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JYJ News Week of 7/17- 7/23/2017

What's New With JYJ?
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Manhole and Jaejoong updates

[Other IG] Coffee Truck: Kim Jaejoong so professional
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[Other IG] Unique Selfie! I told him it's sad coz I'm not sure when we will meet next kindly took a selfie w me!
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PD (KangByeonTaek) is a PD who sent the support

Manhole Update

Child actor actor IG update

BongPil is reportedly the one in the middle

More child actor IG update

K-drama 맨홀 MANHOLE



[Cjes IG] Manhole is taking over the top spot of internet search keyword raking everyday. How do you feel about it?
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Manhole is number ONE on Korea Search engines!


Kim Jaejoong for @star1



JJ IG Update

Ahhh 's thumb in a coban wrap! Not very swollen so that's good! of Fighting!

[IG] Manhole team, please enjoy❤️ When it's hot, ice americano!
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Other IG

Manhole scripts...


Our CEO update! in  


CJES IG Update
Kim Jaejoong...

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[Cjes IG] V Fairy 

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[Other IG]Much awaited 10+STAR August issue on sale! returns with more innocent(?) face! Handsome beyond human!
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Kim Jae-joong opens up about military service

Updated : July 21 2017

Kim Jae-joong of JYJ said he was worried about being forgotten during the two-year hiatus necessitated by his mandatory military service, in a recent interview with local fashion magazine.

“The worry about being forgotten -- that was the biggest worry,” he told @star1. “So I wanted to work more and more. The military service is mandatory. But I couldn’t help worrying about the career break.”

Asked about his thoughts on the reactions from fans that he looks better with the short hair he had during his military service, Kim said, “I often heard that (my handsome looks are) all because of my hairstyle. But please don’t get me wrong. I am a man who looks good also with short hair.”

Kim enlisted in the Army in March 2015 and was discharged in December 2016.

He is currently filming KBS drama “Man Hole” alongside actress Uee. The drama series is set to air in August.

By Kim So-yeon (

JYJ's Jae Joong On Military Service: "Being Forgotten - That Was The Biggest Worry" -

JYJ's Jaejoong Admit He Is Afraid Of This Because of The Military

In a recent photo shoot and interview with '@star1', JYJ's Jaejoong expressed that he was scared he might have been forgotten when he enlisted for his military service.

Jaejoong said, "Being forgotten when I enlisted was my biggest worry, and that's why I wanted to continue to keep working. Military service is a duty. However, the fear of being absent and a period of resting wasn't something I could control." He also joked, "Before I entered the military, many people told me I only looked good because of my hair. Please don't mistake it, I look okay even with short hair."

He concluded the interview by promoting his upcoming drama 'Manhole', saying, "It feels surreal that it's been 14 years already since I debuted. There are times when my memories from ten years ago are hazy, so every moment right now still feels new and interesting. 'Manhole' is something you can enjoy while laughing - the drama is a young and refreshing drama so please stay tuned."

You can catch more of Jaejoong in the August issue of '@star1'!


CEO Jaejoong!!!

Cafe de KAVE poster


Policeman Junsu 
at Sexual Crimes Prevention event...



Jaejoong at Manhole filming site...

None fan encounters in 8 yrs
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[NEWS] 170721 C-JeS released an official statement concerning the rumors about Yoochun and his fiancee alleged breakup

Note: Regarding this rumour reported in several sites:

[NEWS] Yoochun’s fiancee allegedly rethinking marriage

According to rumors, JYJ Yoochun’s fiancee Hwang Ha Na is rethinking their upcoming marriage. An alleged insider told media outlets Hwang Ha Na has been considering calling the wedding off due to external pressure and malicious comments online.

