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J*J News Weeks of 5/6- 5/19/2019

What's New With J*J?
Will Update Continuously....
Note: Out of respect for Park Yuchun's decision to now live a private life (out of the entertainment industry), this blog will now be more focused on Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu. We will include pertinent, important, and/or appropriate news about Yoochun if it affects or relates to Jaejoong and/or Junsu.
We wish Yoochun the very best...

[JUNON -May 22 release date-] Speaking of “Sexy” in the eyes of Jaejoong! Jaejoong: "Whether if I'm at work or in a private setting, I never force myself to look sexy"

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Jaejoong will be WITH Magazine July issue cover that it's scheduled to be released on May 28!!



[TRIPLE_J] EP.7 재중vlog❤️/ 회뜨기 도전 🐟ㅣ김재중(KimJaeJoong)

오랜만에 장 봤어요 🛒
재중의 장보기 #브이로그
조만간 #트리플제이 를 통해 만나볼 수 있습니다🔜
#세젤멋 재중이 얼굴 확인하고
모두들 즐거운 주말 보내세요 😍
久しぶりにスーパーで買い物しました! ジェジュンの買い物Vlogを間もなくYoutubeを通して見ることができます ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

It's been a long time since I've seen jean 🛒
Jaejoong's long view #v on
Sooner or later, we can meet you through #teulipeuljei 🔜
#Sejelmeos check out jaejoong's face and fest
Have a nice weekend everyone 😍
It's been a long time since I've been shopping at the supermarket You can watch jaejoong's shopping vlog through youtube soon! (' (' L)

#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #金在中
#ジェジュン #Youtube #TRIPLEJ #Vlog #브이로그
#유튜브 #장보기 #씨제스타그램 #Cjestagram

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[Cjes IG] Went grocery shopping in a long time 🛒 You’ll soon be able to see Jaejoong grocery shopping vLog via Triple J Checkout the world’s most handsome face of Jaejoong and have a fun weekend, everyone!
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[ALLDAY_XIA] ㅣKIM JUNSU (XIA) Backstage Tales From the Japan Concerts 👀

[김준수] 드라마 녹두꽃 OST '흩날린다(Blows)' 녹음실 스케치ㅣXIA


The Covers 次回予告流れました! Sweetest Love 君だけになる前に IMPOSSIBLE

Translated from Japanese by

The Covers next time! IMPOSSIBLE before Sweetest Love you alone


Link to 13parts #Jaejoong #AnotherSky Eng Subs



Oh my Eyes! Hello ! 💚😊💚⁩ is everything

Powerful muscular body takes mirror selfie at his dressing room  

boasts his chiseled abs peeping through the opened shirt  
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I swear I can work for and with for free! And do the job very well indeed. Jus’ sayin!

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[IG] They also sell frozen fruits, right? Kyungtae? feat. voices of Moon Jooyoung, Park Okjae “Delicious, delicious...I thought this was fresh fruit, me too, me too”-ladies “It is fresh fruit but sold frozen” -JJ
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Stop it... Why so breathtakingly gorgeous? is everything! 💚😊💚 Hello  




New JYJ FB cover and profile pics...

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conquers music charts and variety shows after releasing his new album in Japan “Sizzling”

is sizzling hot in Japan! On arena tour, takes over music charts across the board and variety shows  

Hardworking confirms 2 additional arena tour destinations Kobe and Yokohama  

“Past year has been like a dream, happy I can be fully active in Japan”  


[EN Sub] 04/28/19 Tune Vid. Cr. 微光_hijj



[ jj_1986_jj IG story ] Handsome appearance but also rich in heart and personality NU'EST members message to Jaejoong is so touching!♡
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[IG] Had this in my (old) folding cell phone... so young...


“Once it reaches 7million hearts I’ll post a photo taken with a phone 17 years ago” keeps his promise!
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Gorgeous Jaejoong and a kiss for all his JaeFans

Te Alee

Oh hello there ! HoneyHolic ! Perfect boyfriend material. Prince of

Who kissed him back when watching this? 😜🤣😝 Our handsome of HoneyHolic! is life! 


