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JYJ News Week of 8/8- 8/14/2016

What's New With JYJ?
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Corporal Jaejoong!!!

71st Liberation Day event Performance


CPL to Perform at 71st Liberation Day event at Korea Independence Hall 8/15


Our favorite soldier arrives at the venue...

[PIC] Peace & Music (photo credit: _yyyTin)

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Junsu in concert BTS...Click on link
주말 아침부터 XIA를 보면 기분이 조크든요
총 8개도시, 12만팬과 함께한
<2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT> 총정리!


[OTHER SNS + PICS] 160812 F.C.MEN presents MATCH for JUNSU in JAPAN

[PHOTO] FCMEN presents MATCH forJUNSU in JAPAN終わりました♪ありがとうございましたぁ!
FCMEN presents MATCH forJUNSU in JAPAN has ended♪ Thank you very muchh!
MATCH for JUNSU in JAPAN #fcmen
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.58.03 PM
Footsal with FCMEN!! This time as well, ended up going too near to Junsu…. I’m sorry everyone of the fans. It was the first (time) meeting Seyong but got to become friendly with him. Everyone of the fans sorry. #FCMEN #Junsu #Seyong
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.58.19 PM
Today with MC and pitch commentary
enjoyed the Japan-Korea match♪
Junsu-kun, Seyong-kun, Sikang-kun,
were fast and vividly quick ( ̄▽ ̄;)
To everyone who came
Thank you very much m(_ _)m
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.16.18 PM
Went to see the “F.C.MEN presents MATCH for JUNSU in JAPAN”! Captain Junsu outstanding performance! Decided 2 goals! #FCMEN #JYJ #Junsu
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.23.28 PM
#JYJ #Junsu when enters the venue springs out! #FCMEN
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.24.26 PM
#JYJ #Junsu captain! Soohyun, Seyong, Karam, Kyu, Lee Sikang, J-BRO, Lee Wan, Yongpil  good job!
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.25.16 PM
Today #FCMEN wan held at Ajinomoto stadium. #JYJ #Junsu #UKISS #Soohyun #MYNAME #Seyong #DGNA #Karam etc. were sweating! #Footsal
Source: udon0620 + take_kawakita + @lovemedo_uranai + @VOXRAY_Muzzi + @dreamenet + @asian_hana + @k_plaza_com
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

Scroll Down for more Junsu with FC Men...Soccer playing Junsu!


Corporal Jaejoong Update

Independence Hall to hold celebration event on August 15:Army Honor Guard performance w  


Junsu with FC Men in Japan


The jack-of-all-trades, XIA! Wanna #share his #passionate finger #V He #kicked off a #soccer game. Let’s #cheers 4 him!



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160812 Junsu IG: "In the midst of a battle meeting.. This moment I feel like I'm becoming a football player..ㅋ"

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[INFO/RANKING] 160809 Koretame’s Weekly Ranking – Park Yuchun’s 『Housewarming Party Park Yuchun Fanmeeting 2014*2015』 DVD ranked #1, & etc.

According to Koretame.com staff, Yuchun’s 「House Warming Party Park Yuchun Fanmeeting 2014★2015」 ranked in 1st place this week (from 2016.8.1~2016.8.7), on their Korean・Hallyu movie & others latest Weekly Ranking.

 photo 160812-koretame_com-1.png

On their BEST 10 also are:
– JYJ「2014 JYJ ICHIGO ICHIE Japan Dome Tour」 in 6th place,
– JYJ 「JYJ CONCERT in TOKYO DOME 2013 -THE RETURN OF THE JYJ-」 in 7th place, &
– Junsu’s 「XIA BALLAD AND MUSICAL WITH ORCHESTRA Vol.3」 in 8th place.

 photo 160812-koretame_com-2.png

Source: Koretame(1,2)  
Info Credit & Shared by: JYJ3


Corporal Jaejoong Updates (Two Upcoming Performances!!)

Poster for Eo-Ul-Lim(Joint/Mingling of Public, Government, Military) Concert

Gyeroyong City to hold Concert in front of city hall on August 19 at 7 PM: (Kim Jaejoong) will appear

Gyeryong Concert will be aired from 12PM on 8/26 at Start News

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Cannot wait to see our Jaejoong very soon...

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The Reversal of Park Yuchun’s Scandal, the Imprisonment of the First Accuser and the Blackmailing Accomplice

[OSEN=Sohn Nam Won and Park Pan Suk reporters]

A (female) and her cousin B who committed false accusation and blackmailing against Hallyu star Park Yuchun have been imprisoned by the police.