SEE ALSO: C-JeS Entertainment refuses to address Yoochun-fiancee breakup rumors + Hwang Ha Na responds

On July 20, insider A revealed both Yoochun and Hwang Ha Na’s families are against them breaking up, stating, “It’s a situation in which the two are being supported and advised to get through this.” The anonymous source who claimed to be an acquaintance of Hwang Ha Na further revealed in a cafe interview, “I think the two have become estranged. Hwang likes Yoochun, but issues started occurring when they went to restaurants or walked on the street together. People whisper and take pictures of them, so that’s hard for her.”

A added, “It’s really hard for Hwang when she hears negative remarks about her family. She usually has a cheerful personality, but these days she’s saying things like, ‘I don’t think people like my bright personality,’ and ‘I’m afraid of people.’ She doesn’t know what to do.”

Hwang allegedly told A and other acquaintances, “I can’t take it anymore. I want to receive blessings for my marriage, but I feel like everyone is criticizing me.” A said, “Hwang said, ‘These days, there are so many false rumors about me. It’s hard to stand those rumors. I tried not to worry about them, but I think it’s gotten past a point.'”

A concluded, “It’s true Hwang and Yoochun really love and care for each other, but because things have become such a big issue, she says, ‘I want to give it all up,’ a lot these days. She even told Yoochun they should break up. I want the two to do well. It’s a tough situation, but I hope they overcome these hardships.”

Credit: Allkpop

  • Hwang Hana wants to call off marriage to Yoochun via Koreaboo
  • Park Yoochun And Fiancée Reportedly Break Up + Agency Refuses To Respond via Soompi
  • Yoochun’s Wedding Is Called Off For This Reason? via KpopStarz

Note: CJeS responded the following:

[NEWS] C-JeS Entertainment refuses to address Yoochun-fiancee breakup rumors + Hwang Ha Na responds

C-JeS Entertainment has released an official statement concerning the rumors about Yoochun and his fiancee Hwang Ha Na’s alleged breakup.

On July 21, the agency responded to headlines saying Hwang Ha Na wanted to call off the wedding, stating, “We cannot confirm either the breakup rumors or the wedding being canceled,” and “The company will not be responding to anything related to Hwang Ha Na.”

Hwang Ha Na herself has also taken to commenting on the reports. She’s said to have sent e-mails to media outlets, stating, “It’s not true. It’s false news.” She further explained she never stated she had wanted to split from Yoochun, and it’s her first time hearing about it.

She further stated, “This happened because one of my acquaintances is close with a news reporter.”

Credit: Allkpop

  • .Hwang Hana says she still wants to marry Yoochun via Koreaboo
  • Park Yu-chun’s fiancee calls breakup report ‘fake news’ via KpopHerald



[Cjes IG] Raise your hand if you were run over by 's handsomeness this morning Handsome for 13 years straight
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Kim Jaejoong Updates

'SPLENDID COMEBACK' "Afraid that I'd be forgotten after 2 yrs of hiatus"
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[Cjes IG] is remaking himself constantly Go experience his evolution yourself at
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[Full TR] shares his true feelings
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Please note that there are @ magazines that Jaejoong is on the cover...TenStar and @star1


Junsu vs RyuJunYeol

[V LIVE] 김준수 눈호강 볼링매치 #2 : 이번에 팀전이다!

Photo published for [V LIVE] 김준수&류준열 눈호강 볼링매치 #2 : 이번엔 팀전이다!


Updates from our Jaejoongie! aka Fighting! and Team Hwaiting!

  • jj_1986_jj고생하시는 스텝분들 멋지십니다

  • [IG] Filming crew, who are working so hard, you are so cool!
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    BongPil and SuJin in highschool!!!
    daljoon217 INS

    daljoon217 ins

    Cast of Manhole throws dignity out the window for new dance teaser ==>
     by tineybeanie

