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[RECAP] ‘Three Days’ E.02 by Roweina

From eps 2, this scene is my fav…
 photo 01.jpg
I love the tone of this scene (drama). Bluish…..and love it coz it was the 1st TaeBo’s moment…..The sound of TaeWon more nice to hear but I’ve still chose TaeBo coz like Taebo itself….Our TaeBo will do Kicks and Punches. XD……
Lets begin…..
Different with the opening from eps.1 which show Han Tae Kyung, on eps.2 the opening showed us our ChunNi….and the style kinda different too. Its so ChunNi not Tae Kyung. LOL…..
 photo 02.jpg


Han Tae Kyung…

If I’m not wrong, Han Tae Kyung’s nickname is “Bull”? and thats why 2 guards can’t block out him. LOL….
 photo 03.jpg
And my obsession of ChunNi’s eyelash….LOL….
 photo 04.jpg
Oke…oke….must back to Han Tae Kyun….XD….yeah….thats the motto…..
 photo 05.jpg
And its better that they cut HTK’s action when he hijack the car. XD….Don’t wanna see HTK did bad thing to innocent people. XD
 photo 06.jpg

Yoon Bo Won

Is our heroine the only young girl on that town? LOL….and its nice that Bo Won try to make the villager to keep calm.
 photo 07.jpg
And this scene is kinda scary, remind me of Hermoine and the Snatchers in the forest (Deathly Hallow part 1). XD…But yeah….You must fighting for your life. You go girl….
 photo 08.jpg


Han Tae Kyung and Chief Officer of Secret Service Ham Bong Soo

Is Ham Bong Soo like Snape? LOL…..although he has something different at the beginning. XD…He’s “nice” to Han Tae Kyung. Eventhough he did this…
 photo 09.jpg
I think its a “wise” decision. He just want everyone focus to the missing of the Pres.
And he also defend Han Tae Kyung.
 photo 10.jpg

Han Tae Kyung and Chief of Staff Shin Gyun Jin

Ahhh…they always meet on the situation when Tae Kyung blammed for something. Do you think Shin Gyun Jin is a bad guy? I’m still not sure about him. But so far, I’ve still think he’s good. But let’s see. I think we will get another twist. So, DONT TRUST ANYONE. Hehe…
I like ChunNi’s expression on this scene.
 photo 11.jpg
He made a different expression there. When SGJ said that he’s suspecting HTK, he made expression with his lips and when SGJ said it again with a “Period” sentence thats HTK is the prime suspect of the murder, he made the expression with his eyes. You can see how his feeling about it.

Han Tae Kyung and Lee Cha Young

I like when LCY explain about the murder case, she’s looking to HTK’s face. I think he wanna see his expression. And there you go, the different expression from HTK. At 1st kinda relax coz he thought that he will get a clue but it turns out that he became the suspect.
 photo 12.jpg
And like HTK’s said….Lee Cha Young…..XD…a nice move, hahha….and yeah, it can be happened.
 photo 13.jpg

Han Tae Kyung and Yoon Bo Won

I forgot to write about the different of “grabbing” thinghy on eps.1. XD….Who will get HTK? LOL….The one that he grab or the one who grab him? XD…..Coz I’m TaeBo’s Team, so it should be Yoon Bo Won, XD….
Look at HTK’s action…After the last time did the grabbing, now he does these action. XD….Covered her mouth. Hold her wrist then hold her hand. We only have 9 days, so the process should be fast. XD….
 photo 14.jpg
Then we got a little “joke” here, XD….Yeah Bo Won, fortunately now ur agent is on probation so doesnt has ID and also a gun. XD…I like HTK’s expression here. I think YBW can pull out more of HTK’s expression.
 photo 15.jpg
And after that we got a flashback from YBW. Ahhh….did she has love at 1st sight? Something different on her eyes when she saw HTK on the funeral and it before she talk with him. Only saw his side.
 photo 16.jpg
And there you go, the 1st moment from our TaeBo….Like what happened on RTP, our girl see her man crying and didn’t do anything. Just standing there and let her man crying. Not disturb him. He need time to let go his sorrow. It’s kinda like I’ll be there beside you on your good or bad condition. You can count on me.
 photo 17.jpg
Like on RTP, on that scene we got PH’s theme song and we also get Bo Won’s theme song on this scene. I love the song. And if you read the lyric, it’s really suit with the situation.


