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JYJ News Week of 10/30- 11/5/2017

What's New With JYJ?
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From JYJ FB & CJES IG... Glorious at

[Cjes IG] Fanmeeting in Taiwan was super great, do you agree? We were so so lucky to meet each other last night HK is up next!
[JYJ FB]So lucky 2 spend time together in Taiwan?Another memory saved in our hearts! Let’s meet again in HK on 11/19  

starts Asia Tour in Taiwan: I’ll do my best to reciprocate fans’ love

completes his Asia Fanmeeting in Taiwan successfully: Thank you for protecting me!  

“We are so lucky that we met you!” successfully wraps up his fanmeeting in Taipei

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HQ Pics of Kim Jaejoong FM in Taipei

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Life Support

Dancing Jae

Do You Understand?

Meeting Again, We Will Meet Again

Run Away


Jaejoong Headlines in Taiwan

Kim Jaejoong comes to Taiwan for FM, and answers fans' questions on sticky notes

Photo published for 金在中抵台粉絲見面會 回答粉絲便利貼問題 | 音樂 | 噓!星聞

Kim Jaejoong of Korean group JYJ held fm in Taiwan, Zhong hosted in a funny way
Photo published for 圖輯/韓團「JYJ」金在中台北見面會 小鐘搞笑主持

Want to be an apple or a banana? Kim Jaejoong answers shyly: "somewhat erotic" 

Taiwanese and Chinese don't hinder him! Kim Jaejoong even speaks Hakka
Photo published for 台語、中文都難不倒 金在中開口說客語! | 電視 | 噓!星聞

Kim Jaejoong tells fans to care for your livers, and shows off his fluent Taiwanese by singing He-ya


JJ Twitter Updates


대만에 오자마자 먹은 것은? 여러분의 사랑. 이 문제는 아재개그가 아닙니다
[Trans] What did I eat first after I arrived in Taiwan? Your Love. This question is not an old man humor 
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See you again in Taiwan

JJ IG Update

[JJstagram] chosen you in Taiwan 
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JJ in Taiwan
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Fan Accounts (Translations)
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MC: Long time no see...After Taiwan con...What are you doing these days? JJ: Traveling! To Ningbo, and Japan

Recently he’s been traveling... To China, Japan... MC says he’s very cute
He reminded that he had pretended to faint during his last FM on April Fool’s Day.
Q: when does he feel he has a ‘fantastic’ period of his life. Jae: ‘I feel it’s now.’ (via ShadowJaeJes)


Fan's Questions:1. What do you think is a cool life? JJ: Not lonely. To live a life with you all is good.

3. When will you release your Korean album? 
JJ: Next year... Firstly a Korean album, then a Japanese one

JJ said he will release albums in Korean and Japanese next year!  via rubypurple_fan

Fan: You're our 小心肝 (little heart-liver, meaning my baby/darling..)
JJ: Taiwan fans are really beautiful. Korean girls are fashionable, so are Taiwan fans 

Fan: Oppa, do you want to be my apple or banana JJ: This question is a bit x-rated hahaha uhmmm banana! (lol)

I had a physical examination recently. Tho I drunk a lot, I don't have fatty liver. Maybe coz I was lack of sleep, liver's shape is not good

He did not drink a single drop of alcohol these past few days (via rubypurple_fan)

JJ's Q: First thing I ate after arriving in Taiwan?
It's not food...Your love! I ate your  <3

Baby so cheesy. LOL The first thing he ate is the fans’ love. (via ShadowJaeJes)

JJ's 2nd Q to fans: The food I enjoyed most in Taiwan?
A to 2nd Q is: Pineapple cake

JJ's 3rd Q to fans: The food I want to eat after FM? ...For this FM , I didn't drink  for 3 days!
A: 面线(thin noodles), a local Taiwan food

Just now, a fan wrote " JJ when will you marry me?" JJ said "I'm not planning about marriage yet. You fan's can get married.

But when do you think shall I marry? Fan: Now (Others: no! 

Jae asked the MC how old is he & when he’s getting married. MC said today & will just pick one here Jae says ‘Cannot!’ (via ShadowJaeJes)

Choose four kinds from 8 kinds of foods, taste and guess what it is. JJ guessed wrong, and fans asked him to learn Southern Fujian dialect
It's a punishment.

As long as I say, I will do it. The next year of next year, I will certainly release a Chinese sound track!

