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JYJ News Week of 11/3-11/9/2014

What's New With JYJ?


[SCHEDULES] 13 NOV 2014 : Yuchun attends Awarding Ceremony of 34th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards

Note: Park Yuchun is receiving the Best New Actor award.

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Kim Jae Joong Plays The Black Card 

[by Nawael Khelil / Photos by Jang Moon Sun] 

Kim Jae Joong was spotted at Incheon International Airport on November 8 as he was departing to Europe.

The singer of JYJ who’s also active as an actor chose to wear black that day. His dark outfit enhances his bright complexion as well as his blond hair. To overcome these mornings’ cold, he plays the card of layering: a unique knit with a light down jacket and a preppy coat, which he pairs with black cotton pants, a pair of sneakers and a leather backpack.

The look is very modern and Kim doesn’t forget to bring out his favorite accessory – the one of all stars in airports – a pair of mirror shades that brightens the mood of his whole silhouette.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong is currently in Vienna, Austria, shooting a pictorial with bntnews International. (photo by bntnews DB)



JYJ members roll out weekend selfies

Updated : November 10 2014


JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong and Kim Jun-su both released selfies with different charms on Twitter on Sunday, wowing the fans.

Kim Jae-joong went funny-chic, featuring Gangnam style in a flashy shirt and sunglasses. In the photo, the singer is looking away from the camera, biting his index finger. With the selfie he wrote, “Let’s call it a day. Darkness fell so soon.”

On the other hand, Kim Jun-su made a funny face, sticking out his pink lips. “Sorry for being too much for a 29-year-old,” he wrote.


Junsu arrives back in Korea
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Jaejoong Tweets from Vienna, Austria

오늘 일정은 끝.어둠이 굉장히 빨리 찾아오는구나. 

[TRANS] Today's schedule ended. The darkness comes so fast. RT : 오늘 일정은 끝.어둠이 굉장히 빨리 찾아오는구나.  
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평화롭다 정말.. 

[Trans] Really peaceful.. RT : 평화롭다 정말..  
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Junsu's Tweets from Phuket, Thailand


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너무 좋아>_<

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락락쭙쭙!! 나이29살에 미안합니다.;;

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[OTHER SNS] 141107~08 Lim Youngpil, Kang Hansol & Jung Jaeyoung shares photos of them on vacation with Junsu

14.11.07 – Lim Youngpil’s Twitter Update:

 photo 141107youngfeel.jpg

[TRANS] It’s beautiful…^^

 photo B11tcLNCEAA5QEC.jpg
14.11.07 – Lim Youngpil’s Facebook Update:


[TRANS] Healing~~~~^^

 photo 10485973_732309413503871_1741380442855861356_o.jpg
14.11.08 – Kang Hansol’s Facebook Update:

푹휏~!!! 살 다탐…

[TRANS] Phuket~!!! Sal datam…

 photo 10379781_706946406040635_8968025434345338439_o.jpg
 photo 10384115_706946439373965_5115105339204683330_n.jpg
 photo 10368244_706946456040630_6300233737103661923_n.jpg
 photo 10629701_706946482707294_4543594425920045189_n.jpg
 photo 10390975_706946499373959_8963811787895311793_n.jpg
 photo 1973799_706946522707290_4265640555542373209_o.jpg
 photo 1890419_706946556040620_3905508772484062894_o.jpg
 photo 10297719_706946612707281_1486964252434629096_n.jpg
14.11.08 – Jung Jaeyoung’s Facebook Update:

영필이형 나 준수형 ㅋㅋ

[TRANS] Youngpil-ie hyung, me [and] Junsu hyung keke

 photo 1781751_554090748068866_8543178635017855887_o.jpg
Sources: @youngfeel/임영필’s FB + 강한솔’s FB + 정재영 FB  
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3

JYJ3 Note: It seems like Junsu and his friends are in Phuket, Thailand


Fans meet Jaejoong at Vienna Airport

above pics from alejandra

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Update from the Creative concept team from a JYJ photoshoot in New York 2010...

