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JYJ News Week of 1/9- 1/15/2017

What's New With JYJ?
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Jaejoong IG Updates

[IG] I'm a fan, real fan! Humble Bolbbalgansachungi 
jj_1986_jj ins 제가 정말 팬이거든요..심하게 팬이에요 겸손한

[] Congratulations to for winning

jj_1986_jj ins


tap screen a couple of times (on JJ's IG post) and we get the heart <3

[IG] Gave me a gift for winning the popularity award, so pretty
jj_1986_jj ins 인기상 축하한다고 선물 줬어 아이 이뻐


Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Brut Champagne (via fans who are great sleuths)

[IG] Momo MIC in my hand

Translations by crystalmoon64


[PHOTO] 170115 @/cjes.tagram update watched in his musical !


Visual Shock Kim Jaejoong

People are visually shocked and give exclamations as he steps forward the standing mike and appears on the screen (Fan cam from a non fan)
via Jaetaku

[NON-FAN'S GDA ACCOUNT] She admits Jaejoong is more handsome than her bias

If all the people at GDA saw Jaejoong performing they would've not only praised his looks but his talents the most
via Jaetaku 

pics as tagged

Backstage sneak view of ordinary yet extra ordinary reservist sgt at GDA


Conversation w fashion coordinator: Wear this? Are you an anti-fan? Are you serious? Handsome still cares about clothes he wears

Seriously now... I'm so cool even me eating mandarin orange is cool, want a piece?
What do I hope for the new year? Health, happiness and love ^^


, , and more are some of our favorite albums of 2016.
Groups are already pumping out the first albums of 2017, but 2016 was a busy year. Between dramas, debuts, and music videos, we’ve gotten to the point where we want to review our favorite albums from the past year. Camiele, Leesha, and Lo compiled their favorite albums of 2016 below with some surprising convergences and differences between them.
Best Album Camiele Leesha Lo
1 JambinaiA Hermitage BumkeyU-Turn JaejoongNo.X
2 SugaAgustD BAPNoir BTSWings
3 JaejoongNo.X Lee HiSeoulite JonghyunShe Is

Leesha: I’m not quite sure where to start besides, who is Jambinai?
Camiele: Jambinai is an indie band who combines traditional Korean music and instruments with heavy metal. Their latest album A Hermitage is truly one of the most sonically creative pieces of music I’ve ever heard. It tells a story so vividly, sounds working together to create a cohesive narrative. Without words they’re able to paint landscapes and scenes that are more brilliant in color and hue than anything most artists can do with their voices. I fell so in love with their music this year. And after having the chance to interview them, I gained a greater appreciation of the breadth of Korean traditional music and just how far it can be stretched and manipulated to become greater than the sum of its parts.
Meanwhile, all three of us have similarities between our lists. I have to ask, Lo, what about Jaejoong‘s album spoke to you? For me this is truly his most cohesive, mature piece of music. Every time he releases something, I’m stricken by just how brilliant an artist he actually is. He’s taken a genre that most “idols” have attempted to use to separate themselves from their idol image. But Jaejoong actually excels at using rock music and adding his own colors to it, fully immersing himself in the genre. As a result, his voice has become fuller, his songwriting sharper and more impactful. Especially with this album, we see a wider range of his storytelling and his vocal color. Tl;dr Just when I didn’t think Jaejoong had more to show us, No.X is his most powerful and comprehensive piece of music.
Lo: The appeal of No.X in a word: self-loathing! No, really. You are dead on the money, Camiele, about the musical strength of this album. The songwriting and composition is sharp and insightful, and Jaejoong’s voice . . .  god. Rough and bitter on “Good Luck” and “Good Morning Night”  before transforming into some ungodly cross of velvet and honey on tracks like “Breathing” and “Run Away”; this is a vocal masterpiece. And what really proves the strength of No.X is the immediate understanding it provides. The details might be fuzzy at first listen but the emotions of each song– disdain, anguish, frustration, anger, resentment– they are crystal clear from the first listen.
But back to the self-loathing. There is a subtle sense throughout this album, especially on the self-penned tracks, that Jaejoong does not particularly like himself. He blames himself for every instance of relationship failure across this album, pulls his self-worth entirely from others views of him, has fallen into self-indulgent, hedonistic tendencies, and even when wronged, has a hard time condemning those who have hurt him– the closet he comes  is “Good Luck”, where he still takes shots at himself. The  lyrics are raw and honest in a way that very few musicians allow themselves to be; as if Jaejoong carved out a piece of his soul for us to examine. And, as deeply personal art is wont to do, like has called to like.

