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JYJ News Week of 11/13- 11/19/2017

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Glorious looking marvelous in

[Cjes IG] Fanmeeting filled with our memories and passion I was really happy that we were together ๐Ÿ˜‡ Thank you everyone Next: Thailand Fanmeeting coming up on 11/26 at 6 PM Thailand Time
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#cjestagram We are sharing a lot of #memories #thankyou #all #next #Thailand

Press Pics


wraps up his Asia Fanmeeting in Hong Kong successfully, showing off comic dances and candid talks  
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[JYJ LINE CN]ๆ— ๆณ•ๅฟ˜่ฎฐๆ˜จๆ™šๅฑžไบŽๆˆ‘ไปฌ็š„ๅ›žๅฟ† ๅœจ้ฆ™ๆธฏ็š„ๆ‰€ๆœ‰ๆ—ถ้—ด้ƒฝๆ˜ฏๅนธ็ฆ้ƒฝๆ˜ฏๆ„Ÿๆฟ€。 ๆˆ‘็ˆฑไฝ ไปฌ,ๅธŒๆœ›ไฝ ไปฌๆฏไธ€ๅคฉ้ƒฝๅผ€ๅฟƒ Words cannot express the unforgettable time we spent together. I was happy and appreciative of each moment together. Thank you, Hong Kong!

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้Ÿ“ๆ˜Ÿไพ†ๆธฏๆ‡‰ๆด็ซ™ HKKPOPPAGE

[ๅ‡ก้กฟๆ–‡ๅŒ–Fandom weibo]



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Jaejoong's Weibo Update after FM in HK

[้‡‘ๅœจไธญ_Official weibo]

JJ IG Updates 

jj_1986_jj ์˜ค๋Š˜์€ ๋„ˆ๋กœ ์ •ํ–ˆ๋‹ค!!  

[IG] I chose you today!! Hong Kong Night

[IG] You are delicious!

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MC  Sammy.core IG 


Jaejoong FM in HongKong
Fan Accounts
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veronicha __

(cr. @R_JiyongieJ)


Kim Jaejoong Asia Fanmeeting in Hongkong by hk01 
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Q: How he maintain his awesome skin condition Jae: Actually recently my skin condition isn’t very good. 
Fans: ehhhhhhh (don’t believe) 
Jae: It’s true  
MC: if your skin sondition isn’t good, I’ll have to change my face. Then Jae touches the MC face and fans screamed.

MC volunteer to bring Jae sightseeing. He asked where Jae would like to go. Jae said he actually hasn’t visited HK for sightseeing so he’ll like to go many places. MC suggested hot spring. Fans screamed! LOL

Q: Asked Jae to speak in Cantonese “I’m Jaejoong baby, I love you all a lot. Thank you.” Jae did exactly that.  MC said Jae’s not emotional enough and have to say again. Jae then repeated sexily. LOL!

Next segment: Jae’s drawing on a T-shirt Jae will pick a suggestion from fans and he chose to draw himself when he’s 80 years old.
Baby JaeJoong and 80 year old Jaejoong What’s same? 2 hair only!

MC said even though drawing is Jae’s 80 years old look, his abs are still visible. LOL Rmb Jae said before that he’ll never have beer belly. ^_^

He said when he gets married and have kids, he wants to be a dad with abs.

Jae adding red color to the lips and heart.

Another of Jae’s drawing ^^

3rd drawing: His Manager. LOL
Fans screaming for Ahn Jiang to come out. LOL
Ahn Jiang says he’s very fortunate to have met Jaejoong hyung.
Jae said Ahn Jiang only has 3 facial expressions. Then MC asked Ahn Jiang to demonstrate. LOL Guess which one he’s showing?
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The 3 T-shirts with Jae’s drawings will be given to fans as a gift. Fans need to answer correctly his questions.

Jae was a huge fan of Joey Wong when he was little (4/5 yrs old). He said he watched this movie of hers for 40 times! She was like his “first love” in HK.

