Tuesday, May 19, 2015


On this eps, we didn't get lovey dove scene from our MuRim but we got emotional moment n I really love it. We also got intense scenes from our 2nd lead. Actually this eps had more scenes from our 2nd lead than our MuRim but I don't mind. N to be honest from all ChunNi's drama, it's the 1st time I like scenes from both 2nd lead when ChunNi even not in the same scene.

N as always, We (me) got the "number" scene. But not just Writernim Fav number (3) but also ChunNi's (6) n mine (4 & 7) . XD

For ChunFace of the Day, I chose these one.

The cameo of Han Tae Kyung n ChunNi himself.  LOL..... As ChunNi's fanboy, Writernim really want to show all his characters before on this drama. XD....For MooGakkie wearing glasses actually it's like LeeGakkie (some of U might be know the moment when I became a Chunsa was because I saw LeeGak wearing glasses n act as Tae Young, Hehehe) but I think it's more look like ChunNi himself. Our Chunbita or Chun Potter  or Chun Kent.... Hahaha

I think on this eps, not only Tae Kyung, Lee Gak as a cameo. But also Song Yoo Hyun n Han Jung Woo. N if Writernim really want to show all character, he can make MooGakkie wear hanbok (is the traditional costume for man also named as hanbok? ) on MuRim's wedding. LOL... or MooGakkie will also has moustache.  LOL... or like LSJ n his wife became partner (teacher) in school, our MuRim became partner (detective) in police department.  LOL...

Choi Moo Gak

I think we can say it's Song Yoo Hyun's cameo..... XD... Coz it's the 1st time MooGakkie  wearing shirt like that. So formal. Hahaha.

N now he's back into MooGakkie. I like this style. His jacket is cool with that symbol2 in front n the back. N his pen...now, he bring it anywhere he goes. Hehehe...


On this eps, we got some scenes when MG only look at her without words but we can know his feeling when see his expression. Started with this one...

No need words to describe it. I like MooGakkie's gaze when he look at her n he wipe her tears. It's the 2nd time he wipe her tears n I don't need the 3rd time.

If we look only on that pic without watch the drama, it looks like a story about an artist who  finally confense his love to the "ordinary" girl in front of many people  n doesn't mind about it. XD...

Ahh....CR... yeah, I understand ur feeling but I also understand MG's feeling.

Oh my....I think those words are more meaningful than I love U. His love  confenssion before "only" a question but this time, it's really about his feeling.

Though he always thinking how to prank U,Cho Rim....It's just because he love U soo much.... I like that he finally say his feeling. N ahhh... CR still has that guilt. hhmmm.... how about we get time leap? MG give time for her  n then when CR finally doesn't has that feeling anymore, she will back to her n say the same thing to him. I can't live without U. Actually CR also haven't said about her feeling.

N this time he couldn't wipe her tears coz he also couldn't hold his tears. Coz sometimes we need to cry to express our feeling n after that we can feel more relieved. It's so much better than just keep it in our heart n also  could think more clearly.

The Things

I really like our ladies relationship on this drama.

As big as I like that number 7...off course I don't wanna it happen. N Ahh....so, the timeline on this drama is April 3rd. Just 1 month before CR's bday. 3+4 = 7...

Writernim Fav number... aka "3"

ChunNi n me number... LOL...aka "4"

ChunNi's number aka "6"

N my number aka "7"....XD

The Case

On that scene, I think we can say it's Han Jung Woo's cameo. (U know which scene that I refer? ).
Can't blame our MuRim that they couldn't hold their feeling to JH. MG  really need strength to not pull the trigger. N CR finally can scream to JH.

I really like YM-JH's scene.... I like that in front of JH, YM still can looks calm n still can think.

I like these 3 guesses by YM. She really can do her job well. A Profiler who can read the background why JH became a murderer.

N her 3 chances to know the answer.

Ahhh....I knew that the thing will has part of the case. All gift on this drama could give answer. Awesome. N she's good, on the situation like that still can think n try to give clue.

But she's still human who has fear. So I like that they shoot her eyes n hands. We can know how she feel after long time put her poker face in front of JH.

OOHH... I like that MG throw down the gauntlet to JH. Who is the smarter?

ouch... this scene...

I wanna screaming... "Oh...Nooo....stay in ur position ". I was scare that the car only a tool to make know for sure that CR is alone. Luckily it's not like that. Btw....ChunNi... why U often do that on this drama? XD

Finally we know why CR never see that smell before.  The poison gas smell. Off course she never see it before.

Hmm...to be honest I didn't expect him to show up. LOL.... So, an intense scene ended with a relieve n laugh.

Another one without words. Owww... the ambulance blanket also BLUE. XD

N the 3rd one without words.

I like that CR wasn't that shock coz she's happy, she can help. Especially when she can track JH with that smell.

Btw, what's smell is that?  It has pretty shape n it's BLUE.

Aisshhh.....my worries really happen. The Rain take part on this drama n on this crucial moment.

I understand ur feeling CR. Just in a minute, U will know where he goes.... but the rain ruin it like that.

The 4th one without words....

N even they didn't drain their jacket n body. Just sit there n don't know what to do.

N there U go.. the answer...

Thanks Ji Min for that (hehe... Writernim use Ji Min name)...I like that he got the answer not just a coincidence.

N if he's not that smart, I don't think this will happen.

N our MooGakkie became the Captain now....Give orders.

N yeah, the thing that should do...Block the entrance. N this time CR will obey him. N I'm fine that she still call him as Officer Choi. But not later... LOL... she must change it.

The Ending

I like that even YM almost at the end of her life, she still can look calm. N Thanks God that MooGakkie n Det.Ye found that place at the right time.

N there U go...the 3rd time MG pointing his gun at JH.

It's an awesome ending. I don't think it's too late (dragging) coz theyfinally can get JH red handed on this eps. N in my eyes, NGM did a good acting.

I hope Det.Ki will handcuff JH n Barcode Murder Case will be closed n on the last 2 episodes will be about our MuRim's life. How CR can get back her memory n how MG also can get back his sense. How CR can make herself for no more have the guilty n can accept MG.

The thing that I miss from ChunNi is hear his I LOVE YOU. The last time I heard it was on RTP. On IMU, he said that but for his "mom". 

We get the still for the last 2 eps. It's a proposal scene. I hope we will get it on eps.19 n I really don't wanna know any spoiler for Eps.20. Think I will stay away from any news about TGWSS. LOL.... I wanna a surprise when watch the Finale. 

There are  so many things that I want n I already got it from this drama n it's kinda a lot . So,whatever the ending would be. I WILL LOVE IT n will cry coz of happiness (Thanks for give Us a Wonderful drama that we could watch it over n over again) n cry coz of sadness (I will miss U ChunNi).


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