The 3 shoots. Actually why must did 3 shoots? I think the sniper can easily did direct shoot to the President. Why he should shoot the bodyguards? Actually at 1st, there were 4 bodyguards that guard the Pres. But coz HTK only know about the murder of 2 bodyguards, so on his mind, it was only 2 persons there. And I don’t know why on the translation like that. ALL KIA? Where are the others 2? Or maybe it means that was only the bodyguard who were standing close with the Pres?
 photo 18.jpg
And if we’re back to eps. 01, we got this….
 photo 19.jpg
Mr. Pres said about the plan to the bodyguards whom die on eps. 2
 photo 20.jpg
Are their death was on the plan? They did the sacrifice for the Pres coz its their principle? Or their plan failed?…
But before that, we got this…Mr. Pres and HTK’s dad convo.
 photo 21.jpg
Mr. Pres must be don’t trust his secret service. But those man who died were also his Secret Service. Why he trust them? And he should trust no one except Us. Who is the “US” here? The 2 bodyguards are part of “US” ?
 photo 22.jpg
A very good question HTK.
If we see the scale model from the place and then Tae Kyung open it. We can see that if we open the tennis court’s gate, we can see the fishing area.
 photo 23.jpg
And from eps. 1, we saw that someone opened the gate before the shoots. But his position was from fishing area to the tennis court. It means that he left the fishing area before the shoot. Who is he?
 photo 24.jpg
But on his mind, HTK thought that someone closed the gate that’s already opened before by someone then he close it and put the padlock. But why HTK can open the gate easily?  The position here is different. The person didn’t left the fishing area but went to the fishing area.
 photo 25.jpg
Then we got the 1st twist…..Why on every Jang Hyun-sung’s drama that I watched, I always has thought he’s the bad guy? LOL….On Ghost, only at the beginning coz later I change my mind that he’s not the bad guy and I was right. On Who are you, I also guess like that and later I was right too that he’s the bad guy. So, how about this time?…..
I do think HTK’s life changed because of his super hearing, XD…. I think with all of HTK’s suspicion, HBS still can answer it. But it’s different because of that watches. The 1st time I hear the sound, my reaction was….OMO….there is a watch that can still work, so HBS is the bad guy?
 photo 26.jpg
And when HTK said his suspicion, that time HBS suddenly change. He pointing his gun to HTK. Maybe coz he think that HTK”s action can change the whole plan?
 photo 27.jpg
Then we got HBS’s reason why he did that and made me think that HBS kinda like Snape. LOL…He murder Mr. Pres like Snape kill Dumbledore. And 1 thing that I’ve still dont understand why he said this to HTK? …”I can’t hurt someone again because of You?
 photo 28.jpg
And after heard that, HTK thought that HBS kill his dad and I don’t think that HBS will use his gun to HTK but HTK already make his action.
 photo 29.jpg
But I don’t think like that. HTK’s dad die before HTK know about that Confidential 98. So, who did HBS hurt? Is the someone again refer to YBW? Coz before this scene we got this scene.
 photo 30.jpg
We can’t really see his profil. Maybe its HBS maybe not (another twist). But if we think that the person is really HBS (he also has phone that can still work). I think maybe it refer to YBW but the foreign guy didn’t say any word about YBW, he’s only hold YBW’s ID. Ahhh….our couple don’t have ID now. XD….So, the possibility that “someone” maybe not refer to YBW.
And the foreign guy ask about the body. There are 2 possibilities. He ask about the real President body or the body that they were already prepared before?
On eps.1, we got this..
 photo 31.jpg
We can’t see the person who left the place and also cant see the person’s face who go to fishing area. So, my 1st thought before that Mr. President who left the place coz I think there is a reason why the command was “Let it pass without checking”. So, when I saw the dead body wasn’t Mr. Pres, so I thought I was right. He knew that on March 5th, someone would kill him. Thats why he left the place.  And HBS did his acting shock when he saw the dead body and ask thats question…
 photo 32.jpg
Then we saw Mr.Pres’s face who have hurt on his head. OMG….Wow….so he really got shot. But when they zoom out Mr. Press, I think he wore the different jacket. We can’t really see his face before but on HTK’s mind, Mr. Pres wore the same jacket with the one who went to fishing area.
 photo 33.jpg
Ooohh….we should not be forget about HTK’s action….
 photo 34.gif


