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JYJ News Week of 7/4- 7/10/2016

What's New With JYJ?
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160711 Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Production Conference!


FC MEN presents "Match for Junsu in Japan" 12th Aug (Fri) at Ajinomoto Stadium (Tokyo) Team Junsu Vs Team Kikwang

Team Junsu includes BEAST Yoon Doojoon and CJeS fellow actor Ryu Jun yeol

[TRANS] ~Do not miss the gallant figure of Captain Junsu, who we can't seeing currently~
[TRANS] Japan Korea team's hot match!

Captain Junsu himself is lonely that he will not be able to show his FCMEN uniform form for a while to the JP fans
since this time's match is Footsal the distance from the FCMEN members is really close!


[INSTAGRAM] 160711 Junsu Instagram Updates: Junsu’s selcas -Before & After

[PHOTO] 오!내가꾸며본 첫번째 사진~ instagram.com/p/BHtIndLgZ3N/

Oh! First photo you can see me before I am made up~
 photo 13652193_646047178896998_2129451416_n.jpg
[PHOTO] ○●□■♢ instagram.com/p/BHtPr31ghTP/
 photo 13652231_269409660081615_2056450398_n.jpg
Source: xiaxiaxia1215  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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C-JeS TVcast http://tvcast.naver.com/v/976229


Successfully Wraps Up Japanese Concerts On Asia Tour

JYJ’s Junsu recently completed his highly successful Japanese tour.

On July 10, C-JeS Entertainment said, “Junsu met 35,000 of his fans through four concerts at the Yokohama Arena and Pacific Hall this week.”

A source from the Japanese concert reported, “Junsu’s talent has no equal. Not only did he sing 20 songs live, he also displayed perfect choreography and performance. He even spoke Japanese to communicate better with his fans and sang Japanese songs live for the audience.”

At the end of the concert, Junsu said, “I’m so grateful to everyone. Every time I release a new album, I get huge support from Japan. Because you come to my concerts, I am able to sing. My music’s strength is my fans. When I tour, I think to myself, ‘I want to sing until I die.’”

Junsu will begin the Chinese leg of his tour starting July 16 in Guangzhou.

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Junsu in Yokohama
Day 3

Rock The World




Saying Bye

Junsu discovered a 48 year old fan boy, and asked how he came here. Fan boy said he drove a car here.
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160709 Kim Mama IG Update!
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160709 CJES IG and JYJ FB update! Junsu getting ready for his last day concert in Yokohama!



Everyone, Why is it? everyone.
Nobody has left! thank you very much.
Really, really thank you very much.
Really everyone I will work hard to be able to meet everyone quickly again. Please wait.
If, I will do a musical in Korea from sept.
If you have free time, lets meet there.
Other than that again to come to Japan, I will work hard,
I can’t make a promise again, I will work hard.
but everyone certainly I think I want to meet everyone.
Thank you very much. thank you. 2nd and 3rd floor also thank you.
Return back safely. Thank you.
Please eat tasty food.

Video: XIARU 시아루
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Our is full of awesome! In the army and no promotions and still slayin'

Gaon Chart Reveals Album Sales And Digital Rankings For First Half Of 2016

On August 8, Gaon Chart revealed their album sales rankings and streaming rankings for the first half of 2016 (from January 1 to June 30).
EXO, known for their stellar album sales records, topped the list. Furthermore, rising superstar BTS placed second while newer groups like SEVENTEEN and TWICE showed their growing popularity as well.
Check out the top 10 artists from the “Album Top 100” below:

  1. EXO – “EX’ACT” (Korean Version) 524,823
  2. BTS – “Forever Young” 319,327
  3. EXO – “EX’ACT” (Chinese Version) 242,432
  4. SEVENTEEN – “Love & Letter” 192,030
  5. GOT7 – “Flight Log: Departure” 157,496
  6. TWICE – “Page 2” 136,904
  7. Taemin – “Press It” 114,017
  8. VIXX – “Zelos” 108,987
  9. Taeyeon – “Why” 103,784
  10. Kim Jaejoong – “NO.X” 85,420

