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JYJ News Week of 10/19-10/25/2015

What's New With JYJ?
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[News] Jaejoong will sing the national anthem at the KBO Korean Baseball Series game 1 (Today! - October 26 @ Daegu) 
Via PrinceJJ 

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PFC of leading Hallyu group JYJ, a member of Amy band, will sing Korean National Anthem
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Junsu Interview (English subs)

Other news...

XIA Junsu appears on Piki Live

On October 24th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, "On October 23rd, XIA Junsu's live performance video was released through 'Piki Live' of 'Pikicast.' Prior to the release of the video, XIA Junsu debuted #1 on a great number of different online keywords charts, and many fans and netizens are showing explosive reactions for the video.
In the live performance video, XIA Junsu performs his new solo title track, 'Yesterday,' and also performed three more songs from his latest album.

Afterwards, XIA Junsu talks about why he chose 'Yesterday' as the title track of the album, and the most memorable moments in his career.

A representative said, "A great number of fans and netizens are showing explosive reactions, and we prepared another server so that more fans can watch the video. XIA Junsu is still dominating on many different keywords charts, and we were very surprised by fans' such viral reactions."

Meanwhile, XIA Junsu is going to hold a solo concert in Yokohama, Japan under the title of '2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN YOKOHAMA.'

XIA Junsu appears on Piki Live

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo
EN StarN News


CJES IG Update
Cute Junsu

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XIA Junsu Update

이번주 Star Track의 주인공은 따뜻한 감성 발라드곡 <꼭 어제>로 돌아온 준수! 준수가 들려주는 진솔한 음악이야기와 특별한 추천곡을 10월 26일 월요일 Star Track에서 만나보세요^^!
Joining us on this week’s Star Track is XIA who’s back with an emotional ballad song titled “Yesterday.” Check out the heart-to-heart interview and his song recommendations this Monday, October 26.

For Yokohama Concerts (Accounts, Pictures, Videos) Recaps (Day 1 and 2), please scroll down...


Fans Suspect JaeJoong Of Being Addicted To Taking Selfies In The Nude

Posted on

K-Pop idols are no doubt the masters of selcas, from their sexy looks to adorable faces, they capture the attention of netizens and fans alike with their antics!

However, fans have noticed a trend when it comes to Jaejoong’s selfies in particular: he seems to love taking them without clothes on! Maybe he’s just shirtless, or maybe he just stepped out of the shower… fans continue to wonder. Take a look and decide for yourself.

  • Jaejoong in bed

  • Jaejoong making faces

  • Winking at fans

  • Jaejoong is too cute

  • Jaejoong takes a goodnight selfie

  • Here's a odd one

  • Jaejoong with a big ol' grin

Fans Suspect JaeJoong Of Being Addicted To Taking Selfies In The Nude via Koreaboo .


Newer Selfies from Jaejoong...

Kong Karoon shares a pic with Jaejoong (from last year)

Throw back Sunday with this Young Gun @bornfreeonekiss2 and The Sergeant Companion @kaws at the KS before he went for the army. #ก่อนJJเข้ารับใช้ชาติlol #kaws #kscrib #ksmasterpiece #KongCollection

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XIA JUNSU in Yokohama
Day 2

Tweets and Translations via Vichelleliocious and XIAkiss
Pictures and Videos as tagged
(Will Update Continuously)

[FULL AUDIO DL] 151024 & 151025 XIA 4th Asia Tour in Yokohama! 
Day 1   
Day 2
(xia 豚秀吧)

Fireworks at the start of concert!!! (Duanmubu)

First song - Out of Control now!!

Turn it Up!

Talk time!
Junsu's opening ment at today!

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Junsu: are everyone cold? 
Fans: Cold! 
Js: I'll make you guys heat up! I'm very hot when it's night time!
Js: this is my first outdoor concert, it's very meaningful. I hope everyone can have fun and know each other more. 

Even Though I Already Know

Rainy Eyes now!
Junsu singing <Rainy Eyes>! ☆__☆ (duanmubu)

Tortoise and the hare!

Junsu change into a new outfit♡♡ (Cr xiah_manic)

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Talk Time!
Junsu talks about his mini album and make fun of Sicsic again!