    Bahahahaha! I can’t contain my laughter at this latest teaser from Manhole, the upcoming time-slip fantasy rom-com starring Jaejoong (Spy) and UEE (Night Light). They’re dancing to the viral internet sensation “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” song, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Sure, it adds almost zero info about the time adventure plotline of the drama, but I’ve been playing it on nonstop repeat for the past hour, so that must count for something, right?
    The drama Manhole is about a unemployed neighborhood bum named Bong Pil, played by Jaejoong, who accidentally discovers a manhole that lets him travel through time, but the downside is that he can’t control his time-destination. When his best female friend (also the woman he’s been crushing on one-sidedly for the past 28 years of his life), played by UEE, suddenly announces her impending wedding, he immediately thinks the manhole will be the key to his main mission: Go back in time and capture his girl’s heart.
    Unfortunately for him, but funny for us, he ends up in random times where any tiny action he takes creates a butterfly effect, changing the present. So the drama will largely be Jaejoong making mistakes through time and going back through the manhole to fix them, all the while trying to get his one true love to fall for him. I wasn’t sure if this would just be a modernized repeat of Operation Proposal, but the tone of this teaser suggests otherwise.
    The teaser highlights the four main cast members, UEE and Jaejoong with Jung Hye-sung (Chief Kim) and Baro (Angry Mom). Altogether, the text that floats above their heads while they dance says: “Summer 2017, these reckless kids are coming. Time transcendence fantasy comedy adventure.” Their serious deadpanned expressions contrasted with their unashamed flippity-flop dance moves is comedic gold!
    KBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama Manhole begins on August 9.

    Via HeraldPop


    Cjestagram Update...BongPil aka Jaejoong

    [Cjes IG] Bong Pil so generous! Manhole team filming hard in scorching heat wearing group shirt-warm gift from "Thank you fans"
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    Jaejoong 'gifted' his army buddies (military band) specialized and exclusive shirts before also...
    Very nice. Creates camaraderie...

    BongPil at Manhole film site
    as tagged


    Kim Jaejoong for @star1magazine

    [Cjes IG] Gaze/hair in black is always RIGHT Look 4 him in 10+Star Cover/Pictorial/Interview by self-proclaimed "Puppy-like Kitten" JJ
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    170720 CJES IG Update! Junsu VS Jun-yeol Bowling Competition Episode 2 will be released tomorrow!

    This #August, JUNSU's #S_Diary #DVD will be published! To celebrate this great_news, Junsu and Ryu Jun Yeol's #Bowling Competition episode 2 will be #released tomorrow!! Get #EXCITED!

    Photo published for [V LIVE] 김준수&류준열 눈호강 볼링매치 (Junsu & Junyeol Bowling Match)

    Via Junsu's VLive


    Jaejoong Update

    Our update! Fighting! in

    [JJstagram] Manhole group shirt 
    In photo: shirt by Bongpil-ie
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    Other IG
    [ Instagram]

    [Other IG] Saw on my way to school I'm the happiest person in the world Almost cried
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    Junsu Update
    올여름, #김준수 스페셜 영상회 개최!
    체대오빠, 청량열매뿜뿜 준수를 만나고 싶다면? 공지 확인 GOGO

    김준수 영상회 공지
    Image may contain: 1 person, shoes

    170720 Junsu's special highlight video conference! 
     Date: 19 Aug, 11am - 6pm KST
     Venue: COEX Conference Room 401

    Junsu's video conference DVD is for sale now! MUST BUY! 😍

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    More Junsu...

    [사진] favian_choi IG

    il mare


    Jaejoong and his accessories...

    thiers_korea INS



    古坂大魔王 Retweeted KBS 한국방송


    Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted 古坂大魔王

    The singer of the song gets amazed by the dance!!! 오리지날 가수님 놀래킨 맨홀 댄스!!!!

