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JYJ News Week of 9/19- 9/25/2016

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Soldier Jaejoong with an admiring soldier...

[IG TR] Found one octopus, going through photosㅠㅠ Wanted also to show off photo taken w big bro

Same soldier who sang "It's Only My World" with Jaejoong at GFF 2015 (last year)

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On September 25, actor Ryu Jun Yeol prepared something special for fans through a live event on V App!
During the event, the actor talked about meeting Kim Junsu, who is currently starring as the main role in the musical “Dorian Gray.”
“I finally met him. I was embarrassed and Kim Junsu seemed embarrassed too. The musical ‘Dorian Gray’ was so fun. I recommend it. I’m also using the kimchi fridge well,” the actor shared.
Kim Junsu sang the OST for Ryu Jun Yeol’s drama “Lucky Romance.” Since then, Kim Junsu shared his desire to get to know the actor better, especially since both of them like soccer.
Ryu Jun Yeol Kim Junsu
Kim Junsu also once called Ryu Jun Yeol to answer some questions for a quiz game during a live radio broadcast. On that day, Ryu Jun Yeol asked, “Do I get a kimchi fridge?” to which Kim Junsu promised him one if he answered the questions correctly. In the end, Ryu Jun Yeol answered them correctly, and Kim Junsu sent the actor a kimchi fridge as a gift.
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[NEW PIC] 160925 CJES culture update!

160924 Junsu IG: "Etiquette before kissing Basil! Only give you the best >_<"

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. 바다바람


Older pic of Jaejoong (with friends)
newly shared...
limyj7777777 INS


Definitely...Art Director Kim Jaejoong modelling new sweatshirts from Moldir...
Those lips, those upside down triangle back, them chest, and GClef music note tattoo on left thumb;)

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160923 Junsu IG Updates  
Making fun of Min-sook  So handsome 


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160922 Junsu IG Update! BIG BANG member, Daesung, came to watch <Dorian Gray> Musical! Daebak!

Ah and Daesung-ssi who came to Seongnam to see #DorianGray today~ Thank you!
It’s a secret that I was the one who said I was honored and asked to take a photo first!ㅋ
No..To think of it, is this his first time..?
Anyways, Big!Bang! Is the best!

Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 


160922 Junsu IG: "Good night everyone~☆"


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Our prince Jaejoong has 99 days in the army...Then he's back to us!

Sep 20
Look who might be back in land super soon?

Jaejoong received his official military release date, and it's soon!

CoCo Kdrama on Tue, Sep 20, 2016

Can you believe that talented actor/idol Kim Jae Joong has been away from us for almost two years? I thought this day would never come, but the end of his military service is now in sight, and our handsome oppa is almost ready to return!
HIs agency, C-JeS Entertainment, revealed that his release date is December 30, just three months away! They also said that they have begun preparing for his return to the world of entertainment, stating, “There are a lot of possibilities, including performances for the album that he released mid-service, as well as acting projects. Right now his first priority is seeing out the rest of his service with due diligence.”

I, for one, hope that he prioritizes a new action drama when he returns so we can see how mature he has become (i.e. how many new chocolate abs he has).

Have you been waiting for Jaejoong's return? What do you hope he will do first?

Fan posts:

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ジェジュンおかえりまで99日\(^o^)/ とうとう2桁!!100日切った~ -99

Let's start the countdown of double digit!!!  D-99!!


Trial Date For Park Yoochun’s Accuser Postponed

Trial Date For Park Yoochun’s Accuser Postponed
The first trial for “A” who was arrested on charges of attempted blackmail and false accusation against Park Yoochun has been postponed.
According to reports, A’s trial was originally scheduled to take place the morning of September 22. However, the trial date for A, A’s cousin, and A’s boyfriend has been changed to October 13. Prior to the trial, A’s lawyer will request bail and start questioning on September 27.
A has been residing in a detention center since getting arrested in August. Her lawyer previously requested bail on September 12 and said, “The purpose is to have her released at the trial in order to exercise the right to defense since it was determined that she has no intention of destroying evidence and fleeing.”
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Kim Jaejoong looking dapper in a suit...

[BLOG PART TR] SHIRTS&SUIT share photos of from drama Triangle
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Photo published for [VIDEO] 160921 Arirang TV-Showbiz Korea: Kim Junsu is receiving rave reviews for his acting in...


[NEW PIC] 160921 Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage 

[NEW PIC] 160920 Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage  Love his smile  (tagged)


[Wowtv: Korea Economic TV] Korea's evolving culture & technology: 's hologram concert (@ 9:03 ~)



Sep 19
'Army band' sweatshirt. Specially designed by art director Kim Jaejoong as a gift to his army band members

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[TRANS] 160916 Reversal charm last boss XIA Junsu! “Say that I am beautiful!”

