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JYJ News Week of 1/29- 2/4/2018

What's New With JYJ?
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Bright Starts with Jaejoong in Japan

2018.02.05 Jaejoong FujiTV

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JJ IG Updates

Thirst is real! is LOVE

180204 Info Jaejoong shot the video in Tokyo Gate Bridge

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[TRANS] 180202 Samuel Kstyle interview part 3 -end- “You starred in NAVERT TV’s Photo People recently, there’s one of the cast is JYJ’s Jaejoong who is a big senior. How do you ....”



We set up a public library in a primary school in Yunnan, China on behalf of Jaejoong, as a meaningful gift to his 2018 birthday. Happy Birthday Jaejoong!

20171226 김재중공익도서실 기록 "KIM JAEJOONG" Public Library Set Up



Photo People Previews

[V LIVE] 4 - 6 Charismatic French fashion models make the entrance!

[V LIVE] 4 - 7 The Best Day of My Life! The day of shooting <VOGUE> pictorials

[V LIVE] 4 - 8 Calling all Chanel Fashionistas!

Long coats look so nice on oppa coz 
Oppa has wide shoulders 
Oppa has wide shoulders 
Oppa has wide shoulders - Jung Hyesung  

Modeling first before he turns into a photographer 


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The story behind how the photos took got to be published on Vogue magazine will be revealed on 2/5-6 episodes of  

delivers tons of things to watch: From the rumor of Cho Se Ho poppping up in every corner of Paris to great chemistry between and Jung Hyesung
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Kim jaejoong and B1A4 Baro Teasing each other just like real life brothers JJ: If I can go back in time, I’d go back 6-7 years and become same age as Baro to practice+debut together Baro: Then, I’d go back exactly 6-7 years so I can be younger than you again
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180202 Autograph Letter at ‘Bright Starts’ Full EN translation can be checkers in pic~

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180202 Info (微博韓流Weibo) 【KR: Hello everyday, I haven’t greet you guys for a long time. CN: Hello everyone, I am...】 Yuchun’s voice😭😭😭 

180202 Info (微博韓流Weibo) 【Everything goes smoothly and get well year after year. Everything goes as wishes and get higher step by step.】 It’s Chinese New Year greetings which is hard to translate... I’ve tried my best... T^T

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180202 Info These 2 videos are post by 微博韓流, for followers to guess the celebrities by listening voice only... 微博韓流 will sent a gift to the one who answered right.. 【Idols will announce correct answers in their OWN Weibo during Chinese New Year .】



180202 Info 【Received new sign pic ytd, I look forward to JJ’s JPN events in the future. ^^ He’s always a great person whenever I meet. Gracious & frank & always take care others. One who everyone likes, is Jaejoong ar...】


[JJstagram] I’m happy whenever I celebrate my birthday but as I get older, I became more embarrassed. Haha

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Other IG Update

【toxxnimさん Instagram】 즐겁고 재밌는시간^^내동생 수고했어~


Bright Starts...Jaejoong starts his Japan comeback!
Press Pics

6 major publications has published news article about JJ's event: Nikkan sports, Sponichi, daily sports, Tokyo Chunichi sports, Sports hochi, Sanspo.
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[News] 32 year old Jaejoong, on being active in Japan after 9 years. "I got old a little"
Jaejoong Japan Restart! 32 year old's great joy in being presented a celebratory cake: "I'm going to cry"
[News] Jaejoong, finally restarting in Japan, reveals his emotions and what has changed over the past 8 years
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[News] 32 year old Jaejoong, on being active in Japan after 9 years: “I got old a little”

Popular South Korean singer Jaejoong (32) held a fan club event at Tokyo Dome City hall in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo on February 1.
He established his own fanclub in Japan last December. Starting this year, his activities in Japan will resume in earnest for the 1st time in 9 years. 2,300 people were invited for yesterday’s event. Jaejoong, who celebrated his 32nd birthday last month, was given a cake during the event.
When asked about what changed in 9 years, “I still feel the same but my face got old a little”, he said with a wistful smile. He also revealed that he is making a new album and would like to participate in dramas as an actor.
The Pyeongchang Olympic games will be held in his home country of Korea starting February 9. “I want to go and watch but I will be working in Japan, so I can’t go.”

Jaejoong restarts his activities for the first time in eight years in Japan. “Only thing changed is my age!” -Sports Hochi Newspaper

English translations of JJ interview on February 1st, 2018 Oricon News 


[JJstagram] It is not Hiro.

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Lol, we already know it’s not Hiro! Congratulations on in ! Wishing you the best always! Ganbatte!