Gangnam Police in Seoul applied for the arrest warrant against A and B with the suspicion of extorting a large sum of money after falsely reporting a sexual assault by Park Yuchun. The court issued the warrant with “acknowledging the demonstration of the facts of crimes and fearing the destruction of evidences and flight by the suspects” on the 5th. Therefore, the falsified blackmailing by the first accuser, which had caused hurling all sorts of malicious rumors against Park Yuchun, was finally brought to the trial by the strict justice.

Gangnam Police explained to OSEN the day before, that they had “applied for the arrest warrant against A, who first filed the report against Park Yuchun, for false accusation and attempted extortion, against her boyfriend and her cousin for attempted extortion” and that they were “determined to apply for the warrant by the judgement that their crimes were not light, but heavy“. It was known that the court didn’t issue an arrest warrant against A’s boyfriend.

A filed the report against Park Yuchun for the allegation of sexual assault on the 13th of June. Although the blackmail and extortion against the top Hallyu star were strongly suspected at that time, the malicious rumors ridiculously poured by some tabloids and spread throughout the internet as though facts have seriously damaged Park Yuchun’s image.

In these circumstances, Park Yuchun’s side has filed a report for false accusation and extortion against the first accuser, A.


[Photo] OSEN DB

In other news by Hankookilbo, there is an important part that we think we should translate:

Gangnam Police in Seoul announced on the 5th that the court had issued the arrest warrant applied for false accusation and attempted extortion against woman A who filed the first report against Park. The mob member Hwang (34) who was known as A’s cousin was also imprisoned for attempted extortion.
The Chief Judge Cho Eui Yeon at Seoul Central District Court, who is in charge of issuing the warrant and conducted the suspect interrogation before detention to determine a warrant’s validity the day before, issued the warrant “due to the facts that the nature of the crimes was demonstrated and there was a fear for the destruction of evidences and flight.” But, the warrant was rejected for A’s boyfriend who was also under the suspicion of attempted extortion.
The police applied for the warrant on the 1st because “the seriousness of the crimes of false accusation and extortion committed by A and her accomplices was grave and the possibility of evidences’ destruction by statements’ collusion among them was large.”

Just to clarify: Arrest warrant against A’s boyfriend was not accepted by the court, but that does not mean that he is innocent. His case has been transferred to the prosecution office and he is likely to also be indicted next week.

Source: Naver

Trans by: uttunfan
Shared by: 6002SKY

[IMPORTANT NOTE] The above news in particular and Korean media in general report about this in a very confusing way: (One of) the crime(s) applied to A, the mob Hwang (her so-called cousin), and her boyfriend is attempted EXTORTION (and not blackmail).

Refer to the above site for the Korean laws in English.

This site is run by KOREA LEGISLATION RESEARCH INSTITUTE, a government funded research institute.

■ EXTORTION is a more serious crime than Intimidation (the term used by this site instead of blackmail)


◇ Article 350 (Extortion)
(1) A person who, by extortion, causes another to surrender his property or obtains pecuniary advantage from the latter, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than ten years or by a fine not exceeding twenty million won. <Amended by Act No. 5057, Dec. 29, 1995>
(2) The preceding paragraph shall apply to a person who, by the methods of the preceding paragraph, causes a third person to obtain a surrender of such person’s property or to obtain pecuniary advantage from the latter.

◇ Article 352 (Attempts)
Attempts to commit any crime of Articles 347 through 348-2, 350 and 351 shall be punished.
[This Article Wholly Amended by Act No. 5057, Dec. 29, 1995]


◇ Article 283 (Intimidation, Intimidation on Lineal Ascendant)

(1) A person who intimidates another shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than three years, a fine of not more than five million won, detention or a minor fine. <Amended by Act No. 5057, Dec. 29, 1995>

(2) When the crime of the preceding paragraph is committed on a lineal ascendant of the offender or of one’s spouse, the offender shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than five years or by a fine not exceeding seven million won. <Amended by Act No. 5057, Dec. 29, 1995>

(3) The crime as referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2) shall not be prosecuted over the express objection of the victim. <Amended by Act No. 5057, Dec. 29, 1995

Article 286 (Attempts)

Attempts to commit any crime of the preceding three Articles shall be punished.


Junsu and FCMen in Japan 


160811 Junsu arrives at Haneda Airport! Looking happy! ^^ 
(Cr sachi_xia , mikuiku, nogumama)

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FC MEN <Match for Junsu in Japan> Official Goods!