1st half of 2016 albums sale: 7) Taemin - Press It 8) VIXX - Zelos 9) Taeyeon - Why 

Quote from a non fan:
"go bless yourself and listen to kim jaejoong no.x that whole album changed me"

SB Mid-Year Review, 2016: A Mixed Bag of Albums

Written by On June 9, 2016 

Lo: For me, there are a few things I consider: artistic quality, replay value, the songs as pieces versus the whole album, vocal performance, and how much an album makes me feel when I’m listening to it. However, my golden rule is adapted from years of being a genre film nerd in a world of aspiring directors: the primary value of a work is whether it succeeds in reaching its goals. The action movie that nails being a fun action flick is a better movie than a so-so drama, because the action movies writers, directors, etc. actually achieved what they wanted to do. In music, this means that I favor the fun pop albums that never grow old over more artistic fare that I don’t connect to.
20160215_seoulbeats_jaejoong_nox5Of course, the ideal is when those to combine, which I found in No.X. This album is not just my favorite of the year, it’s in the running for my favorite of the century. BTS doesn’t get me. Kim Jaejoong gets me. It’s all grit and raw emotion, reeling from heartbreak to vengeance to love to heartbreak all over again. No.X is the album for the misfits of the world, the people who find themselves in cycles of emotional anguish and bad relationships, but find normality a prospect worse than any love turned sour. No.X is an album that almost feels like it got ripped out of my soul; I connect with it so much.
Qing: Having an artistic goal and achieving it is quite crucial. There are so many times I’m faced with a piece of K-pop, whether a song or MV or album, and it makes me think, what are you trying to do here? Are you even trying to do anything? So I appreciate it when a work pops up with a clear sense of purpose.
Lo, what you’ve described is pretty much on my list as well, but in addition I look out for these: coherence—thematic or aural—but not to the extent of uniformity, the way tracks are arranged on the album, meaningful or unexpected lyrics, the artist’s own creative input (if applicable), and whether the album shows and develops the artist or group’s colour.
Two key deciding factors for me are the quality of the lyrics and the sense of emotional connection unique to each listener and reviewer. No.X had great songs, and Jaejoong’s delivery was stellar
Soulbeats Mid-Year Review: JAEJOONG's No X. Full article:

Album Review: Kim Jaejoong’s No.X

Photo published for Album Review: Kim Jaejoong's No.X - OneHallyu Blog!
Release Date : February 12, 2016
Tracklist :

