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JYJ News Week of 7/6-7/12/2015

What's New with JYJ?
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Yuchun at airport...On his way back to Korea...

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Press Pics
Park Yuchun "All About Yu" in Nagoya, Japan

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기사 이미지


Yoochun releases snaps of himself at fan meeting

Updated : July 12 2015


C-jes Entertainment released photos showing JYJ member Yoochun’s waiting room in Nagoya, Japan, where he was hosting a fan meeting.

On the weekend, Yoochun held fan meetings as part of the “Park Yuchun Fan meeting Japan Tour ALL ABOUT YU.”

In the photos, Yoochun is shown autographing gifts for fans. With a big smile on his face, he looks thrilled to be about to meet his Japanese supporters.

Due to popular demand from local fans, Yoochun will also hold a fan meeting in Yokohama on July 22-23.

By Kim Yu-jin ( 



Park Yuchun "All About Yu" fm in Nagoya, Japan (Night 2)

Tweets and Translations (Fancams and Pics)

The early bird gets YU in Nagoya Day 2 ^___^ 

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Starting!!! day 2!!!!!!!!!!
Spring in the background...with YU looking so dashing in white shirt and black pants Via Y_S_H_I

Walking with her in Spring

He's smiling...and so are his eyes!!!!!!
Biting his lower lip  
Greeting fans at the side of the stage...waving and smiling continuously...sweet bb
He was given watermelon juice tonight
Showing airport pics of bb...He cant seem to recall where some pics have been taken, fans in front surprisingly knew which airports  
bb's airport pics in distressed shorts are being shown
Via Y_S_H_I

Pics from Miss Ripley are being shown
bb was so skinny back then  
bb and bubblebath...hmmmmmmmmm 
The scene from Ms Ripley where bb was so giddy and excited after getting the girl's number...awwwww he was so shy hahhahaha

3days...the training scene was shown
Camera focused on his legs...he suddenly moved to the side to cover his legs but there was another camera on the side hahahahaa
Aha!!! Its a woman behind the camera...that explains it!  
Sensory couple...the audition scene was shown.....we missed the "CHUUUURRRR" part!!!!!!

JYJ concert pics now
bb's pic doing gwiyomi...and MC asked him to do it onstage!!!!!!!!  
bb and his cars
Swaggers like bb loves classic cars
Pic of bb sleeping...he asked the staff why this pic was shown hahhaha

Pic of bb in xmas tree costume! So cute! When will you wear that again bb?
bb imitating MC...who was acting cute! Hahaha
Via @Y_S_H_I

YC:When he's back to hotel, he took off his slippers, went for a bath and drank beer. Because he's feeling so tired, He slept around 1-2 am

Fan: Let's go BBQ gathering together! YC: That's a good idea. Fan: Please bring Js and JJ too!!
YC: If they go for BBQ gathering with the staff,
YC: JJ will be in charge of the steam boat, I will be incharge of the BBQ and Junsu will be in charge of EATING!
MC: What dish will you want your girlfriend to prepare? YC: Simple dish
MC: Bath alone? or together? YC: he's fine with both!

YC said 3 JYJ members met up and talked as they drank. He said JS doesn't drink but because he hasn't met JJ for so long, he had a drink too
But after 30mins, JS said he can't drink anymore. YC said JS's alcohol tolerance is bad.

Meeting JYJ members (during Jaejoong's break from the army)

BBQ with JYJ

Eel (aphrodisiac) is good for women?

Cute Yuchunnie

Guests have arrived, same ones as last night...with same outfits too kekekkee

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Messages to Soldier Jaejoong Int`l Fans Project Ver.2

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Park Yuchun backstage..."All About Yu" fm in Nagoya


[NEW PIC] 15.07.11 Junsu Backstage pic♡ he look so happy!! ♡♡ 
Via XIAKiss

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Recent pics of "L" of Death Note...Curtain call/bow

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Park Yuchun "All About Yu" Nagoya FanMeeting...

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Fan accounts/Tweets/Translations

Im in!!!

Mama Park is here

Lights out! Finally!!!
All about YU!!!!!!! Starting now

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Walking with her in Spring

Gorgeous as ever in pink suit!
Walk with her in spring
He's smiling sooooo sweetly!!!!!!!! Be still my heart  

Today's theme is Beach! We have waves in the background

He has been served fresh melon juice
Via Y_S_H_I

He ate Yama-chan's tebasaki. Chicken wings local to Nagoya. We ate there last night www
He likes seeing girls in Yukata. He saw a fan in front wearing one and said she's cute. ~~

bb is feeling HOT HOT HOT! He just opened the first button of his shirt  
Talking about bb's airport fashion...he is still the best! No matter what outfit he wears!