    Photo published for [단독 teaser] ‘PPAP’ 판타지·코믹·어드벤쳐 우리가 한다. <맨홀>

    First look at Jaejoong’s time-slip rom-com Manhole

    We’ve got our first glimpse of KBS’s fantasy rom-com Manhole, the other time-slip romance in the new drama cycle. I’m not quite ready to let go of Seven Day Queen just yet, but time unfortunately waits for no one, and production for Manhole is full steam ahead with a couple weeks left to go from its premiere date.
    These stills feature our hero Jaejoong (Spy) on the beach sporting a pair of shades I want for myself. He’s harboring a 28-year-old one-sided love(!!) for the heroine UEE (Night Light), and starts his “random time-slip” journey through a manhole in order to change his present once he gets an invitation to her wedding. Well, better late than never.
    What he doesn’t count on are the unintended consequences of his actions when he goes to the past through his time portal, and how even the smallest change can bring about unexpected long-term effects in the future (or his present). I’m excited to learn more about how his time portal works because it doesn’t sound like he has any say in where he gets dropped. I wonder if it’ll be a linear back and forth, like Tunnel, or if he’ll land on certain dates all willy-nilly.
    Joining Jaejoong and UEE are Baro (Master–God of Noodle) and Jung Hye-sung (Chief Kim) as the leads’ best friends. Kim Min-ji (Woman With a Suitcase) and Seoyoung (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim) round out the supporting cast of Manhole, which is directed by PD Park Man-young of Vineyard Man and written by Lee Jae-gon, whose credits include Special Affairs Team TEN.
    Manhole will premiere on August 9 in KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday slot after Seven Day Queen ends its run. 

    Via Chosun Ilbo


    WATCH: Cast of “Manhole” Puts Own Twist On + Stills Of ’s Transformation Into Character

    On July 18, KBS released new stills from the set of “Manhole” of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong in his role as Bong Pil, his neighborhood’s token unemployed person and the lead character of the time-slip comedy drama.
    In some of the stills, fans can see Kim Jaejoong completely immersed in his role as Bong Pil as he lays on a beach wearing overly comfortable attire while peering at something, or someone, over his sunglasses.
    In other stills, fans can see actor Kim Jaejoong totally focused while monitoring his own acting after a take. Many have already know about the artist’s dedication to his acting, as he sustained an injury while filming but returned to set after just a day of rest.

    In the drama, Bong Pil falls into a manhole after receiving a wedding invitation from his friend Soo Jiin (UEE), who he has been in love with for the past 28 years, and inadvertently goes back in time. As he changes events in the past, events in the present also begin to unfold differently because of the butterfly effect.
    Plus, on July 19, KBS released a fun video of the main cast of “Manhole,” which consists of Kim Jaejoong, UEE, B1A4’s Baro, and Jung Hye Sung, putting their own twist on the famous “PPAP” song. The four actors dance the silly choreography with completely straight faces, adding to the bizarre but hilarious effect of the video.

    “Manhole” is set to begin airing in August after “Queen for 7 Days” ends its run.
    Source (1)

    Our aka of 💚😊💚

    [Cjes IG] He can give us a heart attack by simply standing in Gwanghwamun Plaza just wearing his pjs
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    JJ's #handsomeness even #shines through his #pajamas! Wait a second... what is he doing at the #heart of the #city #Gwang_Hwa_Moon with his #PJs on?? Come #check it out!


    [JJ Comment TR] Working really hard at filming...Positive chemistry all around at the set

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    Drama Manhole Teaser!!!

    Please click on link!

    판타지 X 코믹 X 어드벤쳐 웃기고 골 때리는 건 이 다 해 

    Try not to smile and giggle looking at this drama Fighting! is


    A #dancing_machine indeed! Why don’t we #call this as a #ManHole #dance Don’t miss his #cute yet #hilarious dancing #moment Can’t wait till #Aug 9th the #1st episode of the #Kdrama

    KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

    Fantasy x Comic x Adventure team do all the funny things in the whole world

    Summer of 2017! Unstoppable Kids Are Coming Your Way!
    [Cjes IG] Namely, the Manhole Dance! Dancer/singer 's long hidden cuteness potential explodes here 

    via crystalmoon0213

    Photo published for [단독 teaser] ‘PPAP’ 판타지·코믹·어드벤쳐 우리가 한다. <맨홀>

    The 'Manhole' cast including Jaejoong, UEE, Baro, & Jung Hye Sung dance to 'PPAP' to promote their new drama!

