Monday, May 11, 2015


3 is the main number on this eps when we're on Angst mode n wonder , will we get adorable n cute moment from our MuRim couple after the break up? We got a lot. I always love the break up moment n from MuRim couple, on this eps we got the awkwardness, the sadness, the worries n the happiness. Even we got the 2nd indirectly propose. Full package.

For ChunFace of the Day (12).... I chose these  2 Cameos.....LOL

Who are U? MooGakie or LeeGakkie? XD..... It's nice that MG also love it. Hahaha

N we got the honour.... ChunNi's thumb. XD.... His thumb always has it's own life....hahahaa

Choi Moo Gak

Hmmm....why I always have  thought that ChunNi looks kinda different every time I see his mirror image? 

MuRim couple

Yes....don't do it MG....n coz this one is a RomCom, U should not do it. N by doing that, it doesn't make ur sister alive (Once is enough to see U kill someone in ur drama.  But it's Ok if U do it in Movie. I really hope that someday U will get that kind of serial killer role. Seriously I really wanna see it. A killer (villain role) has never been as a Lead character in Kdrama or maybe I’m wrong? So Writernim....Maybe U can write a role like that for next ChunNi’s drama. Ur 3rd collaboration with ChunNi....Spring 2018? 

N Hmmm....what's the best punishment for JH? Is it Death or....... ?

Ahh....Writernim... Thanks for give ChunNi this scene. I think SSK isn't that heavy... but might be make our ChunNi tired....LOL

Oohhh CR....U're really make our heart pounding. N Yeah....U're so Brave to did that dangerous thing n make it sure, He's the murderer.

Ahh....finally U say those words... As always our MuRim always talking what happen in their heart.

I'm not blame CR to think that way coz's so understandable....

Thanks MG for being straight n not let her go easily.'s the 1st time he call her ChoRim-ah.....For playful mode, call her ChoRimmie n for Serious Mode, call her ChoRim-ah... n Ahhh....he's so sweet...

Ok... CR.... U really need more time to think about it n I think CR has thought n afraid  that MG has this kind of motto " Forgiven but not forgotten ".... so like she said before when she ask to break up ... Just blame her...... This time she also think like that....Feeling guilty is her best reason.

N I like that MG didn't force her.

N now coz their status is no longer as a couple, he grabs her wrist. The 1st time he did that.

N Yeah.....finally he's kinda force her....XD

N there U go the 1st of those CUTE scenes of “Make yourself at home".. LOL..... 

The 2nd time n I didn't expect from those words We can get adorable scenes.... haha

The 3rd time n we also got the 1st time of "MG is back" scene. LOL.... 

But he really has reason to get back....HAHHHA.... n OMG.... the SMILE.... Hahaha....

The 4th & 2nd time...XD 

Hahhaa....MooGak.....She’s not standing but she want to clean ur home n the 1st time to do is, tidy up ur clothes n U’re lucky coz she pick up the furthest clothes...coz if she pick up the nearest one, so she will pick up your BLUE-RED BOXERS n it has LOVE pattern. LOL.

N why U smell it? Hahaha...Is it an adlibs or not?

The 5th time.... n different smile. XD

The 6th & 3rd time. XD...

Luckily CR still wearing her clothes. Hahaha....I like the way he walking backwards n a little different smile.

Ahhh....his cuuteee....n he really love to hear it, haha...

Ahhh....he really doesn’t want CR to do that but U can’t forbid our Brave Cho Rim.

But when she can do it, so relieved n proud of her.

Oh my....MG really changes a loott.....Now, no longer just eat without care. It’s for CR first n he even feeding sweet.

It’s kinda “funny”...hang out with fish. Hahaha....but Thanks CR for starting this convo.

I like that they shoot his shoes when he stop walking n if we look his expression..'s time for talking about their relationship.

N we got MG's 2nd indirect propose.

N they also shoot her shoes... oww... bling bling...'s so sweet n romantic....

CR hasn't given her answer, we'll waiting for that. For now, she only want MG to take her to see Eun Seol. 

I want when she meet Eun Seol, CR isn't just asking for forgiveness but she also will tell her for don't worry about MG cos  she will always beside him. Love n care him.

N Writernim, if U don't wanna make a wedding scene for our MuRim.... It will be nice if the ending after that scene. They're  walking in  Jeju's  beach, holding hand n the last shoot is their back.... n with ChunNi's Spring song in the background.  XD..... n It's just a dream.XD....

N then we got the 7th....LOL... N sweet smile.

N Thank U CR for give MG permission to go in...XD

N there U go....our MuRim 2nd sleeping scene. Will U give Us the 3rd sleeping scene Writernim? But that time, they're sleeping in the same bed. XD

A cute Walrus doll. So, that's MG's fav animal? N Ahh....he really like cute stuff. Hehe... Is he always sleeping with that Walrus? So CR can take his bed but not his doll? XD..

Luckily,  they're sleeping though both of them don't wanna sleep. XD... but it's really like what MG wants. He sleeps once CR sleeps. N cute sleeping expression. XD.

The Things

Wow.... finally we got JH's scent.

N this scene.  LOL

The background music has already so tense but then...LOL... 

The number 3...


I thought it’s the same shirt with the one that ChunNi wore before. But it’s not. XD....The MG's Blue shirt has words. N wahhh.....JH’s key chain also Blue like MooGakkie.

N our food of the day.

The Mystery

Kyaaa...CR is so Brave n Smart....n yeah, finally they know for sure the murderer is JH. N I hate that he touch her hair, similar like he did before. It’s so creepy.

Wahh...Sexy ChoRimmie....Thumbs up for U ....U can think fast. 

Ahhh...Damn U Jae Hee....why U make that sign? N even though , the last time he see the pic, it didn’t change....(still CR’s face) but still...he doesn’t know yet who is on the pic.

So, what will happen on next eps?

Ouccchhh...his smile....JH knows someone change the pic but I think he wont  right away ask that to CR but he will has suspicion on CR. So coz I think CR will save again for 3 times in consecutive.  Maybe CR will say...”ahhh...Mr. Chef, I thought  U have a meeting? “ n JH will just ask “have U found ur wallet?”  XD n Poor our baby MooGakie...he should run....n I hope he will not enter JH’s house coz it will be so suspicious.

ChunNi n All TGWSS's TEAM....FIGHTING...

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