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JYJ News Week of 5/1- 5/7/2017

What's New With JYJ?
Will Update Continuously...

Can't wait to receive my ! I'm sure it will be full of all kinds of awesome

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Can't tell! #U must see his #treasure #book #Amazing indeed! Happy #weekend w/it!

[Cjes IG] Can you guess how refreshing looks in his Treasure Book?
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Jaejoong IG Update

Nice to see having a fun time with friends

[IG] Your face disappeared, Sangwu! Army buddy Sangwu(same class)

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[V Report] Kim Jaejoong- second part of his culinary trip in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


[CJES Kakao]




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[Cjes IG] Hope you can avoid eating snake soup The coin is tossed! His fate? Go check->>>

Finally, the full #version of his #food #travel in Taiwan is released! Hit the bio! #Happy weekend & #enjoy it!

[CJES weibo]

Our adorkable !

Photo published for [V LIVE] 김재중 - 대만 야시장 먹거리 종결! 그 음식의 정체는? (JJ's food travel)

V-LIVE challenged himself to eat snake soup: Feels weird

V-LIVE Warmhearted buys gift for his staff with extra money he received
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[Cjes] Boneless snake soup in front of What did JJ's cells shouted about its taste? ->

[JYJ FB] sets out to conquer Taiwan's nighttime street food and came up with Theory of Food/People Compatibility? Don't miss it!



How #fabulous he is! Don't miss the #photo book that we could #reserve it till #May 10th!


I think has seen posts! Happy Birthday  
Hoping for comeback soon!

[IG] Congrats Yeongdal-ah I Am You You are Me
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Note: In the drama 'Triangle', Heo YoungDal's birthday is 5/5/1984


[Cjes IG] Jaejoong + Hiro! Love this combo! Photobook preorder open till 5/10 go go ->

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[OTHER SNS] 160503~04 Gangnam Tourist Information Center Facebook and (JP) Twitter Update: Get a copy of Yuchun’s postcard

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#Event #Springevent #jyj #parkyuchun #junsoo #Jaejung #ParkYuchun #KimJunsu #KimJaejoong #KIMJAEJOONG #KIMJUNSOO

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[INFO] ‘Lucid Dream’ will be available on Netflix on June 2

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JJ IG Updates

... Very nice. Hope we see the finish product of what they're putting together!



Jaejoong IG Updates

All covered up and still looks gorgeous!

Our making us hungry again!

[IG] Cooked blue crab seafood casserole
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Always so happy to see All kinds of

[Cjes IG] Haven't watched the birth of another legend, driving , last night? pls go watch->

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Let's Keep Voting!   
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[OTHER TWITTER] 160501 Gangnam Tourist Information Center (JP) Twitter Update – May 2017 event involving JYJ’s handprints

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#NEWEVENT #ParkYuchun #6002 #JYJ #Junsu #Jaejoong

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Park Yoochun’s Maternal Grandmother Revealed To Have Passed Away


On May 2, it was reported that JYJ’s Park Yoochun’s maternal grandmother had passed away.
Later on the same day, C-JeS Entertainment, Park Yoochun’s agency, confirmed the news. A source from the agency stated, “Park Yoochun heard the news and headed to the funeral home as soon as he got off work. He and his mother will be standing vigil there.”
Park Yoochun is currently serving in the military as part of his mandatory service. He is serving as a public service worker in a district office in Gangnam and will be discharged on August 26. He has also announced that he will be getting married in September of this year.
Source (1) (2)

[NEWS] 170502 Park Yuchun “Travel to funeral home for mourning of maternal grandmother, participating in wake with his mother” [Official]

We have learned of the sad news of actor Park Yuchun’s mourning for his maternal grandmother.
Park Yuchun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment said in the afternoon of May 2nd, “Park Yuchun is in mourning for his maternal grandmother.”
Continuing it was added, “Park Yuchun heard the news and is heading to the funeral home after he gets off work,” and, “He plans to participate in the wake with his mother”.
Park Yuchun is currently in the middle of his service as a public service worker at Gangnam District Office, and is going to be discharged (from his military service) the coming August 26.

▼ Below is the full text of C-JeS Entertainment’s official stance
It’s correct Park Yuchun is in mourning for his maternal grandmother.
We can confirm that Park Yuchun heard the news and is heading to the funeral home after he gets off work. He plans to participate in the wake with his mother.

Other than the additional official stance, we have nothing else.
We ask for your understanding by all means.
Thank you.

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Our is so full of and all kinds of !

Photo published for [V LIVE] 같이 밤 드라이브 하러 갈래?

He showed us nighttime view of Seoul and lingered a bit too long on this female statue... LOL

Translations of 'news' from crystalmoon0213

drives to Bukak Mountain's Palgak-jeong for first time in his life Enjoys/introduces nighttime view of Seoul


Stayed home all day coz no schedule... Wondered to put cap on but didn't... Wanted to show new hair cut to fans

on diet... orders hot chocolate as his first meal of the day


I may sound funny when I speak tonight coz I put my retainer on... If I don't put it on for a long time, my teeth start moving again
Catch cold 2-3 times a year it's about time Is it allergies? I'm doing "V-Live" hiding here Can't pronounce correctly coz of retainer

[Again V] cares about his staff(Doesn't want them working in long weekend so won't do another V-LIVE next day)



Afraid to #say that his #upcoming V-live will be started at 8pm bcoz of current situation. We'd sorry for that, and #thank you for your #waiting

Note: There was a delay in start of the VLive because Jaejoong was being followed by some fans (sasengs?). Thus JJ actually pleaded (very kindly) on his IG to not follow him (then he deleted the post)


Handsome !  

Wanna #one #pic more? Check his #treasure #book & don't miss the upcoming V-live #tonight


[IG] At Han River It's been a while
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Hmmm I remember this...💚😂💚 glowing in red & this fangirl turned into all kinds of crazy LOL

It's #speechlessly #good Check his #treasure book, including #fashion #pictorial

[Cjes IG] Treasure Book brings you 's wink First Korean 's story and photos Special book
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The cat whisperer ! NOT! 🤣😂🙃

[Cjes IG] plays w kitten in his hometown Wonderful weather Great for picnic Why don't you turn around and look at him kitty cat?
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