Monday, March 23, 2015


As I said before when we get a new teaser and there are something interesting that make me want to write, I will make an update. XD....So, I make an update. XD....I don’t know why everytime I wanna stop writing about him, words always flying in my head everytime I see him. LOL....Words that ask me to be written. XD.... Even I can't sleep if I didn't write it right away in my phone's memo. Lol.....So I’m so sure that there will be another update next week after we get a trailer then ready to enjoy the show. The update will be in PURPLE n I put it under the previous article (in BLUE).

FINALLY, We get a RomCom from ChunNi after a melodrama n a politic, action thriller drama that (I think) are not everyone cup of tea. Usually after he had a drama, we often to say what kind of genre we want he take on his next drama project. There were many kind of genre/character but still the winner is a RomCom. I think a RomCom is a genre that (most of) everyone like. A light drama that can make Us smile & laugh n can make Us forget a little of our hard day. XD

I’m not understate SKKS & Ripley but I think RTP that truly propelled him to rising popularity in KDramaland. It’s also not because I’m a RoofTopers but I think on that drama, it was the 1st time he became the “leader” (hope U know what I mean) n finally I knew there is an K Actor whose name is Park Yoo Chun n has many expression n later I knew it called ChunFace. XD...  Lee Gak is an interesting character n ChunNi did a good job to portray that character. It’s nice that the 1st time I knew him was on a RomCom drama n the last drama before his enlistment also a RomCom. Lee Gak will always be my number 1 so let’s see if Mu Gak can be my number 2. XD

Kinda surprise to see ChunNi in uniform pic n SBS even made it as the poster. WOW....hehehe....after  only got that in just a picture in IMU n a short scene in 3 Days, finally we get that. XD....Think we can imagine it as ChunNi on his enlistment pic but without that hair. LOL

Before got the Teaser, actually I was kinda confuse. Is a RomCom really this drama genre? Coz the synopsis kinda gave a feeling this is  a dark drama (mystery and suspense drama). But after watched the teaser, finally really sure it’s a RomCom with  dark side. Really like RTP that all started coz of the murder. I like that after didn’t get a chance to guess when RTP aired, this time I get that chance to guess who is the murderer. XD ...It’s an interesting teaser with interview style and nice song. Hmmm, maybe later we will know how he feel in his heart by looking at his lips? LOL.....His lips will moving when he lie. LOL....I hope we will get another teaser with ChunNi who narrate it with his emotionless voice. XD....and ask another question. (I will update this article after get another teaser/trailer and if there is something that make me want to write about. XD).

On my previous article, the title was “No More ChunFace?” A question that we know the answer right away. XD....Off course there must be a ton of ChunFace, hehhe....I think even on his “emotionless” days....I’m so looking forward for those Chunface moments. Got a few on the trailer n we even got that smile from Mu Gak....A smile when he finally can feel something to Cho Rim.

From the teaser we also got what kind of man that is Mu Gak. OMG, Mu Gak is  “stronger” than Jung Woo.

He felt nothing after get those hit n we get a new knowledge about Analgesia (a medical term for the loss of the ability to feel pain while in a conscious state). So, it’not just a fantasy that Mu Gak is like Clark Kent. Human can be like Alien too. 

Sometimes Clark also emotionless infront of Lois, LOL....Especially when LOIS talking n talking. XD....n she also the one who often drag him for doing something. XD... Saw a BTS that Cho Rim drag Mu Gak. It’s so interesting to see. Think CR kinda similar with Lois. N she was speechless (runaway n don’t wanna talk about it ) when Clark show his feeling. Let’s see what will CR do when MG already can has that feeling to her.

N now we see his character description.

Before becoming a cop, he was an aquarist in an aquarium. Wow...a profession that is rarely told in Kdrama. Aquarist->Aquarium->Fish->Sea.....Wah....Is this one of Mu Gak’s attraction that made ChuNi decided taking this role? We know that ChunNi love Sea n swimming. He can get it on this drama. After on 3 Days, we got  his Taekwondo’s scene. So this time we will get Swimming scene (different with the one in Ripley) ? With that tight diving suit. XD...Kinda like the one ChunNi wore on this pic.

I don’t read the webtoon coz want to get clean image for this drama but my friend gave that pic above. Will ChunNi get that kind of scene? LOL....We know that ChunNi is rarely give fan service. But recently he isn’ t that stingy. LOL.....Even though we know that he doesn’t really like exercise but hei, maybe we will get a surprise from him. LOL...It’s a farawell gift for his fans. XD....Coz wonder why JJ mention about ChunNi caring about his look for this drama. Maybe that a hint from him? LOL....Let’s just wait n see. Maybe a scene when the 1st time Mu Gak know that he can’t feel the pain. Shower with a very HOT water n he’s fine. LOL...or maybe after he swim, he should shower right? LOL.....oh, whatever scene lah. Hahaha....But  although no scene like that, it’s OKAY ChunNi....hahhaa....We’re fine coz just can see U again in Drama is a pleasure.

After losing his sister, Mu Gak endured without eating and sleeping for 20 days. WOW...His sister really a very important person that make him like that. Maybe she is the only one he has, no other family member. I’m so looking forward for this scene. N then he gave up his fav profession to become a cop. Kinda the same like on IMU, became a cop coz of one goal.