Recently causing a sensation in the musical world
the Seongnam Art Centre a hot! place
made it so, certainly it’s that musical!!

<Dorian Gray>

Began raising the curtains on 3rd Sept
the hot popularity of till now is continuing!

It is the title role of the musical,
the protaganist of a beautiful young noble man
Kim Junsu of “Dorian Gray” !
On top of the stage
Like this fatal fatal He
Exceeding a young boy young boy, a baby baby you say!!

Waiting room’s XIArian catch!
Below the explosive charismatic expression like this
secretly taking the camera down and can see?
Our charismatic XIArian’s slipper is
is a reversal a reversal like this.
Please let the first performance end safely
like this grasping both hands tightly
praying Dorian is
earnest feel good attack…..

Like this the gap between on and off stage
is excessively big
Kim. Ac. tor. nim. !!!!!

Kim Junsu does his name value firmly well this time as well.
160 minutes of crazed like beautiful
man Dorian’s completion as it is.

@ Star Today article extract

Amongst the favourable reception pouring down everyday!
Completely transforming into the successive grade rank’s life character Dorian
gather gather Kim Junsu’s charms
extracted only an extract post!

Now, will begin~!


Act 1

– Birth of the well made musical and the fallen angel –

Wait a minute! Before searching for Kim Junsu
released till now, musical <Dorian Gray>’s
form, should we secretly have a look ?
<Dorian Gray> simple outline

Portrait gifted to painter ‘Basil’ beautiful young noble man
‘Dorian Gray’ with the influence of ‘Basil’s friend ‘Henry’
gradually became tainted with hedonism,
Exchanges his soul for the portrait’s eternal youth
finally becomes to be degraded.

Even just hearing the plot, already nervous 100 times!
Feelings of curiosity and wanting know well up!!

Original work musical <Dorian Gray>’s
reason’s show business factor is!?
Firstly, dramatised Oscar Wilde’s full length novel a strong very interesting story!

Secondly, after watching the performance, unconsciously humming  addictive, 100% gem like number!

Already excelling in orchestra grammar, director Kim Mun jeong presents the magnificence with diverse arrangements.

@ Newsis article extract
Thirdly, olden times background + present times beauty Banquet of beautiful clothes! 

Fourthly, till the end of the performance unable to thoughtlessly remove one’s eyes from the creative stage production!

More than anything, a stage, costumes, lighting, shots etc., in accordance to the aim of emphasising the Mijangsen (T/N: 미 장센, Mijangsen: the originality factor in relations to the role and arrangement of the characters onstage, stage setting, lighting etc.), is visually
arranged beautifully.

@ News Culture article extract

Amongst that the most important point is surely is the scene footage produce by filming at Czech Republic location.

The atmosphere that can not be buried in the gorgeous setting of the musical stage
‘Dorian Gray’ breathed into a different breath through the use of this video.

@ Daily Hangook article extract

Amongst the hot popularity like this
continuing the procession of sold out everyday
in order to watch <Dorian Gray>
they of the actors as well who visited the venue hall
rumour has it that they left with a thumbs up….!

“Still the deep emotion, that sound fills up the heart.”

“Dorian, by himself only is a fatal man.”

“Delicate and rich music.” etc.

Favourable reception of favourable reception continued on.

And, the person who they gather their mouths to praise is,,,
Certainly, our XIArian!! Kim Junsu!!
Like blowing away the sleepiness, like it might break if it’s touched
was so much so pure and beautiful XIArian
Who drew his portrait
painter ‘Basil’, met his friend ‘Henry’

(Because as much as I believed in you, I believed in my friend too….)

The only way to win over temptation,
is to give in to temptation.

– Musical <Dorian Gray> dialogue-

Our Rian has changed!
Splendid youth and beauty is as it is but…
from the facial expressions it’s different now right?


Kim Junsu is, good and evil
suffering between purity and greed, Dorian Gray’s two faced nature
like to be able to accept as it is,
digested (T/N: i.e. the character).

@ Star news article extract

Like this from head to toes
completely transformed into Dorian Gray, Kim Junsu!
As long as it is difficult expression acting
perfectly transformed into

One tip musical actor’s class
accomplished in demonstration once again.


Kim Junsu’s, for the purpose of Kim Junsu,
according to Kim Junsu ‘Dorian Gray’
like as though he is wearing his own clothes
has transformed splendidly.

On stage Dorian Gray is Kim Junsu

Affirmed ‘Dorian Gray’ is
to musical actor Kim Junsu
is a life work, it is evident.