Task: to come out with a chinese album in a year. Jae: Will come out with a chinese sound track/tune/music next year. (via ShadowJaeJes)

JJ called the photographer hyung and he says he reminds him of someone he knows. (via rubypurple_fan)

This time the task is 20s' confession time to Taiwan fans! And he sang 告白颂.

Ask him to perform a girl group's dance. He said " don't know since when fans always ask me to do this"

JJ: I don't know how popular the group is outside of Korea but wherever he goes, ppl ask him about the group's song. (via rubypurple_fan)

To show your forehead ( since there's a joke in China: Handsome celebrities will look ugly if people see their whole face including forehead
Fans: That's too easy for JJ

To take off your coat. JJ did it! And said I was a little hot just now

JJ is listening to some Chinese songs with headphones, and he will sing the song. And fans need to guess what song it is

JJ said 小幸运 is pleasant. So fans are singing for him
This song 小幸运

MC asked fans to sing for Jae. Simple meaning is to tell him, “You’re my little happiness”.
Very nice song... (via ShadowJaeJes)

Now time to dance!
MC said it was his first time to watch JJ dancing so close! And JJ was sooooooo charming! Truly an idol!!!

MC says it’s the first time he sees Jae in person & he’s really gorgeous. When he dance, he’s irresistible.  (via ShadowJaeJes)

MC said if there's a red/blue spot in your ticket, then you can get a gift after FM ends!!!

Long time no see! It has been 3 years since I came to Taipei. Did you change? Am I different? I'm a little different. My face turns older

Fans who know me for 10 years, put your hands up! 5 years?

Over these years, there have been so many people around me, coming and going. Only my family and a few friends stay with me all the time. Besides, you're always with me! Thanks very much!

He asked fans to raise their hands who have known him for 10 years, 5 years, since when he debut  

These 14 years, there were lots of people he has known but those that stayed with him are his family and some friends only and also the fans.

JJ: I can't promise to keep coming to Taiwan but I want to reciprocate fans' feelings and put my best effort.
JJ: For the past 14 years, many people come and go. My family and only some friends stayed, and fans~ They are very important to me and I'm grateful. (via rubypurple_fan)

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I'll protect you, but 너와 함께라면 (if I'm here with you), now is good~!
He normally ends with I'll protect you but for these FMs, he ends with Now is good. Good songs with nice messages for fans and himself. (via rubypurple_fan)

He spoke Chinese!!! 再来 (again?) 一起再来吧 (let's do it again!)
你们开心吗?(Are you happy?)开心(happy) Interesting.

Fan Vids:

171105 KIM JAE JOONG Confession Song 고백송

Jaejoong Wake you Up/Alarm

Dance to TT


Rising Sun

The Way You Are

Good Morning Night

Learning Chinese 

Singing a Chinese song


y seda


see u later☆

JJ's autograph! He wears a plaid shirt today!

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JJ Before Taiwan FM
JYJ added 2 new photos.

거리를 좁혀 대만팬들과 많은 대화를 하고 싶다던 재중!
다들 심쿵 할 준비 됐나요?
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #2017_KIMJAEJOONG_ASIA_TOUR_FANMEETING #대만 #TAIWAN #김재중팬미팅 #아시아투어팬미팅 #대만체육관 #오후7시 #심장이_들썩들썩 #짜릿해 #봐도봐도_신선해 #렛츠기릿! #金在中 #11月5日 #金在中粉丝见面会 #台湾 #台大体育馆

Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Flowers r from KJJ Taiwan Support Fan Page. 【Jaejoong, let's be acquainted n be together w each other forever!】 cr:凡顿文化(TP&HK organizer)

'Talking' key chain

Hello, I'm KJJ. 
Today you need to fighting too. 
Today you worked hard. 
You are the best. 
Sleep early. 
Good nite.
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to start Japan activities in full swing in December

Woman 7 November16th article section 
Full English translation


Our is ! Hope everyone greets him well during his Asia Fanmeeting tour!

Weibo: See you soon, Taiwan fans! 

Kim Jae Joong Departs For Taiwan Fan Meeting Through Incheon Airport

MoreForms Media 魔方全媒

Jaejoong in his way to Taiwan

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Have fun in Taiwan !