Junsu: his complexion turn better and become more fashionable after he changed his name to Sicsic.

Midnight Show

OeO OeO!!! (duanmubu)


NO REASON!!!  (duanmubu)

Talk time!

Genie Time

[FANCAMS] 151025 Genie Time 
1st: <My Little Mermaid>  

2nd: <Love In The Ice>

3rd: <Blue Light Yokohama> (sings with mom)

4th: Sings <Uphill Road> for Jaejoong and Yoochun! 

Singing "Doll"

Junsu and his Mum on Stage!!!!

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 Bluelight Yokohama

Fan gave Junsu 3 choices 1) gwiyomi 2) Draw JJ 3) sing love song for Yoochun  
Junsu: I like lady, why do I have to sing for Yoochun!!! In the end he sang "uphill road" (For Yoochun & JaeJoong)

Junsu: "JYJ went to an Izakaya for drinks few days ago, an Izakaya more expensive than Korea's..."
"Jaejoong made reservations and I foot the bill, both of them are not working now, so yah..."
Junsu: "Jaejoong and Yoochun became more cheerful after enlisting..."
"Jaejoong's body is fitter now! He'll exercise and train his muscles whenever he has the time!"
Junsu: "YC does office matters - faxing, copying, etc. I never thought if he can do them well, and he does them very well!"

JJ and YC will take turns to pay the bills when they went out eating and drinking But if 3 of us are together, I'm always the one paying it.

Junsu talks about the type of girl he likes! His ideal type~♡

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Silk road

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Junsu's last ment at today He nearly cried 

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Encore Song (1) - FLP

Encore Song (2) - Flower

Encore Song (3) - Taxi

Junsu during ending, did a Gun shot "Tu Tu Tu tu" and fans all acted being shot. Js: you guys know me well.

[Trans] 151025 Kim Mama Instagram Update! Full of love~


Footage of Junsu in rehearsals...

JYJ shared 뉴스에이드 - NewsAde's video


CJES IG Update
Junsu prior to last night's Yolohama con...
대기실 꼬마설 :) #웃음이_많아서_아이처럼 #원장님께_자주_혼나요 #웃으면_헤어가_흔들리니까 #yokohama_love #xiajunsu #김준수 #씨제스타그램

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For Yokohama Concert Day 1 Recap (Pictures and Videos),  please scroll down...


PFC Jaejoong Update
[TRANS] Saw JYJ while eating meat w mom. Looks ridiculously handsome in person. Stared at him truly mesmerized. 
Via crystalmoon64

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No Min Woo IG Update...Jaejoong!


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JYJ Weibo Update...XIA Junsu



Day 1
Tweets and Translations Via Vichellelicious
Videos and Pictures as tagged 

Opening stage is <OUT OF CONTROL


2nd song - <TURN IT UP>!!!

Junsu's opening speech!  

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Even Though I Already Know

Junsu singing <Rainy Eyes>! Purple hair~~ ♡__♡ (duanmubu)

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The Hare and the Tortoise

Junsu in black suit! (duanmubu)

Sicsic went up stage to change wireless mic on JS, every1 shouted "SICSIC!" JS: "There's a speed difference between rabbit & hare yah?"
Fans: "Hahahaha!" 
JS: "Why are you all laughing? I'm saying this very seriously, which animal does my face resembles?" 
Fans: "CHICK!" ><

Midnight Show: JS shake his perky butt!  

OeO: JS shirt button broke and subtly revealed his chest! 

X Song

Junsu singing <NO REASON>!!! OMFG!!!



Genie Time 1st wish: <The Game Begins> in <Death Note> Musical (sunxiahine_jyj)

Genie Time 2nd wish: JS to wear rabbit ears and "Popular Man" banner, and sing Mozart!
Rabbit ears drop while JS wears the banner, he was about to sing when everyone shouted "ears!!!" JS: "I know!" and wore them back!  

Our good rabbit boy Junsu 
 He listens to fans 



Junsu singing <Silk Road>! What's this look!  



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Back Seat


Getting tangled with wires...






Junsu's encore talk at 4th Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama!