Dating confirmations no one saw coming

By alim17 Some dating confirmations aren't too much of a surprise.  For example, when fans found out Lee Seung Gi and YoonA were dating, they were not too taken aback considering he had chosen her as his ideal type multiple times; as a matter of fact, fans were elated. However, some dating news come out of the blue, making people scratch their heads as they wondered, "How did this even happen?"

Check out the celebrity couples below that had everybody gasping and going, "I can't believe it!"

JYJ's Junsu x EXID's Hani

Although these two don't have quite a big age gap, their dating news still had everybody gaping in surprise, merely for the fact that the two didn't even seem to have had any connections!  It turns out that Junsu is close friends with Shinsadong Tiger, who produces EXID's music, and helped Hani out with her sudden popularity.  He was not even considered another celeb to ship Hani with - and the list of men her fans were shipping her with was long.  This was his first big dating "scandal" despite being a 2nd generation idol and it was with none other than the "it-girl" at the time, Hani! 


[TRANS] 160810 Soldier impressed about CPL Kim Jaejoong’s performance in “Love Your Country Concert”

Kim Jaejoong attended “Love Your Country Concert” on August 5 and sang “Everyone”
 photo CpZXl3yVYAAaXMe.jpg
[TRANS] Soldier’s Comments:

  • He was nuclear bomb level cool when singing “Everyone”!
  • God-Jaejoong is CPL just like me! (Note: CPL Corporal)
  • God-Jaejoong was a CPL six months ago and is still a CPL!
  • Hey people, praise God-Jaejoong
  • God-Jaejoong came to sing yesterday and was awesome!


JYJ3’s Note: You can check fancams of Kim Jaejoong’s singing “Everyone” in other army concerts events here: Link 1, Link 2
Source: KJJ DC Gall  
Translated by: @crystalmoon64  
Shared by: JYJ3


Corporal Jaejoong News...

[TRANS of comments by soldiers] Seems like sang Everyone at Love Your Country Concert on August 5



[DL LINK] 160810 CJES Naver Blog, 42 pictures and 14 gifs!   

160809 Junsu IG: "Peek-a-boo! Sleepy..ㅜ"

팬사랑 XIA의 의미 있는 변신! 당신을 진정한 변신의 달인으로 임명합니다
XIA의 종합변신세트 보러가기http://naver.me/5d667LQx
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎해요TV‬ ‪#‎김준수의사생활‬ ‪#‎4회차‬ ‪#‎특급_몰아보기‬ ‪#‎복습타임‬ ‪#‎미공개_고화질사진‬ ‪#‎혜자티비‬ ‪#‎사랑했습니다‬ ‪#‎지니타임‬ ‪#‎같았던_4주‬ ‪#‎네이버‬ ‪#‎포스트‬
Truly ‪#‎entertaining‬ Let's ‪#‎recap‬ XIA's previous ‪#‎HeyoTV‬ shows! It's ‪#‎hard‬ to define the ‪#‎limit‬ of his ‪#‎charms‬


Pre-debut and family photos of JYJ

Updated : August 09 2016
JYJ is a K-pop trio composed of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. They used to be members of TVXQ, a K-pop boy quintet. However, the three filed a lawsuit against S.M. Entertainment, their agency at the time, in 2009 and founded a new group among themselves called JYJ in 2010. K-pop Herald has put together some pre-debut and family photos of each member.

(left: online comunity, right: flickr)
Jaejoong when he was a baby (online community)
Jaejoong said in “Happy Together,” which aired on KBS in October of 2008, that he had moved to Seoul alone at the age of 15 to partake in S.M. Entertainment auditions. He was unable to afford the rent of 150,000 won ($135.00) at the time, so he sold gum and appeared as an extra in the film, “TaeGukGi: Brotherhood of War”(2003).

On Nov 1 of 2006, Jaejoong‘s biological father pressed charges against Jaejoong’s adoptive parents. He claimed the reason for the charges was that Jaejoong was registered under both his biological parents and adoptive parents, which complicated legal matters that are necessary for Jaejoong‘s military draft (South Korea has a mandatory military service that is enforced on all eligible male citizens between the age of 18 and 35).

On Nov 22 of that year, Jaejoong released a statement saying, “I found out a few years ago that I have biological parents who had named me ’Han Jae-joon.‘ Ever since I found that out, I got in touch with my biological mother and have been on good terms with both my biological mother and my adoptive parents. I hope that my biological and adoptive parents can reach an agreement and be on good terms.”