Jaejoong Arrives in Taiwan 

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It rains in Taiwan now...🤤


Jaejoong LIVE on Weibo

171102 YiZhiBo highlights


[Cjes IG]Did u enjoy ‘s Weibo LIVE w 6.6 million viewers? Let’s go watch JJ boasting his drawing talent again ->

I was so glad to meet you..^^ And always so thankful...
(on Weibo)

[Other IG] Weibo MC: reinterprets spicy rice cake(ddeokbokki), he has talent in drawing

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“A sculpture even up-close” Eye contact that makes his fans’ heart flutter: Unbuttoned, wild, sexy+sweet smile
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20171102 Kim Jaejoong Yizhibo weibo live

Emily Chan


171102 recently went to Ningbo for tour and like hotpot. and went to paris for photography work/show. he showed some photo he took.
giving tips on how to take photo. he is demonstrating (pose) how to take photo.
he took something (photo) in the studio but it's weird so they wont share it. they continue to talk abt photography

MC: fans is asking y they didn't read cmnt. there r so much cmnt and gifts (rose, LOVE etc) pls continue to leave cmnt
talk abt Seoul FM, many surprises to fans incl wearing mascot. he likes to hv close interaction w/fans but nt many chance

wat will u prepare for HK/TW FM? JJ said secret!

MC teaching JJ how to say "miss you very much" in Chinese. JJ remember "have u eaten?" MC teaches him some Chinese words.
JJ asking the difference usage of sorry and excuse me in Chinese.

wat Korean food u like? JJ: it's difficult to tell. he is not picky abt food.

When go to HK/TW FM, he will hv many interactions w/fans. there will be fansign for the FM and close-up w/fans.

171102 JJ signed on the answer sheet and will gv to fan that answer same as him

Question: 1. 
What’s first thing you do when you wake up? 
a. drink water 
b. wash face 
c. look at cellphone ***
d. sing 
e. do nothing

Question: 2. 
What’s the most difficult? 
a. holding down laughter 
b. give up spicy food 
c. aegyo(doing cute stuff) ***
d. skip alcohol 

Question: 3. 
What do you do the most using your cellphone? 
a. chat ***
b. listen to music 
c. take photos 
d. play games

Question: 4. 
Which superpower do you want to have the most? 
a. teleport ***
b. tell the future 
c. ability to be invisible 
d. flying

Question: 5. 
What do you choose first when deciding your overall look? 
a. top ***
b. bottom 
c. shoes 
d. accessories 
e. hairstyle

More Translations from Mushromee and as tagged

171102 will draw for fans to guess his drawing

drawing teokbokki lol

signed on his masterpiece

  drawing 2nd masterpiece

Baby’s Hiro

JJ drawing baby JJ...
He added chinese word small = 小 in front of his chinese name to show its young JJ drawing. 
And "小" 金在中 only has 2 strands of hair  

Scaps by


JJ to meet his Jaefans live on Weibo!

[Cjes IG]Time 2 preview ‘s face before Taiwan Fanmeeting Find more about him We never get tired of seeing him even after 5Billion times

[JYJ FB]Is it true we’ll be able 2 talk to real-time? He can do anything/does his best always Set alarm 7PM CST  
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Living statue ! Lucky

[Cjes IG] In order to appreciate in full, should analyze him in nanoscale: Check Cosmopolitan Behind See you on Weibo LIVE 8 PM KST
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김재중 - 'COSMOPOLITAN' 화보 비하인드 Film



[PICS/INFO] 171102 Kim Jaejoong featured in Japanese Magazine “Josei Seven” – To Release Japanese Album in 2018!

Josei Seven
Volumen 42th November 16th
Date of Release: November 2nd, 2017
Jaejoong•Finally restart in Japan! The truth coming straight from him. Interview will be on page 8.

You can buy it online here [Amazon Japan]

“Kim Jaejoong preparing a Japanese Album to be released on the next year”

Jaejoong says: “Next year I want to challenge J Pop, because from now on I will work in Japan, and I’m preparing a Japanese CD”.
(Via @bibian9)

Jaejoong will restart activities in Japan and will work on releasing a Japanese album next year.
Read that in some convenience stores, #女性セブン mag is already sold out. #ジェジュン

(Via @rubypurple_fan)

“The day has finally come! Jejung of popular Korean group JYJ will start full scale activities in Japan. His drama will air in Nov. At his 1st time appearance at a JP music event after 8 yrs, he said he will come in Dec. #ジェジュン”
(Via @rubypurple_fan)

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[INFO] 2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Tokyo-Japan

Official Site:

Date: December 9th (Sat) and December 10th (Sun), 2017
Time: 16:00 PM
Ticket Prize: Around  ¥ 10,800 (tax included)
Ticket Sale: You can buy till 4 tickets per person
Venue: Musashino no Mori General Sports Plaza