So, who got the shoot on the fishing area? The dead body? And where Mr. Pres got the shoot? How TaeBo can elude? And make our couple became Runaway couple. XD…. Aahhh….many questions. LOVE it.
 photo 35.jpg


 photo 36.jpg
I want to more objective and give ChunNi critic but sorry I cant, LOL…..TOO BIAS…..XD…At least for these 2 eps, no critic yet…XD….I think I’m kinda used with the more mature ChunNi this past year. So, I think ChunNi is appropriate for this HTK’s character. He’s not look that young as Secret Service, a serious young man who is rarely to show his expression (off course while working, XD…) But I do think we will get those ChunFace….hehhe…and so far we haven’t knew yet about HTK’s life. We only got the HTK’s working life and the problem. But if You see this…
 photo 37.jpg
What you see? What kind of man that use those Red Love baloon as his phone wallie? Is he a romantic guy? Is he in love? Is he – deep down- still has his childish side? We knew that on his convo with BW, he has a “light” sense of humour, LOL…..Maybe he’s so serious only while working?
Or maybe that love ballon is a memorable thing for him? We’ve still don’t know how is his relationship with his dad. And how about his mom? I think his mom already die, coz no one beside him on the funeral. Maybe his mom bought him Love baloon when he was a kid? Maybe the pic with his dad and mom was his last pic with his mom and it was taken at amusement park and after that his mom die?
So just lets wait and see.  So far I like his style (nice jacket), hairstyle and off course his expression. Looking forward for more.
Btw, maybe not all of JYJers/Chunsa love this 3 days genre. Especially those who only like rom-com. Watching 3 days coz only its ChunNi. Maybe with so many question arise, it would be confusing? My advise is no need to really think about the case coz can watch ChunNi twice a week is ENOUGH. XD
Oh, I’m sorry for those of U who are not Harry Potter’s fans coz I often compare it with that novels/movies. Can’t separate Roweina & 7 from Harry Potter. LOL…Just like on this pic….
 photo 38.jpg
And yo Tae Kyung, I know it’s empty road but can you park the car on the right way? LOL….

End of 3 Days 1st week.

 photo 39.jpg
for read my recap and give comments. I really appreciate it.


[RECAP] ‘Three Days’ E.01 by Roweina

To all Chunsa/JYJers….
Yeeeahhh….finally I can present my recap and because limited time, this time kinda different. I used to make recap per 2 ep but this time will split. One ASAP after the episode aired & the other one will close with the next ep as refresher. It can be a reminder of what has happened in the drama and also can make you all hype up for the drama next day. XD…
But coz it will be new for me, not really confident about it. XD……But let’s try and I will choose 1 pic as my fav from each ep and from ep.1, I chose this pic.
3 days is a kind of genre that I love. The suspense, the intense. But beside that I do think there will be a LOVE STORY. I dont know why, watching 3 Days make me lost my “knowledge” about K-Drama’s common stuff. LOL….I dont remember if I ever watch/hear these kind of stuffs on K-Drama before. XD…..It looks like I’m watching a movie. I really like the drama score, the cinematography, the visual effect and for me that pic (scene) represent it all very nicely. The silence – only can hear the phone buzzing-, the cinematography, the visual effect – with the blur, kinda paused – and off course the Acting. We can feel what Han Tae Kyung’s feeling. PERFECTO for me.
So let’s begin…..
At 1st must introduce our lead male character. His name is….
When you see his outfit and the gun that he’s holding, we know thats he is an agent and on this drama, he’s a member of President Secret Service and played by….
MICKY Park Yoo Chun. XD……It’s funny that on his drama, there always a Mickey’s stuff. I dont really remember about Ripley but from Rooftop Prince, IMU then now 3 Days, Mickey always there. LOL…..but on IMU, the Mickey stuff didn’t wear by the lead actor or actress. For Rooftop Prince, it was Park Ha’s (ofc, it’s impossible that Lee Gak wear it unless Park Ha buy it for him. LOL…)n on 3 Days is young Han Tae Kyung (okie, can’t imagine that the serious Han Tae Kyung wear something like that. XD.
And here we go, the 1st scene from Han Tae Kyung.
Same like on Rooftop Prince, on his 1st scene, ChunNi also get the running scene. It also kinda similar, he run coz worry about the condition of the person that he loves. His dad in the hospital coz get an incident.


