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JYJ News Week of 1/2- 1/8/2017

What's New With JYJ?
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Jaejoong IG Update


JYJ LINE update.

[Line] 10 days after discharge. I've adapted completely! Let's meet often! ^^
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Jaejoong Sighting

FA fm fan cr. lazymean 
170109 She saw walked by twice while waiting for BB


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Enjoys Post-Army Feast And Talks About Feeling Reborn

Kim Jaejoong JYJ

During his January 5 KST broadcast of V Live, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong talked about various topics while trying out a mukbang (eating broadcast).
Sporting a new bleached hairstyle, Kim Jaejoong had a Korean barbecue course, which included rib eye steak, raw beef, and cold noodles.
Revealing it as the first meal of the day for him and his staff, Kim Jaejoong continued, “A mukbang is harder than I thought. In the army, I watched ‘Baek Jong Won’s Three Great Emperors’ and thought to myself, ‘I can eat that deliciously too.’ Today, I’m going to eat to my heart’s content.”
kim jaejoong 1
To shoot his upcoming concert posters, Kim Jaejoong dyed his hair and wore heavy makeup. He addressed his flashy transformation by saying, “It’s been a long time since I dyed my hair bright and got my makeup professionally done, so I felt awkward. It was a little uncomfortable, but I felt like I was receiving care from someone else, so it felt nice at the same time.”
Creating laughter by switching back and forth from military speech, Kim Jaejoong said, “Isn’t this military speech okay? I want to break the habit of using it, but the habit is proof of my 21 months of hard work in the army. When I was in the army, I was actually very soldierly and manly.”
He talked about the positives of being in the military and added, “After coming back from the army, I feel reborn. I eat better, sleep better, and my face looks healthier. My father said a man’s life begins once he returns from the army.”
kim jaejoong 2
Kim Jaejoong concluded the broadcast with a farewell message, saying, “Dear fans, I feel alive because of you all. I will show you an improved version of me.”
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[NEW PIC] Junsu and Park Hye-na at <Death Note> Musical Backstage!

170109 Junsu will have a cameo appearance in <Introverted Boss> Korean drama! He'll be acting as a TOP STAR!


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More Jaejoong Instagram Updates!


#See you tomorrow

Kim Jaejoong (jj_1986_jj) IG update: 17/01/08 

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NoMinWoo playing the piano... 
Fans noted: House is Jang GeunSuk's...

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Junsu IG Update

"This week's ended successfully due to everyone's blessings~ Rest for a day, meet all with an energized state on Tues ^^ Byebye~~~~"


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Junsu as L


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Jaejoong's IG Updates

Oh my  

[IG] Probably 20days ago(or December 20?) Before I lost all the weight...
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Want some 

"I am scared..."

Note: Jaejoong changed his IG name


[IG] Photo of Momo and JJ Minu took... We just became close but need to go separate ways... 
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[IG] Hope the weather stay mild...Heard our kids(soldiers) are preparing for severe cold... 
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[JJstagram] Mine, Minwoo's, Junhyung's. So it's all mine
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"Manly men! "


JYJ LINE Update (Part of Jaejoong's "10 Days After Army Discharge Series)

[LINE] 9 days after discharge Makeup and hair color... in a very longtime I end up staring at the mirror time and time


[GlobalKSTAR Ranking] The original Hallyu Star JYJ makes top 3 as soon as he's discharged from army


[ENGSUB]170107 Kim Junsu 'Death Note' Behind the film

Xia Girl21
*Naver Tvcast:

Photo published for 김준수 - 2017년 '샤엘' 하드털이 비하인드 Film


[ENG SUB] Is Jaejoong flattering or teasing NAVER?

Sofia L. jaetaku
Jaejoong is so hilarious and cunning at the same time. No one can ever defeat this guy. Hahahahaha. --- Translated & subbed by jaetaku ---

[ENG SUB] Jaejoong's confession about the cooking he posted to Instagram

Sofia L. jaetaku

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[LINE] 8 days after discharge Warm 1st text got after discharge was from Jisung My brother indeed! Be strong, shooting in cold weather!
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Death Note Showcase Highlights

VID] cjesculture의 동영상 무대에서 직접 만나고 싶다면! 예술의전당에서 기다릴게요 유튜브  티비캐스트 

CJeS Culture

압도적 카리스마! 완벽한 라이브란 곧, 김준수를 위해 탄생한 말!
뮤지컬 <데스노트> 쇼케이스 하이라이트 Full영상


Kim Jaejoong's IG Updates

[IG] Be strong, you are my older brother forever, Jisung hyeong! Jisung, Coffe truck, the Accused, Drama, Daebak, Be strong, Hwaiting -
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[IG] Maybe I was drunk at this time in 2014... the letters appeared so blurry... 



Kim Jaejoong sends coffee truck to actor Jisung's new drama shooting "Enjoy coffee and get energized, hyeong!"