    The cast of upcoming KBS2 drama 'Manhole' did a fun little jig to promote their new production!

    Lead actors JYJ's Jaejoong, UEE, B1A4's Baro, and Jung Hye Sung lined up in a row on the streets of Seoul dressed in pajamas with their game faces on, dancing to Pikotaro's hit song "PPAP". 

    'Manhole' is a comedic adventure telling the story of Bong Pil (Jaejoong), a jobless man who falls into a manhole and goes back and forth in time to prevent the marriage of his first love. It airs this August 9 at 10 PM KST!


    [★BREAKING] JYJ Jaejoong Suffers Injury While Filming

    Photo published for [★BREAKING] JYJ Jaejoong Suffers Injury While Filming — Koreaboo

    He received seven stitches as a result of the injury.
    His label has released a statement noting that the injury is not minor.

    “Although the injury isn’t small, Kim Jae Joong has too many scenes and he insists on continuing filming.
    He will resume filming after resting for a day.”
    – C-Jes Entertainment

    He is required to receive medical attention once every two days to treat the injury.
    Jaejoong was filming for his new drama Manhole, his first acting role since his return from military service.

    got hurt during filming drama Manhole Went back filming after a day of rest: 7 stitches on his left thumb
    via crystalmoon0213

    JYJ's Kim Jae-joong sustains injury on drama set

    SEOUL, July 18 (Yonhap) -- Kim Jae-Joong from boy band JYJ sustained an injury to his left thumb while shooting for a new TV series, his agency said.
    C-JeS Entertainment said the actor and singer cut his finger on a glass bottle Monday night on the set for KBS 2TV's Wednesday-Thursday drama "Man-Hole."

       Kim had a doctor stitch the wound and took a day off from shooting.

    "It is actually not a light injury but Kim's acting portion is too big for him to rest for more than a day," the agency said, adding that he needs to see the doctor every other day for a while.
    The fantasy comedy drama centers around the jobless man Bongphil, played by Kim, who falls in a manhole. The drama will succeed "Queen for Seven Days" next month.
    Kim was discharged from the military in December. The new series will mark his official return to the small screen in two years.

    The file photo is of JYJ member Kim Jae-joong. (Yonhap) 
    The file photo is of JYJ member Kim Jae-joong. (Yonhap)

    JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Sustains Injury While Filming For Upcoming Drama “Manhole”

    On July 18, JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s management agency, C-JeS Entertainment, released a statement saying that Kim Jaejoong had sustained an injury while on set for KBS 2TV’s “Manhole” the night before.
    According to the statement, Kim Jaejoong cut his left thumb on a soju bottle that was prepped as a prop for a scene in the drama and had to receive seven stitches. Due to his injury, filming with Kim Jaejoong was suspended for the day and, for the time being, he will be receiving outpatient treatment for his injury every two days.
    His agency stated, “While the injury is not minor by any means, he decided to return to filming after only one day of rest because of his strong dedication to the drama and because of the number of scenes that involve Kim Jaejoong.”
    “Manhole” is a comedic time-slip drama about a man named Bong Pil, played by Kim Jaejoong, who accidently goes back in time by falling into a manhole and attempts to stop a marriage from happening in the present. The main cast of the drama consists of UEE, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, B1A4’s Baro, and Jung Hye Sung.
    “Manhole” will begin airing in August after “Queen for 7 Days” ends its run.
    Source (1)


    Drama Manhole Update

    Our is the most gorgeous 'unemployed loser' out there! Go ! In Fighting!