In the past, he thought everyone in HK knows martial arts! LOL

This segment is where he listens to the Cantonese songs using headphone and fans guess what he’s singing. LOL

Roll eyes at the MC. Fan expressing her affection for Jae, telling him that she’s an only Jaejoong fan & green represents only loving him. MC probably has low command in Chinese so he kept cutting her off. Regardless, Jae smiled & waved. Probably the translator did trans for him.

Current segment is where he chooses to eat any of the HK delicacy on the table and if there’s anything below the plates, he has to do or get punished by singing or dancing.

The one Jae chose is a punishment: take 5 selfie

Jae to sing a short phase of “ten years” Fans sing and he recalls. Baby sings beautifully.

Oh I like this song! Baby says it’s too high. LOL

Oh baby has to sing “first love”!!
Awwwww so sweet and gentle  

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Jae kept wanting to chose certain food but the MC kept stopping and interrupting him to get him to chose those with punishment. LOL  

Shouting another person’s name in his solo FM is Fxxking rude! Get a gripe stupid shippers!!!!!!

He already said he doesn’t even know that fellow like bear or whatever. He looks awkward and wants to get on to the next question! So idiots, stay in your own hole and stop irritating others with your delusions!

Next year concert + 3rd Album!
2018 will be a good year!  
3rd Korean Album 
1st Japanese Album 
Chinese sound tune/song Fingers crossed for more: 

Variety shows
 Workaholic will be so busy. 

Singing: My only comfort

Jae says he may secretly visit HK next time. Coz he wants to really go sightseeing.

Jae has been ending his FMs with “Now Is Good.”


and here is what he thought he would look like when he turned 80
and here is what he thought he would look like when he turned 80
said by the time he reached 80 he would become bald with wrinkles, he wonder if he would still have fans and the fans said yes

drawing a shy strawberry, as suggested by the fans
The strawberry is yellow instead of red as it is not ripe yet, like him. thinks his mental age is still at his twenties
Drawing of his manager and acting with the only 3 facial expressions which Jaejoong has ever seen
[Photo] 171119 Jaejoong answering the questions from fans.

Here comes the corner when asks fans questions, and fans who guessed it right will be given the t-shirts which he drew

asked what he would like to do the most in Hong Kong - sightseeing at night as the view in HK is pretty at night
asked whom was his 'first love' - turned out to be the HK actress Joey Wong Cho-Yee as she was very pretty in the movie

'A Chinese Ghost Story', loved the movie so much that he watched the movie for 40-50 times via videotape
thought people in Hong Kong is good at fighting when he was young as he watched a lot of HK movies at the 90s

singing Cantonese song and fans to guess the correct song in order to get a signed CD
trying Hong Kong foods and has to complete missions under the plate of the food which he likes
sings the song First Love by Utada Hikaru and he said the notes are really high
Next corner is to dance with the songs

danced the debut song of a Hong Kong singer Aaron Kwok

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danced The Way You Are.
said he is very embarrassed, as he used to think this style was the coolest (photo credited to logo)

Watch 's self introduction in Cantonese with a sexy voice as requested by the fans (subbed) here:




Kim Jaejoong Asia Fanmeeting in Hongkong by LBradley  
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Do You Understand?
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I'll see you again, but I'll see you again.
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20171119 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour FM in Hongkong Run away

My Only Comfort

Now if Good
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[ๅ‡ก้กฟๆ–‡ๅŒ–Fandom Weibo]

[IG] Good job๐Ÿ˜˜ Hong Kong is love!

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Glorious is LOVE!
Before the FM 


Jaejoong FM in HK

Gifts from & HanGeng Support Weibo. Cotton language: cherish d present one u r w/ Card: our meeting is a reunion after almost 10 yrs.

More flowers for Jaejoong
and some fan activities before the FM

Heard from fans at Poster fansigning...

[171119 HK fansign] Fans' report: -Big, shiny eyes! White skin! His voice is tender~Very handsome! -An-chan &his bodyguard handsome, too!