@ OSEN article extract

If it is to this degree, musical <Dorian Gray>
recognised as a well made work! (one thumbs up)

Kim Junsu leading well made, recognised as a successive grade rank actor!
(two thumbs up)
Was able to meet from pure Rian to a fatal Rian even
following Act 1, a different reverse charm!

Should we meet in Act 2 with XIArian’s ‘youthful beauty’ as it is?

Act 2

– XIArian’s reverse charm –

Ate a fatal fatal fruit, Kim Junsu’s
reverse charm full of Act 2!

Difficult to explain mystery
strangely attracting that voice
unconcerned smile and clear laughter
within the refreshing youth a resolute body
entrancing eyes

– Musical <Dorian Gray>
dialogue –
There is no way to be fatal like this!
having devil’s charms Kim Junsu
like this!
Is cute like this???!!!!

As exciting and fun as Act 1, Act 2
will soon open now!
To live character Dorian Gray
everyday heyday undergoing renewal Kim Junsu!

Similar to the charisma onstage
offstage, an enormous youthful beauty
boasting it although it is said!!!
From the first time filming <Dorian Gray>
though he showed his coolness
At the time of the production press conference shyness like this
till the youthful beauty bursting into laughter with pwang!! Kim Junsu!

Dorian, if you are me~
Dorian, if I am you~

– Musical <Dorian Gray> number
in ‘아름답게 멈춰버린나 (Me who’s beautifully frozen (in time))’ –

How would it feel if could live with Dorian Kim Junsu’s beauty?
Even Henry and Basil fell for, standard of beauty of such a degree!

Well come, a performance like this is a first right?

with the word ‘successive grade rank’ is not sufficient
Kim Junsu’s <Dorian Gray>!
Probably a performance like this is a first right~?

Oh God, please forgive
the beautiful me’s soul

– Musical <Dorian Gray>
in ‘Against Nature’ –

(my form after having watched the performance)

Oh God… Please forgive…
the me who is taken in by
Kim Junsu’s beauty in which state cannot leave…
Though he was sexy, he is cute!
All the adjectives that exist in this world
holding all of them alone Kim Junsu!

His special charm is,
at the <Dorian Gray> ‘opening party’
was able to see in further detail, that truth!

Amongst the actors who star together
boasting an overwhelming refreshing beauty, Kim Junsu!
Exchanging talk of this and that
Woo ho~ raised a cheer as well!
Leaving the energy overflowing onstage for a while,
A fighting comment overflowing with wits as well!

eu kyang kyang kyang kyang kyang ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Everyone, now enter the looking glass
could you please look at your face?
Your form of laughing together with Kim Junsu
are able to see. (cute and infatuating)
No choice but to become ‘Basil heart’ heart is tattered, heart wrenching character,
a confirmation shot with ‘Basil’ role’s Choi Jaewoong actor as well
can not forget!
Take out Dorian to the outside world,
!!Absolutely not a villian role!!
together with ‘Henry’ role’s Park Euntae actor
three shot as well sentimentally snap!

“Want them to include me too”
wasn’t able to party together,
prepared for those who are regrettable
Opening party behind Film!!!

Kim Junsu – <Dorian Gray> opening party behind Film

Note: view on Naver V app link with eng subtitles
(My form of clapping my hands after having watched the behind)

*Junsu’s form = my form*
Though he did just a V, bursting with refreshingness Kim Junsu!
Ah… what is the reason for my heart hurting…?

Give your performance to me
I will give my heart to you

– Musical <Dorian Gray>
lyrics in ‘아름답게 멈춰버린나 (Me who’s beautifully frozen (in time))’ –

Oh?! Wait a minute!
everyone and other than me as well
there seems to be people
suffering with Kim Junsu’s beautifulness!

Who are you
fate like person,
person who unintentionally stole me
nobody can destroy a pure one flower bloom

– Musical <Dorian Gray> number
in ‘당신은 누구일까? (Who are you)’ –

Fallen for Dorian’s beauty
isn’t that XIArian Kim Junsu?!

I’m mistaken right! Certainly it is the CJeS actors!!!!
Visited Seognam Art Centre to support Kim Junsu
Loyal loyal! overflowing actors!
anigif (1)
The moment he comes down to the waiting room
cheers and applause flood in and,
showing surprise + shy combo Kim Junsu!

ah what (is this)~ I’m embarrassed

No matter how shy you are, can not conceal that beautiful face!
From ‘Dorian’ who ate the fatal fruit
returned to Kim Junsu and to the CJeS family
went to receive them!
“Taking a solo cut first~”
were the words of the photo team
“Ah it’s awkward~~”
breaking into photographing mode!
Facing opposite and seeing Dorian
Tried and played a joke like this
Stroke him as well
Even when doing a V looks like a Gravure fairy nim
he showed his photo sense.
Maybe… are you a doll…?