    DramaManhole gave up on being cool from the first take

    Photos from the set of Drama Manhole revealed: transforms into an idle unemployed person for the first time  

    [Cjes IG] The Ocean and Pil! What a combo! Photos from refreshing atmosphere of first filming location revealed! 

    via crystalmoon0213


    ’s Park Yoochun Writes First Personal Message To Fans After Controversy

    JYJ’s Park Yoochun has broken his long silence after the controversies that affected him this past year, such as being accused (and subsequently acquitted) of sexual assault and the news of his upcoming marriage.
    On July 17, Park Yoochun wrote a personal apology to his fans on his Instagram account. The account was reportedly revealed to the public through his fianceé Hwang Ha Na’s Instagram account.
    “I can say nothing else…” the apology read. “I am very sorry to everyone. I wanted to tell everyone I’m sorry… but I couldn’t think how… I had no confidence either… Really… I’m so sorry I could die… I’m very sorry… Even if you hurt your body every day… and cried… could it hurt more than the scars I’ve given you? I’m sorry… I hate having headlines pop up on portal sites… But even so this is too late… I’m sorry… Not long ago I was in communication with Darakbang… I told him honestly… that I wanted to try to get up again. But… I think that it’s not up to me whether I get a fresh start… I’m just really sorry… In a lot of headlines there was news  was hearing for the first time too… But I couldn’t stop those rumors in their tracks. I am always feeling sorry to everyone. I dearly hope for the day where I can see you all directly and show you how I feel… And about my marriage… I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell everyone beforehand. I didn’t even apologize… It was hard to tell everyone. I ask for your understanding. Every day I’ve been enduring this as best I can… Everyone else must have endured a lot too… I’m sorry and thank you. I really really hope I can greet you all in person some day… Please support Ha Na and me… Once again, I’m sorry.”
    On July 18, his fiancée Hwang Ha Na also posted a message on her personal Instagram. “I didn’t want to post something like this but this will be the first and last time,” she said. “I think everyone is too selfish. Does the world revolve around you? Have you ever tried to change your perspective? When you tear someone apart and curse them out, what if it was you or your family or the people you love?”
    She continued, “How long does someone have to constantly be on their guard and live hiding away from the world? Do you believe all the rumors and headlines to be true? You don’t know how people feel inside. Do we have to live while accepting that we’ve been misunderstood? To want to speak out but have to hold it in? I don’t know.”
    She went on to write her own apology, stating, “All the things I’ve done wrong, I sincerely apologize for. I will live trying to be kind to others.” However, she spoke out strongly against malicious comments targeting the people around her. “If I do something wrong, I will apologize and it’s fine if you curse me out. But don’t curse out the people around me. If you hate me, just look away […] Just focus on the person around you and live happily while looking at good things… It probably causes stress to people who hate me to look at me… So it’s just better to not look.”
    Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is currently serving in the army as a public service officer and will be discharged this August.
    Source (1) (2)
    Top Photo Credit: XPORTSNEWS

    Yoochun IG Update

    Finally speaks & he's sorry... Is it a little late? Better late than never?


    Drama Manhole Update

    Due to filming of drama we changed our cafe sign to Bong Bong Pub Cafe We will notify on days we close for filming cr.
    via crystalmoon0213

    Note: In the synopsis, our BongPil is supposed to own coffee shop, albeit briefly...

    KBS Drama Manhole Event: Write comment after watching preview Will randomly select winner/send actor autographed script
    via crystalmoon0213

    Event Period: 7/17-8/11 

    Winner announced: 8/28 
    Prize: Autographed script for 5 winners 
    Prizes ship after drama ends 
    Random autographs

    Link to KBSDrama Manhole


    Fan Support

    yoonseok_jang INS # manhole # Kim Jejune # Bon pill # snack car  
    From Taiwan fans

    More fan supports...


    JJ IG Update

    Our is always appreciative Fighting


    [Cjes IG] Manhole filming! Exciting drama coming your way in early August! Teaser arriving really soon! Unprecedented transformation
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