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JYJ News Week of 2/22- 2/28/2016

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Picture of My Family, Kim Jae Joong


Note: Corporal Jaejoong performed at 55th Infantry (a few weeks ago) in front of new recruits and their family...


CJES IG Update...Junsu singing at Hwang Jung Eum wedding

[OTHER INSTAGRAM]160227 C-JeS Instagram Update: Junsu singing nuptial song to Hwang Jung-eum


Park Yoo Hwan tearfully thanks brother Yoochun for being like his father

February 26, 2016

In the last episode of SBS's 'Laws of the Jungle in Panama' on February 26, actor Park Yoo Hwan shed tears as he talked about his brother, Yoochun, who was the fatherly figure in his life.  

The production crew had presents prepared for the cast members, and these gifts were none other than letters from their family.  As Park Yoo Hwan read his letter from his brother, Yoochun, who's in the army right now, he could not help but shed tears.

Opening up, he explained, "My father passed away three years ago.  I was close to my father, but in America, my parents divorced, and I was unable to spend a lot of time with my father.  My brother was like my father.  I'm very sorry and thankful."

[NEWS] 160227 ‘Law of the Jungle’ Park Yuhwan receive surprise letter from Park Yuchun who’s in the middle of his military service

 photo 201602262301770241_56d05afc18bb9.jpg
Park Yuchun sent a handwritten to his actual younger brother Park Yuhwan who underwent hardships in the jungle, on SBS variety program ‘The Law of the Jungle in Panama’ that aired February 26th.
On this day, it was the last day where the production crew told Byung-man tribe, “We have gifts” when they finished their jungle survival; and offered out envelopes. Right in the envelopes, there were letters sent by Byung-man tribe’s family members.
For Park Yuhwan, a letter arrived with ‘Jingle-Jingle’ written on it. Park Yuhwan was moved to tears, receiving a letter from his older brother and JYJ member Park Yuchun who’s in the middle of his military service. He lost control before even reading its contents and asked [Fly to the Sky’s] Hwan-hee to recite it instead.
In Park Yuchun’s letter read out loud: “Yuhwan-ah~ It is (your) hyung! First of all, I congratulate you wholeheartedly on your first variety. You’re on ‘Law of the Jungle’ that I really like…I really like it. Are you in the jungle?”
Continuing, there contained, “It’s embarrassing that this is the first letter that I’m writing to you but I hope you had time to finish your exhausting day well (while reading) through this letter,” and, “Hyung doesn’t know how I can help you right now but… Hyung is working diligently at my post (in Gangnam District Office currently). You try to work hard too. At any time, don’t break (anything [i.e. limbs]), don’t get hurt, and even if you aren’t able to walk while in pain. Keep thinking of your family who are supporting you and stay strong~ I love you so much. You went through really a lot of trouble all day long, today”.
He then evoked laughter, jotting down: “Your hyung in the District Office, Park Yuchun”.

Sources: TV Daily + Asiae  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[VIDEO] 160224 SBS Entertainment Weekly – Kim Jaejoong’s Hologram Concert in Japan

SBS Entertainment Weekly covers Kim Jaejoong’s hologram concert: “You mean they filmed him beforehand and held concert later?”
It mentions other celebrities enlisted and others that already finished their military service.

Credits: @crystalmoon64, jaejoong860126  
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[INFO] 160226 Kim Jaejoong’s “Love You More” ranks No.3 on KBS2 Music Bank

Last week Kim Jaejoong’s “Love You More” ranked No.2 <Link>, and this week’s KBS2 Music Bank K-Chart ranked at 3rd place without promotion!
 photo 160223kjjmusicbank.png

Kim Jaejoong appeared at 0:48 secs
Digital Sales: 137
Viewers Score: 196
Broadcast: 0
Physical CD sales: 3,444

Credits: jaejoong860126KPOP IU KBS  
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160226 CJES IG Update: "Sister Jung-eum's wedding, congratulations!"

[VIDEO] @ 신라호텔 다이너스티홀
나도 결혼하고싶다~
Junsu singing...


Jaejoong Update...

