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JYJ News Week of 9/24- 9/30/2018

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Oh my , I don’t think Nene is amused. But too darn cute!


JJ IG update

ジェジュン Instagram 20180929


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  • Hate the typhoon
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    moon_jy_さん Instagram 20180929

    (JJ's make up artist cat sitting backstage at JJ's concert)



    JJ Weibo update

    ジェジュン JJ860126JJ weibo 20180929_1


    JJ860126JJ weibo 20180929_2


    JJ webio - KOKO~ 귀요미 고양이 코코 ?

    “Koko, you don’t want to be held belly up, do you? You prefer your belly down. How come you’re so calm? Wearing this clothes make you calm?”


    [Some Comments from Non-fans about Jaejoong's appearance on NHK BS' The Covers] PART 1

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    [Some Comments from Non-fans about Jaejoong's appearance on NHK BS' The Covers] PART 2


    NHK The Covers featuring Jaejoong

    Konayuki (with original singer
    SB W

    SB W  

    Ballad I Want To Sing  

    SB W


    NHK "The Covers" 22時!お楽しみに^^

    Translated from Japanese by
    NHK "The Covers" 22 o'clock! Enjoy ^ ^


    Cutest thing I’ve ever seen! and his !


    20180928 ‪bornfreeonekiss Twitter

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    Translated from Japanese by
    Today Nene and Coco also leave for the scene!!

    (Trans) Today Nene and Koko also depart for the concert venue!! 
    (c9) Koko is wondering “Where are we going?” So cute!


    Oh my goodness and . I posted similar pics of my yesterday. lovers! 💚😊💚

  • jj_1986_jjもうー近くでゴロゴロしすぎてヤバい!、!

  • ***


    Translated from Japanese by
    I'm scared of everyone! 🙀


    A Japanese magazine named "JJ"

    先日の撮影時、発売中の11月号を見たジェジュンさんが「かわいい‼️」と絶賛の付録の星形ミラー。撮影にも応じてくださり、そしてお持ち帰り😆💕 王子様と星って…最高の組み合わせすぎる…! よろしければ“おそろ”としていかがでしょうか?

    Translated from Japanese by
    When shooting the other day, Mr. Jaejoong who saw the November issue on sale is "cute ‼️" and the star-shaped mirror of the acclaimed appendix. And the Prince and the star who take it according to taking a picture... 😆💕 The best combination too...! If you don't mind, how about a "Osomatsu"?



    ジェジュン JJ_Information 20180927


    Today’s concert in Chiba was finished. I could spend great time with you. Using the energy you guys gave me today, I will work hard tomorrow too! Also plz watch “The covers” that will be aired tomorrow. Today and tomorrow, let’s create happy memories together.



    JJ's make up artist update
    [moon_jy_ Instagram] ✊🏻힘내자  의 


    ジェジュン TikTok 20180927_1



    ジェジュン TikTok 20180927_2


    kimjaejoong 님의 동영상을 확인하세요! >


    [WITH MAGAZINE] Jaejoong's first appearence as a solo artist! •

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    WITH 11月刊[scan]


    "Women's power is valuable" Jaejoong's interesting talk about romance. •
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    【今日の 】 どの角度からもステキだカバ!! こんな男に生まれたかった(byスタッフ) いよいよ明日放送です! 動くジェジュンはテレビでチェック!! ★9/28(金)22:00~BSP★

    Translated from Japanese by
    [Today ] from every angle is a nice hippo!! I wanted to be born like this man (by staff) It is finally broadcast tomorrow! Jaejoong on TV!! ★ 9/28 (Fri) 22:00 ~ BSP ★


    Junsu with the family

    💕 Update:

    [] photo by @ kimmooyoung  #가족여행#몇년만인지#하늘이예쁘다#춥지만물이따뜻행#나가기싫어#찍어줄사람이없어희생하는우리형ㅋ#중간에노란옷귀여운아빠😁

    Translated from Korean by
    [] photo by @ Kimmooyoung #가족여행 # Only a few years # Sky is beautiful # cold water warms row # # # no man to take the sacrifice of our brother ㅋ # # in the middle yellow clothes cute daddy 😁

    [IG] 180926 Kim Junsu Update: Source: Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

    [WEIBO] 180927 Kim Junsu Update. Trans: "The whole family hasn't been traveling for a long time. How are you doing?I miss you." 
    Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

    [NEWS] 180926 Kim Junsu, a shiny smile at the swimming pool “Family and Chuseok Travel”.

