can take a look when she wins the contest.
Gu-gil proposes they play truth or dare, but Pil rejects the idea immediately, claiming that the game can ruin friendships. Jin-sook looks at Pil, and we flash back to two nights ago.

Pil was dreading enlistment because there was still something he needed to do, so Jin-sook had taken a seat beside him. He asked her if Soo-jin would think he’s crazy if he asked her to wait two years for him and regretted that he couldn’t just say “I like you” to Soo-jin. Jin-sook had internally wondered why it was hard for her to say those words to Pil, too.
Back in the present, Soo-jin walks home alone and wonders when Pil will speak up since the day is nearly over. Jin-sook catches up to her then, and they decide to catch up at a cafe, just the two of them.

Jin-sook asks Soo-jin what she photographed today, and Soo-jin gives a vague answer. Jin-sook doesn’t press further and watches Soo-jin’s face when Jin-sook mentions that things will be quieter after Pil leaves tomorrow. Soo-jin smiles, and Jin-sook’s about to say something, but decides against it and merely says she was looking at her best friend’s pretty face.
Soo-jin gets an angry call from her mom for staying out too late. In her hurry to get home, Soo-jin ends up leaving her camera behind, and by the time Jin-sook notices, Soo-jin’s already gone.

Soo-jin figures that Pil will leave for the army without telling her anything, but just then, Pil calls her. He’s outside her house and says he left what he wanted to say to her in her camera, urging her to check it out. Soo-jin says she will and hangs up, but panics when she sees that she’s without her camera.
She runs back to the pub to see if she left her camera there, but no luck. Meanwhile, Jin-sook looks through the photos on Soo-jin’s camera. (Uh oh.) She sigh as she flips through photos of Pil and Soo-jin together, then presses play when she lands on Pil’s video.

She’s visibly upset after watching the whole thing, and her finger hovers over the delete button.
Meanwhile, Pil is antsy in his room since he thinks that Soo-jin should’ve seen his video by now, but she hasn’t reacted in any way. He calls out to her through his window, but she’s not in her room, so he steps outside and runs into Jin-sook, who says she came to see him.

“What am I to you?” she asks. Pil grins at the deep question and answers matter-of-factly that Jin-sook is his close friend as he puts his arm around her. But she pushes him away and says she doesn’t want him to feel comfortable around her. Pil’s thrown by this, but before she can explain, Soo-jin calls, so he runs off to meet with her.
And that’s when we see that Jin-sook left Soo-jin’s camera behind on the bench where she went through all of the footage.

Soo-jin waits for Pil on a bench, and Pil nervously takes a seat beside her, wondering if she saw his video message. Soo-jin admits that she misplaced her camera, so she wasn’t able to see his message. To his credit, Pil’s more worried about all the footage she didn’t back up.
Soo-jin tell him that what’s more important than the footage is his video. “What did you say in the video you left for me?” she asks. Pil decides to tell her in person, but he gets nervous and stammers helplessly. Luckily, Soo-jin speaks up first: “I like you, Pil. What about you?”

Pil determines that he must tell her now, but in that moment, he turns transparent, and time freezes. Uh oh, the manhole calls. Just his luck.
He grabs onto the bench and begs for more time to finish his sentence, but he vanishes, and Soo-jin unfreezes and wonders where Pil went.
Elsewhere, Jae-hyun walks past Soo-jin’s camera and picks it up. When he turns it on, he sees a selfie of her.

Meanwhile, on her rooftop, Jin-sook determines that she’ll get to tell Pil how much she likes him one day.
The next morning, Soo-jin narrates that she wasn’t able to hear Pil’s confession until the very end, adding that she wanted to hear his feelings not because she doubted him, but because she wanted to be sure. She says that after two years, both of them will be different, and she wonders what they’ll be like and what they’ll talk about when they meet again.
As she’s having these thoughts, Jae-hyun comes into view and asks if she’s the owner of the camera he’s holding. Soo-jin’s surprised he has it, and he smiles.