An acquaintance of Jaejoong said in an interview with local media at the time, “Jaejoong found out two or three years ago about his biological parents and spent days crying. The recent lawsuit and the publicity of it led Jaejoong to cry very much again.”

Jaejoong’s biological father withdrew charges on Nov. 28, saying, “Jaejoong is being hurt by the legal dispute. It is as if two sides are each pulling Jaejoong‘s arm. I decided I should let go of his arm.”

Jaejoong was born in 1986 and was adopted by the Kims in 1989.


(left: online community, right: flickr)
left: Junsu, middle: Junsu's father, right: Junsu's brother (Junsu's Twitter)
left: Junsu, middle: Junsu's parents, right: Junsu's brother (Junsu's Twitter)
left: Junsu, middle: Junsu's mother, right: Junsu's brother (Junsu's Twitter)
Junsu was in the same class as Eunhyuk from Super Junior, a K-pop boy group, when they were in sixth grade. The two formed a dance group and have been best friends since.
Below is a clip of an audition that Junsu had prior to becoming a singer. When a judge tells Junsu, “Please provide a self-explanation for thirty seconds,” Junsu says, “I am good at everything except academics... except academics... I am not that bad at academics.” 

Junsu is currently dating Hani, a member of K-pop girl group EXID. Lee Doo-hee, a programmer and a mutual acquaintance of Junsu and Hani, had set the two up after he saw Junsu watching a clip of Hani and hearing from Junsu that he is a fan of her.


left: Park Yoo-hwan, middle: mother, right: Park Yoo-chun (Park Yoo-hwan's Twitter)
top- right: mother, middle: Park Yoo-hwan, right: Park Yoo-chun
bottom - right: Park Yoo-hwan, middle: mother, right: Park Yoo-chun (online community)
Yoochun grew up in Seoul before he immigrated to Virginia, the United States, with his parents in 1998, when he was in 6th grade. He has a younger brother, Park Yoo-hwan, who is an actor.

Yoochun became the subject of four sexual assault charges in June. He was acquitted of all charges in July. The first woman who accused Park and her cousin were arrested for false accusations and attempted blackmail. Although Park is cleared of sexual charges, he has been indicted without detention for soliciting prostitution and fraud, as the police found out that Park had promised monetary compensation for intercourse but did not pay the woman.

By Lee Ji-hae (jihlee@heraldcorp.com)


Our Corporal Jaejoong

[News TRANS] CPL cheers for 2016 Rio Olympics

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Kim Jaejoong in Number ONE!

Korean male idol raking 2015 by Japanese women: No.1 is who received 123,529 votes out of 241,953

[INSTIZ] 160808 Korean male idol ranking 2015 by Japanese women – #1 Kim Jaejoong


#1 JYJ Kim Jaejoong (86 liner) with 123,529 votes
 photo b67a09306e6e77737516342ab205fffc.jpg
 photo 2c972fd5aa9716ebedbcf417aff544f2.jpg
#2 TVXQ Changmin (88 liner)

#3 CN BLUE Jung Yonghwa (89 liner)

#4 Shinee Taemin (93 liner)

#5 BTS V (95 liner)

#6 2PM Ok Taecyeon (88 liner)

#7 EXO Chanyeol (92 liner)

#8 Super Junior Heechul (83 liner)

#9 Bigbang TOP (87 liner)

#10 Infinite L (92 liner)

#11 Cross Gene Shin (91 liner)

#12 B1A4 Gongchan (93 liner)

#13 Nu’est Ren (95 liner)

#14 Jang Hyunseung (89 liner)

#15 Vixx Hongbin (93 liner)

The voting had a total of 241,953 votes
and it happened between 2015/05/28~2015/06/11

post response: +28
original post: here

Korean Netizens’ reactions:
2. They are all somewhat “pretty” idolsㅋㅋ
5. They somehow all look like characters that could be found in mangas…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
7. Wow Kim Jaejoong is daebak…
10. Somehow, I think that I understand the Japanese’ taste

 photo 10.jpg

Source: Instiz  
Credit: pann-choa  
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160809 Junsu Weibo Update  We love and miss you too 

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Blackmailers in Yoochun's sexual assault case arrested + photos of arrest

By elliefilet
JYJ,Yoochun Two of the three involved in the sexual assault case against JYJ's Yoochun have been arrested on the charges of false accusations and blackmailing.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency called for the arrests of woman A, her boyfriend, and her cousin on August 4, and the arrests of A and her cousin were photographed today. It's reported they were also arrested for destruction of evidence.
As previously reported, Yoochun claimed the woman, her boyfriend, and her cousin, who is said to be affiliated with a gang, used the sexual assault suit to blackmail 500 million KRW (~$448,895 USD) and countersued them for false charges and blackmail. Police confirmed after the woman filed a lawsuit, around 100 million KRW (~$89,828 USD) was exchanged between her and Yoochun's party. 