Jaejoong sent Jisung a coffee car! "Jisungie hyung, drink coffee and cheer up!" Look, JJ's Love You More M/V is being played in the car

"I'm a soldier until the end,12 o'clock today"After he was "released" he didn't loosen up tension&reminded himself of being still a soldier

[V Report Plus] The day JYJ’s Jaejoong left the military

Updated : January 06 2017
A short recording of the day JYJ’s Jaejoong was discharged from the military was released on the V app Friday.

Jaejoong completed his mandatory military service on Dec. 30.

He was greeted by a crowd of fans when he emerged from a military camp.

He thanked them while climbing into a van that had come to pick him up. Inside the vehicle, he said, “It feels so strange that this day has come. … I’m still a soldier until midnight tonight. It’s not over until it’s over.”

(Naver V app)
The clip also included scenes recorded the following day, Dec. 31, when Jaejoon met with fans at Seoul’s Coex exhibition hall. Fans presented him with a crown made of flowers.

The star appeared to still be adjusting to life outside of the Army.

Naver’s real-time broadcasting app V allows fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars through live broadcasts. The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit

By Lim Jeong-yeo (


Moments...After Kim Jaejoong was discharged from the army...
[Cjes Naver Post] came back to us after 640 days of waiting Let's go over few details of memory of the day
김재중 전역 D+7 맞이 기념 포스트
누구보다 바빴던 김재중의 2016년 연말을 소개합니다~

POST 보기▶

국가의 부름을 받고 우리 곁을잠시 떠났다가, 640일만에다시 돌아온 김.재.중!
보고 싶었어요! 보고 싶었다구요!
재중을 아주 많~~~이 그리워했을여러분을 위해 준비한 깜짝선물

12월 30일 퇴소식부터,다음 날 팬사인회까지!
다함께 가보자구요!!>.<
12월 30일,이른 새벽부터 많은 팬 분들이모여있는 이 곳은 어디?!
바로 김재중의 부대 앞입니다!
한국 팬 분들뿐 아니라
아시아 전역에서 많은 íŒ¬ 분들이 찾아주셨는데요!
역시 김재중의 팬하면 의리!의리하면 여러분들 아니겠어요?엄지척X10000000
재중의 제대에 들뜬 우리의 마음처럼둥둥 떠있는 JJ 풍선도 보이네요!
뭐야뭐야?!재중이 준비한 깜짝선물이 있다구~?!
바.로.바.로추운 날씨에 기다리고 있을팬 분들을 위한 커피차인데요!
김재중!!!! 스윗해!!!!!!
잠시만요!!환호성이 터져나오는거 보니드디어 재중이 나온거 같은데요!
오빠!!!!!! 기다렸어요!!!!보고싶었어요!!!!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
부대 앞을 런웨이로 만들어버리는저 비주얼 좀 보소!!!!!!
더 늠름해진 모습의 재중!
이제 막 제대한 군인 비주얼 맞나요?완전 화보 수준인데요???!!!!!말이 필요 없는 눈부심...O-<-<
이 날 퇴소식에는수많은 기자분들도 찾아주셨는데요!본격적으로 인사와 소감을 전하는 재중!
많은 분들이 와주셔서 감사하고,
끝까지 응원해주셔서 힘이 됐습니다.
앞으로 많은 활동을 통해
인사 드리겠습니다. 감사합니다!
더 멋있어진 우리 김병장님 좀 보세요ㅠㅠ뒷모습에서도 빛이난다아아아!!!!
오예~ 풍악을 울려라아아아~!우윳빛깔 김재중
기다렸어 김재중사랑해요 김재중
차에 올라타서도기다려준 팬들에게 또 한 번감사인사를 전하는 재중!
王 중에 çŽ‹ 김재중!당신을 팬서비스의 제왕으로 임명합니다!탕탕탕!

차 안에서 640일간의추억을 되새겨보며행복한 퇴소식을 마쳤습니다!
2016년 12월 30일의행복함을 어떻게 말로다 표현할 수 있겠습니까......
우리에게는 또 행복한 날이 있었다는 거!
전역 바로 다음 날 팬사인회를 통해팬 분들을 만났다고 하는데요!
멋짐, 귀여움, 아이돌스러움
부끄러움, 민망함, 그래도 잘함
등등 셀 수 없는 매력을 보여준김재중의 팬사인회로 가보실까요~?
무려 2,000여명의 팬 분들이찾아주신 재중의 전역 후 첫 팬사인회!
기다려준 팬 분들에게감사인사를 전하는 재중
김재중의 팬 사랑은심해 바다보다 더 깊고 깊어서
영원히 ê·¸ ë°”다에서헤엄치고 싶은 기분이라구요!!!8ㅅ8
드디어 시작된 재중의 팬사인회!
진짜 잘생겼다...비주얼 쇼크!!!!!!
웃는다...심쿵...심멎...심장 책임져..재중...스윗...벌써 98309238908번째 반복 중..(네? 이 글 올린지 얼마 안됐는데요?)
어째 재중은 군대에 갔다오니더 어려진 거 같죠...?
뿌에8ㅅ8 나이는 저만 먹나봐요...
200명 중 절반이 지났네요~
많은 분들이 입대 전 했던 콘서트인
'방학식' 얘기를 많이 해주셨는데요.
빨리 준비해서 2년 전 보여드렸던
모습 그대로 만나뵙고 싶어요.