A fan asked him to marry her. But JJ refused loudly! ใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Ž

A fan said "I love you" while giving him her ticket (instead of poster) by mistake. JJ said: "Oh this is yours!"

A fan cried when meeting JJ. So he said "Don't cry". She said she would remember this 3 seconds forever when they looked at each other 

171119 FM Fansign report


A fan got a Spider-Man from clip doll machine and gave it to JJ. He said "cute cute", and "hello thank you" in Chinese!

His skin was like the most beautiful porcelain.

A fan said "I love you for 12 years" in EN, but JJ didn't understand๐Ÿ˜‚ A fan said "you're my everything", then JJ raised head, smiled to her

JJ commented on her Han Chinese clothing but she only understood "traditional"

He was so dedicated and elegant when signing, and looked at n talked with everyone sincerely.

(Weibo is flooded with excited, crying, interesting, lucky fans who just came back from JJ's fansign event...Nothing else except

JJ said "beautiful" in Korean to a fan in a cheongsam. He has big eyes and small face!

Some shake hands with JJ, some bumped fists


Actor Jun Hyeok with Jaejoong
Both are in the variety show Photo People

Other IG

[Other IG] I picked you  Program Photo People See you soon -Lee Junheok
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I MET AN IDOL & I DIDN'T KNOW | Kim Jaejoong Fanmeeting Seoul 2017



Jaejoong Going to HongKong!


Junsu IG Updates






Junsu Updates

il_ma.reๆง˜IG ไปŠๆ—ฅใฏๆŽˆ่ณžๅผใ ใฃใŸใฎใญ~ใŠใ‚ใงใจใ†~~๐ŸŽŠ


Nice to see before I sleep! Already past 1 AM!

[IG] Always thankful to video team and photo team

Awwwww is so sweet! Promoting young ’s new album. is

And I wake up to this! Thank you

[IG] Got my hair trimmed and will go see my fans in Hong Kong tomorrow
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[Other IG] 2nd round will be at Icha(a pub?) That kid ( ) looks handsome even when he is drunk... -Lee Jinsung After concert party 2nd round with band master
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[mondaykiz.official IG]


JJ IG Update

! is LOVE

[IG] Gather up strength again today... !
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Ambassador in


171116 Jaejoong IG UPDATES

Beautiful Incheon sky via

171116 Jaejoong IG UPDATE PART 2


171116 Jaejoong IG UPDATE PART 3


I do what Youngjun(Angjjang) tells me to do so~~~~~~cute

์˜์ค€์ด๊ฐ€ ์‹œํ‚ค๋ฉด ํ•œ๋‹ค   

Smile! Sulky! Angry! Cute!


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2017.11.16 Jaejoong (cjes IG)

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Should have phone apps with ’s face in It!  

[Cjes IG] Jaejoong is an expert at playing by himself!? What’s happening in his cellphone? (Hint: check ‘s IG ) We praise IT technology for animojis! Are you having fun? This is how he enjoys downtime!
#Guess what he is doing with his #cellphone. Check out his account #now #cjestagram
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wastes his handsomeness while playing with his cellphone alone, making faces that would make ordinary people look simply ugly (He is loaded with so much handsomeness that he can afford to waste it)
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171116 Jaejoong IG STORY



Yoochun Update

Post card with Yuchun's autobiography Mention on the post card Thank you for everything Be happy until we meet again 2017 one day .... Last day...


171117 Junsu's duet collaboration with Lim Chang-jung will release in December 2017! Omg can't wait! ๐Ÿ‘ฌ๐Ÿ™†
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Im Chang Jung and JYJ's Junsu will release a duet song in December A gift for Junsu's fans while he is in the military


CEO Jaejoong featured in KAVE Promotions

Cafe de KAVE []



JJ IG Update

Gorgeous of   

[IG] It’d be nice if you can take a little better quality photo, Kyungtae
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(Note Kyungtae is one of JJ's manager)

  • jj_1986_jj๊ฒฝํƒœ์•ผ ํ™”์งˆ ์กฐ๊ธˆ๋” ์ข‹๊ฒŒ ์ฐ์–ด์ฃผ๋ฉด ์ข‹๊ฒ ์–ด


    JJ IG Updates


    (JJ posted around 4 AM stating he's unable to sleep)

    Silly ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’š is LIFE! Looking forward to


    [IG] It’s not cold I’m not cold 

    Jaejoong Seoul Fanmeeting Highlights...