His airport pics are being shown...and im seeing the shirts and caps i bought coz he wore them!  
Via Y_S_H_I

My airport fashion can be described as 'bizarre' www
They are showing YC airport pics~
Pic was shown of him wearing a wifebeater(?). He said it was in 2005 and he was super confident at that time www
Via rubypurple_fan

Talking about his dramas now...well he is the Best actor too!!!

He is perspiring a lot... He's soooo HOT!
Showing kiss scene from SKKS and we're all shouting NOOOOOO!!!!!!!
And bb looked so shy all of a sudden!!! Hahahha
Imagine how many hearts you broke bb...with that kiss!  
Showing that funny elevator scene from RTP
Kiss scene from Missing you
Via Y_S_H_I

drama history is next~ showing pics of his old drama
Clip of skka drama with Jj singing for you it's separation... ^^
Skks kissing scene!!! Fans are going crazy haha
And yc was like u already saw this right... Why u still react the same www
MC asked him Does your heart go doki doki during the kissing scene~~ he is so embarrassed
Next are photos from rooftop prince
The elevator scene in RTP hahaha
He said he still keeps in contact with his 'bodyguards' in rtp ~^^
YC said There is difference bet kiss and chu(smack). Kiss has more feelings.
Via rubypurple_fan

Ichigo ichie photo - i feel happy that time
He cant remember where the latest pic is from so he asked someone and learned it's from membership week~^^
The Mc is always praising him making him shy
I like a lighter make up for myself, more natural
Via rubypurple_fan

Showing pics from Concerts now
Pic with his manager is on screen...must be from lucid dream filming
bb's pic while being prepped for filming!

They're talking about checking his nails kekeke...
MC made bb lick and bite his lower lip waaaaaaaaaaa

And camera man focussed on his lips...oh my  
Is the MC just talkin cute or is this her natural voice? Kekekee

Oh talking about bb in the shower and my imagination runs wild so suddenly hahahahhahaa
Via Y_S_H_I
I got gel manicure a month ago. Dunno how to remove it, waiting for it to be removed (naturally)
Women's swimwear - he likes yellow (lemon) for one piece and blue for bikini. He said but in bikini u care more about body line than color w
Favorite season is autumn/fall
It's season where you can hold someone. Dont like summer (hot)
I like to watch tv before falling asleep
I like drinking the ramen soup from the bowl
I take a bath for 15 minutes. I also like my hair to dry naturally
Via rubypurple_fan

Guests are on stage
They're both holding wine glasses with red wine
bb now with his red wine too and that black mustache! Hahahahaah

Well even with that thick black is still gorgeous hahhaha

Now time for bb to make a call
And the lucky fan was squealing when she answered bb's call...well who wouldnt  
Lucky fan now on stage seated beside bb
Via Y_S_H_I

Now that fan can say she got a call from YC~~ luckyyyy^^
The fan is now on stage
Her name is Nami. YC called her Na-chan~~ and he said she's cute
YC pat her hair. It got a bit dishelved so he fix it for her. Awww~ they also took a photo together and YC signed for her~
Via rubypurple_fan 


3 lucky fans were called on stage

And bb is out with a yellow sweatshirt and jeans

1st fan and bb playing the game...they must continue to move until the timer's off
And bb is just too cute hahahhaa
What a way to make bb exercise hahahahahaa
And bb goes for the 2nd round of jumping and dancing and moving all around
Oh no...he's tired now  

Third round begins...and there goes our cutipie jogging and jumping
Fighting bb!!!
bb doing some boxing moves hahaha
bb and his chunfaces again! So cute!
Via Y_S_H_I

His pedometer fell lol. But fan san is very energetic. Contest was who will have the most number of steps.
I think YC reached his quota when it comes to exercise www
YC lost again but he was so energetic. Everyone cant believe it www
YC face right now www
Fans shouted YC fighting!
YC put his arm around fan-san's shoulder~~^^
Fan-san 2 got a hat with sign
Vua rubypurple_fan 


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(cr.@ love_chunjae) 