Epilogue: Pil watches as Jin-sook gets scolded by Gestapo for not wanting to attend dream colleges like everyone else.
As a result, Jin-sook cries outside, and Pil places a thick envelope of money next to her. He says he won the lottery, but that he has no use for the money. Jin-sook tells him to take it back, but Pil says he wants to be proud of having a friend who attends a good college. He tells Jin-sook to think of it as a scholarship — plus, he’ll be expecting her to help him out if he ends up jobless in the future.
Later, we see Pil getting scolded by the gym teacher for lying about his age in order to work part-time during his senior year. The gym teacher asks Pil if he needed the money to buy expensive clothes, but Pil vaguely answers that he needed to use it for something, and that something is a secret.

Time is really not on Pil’s side. I knew midnight would strike right when he was about to tell Soo-jin he loved her, and when that happened, I couldn’t help but feel pretty irked because we’re seven episodes and four(?) manhole trips in, yet I don’t think Pil has made much progress. Is progress even possible when everything Pil does in the past gets reset and no one except Pil remembers anything?
At the very least, I think it can be said that Pil has had a tiny spurt of personal growth and maturity. But that’s about it, really. The manhole trips are interesting because we never know which place in time he’ll be transported back to, but because everything resets at midnight, I’m left wondering if anything that transpired in the past and whatever actions Pil took differently made a difference at all. Is the manhole supposed to be helping him? If it is, I’m not really getting the sense that it is, though it is doing a great job at complicating matters for Pil.
I guess I was expecting each manhole trip to reveal a new truth for Pil, like how his previous trip allowed him to learn how much his friends and family loved him. But this trip just allowed Pil to spend a whole day with Soo-jin alone, and I wouldn’t consider it a successful trip, since Pil failed to profess his love to her. It’s true that he came pretty close, but close doesn’t cut it because it’s back to square one again when the clock strikes midnight. Also, what would’ve happened if Pil did manage to tell Soo-jin he loved her before midnight? Would the manhole just combust and allow normalcy to resume?

I miss the weight of last week’s episodes, and I appreciated that they felt necessary for once, for character and plot development. This episode, much like the other ones, feels like more of the same. Stuff happened (but not when it mattered the most), Soo-jin and Pil grew closer (but then he left for the army), so… what now? Also, when Pil vanished, what did Soo-jin think happened? It’s bizarre to me that the next morning, she seemed totally unfazed and went about her day figuring that Pil left for the army despite the most abrupt farewell ever. If a friend you were just chatting with suddenly vanished, wouldn’t you be extremely concerned or feel the need to check up on him/her? Or get your sanity checked?
But poor Jin-sook. She’s really the only secondary character who feels fully fleshed out, and I find her more relatable than Soo-jin, but I have a feeling the show may try to permanently push all of us onto the Soo-jin/Pil boat by painting her as the villain for deleting Pil’s video (if she deleted it, that is). I get why Pil ditched Jin-sook for Soo-jin, but it still kind of rubbed me the wrong way that he chose love over friendship. Pil and Soo-jin make a pretty pair, but Pil and Jin-sook makes more sense to me even though it’s never going to happen. Besides, Jin-sook deserves a better guy.
The zany comedy that characterized Manhole in the beginning is gradually becoming less prevalent, but I can’t say that the more dramatic moments from this episode are augmenting the show in any way. Now I’m starting to think that bringing back the silly may not be such a bad idea. On another note, is Pil ever going to get a job? When does adult-ing kick in for him?



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Police Junsu at another Police Promotional event...

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[OTHER IG] [100soom] Instagram: Jaejoong's signature


Cjes and JJ IG Updates

[Cjes IG] offers you refreshing soda on behalf of Pil who frustrated you: Why can't you say it? I like you!

JJ IG Update
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"Yesterday's impact of <It's Over> is too big.."  



5000 days debut, I sincerely thanks everyone for being here with me. Big diff of day & night temp, be careful of catching a cold everyone^^

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Photo published for [V LIVE] [맨홀]고백, 그 어려운 숙제 / [Manhole] making film

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Our is ! Happy for & I'm proud to be one of !