Omitted unrelated parts...



[Other IG] Tony Hong shares photos of Jaejoong at his MySweet restaurant  

[Other IG] Taking photo of dessert, younger brother came back even cooler and more mature after army Lad is so cool - Tony Hong
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[IG] Discharge celebration dinner! My brother happy after eating delicious food, Look forward to wonderful activities this year by
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170114 Cjes instagram update!

A #special #behind the #story of Kim Jaejoong, from #concert pre-meeting to #interviews Check the bios now!


Jaejoong backstage at GDA

More HQ pics of Jaejoong at the GDA

Scroll down for more pictures and videos...


170114 Junsu arriving at Seoul Arts Centre earlier  Fan boy shouted: "Junsu fighting!"  All blue so handsome  (xiajunsoobar)
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Death Note


Jaejoong on FaceBook LIVE

[ENG SUB] Jaejoong says thank you again through a self-taken video

Sofia L. jaetaku



Jaejoong IG Update

[IG] Thank you thank you thank you Love you love you love you 
Will try to repay you as if I received Newcomer's award not Popularity award 
True Love always stand strong

첫끼는 #삼겹살#자축

When you press LIKE, this happens...
Clever thoughtful Jae...

[IG] First meal is grilled pork-belly celebrating myself


Looking gorgeous and a WINNER
at Golden Disc Awards


With English subs by jaetaku

Jaejoong's GDA interview zone translations thread:
Jaejoong: I wanted to meet the fans quickly after my discharge, so I had a fansign. I really like V app.
Jaejoong: Because it can make a comfortable atmosphere, I like that there's no need to be a "new" me and that I can be my natural self.
Jaejoong: (JYJ members) We call each other constantly, but I was the one who first enlisted, right?
Jaejoong: JS will be enlisting in February, so I hope that he will go and return healthily. YC and JS both think that health is important.
Jaejoong: I was wondering whether I should show the fans my best form through acting. I will be having my Asia tour starting on the 20th.


Kim Jaejoong won 'ASIA Star Award' on 2017 Golden Disc Awards

with English subs by Jaetaku 

Skpb K-Music Live [Banned]


"Prior to enlistment, I gave this album as a gift to fans. And now I received this gift from you. Thank you for your votes."
"I'm thankful that I received this award despite a gap of two years. I will try to be more active in the future."
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[TR] acceptance speech Go watch it again!
via crystalmoon64

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

Jaejoong #1 on NAVER's real time search
Daum real time issue entertainment section NO.1 "Golden Disk Kim Jaejoong"

[FAN ACCOUNT] "In the zone I was at, people around me said 'wow, is he a human!?' as Jaejoong appeared."

The NAVER headline says "Jaejoongie who has become God of Face"

[OHMYGIRL FAN'S GDA ACCOUNT w/ PIC] Congrats on Jaejoong-nim's award. Cos he was so handsome I only had to be in awe

via jaetaku


Kim Jaejoong
Preparing for his concert...The Rebirth of J


Jaejoong at Golden Disc Awards

[Red Carpet] 170113 KIM JAE JOONG (김재중) @ 골든디스크 시상식 The 31st Golden Disc Awards 

TongTongTv 통통영상

with English subs (Jaetaku

Skpb K-Music Live [Banned]