#BTS doing Creative Concept Direction and Styling of photoshoot with #JYJ during their 2010 US tour. That would be me with my blue hair (damn I miss it!) lacing Jaejoong into a metal corset at 1am after the show at the #ManhattanCenter. He was a good sport but he decided Yoochun was a better fit for the corset... My concept for them was #mannequins, running away from the mannequin factory (#SMEnt) since they'd

#BTS throwback from 2010 #JYJ US Tour. #Yoochun in #DASGUPTA by Aparna Dasgupta pierrot shirt & #Dior Homme leather pants working my #mannequin concept like a pro. I love seeing my ideas come to life (even if the concept is to look...not alive). Creative Concept Direction, Design & Styling by me, photo by Jade Young. Funny I just lent @plundertronics this shirt for Halloween.

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 141108 Designer Aparna Dasgupta shares past photos from JYJ’s photoshoot back in November 2010

[PHOTO] #BTS doing Creative Concept Direction and Styling of photoshoot with #JYJ during their 2010 US tour. That would be me with my blue hair (damn I miss it!) lacing Jaejoong into a metal corset at 1am after the show at the #ManhattanCenter. He was a good sport but he decided Yoochun was a better fit for the corset… My concept for them was #mannequins, running away from the mannequin factory (#SMEnt) since they’d successfully escaped to #CJes. I also wanted to give them a more masculine look for the US audience than their Korean look so I chose their hair, makeup and outfits accordingly. The look was inspired by #dada and #surrealism and many of the pieces worn by them were my original designs created specially for them in 2 weeks before the shoot, except the unisex Nikkiel jacket ( Never released these but it’s been on my mind recently when I found the photoshoot contract and disc full of photos this week. #kpop #instakpop #jaejoong #returnoftheking #junsu #yuchun #yoochun #aktf #alwayskeepthefaith #tvxq #koreanidol #2010 #tbt #fbf

 photo 1515983_1510629462528963_861248856_n.jpg
[PHOTO] #BTS throwback from 2010 #JYJ US Tour. #Yoochun in #DASGUPTA by Aparna Dasgupta pierrot shirt & #Dior Homme leather pants working my #mannequin concept like a pro. I love seeing my ideas come to life (even if the concept is to look…not alive). Creative Concept Direction, Design & Styling by me, photo by Jade Young. Funny I just lent @plundertronics this shirt for Halloween.

 photo 1530651_939067232789898_1643060659_n.jpg
[PHOTO] #JYJ way back when. Doing styling & creative direction for JYJ during our exclusive shoot on their 2010 US Tour. Here you can really see my mannequin concept at play. The band was in the middle of a lawsuit to leave #SMEnt and so I came up with the idea of “mannequins escape from the factory.” US press didn’t pick up our shoot at the time because kpop was of no interest to them in 2010. Of course that has changed since then… Here you have Junsu in #DASGUPTA coat and #leather cummerbund and Yoochun in DASGUPTA shirt & #DiorHomme pants. Accessories and other items by #JoshuaMcKinley and others. Photo by #JadeYoung.

 photo 10802502_750669375016333_1883786237_n.jpg
Source: soundcolorlife Shared by: JYJ3


Jaejoong updates his "Jaestagram"



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Kim Jaejoong at Incheon Airport on his way to Vienna for a BNT Photo Shoot

Press Pics

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at ICN going to VIE (Austria) for BNT International photo & video shoot 
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Park Yuchun is mentioned in an article:

Five Fun Facts About Choi Woo Sik

BY Julie Jones | Nov 07, 2014
Choi Woo Sik

He played Jang Hyuk's not-quite-half brother in "Fated To Love You" and now he's a member of the prosecution team with Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee on "Pride and Prejudice." Viewers may remember him as one of Park Yoochun's rooftop allies in "Rofotop Prince."
Besides landing a steady succession of drama roles, he's also showing up in films. He appeared in "Secretly Greatly" in 2013, with co-stars Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo. And, impressively, the 24-year-old actor won a Busan International Film Festival award for his first leading role, playing a 16-year-old in "Set Me Free."