그리고 군인 때 받았던 월급은
모두 기부하고 나왔습니다!
남은 후임들 맛있는 거 사먹으라고!
비주얼만큼 마음씨도 고운 김재중
그래서 우리가 재중을 사랑하는거죠!!
이 날 팬사인회에는재치 넘치는 팬 분들이 많았는데요!
캐릭터 탈을 쓰고 깜짝등장한 팬!재중을 향한 팬의 사랑이모니터 밖까지 전해지는 기분>.<
여러분! 보이시나요?재중의 눈에서 꿀 떨어지는 거?!
두 사람 다 너무 러블리한거 아닙니까?'캐릭터+재중' 투샷 넘나 사랑스럽잖아요!
팬 분들의 기상천외한 모습들에웃음이 터져버린 재중!
오빠가 즐겁다면 저희도 즐겁습니다!
더 웃겨드릴 자신있습니다! (불끈)
이번 팬사인회에는유독 많은 화관을 선물해주셨는데요
누가 꽃인지 모르겠다 정말8ㅅ8
잘~생겼다 잘~생겼다!♪화관 박제 부탁드립니다 (단호)
"누가 이거 (화관) 요즘에 해?"
- 아이돌이요~!
"아이돌이 이걸 한다고요?!"
- 네에!
"아 맞다! 나 아이돌이지?!ㅋㅋ저 해도 되는거죠???"
- 네!!! (꺄아)
지금 눈 마주친거 맞죠...?안녕히 계세요. 행복한 삶이었습니다.
머리띠도 박제 부탁드립니다 (단호)
이 세상에 귀여운 거, 멋있는 거다 김재중한테 주세요8ㅅ8
그냥 싸인만 하고 있을뿐인데여기서도 화보 찍고 있는 김재중!
멍 때리고 보게 되는 비주얼!민간인 머리띠마저 저렇게완벽하게 소화할 일?!!
이번 팬사인회에는 남성 팬 분들도많이 찾아주셨는데요!
김재중 병장님께 경례!
이제는 상남자 매력까지!!!!!매력에서 못 헤어나오겠어요...저 이러다가 죽겠어요 정말...8ㅅ8
김재중의 하트 퍼레이드가 나가니다들 심장 꼬옥- 부여잡으시구요!
으헉!!!!!!!!!완전 í•˜íŠ¸ìž¥ì¸ 아닙니까??!!
오늘 이 포스트에서 몇 번을죽었는지 모르겠............O-<-<
뭐죠? 이 조합은?!!!??!조카랑 놀아주는 삼촌의 정석!

나  ì™œ 안 ì¡°ì¹´...? 응애응애
저도 조카 시켜주세요ㅠㅠㅠ
팬사인회가 모두 끝난 후인증샷을 찍기 위해셀카봉을 든 재중!
다들 쁘이 해주세요~V
재중의 훈훈함과 달달함에 빠져헤어나올 수 없었던 행복한 날!
여러분~ 사진만으로는 아쉬우시죠?그.래.서
준비한 퇴소식+팬싸 비하인드 영상!
김재중 - 우리가 다시 만난 날 '기다렸어 재중아'
그나저나 김재중과 ìš°ë¦¬ëŠ”또 언제 ë³¼ 수 있는거죠?
오는 1월 21, 22일 이틀간고려대학교 화정체육관에서
일명 재중의 개학식이 열립니다!
다들 꽃신 신을 준비되셨나요~?우리 그 날 다시 만나요

C-JeS IG update: 17/01/06

The day we were reunited 'We waited for you '

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss


(Cr 核桃提子) via XIAkiss


170106 Junsu IG: "Thank you everyone who came to see today^^"

In his getup for musical 'Death Note,' Junsu chatted with fans via the 'V' app on January 6.

He said, "I'm now 32 years old.  However, my visuals aren't those of a 32 year old, right?" then quickly said, "Sorry," making fans laugh.

He continued, "I'm now 32 but, shamefully, I am just now going into the military.  I'm trying to show good health and ambition.  It's been awhile since I've done community living.  I plan to get along well with many comrades and to work out, so I am excited."

Junsu enters the military in February.  Good luck!