KJJ, A throbbing appearance (GDA) [S포토+] 김재중, '설레는 등장' (골든디스크)
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jacket flap opens, women's hearts flutter~ (what a headline, lol)
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KJJ with his charismatic eyes [HEI포토] 김재중, '카리스마 넘치는 눈빛' (31st 골든디스크)  
via rubypuple_fan

Looking better than ever [ST포토] 김재중, `전역 후 더 잘생겨진 외모`

Have you ever seen a handsome soldier like this, in this way?[포토]JYJ 김재중 ‘이렇게 잘생긴 군인 아저씨 본 적 있나요’ (골든디스크)

Sculpture-like appearance [사진]JYJ 김재중,'조각같은 외모'
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Photo published for [UHD포토] 제이와이제이(JYJ) 김재중, ‘군대 전역 후 첫 공식석상’ - #김재중

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Kim Jaejoong!


Watch Jaejoong LIVE at the Golden Disc Awards here: 
Today...3:30 PM Korean time
Red Carpet: 

Golden Disc Awards...Yay Jaejoong!!!

Asia Choice Award, Jae vs GOT7, winning with 56.06%. Global Choice Award, Jae vs Shinee, came in 2nd only losing by 0.44%


[ENGSUB] 170112 Kim Junsu's Oppa's new year trouble consultation V talk.

Xia Girl21

JYJ's Junsu talks about his past hardships as he prepares to go to the military

By KpopJoA

On January 12, JYJ's Junsu greeted fans through Naver's 'V' app.  With his military enlistment approaching, the singer expressed his sadness in parting with his fans.  

"Please get rid of February," Junsu pleaded, as he will be going off to the military next month.

"It's too bad I have to say my farewells to you all as my military enlistment is in February. Too bad we can't get rid of February," the singer commented. 

The singer also recalled his past saying, "It is difficult to move forward without fully healing one's scars. I don't know what an adult's take on this would be.  Please let me know your secret to overcome life as a young person in society."

He went on, "I had a lot of hardships during the past whether it be family or life in general. I think I just went after my dream that time.  I thought this was the only thing that I can do, so I kept running and never looked back. Although there were many mountains I had to climb, I think I managed to climb them all."

The singer continued, "As far as religious beliefs go, my mother once told me that God only gives you tests in which you can handle. I feel like I have grown more through these trials...I wish that these hardships now will someday turn into thanksgiving and praise."

Meanwhile, Junsu is busy with his musical 'Death Note.'  Based on the popular Japanese manga of the same name, beginning back on January 3 the musical adaptation will continue through the 26th.


Jaejoong was concerned about Junsu's looks?

By alim17

Junsu held a 'V' app live broadcast on January 12 to talk with fans!  He advised his fans on their concerns to greet the new year.

One fan revealed her concerns about her looks, and he said to her, "If everybody has a time when they look their best (looks bloom), that time is different for everyone."  He then recalled a conversation he had with JYJ member Jaejoong in the past.

He said, "When I was twenty, Jaejoong said this to me: 'You're cute right now, but I'm worried about when you become thirty.'  He said that half-jokingly, but I did worry about that. I worried that when young, people look cute, but as they age, that charm disappears. Jaejoong brought this up again before he went to the army, saying, 'As one gets older, one's face becomes more charming.'  That made me think that on one side, what he'd said when I was twenty was sincere, but I still liked feeling his sincerity [this time].  Even I think that as one ages, the face blooms."


Moldir Update...Art Director Jaejoong


Jaejoong IG Updates

jj_1986_jj ins 

jj_1986_jjDon't have a choice

jj_1986_jjI'm color-blind I can't see the....xx

[JJstagram] Finally I ate


Kim Jaejoong Update

via wonkabornfreeonekiss

2017 REBIRTH of JJ Concert Theme (Dresscode) is Your 10 Yrs:change, persistence, efforts, fashion past or future

If #U wanna know the #dress code of #KimJaeJoong for the upcoming #concert It’s gonna be a theme that tells 10 years collection! Why don’t you #share your thought on it!

reveals his busy future schedule: new album may take time but drama role seems imminent


Junsu is preparing for his new album before his enlistment, and will have a duet with Lim Chang-jung! 