Sources: JYJ Japan, Metro Tokyo  
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[C-JeS Post] 171101  
72nd Police Day Concert 


[Free Audio Download] 72nd Police Day Promotional Video OST

Police Commissioner's award  
to Junsu

#Good #news Junsu received a police commendation! We r so #proud of #you Still haven't seen the #post yet? Follow the link and #enjoy behind scenes of the #day
#김준수 #KimJunSu #제72주년 #경찰의날 #기념식 #의경대표 #김준수일경 #사스가 #미모열일 #귀여운데_시크하기까지 #매력뭔데 #왜_끝이없는데 #제복 #봐도봐도_잘어울려 #슈퍼그레잇 #씨제스타그램 #Cjestagram


JJ talking about his precious JaeFans on SBS Entertainment show!

[Cjes IG] Reasons why a fool for his fans ‘s eyes became red all of a sudden!? Haven’t you watched that beneficial interview yet?

I’m grateful to fans who never wavered for the past 14 years

This is why there is no quitting being his fan... ‘s love for his fans shined

[Cjes FB] Best singer, best actor! Proven No.1 in love for his fans in Korea~ Go watch ‘s interview w SBS again

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SBS Night of Real Entertainment introduction: Tonight’s special guest is Asia’s true hero, singer, actor, hallyu star
More translations via crystalmoon0213

I almost cried several times tonight(during fanmeeting), too. We persevered so long, overcame so much together so... on his fans

The Original King of Vocal Tone sings “Make up”

MC: debuted 14 yrs ago, it's about time he can take fans' love 4 granted but treasures everything so dearly, his sincerity is touching

Our reaction=Her reaction after hearing sing “Boyfriend in my eardrums”
"Eardrum Boyfriend" is a new term for He thought she invented it for him(?!) All words Koreans contracting these days are dizzying, too
"People call u Eardrum Boyfriend/girlfriend if u have sweet voice/sing well. I learned something new, will use it."Captain Korea awaken

[Other IG] So~ handsome and such a nice person, think I’m becoming his fan - Future Boy BBQ where SBS Entertainment was filmed

's Kim Jaejoong Looks Back On The Reason Why He Almost Didn't Debut

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong recently sat down for an interview on the October 31 broadcast of SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment.”
During the show, he shared the reason why he almost might not have become the singer he is today.
“Right before I debuted, I was almost dropped as a trainee. I came from the countryside, so I was working part-time jobs while training [as an idol]. Because of my part-time jobs, my amount of practice decreased, so I was almost dropped,” Kim Jae Joong explained. “Fortunately, there was [a song] that the other trainees and I had recorded that was accepted, so I was able to debut.”
Meanwhile, Jaejoong will appear on a photography variety show with other celebrities sometime in December.

Source (1)

's Jaejoong confesses how he was nervous fans might leave him while he served in the military

The October 31 broadcast of SBS' 'One Night of Entertainment' featured an interview with JYJ's Jaejoong.

With MC Jo Eun Jung, the idol star took a seat at an outdoor BBQ deliciously filled with hanwoo beef (premium beef in Korea) and a basket of lettuce.

"They say that November 1 is preserved for hanwoo-eating day in Korea," said the MC as Jaejoong nodded with much interest.  Then the two began to grill the meat while also continuing the interview. 

During their conversation, Jaejoong confessed how he felt nervous during the two years he was serving in the military. "I was really nervous for the past two years thinking fans would turn away and leave. I was delighted (to see a crowd of fans) as soon as I was discharged."



JJ on broadcast TV!
SBS Entertainment show

Wanna see on TV!

  • cjes.tagram팬미팅 감동 아직 식지도 않았는데, 또 재중이 만나는거 실화임?🙊
    난리나고요 훈훈하고요
    오늘 밤은 집에서 <본격연예 한밤> 본방사수 해주실꺼죠?❤️
    #김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #예능 #본격연예한밤 #팬바보 #재중의_먹방인터뷰 #먹방요정 #오늘밤 #8시55분 #본방사수 #씨제스타그램
    #OMG #Jaejoong will meet you all at #SBS #tonight @855pm Make sure to tune in the #show #Tvshow #Cjestagram

  • Our handsome on

    SBS Entertainment

    becomes teary when he thinks about his fans “I'm so fond of them and I feel reassured”
    The Star of the stars but he is full of old charms, “What is Dd-A?”
    Coz I had to work part time to support myself, couldn’t practice as much n was on verge of cutoff before debut  

    Fortunately, trainees recorded(songs) on our own, and I was selected because that got exposure somehow

    Translations by crystalmoon0213 

    Getting emotional talking about   Our handsome on  

    Our handsome on     Hope to see on TV more!