[IG] Our VIP client gifted us w his signed 2nd album thank u, songs r legendary-Skincare Clinic
Via crystalmoon64


[INFO] 160226 JYJ on the cover for the April issue of Japanese Magazine “Hanryu Pure Love TV Drama Guide”

Reason why the JYJ starring Dramas are loved Hanryu Pure Love
TV Drama Guide
April Issue

Released date: 26th Feb 2016

Let’s meet with Drama!

★ Show Jaejoong & Yoochun starred Drama in one go!
★ Junsu’s musical “Dracula”, over here is amazing!!

Source: Rakuten Books
Trans by xiahjunjjyu


CJeStagram Update...Jaejoong!
[IG] I unintentionally put out my lips... If you keep doing this... Thank you very much

Behind cuts of 2nd album revealed, stealing ladies' hearts

Via crystalmoon64

 photo 160226KJJ09.jpg

 photo 160226KJJ11.jpg

 photo 160226KJJ06.jpg


"Park Yoochun is a father like hyung" Yuhwanieee


Proud to be Jaejoong's fan...

[TRANS] Reply Letter wrote to Life House Shelter for Women and Infants

Note: KJJ Gallery donated here (in the name of Jaejoong) before...


[INFO] 's #1 on Gaon Album Chart for 2 consecutive weeks!!!!!


JYJ Jaejoong will be holding a hologram concert in Seoul!

February 25, 2016
Photo published for JYJ Jaejoong will be holding a hologram concert in Seoul! |

JYJ Jaejoong's hologram concert will take place in Seoul. 
On February 25, C-JeS Entertainment has announced, "On April 9, Kim Jaejoong will be holding '2016 KIM JAE JOONG 2ND ALBUM HOLOGRAM REAL LIVE' in Seoul." The concert will be available at two times of 3pm and 7pm. 
Jaejoong has already successfully completed a hologram concert in Japan with 15,000 fans back in February 9 and 10. The same greatness is expcted in the upcoming concert in Seoul, where Jaejoong will be performing songs from his 2nd album, and also sum of his previous songs. 
Concert associate has stated, "We expect many excited fans for the hologram concert in Seoul as we had great success in Japan. This will become another special gift Jaejoong has prepared for his fans."

The tickets for '2016 KIM JAE JOONG 2ND ALBUM HOLOGRAM REAL LIVE' will be open for sale at 8pm on March 3. 



Kim Jaejoong Hologram LIVE concert in Seoul...Coming very soon...

Hologram Concert in Korea in April: Ticketing opens on 3/3(Thu) at 8 PM via Auction

Let's go watch Hologram Concert in Seoul: Performed 2x at 3/7 PM Ticketing opens on 3/3  

2016 KIM JAE JOONG 2nd ALBUM HOLOGRAM REAL LIVE CONCERT in SEOUL: All seats are 66,000Won!!!

4월 9일, 홀로그램 콘서트의 감동
이젠 서울에서 만날 수 있어요!

☞ 2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Seoul
☞ 티켓 오픈 : 3/3(목) 오후 8시 옥션 티켓

‪#‎김재중‬ ‪#‎KIMJAEJOONG‬ ‪#‎홀로그램콘서트‬ ‪#‎이젠_서울에서_만나요‬ ‪#‎티켓팅도_화이팅‬

April 9, virtual concert by
Now I can meet in Seoul.

☞ 2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Seoul
☞ ticket open: 3/3 (Thursday) at 8 PM AUCTION TICKET

‪#‎김재중‬ ‪#‎KIMJAEJOONG‬ ‪#‎홀로그램콘서트‬
‪#‎이젠_서울에서_만나요‬ ‪#‎티켓팅도_화이팅‬

[FB] Now, come experience the amazing Hologram Concert in Seoul  

This is the correct venue; holds up to 3,000 they say but depends on how they arrange chaos
Via crystalmoon64 


Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted -빤쓰제제-본후리유얼키쮸

SBS Entertainment Weekly covers 's hologram concert: You mean they filmed him beforehand n held concert later?