1st fan won a signed tumbler and pic with chunface, 3rd fan got a signed hat and pic with chunface
While bb was signing the pic camera focused on bb making a cute chunface hahaha

And the 2nd fan who won got a perfume from bb and pic with chunface of course  

Our bb can beat the minion's cuteness with his chunfaces! Hahaha

Next has to hit the numbers on the board, each number has a hidden mission

He almost hit 6...he has to strike again coz the didnt hit the numbers
He opened the 6th mission...eating lemon and whistling after
Via Y_S_H_I

Chef 6002 is getting ready...he has a black Yu Chef outfit today

Seems like chef yu will be making dessert...there's whipped cream and fruits
And our clueless Chef Yu strikes hahahaha...putting in everything into the crepe as he pleases
He put too much ingredients on the 1st crepe so he's having a hard time folding it
Lucky fans tasting the crepes now
Via Y_S_H_I

Empty Space for You

Change outfit...long sleeved white and gray shirt and black pants...still so covered up
The empty space next to me will always be yours bb  


Chajatta in Pink knitted sweater

I love you bb   


(1) Yoochun: "I met Jaejoong and drank with him before coming to Japan... Junsu came after that..."  
(2) Yoochun: "Jaejoong wants me to tell this to fans: "I'm working really very hard in army, do not forget me everyone!!"  
(3) Yoochun: "Heard JYJ 2nd album at backstage, all good songs! Hope for time to pass by faster, 3 of us to start activities in JP again."

All About Yu in Nagoya

More Pics (as tagged):

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Park Yuchun...Rehearsing for his "All About Yu" fm in Nagoya, Japan


Netizens Reactions to Jaejoong's Military Leave...

Jaejoong reunites with the JYJ members while on military leave

Osen - Naver: Kim Jaejoong on leave after 100 days in the army.. "Met up with with JYJ members"

1. [+1,795, -47] Has it been 100 days already? Time really flies. Jaejoong hyung, hwaiting!!

2. [+1,424, -58] I wanna see JYJ on broadcast someday

3. [+1,120, -47] We'll wait for you Jaejoong-ah. Proud of you!

4. [+866, -45] 100 days already??

5. [+154, -18] He seems to be in better shape while in the armyㅎㅎ Spend your vacation with your loved ones and take care when you go back!

6. [+41, -3] Did C-Jes not have any idea that he was awarded first place at his basic military training grad?..I saw it headlined by a particular newspaper but C-Jes hardly released any online articles about it

7. [+34, -4] I say this way too much but others complete their army service so quick ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Good luck with the rest of your service

8. [+28, -5] 100 days down, 540 more to go

Dong A - Naver: Kim Jaejoong's safe return after his '100th day leave', a surprise wink for the fans 

1. [+48, -3] How can a soldier be this handsome?ㅠㅠ Have a safe return oppa

2. [+42, -1] Handsome..ㅠㅠㅠ Congrats on your promotion and hoping for a safe discharge next year. Cheering for our country's soldiers

3. [+38, -1] Handsome.... Of course, a good-looking person can pull off any hairstyle

4. [+35, -1] Gave me a heart attack while scrolling through the articles

5. [+31, -1] He got back today~ He looks so good in this photo!!

6. [+21, -1] He still looks amazing despite the unflattering haircut ㅋㅋVacations go by so fastㅋㅋ


Fans so close to Junsu today at Seongnam Arts Center, Death Note musical venue...

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Jaejoong visits the streets of Itaewon on his break from military service!

July 10, 2015 @ 5:15 pm

It looks like Jaejoong had all the fun he could possibly squeeze in during his short four-day break from military service

The singer was recently seen hanging out (and possibly enjoying some hot dogs?) on the streets of Itaewon, an area in the Seoul metro area known for its diversity and large foreigner population. 

'Food Truckers,' a street vendor in Itaewon uploaded pictures on their Instagram of the singer posing comically in one photo with peace signs hands and somewhat normally in the other photo. Jaejoong is looking dashing as usual even though he is in a simple white tee, jeans. and dark sunglasses. 

'Food Truckers' captioned the pictures, "Singer Kim Jae Joong found his way to our truck. Though he is in active duty, he is still looking cool," showing appreciation towards the singer for supporting their business. Some of the hash tags read, #SeoulEats, #eatingSEOUL, and #HotDog, indicating that maybe Jaejoong ate some delicious hot dogs! 