So Mu Gak fell into a coma for 6 months. Ahh....I think the change of his body make more sense after 6 months is a coma than 3 days.

He had lost his ability to taste. WOW....Eating scene is a MUST scene for him. XD...coz we always love the way he’s eating. No matter how tasteless the food is -> Everything he eat always looks delicious. LOL.... So we will get these kind of scene but without emotion. It’s cool.

Last but not least, this scene. OMG.....They have my dream scene on the webtoon. Please Writernim, make it happen on the drama too. SSK already got that BUTT HUG...XD, so it’s ok that she will get that CHEST HUG scene. XD

N ahh, this will be ChunNi’s SBS 3rd drama that aired in Spring but I think even on RTP, there was not much scene that show Us those Cherry Blossom (romantic scene). Another Walking with her in Spring.....hehe.... Hope will get that this time. Hmm.....maybe they can have a shoot in that ChunNi’s cherry blossom road. XD

My question before also how many eps of this drama. I want a longer episode coz wanna see him longer. At the beginning, no info about that yet. N finally we get that, 16 eps....ah....get the same with 3 Days. So short....Before, we heard about 20 eps n yeah I did count when is the final eps. It will be on his bday. Kinda cool that he can celebrate it (with So Hyun too) on the wrap up party. But yeah, we haven’t knew yet about when his enlistment day. (My prediction before just a few days after his bday). So coz it’s 16 eps, he still can has another (last) fanmeeting on his bday. Let just wait n see. 

Good Luck for TGWSS. 

Credit pics to the owner.

PS: I can’t wait for the PresCon. Looking forward for SSK n others artist thoughts about ChunNi. N maybe we can hear “oppa” beside from Kim So Hyun? LOL....

Did SBS read what I want? LOL.....I want 2nd teaser will be about Cho Rim, ChunNi narrates it and end it with another question. U know that I felt in love with ChunNi from the 1st Heard, it’s nice to hear him narrate something. I rarely watch teaser for Kdrama. Only watched ChunNi’s teaser/trailer drama but I think this is the 1st time there were teaser like what we got from TGWSS? Usually teaser give us some scene that we will get from the drama. But this time is different. I know before they release the 1st teaser, they had limited time n they didn’t have many scenes from the drama but I like the teaser concept. Not real scene that we will see on the drama but illustration n description about the character from the Lead Female. Although I want a longer trailer but if get 2nd teaser, I want they still continue the teaser concept. It’s an interesting concept with the nice catchy songs. Teaser that make us should change our 1st thought about the character n teaser that make us can’t wait to watch it. Hehe...

N OFF COURSE we got Chunface....hahhaha....

Like the characters itself....the description about the character narrated in the opposite way. Still in interview style n this time we got a calm description from Mu Gak. LOL....It started with funny thing, LOL....he type her name like he want to make a case report. LOL....ahh, so we know how old is Cho Rim.  6 years difference. 6 from 6002? LOL.... n then we got these Chunface...

It’s kinda like he tell us about a case that make him wonder. XD....He didnt tell us with whispering voice coz it wasn’t a secret. LOL.....OMO...Cho Rim is a gag woman wannabe. I hope she’s a funny gal coz  a person who thinks she’s funny can be looks funny or annoying. LOL....

We got a still that Mu Gak hold roses behind him and they use it on the 2nd teaser. It wasn’t just a romantic thing but it also give an answer for Mu Gak’s question from the 1st teaser. She really can know about something eventhough she doesn’t see it. N I really love to see Mu Gak’s reaction. LOL...Cho Rim was just smiling n teasing him. Hahaha....

So Mu Gak ssi...if U don’t wanna her know what U bring to her, U should bring something that doesn’t has smell.  Maybe a Ring? XD....But I don’t know if metal also has smell or not. LOL...Coz we got this...

OMO....will we get another wedding scene? Hahaha...But I want like on RTP but off course with a different ending. XD

But LOL....Mu Gak think Cho Rim is a crazy girl. But yeah, see smells can looks like a crazy thing. Different with can’t feel the pain that can make people misunderstand it as a manly thing. Hehehe...

N the teaser ended with another opposite but also the same. The same thing are the questions that popped in their mind, why they feel different thing and also the different reaction with their 1st introduction about each other. The opposite thing was their action in accept that. Mu Gak with Smiley n Cho Rim with a confuse face.

I think when Mu Gak can feel again, Cho Rim will get many surprises things from Mu Gak. XD...n maybe can make Cho Rim speechless...XD

N talking about OST....ChunNi.....if U don’t wanna go to studio to record a new song, just give SBS ur “Walking with her in Spring” song...XD...Just give me (us) this OK, will you? Hahaha...

U even sang it on that Midnight [TV Entertainment]. N speaking about that’s so nice that can see him again on that kind of show. I like that he’s no more awkward with SSK. I think I saw chemistry between them. N yeah...we’re finally really get that “oppa” from SSK..XD....Can’t wait to watch it next Wednesday at 11.15 pm..... Can’t wait to see all cast at prescon...Hope the prescon will be like on RTP & 3 Days...all important character come.

To be continued....