170106 CJES IG: "Everyone that walks with Junsu on his way to work!!!  Everyone walking with him~? "  

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[ENGSUB] 170106 Junsu XIA-L's on the way to work for musical Death Note

Xia Girl21

Photo published for  


  and his loyal manager

[LINE] 7 days after discharge With Youngjun when I was out for off duty vacation -
Translations via crystalmoon64

이게 어딜 봐서 전역 6일차의 모습인가여 진짜 비쇼 클라스 어디 안가고요ㅜ_ㅜ 먹방요정에 하트요정에, 진정 브이앱 두번째 해보는 사람 맞는지...? Ù©(๑•Ï‰•à¹‘)Û¶ >>

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted V LIVE

Visual Shock never changes! Was discharged from army just 6 days ago? Professional eater/heart fairy Only 2nd time at V-App, really?


Time to #catch up with #the #gorg #KimJaeJoong Don't miss his #hilarious eating moment thru #NAVER #Vapp live!


【ENG SUB】Kim Jae Joong's first schedule in 2017! Concert Poster shooting scene attack!


View here and give hearts... 

[TR] Was hard to adjust to the cute mode while poster shooting -

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Reveals He Met Fellow Member Junsu After Military Discharge

On January 5 KST, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong met with fans through V Live once again for a more thorough discussion.
He started off the broadcast by greeting his fans in various languages, and talked about plans for upcoming concerts.
kim jaejoong

When asked by a fan if he met fellow JYJ member Junsu yet, Kim Jaejoong answered, “I met him yesterday. I caught up with him before he left to perform in his musical ‘Death Note.’ We talked a lot. Junsu looked very cool. I’m going to watch one of his performances when I have the time.”
Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be holding a solo concert at Korea University from January 20 to 21.
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[INSTAGRAM] 170105 Kim Jaejoong Instagram Updates 3: V Live & Quiz + comments on own post


#heart #1million #eating-broadcast #cooking-broadcast #lookforwardtoit
 photo 14597391_1300836453314678_1907845861820334080_n.jpg
[PHOTO] 문제:얼굴이 과연 몇개일까요

[TRANS] Question: How many faces are there?
#faces #howmany #question #correctanswer
 photo 15876145_614837425368118_8512018636800524288_n.jpg
Jaejoong commented with the answer:  photo 2017-01-05 23.54.31.png.png

[TRANS] 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are 28

Source: bornfreeonekiss2  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3



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170104 Death Note 



[FANCAM + TRANS] 161227 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka – Ending Talk


ah.. everyone. ah.. umm..
ah, really.. (Fans: we’re waiting)

The real. Every time i’ve come along doing uncountable numbers of concert, that’s why every time I have said the line, ‘only the last song is remaining’, but Today’s, right now, when I’m going to say the line that ‘only the last song is remaining’ is a bit different right (voice breaks). ㅠㅠ


(while holding back tears) But, really. 7 years ago, for my life there was a really big change, I was quite lost (T/N: and confused), had many worries as well and thought of giving up, and thought like well from now on I won’t be able to sing. Many various, various well, regarding various [things] I was lost (T/N: and confused). At that time, every time, ‘don’t give up, don’t give up’, us and my hand, who held it was truly everyone. And, till now, really. well. An artist, whoever it may be, live on from the love from their fans. But JYJ and I am different from other artists. As we can’t do any activities or come on shows as artists, that’s why without everyone we can’t do anything, at all. As we can’t do, like releasing an album or making any projects, we can’t do anything. But that, we were able to do continuously till now and till today, without giving up we were able to come, I believe was all thanks to everyone. (Applause, Fans: thank you)

Forever, for forever, really even if I work hard forever in order to return back thought I believe I definitely will not be able to. After two years, so that I am able to answer back to you, as much as possible, really, I will work hard so. Really, I was able to come till now, well even if not till now, this is like a miracle, I never imagined that I would be able to come till now, really. That’s why after this, some day, everyone’s love was so much. Even though I totally can not do anything but the (love) given to me was so much, I will remember it. My feelings of gratitude towards everyone, I will never forget for eternity. Really, Thanks to everyone, I was happy. Well even after 2 years, I will work hard so that everyone becomes happy. (smile)

Thank you very much (bows)

Lets meet quickly. I will come (back) healthy.

ah, now, the everyone of now, each one, faces, eyes, everyday while remembering it I will (go to) sleep. And on the 30th Jaejoong will be coming, Please support (and cheer on) Jaejoong.

Video credit: 0101Leontic
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Kim Jaejoong IG Updates

[bornfreeonekiss2 IG]#ナノドローン#NANODRON#プレゼント#배두리#ありがとう#皆#あとでね#seeyoulater

[Jaejoong's IG] (KR) #Baedoori#Thank You (KR)  

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Nanodron is an air filter appliance. A very expensive air filter appliance. Lol.

Beautiful... the makes the beautiful flower even prettier


Jaejoong Updating LINE

[LINE] 6 Days after discharge. The year of rooster(according to Chinese Zodiac)!! 2017 Have a blessed year!!!