JYJ's Junsu reportedly collaborating with veteran singer Lim Chang Jung before his enlistment

Reports on January 12 (KST) say that JYJ's Junsu is preparing a special project for fans, with veteran singer Lim Chang Jung

The idol is currently awaiting enlistment this coming February 9. His label C-Jes Entertainment stated, "Junsu is currently discussing a collaboration with Lim Chang Jung... But no song or release date has been determined." 

Junsu will also be wrapping up his musical 'Death Note' on January 26.


[OTHER IG] June.shin1 Instagram Update

Our is LOVE




Wonka BornfreeoneKiss
source: (Go to link and give hearts)

Jaejoong is at JHolic for the V app LIVE broadcast!


He plans to drink coffee often... many many times
No particular topic tonight just Q & A

Not on long term diet so don't want us to worry... Because of one night he drank with his friends, he ate a lot so on one day thing...
Intentionally posting a lot for overseas fans who have been waiting for me but can't meet me soon

Concert will be long !!!
Being able to communicate with us, fans, is the best part about him outside the army


JJ's opening "Do u know why I just laughed? Cos I'm so happy I came out to the world and it's already 3rd time meeting you through V App."

Jaejoong said he's now at JHolic airing the show! He's in the private room that's open only to him. The dolls around him are all fan gifts
Jaejoong saw videos of his hologram concert and felt it was awesome that fans enjoyed it so much even with his hologram self

Hahahahahahahaha. Trying to speak Thai "It's been a long time since I spoke in Thai. Oh I have never been good at it though."

Q. What do you want to eat the most at the moment? JJ: Curry and Kimbap
Hehehehe. Fans teasing him that he still speaks like a soldier, ends sentences with -다(da), -나(na), -까(kka)

Jaejoong heard the Kind of Thailand pass away while he was in the army and it really saddened him as he has visited Thailand serveral times
I'm not Thai but I'm so touched he mentioned the death of the King of Thailand. Not just an entertainer, indeed something more than talented.

LOL Jaejoong checking AGAIN if the employees of NAVER are watching him now "My Love NAVER" ohhhhhhh

V App Everything is well and good after discharge

“made 2 goals while playing soccer in army, one was a spectacular goal but... another one was a own goal.."

The happiest thing now is that I'm able to communicate with my fans

"I will collaborate with the best session band this concert... I felt real good during the rehearsal..."

Via crystalmoon64

Jaejoong via Cjestagram

Do #U wonder #KimJaeJoong his #military behind story? Then, let's be with #together at 8:30pm #today thru #Vapp live! Sounds #awesome

He is ready!!!! So are we!!!!
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Jaejoong IG Updates

[jj_1986_jj IG] 감사해요 에 나있다

[IG] Thank you. You can find me at Hongik University
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[jj_1986_jj IG] 오늘의 첫끼


Congratulations Junsu!

Congrats #KimJunSu his #receiving #popularity #award at the 12th #edition of #GoldenTicketAwards #tonight Stay tuned in him & the #amazing musical 'Death Note'

[cjesculture IG] 무대위에서도, 무대뒤에서도 환상케미! 이따 만나요 from. 샤엘&한라이또

[ENGSUB] kim Junsu & CJeS Culture Show Special Live

Xia Girl21

Speechless Check the greatest moments, tbt Vapp live CJES Culture ShoW thru the bio! #KimJunSu #KangHongSuk #ParkHyeNa #SeoYoungJoo #LeeChangYong #JeongSunAh #JinTaeHwa & #HongSeoYoung Was full of best live songs as well as hilarious catching up talks Stay tuned in the musical #DeathNote #TheBodyGuard #StoryofMyLife

via cjestagram


Other IG Updates...
Former soldiers hanging out with Jaejoong

[TR] O.H.T (T/N:우행시 is an acronym of the KR movie title Our Happy Time) 
It was fun~ Let us all smile in 2017!