  1. Good Morning Night
  2. Drawer
  3. Love You More
  4. Love You To Death
  5. Good Luck
  6. Blaming (You)
  7. Welcome To My Wild World
  8. Breathing
  9. All The Glitters
  10. Although We Meet Again, We Would Meet Again
  11. Do You Know?
  12. Run Away
Total Runtime : 00 : 41 : 45
Recommended for : Dedicated Jaejoong fans or rock enthusiasts.
NOT recommended for : Listeners who do not fancy heavy instrumentals and depressing ballads.
Active soldier JYJ’s Jaejoong unleashes his inner rock god in his second solo album, No. X.
Jaejoong showcases his versatile musical tastes and abilities in this album, which has both pop rock numbers and ballads. 
Good Morning Night
This song is a cheerful jam, one that will make mornings fresher. The song begins with a catchy guitar riff, accompanied by Jaejoong’s lively tone. Jaejoong shows glimpses of vocal power in the chorus. The electric guitar and drums also begin to up the tempo. A heavy, grunge-like guitar solo leads into the second verse, which is a repeat of the first. The second chorus already drills the line, ‘Good Morning Night’ into our minds. In the bridge, the tempo slows down as Jaejoong’s crooning puts us to bed. There’s a bout of auto-tune before the song finishes with the final chorus.
Drawer is a sweet ballad. There isn’t much straining going on, as the notes are in his comfort zone. A soft acoustic guitar tune blends in with Jaejoong’s raw emotions in the first verse. The section leading to the chorus builds into a faster tempo. Jaejoong’s tone becomes more desperate in the chorus and it matches well with slow drumbeat. The second verse is a repeat. The bridge features an electric guitar solo, which oozes out a longing feel. In the last chorus, that’s where Jaejoong blesses our ears with a powerful belt. The song concludes with his breathy adlibs tugging onto the heartstrings.
Love You More
It’s a catchy pop-rock number, reflective of a band’s front man giving all of his energy at a concert. The quick beat is both addicting and head-bang worthy. In the chorus, Jaejoong uses his falsetto and snazzy diction to fit the rock style. Things slow down in the middle of the second verse, which raises the anticipation for more explosive vocals. A whole new change enters in the bridge. Jaejoong adopts a nasally sing-rap as the beat drops before a couple of nice belts. The epic adlibs once again takes the song to its biggest heights in the last chorus.
Love You To Death
This is arguably the better half of the ‘Love You’ combo. Love You To Death is a medium-tempo ballad where Jaejoong’s true vocals shine the most. A bittersweet piano sound begins the song, which matches well with Jaejoong’s gloomy tone. The line, “I miss you, I hate you, I love you” basically sets the theme of the song. A mixture of guitar, synthesizer and drums create a calming yet heart aching beat in the chorus. Second chorus, is similar to the first except for a change-up towards the end where Jaejoong changes the key and produces a few resonant belts. The highlight bridge is simply beautiful as Jaejoong takes our breath away with a chain of bright and powerful notes. The line, “Not even close” lures us into a lonely corner. Jaejoong’s fragile tone in the last chorus makes the eyes water. Overall, it’s a simple song executed to perfection.
Good Luck
This track is vastly different to the B2ST equivalent. It’s a very heavy metal centric from the get go, as the electric guitar and drums form a fast, head-banging beat. Jaejoong tries to sing with grunt from the first verse to the chorus. However, the slight playfulness fails to raise excitement levels. He’s got some tongue tension and whininess here, which isn’t very pleasant to the ears. The bridge is somewhat better, as the beat drops from a sprint to a jog. But there is no change-up in the last chorus. The song ends with another guitar solo that would only be a visual spectacle if Jaejoong tried playing it.
Blaming (You)
A funky, electronica-inspired intro kick starts the track. Once Jaejoong begins to sing with a mellow tone, the song turns into a rock ballad. The smooth tune resembles a typical break-up song. Feisty diction in the chorus fits the angst of the song. In the second verse, Jaejoong mixes things up by throwing in a few high notes. Jaejoong adds more adlibs into the second chorus. A sad guitar solo follows a booming start to the bridge where Jaejoong sustains a few belts. The last chorus has nicer adlibs than the previous, but sounds pretty pushed.
Welcome To My Wild World
This is a Fall Out Boy esque, punk-rock song. The song begins with a fresh, lively feel. It’s like Jaejoong is telling a story about his whacky side. The chorus is very catchy, highlighted by fast-paced instrumental and nice vocal runs. Second verse is a repeat. In the bridge, Jaejoong softens his voice to compliment the acoustic accompaniment. The line, “I’m fine” is where Jaejoong explodes into another powerful chorus.
The acoustic guitar intro blends well with Jaejoong’s nasal tone. There’s a longing feel to the song, especially in the chorus. The second verse stays true to the slow tempo. After a quick guitar solo, Jaejoong desperately yearns for his girl in the bridge, expressing “All I need is you.” The ending chorus finishes in a pleasant manner.
All The Glitters
A piano and electronica intro forms a dark aura to the song. The first verse adopts a slightly alternative style. It builds toward a gripping, powerful chorus where Jaejoong uses his resonance and falsetto to capture the sad feel to the song. The hard-hitting instrumental continues in the second verse. In the bridge, his vocals turn up the intensity through an emotion-filled vocal run. Strings come in the last chorus to replace the piano, building to the climax. The song ends with all the sounds getting drowned out to a stop.
Although We Meet Again, We Would Meet Again
This song is a classic ballad that is reminiscent of Jaejoong’s OST’s. First verse begins with a saddening piano tune accompanied by Jaejoong’s lower notes. He utilises his rich mid range to lead into the chorus. The chorus is simply beautiful, as his breathy touch brings a tear to the eye. Strings enter the second verse and fit in nicely with the piano. Jaejoong sings with desperation in the bridge before bringing the song to a tragically sad end.
Do You Know?
It is a really cute medium-tempo song that’s perfect for a lazy morning. Jaejoong sings like a lost boy here. The chorus features a sweet instrumental, accompanying Jaejoong’s comfortable vocals. He refreshes the ears in the second verse, thanks to clear and simple diction. In the highlight bridge, Jaejoong’s tone becomes a bit mellow but doesn’t try to over-sing. The song ends as calmly as it started.
Run Away
Run Away is like Jaejoong’s version of a Coldplay track. The heavy and loud piano screams ‘killer ballad’ from the get go. Jaejoong sings, “It’s the end of the world”, which creates an apocalyptic mood. Jaejoong’s devastating tone stays in the chorus. He tells a story of him and his woman being the only survivors left but he wants her to run away. The snippets of English lyrics are nice additions. The verse and chorus are repeated before Jaejoong ends the song with one last plea for his woman to ‘run away’.
The best aspect of No.X is the mixture of different paced songs. Most of the songs are of a good quality with some flashes of brilliance. As a ballad admirer, I loved the slower tracks such as Drawer, Love You To Death and All The Glitters more than fast-paced numbers like Good Luck. The album showcases Jaejoong’s passion for the rock genre but I believe his cleaner vocals in ballads is more pleasant to the ears. Overall, No. X is definitely worth listening to, especially during the lonely hours of the night.
Replayability- YELLOW