Top 10 most handsome visual members of all time

February 24, 2016
 Following our latest feature on the Top 10 prettiest visual members of all time, we bring you ten most handsome, timeless, and jaw dropping visual members of all time! These hotties have been named countless times as the best looking idol members around the industry.

Here are the top 10 most handsome visual members of all time and see if you agree!


JYJ Dance Practice

Via JYJ/IDMYO dancers






[OTHER TWITTER] 160224 Tsutaya Sangenchaya Store Twitter Update – Elephant letters from fans arrived

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.33.33 PM


From the customer to whom it was sent by cash on delivery, 🐘(elephant) san has arrived❤️

The staff, will take responsibility and put it on all the sales board ^^

Really really Thank you very much for the happy letters as well!
#Jaejoong #NOX

T/N: the Sangenchaya Store included the elephant cut out notes when packaging for the albums and posters ordered online to be sent to the respective mailing addresses. The fans wrote and sent the notes to the store.
Source: @T_SANCHYA
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[OTHER TWITTER] 160224 Tsutaya Sangenchaya Store Twitter Update – Jaejoong congrats on Oricon Weekly Western Music No.1


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.00.51 PM


【Jaejoong】Oricon Weekly Western Music Album ranking No.1❗️
Overall No.8❗️

Jaejoong really Thank you ❤️

Everyone everyone is waiting.
We love you. We miss you.

#Jaejoong “NOX
Source: @T_SANCHYA
Translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[INFO] 160224 Jaejoong’s 2nd Album “NO.X” ranks in at No. 1 for Oricon Style Weekly Western Music Album Ranking (2/15~2/21)


Jaejoong’s 2nd Album “NO.X” ranks in at No. 1 in the Oricon Style Western Music Album Ranking
Dated 29th Feb 2016
(2016/02/15 ~ 2016/02/21)
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.25.09 AM
Jaejoong’s 2nd Album “NO.X” ranks in at No. 8 in the Oricon Style Weekly CD Album Ranking
Dated 29th Feb 2016
(2016/02/15 ~ 2016/02/21)

Kim Jaejoong
Release date: 17th Feb 2016
Estimated sales amount: 17,677

Note: to even come in at the top 10 rankings of the wider category of CD Album clearly shows Jaejoong’s popularity.
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.10.49 AMScreen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.10.34 AM
Source: Oricon Style (1 , 2)

[NO.X Support Preview] We thank the K-Forces Media Staffs and Soldiers of 9th Infantry Div. for cooperation!

[FAN SUPPORT] 160223 Kim Jaejoong’s NO.X Support Preview – Delivering Albums+snacks to K-Force Media

[NO.X Support Preview]

Getting ready to be sent out with #NO.X CDs #김재중 #2집
 photo CbvAzMeUsAAWOan.jpg
Delivering 560 albums+snacks to K-Force Media today! Pls wait for detailed report later.
 photo Cb4ChQbUAAA8OYO.jpg
We thank the K-Forces Media Staffs and Soldiers of 9th Infantry Div. for cooperation!
 photo Cb4usFUUEAIiqoP.jpg
Source: @ONES_J_GOODS  
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[TRANS] 160223 JYJ mentioned in NHK Radio Program “Afternoon’s Mariya-ju”

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.49.11 AM

[INFO] NHK Radio Programme 午後のまりやーじゅ (Afternoon’s Mariya-ju) is hosted by Mariya Yamada every mon to fri 13:05~16:55. 23rd Feb 2016 (Tues) show had guest corner by former Takarazuka actress Keaki Mori, titled “simply because there is love, simply because there is words”
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.49.43 AM
15:33 – Keaki Mori’s
simply because there is love,
simply because there is words

16:06 – Evening Music
“Itsudatte kimi ni”
今日NHKラジオの”午後のまりあーじゅ”で元宝塚の杜(もり)けあきさんがJYJが苦労してきた事ジュンスが沢山のミュジカルでも頑張っている 事、JYJはTVに出られないのにコンサートをすると何処の会場も満席になる事などを話してくれてJYJの”♪いつだって君に♪が全国に流れましたよ^^
杜けあきさんの言葉のコーナーでジュンスがこの間のバラコンで言ったすばらしい言葉を紹介していたんだけど・・・はっきり覚えてないんだけどあの頃 ツイで流れていたんだけどな~杜けあきさんJYJの事歌うまいでしょ!って今度日本でコンサートがあるんでもちろん行きますよ!って^^