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170105 Junsu IG: "See you at Arts Centre today~~"

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[Other IG] little_park Instagram - Our Jae is so handsome! 

"This is finally in my life.Thank you my brother Tony I love you so much."


Kim Jaejoong featured in a magazine...


[UPCOMING SCHEDULE] V-Live! Kim Concert Poster Shoot - January 5, 7PM KST

New Logo for Jaejoong's Comeback Concert...


6thGaonChartMusicAward] Jaejoong and Yuchun nominated for album of the year(1st quarter of 2016)


Photo published for Hallyu star Kim Jae-joong back on a high note -

Hallyu star Kim Jae-joong back on a high note

You know you’re on another level altogether when tickets to your concert sell out within a minute of their release (and when it was announced only two days before), and you’ve been on military hiatus for almost two years. That’s what fans call the “Jaejoong effect”.
So what exactly makes South Korean singer and actor Kim Jae-joong so special in his fans’ eyes? When you look at Jaejoong (which is what he is popularly known as), you might automatically say it’s his looks. Not for nothing is he known as the visual shock or the “original K-pop visual”. But to focus solely on his extraordinary looks would be a disservice to this hardworking and talented star.
His soaring vocals and ability to make you feel the emotion of a song – even if you have no idea what he’s singing – is testament to his skills. You literally get swept away in the song with him. Match that with his charismatic stage presence, his charm and personality, and you have all the qualities of a superstar that has gone beyond being an idol singer. What can’t he do? He sings, acts, composes, arranges and has even directed a concert while performing in it!
 Jaejoong after his discharge from the military on Dec 30, 2016. Five hundred fans were on hand to welcome him.
Jaejoong after his discharge from the military on Dec 30, 2016. Five hundred fans were on hand to welcome him.
The enterprising star who enlisted on March 31, 2015 was discharged from the 55th Infantry Division in Gyeonggi Province on Dec 30. Looking like he was about to do a military photo shoot, Jaejoong received a warm welcome from 500 local and international fans who had waited in the freezing weather for him.
For fans, it was a long awaited moment and Jaejoong almost immediately went back to “work” the next day by appearing on V Live (a live streaming app where he spoke and answered questions from the fans), before proceeding to a fan meeting.
The fan meeting (which ran for four hours!) saw 2,000 international and local fans turn up to see him where he signed for 200 lucky fans.
Jaejoong made his debut in 2003 as a member in the original TVXQ! group. However, in 2009, Jaejoong and two other members, Kim Jun-su and Park Yoo-chun filed a lawsuit against their then agency, SM Entertainment. They went on to form the group JYJ and though they won their lawsuit, the trio has been blocked from Korean broadcast ever since.
This had led to them branching out in other activities as solo performers and actors. While JYJ has a huge international fanbase, they are also successful in their individual fields. In fact, the block has only led to fans being even more determined to show their support, snapping up albums, concert tickets and anything to do with the trio, be it as a group or as solo performers.
Jaejoong at his fan meeting the day after his discharge from military service.
Jaejoong at his fan meeting the day after his discharge from military service.
On the solo front, Jaejoong’s first mini album I in 2013 started off what would soon become an established solo career. This was followed by a full length studio album, WWW also in the same year and his current album No.X last year. To date, he has sold over half a million albums as a solo singer.
His second full album No.X – which was released Feb 12, last year – was recorded before he entered the military and he also filmed a hologram concert of songs from this album. The 2016 Kim Jaejoong 2nd Album Hologram Real Live Concert in Japan in February last year saw 15,000 fans despite him not being there in person.
The album which was recorded as a gift to his fans sold 85,499 copies (93,090 cumulatively) putting him as No.10 in the Top Ten albums on the Gaon charts for the first half of 2016. (Gaon Album Chart is a Korean national chart that ranks the best-selling albums, including mini-albums and singles released in South Korea, provided by the Korea Music Content Industry Association).
The album topped the iTunes charts in 16 countries as well as domestic charts. It went to No.1 in the Hanteo Monthly Album Chart (February) and No.3 on the Billboard World Album chart (March 5). The song Love You More from No.X also ranked second place on KBS Music Bank the week of its release.
It should be noted that this is a particularly impressive feat as Jaejoong was on hiatus when it released and unable to promote. If JYJ’s music style is more towards R&B, Jaejoong’s solo albums leaned towards rock, though No.X has more pop music influences.
Song Ji-hyo (left) and Jaejoong in South Korean action comedy Codename: Jackal.
Song Ji-hyo (left) and Jaejoong in South Korean action comedy Codename: Jackal.
With sold out concerts and high sales, the 30-year-old is currently the No.2 top selling solo artist in South Korea according to Gaon charts.
He’s also an accomplished songwriter and composer – he’s done music for his past & present groups’ albums, OST’s for dramas, his solo albums and other performers’ songs including his own group members.
He’s even been executive director (while also performing) for JYJ’s 2011 worldwide tour and director in the 2011 Whisen Rhythmic All Stars.
During his service, he was also in his division’s military band, delighting fans who got a chance to see him perform at military performances. He also received the excellence award upon graduation from military training and was the only Special Class Soldier in his unit.
As an actor, he’s appeared in several dramas such as Spy (2015), Triangle (2014), Dr. Jin (2013) and Protect The Boss (2011) and the movies Heaven’s Postman (2009) and Code Name Jackal (2012).
Among the awards he’s won include Best Actor at the 7th Korea Drama Awards (2014), Best Korean drama theme song at the 8th Seoul Drama Awards (2013) and Best New Actor at the MBC Drama Awards (2012).
Lets not forget he also has his own cafe, Jholic (two branches) and is a co-CEO of Bum’s Story, a Korean fusion restaurant.
And as someone with a keen sense of fashion, he’s also the art director of fashion brand, Moldir, which has been seen on several K-pop and K-drama stars like Kim Hee-chul (Super Junior), BTS, Yeo Jin-goo, Bang Min-ah (Girls Day) and Jeon So-mi (I.O.I).
Favouring the colour black, he is also known as one of the most stylish stars, with his airport fashion always being on point.
One of things Jaejoong is known for is exceptional fan service; as who holds a fan meeting immediately after coming out from military?
He’s also got a strong social media presence, keeping his fans updated via personal Twitter and Instagram accounts with fans greatly missing his selfies and quirky and inspirational quotes while on hiatus. He’s already back on social media, as he’s promised to keep his fans posted on his daily life.
Currently, his album No.X is in the running for the 2017 Golden Disc Awards in the album of the year category where he’s up against popular K-pop groups, so don’t forget to vote as voting only ends Jan 12.
And if you can’t wait to meet Jaejoong and listen to him perform his latest album live, he’ll be kicking off his concert tour starting with The 2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour In Seoul, also known as The Rebirth Of J, on Jan 21-22. Tickets to the Seoul concerts are sold out, but you can try your luck with his concerts in Japan next month.
If Jaejoong had any doubts on maintaining his popularity after military service, he can rest assured that his fans are here to stay.