Han Tae Kyung…
As a President Secret Service, protect the President is number 1. So, he must back to his job. and off course get scolding from his superior and we got that “Sorry” looks from Han Tae Kyung.
And while doing his job, he get a bad news about his dad. But what he should do? He can’t just leave his job. and this scene actually kinda “sad” scene but sorry to say, the things that I see is ChunNi’s eyelashes. LOL….Many close scenes that we can see it. XD.
Then he’s doing his job. But what I see on thispic is Park Yoo Chun of JYJ whom walking at the street market, LOL…..No one can touch him, he has a lot of bodyguard around him. XD…and everyone busy taking pic of him. XD….
And there you go, something happen that make everything changing on his life. The phone calling/vibration. Can’t pick up the phone and it make him kinda loss his instinct for the situation around him.
And…LOL….I also put ChunNi’s pic from JYJ’s Only One MV. it’s kinda similar concept. Hehe….
And when he realize that something bad happened, he take the action.
And after that, he just can stuck sit on the street. I think he’s shock that he can loss his instinct then back to his sense after he see that he get an SMS. I do think that he already know the message.
And yes, he gets the bad message. His dad just passed away. I like his expression. He’s sad and get another scolding. No need to say something. Just look at his face expression. I do think he’s also angry to his superior but he doesnt want to say something. Just give him That Looks Tae Kyung…..
Btw, look at Han Tae Kyung’s pants….it’s different style with his superior. LOL….it’s so ChunNi’s style. XD
Coz as Secret Service, you can’t do any mistake and Han Tae Kyung as the Front Man did that. He didn’t alert everybody coz distracted by phone buzzing. So, he get probation.
Then we got this heartbreak scene…..I like the cinematography on this scene. Do you notice that on this scene. The color more soft. It really suit with Han Tae Kyung’s feel. Mourn. Oh, before this ep aired, I want ChunNi’s crying scene is when he’s alone. you can know the reason on the next recap.
I like ChunNi’s acting on this scene. I don’t think his cry acting was too much. it’s fitted. and do you notice that “little” smile. I do think that Han Tae Kyung is not a kind of man who can easily crying. But he realize that he can cry and also “laughing” coz his dad passed away and his job is in probation. 2 bad news at the same time.
And I like that finally Han Tae Kyung can express his feeling. it’s not forbidden for man for not cry. It’s so human.
Yoon Bo Won
And there you go, Our heroine….a policewoman in the small town. I think it’s so rarely that she face crime or accident on that town. I think one of her daily job is accompany grannies playing card. XD……and that’s why she smiles when hear something happened. it’s kinda like…”Ahhh….finally, I can do my job”….XD…..then she arrive on the location and see the accident.
I do think the accident is her 1st case, XD…with the missing envelope, I think that make her so curious. That’s why she look for Han Tae Kyung.
And ChunNi’s lashes again. XD…


Han Tae Kyung and Pres. Lee Dong Hee
I do think he has a good relationship with the Pres. Maybe there is a range coz the boss-employee relationship but coz Han Tae Kyung’s dad is a minister, there is something “special” between them.
Han Tae Kyung and Chief Officer of Secret Service Ham Bong Soo
I do think Han Tae Kyung has good relationship too with his CO. Even though he got scolding but he also get pleading from him and understand his problem. Giving Han Tae Kyung a probation is a wise decision.
Han Tae Kyung and Chief of Staff Shin Gyun Jin
Hhhmmm…I think the Chief doesn’t really know about Han Tae Kyung’s background. He doesn’t know that his dad is the Chief Economist? I think it’s only some people know about it. it’s like Han Jung Woo’s situation. Only his chief who know his background family, even his partner doesn’t know.
Luckily after know the reason, he can let it go and accept Han Tae Kyung’s probation.
Han Tae Kyung and Yoon Bo Won
An interesting 1st encounter between our couple. It’s because the case. I do think that Han Tae Kyung kinda annoyed with Yoon Bo Won’s question.
And finally Bo Won say something that make him give an attention.
But ahh…fortunately coz Tae Kyung doesn’t understand what Bo Won’s mean and I think he’s kinda think that Bo Won is kinda juggle with him. He ask her that and made Bo Won say sorry and give up.
But her action make Tae Kyung more curious.
And there you go….Grab Hand action. LOL…..and also a “little” touch. XD….
Han Tae Kyung and Lee Cha Young
Twice of grabbing action. LOL….
It’s nice that she helps him.


A very big leap. From driving with 2 hands and now he’s driving with 1 hand. LOL…
Yooo….Han Tae Kyung’s hairstyle vs Park Yoo Chun’s hairstyle. LOL….(I hope you understand what I mean. XD….)
Aaaiihh…writer-nim….why not 6262? XD…
it’s soooo ChunNi…..LOL
OMO….Did we almost get “shower scene” or “something”.LOL….with that untie action…XD….n ah it’s nice that finally ChunNi’s character has apartment. LOL…(I don’t count Ripley coz it’s not apartment. LOL….)
Wow…a good camouflage. XD….Imagine if the pic on the truck is JYJ’s. XD
Omo….my fav number. LOL….


Aahh….what file is it?
Aahh…..Do not Do What?
Who’s coming?


Oohh my… Harry Potter’s feel…LOL…it’s kinda like Dementor around the town. XD
This is cool. XD….Bo Won is so brave.
A nice ending with ChunNi’s face all around our monitor. LOL…

To be continued……..