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XIA Junsu Yokohama Concert Venue...

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Via vichellelicious


XIA 4th Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama FIGHTING!!!

노래하고 춤추는 XIA준수가 세.젤.멋이라고 전해라
아시아 투어의 시작, 요코하마 콘서트에서 곧 만나~

‪#‎XIA준수‬ ‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎Junsu‬ ‪#‎아시아투어‬ ‪#‎요코하마‬ ‪#‎YOKOHAMA‬ ‪#‎잘부탁해‬


Pikicast Instagram Update

Junsu LIVE singing at Pikicast!


 [Junsu's interview] 12 years since debut. When is the moment that leaves you the deepest impression?
Via XIAkiss
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Junsu "[Being an idol star] is a privilege. There's no need to break away from that. True idols survive, and those who aren't simply don't."

Junsu comments on JJ & YC who's serving in the military (151023 Pikicast)

Q. 군대에 간 박유천 김재중에서 한마디
재중형은 너무 잘하고 있어요. 다시 태어나면 직업군인 해도 될 정도로 군생활을 잘하고 있는 것 같아서 뿌듯하고 자랑스러워요.
유천이도 지금 공익을 하는데 보이지 않는 곳에서 열심히 일을 하고 있죠(웃으면 안되나?) 재중형도 유천이도 그런일 할 수 있을까, 서류정리나. 걱정했는데 역시 사람은 닥치면 안 되는게 없나봐요. 제 미래의 모습이라고 생각하고..잘 본받으려 하고있습니다

"Jaejoong hyung is doing so well. He's doing so well that I think he could pull off being a professional soldier in his next life. I am so proud of him.
Yuchun is serving as public service worker. He's working hard where no one can see him (*cracks up*) I really should be laughing right? I was worried if JJ or YC could do such things, like doing paper work and stuff, but it turns out people can do anything once they are faced with the situation. I think that's what I'll be doing in the future so I'm hoping to follow great examples"

What’s your thought for shooting Pikicast today? JS: Other than concerts, I don’t have much chance to appear on stage.  
 Thanks to Pikicast for giving me a change to stand on this stage and sing. Feels really great. 
In addition, the film can be seen by everyone through the web .I felt really happy.
Via XIAkiss

Performance Videos: 





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151023 Junsu's PIKI LIVE event Offshot!

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Junsu Update from JYJ FB
오늘밤 11시, 최고의 라이브 레전설과 만나는 시간!
잊지말고 불금은 XIA준수의 피키라이브와 함께! 😉

You will be able to see the best live performance tonight at 11pm! Don't forget to spend Friday night with XIA!



Yokohama Radio Will broadcast Junsu's interview about his new album! 
Junsu will talk about DN musical,body management,JYJ and introducing his album song.
Via XIAkiss 

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[OTHER SNS] 151023 DJ Snoopy’s blog update on Interview with Junsu

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.50.06 PM


I posted on FmyokohaRadio HITS Radio’s blog. Check Junsu kun’s information and picture as well! And comment [from Junsu] will be played on WANT tonight from 22:00! Junsu kun’s signed goods present as well! Listen ok!


This week is introduction of Junsu’s album & famous music feature

Tomorrow 24th’s broadcast is currently being on a later date!
I will introduce JYJ’s Junsu kun’s solo album.
Truth is, today I went to interview Junsu kun, who was rehearsing.
With the [concert in] Yokohama Stadium on the 24th, 25th , since it’s a concert in favourite town of Yokohama,
therefore an interview is a must~ willingly Junsu kun also said OK.
Death note’s on stage talk, about managing physical condition, about JYJ, explaining each one song [from] the solo album
[And] like recently he is driving…. he talked about many various things.
This interview will be broadcasted next week on the 31st. It’s Halloween right~
that being said, tried and took this picture.
When told hold this, he obediently held it~
always thankful~
Will give Junsu kun’s signed poster to one person.
Next week the prize winner will be announced, so please write thoughts about the concert, thoughts regarding the show etc.
and send it. I’m thinking I want to introduce the mails received from everyone.
To Radio HITS Radio!
He signed the poster that came with the CD I bought yesterday w
Do you know why it’s called OeO?