Will replay this depending on mood as it is perfect for darker times than bright
Cohesiveness- GREEN

Album flowed well like a lengthy relationship, each song seemed to go together, can listen to the album in its entirety and it has the same feel
Originality- YELLOW

May or may not sound familiar but it’s still fresh enough


[VIDEO + TRANS] 160622 Kim Jaejoong, Tae Jin-Ah and Jo Eun Sae at 55th Infantry Div. Military Concert

Tae Jin-Ah: There is a very handsome soldier in 55th division I want to introduce to Jo Eun Sae. He is right behind you.
Kim Jaejoong: After I changed into my combat uniform, I went to talk to the commander and received a gift for a soldier. I’ll give the honor to our forever nuna Joe Eun Sae to select the lucky soldier (who will get 3 nights and 4 days of vacation).
Jo Eun Sae: I will have 5 volunteers to come up the stage and dance to my hit number Bibigo. Will pick the best dancer and give him the gift.

-After the Dance-

Kim Jaejoong: I’m a soldier too, so I will tell you this from a soldier’s point of view. I’m so embarrassed. But for 3 nights and 4 days of vacation time? Of course (you would do embarrassing stuff).

Jaejoong and Tae Jin-Ah going back and forth about whether vacation is 3 days and 4 nights or 4 days and 5 nights. They agreed in the end whatever the length, it’s good.

Credit: taeho kim  
Translated by: @crystalmoon64  
Shared by: JYJ3


Jaejoong's Moldir

Kim Jaejoong...Moldir Art Director


Junsu in Yokohama
Day 2

Break My Heart

XIARU 시아루 

XIARU 시아루 


XIARU 시아루 

More translations from Junsu's Yokohama concert...