    Police Junsu
    [Gyeonggi Province Farmers' Day]

     'Opening ~Love is Like a Snowflake~ Golden Star ~ Butterfly'

    Love is like a Snow Flake, talk, Golden Star




    Song introduction ~ Butterfly


    velvet xia

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    [Other IG TR] Birthday boy’s speech: I hate you Jaejoong because you are too old for your age! JJ: Thank you! (JJ sent me this clip, which I don’t remember. Must’ve been drunk. I’m crazy. I’ve just created 1 M antis. I said it coz he’s so mature. Anyway, I love you all)

    translations via crystalmoon0213

    [annchangwang4030 IG]



    [annchangwha4030 IG] 


    Good morning ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’š Great things come to those who wait for !

    veronicha __ 

    The most handsome blogger Looking forward to


    [ARTICLE] In Focus: Five Reasons Why Kim Jae Joong is a total Hero 
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    One of Korea’s hottest stars, Kim Jae Joong, will hold his first ever fan meeting event in the Philippines on November 30, 2017 at Smart Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City, and fans have been thrilled since the news came out! He will not only do a meet and greet with the fans, but also do a performance that his stans surely won't forget!

    His versatility made him the "Ace of Aces" of the idol industry, so his popularity is no surprise for every Hallyu fan out there which is one of the reasons why he got the nickname "Hero." In all honesty, there’s none that he lacks of. Check out why we think so below!

    1. He's a true idol. At fifteen years old, Kim Jae Joong was put into a South Korean boy group named TVXQ. They became the Nation’s Boy Group from 2003 to 2009 because of their exceptional singing and dancing chops, making Jae Joong one of the most anticipated performers. Plus, their visuals are out of this world!

    In 2009, he, and the other two members of TVXQ (Junsu and Yoochun), formed a trio boy group, entering the industry with their own brand called JYJ. Jae Joong has  also released a ton of his own tracks including "One Kiss," which topped both local and foreign charts.

    2. He's an actor to watch out for. With his expressive eyes and killer smile, it’s not surprising that Jae Joong has acted in a lot of films and television dramas. This include the film Heaven’s Postman which he starred alongside actress Han Hyo Joo, and his latest television drama entitled Manhole which got the attention of the viewers because of its unique story line.


    3. He's a genuine musician. He writes almost all of his songs, whether it’s with his group or his solo projects. At the same time, he has composed songs for television dramas like Dr. Jin and Triangle. He’s truly a gifted artist!


    4. He's also a designer. Fashion is a big deal in South Korea that even Korean boy idols value it, and Kim Jae Joong is no exception to that. With his sense of style, Jae Joong has been in demand in the fashion industry that he even established his own fashion brand, Moldir, in 2014 where he poses as the art director for his own brand’s bags and cellphone cases. Korean idols like SNSD’s Yuri and CNBLUE’s Yonghwa have been spotted wearing his designs.


    5. He does behind-the-scenes work. Aside from being an all-around performer in front of the camera, Jae Joong also has a knack for directing. He was the Executive Director of JYJ's Worldwide Tour in 2011. In the same year, he was also a part of the directing team for the LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars


    This multi-talented artist has truly made a name for himself in the industry, and we are very much thankful for his existence. Who isn’t, right?

    Are you going to Kim Jae Joong’s first official fan meeting? Tickets are available at all Ticketnet outlets or online at www.ticketnet.com.ph. For inquiries, contact Ticketnet at (02) 911-5555 or Fangirlasia at tickets@fangirlasia.com or (+63) 916-231-1512. Don’t miss it!