Today, in NHK Radio’s “Afternoon’s Mariya-ju” former Takurazaka (actress) Keaki Mori san talked about JYJ going through hardships, Junsu working hard in many musicals, and about though JYJ do not appear on TV, when they do concerts whichever venue hall it may be it is full house etc.  JYJ’s ♪Itsudatte kimi ni♪ flowed across the whole country^^

In Keaki Mori san’s words corner, she introduced those wonderful words Junsu recently said in his Ballad concert but… I don’t remember exactly [what it was], though at that time it was flowing in the tweets~ Keaki Mori san (said) about JYJ that their singing is really good right! and that there is a concert in Japan this time and definitely will go!^^

From 2:46 to 4:17
Junsu’s words as narrated by Keaki Mori san.

T/N: before this Keaki Mori san just mentioned about what happenned in the past when tohoshinki broke up and became two membered THSK and three membered JYJ. She said since she is a fan she is well versed in this topic.

to say why Junsu san said those words in his concert,
that he doesn’t appear on shows
“think that our precedents have not been able to do that
even now, like this many audience come to see our performance
this time as well, (will) not look back on the past.
The members are here, the fans who love me are here.
Received the miracle like cheers/support.
Well, though at that time I spend splendid youthful days as tohoshinki
but that, more than being discouraged by what i have lost,
I am grateful of what I have gained.
I really think that I am happy”
he conveyed these words

this, i really think these words are priceless.
definitely, confusion makes a person mature.
But that is for those who do not forget great efforts and their wholesome self.
for them only.
and the result of that
accepting everything that you have experienced and
to the point of being able to be grateful for that,
I thought that
he became a wholesome person, artist, man.
Since I am a fan, I think that I am happy (for that)
Man: you’d become a fan because of this
That is right. I became a fan because of this kind of way of existence as well.
Well, concert as well. he will be coming to Japan soon.
I as well, will for sure be going to attend.
Woman: oh to see Junsu?

Source: @ukthtr (1 , 2) + NHK Online
Video Credit: chiemm1
Translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[OTHER TWITTER/INSTAGRAM] 160224 Japanese musician YOKAN to conduct 2016 XIA Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan Vol.2

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.18.33 AM
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.14.25 PM
#原宿 #表参道 #harajuku #omotesando#OhaYokan
#朝 #morning #朝ラン #running #曇り#viviennewestwood #instagram #instdaily


Today’s YOKAN was
Documents for the tour next month has arrived so
do the check and adjustment,
besides indulging in accordance to high speed arrange♪
Because it’s Orchestra composition it will take time as well
With this occasion, it is a situation in which can not catch up to one day one song…
Other schedule as well
It is tough while managing but
I will work hard while looking forward to it
(spent) a splendid day with smiles
#Harajuku #Omotesando #harajuku #omotesando#OhaYokan
#morning #morning #morning_run #running #cloudy#viviennewestwood #instagram #instdaily

Note: RT and reply to a fan
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.14.16 PM


That’s right✌️ this time as well, will be participating as the arranger and conductor(^_−)−☆ RT –: @yokan713 Good morning ♪ Perhaps is it for Junsu kun’s ballad concert? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Source: yukanstudio via @yokan713
Translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[PICS + TRANS] 160223 Corporal Kim Jaejoong takes his army break and visited a Pojangmacha

JYJ3 Note: Pojangmacha is typically small tented restaurants on wheels or street stalls; can be best described as “outside tent-restaurant”.
Last year Kim Jaejoong also visited this place Link