[via xiro_0761] "Junsu is more kinder than Junho" from her seat JS's mother was making a big O sign with her hands.
160708 Junsu wanted a sister so much that he requested his mother. 1 or 2 years ago.. 
2 yrs ago JS wanted a sister n requested his mom. 2 yrs ago.. Tried hard but it was not possible, said Junsu

160708 [note: thurs was JS's holiday] he said his adventure yesterday was to go to bank
160708 JS went to bank at 11, then to cafe for coffee and cake, sat at a terrace seat, the wind was blowing, sand got in his eyes
But manager and sici sici instead of Junsu were protecting the cake, Junsu got angry

160708 when everyone started calling Junsu oppa, he says '(for ppl) over here i am not oppa but I like noona'

160708 to the Qs "where do you get an idea for song lyrics and composition?" 'Like seeing a photo & from there to image it'
'Reading a book (not read book itself) picture in the book. Photo with moon, sea & a couple sitting, looking at that came sweet melody'

160708 it seems after composing '이 노래 웃기지 (funny song)' in Incredible album, Junsu regretted it a lot.
160708 last year when Junsu went to disneyland tokyo, he rode only two rides, one was disney sea's "journey to the centre of the earth"

Genie Time

Combination of Rabbit + Butterfly Junsu on stage!! 

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Dorian Gray starring Kim Junsu

CJeS Culture

Dorian Gray...spot 

CJES IG update new teaser pic of Junsu <Dorian Gray> Musical! 

More pics from CJES Culture FB


2015 J-Party in Seoul dvd...Kim Jaejoong!
Scans via

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Corporal Jaejoong!
[FB] Want 2 know about military branches? Military Band is under Administrative Branch #김재중
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Junsu in Concert...Yokohama, Japan
Day 2
Pics and Vids as tagged



[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160706 Ikuo Hayashi Instagram Update – Yokohama Arena day 2 

[PHOTO] 今日は異常な盛り上がり笑


Today is abnormally hyped up laugh

Source: i.hayashi
Translated by xiahjunjjyu OF XIAOVERFLOWER



Yoko arena day 2 genie time  
1. o/x quiz 
2. sing STORY by Ai 
3. sing Sakurai iro mau koro 
4. sing Kanashimi no yuku e
5. Dance OeO with Addiction member KB while wearing school uniform


160705 Genie time o/x quiz eat from the things i like? O 
if rice or noodles, it's rice? O 
would be nice if my kids were twins? O 
girls with short skirt is nice? O 

160705 genie time O/X game Like girls with smaller chest (for woman it's the interior -> smartly escaped)
Like wearing nothing when sleeping? O See dreams with color O (JS was thinking real hard)

160705 genie time o/x quiz Want to be born again as Junsu O 
JS: i might not be singing songs right 
Fans: ehh  

JS: will you become my fans again? Fans: yeah JS: lies~ 

160705 genie time o/x quiz Hitsumabushi is my fav amongst Japan's food O 
2nd is sushi 3rd is convenient store lunch box  

Have more white underwear X (more black) 
born again being a man is better X (really thought hard. If a beauty woman is maybe better)

Via xiahjunjjyu

Q: do you like smaller chest? Junsu : (awkwardly say our the question) A: inner beauty is more important. He gave a relieve sigh.
Q: more afraid of Mom or Dad? Junsu: ( think for a moment) and answered Mom.  

fan: is juno more gentle? Junsu: are you Juno fan? 

Q: it's better for lady's skirt to be shorter? Junsu: (thinking.. And repeat the questions 2 times) and replied yes. Isn't that for sure?
Q: Will you wants to be reborn as Junsu again if can? Junsu: yes.. But I'm not sure about singing and dancing.
Fans: No! Junsu: want me to sing again? Then will you be my fans when you are reborn again? 