Source: @RadioDJSnoopy + Radio HITS Radio blog

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[OTHER TWITTER][OTHER BLOG] 151023 Junsu’s interview later to be posted on F Yoko RadioHITSRadio blog + message to WANT

DJSnoopy (Keiko Imaizumi)’s TweetScreen Shot 2015-10-23 at 2.03.16 PM


I interviewed Junsu kun (T/N: honorific used for younger aged males, display of familiarity), who is performing his concert at Yokohama Stadium tomorrow [and] day after tomorrow! Will be posting the details later on F Yoko[hama] RadioHITSRadio’s blog. It seems recently he is enjoying drives! He talked a lot regarding Death note, JYJ and his Solo [activties]. There is a message for tonight’s WANT as well.


RadioHITSRadio blog site LINK
WANT is a radio show on Fm Yokohama 84.7 Every Friday 22:00-23:00.

 Fm Yokohama 84.7 W・A・N・T blog post
Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 2.16.53 PM
23rd October 2015 (Friday)
Tonight’s W・A・N・T

It being said that it’s the Special Week

We have a Yokohama quiz~ Please Get a present by guessing the (answer to the) quiz.

We have ZiNEZ kun interview with Zebrahead as well.

This time, we did an interview by ourself without a translator for the first time. And spinning a

basket ball as well , can we grab hold of Zebrahead’s hearts…. Looking forward to it

And we plan to ON AIR message from that person tonight.

That is, that super famous person, who will have a Live tomorrow.

This week’s theme is, you are the type who (celebrates) halloween? or the type who doesn’t?

Message to

Source: @RadioDJSnoopy + Fm Yokohama 84.7 W・A・N・T blog

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


CJES INS Update!!
대기실 거울속에서도 준수형은 잘생겼다그램 ☺️ #엠바고가풀리고part3 #매니저_폰털이그램 #형바라기 #대기실도촬 #훈훈한등 #잘생겼다그램 #김준수 #XIA #Junsu #씨제스타그램 @xiaxiaxia1215

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Behind the scene of XIA mini album

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Park Yuchun!!!

가게 깜짝 방문한 유천 동상 
캬 ~ 역시 괜히 연예인하는거아님 

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[OTHER SNS] 151022 Junsu’s visit to DKBC beauty clinic’s Roppongi store

DKBC “Doctor Kotani Beauty Clinic” of Hair removal and bridal aesthetic

DK☆BC Official Twitter update.  Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.40.37 PM


JYJ’s member and former Tohoshinki’s Kim Junsu sama (T/N: formal honorific) came to the DKBC Roppongi store! Waiting for your next visit. #Junsu #aesthetic_salon(or beauty treatment salon) #Doctor_Kotani #Facial #hair_removal #JYJ #Tohoshinki #Roppongi
DKBC★ Official instagram update

[PHOTO] JYJのメンバーで元東方神起のキム・ジュンス様がDKBC六本木店プレミアム店にご来店されました!またのご来店お待ちしております。 #ジュンス #エステサロン #ドクターコタニ #フェイシャル #脱毛 #JYJ #東方神起 #六本木


JYJ’s member and former Tohoshinki’s Kim Junsu sama (T/N: formal honorific) came to the DKBC Roppongi store! Waiting for your next visit. #Junsu #aesthetic_salon(or beauty treatment salon) #Doctor_Kotani #Facial #hair_removal #JYJ #Tohoshinki #Roppongi


JYJ FB releases <OeO> Special Clip Making Film!!!

Junsu's interview with MBN on his new mini album, <Yesterday>!