    '한밤' "군생활 2년동안 팬들 떠날까봐 불안했다" (출처 : 마이데일리 | 네이버 TV연예) on TV


    Song Song Wedding!!!

    Celebrity guest list at Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo’s private wedding includes

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    [정보]2017 KIM JAE JOONG ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING in TAIPEI Official 굿즈 안내

    Official towel with Jaejoong's handwritten message in Chinese

    English....It's "You are my everything I love you!" 
    Keyholder with Jaejoong's recording in Chinese and his sign!! wow!! so special!!!



    Jaejoong on SBS!

    SBS Entertainment Program 한밤(Hanbam) to feature interview with “I want to show my fans that I am still growing”

    becomes teary during interview,talking about his fans: I feel reassured/feel sorry at same time when I see them  

    SBS Fun Entertainment: Eat+Interview with who kept up doll-like handsomeness for past 14 years  

    “I’ll grow up more for fans who waited for me for 2 years while I was in the military”  


    [Full TR] interview+Korean beef tasting on SBS Night of Real Entertainment tonight(10/31) at 8:55 PM 




    Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police’ #FB #live

  • cjes.tagram촬영 범죄가 없는 ❌ 대한민국을 위한 캠페인! <빨간원 프로젝트> ⭕️ 잠시후 2시 경기남부경찰 ''사이버 행동의 날'' 페이스북 라이브에서 만나요!👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 See you at Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police’ #FB #live @2pm Enjoy the #short catching up & stay tuned in the #campaign
    #김준수 #KIMJUNSU #JUNSU #경기남부경찰청 #사이버행동의날 #페북_라이브 #잠시후_2시 #준수대원과_함께_만나요 #빨간원프로젝트 #카메라등이용촬영범죄 #나는보지않겠습니다 #나는감시하겠습니다 #씨제스타그램 #Cjestagram


    Translations Via

    JS was presented an award certificate from the Chief of Police for his work & effort in promoting the project(s)

    He was also presented a special police watch. According to leader, the watch from the Chief of Police office will have 4 rose of sharon.

    Leader, pointing to his own police watch, said he only has 3 on his. JS joked if that means he is of a higher rank than him lol
    In prev chat leader alr said he has a hard time managing them coz of their 'rowdiness'. Today’s broadcast, first facepalm in just 24 secs

    Talks about the police event 2 days ago, fansites' effort and helping to promote the cause. Leader knows his fansites SO WELL

    Leader asked which girl group they like. JS asked HJ to answer first, he said Cosmic Girls, when it was his turn he said he like his fans
    HJ & leader were like -.- LOL JS defended himself, baffled on & on and leader was like so who. He said "popular groups like for e.g. Twice"
    He added, "I like and support all groups but even so, my number 1 is my fans hahaha~" HJ said my fans are my number 0 LOL!!
    Asked if they still rem the army songs fr basic military trg. camp, HJ bragged that both of them are the class presidents of their cohort

    Call with Ryu Jun Yeol. After knowing leader is JS's senior, he asked him to shower JS with love & treat JS to delicious food. Sweet~


    HJ: Leader looks like a potato aft haircut 
    JS: LOL!! *Leader knockdown* 
    JS: I apologized on behalf! 
    Leader: YOU said my cut was ruined too

    I understand now, why leader said he has a hard time managing them lol. They were asked about leader's strength and weaknesses

    How JS's unique voice often exposed them. Last one! OTL


    Look forward to more Jaejoong in Japan

    2017.10.30 Jaejoong message

    via veronicha_

    [jyjjapan NEWS] 연애 시뮬레이션 게임 출시 메시지 영상정보


    Jaejoong FM in Seoul

    [Other IG TR] I felt really loves his fans

    Translations by crystalmoon0213


    Rockstar (JYJFB/ CjesIG) 

    [Cjes IG] Legendary fanmeeting catered to fans never seen anywhere before does everything for fans whether it’s dancing or singing
    by crystalmoon0213

    wraps up his first Asia Fanmeeting Tour successfully: Legendary fanmeeting catering to his fans wants
    by crystalmoon0213

    Press Pics... Jaejoong FM in Seoul


    HQ Pics as tagged


    Forgotten Season


    우주를 줄게

    Family Portrait


    Click link below for more pics and vids of Jaejoong FM in Seoul...

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    JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 10/23- 10/29/2017