Junsu: there's a lot of Fanboy today! I felt so happy every time I see them  

A fanboy shouted! He came with his mom! His son is about the same age as Junsu. That's why Junsu said we are friends! 
Junsu: Do you know who I am? Is it because of your mom? Fanboy: I knew you 10 years ago!  
Junsu: that's not good. You came here the first time despite knowing me for 10 years? That's bad
Fanboy: I will come again. Junsu: (jump down the stage) hugged that fanboy and said we made a promise. I will remember!  
Via Xiakiss

Fans: "Have you ever cried under your blanket at night?" 
Junsu: "Yes." 
Fans: "Why?" 
Junsu: "Men's tears are secret." 
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Genie Time


Sakurai iro mau koro 

With fanboy...

Junsu played the thigh muscle game with Addiction's KB as well

Fanboy at concert (he dance on stage with Junsu)

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160706 Fanboy reunites and dances OeO with Junsu at Yokohama Arena (Day 2)

Note: KB is a member of Jpop rookie group called Addiction, he previously danced Tarantallegra with Junsu during Genie time in XIA THE BEST BALLAD in Tokyo (Day2 12PM)


I believe there will not be such a miracle in my lifetime… It was the motivation for me to begin activities and at the Live of Junsu san, who I respect, certainly (not) today as well in genie time, did leg sumo wrestling with Junsu and danced OeO together was too Happy ~ (T/N: happy in Japanese is shiawase, XIA fans, replace Shia with XIA, so XIA wase)


Every time making us enjoy a stage of more than expectation, song as well as dance too of course is the best but, the feelings put into each single song or loving music from the heart, the feelings and human nature of trying to deliver than to the people looking at it honestly, makes a beautiful space till here right~ I felt like that a lot today! Really want to become an artist like Junsu


No it’s truly a miracle~
About now the real feeling has appeared and goose bumps have stood up…

Next time as a splendid artist
want to really truly work hard to be able to stand on the same stage with Junsu!

Till now and from now on as well forever it is my highest objectiveー
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

Junsu dance <OeO> with this fan boy! The chair he brought!  (tagged) 
Via vichellelicious 

RED OCEAN TO BLUE OCEAN! So beautiful~~  (tagged)  

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160705 Love Me Do went to XIGNATURE concert in Yokohama Arena


Today is, to Junsu’s live!! Went and came back from Yokohama Arena!! Certainly, Junsu’s butt, splendid!!

Source: @lovemedo_uranai
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


160706 CJES IG Update! concert at 630pm today! 

XIA와 함께 달릴 준비 되셨죠?! 전 됐습니다!
다들 신발끈 쪼여매고 고고씽~

‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎2016_XIA_5th_ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT‬ ‪#‎요코하마‬ ‪#‎横浜‬ ‪#‎YOKOHAMA‬ ‪#‎요코하마아레나‬ ‪#‎콘서트‬ ‪#‎리허설_사진‬ ‪#‎레디_땅‬ ‪#‎여러분_준비됐나요‬ ‪#‎네네_요정님‬ ‪#‎신발끈_묶고_머리는_풀고_뛰어봐요‬
‪#‎Put‬ your hands up in the ‪#‎air‬ with XIA-XIA-XIA, the ‪#‎amazing‬ XIAwer! It’s ‪#‎Japan‬ Yokohama turn! Be ‪#‎ready‬ for the ‪#‎hottest‬ time with XIA’s 5th Asia tour concert in there. ‪#‎Drop‬ the beat.


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160705 Ikuo Hayashi Instagram Update – Yokohama arena day 1 

[PHOTO] 横浜アリーナ初日、まもなく開場!
#ジュンス #xia


Yokohama Arena first day, entrance soon!
#Junsu #xia

Source: i.hayashi
Translated by xiahjunjjyu OF XIAOVERFLOWER

Junsu in Yokohama, Japan


Genie time

dtet rtet

dtet rtet 

Junsu talked abt how he spent the Mon holiday. In Manager's camera roll is vid of JS and Manager riding the tokyo dome city jet coaster

Everytime JS went to disneyland at 10 am. Happily enters as entrance is empty but inside is really crowded, only rode 2 rides  
So thats why this time thought of giving up on going to disneyland

Junsu normally having tea at Akihabara. Where? JS replied, that is not important!
Anyway, where ever JS went, walked 10 mins, it was so hot, entered cafe for tea
( Tea basically implies stopping at a cafe.)

