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JYJ News Week of 10/10- 10/16/2016

What's New With JYJ?
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[NEW VID] 161016 Junsu talks about <Dorian Gray> Musical Fanart Winners! He's so impressed! 
Vichelle Wong 

Photo published for 김준수 - 샤리안이 직접 뽑은 팬아트 장원은? 

161015 CJES Culture IG Update! Junsu signing <Dorian Gray> Musical Official Goods! 


[Jaejoong Wins] Battle of the Best Vocalist in SM Entertainment of All Time

By allkpop  

All Alone...A Capella version via AngelWing

When fans serenade Jaejoong with his own self composed song "I'll Protect You" 
(OST from Protect the Boss)

Jaejoong in the Army

160615 김재중 Jaejoong at Korea & US Army Band Concert

Everyone (여러분), It's Only My World (그것만이 내 세상), Running In The Sky (하늘을 달리다)

veronicha__  (Cr: Jaejae)


[Tournament Finals] Battle of the Best Vocalist in SM Entertainment of All Time

By allkpop

: 21%
: 79%

Winner is Kim Jaejoong!!!




Pics via Jaeprincess


상상 이상의 homme 파탈 ✔️ ✔️ 가을, 그리고... #김준수 with @harpersbazaarkorea for #하퍼스바자 #11월호 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #뮤지컬 #도리안그레이 #레전드_화보탄생 #예고

GUESS #who is coming #up with the #fashion #magazine #HarpersBazaar #Korea #Nov #issue U won't miss #KIMJUNSU his strong #presence on it!

[INSTAGRAM] 161013 Kim Junsu Instagram Update: Buck deer in the woods

[PHOTO] 깊은 산 속 옹달샘
누가 와서 먹나요~

[TRANS] A small spring fountain deep in the mountains
Look at who came to eat~
 photo 14714585_187498838325339_1617289778057707520_n.jpg
Source: xiaxiaxia1215  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3



JYJ's Junsu aka Xia hangs with SBS Popasia

When we were in Korea we caught up with JYJ's Junsu aka Xia, who chatted to us all about his most recent release, life with JYJ and his favourite rappers across Korea.

[NEW VID] 161012 Junsu's congratulatory message for 2016 Korean Public Cultural Awards!


[INSTAGRAM] 161012 Kim Junsu Instagram Update: Conclusion of ‘Dorian Gray’ soon

[PHOTO] 꿈결같이 짧았던 우리의 소풍은 끝나고
항상 뜨겁던 여름 사라졌네..
다가올 가을빛 이제 끝나버린 여름날
어느새 춥다..모두들 따뜻하게 이불 잘 덥고 잘자^^

[TRANS] Our dreamlike, short trip has ended
The always hot summer has vanished..
The summer days that have ended now with the approaching tints of autumn
It’s cold before I knew it..Everyone was warm. The covers are nicely warmed. Sleep well^^
 photo 14705166_1026819114083246_5416826652229369856_n.jpg
Source: xiaxiaxia1215  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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2015 ALL ABOUT YU Japan Fanmeeting 



[Ktown4u] 2015 KIM JAE JOONG J-party in YOKOHAMA DVD (Limited Edition)  


Junsu...Dorian Gray OSTs
Available everywhere now...

Who Are You

Xia Girl21

Dorian Gray
Xia Girl21

Another Me
Xia Girl21

감미롭거나, 강렬하거나! 뮤지컬 <도리안 그레이> 샤리안의 솔로곡
이제 아이튠즈에서도 감상할 수 있어요!

iTunes https://goo.gl/crVU82
#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #뮤지컬 #MUSICAL #도리안그레이 #DORIANGRAY #샤리안 #솔로곡 #OST #아이튠즈 #음원공개 #무대가_그려진다 #재관람_뽐뿌
#Sometimes #smooth and sometimes #strong enough! Now, go & check #solo #songs of #KimJunSu on the musical ‘Dorian Gray’ ‘Grow Old Instead of Me,’ ‘Who Are You?’ and ‘Another Me’ thru the bios!