[IG] Just realize while doing my face mask pack that today's 5000th day of my debut... 
IG] Go further than 5000+5000. I will work harder so we can be together on 10000th day! Be healthy, live long, 1000s of yrs everyone!
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Congratulations on your 5000 days since debut Here's to many more days/years 

Sexy is life! 💚😝💚 Congratulations!


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jj_1986_jj's video Our workin' out. BongPil of drama Hwaiting! 
[IG] Let's punish(my body) as much as I had it rested...But I'm going too far


[IG] A ghost captured in the background
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Soldier is ! of drama is handsome!

[IG] What a difference ... the beginning and the end... 
Trans by Crystalmoon0213 

releases before and after army photos: Perfect visual that makes 2 years seems like nothing
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[1Click Scene] Uie confesses her feelings to KimJaeJoong "I like you, Pil" (Manhole Ep.7)



[Cjes IG] Hot internet celeb: Yun Juice's part time employee Got a job finally Don't know what's going on but sells juice anyways
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Naver news topic (Entertainment/Sports) No. 2
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Again, couldn't confess his love... Where is this relationship heading to?

Unpredictable, complicated relationships and chilling ending revealing two faced pharmacist: at its height

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[Spoiler] "Man-Hole" , Jung Hye-sung and Kim Jae-joong's complicated relationship

UEE found out how Jung Hye-sung felt about Kim Jae-joong and blocked him out on the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Man-Hole". Bong Pil (Kim Jae-joong) had a problem with Soo-jin (UEE) and Jae-hyeon's (Jang Mi-gwan) engagement.
Bong Pil thought the future had changed now that Soo-jin had confessed before he went to the military. He saw Jae-hyeon propose to Soo-jin on the opening day of her studio. Bong Pila sked Soo-jin what it was that they had together and Soo-jin told him she'd never gotten a confession from him.
Bong Pil was confused and told her he left her a message on her camera, but she got mad at him and said she'd never seen anything there.
Meanwhile, Bong Pil found the letter he sent Soo-jin when he was on duty in Jin-sook's (Jung Hye-sung's) house. He asked why she intercepted the letter and Jin-sook said, "I like you. I really do. I've liked you since high school".
Bong Pil returned to Soo-jin and told her how he felt, but he was rejected. He tried desperately to recover their friendship.
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Manhole | 맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 : Ep.8 Preview


Manhole Episode 8 Highlights



Video highlights



Jung Hyesung confesses her love to Pil, beginning of a love triangle
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11 Korean Rock Artists Everyone Needs To Hear

When people talk about music in Korea, most refer to R&B and K-pop groups, yet there aren’t many who talk about rock music. This underrated genre certainly deserves more attention, especially considering many K-pop groups use elements of rock in their own music. So take a look below at some of Korea’s greatest rock artists. You’ll be surprised at how talented they truly are.

Kim Jaejoong

Jaejoong makes the kind of rock that’s perfectly suited for when you’re feeling some major teenage angst. He’s got the velvet voice, the smokey eyes, and even a bit of that fallen angel complex. Rest assured, his music will bring out the emo in all of us.

KoreanRockArtists Everyone Needs To Hear KIM JAEJOONG, too bad he's banned from music shows


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JYJ added 2 new photos.
도대체 봉필에게 무슨 일이 일어난거지? (faet.필무룩)
오늘 밤 <맨홀> 8회에서 확인가능!

#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #맨홀 #봉필 #이상한나라의필 #필무룩 #꽃을든남자 #도대체_무슨일이_일어난거지 #현재에선 #수진과_필에게 #어떤사건이 #오늘밤 #PM #10시 #8회 #Drama #Kdrama #KBS #manhole

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Side actors with Manhole casts

withymy0515さん Instagram 8話脇役撮影後記~!