[TRANS] Korean Netizens who've seen a soldier Jaejoong flock to his army discharge articles&leave positive comments. They became JJ PR team

hehe. an ordinary kpop fan is getting to know jaejoong through his ticket power news articles!?
[ENG SUB] has been away and doesn't understand the trend of idols wearing flower crowns


Jaejoong Weibo and LINE Updates

"Recorded on JJ's 10th day after enlistment. Now today's the 5th day after army discharge. No longer need to go back. I'm a free man."

[LINE] 5 days after discharge. I don't have to return. I'm a free person now :)

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[ENG CC] JYJ 김재중(Kim Jaejoong) 전역 ❤︎ (discharged from military service)



daily updates...Keep is up!

[IG] I bought this table that I fell in love with at first sight: Corso Como
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(Korean & Japanese)


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    170103 Kim Junsu Showbiz Korea

    Xia Girl21


    Death Note Musical
    Opening Night

    Press Pics

    Fan Pics


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    [PHOTO] cjes.tagram님의 사진

    [PHOTO] llllee_y님의 사진

    170102 junsu's mom instagram update!!! 


    Jaejoong Updated LINE again (as promised for his 10 Days post Army journal)

    [LINE] Forth day after discharge My arm testifies to it. I will exercise hard even if I completed my military service!

    He is being more specific: muscles in my arm muscles testify to it hahaha



    [INFO/TRANS] The 7th trial of three defendants for false accusation and attempted extortion on Dec. 22nd (Park Yuchun’s case)

    7th trial of Miss Lee and 2 others (Mob Hwang and Mr. Lee) for false accusation and attempted extortion was held by Jongjin Choi, Judge in Seoul Central District Court on Dec 22nd.
    These are defendants and their charges.
    1. Defendant 1, Miss Lee : A girl in an adult facility has been imprisoned since she was arrested and indicted for false accusation and attempted extortion (She submitted letters of apology total 9 times on Dec 6th , 8th , 13th, 14th, 15th,16th, 21st, 27th and 28th)
    2. Defendant 2, Mr. Lee : Miss Lee’s cohab has been indicted for attempted extortion. (He has never written a letter of apology) Last June, he did not show up for police investigation. Instead, he had interviews with Kmedia very hard.
    3. Defendant 3. Mob Hwang : He has been imprisoned since he was arrested and indicted for attempted extortion. He stands trial for 2 other fraud charges including Yuchun’s case (He submitted a letter of apology 3 times on Dec 7th, 13th and 20th). Kmedia still reports him as Miss Lee’s cousin which is not true.

     photo ___.jpg
    7th trial of three defendants for false accusation and attempted extortion was started at 4 pm as scheduled.
    Defendant Miss Lee came into courtroom with a white envelope wearing ivory prison uniform.
    Defendant Mob Hwang came into courtroom in sky-blue prison uniform.