Junsu arriving at Haneda airport (Japan)

[NEWS] 151022 Junsu (JYJ) “excited” for the 4th Asia Tour… Passionate welcome by the Japanese fans

(Image credit: OSEN)
On 22nd [Oct] C-Jes Entertainment conveyed, “Junsu will be holding his 4th Asia Tour on the coming 24th at Japan, Yokohama Stadium, for that first concert he entered Japan yesterday. Haneda Airport became crowded with the fans who got Junsu’s arrival information, and Junsu, who received a passionate welcome from the Japanese fans, greeted the fans and expressed his gratitude.”
Junsu, who released his mini album on the 19th, is preparing to meet his Asian fans again through “2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR CONCERT”. Especially, releasing an album and recording 1st place in iTunes Japan general album ranking, it seems that the atmosphere of this weekend’s Yokohama concert will be hotter than usual.
Junsu, who is preparing for the concert, conveyed his state of mind, “I very much enjoyed [doing] the preparatory process in order to show new performances to the fans. It will be the 4th Asia Tour as a soloist, even now, I get excited thinking about the stage and the fans. I will make a concert we can enjoy together so I want [you] to anticipate it.”

Source: Wow! Korea via Korepo

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Junsu at Gimpo airport...On his way to Japan for Concerts...

In his new Aston Martin...

as tagged


[1theK Short Clip] XIA_OeO_Uncut Dancing Footage from Special Clip(시아준수 오에오 무편집)

#춤 #노래 #비쥬얼 + #수트..
세상 혼자 사는 남자 #XIA 준수의 스페셜 클립 'OeO' 안무 컷
(Special Clip: 'OeO' 전체 영상 보기▶

IT'S AWESOME! See the XIA's uncut dancing footage from Special Clip!
(Watch the full Special Clip 'OeO' here▶

Worldwide K-POP Channel 1theK (원더케이)

Soldier Jaejoong in a Japanese magazine


Jaejoong's sister shares more Jaejoong...

엄마와딸!아빠와딸?. 내딸은어디있냐고.ㅠㅠ

[TRANS] Mommy and daughter! Daddy and daughter? Where is my daughter... ㅠㅠ
Via crystalmoon64


Fans open a third library under JYJ Park Yoo Chun’s name

Third JYJ Park Yoo Chun library

Even though JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun is currently serving in the army, his fans recently announced the opening of a third library under the star’s name.
Yoo Chun’s fan community ‘Blessing Yu Chun’ which was established in October 2010, has been continuously volunteering and doing good works to support Park Yoo Chun in his career, and had opened two libraries under his name in Sinan for the past two years.
To mark their community’s 5th year anniversary, ‘Blessing Yu Chun’ opened a third Park Yoo Chun library located in Palgeumdo of the Sinan area. The members donated 10,000 won and 6,950 books, which will be used extensively by people living in Palgeumdo.
Park Yoo Chun enlisted on August 27th earlier this year, and is currently serving as a public service worker at the Gangnam-gu office.
By: Alvin



Click on CC for Subtitle in English 

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Junsu monitoring 

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From the Press...

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu has dropped a special dance clip for his new song ‘OeO’ from his recent solo album ‘Yesterday.’
C-jeS Entertainment expressed, “The ‘OeO’ special clip has invoked a huge reaction from fans since it was released online. With his black suit and tie, Kim Junsu is definitely mesmerizing with his slick dance moves throughout the clip, and left fans really looking forward to seeing him during his upcoming Asia tour starting from October 24th.”
The clip was said to have been filmed ny Kim Junsu to placate the feelings of his fans, who were disappointed initially at being unable to see the singer’s slick dance moves because of his title song ‘Yesterday’ which was a ballad number.
Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will perform the special dance choreography of ‘OeO’ wlive through the singer’s 4th Asia tour ‘2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN YOKOHAMA’ on October 24th.
By: Alvin

More OeO information...

IDMYO☆ Xia 준수 "oeo" 안무정보입니다^^

Embedded image permalink

준수, 수트, 댄스 = 진리 👍🏻
XIA준수의 댄스뮤비 <OeO> 스페셜 클립!
오늘 낮 12시, 1theK (원더케이)MelOn 멜론 에서 확인하세요!

Special Clip of XIA's dance music video <OeO>! Check it out from MelOn and 1theK at noon (KST) today!

