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JYJ News: Week of 12/1 to 12/7/2014

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10 Hilariously Sexy Male Idols With The Best Booty

In the past we’ve dedicated lists to everything from abs, to underwear, to mustaches… But what about the single most talked about body part of this generation: butts.
With idols showing that they can twerk and wiggle wiggle, it’s time we showed our love for some of the best butts in K-Pop. See which male idols make the list of 10 Male Idols With The Best Booty!

10. JYJ’s “Duck Butt” Junsu

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Updated 12/7/14

Much more here: JYJ CAFFEINE: Kim Jaejoong: BNT photoshoot http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2014/12/kim-jaejoong-bnt-photoshoot.html?spref=tw

First behind-the-scene cuts of #jaejoong! more to come tomorrow~ (10 photos)
★SURPRISE!★ 4 HD photos of #jaejoong Behind-the-scene cuts will be coming soon Hope you enjoy!

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— with Sandy Matehuala. (4 photos)




At JJ's house... JJ looks so cute!!! He looks surprised because I was showing him how my phone can take selfies without pushing any buttons. He was fascinated. Kekeke...
Ryan the photobomber! ^^
I AM Mr. Egg! 

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[Past And Present] A Perfect Musical Actor, Kim Junsu  

[by Woorim Ahn] 
Kim Junsu was born on December 15, 1986 in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. His former stage name was Xiah when he belonged to TVXQ, but since he’s no longer in the group he simply goes by with his name Junsu. He was a trainee of SM Entertainment then after 6 years of training, he finally made his debut as a member of TVXQ.

However, Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong (JYJ) filed a lawsuit against his agency for disadvantageous conditions of their contracts in 2009 and it took three years to finish up all the legal fights between JYJ and SM Entertainment.

He made his debut as a musical actor in 2010 with ‘Mozart!’. He was the main role of the musical. As he succeeded in musical, he kept appearing in many musicals such as ‘Tears of Heaven’, ‘Mozart!’, ‘Elisabeth’, ‘December’ and ‘Dracula’. He won many awards for his musical pieces and fascinated his fans with the work.

Recently, he confirmed the guests for his special concert ‘2014 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.3’ – musical actress Cho Jung Eun and musical actor Lee Chang Yong. His solo concert will be held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on December 30 and 31.

▶ Star Photo Comparison

These are two images of Junsu taken at 2010 and 2014. The left photo was taken at the production presentation of musical 'Tears of Heaven' and the right one was taken at the VIP premiere for movie 'Tazza 2'.

Junsu looks gentle and calm in the left picture with his black suit. In the right photo, he dyed his hair to red since he should change to a dracula because of his musical 'Dracula'. He looks so chic with his black sunglasses. 

(photo by bntnews DB)
International BNTNews

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Life-size Standees & Hand Molds as KR Medical Tourism Ambassadors at KR Tourist Information Centre B1!
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JJ tweeting about the chips again...LOL

허니버터칩 벌써 다먹었다..이렇게 맛보단 이 향 어쩔거냐..

Done eating Honeybutter Chip already. Love the smell over the taste. What am I gonna do? 
via crystalmoon64

and his friends are enjoying the popular (and harder to come by now) chips "Thanks to JJ"
Thanks to JJ!! #그귀하다는허니버터칩#허니버터칩

Old photo of Jae (crastagged)


Jaejoong singing "I Walk Along" live at TD concert
Set to BNT vid from Angel Wing


imageKim Junsu Toscana Hotel Interview with Polaris TV
Vichelle Wong


[TRANS] 2014 XIADAY – Junsu’s Q&A exam from Xiapwas


0. No matter how annoying or hard this is Q&A is, do you pledge to do this exam by yourself with upmost manliness and charisma? 

a) of course!
b) call!
c) 물론이당!! (of course in Korean)
d) もちろんだよ (of course in Japanese)
e) Let’s see

1. What is your current outfit?


2. Normally, what are you doing at this time? 

a) I’m composing!
b) I’m playing soccer!
c) I’m playing on my computer!
d) I’m singing!
e) Other (It’s different every time)

3. Please pick which you like more out of the two.
a) Day vs. Night
b) Halloween vs. Christmas
c) Bora Bora vs. Jeju Island
d) Nuna Xiapwas vs. = Dongsaeng Xiapwas
e) Xiah Jiwook vs. Xiacula
f) Love Like A Snowflake vs. In The Time I Loved You
g) Mina vs. Elizabeta
h) Table tennis vs. Bowling
i) Renfield vs. Vampire Slaves
j) Pouring sauce over Tangsuyuk vs. Dipping Tangsuyuk in the sauce 
k) Ice Americano vs. hot Americano
l) Member of a horror site vs. Cheongdamdong Kim Spike

4. Please pick your favourite dishes in the list below.

a) Hitsumabushi
b) Spicy crab
c) Americano
d) Fried chicken
e) Yangnyum (spicy sauce) chicken
f) Bubble tea

5. Acting perfectly as the Count Dracula who loved only one woman over 400 years, you received immense praise for your performance. If you could act as another character from one of the musicals you’ve done, which character would you be?

a) <Mozart!> – Bishop Xia (Prince-Bishop Colloredo)
b) <Elizabeth> – XiaKeni (Lucheni)
c) <Elizabeth> – XiaLizabeth (Elizabeth)

d) <Dracula> – XiaField (Renfield)
e) <Dracula> XiaHelsing (Van Helsing)

6. Please pick the nicknames that you personally like from the list below

a) Ssiyat
b) P.B.A (Pure Baby Angel)
c) Ramjwi
d) Bbiyo e) Red cape Junjjyu
f) Leopard Junjjyu
g) Leather jacket Junjjyu
h) Grandba Xiacula
i) Junjjang
j) Master
k) Ggaebi
l) Jjaebi
m) Director Kim
n) Tanpopo

image (1)

7. Please select all the hairstyles that you like from the list below.

a) Yoon Jiwook (Age 25)
b) Yoon Jiwook (Age 45)
c) Pink Hair

d) Xiacula
e) Xiacula, bangs up
f) Grandpa Xiacula
g) Blonde hair h) Black hair i) Brown hair

8. You’ve always said that you will get married at age 27. Now that you’re over 27, when will you get married?

a) 25 b) 26
c) 27
d) 28 e) 400 (Xiacula…) f) 35 (Junsu drew this answer in himself, and also wrote ‘You’re so mean!!!’ because there’s no feasible answer except 400 from the original list)

9. Out of all your projects in 2014, which one do you think Xiapwas liked the most?

a) Musical <December>, <Dracula>
c) JYJ 2nd Album JUST US & Asia Tour
d) Magazine photoshoots (The Musical, Singles, Scene Playbill etc.)
e) Mr. Baek OST ‘In The Time I Loved You’

10. Pick the song that you did not sing as part of Genie Time in the XIA BALLAD SPRING TOUR concerts.

a) Let It Go
b) This is the Moment
c) Beautiful Love
d) Yeoubi/Fox Rain
e) Rainy Night