(Unrelated items not included here. Check the link for full article)

5.     He wants to be an actor like his "Rooftop Prince" co-star Park Yoochun who was unexpectedly gracious and charming on set. Choi first knew of him as Mickey Yoochun, a member of DBSK, not as Park Yoochun, actor.
"Even though he is really popular, he is not haughty," Choi Woo Sik told TV Report. "Park Yoochun always thinks and worries about others. He respects other's opinions regardless of age factor. Now I am a fan of, not just Micky Yoochun, but also actor Park Yoochun. Looking at him I thought that I 'should become someone like him.' He is really something. Very professional."

Read more:


Actor/singer No Min Woo posted a picture with JJ on IG

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For the JYJ Japan Tour: Towels with Official Logo


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JYJ scheduled to attend n perform at KCE Awards Ceremony on 11/28/14 Broadcast via Ystar prerecorded

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Actor Park Yuchun is nominated for his role of Han Taekyung in <3 Days> in the excellence actor award category @ 2014 APAN STAR AWARDS! ^^

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Junsu seeking investors to sell his shares in Toscana Hotel + plans to extend hotel business

November 6, 2014 @ 12:47 pm


On November 6, JYJ's Junsu announced his plans to sell shares for his Toscana Hotel located in Jeju Island.

The premium boutique hotel opened on September 25. A large and lavish establishment, the main building in the hotel covers 21,026 square meters (approx. 226,000 sq ft) and contains 61 guest rooms on four floors. From royal suites to pool villas, the luxury hotel has great accommodations.

After originally investing 28.5 billion won (approx. $26 million USD) into the hotel, Junsu expects to sell his shares for a hefty profit of around 50 billion won (approx. $46 million USD). He is currently in the process of contacting investors. In addition to the Toscana Hotel Jeju location, Junsu has announced that he will also be selling shares for an upcoming second hotel site that is 24,600 square meters (approx. 265,000 sq ft), indicating that he plans to extend the Toscana Hotel line.

Representatives of Toscana Hotel told Star News, "In order to fund the hotel's second location expenses, Junsu is selling his shares." They continued, "He plans to use the profit from shares sale for the construction of the second hotel.


John Egg's wife shared pictures with Jaejoong and Junsu from recent trip to Korea...

Always good catching up with old friends. See you again soon dongseng! ^^ #inkorea #goodtimes _ 오랜만에 재중이랑... 정말정이많은 귀여운 동생 ㅋㅋㅋ @bornfreeonekiss2 _ #JYJ #김재중 #영웅재중 #데일리룩 #셀피 #셀스타그램 #얼스타그램 #데일리 #일상 #picoftheday #coolkids #style #follow

Had such a blast with one of my most amazing donseng. #sosweet #generous #funny #jyj #xia 내가정말 좋아하는 착하고, 고마운 준수랑! #김준수 #시아준수 #얼스타그램 #셀스타그램 #데일리

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Photographer shared another unreleased photo of JYJ from 2010...

#tbt #fashion photoshoot with amazing #kpop #instakpop super group #boyband #jyj at Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC 2010 tour. With 💛 #junsu #jaejoong #yoochun 💛 Photographer #jadeyoung director @densityofsouls MUA @chrislanston fashion @itsjoshuamckinley 감사합니다 JYJ 팬

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Junsu's brother tweets (and Instagrammed) a picture with twin Junsu.