hestia7474さん Instagram (訳)マンホール7話を撮って来ました 全部編集されましたw #マンホール不思議の国のピル#パク・スンテ


kave_fashion ins JJ in Kave

kave_fashion ins JJ in Kave

kave_fashion ins JJ in Kave

kave_fashion ins JJ in Kave


Manhole Episode 8 Preview

KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

Ep 8 Preview: realizes Jinsuk was the obstacle in his relationship w Sujin...
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[KBS DRAMA FB] Sujin ignores Pil for some reason... Can you give him some love? My heart is breaking Fantasy no more Romance begins
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[PT TR] sold for about US $140 thousand per episode Kim Jaejoong Effect
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[KBS DRAMA FB] Giveaway EVENT: Items Owned by Cast Which point in time do you want to travel to? Like /comment

[KBS FB] Prepared all kinds coz I'm sure of your taste: 3 min friend(male)

Pls give <3 Pil x Sujin's sweet date

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Manhole Episode 7 Highlights

heard Uee confess her love but sent back to present
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love triangle: Jung Hyesung Uee fails to confess his love again

Did Jung Hyesung deleted video of confessing his love?  

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[KBS FB] Sujin confesses first! "Sujin, I li..." Disappearing Pil!What a timing! Manhole is so inconsiderate #김재중

Video Highlights


[Spoiler] "Man-Hole", love triangle with Jung Hye-sung

When will Kim Jae-joong tell UEE that he likes her?
On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Man-Hole", Bong Pil (Kim Jae-joong) decided to return to the day before he joined the military and tell Soo-jin (UEE) how he felt about her.
Bong Pil and Soo-jin went on a date and made a wish. Bong Pil wished to tell her how he felt about her and Soo-jin wished, "If Bong Pil wants to tells me his feelings today, I hope he succeeds". However, it started raining and Yoon Jin-sook (Jung Hye-sung) witnessed them avoiding the rain together.
Bong Pil left a message on Soo-jin's camera telling her that that he loved her, but she forgot it and Jin-sook saw the message first.
Meanwhile, Jin-sook told Bong Pil, "I don't want us to get too comfortable. I wish you wouldn't think of me too comfortably". She was going to tell him how she felt when the phone rang and Bong Pil ran to Soo-jin.
Later, in front of everyone, Jin-sook asked Bong Pil where he'd been all day and Bong Pil lied that he'd been out delivering food. Soo-jin didn't answer either, which led to an awkward situation. Not only that, Park Jae-hyeon (Jang Mi-kwan) found Soo-jin's camera that was disposed on the street.
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Cuteness! in drama w/


Manhole with Jaejoong bts
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Photo published for [V LIVE] 김재중 - <맨홀> 여름나기 프로젝트 Making Film


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Because of our Prince of course! Team Hwaiting! This drama is gold!

[NEWS] Kim Jae Joong and UEE's Drama 'Manhole' were sold to Japan at a high price of 150 million won per episode.

Considering that 2% of the audience rating is poorly received by domestic viewers, it is a big achievement.

Last year, the best-selling 'Descendants of The Sun' was sold for around 100 million won per episode.

A Korean media company quoted an official from the entertainment industry saying, "The Manhole of the KBS2TV drama was sold to Japan for 150 million won per episode."
Kim Jae-joong's presence is due to his ability to sell at the same price.

Kim Jae Joong's fandom, which has been around since the days of TVXQ, has been giving great support and support to solo activities as well as JYJ activities.

It is also said that it is receiving more attention because it is the first work after the military service.




Our BongPil is so handsome! of drama Hwaiting! Looking forward to episode 7!


BongPil and SooJin stills from drama Manhole


Manhole Update via KBS on Naver



Story of 's spirit running away from home (Feat. the Spirit Duo, Pil and Gugil's dad)
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Taste of ep.7 Let PilxSu couple love each other 

n Sujin are looking at each other so tenderly Will there be a progress in their relationship planned in this time travel?

From Pil's grim expression on his face we can tell he is facing another ordeal today

What is he holding in his hand? Skewered meat??? Is he an owner or a part time employee?

Not sure what it is but hates it(he must be a part time employee) Which time in past did he go to narrowly evading death?

Don't miss tonight! is looking at you!


Manhole Highlights with English subs..