Korean album coming soon

20190515 ‪jj_1986_jj IG

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[IG] Wait for the Korean album...

20190514 ‪jj_1986_jj IG

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[ jj_1986_jj IG ] Hano-yah Jaejoong: What is her name? Lady: Hano.. ... .. JJ: Hano-yah, Hano-yah... so cute... so cute
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Jaejoong arrives in Korea

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20190512 ‪jj_1986_jj IG Story


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Ken Watanabe to Jaejoong: "I would like you to challenge yourself in various ways without regulate (control) yourself too much, like you work across the country, you can do it in any country as well" Cr.monaiyo
"I started to challenge myself in different fields after my 40s so there is plenty of possibilities for you, I want you to enjoy and challenge yourself more". (Watanabe is an actor under K-Dash management, known for appearing in Letters from Iwo Jima & The Last Samurai)
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Wow...! How long can we stare at those beautiful eyes?

I keep replaying these parts and Jaejoong's answers make me emotional 😢 "I do not want to go back. I am happy right now." "I am happy." 幸せです。행복합니다 😭 Translated using Korean subs: Video credit: ReflyJae


JJ: I found my another sky in Japan. The distance or time didn’t matter. My fans kept sending me their love & support from Japan so I wish to show my gratitude any ways. 
(c9) Thank you again JJ for not giving up to come back to Japan.

JJ said he couldn't work in Japan well at the beginning so he had to go from province to province, the memory hit him hard aww ㅠㅠ♡



JJ IG story updates

20190510 jj_1986_jj IG Story ①②③④‬

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ost for Nukdo Flower


김준수#명품_사극 의 만남!
드라마 #녹두꽃 OST #흩날린다 🌾
한소절만 들어도 아련 그 자체😭... See More

Meeting with #junsu and #luxury _ Sageug!
드라마 #녹두꽃 OST #흩날린다 🌾
Even if i listen to a word, it's a bit of a bit of a
Today's must #playlist is this song
Jun-Jun's #balladeuost we listen together 📣

Melon ▶️
Genie ▶️
Mnet ▶️
Bugs ▶️
Naver music ▶️
iTunes ▶️
M/V ▶️
Listening to the #heutnallinda of Jun-Jun 🎧
Tonight #10 o'clock Green Tea #Bon Appetit 📺

Check out the new drama of the upcoming drama, "mung no falling" (in Japanese) on the sound source site!

Now, listen to Junsu's kdrama OST 'Blows' right away! Have a great on w/great tunes.

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More bts

XIA(준수) - 흩날린다 (녹두꽃 OST Part.2) 메이킹 비하인드 《녹두꽃 / 스브스캐치》

SBS Catch


Junsu update

#Junsu Excalibur #cheong-eumhoe is confirmed to attend!
Making sure to #live faster than anyone
Pre-watching performance #excalibur
Awesome live demonstration and to the mini mini 🎶
Our #syadeowang 👑 coming 19 days #19 pm
See you at the boghabmunhwagong-gan port port ✌🏻
📌 the event will be held until the 12th (Sun)!
#Invitation to be featured 👉🏻

#キムジュンス #ジュンス #エクスカリバー

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Today's #, 🕕 to be released ‼️
Joon-joon's #earnest _ / BALLAD OST
#Heutnallinda wait for us together 🚀
Junsu's mung flower ost recording room just in the picture, but I'm already looking forward to it! Today at 6 PM, Junsu's masterpiece ballad ost "soar" recording is released, don't forget it! (1 • • ́) w ✧

#김준수 #KIMJUNSU #JUNSU #金俊秀
#キムジュンス #ジュンス #XIA준수
#SBS #금토드라마 #오후10시 #녹두꽃
#OST발매 #0510 #흩날린다 #음원발매
#緑豆の花 #绿豆花 #Kdrama #nokduflower

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More pics


Jaejoong in concert

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Some translations:

1st Day Finished\(^o^)/ It had a lot of talk in the beginning, it's 4 hours long. The sound inside the hall was good that even in the seats infront of the 2nd floor his singing voice sounded so beautiful. I enjoyed the powerful singing voice. Today he looks cool than cute (^o^)
I came to Sapporo early morning and went out to ride a tram with Tommy because it's our day off yesterday. I met fans and I was scouted 😂 I'll have dinner after the show today, so I'll put up with seafood and I will eat 7 spicy with CoCo. It became a talk of Sapporo specialties
JJ: I am confident that I'll make everyone happy if I became a host.  