11.  Pick the dialogue that Dracula DID NOT say during <Dracula>

a) Everything changed when I first saw you. My heart was pierced, my dreams, only you can save me, the only love in my life. (그대를 처음 본 순간 모든 게 달라졌어. 뭔가에 홀린 것처럼 당신만이 나의 꿈 당신만이 내 구원 내 삶의 유일한 사랑)
b) Forever with you, life without death, love without death (영원히 그대와 죽음이 없는 삶 죽음이 없는 사랑)
c) The more I see you, the more my heart hurts. I can’t kill your light, I can’t take away your soul and bury you in the same darkness with me (그댈 바라볼수록 점점 가슴이 아파 그대의 빛을 죽이고 그대의 영훈 빼앗아 영원토록 어둠에 나와 같은 어둠에 갇히게 할 수가 없어)
d) I love you. To love you, I knew I am alive (사랑해요 그대. 사랑하기 위해 내가 살아있음을 알게 됐죠)
e) Living in coldness, my cursed life. Forever living off others’ blood. This kind of life is worse than death. If you love me, give me freedom (차가운 암흑 속에 저주받은 내 인생 남의 피를 탐하던 그늘 속의 영혼. 이런 삶 이런 인생 죽음보다 괴로워 나를 사랑한다면 자유를 줘요)

12. Pick the musical venue that you liked the most.

a) <2010 Mozart!>, <December> Sejong Cultural Centre, Main Theatre
b) <Tears of Heaven> National Theatre of Korea, Haeoreum Main Hall
c) <2011 Mozart!> Seongnam Art Centre, Opera House
d) <Elizbeth 2012> Blue Square, Samsung Electronics Hall
e) <Elizabeth 2013>, <Dracula> Seoul Arts Centre, Opera House

image (2)

13. Match the follow musicals with the date of Kim Junsu’s first performance of that musical.

a) <Mozart!> 2010 ———————- February 12th
b) <Tears of Heaven> ——————– February 1st
c) <Mozart> 2011 —————————- June 17th
d) <Elizabeth> 2012 ———————- January 26th
e) <Elizabeth> 2013 ————————August 14th
f) <December> ————————- December 16th
g) <Dracula> ———————————– July 17th

14. Which of the following <Dracula> outfits did you like the most?

See picture above

15. How do you feel coming back from Universal Studio’s Halloween Night?

a) I felt comfortable as I returned home for the first time in a while (Dracula’s Castle)
b) It wasn’t scary at all but the chain shocked me a bit
c) As a full member of a horror site, this is nothing
d) Taking pictures of zombies that outnumbered people and uploading them to Twitter, I was like a hero.
e) This shallow horror is ridiculous. Do ghosts and zombies fear zombies? No way!

16. Please pick the words that you wish to say to Xiapwas in 2015

a) Student Xiapwas, do well on your exams!
b) Nuna Xiapwas and Xiapwas the same age as me, life starts at 30~
c) Stand strong, Xiapwas! Himnae, Xiapwas!
d) In this year as well, everyday Junsu Time!
e) Fan-nims, you’ll spend 2015 together with me right? Right? Please… (this is a parody of Junsu’s line from December, in which he asks YiYeon out for a drink and speaks more and more formally as he becomes nervous. Original line: 한잔 할래?? 하실래요? 해주세요….)

17. Recently, I am a _________-holic!

Vacation spots

18. Is there a production that you want to recommend to Xiapwas? (movie, music, musical etc.)


19. Please use the 3 characters of your name, Kim Junsu, and write an acronym poem

김준수는 준수하게 생긴 수재다.      죄송….

Kim Junsu is  a good-looking person with a brilliant mind.        I’m sorry…

20. Now, it’s Junsu Time. Please express your feelings on the ending of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

I’m always thankful and love you, everyone… ^^

Special thanks to @carrotessay for providing me with HQ photos of the XIADAY exam!

Photos: @carrotessay  
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation



Full of awesome...Breathtaking...

[Photo slides] Kim Jaejoong - 'I want CANDY' (145 BNT pictorials + 2 repeats)

By JaeObsession


Kim Jaejoong models Ingersoll Walldorf watch...

[PART TRANS] #김재중 in Eurotime Official Blog: Kim Jaejoong wears Ingersoll Walldorf IN1312CR in his btn Vienna pictorial http://m.blog.naver.com/timetopia1/220200470526
​...Singer/actor Kim Jaejoong shined in classic suit look in btn pictorial in Vienna, which showcased his deep, expressive eyes and his characteristic charisma! 


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...JYJ's Kim Jaejoong is turning thirty, but his deep, expressive eyes tell us that he understands more profound emotions in life than his age suggests. Hence, we expect greater things from the actor Kim Jaejoong in his upcoming drama.  
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...A direct quote from a staff who participated in the pictorial: Kim Jaejoong was a really exciting, amiable and active person, so the shooting was so much fun. On top of that, he really cared for the staff.
Kim Jaejoong not only has great looks but also congenial character. In a word, he is the best!

Translations Via @crystalmoon64

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Dec 4
Interview: Shim Sung Bo on Cutting Through the Haze with , South Korea's Thrilling Oscar Entry

Interview: Shim Sung Bo on Cutting Through the Haze with “Haemoo”

The co-writer of "Memories of Murder" on his thrilling seafaring debut.
Han Ye-ri in Shim Sung Bo's "Haemoo"

It speaks to the quality of “Haemoo” that when Shim Sung-bo reflects on what was the most difficult day of filming the technically complex high seas thriller about a fishing crew that attempts to smuggle a group of Korean immigrants back from China, it wasn’t the physical challenge of ‎shooting one of the film’s harrowing action sequences that got to the director. It was how it could be as emotionally devastating as possible that he took great pains to get right.

“The most difficult moment was the last scene because we had to shoot it earlier [than expected] because of our production schedule,” says Shim, speaking through a translator as the film made its Los Angeles premiere at the AFI Fest. “I had to make some different choices than was originally written on the scenario, [and] doing that first, without going through all the other transitional parts, was hard.”

You wouldn’t know it from the final film, which exudes a confidence from start to finish that would hardly suggest Shim was a first-time director. Then again, he’s been waiting for this opportunity for over a decade since he first made a name for himself internationally as the co-writer of Bong Joon-ho’s breakthrough sophomore feature “Memories of Murder.” To return the favor, Bong helped Shim produce “Haemoo,” which like the “Snowpiercer” director’s work combines the exhilarating highs of well-crafted action and suspense with a social consciousness that makes every twist and turn feel like a punch to the gut.

Based on a real-life incident that was originally adapted for the stage, the film posits the those traveling on the boat as a microcosm of Korean society in the wake of the economically IMF crisis of the late ’90s with every individual decision made affecting everyone else onboard, with the question of whether each passenger is acting out of self-preservation or for the general good as much as a driving force for the story as the furious waves that pound the ship and have everyone fear for their survival, particularly when it comes to a burgeoning romance between a member of the crew named Dong-sik (Yu-Chun Park) and an immigrant named Hong-mae (Ye-ri Han). Boasting an unusual two-gimbal approach to the camerawork that brings audiences right into the stormy waters, Shim creates an all-consuming experience that won’t let go either viscerally or psychologically and after being selected as South Korea’s official entry into this year’s Oscars, he spoke about how important casting was to the film, making the most of a limited setting and how he’s only just getting started.