Manhole | 맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 [Making Film Ver.1]

We have Bong Pil 1 and 2!? [Manhole / 2017.08.24]

Friends didn’t get to see Bong Pil! [Manhole / 2017.08.24]

Sujin can feel Pil from Seokho! [Manhole / 2017.08.25]

Friends find out about Pil’s amazing ability! [Manhole / 2017.08.25]

[맨홀 OST Part.4] Norwegian wood(노르웨이 숲) - It's a secret(쉿! 비밀인데) (Official Audio)



Kim Jaejoong!

Daum profile pic updated

Other IG Updates:

sangyisang(イ・サンイ)さん Instagram (訳)

From toxxnim IG 


Kim Jaejoong and Seo Kang Joon are neighbors in their new luxury apartments

Korean Drama News TTB

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong And Actor Seo Kang Joon Become Neighbors In Luxury Apartment

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and actor Seo Kang Joon just became neighbors and new homeowners.
Kim Jaejoong recently purchased a luxury, 184 square meter apartment in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. According to Woman Sense magazine, he paid 2.1 billion won (approximately $1,865,000) apartment  in a newly built unit.
Seo Kang Joon also purchased a unit in the same high-rise building for 1.6 billion won (approximately $1,421,000). His unit measures out to be 125.4 square meters.

According to the apartment management, the building is famous for their luxury, hotel-like services including on-site dining, room service, housekeeping service, and valet parking. The high rise is also located near the Han River and Seoul Forest, which is a highly coveted area due to its spectacular views and strategic location.
Furthermore, they will now be neighbors to Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, and other high-profile celebrities who own units in the building.
Wouldn’t you love to live in this building?
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Photo published for Luxurious Apartment Complex "Seoul Forest Trimage" Is Everyone's House Goals — Koreaboo


Manhole | 맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 : Ep.7 Preview

KBS World TV

Ep.7 Preview travels back to the night before his enlistment

I'm marrying Sujin? Wow, I hit a mega jackpot for once!

feels icky when ppl r so nice to him lol  

Why is everyone so nice to me? Am I terminally ill? No, you are going to the army tomorrow! 
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Manhole Update on Naver

time traveler going around setting ladies' hearts on fire everywhere/every time (Real identity: )
Click on link:

Translations via crystalmoon0213

BongPil!!! Hwaiting of !

JYJ added 5 new photos.
요즘 시간여행 다니며 여심 불지르고 다닌다는 봉필(본체:김재중) 저도 좀 만나보고 싶은데요.
#김재중 #재중 #JAEJOONG #KBS2 #맨홀 #이상한_나라의_필 #비하인드 #풉니다 #봉필이는_맨홀에 #우린_재중에게 #빠질시간 #네이버 #Naver #포스트 #post # #Kdrama #Manhole

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20170828 김재중 Jaejoong weibo

veronicha __

20170827 message from Jaejoong for Chinese Valentine's Day

veronicha __

JJ: Hello! Guess who I am! Missing you all so much today..kkk..I love you (in CN)...Hope you spend Valentine's Day with your lovers❤️
(Trans: Morning J Fansite)


Junsu Update

170828 Young-pil IG: "Gathered together after a long time. Everyone took a good shot, only I look like a pig..."

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[1Click Scene] Kim JaeJoong to Uie, "I think about you more than three times a day" (Manhole Ep.6)

KBS World TV

"" Cast Members Happily Pose For The Camera In Between Takes

On August 28, KBS2’s “Manhole” released a set of behind-the-scenes stills of the main cast!
JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Jung Hye Sung, and B1A4’s Baro each have small smiles on their faces as they pose for the camera. UEE, on the other hand, has a large grin on her face. In one image, Kim Jaejoong and UEE are sitting closely and looking at pictures in a camera.

Meanwhile, on the previous episode of “Manhole,” Bong Pil (Kim Jaejoong) succeeded in traveling to the past with Soo Jin’s (UEE’s) help. In which part of the past he arrives, and whether he will be able to change the series of events there to gain Soo Jin’s heart in the future are things to look forward to finding out in the next episode.
Episode seven will air on August 30 at 10 p.m. KST.
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This man is super talented! in drama in KBS2.

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