[todaynvocal IG] With 형아 다시 한번 전역축하해요

[TR] A loyal man JJ hyung Congratulations so much on your military discharge!

Now and Then


Jaejoong is the Best!

A fellow soldier shares his army life with and praises his personality

[TR] Jaejoong's then-fellow soldier posted to He shared his impression about Jaejoong and that they actually read posts at DC


Kim Jaejoong (jj_1986_jj) IG update: 17/01/11

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss


170110 Junsu instagram update!


Jaejoong IG Updates

jj_1986_jj ins

[IG] Was really drunk last night but working hard again today...
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jj_1986_jj IG
[IG] Why is this in my cellphone?
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piki_meerkat ins

[Other IG] Just wait till he comes out! Legendary cast! will appear on piki cast!!!

via crystalmoon64

- The greatest guest of all time on Namanbwa LIVE! Jaejoong-nim will appear

on YouTube


Junsu Update
샤엘(L)의 뮤지컬 '데스노트' 이야기.
"이제 약 2주밖에 남지 않은 뮤지컬 '데스노트'
이 기회를 놓치지 마시고 많이 보러와주셨으면 좋겠습니다!"

김준수가 소개하는 천재명탐정 엘(L) >>
김준수에게 '데스노트'란? >>
2017년 '데스노트' 에 대한 이야기
그리고 마지막 인사 >>

#뮤지컬 #데스노트 #musical #deathnote #김준수 # #샤엘 #예술의전당 #인터뷰 #김준수에게 #데스노트란 #성장의동력 #이제 #2주밖에 #안남았어요 #많이 #보러와주세요
Keep your #eyes open on the #voice of #KimJunSu saying about the musical ‘Death Note’ it’ll #show only 2 weeks more! Check the bios for details Don’t miss the #fabulous performance

준수의 특급 라이브는 사랑입니다...
비글美 넘치는 씨제스컬쳐쇼 속 하드캐리甲 김준수 다시보기~
씨제스컬쳐SHOW 다시보기 ▶

with English subs now [V LIVE] [REPLAY] 씨제스컬쳐SHOW 특급라이브 (CJeS Culture Show)


JYJ Junsu to make a cameo appearance in 'Introverted Boss'

By KpopJoA  

On January 9, C-JeS Entertainment revealed JYJ Junsu will be making a surprise cameo appearance in upcoming tvN drama 'Introverted Boss.'  Having been dedicated to musicals, it will be 6 years since the singer acted in a drama, last being SBS's 'Scent of a Woman.'  

From the same creators who brought 'Marriage, Not Dating' to life, 'Introverted Boss' is a romantic comedy illustrating the clash between an introverted boss played by Yeon Woo Jin and an extroverted employee, Park Hye Soo.

Kim Junsu will play as himself, a top star in the drama.  Casting director, Song Young Wook stated, "We wanted an actual star to feature in the drama in order to present an enigmatic aura," and explained how the singer freely took the offer to play the role.

On set last week, Kim Junsu shined with his stunning visuals, receiving much praise from the staff, and clearly gave off a top-star vibe with his splendid acting performance.

Meanwhile, starting January 3, Kim Junsu is currently engaged in his role as L in musical 'Death Note.'


Jaejoong IG Update

jj_1986_jj ins

[JJ IG] #히로#hiro #ヒロ#창서기#상봉#내새끼 (KR) (JP) (*Hiro's old name XD) Baby


[IG] Hiro went to cheer for his hyeong, it's so unfair both of them are too cute visual shock at practice face-genius special reunion
via crystalmoon64

#Superb It's #cute #credit ? Check the #cutest pic of KimJaejoong & his #puppy Have a good one all!