JJ: I was scouted in front of Donki yesterday. I thought it was a talent scout, but it was a host.
Compared to Sendai, the venue today is very cold 😂 even Jaejoong said it himself.  

Yesterday I went sightseeing in Mt. Moiwa. I did insta live and some fans from Sapporo came to the observation Deck. I felt uncomfortable with the ropeway so I had to call a taxi and go home. It was so expensive!

lyrics of today's new song  "You guys are my amore. So you protect me" (マモーレ=守れ=protect)(笑) 
Title: Mamore Songs and Compositions Kim Jae-joong Just appeared on the screen.

musical version "I'll protect everyone," "I will protect you, and you will protect me even if I am a little old. I'll keep it for another 47 years." "Please love me even if you get old." "You're all my amulets," "So keep it to the end." There's more Mamore on the screen


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Please take care of me today too^_^

Sapporo Day 1 Today's musical versions Jaejoong: "I will protect everyone~".... "Everyone protect me~"
Jaejoong: "In the live there is a warm bond that only I and everyone knows (fans). That bond is not a bond made in one year or two years. I came to Sapporo for the first time in 10 years, It makes me cry and laugh.." 

Jaejoong: I'm confident that I can make everyone happy if I become a Host
Jaejoong: "In the live there is a warm bond that only I and everyone knows (fans). That bond is not a bond made in one year or two years. I came to Sapporo for the first time in 10 years, It makes me cry and laugh.."

Musical version: Jaejoong: I'll protect everyone. I'll protect you even if I get old. For the time being I'll protect you for more than 47 years... Protect me even if you get old~ You guys are my amore.. So be careful until the end~"

In front of the stage, the lower part of the curtain, 3 managers lined up & waved their hands left & right with the last part of "Love's Shadow", & when Jaejoong was bowing holding hands, they held hands & bowed in the same way. Managers: Wongi, Gyeongte & Tomi Cr.0720ree_jae0126

Jaejoong said he went to Donki yesterday and a day before with Tomi. They found a dark room with a curtain, they entered to the adult's corner.... He said they didn't buy anything!


Trans) New song today JJ: You fans are my ‘Amore’. So please ‘Mamore’ me. (c9) ‘Mamore’ means ‘protect’ . JJ played with words.

(Trans) Fans recommend me some snack bars but I won’t go there! I like googling to find the one myself. But suggestions are welcome, I’ll avoid them. 😂 Last year in Hachinohe he googled to find that snack bar.  

(Trans) Under the stage, in front of the black curtain, 3 managers (Tomi-san, Gyonte, Wongi) stood side by side & waved to 🎶Aino Kage, and bowed holding their hands as did the same. It was a touching scene.

Jaejoong said he ate curry, level of spiciness 6. He wanted a number 10 but it wasn't available so he commented that Sapporo doesn't have food that's spicy enough for him.
Jaejoong asked abt the minimal temperature on Hokkaido and said when he comes on holiday the snow is beautiful but for ppl who live here it must be difficult to deal with.  

The audience taught Jaejoong a new word - 'anaba' , which means 'not well-known but lovely secret place'. 
Jaejoong said he's goin to keep the image of a shy boy until the end of this tour. He said durin the prev album he had the image of a narcissistic rocker and fans screamed he shld go back to it

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Junsu singing an OST for K drama Nokdu Flower

[기사] 김준수, '녹두꽃' OST 두 번째 주자..'흩날린다' 메이킹 영상 공개 (출처 : 헤럴드POP | 네이버 TV연예) ‘흩날린다’는 5월 10일 오후 6시 공개될 예정이며, 녹음현장 메이킹 영상은 9일 오후 6시에 공개된다.