Private 1st Class Jaejoong's sister's Twitter Update
A screencap of Jaejoong's puckered lips...Oh My...

서현아!삼촌한테뽀뽀해봐!우. ㅋㄷㅋㄷ영상통화로휴가마무리!조카바보

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[TRANS] Seohyun, give your uncle a peck! Oo. Kkk. Wraps up vacation w video chat! He is fool for his niece
Via crystalmoon64 

Little SeoHyunie with her precious Uncle Jaejoong... 

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Private 1st Class Jaejoong's selca for fans...
팬들에게 보내는 ‪#‎김재중‬ 의 깜짝 윙크 선물!
건강히 첫 휴가 보내고 무사 복귀했다는 반가운 소식까지 smile emoticon



[COLLAGE] Collection of soldier Jaejoong during army 1st vacation 

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150710 <Death Note> casts hooraying before performance! Junsu's hand! ㅋㅋㅋ (cjesculture)
Via vichellelicious


“Death Note” Musical Agency Takes Action Against Tickets Being Sold Illegally

“Death Note” Musical Agency Takes Action Against Tickets Being Sold Illegally
The tickets to “Death Note” musical have been hard to get due to the massive amount of fans thanks to the star-studded cast. Some people who have gotten the tickets are taking advantage of this situation and are re-selling the tickets for up to 1 million KRW (approx. 880 USD).

C-Jes Culture, the company in charge of the musical, stated, “We are getting many reports of the illegal transactions of ‘Death Note’ musical tickets. These illegal transactions done on unofficial sites are being monitored by the company.”

It continued, “If we find out the specific seats or the illegal sellers, we will undergo steps to cancel those tickets and charge crimes against those people. It is true that we can cancel the tickets if they are bought or sold illegally even if you receive them on the day of the musical. We will continue to monitor illegal transactions of tickets after the musical, so we need help from those not taking part in these illegal actions. If you find someone taking part in these transactions, please contact our company immediately.”

The company revealed their reason behind taking legal action, stating, “After monitoring the situation, we have found that the tickets for the VIP (originally 140,000 KRW (approx. 120 USD)) and the R (originally 120,000 KRW (approx. 100 USD)) sections are being sold for up to 1 million KRW (approx. 880 USD). We are taking action because these kinds of illegal transactions have been way out of line. We have already tracked down and cancelled a ticket that was sold for 500,000 KRW (approx. 440 USD) on July 8. We hope that no one is a victim of these cases and that people will follow concert etiquette.”

Meanwhile, “Death Note” musical tickets sold out completely for the multiple times tickets went on sale. 60,000 tickets for all showings have been sold, making this a new record in the history of all musicals.

Source (1)


Yuchun arrives in Japan for his fanmeeting...
こんばんは NAGOYA! ‪#‎박유천‬ ‪#‎런웨이_아니죠_공항_맞습니다‬
Good evening NAGOYA!


Park Yuchun (at Incheon airport) headed to Japan for his Fanmeeting "All About Yu"

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Private First Class Jaejoong's pics with friends (while on short leave from the military a couple of days ago)...

가수 김재중님과 사랑하는 우리 형아들께서 트럭커스를 찾아주셨습니다! 남은 군생활도 힘내세요!👍🏻 
 #TheFoodTruckers #더푸드트럭커스 #foodie #feedyoursoul #instafood #SeoulEats #eatingSEOUL #HotDog #핫도그 #오늘은뭐먹지 #먹스타그램 #김재중 #KimJaeJoong



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[TRANS] All the brothers gathered together in a long while  
Via crystalmoon64 

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150709 Junsu with a blogger at <Death Note> backstage! 
Via Vichellelicious

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Yuchun sighting...

150709 Yoochun today!!! 
at Red Carper hair salon.

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Jaejoong's sister Twitter Update...