Han Ye-ri in Shim Sung Bo's "Haemoo"
How did this film come about?
Director Bong Joon-ho of recommended a stage play based on a true story, so I read it. I liked it because it was about these regular people, just like you and me, but somehow they got involved in a crime and that eventually led to their destruction, but the whole story was unfolding from their point of view. Another important theme of the play was the love story between Dong Sik and Hong-mae’s characters, so together I thought okay, I’m going to make a movie out of this.
Was this difficult to visualize since it came from a stage play?
Actually, the entire play happens in a fishing vessel, so once I thought that my film could focus on the ship, it wasn’t hard. I liked the claustrophobia of the limited setting. People were put together and ‎there was a sense of nowhere to go, so I used that element [for tension]. In the play between scenes, they also make the transitions just by using only sound and I tried to visualize that sound.
You also hired Hong Kyung-pyo, who is known for his work on the water in such films as “Typhoon.” How was he a help?
Yes, the cinematographer is a consummate craftsman, [specifically skilled in] the coloring and positioning of characters. He’s known for all of those things and for how he utilizes the smog for filming – yes, he made “Typhoon,” but he also made a film called “Ghost.” Honestly, in Korea, unlike Hollywood, we don’t accumulate a lot of technology that can deal with this type of movie, so beyond being a cinematographer, he was more like a producer. His contribution was very essential for the movie.

Park Yu-Chun and Han Ye-Ri in "Haemoo"
Was it difficult to accommodate such a large cast of characters?
It wasn’t easy. I’m a new director, so dealing with all these actors wasn’t an easy job. But another thing is that a lot of my actors are well-known. They’re rather famous actors in Korea, even though some of them play the smaller roles and it was because the story unfolds in a very claustrophobic, limited space. That means a lot of the time, you have to have to focus on these characters’ subtle movements, like their facial expressions, so I wanted good actors who could handle not just the dialogue, but when I put the camera on their faces, they could show what they’re feeling.
The captain is played by Kim Yoon-Seok, who is best known for playing villains in “The Chaser” and “The Yellow Sea,” but in this film, you’re never quite sure whether he’s good or bad. Did you want to take the personas some of your actors were known for and subvert them?
First of all, I didn’t try to change his image from this well-known villain character actor to a good guy. That wasn’t it. But you’re right, Kim Yoon-Seok has played many villainous roles. However, he has played regular guys, like a father who struggles to support his family too, so he can embody both of these different characters. He can be strong and rather imposing, but also he’s an everyman, so I thought maybe in my movie is where these two types of characters he plays could intersect. Also, the guy is very sensitive, very subtle. There’s a lot of subtlety and a lot of times he can be touchy-feely, so that’s why I cast him in the role of Captain Kang.

Shim Sung Bo's "Haemoo"
You’ve said a big part of Bong Joon-ho’s contribution was to help simplify things. Was there a specific thing he really helped with? [minor spoiler ahead]
You remember the boatswain [Ho-young, played by Kim Sang-ho] who holds Hong-mae from the engine room and [plans] to throw her into the sea? Originally, my idea was the boatswain was going to save her, and of course, at that moment, the captain is out of his mind. So the boatswain was going to deceive the captain, saying yes, yes, I’m going to kill her, but he was actually going to save her. But Bong Joon-ho suggested if you make the boatswain a good guy like that, that was going to be a burden for Dong-Sik later. So I decided that supporting character should be consistent. That way, I made that audience focus on Dong-sik, seeing the struggle within himself between good and evil.
After waiting patiently to make your first feature, what is it like to now be taking it around the world?
Through my film, I’ve been able to meet a lot more people than I’m used to, not just Korea, but from all over the world. Also, of course, I realize there’s still a long way to go. I know my own shortcomings, so I’m resolved to go deeper and study more. I think this is a new beginning. This is going to be my set point that will help me find my next stop to go.
“Haemoo” does not yet have U.S. distribution. It will next play at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in early January.


Kim Jaejoong on the cover of Hallyu Love TV Drama Guide for the 10th time...

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[TWITTER] 141205 Kim Junsu Twitter Updates: Reviewing ‘Kinky Boots’

 photo 141205kjstw1.png
[TRANS] I watched ‘Kinky Boots’. It was a performance that is precisely the musical show just for the next generation. Colorful and wonderful and entertaining and the atmosphere where the applause with sound of shouts in the middle of the intermission of the performance came out was nothing strange too! In reflection, I haven’t tried a musical show, not once yet for me. To always wail and die. Come to think of it, even this audience’s reactions were new and fresh.
 photo 141205kjstw2.png
[TRANS] The enthusiastic performance by Oh Man-seok sunbae-nim, Kim Mu-yeol sunbae-nim, and Ko Chang-seok sunbae-nim. And also the one-[wo]man show by the best actress in our country Jung Sun-ah, who appeared[/came on stage] naturally! I think that, till now, I have never watch a musical and said I wish for a separate role..Lola! I wish I was you a little bit.
 photo B4GMyh6CcAMZHna.jpg
Source: @1215thexiahtic  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Junsu at Kinky Boots musical VIP premiere...

Junsu at Musical <Kinky Boots> VIP Day 김준수 뮤지컬 킹키부츠 VIP 데이 

Note: The musical stars Jeong SunAh who played Mina to Junsu's Dracula.
SunAh is also from CJeS.

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Jaejoong admiring his own product...LOL


(new Moldir iPhone case)

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New Moldir products...Daebak businessman Jaejoong

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[TRANS] Quip of the Day: Kim Jaejoong's photos are too popular, fans beg magazine: Please take my money!

by Ces
Recently, Kim Jaejoong, of South Korean band JYJ, headed to Austria with BNT News for a photo shoot. The photos’ release has garnered great enthusiastic response.

Jaejoong’s fans from countries all over were wondering the same question: will these 100 pages of high quality photos only come out in this magazine format? Regarding this, BNT’s representative said that the photos won’t appear in commercial magazines and instead will be in airport magazines, placed in airport buses so anyone can obtain a copy. His remark resulted in fans’ collective screams of disappointment, all expressing “Please take my money and release a collector’s edition”, thus showcasing yet again Kim Jaejoong’s ceaseless popularity.

In addition, Jaejoong will appear next January in KBS drama《SPY》to great anticipation from his fans.

Source: BNT News China  
Translated by: Ceci @ PrinceJJ  
Shared by: PrinceJJ


Spy and Jaejoong mentioned in media (English)




[NON-FAN ACCOUNT] 141203 A Non-fan met Jaejoong yesterday

I had my first sighting of JYJ Kim Jaejoong-ssi yesterday
I think he has milky-white, dry skin and is good-looking; and I am surprise that he is different; he has a very charming personality, is friendly and was humane [/approachable]
His manner of speech talking to his manager is full of charms; thankful for yesterday, Kim Jaejoong-ssi

JYJ Kim Jaejoong-ssi told me a joke while he was signing
He knew I am fan of actor Joo Woo
I got embarrassed at that moment over what I’d done here, neglecting Joo Woo-ssi
Notwithstanding [of what I did, neglecting Joo Woo], please come out with an album soon
I will be watching drama ‘Spy’
And I will even purchase the album

Source: @wnjs0930(1,2)  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

[Past And Present] A Rooftop Prince Who Can Sing, Park Yoochun

[by Woorim Ahn] 
Park Yoochun was born on June 4, 1986 in Seoul and he is mostly known as Yoochun and Mickey Yoochun. He used Micky Yoochun when he belonged to his former group TVXQ, but now he goes by Park Yoochun in his current team JYJ. His family moved to Virginia, the United States when he was 13, but he came back to Korea to start his singer career.