아무래도 준수가 날 점점 더좋아하는거같다.. 내가 그렇게 좋냐?라는 질문에 풋!하고 터지더니.. 음..착각하신거같은데요..? 짜슥이..아닌척하기는..^^표정보면 다알거든!!!ㅋ 날 사랑한 시간에 멈춰라~
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Jaejoong tweets a Congratulations message for Super Junior's 9th Anniversary

9주년 축해~

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Congratulates Super Junior on Their 9th Anniversary

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Congratulates Super Junior on Their 9th Anniversary

JYJ and ex-TVXQ member Kim Jaejoong has showed his support for male group Super Junior by congratulating them on their ninth anniversary.
On November 6, the singer posted a short but meaningful message on his Twitter, “#superjunior congrats on your 9th anniversary~” along with a nostalgic photo of the 13 original members of Super Junior.
Although Kim Jaejoong halted his activities under SM Entertainment in 2009, followed by the formation of JYJ in 2010, it appears his warm feelings toward the members of Super Junior have remained unchanged. The idol has a long history with some of the group’s members, particularly Super Junior’s Heechul and Kangin, with whom he and TVXQ’s Yunho were initially planned to debut as a group.
Once more, congratulations to Super Junior!

super junior


[NEWS] JYJ’s Jaejoong Congratulates Ex-Labelmates Super Junior On Ninth Anniversary via KpopStarz


Jaejoong has a sore throat...(from JJ's sister's TW)

목이 아픈 김재중 . 감기 걸려서 공연 못한 탓짱 헉 지금 내가 해야할 일은 주사를 맞으러갑니다.여러분도 감기 조심하시고 도쿄돔에서 만나요.^^이 사진보면 다들 무슨 생각을 하고 있지?배고픈가 ㅎㅎㅎ 

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[NEWS] 141103 Fashion brand MOLDIR donates all profits from AMIS bazaar to children’s charity

 photo 76423_13932_557.jpg

Men’s and women’s total fashion brand MOLDIR revealed that they donated to orphanages in the full amount of their sales profits from the charity bazaar with volunteering service organization AMIS; conducted at BENACO in Sinsa-dong, Seoul last October 26 .

In participation with MOLDIR and as an event planned for those wanting to give hope and help for the children who are leading difficult lives; AMIS charity bazaar had SNL Korea crew member & singer Jay Park, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, actress Clara with actor Kwon Hyeok-soo, Jewelry’s Ha Jooyeon and others in attendance and gracing the occasion.

At the bazaar on this day, BENACO, WAXX, Essence of Argan Oil with MOLDIR participated while the auction of items donated by Kim Jaejoong, Shin Min-a, Jo Jung-suk, Ji Chang-wook, Soyou, Kim Jyung-jun, the SNL Korea crew and other celebrities; and [the auction of] soccer shoes of national soccer players Lee Keun-ho, Kim Seung-gyu, Kim Jin-su, Jung Jo-gook, Oh Beom-seok, Yeom Ki-hun, Kim Kun-hoan, Park Hyun-beom, Lim Sang-hyub and other sports stars proceeded along.

In particular, active as a brand art director for MOLDIR at the auction, actor-cum-singer JYJ member Kim Jaejoong’s prized possession received hot attention, of the donations gathered at the location.

An official for MOLDIR explained the intention [of the auction]: “We wish to provide aid, even if it’s a little bit, for needy children through this opportunity and thanks to everyone who paid us a visit early despite the chilly weather.”

Sources: + Data Net  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


From JJ's Twitter:

nice sauce ☆ 

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Congratulations to HAEMOO from South Korea, the winner of the Golden Orchid Narrative…
Congratulations to HAEMOO from South Korea, the winner of the @halekulanihotel Golden Orchid Narrative Feature Award, director Sung Bo Shim.

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[NEWS + INFO] 141104 HIFF announces Halekulani Golden Orchid Award for Best Narrative Feature

(Honolulu, HI) The 34th edition of Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) presented by Halekulani announced their Jury winners at a private ceremony this evening.

The Golden Orchid is bestowed upon the narrative and documentary films that best express artistic and technical excellence and promote cross-cultural understanding. Each nominated film furthers the Hawaii International Film Festival mandate to entertain, enlighten and empower. An international jury will selected films that articulate this manifesto consistent with the cross-pollination of words, ideas and images that comprise the kinetic and visceral power of film.

The Halekulani Golden Orchid for Best Narrative Feature was awarded to director Shim Sung-bo for his the film, HAEMOO.