Other IG Update
Reunion (of sorts) with Jaejoong...

[IG] Love you guys so much We got together in very long while Drank lots


Jaejoong will have V Live again on Jan 11, which is titled "The Story of Military Service that Oppa Tells You"

[V LIVE] #김재중 Oppa's army story telling: January 11 8:30 PM 


 12/1, 6pm - Junsu's new year worries
김준수와 함께하는 #신년맞이 #EVENT
새해요정 준수에게 무엇이든 말해보세요!
2017년 이루고 싶은 소망, 여러분들의 맘속에 있는 고민거리, 준수에게 하고싶은 모든 사연들!
지금 본 게시글의 댓글로 마구마구 적어주세요!

여러분들의 사연을 뽑아 준수가 직접 V live를 통해 읽어주는 BIG 이벤트!
준수는 여러분들의 사연을 기다립니다...☆

-참여기간 : 1월 10일 ~ 1월 11일
#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #새해요정_변신 #2017년 #신년맞이 #사연읽어주는_남자 #무엇이든_말해보세요 #카테고리_없는_사연콜렉터 #댓글을_기다립니다 #롸잇나우
Don’t #miss a new year EVENT of #KimJunSu If you leave comments regarding #anything you’ve had in #your mind till 11th, then he would #pick yours & read it on #Vapp live #broadcasting Right now, let’s go & join it!

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Junsu promises a gala show with the other JYJ members when he's back from the army

By alim17  

Singer Junsu talked about his pending military enlistment during a 'V' live broadcast for the cast of musical 'Dracula' on January 9.

He introduced the song "Loving You Keeps Me Alive," then, before singing it, he said, "After this event ends, I'm heading off to the military.  That's why I wanted to end with this song.  There were many songs I sang while shedding tears, but I don't think there was another song like this one that breaks down your emotions."

His colleagues told him, "Come back safe," and he said, "When I return, I will have a gala show with the [JYJ] members."



Kim Jaejoong to appear at a YouTube program TIPSY LIVE

"TIPSY live shoot with him today I know I'd turn to a squid but tried to look cool"

See example of TIPSY love here ->>

Since it's "tipsy" live where singers perform over alcohol, only those who are above 19 years old can watch the Tipsy Live vids on Youtube.


Jaejoong IG Updates
[JJstagram] (brand of soju, main sponsor of Tipsy Live)
via rubypurple_fan

[IG] Abstinence from alcohol Failed
Via crystalmoon64


CJES Musical Actors
Talk and Live Performances 

170110 Cjes Culture Family 'Welcome to CJeS Culture SHOW!' Funny moment.

Xia Girl21

170110 CJES ins update! FULL VER 

170109 CJES CULTURE instagram update! 

summer.jeong님의 사진

Junsu enjoying Sun ah's voice!
via XIAkiss


170109 Junsu singing <Loving You Keeps Me Alive > at V LIVE! 

Xia Girl21


"Pink rabbit Jaejoong" looks like a handsome boy

via crystalmoon64


Jaejoong IG Updates

[IG] Where am I headed to? Peekaboo
via crystalmoon64

[IG] Kentucky Hotdog 0g Transfat
 #Hot #Dog

via crystalmoon64

170109 Jaejoong INS update!



20170109 cjes.tagram IG


Jaejoong is working so hard again today: Hello, this is Jaejoong. Maybe I lived long enough, even something like this comes out

Click link below for more Jaejoong IG postings...


Kim Junsu to have a special appearance in tvN's new drama "Introverted Boss", this broadcast first in 6 years in Korea, begins on the 16th!
JYJ Junsu to cameo in Drama "Introverted Boss".. surprise appearance as a role of a Top Star


[스타SNS] 김재중, 세상 혼자 사는 비주얼… ‘나만 늙나봐’    
He lives all alone above the crowd... (His visual is top of the world) Seems like it's only me who is aging"
via crystalmoon64

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