[NEW PICS] Junsu in recording studio for <Dorian Gray> Musical OST Album! So handsome and cute! 

via vichellelicious


[VIDEO] 161008 Crucial Star’s first V Live – mentions Junsu in recording episode

“Any episode to share during the recording?”
Well.. I have one thing to tell, which happened when I was recording with Junsu.
When I went to a recording studio the other day,
He was already done with everything.
It might have taken 30 minutes for him, I guess.
I met him after he had finished his part very quickly.
Since he sang so well, I felt so much respect for him.
And… it was actually amazing to work with him.
When I was in middle school, he was like a superstar.
I kept singing “Hug”, when I went to karaoke.
I still feel amazed.
I can’t believe I worked with him.

Source & Eng trans via: C-JeS V Live  
Video Credit: AN NA 2  
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[News Trans] Defendant A, Bail Denied by the Court #박유천_무혐의

◾Park Yuchun’s Accuser, Bail Application Denied...Brought to Trial While Kept in Custody◾
✳ note: After formally indicted by the prosecutors' office, A is now a defendant, not just an accuser, charged with false accusation and attempted extortion and has been in custody at a detention facility since last Aug.
[BizEnter Lee Eun Ho reporter]

A who had filed a report against Park Yuchun for alleged sexual assault and was indicted on charges of false accusation will be brought to trial while being held in custody. According to legal circles, A submitted a bail application to the court on 12th last month. At that time, A’s lawyer explained to BizEnter that “based on the judgement that there are no danger of destruction of evidence and flight, they applied for a bail with the purpose of going to trial under the state of release to have the trial right to defend.”

However, the court has denied the bail application. According to the explanation of the court, “there are the grounds of destruction of evidence or fear of destruction, and flight or fear of flight.” Therefore, A will go to trial as scheduled as on the 13th while kept in custody.

Meanwhile, A filed a complaint against Park Yuchun for alleged sexual assault in last June, but she withdrew it after being reported by the media. However, the police detected the circumstances that A and her accomplices tried to extort a few hundreds of million Wons in the process of filling report to the police, the prosecutors’ office indicted A on the charges of false accusation and attempted extortion after arrested and held in custody.

Lee Eun Ho reporter wild37@etoday.co.kr


[NEWS] 161011 Park Yuchun’s accuser, bail application rejected…on trial for the state of her imprisonment

Ms. A, who is under indictment for making false allegations when she accused Park Yuchun of sexual assault charges, will stand trial on the state of her imprisonment.
According to legal circles, Ms. A filed an application for bail to the justice department on September 12th. At the time the counsel for Ms. A’s side explained to BizEnter, “We requested bail, for her right to defense on trial, with the purpose of appealing her standing trial on the state of her imprisonment under the judgment there is no destruction of evidence and flight risk”.
However the justice department rejected Ms. A’s application for bail. “There are grounds for the destruction of evidence, concern about destruction [of evidence], fleeing, or flight risk,” is the justice department’s explanation. Following this Ms. A is slated to be presented at a scheduled trial on the state of her imprisonment this October 13th.

Source: BizEnter  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


161011 CJES Culture IG Update! Junsu in his sexy robe in <Dorian Gray> Musical!  Don't forget to listen to his OSTs!
via vichellelicious


[ENGSUB]161009 Kim Junsu -Dorian Gray Musical- Follow cam

Xia Girl21


161011 <Dorian Gray> Musical OST Full Album! Junsu's voice! 

‘Grow Old Instead of Me’ & ‘Another Me' the #solo #songs of #KimJunSu on the musical ‘Dorian Gray’ will be released at #upcoming #midnight Can’t wait more!



[OtherIG]'JaeJae. there was Jaejoong. MinWoo ordered iphone7 for Jaejae' 
(note: No Minwoo had his event in JP today)


161010 CJES IG Update! <Dorian Gray> Musical OST Album will released at 12am KST tonight!  Can't wait!
Via vichellelicious

Upcoming #midnight The #solo #songs of #KimJunSu on the musical Dorian Gray, 'Grow Old Instead of Me’ & ‘Another Me’ will be released. it’s a must-check one! def!

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