He firstly made his debut as a member of TVXQ in 2003 and got successful outcomes for his career. However, in 2009 Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu sued their agency SM Entertainment for unreasonable contract conditions so those three members formed a new group JYJ.

From 2010, Park Yoochun started his acting career with Japanese drama ‘Beautiful Love ~ If You Were Here~’. Then, he appeared in KBS drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ as a role of rich and passionate nobleman Lee Seon Joon. With this drama, he won ‘Rookie of the Year’ at 2010 KBS Drama Awards and the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards.

In addition, he starred in drama ‘Miss Ripley’, ‘Rooftop Prince’, ‘Missing You’ and ‘Three Days’. Park Yoochun also showed up in movie ‘Haemoo’ in 2014, which was his first film that he officially took and he won ‘Best New Actor’ at the 51st Grand Bell Awards, 15th Busan Film Critics Awards, 34th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards and 4th Shin Young Kyun Arts & Culture Foundation Beautiful Artist Awards.

Although he began to show up in Entertainment industry as a singer, he succeeded as an actor as well. Park Yoochun also has a brother Park Yoohwan, who is an actor as well.

▶ Star Photo Comparison

These are two photos of Park Yoochun taken at 2011 and 2014, respectively. The left picture was taken at the appointment ceremony of the First Lego League Publicity Ambassador and the right one was taken at the photo wall of the 51st Grand Bell Awards.

He looks young and naive back in 2011 while he looks softer and more mature in 2014. In both photos, Park Yoochun wears a black suit which can appeal his masculinity with an outfit. (photo by bntnews DB)

 International BNTNews


[FACEBOOK] 141204 JYJ Official Facebook Updates: Junsu #1 Musical Actor, Jaejoong’s bnt pictorial in Vienna, Yoochun chosen as CINE ICON

 photo 141204cjesjyjfb1.png
[KR NEWS] JYJ Kim Junsu, 2014 Best Musical Actor #1…Hot Popularity confirmed via TV Daily
 photo 141204cjesjyjfb2.png
 photo 141204cjesjyjfb3.png
[KR INTERVIEW] [Talks of stars 27] Kim Jaejoong meeting you from Vienna “The opportunity of how I started to be an actor is… honestly” ① via WstarNews
 photo 141204cjesjyjfb4.png
[KR NEWS] Kim Junsu, One Stage with Musical Actors Cho Jung Eun & Lee Chang Yong at Year-end Concert via Donga
 photo 141204cjesjyjfb5.png
[KR NEWS] Park Yoochun·Chun Woo-hee·Choi Woo-sik, Fillm Industry’s Newcomers who we’ll Wonder about for Tomorrow… Chosen as ‘CINE ICON’ via TV Daily
Source: JYJ Official Facebook
  Shared by: JYJ3


Park Yuchun receives the Best New Actor in Film at the Busan Film Critics Awards ceremony...


 Via bless PYC

Yuchun at awarding ceremony of 15th Busan Film Critics Awards (Wins Newest Actor)

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[TRANS] 141204 Commentary about Park Yoochun at the 15th Busan Film Critics Association Awards Ceremony

Park Yoochun secured his seat till the end in collaboration with prominent actors, and exhibited the sailor-like demeanor of the youngest on ship ‘Jeonjin’ while maintaining tight-knitted emotions he has with different actors.

<Sea Fog> is an important piece of work where there was conflict with the harmony of the actors, influenced by what was at stake in the movie; that was in accordance with the ability of an actor who undertakes the character and his role. Park Yoochun completed his first and intense screen debut safely.”

Pictures Credit: mickynews64  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

More Pictures...

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Credit as tagged


Junsu Tweets...

여러분주려고 필사적으로 녹여서 대충 완성! 근데 저가운데는 자신이없다...흐흐 

I wanted to give this to you all so I frantically ate (T/N: literally ‘melted’) it and it’s almost done!
But I’m not confident in doing the middle part.. heu heu

Trans by Ohmyjunsu

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Kim Junsu's Concert Guests Are Now Confirmed! 

[by Woorim Ahn] Kim Junsu confirmed the guests for his special concert ‘2014 XIA Balld&Muscial Concert with Orchestra vol.3’.

CJeS Entertainment said, “For Kim Junsu’s concert, two guests will come and perform on December 30 and 31. Musical actress Cho Jung Eun and musical actor Lee Chang Yong will join and reenact their musical.”

Musical actress Cho Jung Eun was a partner of Kim Junsu in musical ‘Dracula’. Not only musical ‘Dracula’, but she also performed and highlighted in musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, ‘Les Miserable’ and others. In addition, musical actor Lee Chang Yong who showed great performances in musical ‘Man of La Mancha’, ‘December’ and others will make a great stage with Kim Junsu.

A manager of the concert mentioned, “This concert will be the best of the year since Kim Junsu and the orchestra will provide all live performances. Moreover, great staff and the guests will highlight the stage, so I heard many fans couldn’t wait for the concert dates.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu’s solo concert ‘2014 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.3’ will be held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on December 30 and 31. (photo by CJeS Entertainment)



[Fan Project] Send Your Love to Junsu! Say Happy Birthday to Junsu


[INFO] Park Yoochun will be one of the 2014 CINE ICON highlighted at KT&G SangSangMaDang Actor Exhibition

2014 CINE ICON: KT&G SangSangMaDang Actor Exhibition Film festival that highlights the year’s best films, which includes Korean films as well as foreign films.
Time period: 2014.12.25 ~ 2015.01.03 (10 days)
Location: KT&G SangSangMaDang Cinema
Admission fee: 8,000 won
*Movie showtimes and GV schedule will be published later.

CINE introduced their choice for new stars in 2014, who have captured the audiences with their outstanding onscreen performances.
These new and upcoming stars excelled in their performance and audience should watch out for them in the future.
The list includes young actors ranging from teens to their 20s.

(1) 2014 CINE ICON: Introducing CINE ICON and movies that shined in the film industry in 2014.  […]; introduces a ‘CINE ICON’, a New Star who captivates audiences with brillant performances. 2014’s best movies that look back its iconic actors!

Do Kyung-soo – <Cart>
Park Yoochun – <Sea Fog>
Ahn Jae Hong – <The King of Jokgu>
Esom – <Madam Bbaengduk>
Chun Woo-hee – <Han Gong-ju>
Choi Woo-sik – <Set Me Free>
Komatsu Nana – <The World of Kanako>
Greta Gerwig – <Frances Ha>
Nikaido Fumi -<Why Don’t You Play in Hell?>
Domhnall Gleeson – <Frank>
Antoine Olivier Pilon – <Mommy>
Ella Coltrane – <Boyhood>
Higashide Masahiro – <The Kirishima Thing>

Source: KT&G SangSangMaDang Guide Additional Info via: One Hallyu + JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3


Kim Jaejoong's Fanmeeting/mini concert DVD will be available soon...

: 2013 Kim Jae Joong Grand Finale Live Concert And Fan Meeting In Japan DVD


via jvdco


Updates from Jaejoong's BNT pictorial photographer:

Official #snapshots for all the fans of #김재중's #Austria #fashion #editorial. Thanks for all of your support and admiration by viewing #bnt-world's article. This is part 3 of 3!