“Haemoo is a powerhouse debut from director Shim Sung-bo, who shows enormous potential for raising even further the profile of Asian and Pacific Rim cinema on the world stage. This is a visually arresting, riveting and compelling film, which displays both technical excellence, and a strong emotional core. The film simultaneously addresses universal questions of human nature and morality, and more specific issues, such as corruption, economic inequality and immigration.” said jurors. “With its strong commercial appeal, Haemoo is in the position to raise consciousness about human trafficking, its causes and terrible consequences.”

HAEMOO is also South Korea’s official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar®.

Note: Parts unrelated to ‘Sea Fog’ were omitted.

Source: HIFF  
Shared by: JYJ3
[NEWS] ‘Sea Fog’ wins Hawaii Festival’s Top Prize via Variety


Kim Junsu's OST for the drama Mr. Baek is out now (11/5th at noon Korean Time)...

Please buy/download the song...

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Kim Junsu's OST for the drama "Mr. Baek"
"In the Time I Love You"


via uploader

Lyrics in English

XIA (Junsu) – In The Time That I Loved You (널 사랑한 시간에) Mister Baek OST

Though it hurts a lot and I hate you so much
I dream of you again
Even after a day passes, only yesterday remains
I miss you so I close my eyes

I close my eyes again, I try to sleep
But tears endlessly fall

Can’t I stay in the time that I loved you?
Your scent won’t get erased
If only I can live in the memories of when I loved you
I won’t be afraid again

I try to ignore you, I try to pass you by
But I miss you so much in the end
Without knowing, the tears won’t stop

Can’t I stay in the time that I loved you?
Your scent won’t get erased

If only I can live in the memories of when I loved you
I won’t be afraid again

If we love each other, if we can be together, I would be happy
But you’re a different me, I only know you
I can’t live a day without you
There’s not enough love in the time that passes by
I will tell you today, I love you


Mr. Egg shares a picture of himself in Jaejoong's house:
이 집에... 이 집주인이랑있으면... 피아노 소리도 더 곱다 . . . #행복한밤 _ Even the piano sounds a bit sweeter when you're with JJ. ^^ _ 인테리어 죽~~~~~인다~^ _ #셀스타그램 #데일리 #데일리룩 #얼스타그램 #셀피 #daily #dailylook #streetstyle #selfie #일상 #JYJ #snapback #ootd #김재중 #streetfashion #new #coolkids #style #LAlife #follow #영웅재중 #followme


Photographer shared another previously unreleased picture of JYJ (from 2010 in NY):

# 여보세요 #phoneboot #outtakes #tbt #fashion photoshoot with amazing #kpop #instakpop super group #jyj at Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC 2010 tour. With #junsu #jaejoong #yoochun Photographer #jadeyoung director @densityofsouls MUA @chrislanston fashion @itsjoshuamckinley

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Jaejoong Updated his Instagram

우리 막내누나 아기ㅜㅜ
[Jaestagram] Our youngest sister's baby ㅜㅜ
Trans by rubypurple_fan


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Kim Jaejoong's sister shares pictures of Jaejoong's newborn nephew...

몇분전과 얼굴이 또 틀려 정말 잘생겼다^^ 

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12시28분 태어난 지킴이 고마워^^^♡♡♡그리고 우리 막내 수고 많이 했어요^^^^^^♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡사랑해 

Born at 12:28 Thank u for coming into the world, Keeper~ And you did well my baby sis! Love you~ 
Trans by crystalmoon64

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Jaejoong's Moldir News:

[PRESS] MOLDIR donates all profits from AMIS bazaar to children's charity 몰더, 아미스 바자회 수익금 전액 기부- DATA NET


JYJ’s Junsu to feature on drama soundtrack

Updated : November 04 2014 
Junsu, a member of K-pop idol band JYJ, will feature the soundtrack of an upcoming drama, C-Jes Entertainment announced Tuesday.


The main theme song “In the Time I love You” for the new MBC drama “Mr. Baek” is to be released at noon Wednesday through online music outlets.

The mellow song is about a man falling in love with someone.

The romantic drama is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday.