    On 7th trial, the interrogation of Miss Lee and Mr. Lee (Miss Lee’s cohab) was carried out for Mob Hwang’s case. This trial was proceeded in closed court for Yuchun Park’s Privacy as previous trials.

     photo ____.jpg
    The private interrogation took about 2 hours and 40 minutes from 4:02 pm to 6:42 pm.

    Demand for three defendants by the prosecutor
    After private interrogation, the prosecutor demanded imprisonment for each defendants.
    1. Defendant Miss Lee : A 2-year jail term for false accusation and attempted extortion
    2. Defendant Mr. Lee (Miss Lee’s cohab): Attempted extortion. His crime is nasty because his target was a celebrity. But he was involved in this case for his girlfriend, he was demanded a 1 and 1/2-year jail term.
    3. Defendant Hwang : On the period of cumulative offense, he took part in this case showing off his power. He stated that he participated in due to chivalry, but it is hard to trust him. Also, Defendant Mr. Lee stated that he guaranteed Mr. Hwang financial benefit if the case goes well. The prosecutor confirmed Defendant Hwang’s 2 other fraud charged. He was demanded a 3-1/2-year jail term. As assumed from period of cumulative offense, he has criminal record.

    Cumulative offense : Usually, it is an offense committed by repeating s similar act at different times. In criminal law, only offense is called as cumulative offense when someone who receives at least imprisonment again within 3 years after completion of sentence or exemption from sentence (Article 35 of Criminal Law).

    Closing Argument from lawyers of defendants
    First of all, Mob Hwang’s lawyer made a closing argument. The lawyer defended long-widely acting like he was filming a courtroom drama. In conclusion, Defendant Hwang did not show off his power as a gangster, and also he did not receive any financial benefit. However, it is just defense. No one would write any letter of apology if they were innocent.
    This is confirmed by Defendant Hwang’s lawyer
    – Defendant Mr. Lee(Miss Lee’s cohab) asked Mr. Hwang for help.
    – On 1st trial, lawyer of Miss Lee and Mr. Lee mentioned about Mr. Hwang’s a 10-year-old friend Mr. Lee.
    – The Mr. Lee is Defendant Mr. Lee.
    – Therefore, Defendant Mr. Lee and Defendant Mr. Hwang are 10-year-old friend and a year apart.

    Later, closing argument was conducted by lawyer of defendants Miss Lee and Defendant Mr. Lee. The closing argument took a short time unexpectedly. They defended that they are not guilty of false accusation and attempted extortion. However, it is also just defense. Defendant Miss Lee has submitted letters of apology total 9 times when final trial is approaching. Why did she write so many letters of apology if she is not guilty?

    Final statement from three defendants
    Judge allowed three defendants to speak what they want.
    First of all, Defendant Hwang stated that he tried to help Miss Lee who is the weak, and he apologized for bringing on public criticism. If he had been a real Miss Lee’s cousin as Kmedia said, he would have confirmed their relationship at that moment. From 1st trial to 7th trial, a word of “cousin” has never been mentioned in the courtroom.
    It is hard to agree that Miss Lee is really the weak because she used Mr. Lee and Mob Hwang to manipulate Media very hard.

    Secondly, Defendant Mr. Lee (Miss Lee’s cohab) stood up.
    The commotion broke out in the courtroom when Mr. Lee started his words with “Loved my girlfriend”.
    It is hard to understand him because real boyfriend does not send girlfriend to adult facility. Want to hear what feminist organization or feminists would say about it. Why have feminist organization and feminists remained silence regarding Mr. Lee and Mob Hwang?

    This is the highlight of Defendant Mr. Lee’s final statement.
    “I have never met any reporter and had any interview with Kmedia.”

    On June 28th 2016, there is a video of PD Note which was on air throughout the country, but he is still lying!!! It showed clearly that all words from Mr. Lee including Miss Lee and Mob Hwang are false. They started with false accusation and ended with false defense.

     photo __PD_02.png MBC PD Note interviewed Mr. Lee on June.
    Lastly, Defendant Miss Lee stood up. She took out white paper from prepared envelop differently from Mr. Lee and Mr. Hwang and she read. Then, she started crying that she seemed to be prepared. Although she was crying, she read clearly. So everyone can hear. She looked like acting. She seemed to be an actress who reads lines clearly even while crying.
    Miss Lee made a final statement, desperate and crying longer than her lawyer.
    She was like reading a false complaint. Moreover, she seemed not to realize what she did wrong. She stated that she withdrew complaint because she was worried about Mr. Lee if he would be accused. If it is not false accusation, why did Mr. Lee let loved girlfriend withdraw complaint?