Bright Starts
Jaejoong's first meeting with Jaefans

Fan Goods

cr. jj_mk_0329+miki_calling


There is a presscon before the actual event. A part of it will be broadcasted in Fuji TV's Non stop! program on Monday!

JJ: I am nervous and my hands are shaking. It was nice seeing all of you. You did not give up. Thank you!
JJ: I organized this event. "Bright Start" - thought of this because I want the start of my Japanese activities to be bright.
JJ: It is a free event, cos if it is not, it will not be a gift for everyone, right?
JJ officially announced that K-Dash is his new management agency in Japan. He plans to do a lot of activities in Japan in the future!!! Yessssss!!!!

"JBs" will be his personal jimusho or company.  
So K-dash is in charge of over-all activities but JJ also has his own company that will coordinate with K-dash. 
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(There’s “JB” logo at bottom right on banner-te4jyj)

JJ: During the army, I went from 59 kg to 79 kg. Muscle mass ne! Now I'm 66 kg~
Fans are singing Happy birthday to JJ~ Happy birthday, dear JJ~
We'll see more of JJ on Japan TV~
2018 challenge/goal for JJ: Be healthy. Will try to be more healthy this year. It's not just physical appearance but I will take care of my body too.

Mission 1: Jump rope 30 times in 30 seconds. Punishment: take off one by one if you can't do it.
Mission 2: Do not blink for 30 seconds
Mission 3. Do hula hoops for 30 seconds

Hula hoop mission success. JJ: Felt like I won an Olympic medal. 
Present for completing the mission: Nike sneakers

Today's quote: I'm the type to wait for a kiss.

JJ: I'm preparing for a Japanese album. I'm collecting songs now.

JJ: I came secretly to Japan to do the photo shoot for the Bright Starts goods.

JJ: I will spend most of my time in Japan. Will travel back and forth between Korea and Japan. Looking for places to live but will probably be in Tokyo. Don't ask me where!  

JJ: Trying my best to do a lot of activities in Japan.
JJ: I will make a special guest appearance in Tokyo Girls music festival which will be held on April 1 at the Yokohama Arena
Tokyo girls music festival : Headliner: JaeJoong
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JJ gave a deep bow, thanking everyone for waiting for him.
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Other Translations:

JJ changing clothes time. JJ: 50 minutes ? Fans: 1 minutes!!! JJ: I can’t do that bc I’m not a Superman!

What JJ wants to do in 2018 1. To be healthy! Not only looks but want to be strong from inside!

JJ: wasn't planning to make goods this time but people asked for something memorable so they made it last minutes.

There is a present from fans to JJ today. He wants it now! But can’t have it that easily. He has to clear missions!

Mission 1: jump rope 30 times in 30 seconds! The rope is very long!
JJ: can I go change my clothes before jump?
Mission failed. Maybe longer rope is better? Take the shirt off! JJ: but it’s cold!

MC: can you show your muscle? JJ: I still do wait training sometimes. MC: Pushups? JJ did 10 times!

Mission 2: don’t blink for 30 seconds!
He failed because he said the stage is too dry and breezy.

Mission 3:do hula hoop 30 times in 30 secs. He succeed this mission!
JJ can now receive a present from fans! Something healthy! Something cool! Running shoes? This one will sell out again! Anything he uses will sell out. He’s trying on without socks!
He can attend Olympic! Very light! He likes it.

Request time. Fans wrote when they enter the venue today. Papers are on the board on front and back.
MC: How do you help if you see a girl who getting approached by stranger (male)?
MC: how do you approach to a girl? JJ: I will probably be silent near a girl. I will sneak my phone in her bag, and call that number. He’s very shy.

Shooting game: some fans have blue paper on the seats with number on it. He shoots the target with number and the fans who has same number will win JJ’s personal items.

JJ: I will be going back and forth Korea and Japan. Fans: tell me your address! JJ: I can tell you but I won’t! I bought the condo in Japan.