By Ock Hyun-ju (

JYJ′s Kim Junsu to Sing the Main Theme Song for ′Mr. Back′

2014.11.04 11:48 Newsen Lee Min Ji Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong 

JYJ′s Kim Junsu is returning through OST.

Kim Junsu will be singing the main theme song, In the Time I love You (translated) for MBC′s new drama Mr. Back, which will begin on November 5.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on November 4, "After receiving much popularity during the winter season through songs like Love is Like Snow, we′re anticipating a music chart all-kill with another OST from Kim Junsu." 

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Mr. Back′s main theme song, In the Time I Love You will be revealed on November 5 through music sites. The song is a quiet ballad with a melody that fit well with Kim Junsu′s unique and emotional voice. The lyrics speak of the feeling of love experienced for the first time for one man.

Kim Junsu sang Love is Like Snow for Nice Man, I Love You for Empress Ki, and other songs that fit the winter season. Kim Junsu′s In the Time I Love You is expected to become another hit this winter.

Photo Credit: C-JeS Entertainment


From JYJ Official FB
JYJ Official shared a link.

김준수가 부르는
MBC드라마 <미스터 백> OST 메인 테마곡,
‘널 사랑한 시간에’가 5일 공개됩니다!

김준수의 애절한 보이스가 돋보이는,
겨울 시즌에 어울리는 OST곡이라고 하네요^^

Kim Junsu's Main theme OST to MBC drama <미스터 백> '널 사랑한 시간에' will be officially released in the 5th this month!

They say it's the OST song with Kim Junsu's sorrowful voice which would go so well with this winter season^^


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[OTHER TWITTER] 141103 Film Critic Shim Young-seop & Film Director Choi Seung-ho praises Yoochun winning Best Rookie Actor of the 34th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards

Note: Shim Young-seop is a renowned film critic in South Korea.
She previously described on her Twitter profile that she is ‘a Yoochun fanatic’ ^^

 photo 141103chinablue9_1.png

[TRANS] Yoochun. Congratulations on being awarded Korean Association of Film Critics’ Rookie Actor Award.


 photo 141103chinablue9_2.png

[TRANS] I was there, [Yoochun] overtook the two rookie actors of ‘The King of Jokgu’ and ‘The Attorney’ with an overwhelming margin. It usually goes up to the finals, 2nd round; but the 1st round voting had ended it.


Note: You can check out Choi Seung-ho’s filmography here

 photo 141103aimhighpictures.png

[TRANS] Park Yoochun…
is a good actor…
I feel like I will be watching him for a long time!

Sources: @chinablue9 + @aimhighpictures  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


A NY Photographer shares a 2010 picture of JYJ from a photoshoot...
#tbt #fashion photoshoot with #kpop #instakpop super group #boyband #jyj at #hammersteinballroom #nyc with #junsu #jaejoong #yoochun #director Richard Lowe @densityofsouls makeup MUA Chris Lanston @chrislanston fashion Joshua McKinley @itsjoshuamckinley

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 141103 John Egg shares a photo of Junsu with his family in Jeju

[PHOTO] In Jejudo Toscana with #시아준수 @youngfeellim @cakecreamery @ryanpyoon ㅋㅋㅋ _ 토스카나 호텔 최고좋다! 다들 제주도가시면 토스카나 호텔로 꼭 고고!!!!! ^^ _ #셀스타그램 #데일리 #데일리룩 #얼스타그램 #셀피 #토스카나 #제주도 #호텔 #daily #dailylook #김준수 #streetstyle #selfie #일상 #snapback #ootd #streetfashion #new #coolkids #style #LAlife #follow #followme #JYJ
 photo 10735471_311813345671768_1757799507_n.jpg