    Banner Photography from Soompi, GIFs from GIPHY



    [V LIVE] It's XIA TIME! - 5th ํ™”๋ณด ์ดฌ์˜ํ˜„์žฅ ๋ฏธ๊ณต๊ฐœ Behind

    [NEW VID] 171115 XIA TIME Episode 5 - Junsu behind the scenes of various photoshoots! 




    TICKET GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!! We heard you guys! So here it is! brought to you by

     [NOTICE] Deadline of comment entries will be on Friday Nov 17 at 5 PM. :)


    Jaejoong Updates

    JYJ Line: Glorious in Tokyo (December)...In the meantime, see you in

    [Cjes IG] Have you checked out the ticketing details for the last stop of Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Tokyo? Don’t miss out!
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    JJ IG Updates

    Our ’s favorite younger brother !

    [IG] You look a little sexy in this photo? Samuel?


    [IG] Jinsung-hyeong, you are the king of live stage! It was so moving

    [TR] Lee Jinsung’s fan shares what happened in LJS’s concert attended the other day

    Translations via crystalmoon0213

    JJ at friend's concert

    cr: tw


    Glorious ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’š The ! See you in

    [Cjes IG] Let’s have a sneak peek on the behind scene photos from the fanmeeting that we want to save in our hearts ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ’• is so handsome no matter how many times we see him๐Ÿค” ✨ His is full of love for his fans! Meet him again on 11/19 in HK!
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    Talks About His Love For Photography

    JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Talks About His Love For Photography


    JYJ member Kim Jaejoong talked about his love for photography and future plans in a recent interview.
    Kim Jaejoong revealed, “I am preparing to release a Japanese album early next year. Many people said they wanted to hear new tracks, so I’m writing and composing myself.”
    He also opened up about photography and said, “I recently started to really like photography and went to the countryside to take photos before coming to Tokyo. I went to temples in Osaka and Kyoto, the Monkey Park, and Mount Iwate.” Recently, Kim Jaejoong was featured in Vogue Korea, not as a celebrity but as a photographer.
    “I like taking photos more than getting my photos taken. I get nervous just selecting the photos. I want to improve my skills to the point where anyone can look a photo and know that I took it,” said Kim Jaejoong.
    Check out photographer Kim Jaejoong’s photos that were published in Vogue Korea below!

    Source (1)


    JJ IG Updates

    Beautiful pics from in !

    Is really in or just going through old photos from the last time he was there? ๐Ÿ’š

    Like me, going through 8000 photos on my phone right now deciding what to delete or keep! Too many glorious pics

    and via


    Celebrity whose long hairstyle was a distraction looks more handsome in short hair during his MS

    ํ—ค์–ด์Šคํƒ€์ผ์ด ์™ธ๋ชจ ์–ต์ œ๊ธฐ์˜€๋˜ ์—ฐ์˜ˆ์ธ
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    Junsu Update from his twin

    171111 Junho IG: "๐Ÿ‘ฌ✨"


    [Cjes+JJ IG] Heard is losing sleep working on his photos lately! His sleep hour has been decreasing but his handsomeness gage is in continuous upward trend! 

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    JJ IG Updates 


    [IG] That’s the exact feeling you get when you are filmed, Samuel! Don’t you feel so embarasserd? So stop filming me!

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    Samuel & Jaejoong Taking Video of Each Other & Hugging - Photo People Exhibition (์‚ฌ๋ฌด์—˜ ๊น€์žฌ์ค‘ ํฌํ† ํ”ผํ”Œ)

    Legendary Samuel

    Press Conference [HQ]

    as tagged

    Pics from Photo People Exhibition

    For complete #PhotoPeople Press Con Pics and videos, Click link below...

    Previous Week's News:

    JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 11/6- 11/12/2017 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2017/11/jyj-news-week-of-116-11122017.html?spref=tw