JJ will be at Yokohama arena on April 1st at Tokyo girls show as headliner. He will sing several songs!
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Another Translations:

JB's will be JJ' s private agency
JJ finished changing his clothes
in 2018, JJ want to stay healthy.
mc is teasing jj before giving him present
giving him mission1: do jumprope 30 times in 30sec
mission incomplete coz his clothes got caught on the rope
mission 2: not brinking for 30sec
jj failed mission 2.,
he said there was breeze coming so he couldn't help it
mission 3: 30 swing of hula hoop in30 secs
mc said if jj use whatever, it will be sold out
running shoes was the gift from fanclub

there are wishlists from fans on the board
how do u save ur precious girlfriend if some guys r bothering her
question changed to how does jj pick up girl?
another request said pls dance
jj said he is a type of guy who is waiting to be kissed
jj is preparing for album..japanese album
no singing today
jj only want to do 100% talk
shooting game
fans who got light blue paper...
raise ur hand.. its behind chair??
there is number on the card
jj will shoot 6targets and the lucky numbers of target jj hit will be the winning number n the fan will get jj's used items.

one person won
 1st n second winner got poster with autograph. 3rd long tlshirt. 4th poster..

jj said he won't tell location of his apartment in jpn
jokingly said yokohama

singing i will protect u
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まさかの雨がまた… みんな気を付けて来てくださいっ!

180201 Tweets 【It’s raining again... Please be careful when coming here!】

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[OTHER IG] 180201 Update.
The next broadcast will be held at this time, with a large number of comments
The crews are after work hours so I can take extra rest and I’ll be late.
6th broadcast will be 2.14 Wednesday 20:00 on the day before the holiday -Valentine’s day-
And to viewers in many Asian countries, including Tokyo, and viewers from all over the world who have not been ranked in the ranking, please, tell us that!
#Police #GyeonggiSouthPoliceTeam IG

Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

TRANS: [Gyeonggi South Police FB] 180201 Gyeonggi Southern Police Facebook Live.
*First thing first.
Instead of the usual biweekly fb live broadcast on Thursdays, the next episode will be on Wednesday, 14 Feb.

*Look who's excited lol!
Experiencing patrolling the streets in the wee hours.

*Failing at doing voice impersonation himself, after saying HJ's wasn't good enough haha.
He said he's mad at himself sometimes at not being able to do it coz of his voice. No matter what he does it still sounds only like Xia.

*JS has shown his knowledge in understanding law & enforcement in the broadcasts & leader has repeatedly asked if he would consider joining the force.
He asked again this time after JS correctly answered qns & a fan wrote in the comments to ask him to stop it.

*Leader said, "Oh right! I was threatened. I won't do it again! Someone threathen to kill me. I didn't receive any letters but my life was threathened. I shall stop now! I'm sorry!"
And said to JS, "Don't be a policeman. Complete your service soon & work on your musical!".

*They will demonstrate the 'shield skills' when the YT channel subscription reached 10000. They'll ask Seung Hwan to join coz he was also the class prez of his cohort. JS went on to complain (a lot) abt Lee Haram. As videographer he was excused fr all the training back then.
*Looking at other youtubers leader felt that they need a catchphrase (LOL) to gain more subscribers. So they tried doing harmonization but fail so they ended doing the old but gold one ^^.
*Leader asked fans to give ideas on what they should do next time.
Looking at JS, "Its like we're answering your wishes. Like how genie grant you your wishes"
Ohhh he knows~~~ genie time.

*In an effort to increase subcription, Leader said they (the higher-ups) are planning to have fans COME to the show, have them sit beside and do the broadcast together! Like open studio.
Both JS & HJ were visibly in shock lol. This was a sudden announcement.

*According to stats, 91% of the viewers are females aged btw 25 - 34.
83% of the viewers are from Seoul/Gyeonggi area.
And the next is surprisingly Tokyo at 3%.
They were all surprised lol!! JS said he cannot imagine this reaching overseas.

Trans: @rng_hrq
Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA.


anton boy



with English subs

Paradise City

Handsome Ambassador of ! More here:  




[IG] reposts a news article on 420 kg rice donation made by fans at his latest fanmeeting “heart warming” “heart warming”

and fans’ accumulated donation Rice: 47,230kg Coal Briquettes: 8,195 pieces Ramen: 2,340 pieces Eggs: 7,100 Pet Food 600kg Mango trees: 100
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180131 News 【JYJ Kim Jaejoong, fans donated 420 kg of white rice in his birthday fan-meeting, “Heartwarming”】 It’s the news that Jaejoong captured and post on IG. Plz check EN translate in pic~

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Trans: [OTHER FB] 180130 Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards (SACA) Update:


<Death Note>
2017 SACA best licensed musical reenactment.
I heard that Death Note was the first time that both the premiere and the reenactment were awarded. Thank you very much for the audience who sent me to the rehearsal after the premiere in 2015. It was a short period, but from the actors to the staff, I was able to stay in a good performance for the audience, Death Note, which boasted the best teamwork, seems to be a great gift to all the actors and staffs. I would like to thank you again with great joy and I would like to share this honor with all of you. I will give you a meaningful prize that you have chosen directly from the audience, and I will give you a better work in the future. CJeS Culture Representative Producer Bag Changzhou.