New Junsu Photos

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 151021 Lee Haru sends words of support to Uncle Junsu

[PHOTO] 삼촌들 웃게 해주세요. 화나지않고 짜증나지 않고 슬프지않고 속상하지 않게 해주세요. 많이 기쁘게 해주세요. to @xiaxiaxia1215 & @code_kunst

Please laugh, uncles. Please don’t be angry, don’t be annoyed, don’t be sad, don’t be upset. Please be happy a lot.
to @xiaxiaxia1215 & @code_kunst
 photo 12142624_1165784390115549_1917664047_n.jpg
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

Note: Lee Haru is the daughter of Tablo (Epik High of YG...He featured in Junsu's "Flower" song) and Kang Hye Jung (actress from CJES as well)


Junsu in Sohu
[영상] sohu 인터뷰 - 金俊秀孤军奋战 推个人迷你专辑



Jaejoong's sister shares Jaejoong;)

이번 생신날 아들이 함께있어 행복한 우리 유여사님 생신축하드립니다.사랑해요.♡♡♡♡♡ 

[TRANS] Mrs. Yu is happy coz her son is w her on her birthday. Congrats n love you ~  
Via crystalmoon64

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라이브 레전설 XIA준수의 특급 라이브가 온다 😁
23일 11PM, 피키캐스트에서 만나보세요!

XIA, the legend of live, is on his way with a live performance! It will be revealed through Piki Cast on October 23 at 11pm (KST)!


More pictures from Jaejoong's JParty Bridge video (from Jaejoong's Asia Tour 2014)...


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Behind stories from XIA Junsu's new album production processes revealed

On October 20th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, "Behind stories from XIA Junsu's new album production processes are getting hot reactions from many fans."

The representative also said, "A video footage from new album jacket shoot, behind cuts from the photo shoot, and episodes from music video shoot were also released together."

A video footage from XIA Junsu's album jacket shoot, behind cuts from the photo shoot, and episodes from music video shoot were released through every online music websites of Korea, and the video recording from album jacket shoot is getting particularly hot reactions from many fans and netizens.

Behind cuts from the photo shoot include XIA Junsu posing together with Kim Kang Woo, who played in his new music video, XIA Junsu recording new songs, and brief explanations.

Meanwhile, behind stories from XIA Junsu's new album production can be viewed on every online music websites of Korea.

Behind stories from XIA Junsu's new album production processes revealed

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo
EN StarN News

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 151020 C-JeS shares a BTS video cut of XIA Junsu filming for ‘OeO’ clip + another new ‘Just Yesterday’ shooting photo

[VIDEO] 내일 낮 12시! 기다리고 있지?
#xiajunsu #OeO #수트_댄스_스페셜뮤비 #멜론_에서_만나는 #김준수 #섹시함 #씨제스타그램

Tomorrow at noon! Are looking forward to it?
#xiajunsu #OeO #suit_dance_special_video #See_it_on_MelOn #KimJunsu #sexiness


[PHOTO] 준수형! 거기서 주무시면 안돼요~
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Junsu-hyung! If you are sleeping there, don’t~
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May Perform as a Whole at the 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards

JYJ May Perform as a Whole at the 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards

JYJ May Perform as a Whole at the 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards
Can we hope?
C-JeS Entertainment has confirmed that JYJ‘s XIA Junsu will definitely be performing at the 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards, but the appearance of the other group members, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun, is still under negotiation as they are currently in the military.
Earlier in the day, a local news media reported that all three would be performing at the awards show, which is in its sixth year.
The 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards honors those who have made a contribution to the popular culture and the arts, including comedians, actors, singers, models, writers, and manhwa artists. The ceremony will take place on October 29 at the Nationl Theater of Korea and so far girl groups April and Girl’s Day have been confirmed for the celebration performances.
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JYJ will attend the Daejong Cultural Awards on the 29th. Military has granted permission for JJ and YC to attend!!!
We'll see the 3 of them together!!  
Junsu is confirmed to perform but not JJ and YC since the military has only confirmed that they can attend the awards ceremony.
Event organizer, KOCCA (Korean Creative Content Agency), will give away 100 tickets to i-fans who want to attend. You have to line up tho.
The award ceremony will happen on Oct 29, 2 PM at the Seoul National Theater.
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[NEWS] Junsu to attend the Daejong Arts Awards on the 29th and perform OeO

[AWESOME NEWS] A complete JYJ to attend the 'Daejong Arts Awards' on the 29th. Jaejoong & Yoochun have received permission to attend