    Defendant Miss Lee said “victim” when she needed to mention Yuchun Park. No one knows who wrote the paper, but she accepted that Yuchun is a Victim officially in court.
    She mentioned that she wants go back to her family as soon as possible. However, she lives with defendant Mr. Lee currently. Where is her family that she wants to return. Totally non-sense
    After private interrogation and the Prosecutor’s demand, the closing arguments of three defendants for 20 min was like a crappy soap opera.
    Exaggerating lawyer seemed to be aware of Media.
    Defendant Miss Lee made a final statement desperate and crying.
    Defendant Mr. Lee who loves Defendant Miss Lee the most, but he sent her to adult facility.

    Final trial will be held on Jan 17th 2017.
    The judge will reach a verdict on the trial.
    So curious how this crappy soap opera will be end.

    Source: nowbluecho(KOR)(ENG)  
    English translation by: @Michelle_Leem  
    Shared by: JYJ3


    [NEW VID] 170103 Junsu <Death Note> Musical BEHIND THE SCENES!

    170103 Junsu 'Death Note' Musical BTS


    CJeS Culture

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    Endearing and funny moments/talk at Jaejoong's Mini Fansign event at COEX on 12/31/16...

    [ENG SUB] says if you are male and have his picture on your phone screen, it answers for your character

    [ENG SUB] Jaejoong gushes over how much he's been loved by fellow soldiers & mentions his donation to the army!
    Sofia L. jaetaku

    Much more videos and pictures here:
    JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 12/26/16- 01/01/2017


    JYJ Kim Jaejoong's Concert Tickets Sold Out in Less Than 1 Minute - Unwavering Love From Loyal Fans

    Monday, January 02, 2017

    JYJ's Kim Jaejoong fans had once again proved their faithfulness and unchanging love towards him.

    Despite being on hiatus for about 1 year and 9 months (excluding his activities in the army), Kim Jaejoong managed to prove his explosive popularity when his concert tickets were sold out in LESS than one minute.

    Kim Jaejoong who had just ended his military service on Dec 30th announced the details regarding his concert only TWO days before the ticket sales begin.

    According to a ticket sales' representative, usually artists will announce their concert's details at least 2 months before the concert but in this case, Jaejoong announced it quite late. However, the respond from his fans around the world were overwhelming and the competition to purchase his tickets was really tough and strong.

    Jaejoong concert titled 2017 KIM JAEJOONG ASIA TOUR IN SEOUL 'THE REBIRTH OF J' will be held in Hwajeong Gymnasium, Korea University on the January 21st and 22nd. He will then tour around other countries to meet his fans too.

    On the other hand, Jaejoong had already started his first activity a day after ending his military service. His fansign which was held in Live Plaza, Coex Mall was attended by more than thousand over fans who had been waiting eagerly to meet him.

    Well, that's the power of Jaejoong. Congratulations and welcome back!

    [INFO] "Rebirth of J" Melon Ticket Ranking #1 
    Zero tickets left in just 1 minute after ticket sales opened


    Jaejoong IG Updates
    Nice abalone . Must be effin' delicious!

    [IG] Cooked abalone soy sauce stew with abalones that fans sent me. Will enjoy^^ Abalone Power Power 
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    [IG] What a sense of humor this bro and sis have! Come and relax comfortably here, a sanctuary 
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    Flowers from Singer Gummy / Actor Park Sungwoong to


    cjes.tagram ins

    #김재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #콘서트 #The_REBIRTH_of_J

    Section 1 and 2 will be STANDING sections OMG 
    T shaped stage looks huge! Seems like our will be running around a lot during concert to get closer to as many fans as possible

    [NewsTR] The day we've been waiting for: concert ticket opens tonight(1/2)

    "Emotional reunion we longed for, worth every moment of our waiting" Melon Ticket link


    170102 Junsu's instagram update!  

    한층 더 업그레이드 된 L(엘)의 화려한 귀환!
    김준수 입대 전 마지막 뮤지컬 ‘데스노트’ 기대될 수밖에 없는 이유

    The Colorful return of a layer of l (EL).
    Kim Jun-compliance the last musical 'death note' can be expected

    Image may contain: night

    170102 Junsu for DEATH NOTE musical photo shoot!  


    Jaejoong with friends
    【josungminnimさん Instagram】 


    Our is surely keeping his promises. Making fans happy!!!
    [IG] Weather Good Civilian Ajussi Oppa
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    Jaejoong's LINE Update...Day 3 post DC from the army...

    [LINE]3 days after discharge Feels real n not so real at the same time. Wondering if everyone is doing fine. Snacks were so delicious! 


    GIF from Korean News Site with headline: "Kim Jaejoong, Perfect from Head to Toe" 


    Kim Jaejoong...The last couple of days...
    Soldier Jaejoong to civilian/rock star Jaejoong

    For HQ pictures and videos of Jaejoong during Military Discharge event and during his mini fansign event at COEX, Click link below...

    Previous Week's News:

    JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 12/26/16- 01/01/2017