Source: elbowyeish  
Shared by: JYJ3




KBS News report about Park YuChun winning the Best Rookie Film Actor Award



SM’s shady dealings: Author confirms they forced JYJ out of new K-pop book

The author of a recently released book on K-pop has revealed that SM Entertainment pressured his publisher to remove references to JYJ and the TVXQ! lawsuit.
This came to light when one of our favourite bloggers, Oegukeen (who has previously written a guest post for us on inter-cultural relationships) wrote an in-depth review of Mark James Russell’s book K-pop Now!: The Korean Music Revolution’.
Like we (and other reviewers) previously noted, she pointed out that there were odd inconsistencies in the book in the way TVXQ! and JYJ were covered. However unlike those other reviews, this time the author took the time to directly respond to the criticism in the comments of Oegukeen’s blog.
Russell confirmed, as we had suspected, that this effective deletion of JYJ from K-pop history was the result of interference from SM Entertainment. He said:

“Yes, I agree with you about the JYJ/TVXQ issue. But, alas, that was not my call. SM Entertainment was quite adamant about how TVXQ was covered. Which is too bad, as I really liked Xia’s “Incredible” (among other songs).”
Of course this did not go down well with fans of JYJ who questioned the author’s integrity and, rightfully, used it as further proof of SM’s meddling in the group’s affairs despite being told to stop interfering by the Fair Trade Commission.

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I see that SM is still trying to erase JYJ existence 

 Where's the integrity? Reading the writer's comment was infuriating. 

While JYJ fans’ frustrations are understandable, it is unfair to throw the author under the bus for something which is not really in his control. Aside from anything, his 2008 book POP GOES KOREA is one of the absolute best books on the history of Korean entertainment written in English and is a must-read for anyone with a serious interest in the topic.
In order to pull together such a shiny and attractive book with all those high-quality photographs, Mr Russell and his publisher Tuttle would have to work with Korean entertainment companies in order to get the rights for various promotional photos and artworks. The publisher wanted to create an anthology of K-pop groups and that is difficult to do without any kind of input from their agencies.
Mark James Russell actually took to his blog earlier in the year to address the issue but it didn’t seem to get much notice:

“Now, I was not interested in embarrassing anyone or making anyone look bad, and I know that the whole TVXQ history is a very sensitive one, so I tried to write a very positive article on the band, which mentioned them starting as a five-member unit, then transitioning to a duo. I did not mention anything controversial about what happened and just looked at the positive — i.e., that everyone is doing well now, and fans have a lot of great music to choose from.
However, SM Entertainment did not like that approach. They were worried that any mention of the group’s history would upset the fans. I tried being flexible, and repeatedly pointed out that not addressing the group’s history at all would likely just draw attention to what happened and upset people more. But, in the end, SME had its approach and was firm. So that is how we ended up with the book the way it is.”
The excuse that it might ‘upset the fans’ is hilariously ridiculous and yet it is exactly the kind of thing that SM would say.
Amusingly, because the company most likely only checked (or were given to check) the parts of the book that regarded their artists specifically the break-up of the group is still alluded to in the profile of KARA further on.
Although it’s not great that the publisher caved to SM’s requests it is understandable to a degree and it’s good to see that the author is not trying to cover up what happened despite the backlash he might receive from the more… passionate parts of the JYJ fandom.
But for SM… this is, yet again, more bad press. 2014 really is a year they will wish to forget.


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누나랑 데이트 끝나고 동생집 거기엔벌써 재중들의 여자가 있고 재중이는 내일수술할 누나를위해 저녁을 한다고 현아.서현이도 지킴이가 태어나면 어떻게해.재중이는 지킴이가 제일 좋다는데.재중아 누나도 출발하니까.밥줘 

@kkjj4 All the Jaejoongs's fangirls of our family are at my sister's house. He tells me he will cook dinner for his sister who will have the surgery tomorrow. What are you gonna do Hyunah and Seohyun after the Keeper comes out? #JAEJOONG says the Keeper is his favorite. Jaejoong~ I am on my way there too. Feed me!
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@kkjj4 Tomorrow is the day we will get to see my sister's baby, the Keeper. My dear sister Sooyoung did her best despite all the pain. #JAEJOONG also came over last night. He is spending time with his sister, telling her to relax. It looks like you are the one who is more nervous.
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