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Official #snapshots for all the fans of #김재중's #Austria #fashion #editorial. Thanks for all of your support and admiration by viewing #bnt-world's article. This is part 2 of 3! #JYJ #photographer #ESKEY

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Official #snapshots for all the fans of #김재중's #Austria #fashion #editorial. Thanks for all of your support and admiration by viewing #bnt-world's article. This is just part 1 of 3! #JYJ #photographer #ESKEY

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JJ Twitter Updates:


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작년에산 트리를 꺼냈다 

JJ using the same tree he used last year...Don't we all? Unless we buy the real tree...LOL

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu Hailed as 2014’s Best Musical Actor

JYJ’s Kim Junsu Hailed as 2014’s Best Musical Actor
Kim Junsu from JYJ has been chosen as the 2014 top musical actor.

According to C-Jes Entertainment, “’The Musical,’ a magazine about musicals, conducted a survey and Kim Junsu came out on top with 50 percent of the votes.”

Kim Junsu played the lead role in “Dracula” as Count Dracula from July to September at the Opera House in the Seoul Arts Center. As soon as people heard Kim Junsu had been cast as Count Dracula, there were hardly any empty seats left in the opera house. Like the fictional character he played on stage, Kim Junsu mesmerized his audience with his powerful performance.

“Kim Junsu has the amazing ability to sell out tickets. With his role as Dracula, he proved his great stage talents. He took the Dracula character to a whole different level. He left a deep impression as he deftly portrayed his character as mysterious and sorrowful,” reviewed a writer from “The Musical.”

Kim Junsu is expected to hold a solo concert on Dec. 30 and Dec. 31 in Jamsil.


[Kpop news] JYJ and Choi MinSik wins ‘Beautiful Artist Award’.
Katie  |  sstvpress@naver.com

[SSTV l Katie] Actor Choi MinSik and Park YooChun of JYJ have been nominated as ‘Beautiful Artist Award’ winners.

The Sin Yeong Gyoon Arts and Culture Foundation chose Choi MinSik and Park YooChun as winners of ‘the 4th Beautiful Artist Award’ on Dec. 2nd.

The award is given to an actor/artist, who has shown most establishing activity throughout the year, and is awarded in 4 categories. The prize is a hundred million won in all.

The foundation spokesperson noted Choi MinSik was nominated the grand award because through the “movie ‘Roaring Currents (명량)’, he let know the power of films; letting know how an actor’s charisma can give significant social influence and how valuable it is”.

For nominating Park YooChun in rookie award, the spokesperson explained that “in his first movie ‘Sea Fog (해무)’, he showed delicate delibery of various emotions through the character DongSik, showing high potential“.

Choi MinSik will receive forty million won and plaque, and Park YooChun received twenty million won.

The ceremony is to be held on Dec.9th at Seoul Press Center (Sejong-daero, Seoul).


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[Part TRANS1] [Conversation with a Star] Staremedia Team met actor #김재중 in Vienna "The real reason why I stared acting is... honestly..." ① http://wstarnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?mode=sub_view&popup=0&nid=01&c1=01&c2=00&c3=&nkey=201412030447351
...An artist who made history in Korean popular music stepped into the city of Music, Vienna.

He spent his teen years in achieving his dream of becoming a singer, and the red balloons followed him around for the next 10 years. He is the playful, oldest brother of JYJ, talented vocalist and a charismatic solo artist who commands audiences with a single standing microphone at his packed concerts.

He says he is an early riser; he runs to the fitness center at dawn. The shooting began early in the morning. His cheerful, pleasant voice wakes the morning as the staff busily prepare for the shooting. Let us breath in the music filled morning air of Vienna with the professional, Kim Jaejoong.

Movement 1: History of Austria, Schönbrunn Palace and Artist Kim Jaejoong

Starmedia(S): This is your first visit to Vienna. Is there any place particularly memorable to you?

Jaejoong(J): Shooting took place in many locations but Schönbrunn Palace was the most impressive. It was a fabulous, beautiful palace covered with fallen leaves.

S: Your solo album was very successful. And your solo Asia Tour was also a success.
J: It was the music I wanted to do and enjoy, and many of you loved it, too.

S: The genre of your solo album drew a lot of interest and became an issue.
J: Since I made music with the group in mind, there had been many R&B songs. I have to think differently when I go on stage as a group. I am not alone. But rock was the music that I wanted to enjoy on stage in fact.

S: Attempting rock music must not have been an easy challenge.
J: I say this all the time…. It was not an easy challenge for me. I could only do it because many people helped me and encouraged me. There are still many unfinished songs.

S: Your OSTs get a lot of love, too.
J: I never tell myself that I have to sing OSTs because I am in the drama. More like, if they ask me, I say, “Yes,” right away. Drama is drama and music is music. I can’t do what I want. (Laugh.)

S: You write your own lyrics and compose your own song, a singer-songwriter. You have talent in expressing your ideas (with words and melody).
J: I was attempting to write a book as well…(Laugh.) I write lyrics really fast. Most of the title songs I wrote, I think, took me about an hour each on average. Other songs took me months. Normally, I can write lyrics for two to three songs per day.

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S: You participated in making almost every song in your solo album WWW.
J: Yes. I composed many and written many lyrics. The songs for that album came out really quickly. I wrote lyrics for two to three songs each day… Once, I had a dream an hour before the recording, so I asked the staff for forgiveness and changed the lyric in an hour and recorded the song. Things were just flooding out of me because I was doing what I really wanted to do. That is why that album is my favorite.

S: You also wrote lyrics for OSTs beside your solo album. Were they made in the same fashion?
J: ‘COLORS’ is a song I co-composed with Yuchun. I just composed the bass part at the hotel room first, and we finished it in about 30 minutes. OSTs for ‘Protect the Boss’, ‘Dr. Jin’ and ‘triangle’ were all written in 15 to 20 minutes.

S: I’m sure there must be pain involved in all that creative process. How do you refresh yourself?
J: I watch a lot of movies when I am off. At home with IPTV. (Laugh.) When I can’t get to sleep easily, I drink a little time to time. But there are times when I can’t fall asleep even after drinking a little. That is when I read like crazy and upload quotes I like from books on SNS. It would be nice to meet up with people and talk. But there are times when you don’t want to meet people. Then, I stay home and drink alone. I tend to drink more that way. Oops, this is not the right answer. (Laugh.)

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[Part TRANS2] [Conversation with a Star] Starmedia Team met actor #김재중
Movement 2: Actor Kim Jaejoong Speaks with His Eyes in front of the Grand Opera House

2014 MBC Triangle: Jang Dongcheol/Heo Yeongdal

Kim Jaejoong created ruckus at a restaurant taking his shirt off and ran through the streets with only his boxers on as a street thug Heo Yeongdal. It was a shocking transformation for an idol star.

2012 Movie, Codename Jackal: Choe Hyeon

Kim Jaejoong’s first movie. He was looking for a movie he can film lightheartedly and found the scenario for Codename Jackal. He said, “I went all out. The members even didn't see me this funny. They will laugh a lot.”

2012 MBC Dr. Jin: Kim Gyeongtak

PD Han Hi said, “I only knew Kim Jaejoong as a young singer. I thought I had nothing in common with him. But when he put on the officer’s costume, he simply became Kin Gyeongtak. I was presently surprised by his acting as we filmed. I think he has instinct for sageuk(historical drama).”