일병 김재중의 첫 포상휴가. 가족들과 즐거운 시간을 보내고 친구들과 행복한 시간을 보낸 우리 막둥이 무사 부대 복귀! 짧아서 아쉬웠다 조만간 면회 가야 겠어요~^^ 팬분들이 보내줬던 편지,엽서,선물도 다 전달했어요~
[Trans ] Pvt 1st Class Kim Jaejoong's first holiday. Our maknae who spent a pleasant time with family and happy times with friends, has returned safely to his camp! It was disappointing that it was short but we'll meet n the near future~^^ Letters, postcards, and gifts sent by fans were given to him already~
Via Rubypurple_fan

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[NEWS] 150709 Kim Jaejoong coming out on his first break in 100 days..JYJ united as a whole

 photo 20150709142014323.jpeg
A ‘Real Man’ Kim Jaejoong who is in the middle of serving his active duty, came out for his break after 100 days.
According to a music industry official on July 9th, Kim Jaejoong came out on his first break the past 6th and had unwind with his JYJ members, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu after a long time.
A representative gave a tip to Newsen on this day July 9: “Kim Jaejoong came out on Monday(July 6). He returns to his unit tomorrow(July 10),” and, “He had a joyous time together with Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu on the past Tuesday(July 7). Kim Junsu finished musical ‘Death Note’ performance and although it was a late hour, he joined them at a location. They had a cordial time gathering as a whole during that period”.
A C-JeS representative said to XportsNews, “Because of MERS, he worried about a visit being difficult, but he came out for vacation with a healthy image”.

According to an official, the three people strengthened their unusual brotherhood and were sorry to have parted. In particular, since Park Yuchun is also set to enlist the upcoming August 27, it seems likely to be difficult to get together as a whole for a while.
It is said Kim Jaejoong had enjoyed his short-but-full break. It was reported that he met with family and acquaintances, unburdened himself, and had taken a rest. He will continue his remaining military life by returning to his unit on July 10.

Sources: NewsenXportsNews via Daum(1,2)  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

[INFO] Originally, 1st vacation is 3 nights 4 days but he has got 4 nights 5 days as he received a prize. (via @theyoungestmin)

JYJ’s Jaejoong Reunites With Junsu and Yoochun While on Military Leave

JYJ’s Jaejoong Reunites With Junsu and Yoochun While on Military Leave
JYJ is reported to have had a reunion this week while member Jaejoong is on leave from the army!
A source in the music industry says, “Jaejoong took his first leave on Monday, July 6. He’ll be returning to his unit on July 10.”
“He met with Yoochun and Junsu on Tuesday, and they had a good time together,” says the source. “Junsu took part even though he had to arrive late as he had a performance of his musical ‘Death Note‘ that night.”
The trio is said to have had a great time and been sad to say goodbye, particularly as it will be difficult for them to meet together as a group in the near future as Yoochun is planning to enlist on August 27.
Source (1)

Kim Jae-joong meets JYJ members during 100th day vacation

Via hancinema 
Kim Jae-joong meets JYJ members during 100th day vacation
JYJ member Kim Jae-joong, who is serving in military for regular term, is on his 100th vacation. During the vacation, he met JYJ members Park Yoo-chun and Kim Joon-soo.
On July 9th, an insider from Kim Jae-joong has told this to OSEN on a phone conversation.
The insider said "Kim Jae-joong met the members and they caught up with each other" and "He looked even healthier than before. It seems that he has been doing great in the military". Kim Jae-joong was out for his vacation on July 6th and will return to his unit on July 10th.
Kim Jae-joong was enlisted on March 31st and has been serving in the military as a military musician. He is scheduled to be dismissed on December 30th, 2016. 


[NEW PIC] 150709 Junsu Scene Play Bill B-CUT  

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김준수 Bcut..미얀하지만 흔들려버린 
사진!! 흔들려서 좋아.. 이제 8월호 시작합시다..  
#김준수#데스노트#deathnote #bcut #흔들린사진 #수전증 #이제촬영하자  
#photobyuni #studioal


Jaejoong's brand Moldir promo...
Likely JJ's Asset$...

[IG/moldirkorea_] Moldir Homme Bi-Fold Wallets  
Moldir Homme Bi-Fold Wallets
#NewArrival #MoldirKorea  
#Moldir Homme Contrast Billford 
#Homme Bi-Fold Wallets #wallet 
#Fashion #BillfordWallet #남자지갑 
#몰더코리아 #몰더 #신상 #패션 #지갑 
#남성지갑 #반지갑 #남자반지갑 #월렛 
#남자지갑추천 #몰더지갑 #지갑브랜드 
#옴므콘트라스트빌포드 #옴므바이폴드월렛 
#JJ #가죽지갑 #가죽남자지갑 #디스퀘어드

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Private First Class Jaejoong "NEWS"

is out enjoying his first vacation(100th day) JYJ reunited, Will be back to duty on 10th
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met JYJ members during his vacation  
Via crystalmoon64 

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Jaejoong's having first holiday after 3 months at his unit & will be back to his duty tomorrow.
According to staff, Jaejoong spent Tuesday(7/7) with Yuchun & Junsu, and having a rest with family and friends.

