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JYJ News Week of 2/5- 2/11/2018

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JYJ LINE 생일 팬미팅에서 팬들에게 역대급 사랑을 보여준 김재중😘✌🏻 심쿵심쿵한 비주얼도 추가요!👏🏻👏🏻 지금 만나보세요▶️ The best fan meeting ever! Enjoy the behind the scenes posting of the day!

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JYJ added 2 new photos.
He showed us how much he loved us at the birthday fan meeting. Enjoy the behind the scenes posting of the day!

  • cjes.tagram팬들과 역대급 사랑을 나눈 김재중😘❤️
    물론 심쿵 포인트도 오조오억개 대기 중💌
    바로 만나보세요▶️ http://1boon.kakao.com/cjes/Jparty_behind
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    Awesome indeed! The best fan meeting ever! Here are some pictures from the day that will make your heart race!

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    Photo People Previews
    [V LIVE] [Preview] A superstar’s shining moment (feat. screaming fangirls) 
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    Watch subbed episodes of Photo People here http://channels.vlive.tv/D37577


    2018 PARK YUCHUN FANMEETING & MINI CONCERT IN JAPAN '再会 remember the memories' Date : 2018年3月10日, 11日
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    JYJLINE update on Yoochun's FM and Mini concert

    Park Yoo-chun to Hold Fan Meeting in Japan

    Actor and a member of K-pop group JYJ Park Yoo-chun has released his first official schedule since his discharge from military duty. After his service as a public service worker that ended on August 25th, 2017, this will be his first public appearance.
    According to Japan's official JYJ website, Park Yoo-chun will be holding a fan meeting on this upcoming March 10th and 11th in Tokyo Musashino Forest Sport Centre's main arena. The title of this fan meeting is "2018 PARK YUCHUN FANMEETING & MINI CONCERT IN JAPAN - remember the memories".
    Park Yoo-chun has already held a huge fan meeting in Japan before he enlisted to his military duty back in August 2015. This upcoming fan meeting will be a chance for Japanese fans to reunite with him and remember the time they spent together in the last fan meeting. The meeting will be filled with surprises as it takes the format of mini concert.
    By: Lily Lee
    Source : entertain.naver.com/r..HanCinema


    [ENGSUB] 180202 JAEJOONG 김재중 TBS Hayadoki Jaejoong cut

    잴러리 DC

    [ENGSUB] 180202 JAEJOONG 김재중 CX-Tune

    잴러리 DC


    Jaejoong's Bright Starts in Japan
    HQ Pics
    as tagged

    Another pic (as tagged)

    180208 There is article and photos about Jaejoong in 女性セブン (Josei seven) magazine.(weekly jp magazine) There is a article about Jaejoong's Bright Starts in Japan 2018 News. Shared by manitude_jj
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    Scroll down for more Bright Starts in Japan


    JJ IG Update

    Aww man, I was hoping to wake up to ’s face or something. We get crabs instead! Oh well, anything JJ is worthwhile.

    [Eng Sub] Bright Starts in Japan 2018 Press Conference

    Angel Wing


    JYJ's Jaejoong to officially resume his Japanese promotions after 8 years

    JYJ's Jaejoong will officially return to promoting overseas in Japan after 8 years, he said during a recent fan meeting. 

    The singer/actor established his fan club 'JAEFANS' last year in December, kicking off his Japanese performances. Then, on February 1, Jaejoong held a fan meeting in Tokyo with 2,300 fans, where he made the official announcement. He shared, "I think it has been 8-9 years since my official Japanese promotion. I am eagerly studying Japanese at the moment." The singer is said to be working on a new Japanese solo album.

    Furthermore, Jaejoong will be appearing on stage this spring at the '3rd Annual Tokyo Girls Music Festival 2018' at Yokohama Arena on April 1 with the theme,  'Be Yourself'.

    Meanwhile, Jaejoong had the privilege to celebrate his birthday with fans in Korea last month on January 27. Stay tuned for more of Jaejoong's Japanese activities!


    [Cjes IG] The reason why put down his camera for a moment: To take over the streets of Paris with the fellow models
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    180206 Cjes.tagram IG/JYJ FB UPDATE

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    [Cjes IG] A charismatic photographer He look this cool when he is focused on something! Every Monday/Tuesday at 9 PM KST

    180207 cjes.tagram IG UPDATE

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    JYJ Jaejoong is a professional photographer! The Audience rave!


    Prince JJ is back!

    restarts full fledged activities in Japan in 8 years

    [FULL TR] Singer/actor restarts full fledged Japan activities Pls ❤️ this article !!

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    New Photo People Episodes
    Aired 2/6/18

    Click links and give hearts...

    Exciting & enjoyable , the #1 web show! Watch latest episode here: w/ , , , , & more

    Handsome photographer of 💚😊💚 Watch latest subbed episode here: and give hearts!


    JJ keeps teasing us. When is this app coming out? Hello is life!


    Always appreciate any updates!!!  

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    Loves him the way he is. My #heart is racing! Check out the #posting #now

  • [Cjes IG] Model accomplished this mission singlehandedly ✌🏻  
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    Photo People Update

      Travel+Challenge+Healing worked! Took first place among VLIVE/NaverTV web variety programs

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    "Photo People", Naver selected #1 Web performance December 1, 2017 (Source: Tenasia | Naver TV Entertainment)

    Congratulations #1 VLIVE/NaverTV web variety programs FIGHTING !!!

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    So proud! #1 Web show w/ ˙포토피플˙, V라이브-네이버TV 웹예능 1위.."여행+도전+힐링" (출처 : 서울경제 | 네이버 TV연예)



    잴러리 DC


    잴러리 DC

    Jaejoong in Japan newspapers/magazines 

    Complete Jaejoong's Bright Starts in Japan recap (vids/pics/translations/fan accounts)
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    New Photo People Episodes
    Aired 1/5/18
    Click on links and give hearts...

    I’m sexy and I know it! in ! w/

    Photographer of Watch episodes & give hearts! W/

    displays unparalleled skills during fashion magazine pictorial shoot

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