Park Yoochun Update

[NEWS] Police conclude Park Yoochun investigation, sending Ms. A to prosecutors for false accusation & blackmail

This concludes the police's 2 month long investigation into sexual assault allegations against Park Yoochun

Hey Korean media, this woman is ACTUALLY guilty. Why does she get to wear a mask and keep her identity hidden?
A's gangster cousin being transported to prosecutors as well.
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[VIDEO + TRANS] 160808 Yonhap News: Police complete Park Yuchun’s case…to transfer first female accuser over to prosecutors

[Translated Transcript]
The police have completed singer-and-actor Park Yuchun’s sexual assault case, which had caused quite a stir; and will be transferring the case over to the prosecution.
Seoul Gangnam Police Station disclosed they will be forwarding their case to the prosecution to apply for charges of false allegations and attempted blackmail on Ms. A –the first female who made accusations against Mr. Park– tomorrow (the 9th) morning.
They are also forwarding charges of attempted blackmail for gang members Ms. A’s male cousin Mr. Hwang and Ms. A’s boyfriend, to the prosecution.

Source: Yonhap News | Video Credit: 연합뉴스 TV  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[FACEBOOK + VIDEO] 160808 JYJ Official Facebook – Junsu featured on KBS News ‘Culture Plaza’

 photo 2016-08-08 10.27.50.png.png
This is a Hallyu star’s class
5th Asia Tour together with 120,000 fans.

[Culture Plaza] Hallyu Star Kim Junsu, scene with 120,000 fans’ shouts http://naver.me/5fRRa9FR
#‎‎‬KimJunsu ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#regular_4th_album‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎2016_XIA_5th_ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT‬ ‪#time_became_one_with_‎120,000_fans ‪#tremendous_heat_and_shouts‬ ‪#‎‎‬Hallyu_star ‪#’s_strong_aspect ‪#‎‎Asia’s_star ‪#proof
This is ‪#‎THE‬ real ‪#‎Korean‬ ‪#‎wave‬! ‪#‎Total‬ ‪#‎different‬ ‪#‎class‬ of XIA, his the 5th Asia ‪#‎tour‬ being w/120K fans. Check above bio now to ‪#‎recap‬ the ‪#‎most‬ ‪#‎rapturous‬ moments!

Source: JYJ Official FB  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

[VIDEO + TRANS] 160806 KBS News ‘Culture Plaza’: Hallyu Star Kim Junsu, scene with 120,000 fans’ shouts


[Translated Transcript]
<Anchor’s Ment>
A Hallyu crisis theory in China recently has emerged.
Singer-and-musical-actor Kim Junsu is showing his still-ever popularity as a Hallyu star by mobilizing an audience of 120,000 people with his Asia Tour in Japan, China, and more.
The scene of his performance, it will be revealed now.
Kim Junsu has returned as a singer.
He had an audience of 6,000 people and brought them up himself with his strong performance [in Hong Kong].
Fans who pack-filled the performance venue were shouting ‘XIA Junsu’ and becoming one.
Presenting gifts like personally communicating in Japanese in Japan like so, local fans had exclaimed in cheers.
He had mobilized audiences of 20,000 and 40,000 people each in Kobe and Yokohama, respectively, that outshined the statement ‘Hallyu in Japan is weak’; thanks to his efforts like such.
5th Asia Tour that started 1 year and a half ago after holding his regular 4th album pack-filled with 13 songs last May.
He meet local fans, all over 120,000 people, in 5 countries and 8 cities.
Despite the Hallyu crisis theory having risen recently, it can be assessed that he has shown an aspect of a Hallyu star with the image he’s thoroughly prepared for.

Source: KBS News via Naver | Video Credit: y m n  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3



160807 JYJ FB & CJES IG Update. 5th Asia Tour Concert, 8 cities, 120,000 fans, 50 wishes.

For more Junsu in Hongkong, click link below...

Previous Week's News:
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