    Singer Kim Junsu unveiled many photos.
    Kim Junsu told us in his Instagram account:
    Chuseuk trip together with my family, how long has it been hehe Everyone for the remaining Chuseok ..have a fun and great time ^^

    In the photo, Kim Junsu relaxes while enjoying swimming swiftly. Also, there are family members beside Kim Junsu.
    Meanwhile, Kim joined the military in February last year, and is currently doing his duty as a public relations officer of the southern Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency.

    Source: Naver news

    Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA.


    [Photopeopleofficial IG] Photo People Season2 1st episode started on June 11 and finished today. Six men who enjoyed a memorable week-long trip in Tokyo💜 -Photo People will return-

    [Photopeopleofficial IG]


    JJ IG Update

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    [IG] Everyone’s happiness is the foremost priority but not everyone can be happy, I guess  
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    [IG] What’s business is business What’s private is private Between calm and passion The gap between hope and reality
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    JJ Weibo update
    【ジェジュン JJ860126JJ weibo①】 北海道演出也圆满结束~ 剩下的演出也会继续努力的! 홋카이도 공연도 무사히 잘끝냈어요~ 남은 공연도 힘낼게요! ​​ ※V+会員以外はプレビューのみ

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    [Jaejoong Jj860126jj Weibo ①] Hokkaido director 扁圆 爆满 结 Bundles-the production of tie Bolt 后续 홋카이도 공연도 무사히 잘끝냈어요 ~ 남은 공연도 힘낼게요! ※ V + members except preview only


    Secret Road Tour

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    Prince of Hanryu , full-scale restart! "Tadaima" to Japan.[weekly Sunday Mainichi①]

    Singing a ballad full of emotions with a clear high tone voice, then a light ad-lib talk inviting laughter.
    Jaejoong, has the masculinity that we want to rely on, and the cuteness that we want him to be spoiled. In his concert, time quickly passed.
    After a long absence in Japan, his fans said "Okaeri (Welcome back)", and he smiled and answered "Tadaima ( I'm home)."

    "Now, I am rejuvenating for the third time."
    Prince of Hanryu, and a top singer Jaejoong restarted his full-scale solo career. He told his thoughts on "second hometown" Japan and Japanese fans.

    Reporter:At first, I should say "Okaerinasai (Welcome back)". At the concert, there was same calls from the audience, too.
    Jaejoong :I was born and raised in Korea, for me, Japan is a foreign country but I feel it is the "second hometown".
    When I was told "Okaeri", the word "Tadaima" naturally came out. I think it was very natural interaction between me and my fans.

    R:The title of the concert tour held from June to August is "Reunion in Memory." What kind of thought did you include there?
    J:Actually, it was not a concert at first, a fan event was planned. Of course I sing songs, but I thought it would be better to lengthen my talk and communicate with the fans. 
      So, I could not sing many songs compared to the usual concert. Instead, I thought of singing as many songs as possible that Japanese fans knew, I recruited "Songs you
    want Jaejoong to sing." 
      In addition, since I also sang my old songs, I think that it was a concert that makes us to share memories without saying like "there was such a thing in the past".

    R:How was the reaction of the audience?
    J:Some people smiled and others cried. "I am happy to hear you sing those songs again" or "I do not know why, but naturally tears came out" ...
    I guess that everyone listened with their own memories.

    R:Recently you have many appearances on variety shows.
    J:Yes. But actually speaking in Japanese is quite difficult. Even though I can talk lightly or comment, it becomes a deep talk or heavy content then ...

    R:Even in the drama "Sunaoni narenakute (2010) you were popular, will you continue acting in the future?
    J:I want to do. But I also have problems in language. I want to improve my Japanese better. I planned to study with a teacher properly before, but then I became busy at work ...
    When I have a little more time, I would like to study more. If I act in Japan, after my Japanese becomes better, I would like to do a role that is not Korean.
      I think that it is still more difficult because I have a lot of words to see for the first time when I read the script now. 
      However, for me, activities as a singer are the most important. In Japan, there are still few people who regard me as a singer.
    It seems that some people thought me to be just a funny person who has recently often appeared in variety shows (lol) I must appeal I'm a singer.
    But, I can not do that by my personality. Because I think that it is enough just on the stage I show to be cool.