Note: Holiday is given 1 day/month, so he can have 4 days of holiday - 1 month for training, 3 months at unit. :)

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Went out on July 6, met YC and JS on July 7, Dinner with friends on July 8. Go back to camp on July 10.
Via rubypurple_fan 

JJ met JS and YC on Tuesday, 7 July during his army leave. Though it was late after <Death Note>, it didn’t affect their gathering.   
Via Vichellelicious

#Waitingfor Jaejoong



Related News...

Junsu and  Deathnote Cast Dolls!! So Cute!!

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Junsu today...Arriving at his musical venue...

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Private First Class Jaejoong "news"

[Other IG] JJ's military leave

[Instagram/manyo_yoojin] 군대가더니 어깨가 태평양이 됐네!!
His shoulder is like the Pacific ocean after going to the army 
Trans via rubypurple_fan

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JJ's friend sharing pic of Jaejoong's foot...Which one?

【xris_mas IG】

Of course, Jaejoong's fans are super sleuths...

Via Rinmaze

In related news...

Cjes had obtained JJ’s approval to manage his weibo account while he is in the army.
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[JJ weibo upd~by staff] Hope 3 of us will get tgt soon (repost Cjes post)

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(from start to :57)


JYJ 2014 Asia Tour DVD Spot Preview
JYJ: The Return of the King

DVD Release of The Return of the King concert held last Aug 2014 in Seoul 
Pre-order starts on July 24, 9 PM 
Release Date: Aug 1st

Japanese version will only be 15,000 copies. JP website:  

Korean version of DVD will be available for pre-order on July 24, 6 PM. Sites: synnara, yes24, interpark, aladdin, kyobo
DVD will have English and Chinese-simplified subtitles.

I-fans should pre-order from K- or I-sites since the JP version will only be shipped within Japan.

DVD includes 12 pages of 3D photos and around 200 pages BTS photos showcasing the performances across the Asia cities.
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DVD includes 4 mini posters - 1 group, 3 solo  

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JYJ Facebook changed its Cover Photo and Profile Photo
JYJ Official

Profile Photo

Cover Photo


Private First Class Kim Jaejoong "NEWS"

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[TRANS] Sister of 's fellow soldier shares photos of gifts from JJ

[TRANS] writes another words of encouragement

Translations by crystalmoon64


Private Jaejoong missed by friends...

[TRANS] Tony Hong shares old photo with  
Via crystalmoon64

is looking hotter than ever in his military uniform! 

Jaejoong is hotter than ever in his military uniform

CoCo Kdrama on Mon, Jul 06, 2015

Kim Jae Joong has been in the military for several months now, but that doesn't mean that his fans have forgotten him. New photos of the actor idol makeup free and donning his military uniform keep surfacing online, and fans can't stop noticing how amazing he looks au naturel. Take a look for yourself! 

Doesn't he rock the military look? Do you prefer him as a flower boy or a manly man?


하반기 최고의 기대작 ‪#‎루시드드림‬
스크린 속 미스터리남 ‪#‎박유천‬ 이라니!
두근두근한 마음으로 조금 더 기다려 보자구요~ 

The most expected film of the second half of this year is ‪#‎LucidDream‬! #‎Yuchun‬ as a mysterious man in the movie screen?! Let's wait a bit more till it comes!

More about Lucid Dream...

Yuchun's 'Lucid Dream' finished shooting on 6/29 and expected release is during the second half of this year

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C-JeS confirms to take legal action against haters on the internet after Junsu's will to take necessary action
"We're collecting related proof from fans and willl submit a complaint against haters to the court once the evidence has been secured"
"For cyber-abuse,we've been monitoring and asking cooperation from related authority & We'll take strict action for false info and insults"
"We're collecting related proof from fans and willl submit a complaint against haters to the court once the evidence has been secured"

Junsu may sue netizens sending him hate mail

Shelly M on Mon, Jul 06, 2015 

Junsu wants to stand up to cyber bullies. 