“Mommy, thank you always for being nice to me. I can’t stop coming here. Thank you for being nice to my fans” – Kim Jaejoong
 photo Cb47kUxVIAAHGHu.jpg
“Place to come while I’m on my break! Thank you so much” – Kim Jaejoong (JJ definitely changed his autograph^^)
 photo Cb48FADUUAAQeVv.jpg
“Came by here coz it’s my break. I like here. Delicious” – Kim Jaejoong
 photo Cb4851XUAAAsSJp.jpg
“It’s me Jaejoong^^” – Kim Jaejoong
 photo Cb49JSwUYAAown6.jpg photo Cb49JS3VAAAr4hm.jpg photo Cb49JTDUAAIg5EB.jpg
“Love you and miss you my Japanese fans! Thank you!” – Kim Jaejoong
 photo Cb4-E1wUsAArRTe.jpg photo Cb4-E1vVIAABQfd.jpg
“I’m embarrassed” – Kim Jaejoong
 photo Cb4-aB0UAAAtVjS.jpg
Jaejoong came by last night, he was really happy and boasted about placing 2nd place at Music Bank to the owner
 photo Cb4_Qa6UEAArbOi.jpg photo Cb4_Qa9UYAAFnbX.jpg
Kimchi the owner sliced for Kim Jaejoong he loved it!!!!
 photo Cb4_unMUMAAW7g9.jpg
“This is Jaejoong :)”  Kim Jaejoong shared he gained 17kg since enlistment! Owner said he looks much much much more handsome^^
 photo Cb5jpJ3VIAAEnip.jpg
Credit: @crystalmoon64  
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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160222 A mom and her children received Yuchun’s autographs

[PHOTOS] #jyj #박유천 #싸인 #대박나요 #착한사람 #예의바름 #공익근무 #고마워요 #언니땡큐

친한 언니덕에
유천씨가 직접 싸인하고
주소하나하나 적어
집으로 보내준 싸인지.
작은 메세지 하나하나
참 착한 성품이 보여서…
나도모르게 응원했다.

그동안 힘들었던 시간들
더 큰 행복으로 보답받으시리라 믿어요.
준수씨와 재중씨와 더불어
행복 가득한 2016년 되세요!! 아이들에게

#jyj #ParkYuchun #sign #this_is_awesome #sincere_guy #courteous #public_service #thanks #thank_you,_unnie

Thanks to my nice unnie
These are signed personally by Yuchun-ssi
Address to written down one by one
The signs given at home.
One by one a short message
He seemed to have a really good-natured disposition…
Unconsciously cheered (for you).

The times that you’ve worked hard all the while
I believe you will be rewarded with a greater happiness.
Along with Junsu-ssi and Jaejoong-ssi
May the year 2016 become full of happiness!! For the children and for me
Cool gifts..Thanks!!!
 photo 12677607_460761034118476_1248017821_o.jpg
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[NEW PIC] 160223 Junsu at Busan! He really loves this cap~ 
Via vichellelicious


Kim Jaejoong NO.X Update

Tower Records one is general charts. not Kpop category^^ All songs in NO.X are written in KR, but JJ won
via ayano_jyj 

[RANKING] 160222 's NOX Tops Several Weekly Album Charts 2/15-2/21 🙌


JP iTunes weekly general album charts #2 
via ayano_jyj


Civil service worker Park Yoochun...

as tagged


Kim Jaejoong NO.X Update

's sincere words included in the lyrics of his new songs impress the fans

JYJ His moving lyrics makes his fans tear up…'His utmost love for his fans' 

[News TRANS] If the album is my gift for my fans, this song is my letter to them-
Via crystalmoon64 



Junsu awarded grand prize for ‘Death Note’

Updated : February 22 2016

Junsu of JYJ received the grand prize at the “2016 Edaily Culture Awards” on Friday, consolidating his position in the musical theater scene.

One of Junsu’s well-known musical works titled “Death Note” was selected as the best musical of the year. He went up to stage to receive the trophy on behalf of the whole team.


“I am honored to be given such a grand prize. I want to share this glory with all the staff members and actors who starred in Death Note,” he said.

Junsu started off as a K-pop artist through the group TVXQ and later created the trio JYJ. Due to his excellent singing abilities, he was given the chance to star in various musical pieces including “Dracula,” “Death Note,” “Elizabeth,” and more.

By Kim Ji-young (

Click below for more re: eCulture Awards...

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