According to this, Junsu will perform a congratulatory stage with 'OeO' As KJJ & PYC are serving, they can't perform
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[INFO]100 FREE tickets for overseas fans for 2015 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards   
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[OTHER TWITTER] 151019 SPY Drama props display at Tsutaya Sangenchaya store

Tsutaya Sangenchaya store
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“SPY~Love a thing to be protected~” Thank you for so many visitors, visiting the shop, (for the) display of small to medium props (used) during the drama
Truth is, there were certificates of merit inside that file, which we were not able to show so.. (we will) post it here!
Hereafter as well,  please take care of Sangenchaya shop #Jaejoong
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Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

 Missing our SPY...


VOTE! Young Guys or Mature Men: Which K-Pop Idols Do Sexy Better?

Let’s get down to business, Soompiers. It’s time to talk about some of the sexiest guys out there in the K-pop world!
Back in the day, there weren’t as many K-pop groups in the industry and their careers didn’t last as long either. Now, however, we have a huge selection of artists and bands. Some of them have just debuted and some groups have members who are 16 years old! Others, like Shinhwa, have been going strong for 15 years and are even hotter now than when they debuted.
What does all of this mean for me and you, dear readers? In short, it means there is a massive K-pop ocean filled with a lot of pretty guys! There are also some super gorgeous ones, adorable ones, and even some extremely hot ones. Others are handsome, and others are more classically good-looking. Some are so cute you just want to adopt them and raise them for life. Others are super manly and have chiseled, amazing builds. When it comes down to it however, which ones are sexier?
We all know the difference right? There may be an incredibly handsome guy in your favorite group, but there is someone else who is definitely the sexiest member. If you look it up in a dictionary, the definition of sexiness includes a lot of words like “allure, appeal, charm, confidence, drawing power, suggestiveness, magnetism, pull, and attractiveness.” Understand now? Sexiness isn’t about the most handsome face, the most gorgeous body, or even the hottest flower boy out there. It’s in the way they move,  they way they talk, they way they look at you, and even in their confidence when they walk.
The question remains however, who does “sexy” better? Do you prefer some of the really gorgeous, young singers and artists? Or do you like someone who is a little bit older, with that hint of worldliness and maturity that many younger singers still lack?
We’ve stacked idols from rookie groups (or at least ones 25 years old and younger) against older artists or ones from senior groups. Let’s try to leave our biases and prejudices behind and look at these men objectively to determine who has the most sex appeal. It’s a hard job, Soompiers, but duty calls. Let’s vote now and decide once and for all, “Young Guys or Mature Men: Which Idols Do Sexy Better?”

Bobby of IKON and Jaejoong of JYJ

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Kim Jaejoong of course!!!


[NEWS] 151019 P Story: “XIA over Flowers” … Junsu’s tough Fall Fashion

JYJ’s Junsu made appearance at the “2016 Hera Seoul Fashion Week” held on the afternoon of the 19th at Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza.
(There was really not much to share to want to translate, but I found the title so nice lol! and Flower Jacket Junsu is just such a treat to see! ^o^)

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XIA Junsu’s new album tops online charts

Updated : October 19 2015
XIA Junsu of boy band JYJ has rocketed onto the top 10 of local music charts with his new emotional mini album “Yesterday.”


XIA’s new title song “Yesterday” hit No. 1 on and Bugs Music’s top 100 after its release at midnight on Sunday, the websites showed.

Other songs listed in the album -- The Tortoise and the Hare, OeO, Midnight Show and Silk Road -- all entered the charts’ top 10, the websites showed.

XIA Junsu, whose band members recently enlisted in the Army, is opening the 2015 4th Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama on Oct. 24.

By Suk Gee-hyun (



Junsu's mom post on IG

오늘.. 아들집에 맛난음식 해가지고가서 엄마밥 먹였는데 고맙게도 너무나 맛있게 잘먹어주는 울아들~요즘 고생하는 아들에게 별거아니지만, 엄마노릇해서 뿌듯합니당~ㅎ 더 고마운건 사진도 알아서 찍어주공~ㅋ

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Junsu's friend posted pic with Junsu on IG


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