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Crying of happiness n also crying coz too much laugh. That’s what I got from this eps n not forget the tension. As usual the roller coaster feeling. If U read my article before TGWSS started, I often write about my wish. U can read in HERE

I’ve already got some of it n just waiting for the biggest wish happen. N FINALLY I got it. Thanks Writernim for make it happened. Though it happened only on CR’s dream, hahhaa....but it's so much better coz no crying there. N not just 1 time, he trolling us twice.....hahha...coz I never imagine that MG will has daydreaming. LOL....n We also get another kiss scene. Please make it happened. 1 Kiss Scene Per Week or 3 more Kisses Scene. XD

For this eps, I chose these one for ChunFace of the Day (10)..

It's just about ChunNi’s lips n Smile. XD Soooo CUTE.

Choi Moo Gak

Ahh....Writernim, U should make another eating scene for ChunNi, not just in “words”..hehe....coz ChunNi looks slimmer now.

U only give him eating Ramen scene....though it looks delicious.

But although no eating, he still can think....still a Smartie Moo Gakkie.

n U will understand why she took that decision, MooGakie. N U will find a way to get the murderer.... 

n though I’m kinda sad for MG....I was LOLing when saw this....XD


Ahh...Our MuRim 1st “quarrel” as a Couple in front someone else. Hehe

I like that CR still can cheerful. Will she change after she get her memory back? I hope she change only at the beginning but then can back to a cheerful Cho Rim.

N We also got this classic scene. 

To be honest, I don’t like that kind of scene. Why so stupid just standing there n the car just  sound the horn without braked.  Horn mean U know something/someone in front of U so no way, U will hit it. Different with CR’s accident n coz I know it’s all started because of that accident, I can understand why CR just standing there n so did MG.

They’re not living together but I like that MG isn’t like a guess at her home. OMO...Cleaning dishes. Hahaha....The 1st time ever....

I like that Writernim chose that scene for the phase of MG’s change. Coz it can happen in our life, hehe...just lazy to open the glove so better to ask someone.

I knew CR will do the test coz MG feel something. From Slow till...

This one....LOL

Hahhaa....his expression....He’s kinda mad but still cute.
I knew that he had something on his mind when I saw his expression....and yeah....he tease her ....hahhaa...

But though it’s kinda like a tease, I think MG realize n know that the kiss is the key to open his heart n make the nerve on his brain can work and bring out the result.  XD

N there U go their 1st kiss as a Couple.

N We got the Playfull MG, hahaha..n LOL....CR hit him again.

But then MG finally can feel something coz of that kiss. N then we got another kiss, hahaha....

Ahhh...They’re so cute and adorable, hahaha....n I love his voice when he said “WHY?”...There’s something about his voice, hahaha....

Coz 2 kisses aren’t anough so, is that the 3rd kiss? Hahaha....

The 3rd kiss scene is on “playfull” mode. Similar with the 1st kiss. So, if Writernim follow the pattern, the 4th kiss will be on “Serious & Deep” mode.

N once again she helps him.

The repetition scene n this time it’s CR’s turn to scold him n I like that MG won’t forget to say Thanks.

N then we got MuRim’s 1st fight. CR was right to scold him especially coz MG didn’t wanna tell the reason.

N I like that finally MG want to open his heart n tell her the story. He told her before but it was just the surface not the Detail.

I love that they don’t have that “high pride” so they can say Thanks, Sorry & It’s Fine so they can resolve all the problem so quickly. 

N as usual, CR can bring back the atmosphere.

LOL....U “insult” his sister.....n ahh...MG call her ChoRimmie....

Love all CR’s effort to give MG a good mood.

I love MG’s walking style. XD

N now, CR already comfortable infront of MG....wearing that comfy clothes n hairstyle. XD

Is he moving to her home? Hahaha.....A Proud boyfriend n now he can laugh with her. N is that CR’s trademark? That “Gulp, Gulp”....LOL

N this one is so funny. Hahaha...

Her Gaze can kill U , MooGakkie....XD.... MG never praise CR. Though We know that U love her, it will be nice if sometimes U praise her. Hehe..

N LOL....MG still obey what she ask....Be Quiet n he stop asking. LOL...uughh....luckily, U're not forget to congrats her.

Ahh...Hi 5 CR....I also don’t like doing the dishes. N it’s another 1st scene for ChunNi....Doing dishes. Writernim as ChunNi’s fanboy didn’t forget that ChunNi can’t cook. XD....So...for the Future Mrs. Park Yoo Chun.....U should know about that n U can share the jobs. Hahhaa.... 

N there U go this moment.

Though it just a dream, I love it. I like it happened coz it’s comfortable for her to do that. I don’t know why I should wait this scene till his 6th drama. LOL.... For me it’s more romantic than the man who do that. Btw, I think the reality stop when CR looking at his sexy back.

Seriously, I thought this scene is real coz everything he said looks real.

But then CR woke up from her dream n fall. Hahhaa....

Then.....Did U ever think this scene just a Dream? N It’s MG’s dream. If U could think that. So, U’re really can read Writernim’s mind. Hahaha....

I don’t know if the dream started from the pic above or from this one.

Maybe after he said Good, he got that sleeping attack so after that word, the dream started.

I hope CR will change that “Officer Choi” into another word. Hehe...

Ok, Writernim....I forgive U though U trolling Us twice coz U gave Us this scene.

Is there any word beside Cute n Adorable that I can use for MuRim? Hahaha...n that chessy thing, hahaha.....yeah, why U just realized that CR? Hahha...Sometimes ChunNi also can be so cheesy. XD

The Mystery that’s right. Det. Oh change CR’s birthday date. But still in May, so I hope we will get her birthday scene. Wonder what kind of gift that MG will give. Hehe...Btw, we don’t know yet when is MG’s birthday. Hehe...

Ahh, finally get this scene. We got this from Ep. 6 preview. So, they decided to use it for Eps. 10 instead Eps. 6.

N I think it’s a good decision coz it give more impact. It’s more creepy coz we know JH is the murderer. So, what is his reason? Just a feeling from a man to a woman? Or else?

The Ending

I think Let.YM made a good decision. Yeah,it's coz personal feeling. It's so different now. The person who related to the case is alive n she's so close to him. 

I think CR will make an excuse that can make JH doesn't suspicious. Just use ur acting skill, Cho Rim... It's like on the stage when something that not in the script happen. U should make the show must go on.

Based on MuRim's "habit" that they're always sharing everything. So, what would happen next? 

I think CR will be the one who 1st to know about the story. She's smart enough to connect the dot. Especially if she remember that it wasnt just one time someone mistaken her as Choi Eun Seol n with Dr. Chun's letter...It's so clear but off course she will ask about it to her dad.

n might be, she won't tell MG. Maybe she will keep a distance with MG n then MG will curious.

ahhh...should stop writing my own story, LOL....Let's just waiting for next eps.

Btw, have U take this quiz?

I got this..

I think it's right. LOL...For the strong sense of duty n loyal., it's 6 episodes to go....Please keep healthy.

ChunNi, All TGWSS's artist & crew n Me.....FIGHTING...

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