The JYJ member recently tweeted about advice from fans and his hotel's legal team urging him to take legal action against netizens sending him hate messages. Junsu expressed that hurtful messages didn't faze him because he had become immune to it over the past decade of his career. The "Love You More" singer admits he thought his hard work would eliminate the negativity, but it hasn't. "I reviewed various data and the situation. I thought that they had gone past common sense and had crossed the limit," he said. 
"More than anything, I was pained that the people walking with me are exhausted by it, so I started to think that it wasn't okay to just ignore them because I was okay with them."

The 28-year-old star requests fans send in evidence of the extreme bullying to his label so he can begin taking legal action against the culprits.  "I think I'm going to talk for the first time about this situation with the company's legal team. If our fans have something, send it to C-JeS. I want to talk with them face to face." he explained. 
"I don't know what I did wrong to make them hate me. I am sorry that fans [are suffering] because I'm lacking. Let's meet again tomorrow with a smiling face at the Seongnam Art Center. Everyone, have strength. Thank you for caring so much."

Go, Junsu! No one deserves to be abused online. I'm glad he is standing up to cyber bullies and showing them it is still wrong to harass someone even if you are hiding behind a screen. What is your opinion of bullying celebrities online?

's may sue people sending him hate mail


[TRANS] 150707 ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ ranks No.2 in Contents Power Index for the First Half of 2015

 photo SR56029429_w1280_h720.jpg
According to CJ E&M and ratings research firm Nielsen Korea, ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ ranked 2nd; among the findings for the ‘Content Power Index’(shortened to ‘CPI’) in the first half of 2015, from January to June 14 this year. ‘TGWSS’ also placed 2nd as the drama, originating from a webtoon, continuing with its popularity.

CPI is an integrated index that calculates news subscription rankings, direct search rankings, and social media buzz rankings (from SNS & etc.); and measures from 125 programs amid the genres of dramas, entertainment (i.e. variety), music, and infotainment that are on the 3 terrestrial broadcasts (SBS, MBC, KBS) and 6 CJ E&M channels.

‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ scored a 256.1 on the Contents Power Index (CPI)  photo 72323909.1.jpg
Source: Sports Donga via Daum

Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3

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Lee Bum Soo talked about JYJ Jaejoong and ZEA's Im Siwan at his fanmeeting in Tokyo last July 4 


LBS: There was an incident that JJ had hit me with his fist. JJ kept on apologizing, saying sorry over and over again.
"JJ was in shock that he wasn't able to eat." this shows the gentle and delicate personality of JJ.

LBS impression of JJ: I am very glad to worked with him again after Dr Jin, JJ is a very dedicated actor, always trying to learn.

"He does not forget to smile, doesn't give a hard expression even if there are difficulties in shooting/long hours of shooting.
We had a serious scene together, a very emotional one, and JJ has fully portrayed his character. He is a great actor."

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Could be from this scene (on Episode 9)...So heartbreaking...
DongSoo wanted YoungDal to hit him to continue the ruse that YD is 'with' the baddie Go BokTae...

JYJ CAFFEINE: Triangle Episode 9 Full Recap 


Junsu mulls lawsuit over online defamation

Updated : July 06 2015
Junsu of K-pop boy band JYJ is considering taking legal action against netizens who have made hateful comments against him in the past.

The 28-year-old singer tweeted Sunday that he has recently received multiple requests from people through his personal email and his label’s legal team to take legal actions against online slander.

“I have dealt with (hateful comments) for the past 10 years,” he wrote on his Twitter. “I tend to be optimistic and strong so I am less affected by the comments. I thought if I work hard, people would understand me better. But as I look over the data and the situation, I thought they have gone overboard. And most importantly, people beside me are having a hard time with this situation and that hurts me. For this reason, I can no longer overlook the situation just because I am fine with it.”

Junsu (OSEN)

“I can differentiate criticisms that are aimed towards my growth (from those that are not),” he said.

He said he is planning to talk to his legal team about this and asked the fans to send any information and data regarding this matter to his label, C-Jes. “I would like to talk to these people face to face.”

“I don’t know what I did that wrong to make them hate me,” he said. “I am sorry to my fans who have to deal with my deficiency.”

“See you again tomorrow with a smile at Seongnam Arts Center,” he said, thanking the fans.

Junsu is currently starring in musical “Death Note,” which runs through Aug. 15 at Seongnam Arts Center Opera House in Gyeonggi Province.

By Ahn Sung-mi (


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