<Kim Junsu>

2017 SACA Best Musical Actor
I was pleased to hear that I received the award last year before joining the army, but I really appreciate the award this year too .Although the performance period was short, I was happy with the love you sent me, and I’m even more delighted to receive your own award. It was a great encouragement to hear the news during my service.Thank you very much for sending out the best gifts and I can’t wait to see you on stage soon! Thank you and love you.(I received it and writing from actor Kim Junsu in the army.)

Source: Stage Talk

Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA


Watch New Episodes of Photo People
Aired January 30th

Hello And friends in !

Watch new episodes of w/ , , , and more...

Jung HyeSung mentioned that ’s first album came in cassette form as well. Only JYJ side of old pic shown💚💙💗 Conscious editing there.


180130 Info 
JYJ Japan Official Website Updates 
Park Yuchun will hold his 1st fan-meeting after discharged “2018 PARK YUCHUN FANMEETING & MINI CONCERT IN JAPAN”, which the theme is “Remember the Memories”

180131 NEWS 【Park Yuchun, 1st Fan-meeting in Japan after discharged... “Meet with local fans in March” (Official Statement)】 JYJ Member Park Yuchun plan to hold his first fan-meeting in Japan after... (plz check in pic)


Jan 25



8 years since Junsu's musical debut

180126 8th anniversary Musical actor Kim Junsu

This year our dear Kim Junsu, reached his 8th anniversary as musical actor! 
*Mozart 2010-2011(Junsu's debut musical) 
*Tears of Heaven 2011. 
*Elizabeth 2012-2013. 
*December 2013. 
*Dracula 2014-2016 
*Death Note 2015-2017. 
*Dorian Gray 2016

Xia Girl21

Junsu Musical Awards
☆ Only male idol to win ‘Best Actor’ Award
☆ Won both ‘Best New Actor’ Awards
☆ 14 Popularity / Ticket Power awards
☆ 4 SACA ‘Best Actor’ Awards (2014-2017)

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, text

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing


Junsu singing at a colleague's wedding

180126 Kim Junsu- Loving you keep me alive/ Uphill road update IG Live

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180129 Info CJES IG【Great love from JAE fans who celebrate Jaejoong day✌🏻 1st place in foreign trending, 2nd place in voting‼️Thank you very much😍
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Jaejoong on his way to Japan

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cjes.tagram 잘생기고 귀엽고 혼자 다 독점한 김재중💕 하드 탈탈 털어서 만든 포스트 도착💌 바로 만나보세요▶️

Check his #behindthescenes taken at #Jparty poster shooting #spot then don’t miss #tonight 9pm #PhotoPeople

[Cjes IG] has exclusive rights (monopoly!) on both handsomeness and cuteness 💕 Please check out this post we assembled and don’t miss the new episode of tonight
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Jaejoong at eDaily awards and BTS JParty2018 poster making...

시상식에서 잘생기고 귀엽고 난리 난 김재중 볼래? (출처 : 씨제스 | 네이버 포스트)


[Lyrics TR] Ocean’s Time New Song 

Keiko Clark

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New Episodes of Photo People
Aired January 29th

Hello And !

Handsome photographer of ! Click link and give hearts!

I wanna take lots of pics of this photographer! of

Watch with handsome , funny , Cute and more! click link and give hearts!!!

enjoyable with , , , , , , ,

Don’t forget to watch all episodes of ’s so far! Give lots of hearts


I’d venture out to say that ’s new profile IG Photo is waaaaayyyyyy more appreciated & ogled than the previous pic. Sorry kitty. 💚😊💚


BTS...Jaejoong at eDaily Awards


JaeJoong participated in the Edaily Culture Awards as a presenter. Enjoy the film of JaeJoong in the waiting room!


Jaejoong in Asahi Dream Festival concert 
Rebroadcasted in full...

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[Cjes IG] Thank you for coming to my birthday party 🎂 I won’t forget the 240 minutes of memories we made ✌🏻

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He always gives us #goodvibes on the stage. Last night was #beautiful and will stay in my mind #forever #JPARTY
cjes IG 

170128 Info IG found... Believed that the photos are taken in backstage...  

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[youbest1052 IG] J party Mc ^ ^ 내생일도 같이 축하해준 팬들께도 감사를~~~즐거웠어욤♡

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JYJ CAFFEINE: J PARTY 2018~ Happy Birthday Kim Jaejoong

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