Writer Jo Yeong sin from the start
thought of Kim Junsu.
Wanting to write <Dorian Gray>
when I was thinking about it,
In musical <Elizabeth>
(while) seeing Kim Junsu’s ‘Tod’
the character itself is living
I got (such a) feeling.

@ playdb Writer Jo Yeong sin’s interview extract

Beautiful young noble man Dorian!
That Dorian is Kim Junsu
Kim Junsu is Dorian~

Caught Kim Junsu taking a proof shot with CJeS family
Portrait role Jin Tae hwa also together Kim~chi!

Ah really! This day’s highlight is,
it was the meeting of the LAN cable’s friends!
[celebration] Kim Junsu & Ryu Jun yeol finally meet! [celebration]
To the form of both greeting each other with a 90 degrees bow
unconsciously a mother’s smile!
A meeting like this is right!
Will cheer on these two’s friendship!

Let’s not say goodbye
once the evening passes by
we can meet again right

– Musical <Dorian Gray>
in ‘돌아올 그날까지 (till the day when you return)’ –

To the meeting of the wonderful and cool two
Omo… I now the dizziness is… (heart beating)
To the CJeS family visit
Kim Junsu’s dressing room (filled) with many smiles!
Like this, special proof shot is even complete!
A successive grade ranked performance everyone thumbs up!!

Since did it together with beautiful Kim Junsu like this
felt like Act 2 passed by fast!

Say that Act 2 hasn’t ended!!!!
Say that it hasn’t ended!!!!!!!
Musical <Dorian Gray> dialogue. ver

Yes it hasn’t ended!
After performance end, curtain call is a must!
Certainly we can’t not see the curtain call right~!

Curtain Call

<Dorian Gray> – young man ‘Dorian Gray’ met with Kim Junsu

Even the curtain call is perfect…!
Full of cuteness and youthful beauty…!
Definitely need to see this performance!!!! 
2016’s must see musical!
A musical you would regret 200% if you miss!
Able to feel the peak of beauty
musical <Dorian Gray> is
able to meet and see till the coming 29th October!
With that, let us meet at Seongnam Arts Centre〜♥

#KimJunsu #Junsu #XIA #XIAJUNSU #musical #DorianGray #Dorian #Beautiful

Source: CJeS Naver Post
Video credit: CJeS Naver Tvcast || YT: AN NA 2 & Testter
Kor-Jap translations by XIA Wonderland시아원더랜드
Jap-Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

Sep 18

[TRANS] 160715 CJeS Naver Post: Making burning Friday furthermore hot! XIA’s Asia Tour Japan concert overall summary!

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 6.55.18 AM
Making burning Friday furthermore hot! XIA’s Asia
Tour Japan concert overall summary!

<XIA’s Asia tour
Japan concert overall summary time>
On the passing 9th July!
IN YOKOHAMA> as the last

Asia tour Japan schedule
wrapped up nicely Kim Junsu!
Perhaps… only the heart crossed over the sea
Those who were in Japan were many as well right..?
Today’s post prepared for those everyone!
X compiled summarised post!
Don’t you think you want to see it quickly?

Holding Junsu’s hand will start soon now!
Time passes 18th June!

Finishing the Seoul concert which was a great success
Kim Junsu who departed for Nagoya Japan!
Seen in Nagoya Gaishi Hall Fairy Junsu!

No sleeves to this much
suit a man nicely this is a first!!!

I wanted to meet you.
5th Asia Tour, started the first concert in Japan from Nagoya.
How was this time’s album?
Which song do you like?

How do you choose it…
even though it is a party album with each one of the recorded song famous songs…♥
Nice! Greeted the fans as well
Well then should we go with all we’ve got?

Matching with the red lighting
the fatal sexy expression is a given!!

Displayed an event to directly go and visit the second floor audience seats and
including in name and reality the communication it seems was one person
freely shared the super express visit service too.

XIA’s_go and visit_express_visit service_ver2

Holding the hand of his parent came to the concert hall
to the child as well (T/N: Junsu said) good child good child…!
Junsu who became Nagoya’s genie this time!

Dracula, highschool (student) etc. with ditto (T/N: refering to the pokemon named ditto) grade metamorphosis technique
eyes and ears of the fans
warmed it unusually.

[ Caption: not scattering memories]

Nagoya concert ended successfully

Cheers like this becomes a big driving force for me. Taking the love I received today as it is, I will leave.