    R:So you make funny remarks on variety shows!
    J:I am not aiming for it. When I say something, people around me laugh. why? . (Lol)



    Prince of Hanryu , full-scale restart! "Tadaima" to Japan.[weekly Sunday Mainichi②]

    Decided promptly volunteer in Hiroshima
    Reporter: Because you talk about eating cat food, that will make everyone laugh.
    Jaejoong:That was surprisingly delicious. Maybe my Japanese intonation is childish. I seem to tend to raise the end of the word.
    But it is said that it is cute, so I do not have to rectify it, isn't it? Lol

    R:Talk in the concert is also popular because such personality of you has appeared. Are you thinking about the content in advance?
    J:No, not at all. I tell what I felt at that time, and it has nothing to do with the concert at all.
    Even though the songs are the same for each concert, the story is different every time, so some people come to hear my talk.
    R:Everyone enjoys your talk.
    J:Please do not put pressure on me!

    R:I heard that you went volunteering individually for Hiroshima where suffered from heavy rain, in July.
    J:When I was watching the news at home, I hear that there are not enough volunteers especially in Hiroshima.
    I was especially busy in July, but I had a holiday for about 4 days, so I decided to go.
    When I was eating with my Japanese friends, I said "Let's go together", but no one wanted to go.
    "People of other countries have helped you at the earthquake, there are devastated people in your own country, let's go to help", after all we went there of four people.
      I didn't want to mix business with volunteers, so I didn't say anything to my staff just before going to Hiroshima.

    R:If you were known to be there, it would have become a big stir.
    J:I have been wearing a cap and sanitary mask all the time, so nobody noticed. Anyway, it was hot.

    R:You are active on holidays too.
    J:No, I usually do not leave my house, sit on the sofa, watch TV, eat at time, live the same life as a cat. Lol
    I wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, at 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I eat lunch, at around 6 o'clock, eat dinner and at around 10 o'clock, have midnight meal. Lol.

    R:It is surprising that you eat midnight meal even though you are slender.
    J:I want to eat as much as I want when I am on holiday.

    R:Do you cook by yourself?
    J:That's right. Recently I made cutlet curry. I also fried cutlets for myself and made curry by myself using spices.
    Like that, I cook myself, eat, become absent-minded , clean up, watch TV for a moment, then time has come to be hungry again so cook again.

    R:You are skillful enough to publish cooking books. When did you start cooking?
    J:When I was in elementary school, my parents and sisters tended to be absent, so I became to cook by myself what I eat.
      The one I made for the first time is crushed fried egg with soy sauce and sesame oil on rice. Easy dish, but delicious.
      Korean sesame oil has a stronger taste than Japanese ones.

    R:I want to try! Autumn is the season of appetite.
    J:Autumn is my favorite season. Spring makes me feel like I have to have a bright hope, in autumn the weather is nice and everyone seems to be something lonely.
      I think that it is a beautiful season. I felt that way from a long time ago.

    R:So, this summer's hot weather was hard for you, wasn't it?
    J:Yes. Speaking of summer, I have been about to die.
    When I was 19 years old, I was about to be drowned at about 4 m in depth in a swimming pool and was saved by a life guard.
    After that, I became scared of the water and became not to go to the sea, but when I went to India a couple of years ago, after practicing in a private pool I was able to swim.
      But ... I still do not like sea much.

    R:What season of life are you living now?
    J:I thought myself as "young" or "immature. when I debuted. However, as popularity grew in Korea, I thought "I grew up." 
      But after that, I was told to be "young" again. And now that I started full-scale activities in Japan is the third "young" time.
      I think that "I am still young." I do not know how to get older and become an adult from now on. I think that the life of repeating young and adult, is not so bad.
      It is a good time to have good experience now in the early thirties.
      I would like to show myself that I am doing my best for the fans who have been waiting while I could not work in Japan.
      Even in my 40's I may be saying the same thing. Lol

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    Paradise City Update

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