XIA(준수) - 흩날린다 (녹두꽃 OST Part.2) 메이킹 비하인드 《녹두꽃 / 스브스캐치

SBS Catch

The BTS (recording montage + interview) video for Junsu's <Nokdu Flower> OST '흩날리다' ('scatter' or 'blowing in the wind') will be up on May 9th 6 P.M. KST  

"<Nokdu Flower> is based on the Donghak Peasant Revolt, a theme that hasn't been dealt with often, depicting the peasant life in a desperate age. I am honored to participate in such a meaningful project."

"The song '흩날린다' is the love theme for the main characters, capturing the tenderness they share amidst the turmoils of history. The song reflects the restrained but delicate emotions of two people who didn't give up on hope or love.." 
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[김준수] 'WAY BACK XIA CONCERT' IN JAPAN 비하인드 (Concert Behind) ㅣXIA

JUNSU_XIA Official


『The Covers』にジェジュン、手嶌葵、MOROHA登場 ドリカムや坂本九をカバー

more press pics


Jaejoong will appear on NHK The Covers on May 26 at 22:50~23:50!!  

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Jaejoong will appear on TBS "I met other people" on May 14 at 23:56~!!! 
"Chiemi Blouson is also excited to receive him as a guest since she's a big fan of him"

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Jaejoong's comments on his IGLive!♡ Jaejoong saved his Live so everyone can replay it on his IG profile:

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Our living his best life! Have fun 💚😊💚

20190507 ‪jj_1986_jj IG

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JJ on IG Live
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JJ IG Live ⁦ in Japan


Jaejoong IG Story Sapporo, Japan

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Our out and about in !


K Drama: Nokdu Flower clip 
including snippet of Junsu's OST

SBS Drama


Xcalibur rehearsals
Junsu Update

more pics


Hello !


JJ in Concert
Sendai, Japan

Sendai Day 1 Jaejoong looks good and has a healthy look on his face as well. He said He is in his best youth and self-proclaimed 26 years old!
Jaejoong is emotional today, he cried during Keshou & I'll protect you musical version, but he was having fun too. Another version of I'll Protect You was born today "Not you"!

[ jj_1986_jj IG ] New song "Not you"

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Jaejoong: Did everyone alreafy go to the bathroom? When I'm singing I don't want to see everyone going to pee, I'm here! That's impossible, isn't?

Jaejoong said he won't do Bazooka with signed balls & T'shirts again, someone said was hit on the head & complained to the office & to solve it asked for his signature. He refused to give it but He's sorry for fans who like that section

Sendai Day 2 Jaejoong: "I'm going to change the setlist for the additional performances a little bit. Will time be a little longer? There are already some people in Nagoya.. lol I see Twitter but I consult people in the office as well, and use those opinions as a reference"
Jaejoong: People in Nagoya are scared but I like Nagoya! And I love Sendai too!

Jaejoong most favorite pants now have his name written "金在中" (in Chinese)!

Jaejoong said that when wearing elastic pants, it doesn't feel like He's moving even if he runs..😆 He said He's wearing that kind of pants today😂 

Jaejoong talked about pants and said that he doesn't care about brands is more about favorite materials and fits, He doesn't like T-backs and odd shapes. Asked to not send him more pants

Jaejoong: Yesterday, finished the live, ate some rice & walked off from the car to the hotel. I was thirsty so bought five cans of beer in a 7/11, Sendai has a lot of 7/11!! It would have been better if I would have bought one can each by 7/11

Jaejoong said it's the same for men and women, and it's better if women do not tighten the bra a lot💕😆 

Yesterday at the Signing Session someone said "Jaejoong get married. Because I wanna see Jaejoong's children". And someone shouted from the audience "Ganbare". JJ: "I have super energy!😂 my body is thin and looks frail but it's on its 20s!!"

Jaejoong had a monitor in front of him, it was showing the lyrics with a white background, and a message in Korean appeared: "it's 20:20, hurry a little more", but JJ didn't read it and continue on his own pace😂💕 Cr.gotothejaeside

Jaejoong asked to a child what he/she wants today? (For Children's Day) after answering, the child said "I love Jaejoong💕", He put his hand over his mouth and stayed still for a while😂💕💕 

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May 5

JJBand And JJDancers with ! Continue to have fun 💚😊💚

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