Even till a touching ment like this…..!
You called Junsu… Complete Junsu…!

Kim Junsu – XIA in NAGOYA! Nagoya Concert Follow cam

Leaving the Nagoya’s concert (after) exciting it like this
in order to visit everyone of the fans after 7 years
the visited place was?

Certainly, Kobe Japan! 

Kim Junsu – XIA in KOBE! Kobe concert waiting room follow cam (feat. new world discovery)
[Cap: Hello everyone, I am XIA (in Chinese)]

In the waiting room properly displaying beagle beauty, Kim Junsu


Having a rest peacefully like this
finally comes around the time for the performance!!

Though it has become so that I am doing a concert in Kobe after 7 years as a solo it is the first time. Everyone I wanted to meet you.

Already those of the Kobe’s fans are slaves of Junsu’s love
Everyone… “Yeoppo (Pretty)” is Love..♥
Following Seoul concert, sexy dance like this, really thank you very much… (bow)

Wanted to show the fans a new form
shocking transformation from blonde hair to brown hair, Kim Junsu!

Certainly fan service and Kim Junsu!

The highlight of this time’s Kobe concert
if asked what is it!
It is usual for a person to answer!

Certainly it is Junsu’s ‘name writing with his bottom’ 

Since he came to Japan, in Japanese!
write ‘ジュンス(Junsu)’..!

Really cute… (kkeung Kkeung)

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the fans safely ended

Now really only one city becomes remaining but..!!

Putting in many regrets in the heart
Took a lot (T/N: photos) Yokohama concert!
Since it’s the last do it noncommittally?

Like up till now, a meticulous rehearsal is a definite!
With the thought of regret flower make up started, Kim Junsu
Of the newly released goods in this time’s concert
looking at the XIA wall clock

having an intermission wonder time…

For the Yokohama fans who are waiting
hurriedly wearing the mike!
If you turn Yokohama inside out
together with grim resolution

Preparation for departure finished!

With that, Should we go and watch enjoyably?
Working man’s reliable back form
for a while appreciate it!
In this time’s Yokohama concert genie time
for the first time received a wish from a second floor seat audience
called “transmission big strategy”
a successive generation grade’s episode was born!

Kim Junsu – XIA IN YOKOHAMA! Yokohama concert secret cam

Certainly a splendid fan who transcended imagination!
(Thumbs up)
Like this in Yokohama concert
ended the Japan tour, Kim Junsu is

really thankful. The power of my music is you. And in this time’s tour I felt that I want to sing till I die.

(T/N: partial trans) With this much isn’t it like a famous saying… (accepted)
Like this
The time of compiled summary has ended!

Works diligently more than anyone, Our Kim Junsu!

However, the tour has not ended as of yet~

From the 16th Kim Junsu’s full scale
China tour will be starting!

No matter what… even if you can’t fly over to the continent (dim)

To the Kim Junsu who works diligently
Please send many many strong powered cheers~!

With that everyone, lets meet again next time!


Source: CJeS Naver Post
Video credit: CJeS ent Naver Tvcast || YT: jjyyjj
Kor-Jap translations by XIA Wonderland시아원더랜드
Jap-Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


160919 CJES IG Update! <Kinky Boots> Musical Actors came to watch <Dorian Gray> Musical!


JYJ Jaejoong’s discharge date confirmed!

JYJ’s Jaejoong will be discharged from the military this year!
Jaejoong will be discharged from the military this coming December 30.
His agency C-JeS Entertainment revealed to Star News, “We’re now planning for Jaejoong’s comeback. We’re discussing about the performances from his previous album as well as his return to acting. He is still in the military so it’s still early to decide. We will discuss everything when he is officially discharged.”
They also stated, “Jaejoong is prioritizing his enlistment activities first. Many are excited as to what Jaejoong will do next but we will be concluding his future activities with him as we meet after his military duties”.

JYJ ’s discharge date confirmed!


C-JeS Preparing For Kim Jaejoong’s Comeback After Military Service

With three months left until Kim Jaejoong’s discharge from the military (currently set for December 30), C-JeS Entertainment said that they are preparing for Kim Jaejoong’s return to entertainment activities.
“There are a lot of possibilities,” C-JeS said, “including performances for the album that he released mid-service, as well as acting projects. Right now his first priority is seeing out the rest of his service with due diligence.”
Kim Jaejoong’s last release was his second album “No.X” on February 12 of this year, which was a surprise album that he recorded before he enlisted, with the title track “Love You More.”

jaejoong military service
Source (1)
Click below for more news about Kim Jaejoong's upcoming comeback...

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