2011 SBS Protect the Boss: Cha Muwon

In the drama Kim Jaejoong was a so-called, the exemplary boss. He took the role of Cha Jiheon’s cousin and tangled in a love triangle with him and No Eunseol, the secretary. He received praises from the veteran costars, Park Yeonggyu, Cha Hwayeon and Kim Hagyun.

2010 Japan Fuji TV Sunao ni Narenakute: Bak Seongsu

A drama set in Tokyo, Shibuya about 5 young people who met through Twitter. In an interview he said, “Since the character I played was not as sharp, I tried to look more nice, making my eyes rounder. Hahaha.”

S: You made shocking choices as an actor, and seems like they are working.

J: I started acting in an unusual circumstance. I usually attempted the fields I was attracted to first. Acting was not one of them I never thought I had what it takes to be a great actor.

S: Then, tell me the details on how you started.

J: That was the way that I could come out on TV under the circumstance I was in. I did it not because I wanted to but I had to. But as I was doing it, I fell in love with its charms. I enjoy it more as I do it more. Now, I can’t give up on acting just like I can’t give up on music.

S: If you started out as an actor, would you have tried to become a singer?

J: Yes, I would’ve. (Laugh.) Isn’t it a trend now days? Doing both acting and singing to show multiple sides of the artist. Trend is meaningless to me, I mean.

S: What do you mean by meaningless?

J: What I mean is… You may think that once someone becomes popular as a singer and has many fans, he or she may not have to try other areas. If one acts and sings at the same time, sometimes there can be confusions between the image as an actor and a singer as various images and concepts overlap. But I thought I shouldn't stay still. I had to challenge myself to try new things.

S: You also acted in a movie. Do you watch any particular genre of movies as part of research?

J: I enjoy all genres except horror. I live alone, remember? (Laugh.) I can’t watch alone. Only if someone watches with me.

S: Musical stage requires someone who can sing and act. Do you have plans to try?

J: I’m turning 30 and can’t say am young. But if you look at life as a whole, 30 is still very young and lively age, I think. (Laugh.) I want to challenge myself with as many things as I can. For musical… I think I can try even in my 40s and 50s. I want to focus on what I am doing now.

S: Is there a role model for you?
J: As a solo singer I want to follow the footsteps of Hydo. And as a singer/actor, Fukuyama Masaharu. He is so cool. Maybe it is the trend in Japanese entertainment industry, but many lose balance and focus on one thing. But he is really well-balanced and show great acting and music at the same time as he grow. I want to learn his tenacious attitude and want to age gracefully like him.

[Word for word Q&A TRANS6 FINAL] Starmedia Team Met Actor #김재중: Korean Cuisine Chef Kim Jaejoong wants to have a thrilling date with a chubby girl!
S: Kim Jaejoong’s ideal type?

J: I like someone who is professional about her profession. And when it comes to her personal life, I want some one who is pure when we share our worries and feelings. I really don't have fixed ideal type… (Laugh.) I don’t have fixed preferences like innocent type or sexy type. (What about appearance?) I am on the skinny side so I wish the girl were not so skinny. Little chubby, instead of having volume. (Laugh.)

S: Relationship style?

J: I think it requires just the right amount of tension. In other words needs effort. Not sure about after I get married. But when you are dating, I don't like becoming too comfortable with each other to the point where you are ok about meeting each other without washing your face. I strongly believe in this when I was younger. People say you get looser when you get older but for me age didn't make much difference. (Laugh.)

Kim Jaejoong decided to appear on KBS drama Spy, scheduled to air in January next year. He will play a genius information analyst. Bae Jongok is casted as his mother so the expectation is high on the chemistry between the two actors. His enlistment seems eminent, and he must need time to wrap things up. However, he says he wants to keep busy until that time. He is full of motivation; he wants to enlist after he is done with the drama and working on an album activity. He is also confident about military life, says he is strong and fit. “Everyday and night with you~” It has been 10 years since his debut, I can see him still shouting ‘Begin’ as the oldest of JYJ, solo artist and an established actor as I seen him before like in a dejavu.


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Much more here: JYJ CAFFEINE: Kim Jaejoong: BNT photoshoot http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2014/12/kim-jaejoong-bnt-photoshoot.html?spref=tw

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Junsu nominated for best musical actor

Updated : December 03 2014

(CJeS Entertainment)

Singer-musical actor Junsu of K-pop group JYJ was voted the best male musical actor of 2014, CJeS Entertainment said Wednesday.

Junsu received more than 50 percent of votes in the poll conducted by magazine The Musical, the entertainment firm said.

He performed in the musical “Dracula,” displaying his overwhelming charisma. The musical ran at Seoul Arts Center from July to September.

Apparently thanks to Junsu’s popularity, tickets for the musical were sold out before it opened.

“Kim is the best-selling artist in this field. As he showed previously when he played Todd in ‘Elizabeth,’ he proved his talent in expressing a non-human fantasy character again, excellently. His unique and sweet voice made the character more mysterious and desperate. He did not forget to vividly visualize Dracula’s appearance either,” a musical industry expert said.

The singer will hold his year-end solo concert “2014 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra Vol. 3” in Seoul on Dec. 30-31.

By Park Gyu-oh (q5park@heraldcorp.com)


[ARTICLE] 141203 Kim Jae Joong, A Prince In The Imperial City

by Ces
[by Nawael Khelil / Photos by Choi Seung Gwang] Music. This word represents the link between the two things we are talking about today.

First, Vienna, city of Arts, capital of Austria, owns one of the best philharmonic orchestras of the planet. The magical atmosphere of its street, the beauty of its architecture and the profound history heritage that define that city made it the ideal place to shoot a pictorial with our second subject. Kim Jae Joong, singer, actor, designer. Artist. One of the most talent-wise acknowledged musicians of the country flaunts a 10-years-and-more career in the music industry not only as a singer but also as a composer. Commonly considered as a Prince, the representative of Korea’s ‘flower boy’ dynasty was meant to wander around the streets of the Imperial City.
Exploring such a beautiful city with such a beautiful man does not fit in the definition of the concept of ‘routine’. You would expect such an important character to consider traveling as a very common thing, but in Kim Jae Joong’s heart remain a lot of curiosity and interest for discovering new places, things and people. However, the star does it with more style than the common run of people. With a mustard VanHart di Albazar long coat worn on a checked suit by Antony Morato and a UNIQLO turtleneck cashmere sweater, the luxurious bag designer perfectly embraces the nobility of Vienna and the luxury of its ornamented Opera houses and palaces.

After leaving TVXQ, the top-star group he debuted with, he formed JYJ with two of his colleagues and best friends (Park Yoo Chun and Kim Jun Su). Times were hard as a lot of bans fell from TV stations who wouldn’t let the three singers make any appearance. His image was never too smooth, never too bold. But Kim Jae Joong was known as a sincere and authentic man who, regardless of what others can think of him, would try his best to achieve great things without denying his true personality. But through acting, he managed to get back to the screen.