Today's concert started at 18:30 and ended at 21:48,

Akihabara -> Tokyo dome city -> harajuku -> roppongi. Played billiards and darts at roppongi (maybe..?)
When JS thinks of going there, he goes there for the time being, n from there thinks of where to go next

In the last talk JS wanted to properly express his feelings, in the middle he didnt know the words and was looking for a translator
Sici sici standing near the substage saw this and thought JS was looking for him, so he instantly moved toward JS  

in last talk on Yoko Arena day 1, Junsu: i can't do programs, can't do publicity. Every time filling up the hall in Korea n Japan
JS: ..call it a miracle. Why I receive this much love pouring in, I find it strange myself

Trans via

(Cr jyj_mell, jyj_jh)

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Junsu and Moldir


Dorian Gray...New Musical starring Kim Junsu

(cr. cjesculture)


Park Yoochun Sues Second Accuser In Sexual Assault Case

Park Yoochun’s legal reps have sued the second accuser in the sexual assault case against the singer for false accusation, according the Gangnam police station on July 4. The lawsuit against the first accuser was filed last month on June 20.

Previously, police summoned Park Yoochun on July 2 and 3 to question him about the case and his countersuit.

In consideration of the large amount of case material — Park Yoochun is facing several lawsuits, and has also filed lawsuits himself — police have revealed plans to call Park Yoochun at least one to two more times for additional questioning.

Source (1) (2)


[NEWS] 160704 Park Yuchun called in for police investigation this past weekend

 photo Screenshot_2016-07-04-09-38-1.png
Singer and actor Park Yuchun –who is under police investigation on the suspicion of sexual assault– underwent questioning upon appearing at Seoul Gangnam Police Station for two days over the weekend.
Gangnam Police Station disclosed on July 4th that they are investigating after summoning Mr. Park, on July 2nd and 3rd, in the positions as the accused and accuser.
It is reported the police are investigating about the part that Mr. Park is countersuing the first complainant on false allegations and blackmail, together with the sexual assault charge against him, for two days. A police representative said, “We were investigating for approximately 3 hours in the evening of the 2nd and approximately 12 hours since summoning him in the morning on the 3rd,” and, “We are planning on making several more summons”.

Source: mt.co.kr  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Singer XIA Junsu performs in Kobe

K-pop singer XIA Junsu held his “2016 XIA 5th Asia Tour Concert in Kobe” at the Kobe International Forum Hall A in Japan from Thursday to Saturday.

(Cjes Entertainment)
Approximately 20,000 fans came to cheer for the star.

(Cjes Entertainment)
Junsu commenced the concert with his song “F.L.P” from his third original album and “Break My Heart” from his fourth. He dominated the stage with his lively dance music, including “Xitizen”, “Rock The World” and “Incredible,” as well as his ballads “Don‘t Leave Me”, “As Usual” and “...Is You.” The singer drew explosive reactions from fans by performing his songs “Sweet Melody” and “Fun Drive” for the first time live, even though they were not on the set list.

“I realized once again how all this would never have happened if it were not for your support, I am so pleased that I was able to devote my energy to the stage.” Junsu said, wrapping up his performance. “I don’t think I will ever forget my memory in Kobe”, he added.

The singer will continue on the Asia Tour in Yokohama Arena on Tuesday and Wednesday.

By Choi Hyung-won (h.c1110@heraldcorp.com)

Kpop Herald

Short fun clips of Fantasy

Short clips of Tarantallegra

Short clip of Xitizen

Click below for more Junsu in concert in Kobe, Japan

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