“The reason why I started to act may be different from other actors’. It was not only because I really wanted it, but more because this was the only way for me to appear on TV. But I feel like it’s something that, once you tried, you can only enjoy more and more.”
ba12w5wcvq4y7g1fyn3rn0oiodkpnano begx931ujtjf10lome61dk0soj82kkgl jh1bvjfluuu3jgw19jdqg01w6hnky3n9
As an actor whose skills are now recognized not only by the regular public but also by professionals and as a talented singer, Kim Jae Joong would be the perfect pick for musicals. However, even he’s thought about it already, he doesn’t seem to be interested in getting on the big stage for now.

“I know that 30 is not a young age but I feel like, on a life span, it’s still pretty young. (laughs) I want to try as many things as possible as long as I have the opportunities. As for musicals, I feel like I could always try when I will turn 40 or 50, I still have time. I need to focus on my current projects for now.”
Amongst his latest activities, in terms of music, Kim released two solo projects. One mini-album and one full-length item that were both acclaimed all around the world (they reached first place of several rankings in various countries). The characteristic of his solo music would be the genre. As a fan of rock (he was influenced by Japanese rock, his role-model as a singer would be Hyde, of mythic band L’Arc En Ciel), he poured his knowledge and passion into two tiny CDs to express his personality.

When you think rock, you think leather and black. A week in Kim Jae Joong’s fashion life would not be complete without those two conditions. He brought his own designs with him to Vienna – his brand, MOLDIR, is a luxury crocodile leather bag brand – and paired them with contemporary outfits. 30 years old may not sound that young, that’s not the message that he seems to be sending in a PERDRE HALEINE leather bomber jacket. Whether he smiles or not, his aura has something timelessly innocent.
facrn8v4kls52eel9shf7knkajx57c8c qa9vxvdw8bosbmqq0ecmb93dqdnjcoks t2o3ync8f4udurov0p6m9nwatiattpjd
Innocent, that’s how he describes himself when he talks about love and relationship. What he looks for in a woman is someone sincere, focused on her needs and ambition yet able to open her heart to him. A woman who can share and exchange with him about their feelings to make the relationship evolve and grow deeper. He’s not about plastic: “My ideal type can’t be defined by ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’. But as I am relatively skinny, I would like my girl to have, more than volume, at least flesh. (laughs).”
0xyokhf3c9v33debly8brapd05thj25j 22cb9usdephz51m11a6k2d1uabu3jpnb 79yk19o3b2ahnpepk896m6mi7b2qs1do gy65c93h3mkm5z84f3gdg4ezbfjvusy1
Despite his great use of SNS, Kim Jae Joong remains someone very mysterious, almost distant. Some would even say ‘cold’. This prejudice –because this is one- takes root in his Prince-like appearance. We may never be royals, he looks like he is. With his best friend, Jang Geun Suk, they somehow represent the Royal Family of the Korean Entertainment Industry. Especially looks-wise. Whether he’s in a MASNADA by Artage long black coat or in a HSH by Kud checked suit, he shines and exudes something intangible, undefinable with an other word than ‘magical’.
95oztpmg7252lag9hbtgfhjkggdtohbn auunuzsjubz2den775iluqlrv3r4j7mk gpcfavieap55ghv7hrh9v8tw0dpis3jz
And who thinks ‘Prince’ thinks ‘coach’. As a male and modern version of Cinderella (Kim Jae Joong started from the bottom (now he’s here) and escalated every ladder of the social and artistic scale by his efforts and patience), he embarks on board of a traditional Viennese coach and tours the city next to an adorable local coachman (his favorite spot was the Schönbrunn Palace).
h7w6vqvqwkipfmubyac7ahdispd1ol3v 5858q3stasorbivcolf2fuhhsjao5mnz r84vplfrurxns175lhl0t1fnj3s6iqtz
Sat at a terrace, drinking an espresso con panna (the Viennese typical coffee drink), enjoys the European kind of breaks. He took the habit of reading when he was dealing with insomnia troubles. He used to share his favorite books and quotes with his fans, inspiring millions of young people out there and spreading Korean literature to new horizons.
kiw1bfkbxyty7e2lp7cvqj30t4ong3cq klp2ohncwb4l7p6o69juiti1p2pjbdxlojeb6hy4jclkp32o74182tbhxorz43ii3yt76drf7vvoyljz6b5yilbp6nouok9gc6qn040f6g1du4nbuz9p8sdznsznd7ygim5i8cn9si4yppvx83vt1ffziu91niqv
What makes Kim Jae Joong special is also his ability to make great things out simplicity. Less is more, as they would say, is a concept that fairly suits the artist as his beauty enlightens and turns every outfit and place into a tiny star. We know suits are a man’s best asset but it doesn’t necessarily make it easier for them to deliver. Is it because of his strong will, his passion or his aura, the singer pulled off a white BATON suit in an ordinary room like it was a crown. What could have represent purity ended up flirting with sensuality, and even the pink walls couldn’t stand in the way of his manliness.

Kim Jae Joong’s princely visit in Vienna with bntnews ended after a few days but what we can all remember of this trip is that new experiences – travel-wise, culture-wise and human-wise – are what build us and will make us leave a trace on the planet. Each step that you do, each word that you share, each book that you read has an impact on yourself, then on others, and on the whole world. Like Kim, who does his best to extend his mind and experiences spectrum every day, let’s recognize the chance that we have to live in such an open world and seize every single opportunity that we are offered. This is how you build not only a dream, but also reality.

(photos by bntnews DB)

PJJ Note:  Some BNT pictures were already posted HERE, and, thus not duplicated on this post. 

Source: bntnews.uk  
Shared by: PrinceJJ


Jaejoong sports various looks in Vienna

Updated : December 03 2014

(Rainbow media)
(Rainbow media)
(Rainbow media)
JYJ member Jaejoong posed in Vienna, Austria, for bnt international.

In the recently released photos, the singer-actor wore various types of attire, from a classy suit to a sporty jumper. Posing in various parts of the city, he oozed sexiness and helped create a wonderful shoot.

In an interview with the magazine, the star revealed how he decided to start acting.

“I started acting since I had to do it, not because I wanted to. It was the only way for me to appear on TV,” he said. He was referring to his dispute with Korea’s largest entertainment agency, SM Entertainment, which led to his defection from TVXQ.

“However, I was able to find it a really fascinating job,” he added.

Jaejoong will play the lead role in the upcoming KBS2 drama “Spy.”

By Yoon Ji-soo (thankque@heraldcorp.com)


More...From AllKpop

JYJ's Jaejoong was whisked off to Vienna, Austria for a luxurious pictorial for 'International bnt'!

Jaejoong was ablaze with charisma in both casual and formal attire, giving off a luxurious and laid-back look at the same time.

The singer-turned-actor also revealed why he started acting, sharing, "I received the opportunity to be an actor in a slightly different way from others... I started acting because I was able to go on broadcast this way in my current situation. More so than because I wanted to do it, it was a job that I had to do at first. However, as I acted, I discovered its incredible charm."

Throughout his interview, he also dished on his friends and dating style, revealing facts that even fans might not have known about him previously. 

When asked to name a close friend, Jaejoong revealed, "I get along really well with Jang Geun Suk in terms of our drinking as well as our mood swings. Although Geun Suk's up and down mood swings are more drastic and faster than mine, that contrast between feeling depressed to feeling so happy is similar to how I am. We work hard to match each other well. We don't really get along for working out because Geun Suk doesn't like to work out (laughs)."

Regarding his ideal type and dating style, he answered, "I like a woman who has a professional mentality about her work, but is able to be sincere and pure when talking with people about their concerns or sharing her feelings. I really don't have a specific ideal type... I'm not always set on a pure type, or a sexy type, etc. In terms of looks, because I'm on the thin side, I hope the woman isn't as thin. Rather than saying I look for volume (curves), I'd say that I like a woman that is on the slightly chubbier side."

"I think when people are dating, there needs to be a certain amount of nervousness [from both sides]. To put it in other words, there needs to be effort. I don't know about later when I get married, but for when I'm dating, I don't really like the idea of going on dates where we haven't even washed up or anything because we are so comfortable with one another. I thought especially hard about this when I was young? That people just slack and loosen up as they get older, but I personally think that has nothing to do with aging."

Kim Jaejoong...in Vienna, Austria

For BNT Magazine

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For more gorgeous Kim Jaejoong...Click here: JYJ CAFFEINE: Kim Jaejoong: BNT photoshoot http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2014/12/kim-jaejoong-

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Kim Jaejoong...in Vienna, Austria 

BTS Videos for BNT Magazine



More here: JYJ CAFFEINE: Kim Jaejoong: BNT photoshoot http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2014/12/kim-jaejoong-bnt-photoshoot.html?spref=tw


Cast of as at 141202  
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JYJ’s Jaejoong likes balloon

Updated : December 02 2014

Singer-actor Kim Jae-joong wowed his fans with two cute selfies that he posted on Twitter on Monday.

In the selfies, the JYJ member is making a serious face, looking away from the camera, while giving a cute victory sign. He is holding a big, gold-colored balloon, traced in the shape of J, his initial.

With the photos, Kim posted an extremely short comment: “J☆.”

Kim’s latest television series “Spy” will be broadcast in January. The drama is his first appearance in a KBS drama.

“Spy” portrays the fictional story after the execution of the second most powerful man in North Korea, Jang Song-thaek. Jaejoong is to play a South Korean spy agent, while senior actress Bae Jong-ok acts as his mother and a former North Korean spy.

The drama comprises 16 episodes and is scheduled to air every Friday.



JYJ Official shared a link.
박유천, 제4회 아름다운예술인상 신인예술인상 수상!!

스크린 첫 작품 <해무>를 통해 신인상을 휩쓸고있는 박유천! 오는 12월 9일 열리는 ‘제4회 아름다운예술인상’ 시상식에 참석하여 자리를 빛낼 예정입니다^^

Park Yuchun has won the rookie artist of the year award at the 4th Beautiful Artist Award!!

With his first debut movie <해무>, Park Yuchun sweeps rookie awards!! He's planning to attend 'the 4th Beautiful Artist Award' which'll be held in the 9th December^^

[TRANS] 141202 Yoochun wins Newcomer Award for the 4th SACF Artists of the Year Awards

To hold its award ceremony at [Korea] Press Center’s International Conference Hall in Jung-gu, Seoul at 6 PM KST on December 9; the 4th SACF (Shin Young Kyun Arts & Culture Foundation) Artists of the Year Awards selected winners for 4 categories: […], in category for the Newcomer Artist Award is <Sea Fog>’s Park Yoochun.

Movie actor Park Yoochun of the Newcomer Artist Award has received much acclaim as a movie actor whose future looks promising, due to his subtle acting with a wide range of diverse emotion variation, through the rugged character ‘Dong-sik’ in his first movie project <Sea Fog>.

Source: OSEN Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3


[SCHEDULE] 141202 C-jeS Schedule Update: Park Yoochun will attend the the 4th SACF Artists of the Year Awards

 photo 141202cjes.png

[INFO] Park Yoochun will attend the 4th SACF Artists of the Year Awards ceremony on December 9th

Source: C-JeS  
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Jaejoong's Tweet

근짱과 허니버터칩을 먹어보았어요
[TRANS] I tried Honey Butter Chip with Geun-jjang
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[ENG/TRANS] The Actor of This Year is Kim Junsu, who has proved how excellent he is


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‘Incomparable’ ‘Irreplaceable’ Kim Junsu’s year end live concert <Ballad&Musical>

‘Incomparable’ ‘Irreplaceable’ 
Kim Junsu’s year end live concert <Ballad&Musical>

Chance to enjoy a variety of repertoire 
from the musical numbers, OST to his favorite songs

Kim Junsu, the member of JYJ, would create a stage of magic again this year.
Kim Junsu would hold a live concert titled ‘2014 XIA Ballad&Musial Concert with Orchestra Vol.3’ for two days on December 30 to 31 at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium. This concert is marked as an ‘incomparable’ concert which stands out from any other holiday concerts flooding the market in this time of the year.

The show would be comprised of a variety of repertoire from the main numbers of the musicals he has performed, the ballad songs from his regular albums, and the mega-hit soundtracks of the TV dramas, to his all time favorite songs, just like a holiday gift basket for his fans.

The choir and orchestra would join with his mellow voice to rearrange the musical numbers from his theater debut ‘Mozart!’, the original production musical ‘Tears of Heaven’, ‘Elizabeth’ for which he won the Best Actor Award at Korea Musical Award, to ‘December’ in magnificent harmony.

Especially, the numbers from the ‘Dracula’, the hit musical show performed in this summer, are expected to add more depth in this year’s performance. It is expected whether the numbers like ‘Loving you keeps me alive’ which he said was the very reason behind the decision to take the role, or ‘It’s over’ which left a deep impression on his performance during the intense fighting scene would be included in the program.

Also, it makes fans wonder who would be the guest star to perform in duet with him for this year and to bring the remarkable harmony as in the previous two years. Outstanding musical actors including Kim Seon-young and Kim So-hyun joined with him to touch the hearts of audiences thus far. It already makes the fans thrilled to guess who would partner with him and show the perfect chemistry this year.

‘Irreplaceable’ live concert which only Kim Junsu is able to make happen

‘Ballad&Musical Concert’, which now became the trademark of Kim Junsu, is an ‘irreplaceable’ live concert that only Kim Junsu can show. No Korean artist, except Kim Junsu, can create the stage under such concept. Plenitude of repertoire once again proves his ability to embrace a broader range of music than ever.

This concert, often called as “Snow Concert” among his fans, is an opportunity to enjoy two different sides of Kim Junsu as an ‘musical actor’ as well as a ‘pop singer’ XIA at the same time. Moreover, it gives audiences the impression as if they are seeing several musical shows at one time. And with the incomparable degree of completion, the show would allow the audiences to understand the reason that he is called to be exceptional.

His concert shows the level of quality which any other live shows have never reached. Tuneful sound from the live performance of orchestra brings the show to another level, which allows the experience of large-scale musical productions to the audiences. This year, the orchestra would be led by the music director Kim Moon-jung who has worked with Kim Junsu at several productions including ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Elisabeth’.

It is only a month away for the trustworthy-to-see live concert ‘2014 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra Vol.3’ of Kim Junsu who has evolved to become the artist with masterly talent and abundant experience. No, it is still a month left. 


Translated and Shared by XIAHPRESS

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More pics of Yuchun at the Grand Bell Awards (DaeJong)...
Hanging out backstage with his CJeS sunbaenims...

(with the legendary Choi Min Sik and the amazing Lee JungJae)

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And at the Grand Bell after party...

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