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[Other IG TR] visits filming location w nighttime snack for and staffs

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Our w/ uber manager Ahnjang and current daily manager KyungTae.take care of our
[Cjes IG] His everyday fashion (Somewhere between JJ n Bong Pil) So hip Impeccable fashion sense Is he JJ or Bong Pil Both handsome 

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I like this hard working photographer! is !


Manhole Episodes 11 and 12 Recaps...

Manhole: Episode 11

Just when we thought we had the manhole all figured out, the magical sewage topper throws a curveball and transports Pil to an entirely unexpected year. Naturally, a new year means new changes, and there’s one major change in particular that Pil can’t bring himself to accept, even though it’s what Soo-jin wants. And while Pil grapples with the idea of destiny, Jae-hyun’s seemingly perfect image begins to show its cracks.

  EPISODE 11: “Love always runs away”

We open with quick shots of Tower Bridge and red buses, which could only mean we’re in England, where Soo-jin is studying abroad. While rushing to class, Soo-jin drops her textbook and is surprised to see Jae-hyun pick it up for her. Oh hey, Stalker.
He feigns surprise at seeing her and tells her that he’s currently visiting a friend who attends the same school. Soo-jin beams, happy to see a familiar face so “coincidentally.”

At a police station back in Korea, Pil wakes up from a nap when a drunken man grabs Pil’s hair and hollers for a glass of water. The date is September 2018, which means we are now in the… future? Well, okay then.
Once Pil’s colleagues pull the drunk guy off of him, Pil looks down at himself and sees that he’s in police officer garb. His older colleague informs him that it’s the year 2018, and Pil is gobsmacked to realize that he’s in the future now.

Pil wonders why he’s in the future when normally he’s transported to the past, and then he recalls that it was only 11:00 p.m. (not the usual midnight) when he was in the middle of a scuffle (with Jae-hyun) that the manhole trip commenced. This anomalous instance confounds him, but before he can process it all, he and his colleague set off to do their job and patrol the streets.
They stop to help an elderly woman push her wheelbarrow stacked with paper, and Pil’s colleague laments that their neighborhood used to be nice, but now, residents don’t leave their homes after dark due to a rise in assaults. Soon after, Pil and his colleague get called to another location, where two concerned neighbors lead them to a residence that the tenant hasn’t left in over a month. Fearing the worst, a locksmith is called, and the police officers enter the home to investigate.

The place is dark and dusty, and Pil can’t believe that a novice like him is already diving in to work. He opens the bedroom door and finds a pallid woman lying unconscious on the floor, surrounded by empty soju bottles.
While his colleague calls for an ambulance, Pil takes a closer look at the woman and spots the framed photo of herself with Jae-hyun, realizing that she’s Young-joo, who he recalls seeing on dates with Jae-hyun during a couple of his manhole trips.
She’s rushed to the hospital, and the doctor informs the officers that she fainted from malnutrition and anemia, but what’s more dire is her psychological health, especially if she hadn’t stepped outside for an entire month.

Pil wonders how she became like this and assumes that she’s still dating Jae-hyun. Seconds later, Young-joo wakes up and meekly tells Pil that she didn’t leave the house because she didn’t want to.
At the mention of Jae-hyun’s name, Young-joo grabs Pil’s hand and begs him to call Jae-hyun on her behalf and inform him that she’s in the hospital suffering because of him. She laments that he won’t meet up with her otherwise, and she figures he’ll show up once he learns she’s at the hospital.
As Pil walks out, he wonders how someone who looked perfectly fine could end up like that. He also figures that Jae-hyun isn’t dating Soo-jin currently, since Soo-jin’s studying abroad. But to his dismay, he spots Jae-hyun entering Soo-jin’s home.

Inside, Soo-jin’s parents and Pil’s parents chat over tea. The former proposes that they all travel abroad together since there are many affordable travel packages, but the latter are concerned about money. Soo-jin’s parents remind them that they can ask Pil to pitch in since he’s making money now and add that they, too, aren’t traveling on their own dime.
Just then, Jae-hyun arrives and brightly greets everyone. Soo-jin’s parents update him and mention that they suggested traveling with Pil’s parents (since Jae-hyun offered to fund their trip), and Jae-hyun says it’s a great idea before gifting them with vitamins. As Soo-jin’s parents smile at Jae-hyun’s generosity, Pil’s parents sit uneasily, feeling inferior.

Just then, Pil bursts in and wonders why Jae-hyun, of all people, is sitting cozily inside Soo-jin’s house. Offended, Soo-jin’s mom answers that there’s no reason why a son-in-law can’t pay a visit. Pil can’t believe his ears, and his parents rush him out before he can cause an even bigger scene.
Once at home, they wonder if Pil’s drunk, but Pil says he’s totally sober and doesn’t understand how Soo-jin, who’s studying abroad, could’ve possibly married Jae-hyun. His mom exasperatedly tells him that it’s been awhile since she returned and got married, but Pil decides to seek the truth himself.
He visits Soo-jin’s old boss, who’s surprised that Pil isn’t aware that Soo-jin got married and quit working some time back.

Pil then visits Gu-gil at the billiards room and freaks him out when he proves to have no idea that Soo-jin’s nearing one year of marriage. Gu-gil brings up Pil drunkenly complaining about the noise during the “hahm” event, and all the memories — hollering his discontent at Jae-hyun and Soo-jin, Soo-jin handing him a wedding invite, his buddies tending to him after he got knocked out by Jae-hyun — flood back to him.
Pil processes this and deduces that he’s traveled one year to the future from when he first traveled through time via the manhole: “This isn’t a time travel situation. This is reality.”

At her newlywed home that’s decorated with wedding photos, Soo-jin happily packs a homemade lunch for Jae-hyun. Jin-sook and Jung-ae stop by, and she’s happy to see them since the two have been busy with their respective businesses. We learn that Jung-ae now operates Jin-sook’s juice truck, albeit with only a fraction of the customers Jin-sook attracted.
While Pil struggles to come to terms with Soo-jin’s marriage in a park, the three girls catch up, and Soo-jin expresses her surprise that Jin-sook and her boyfriend — his name isn’t mentioned, but we can safely assume it’s Seok-tae — are still going strong. Dal-soo’s been MIA, but they don’t dwell on that topic for Jung-ae’s sake.

Soo-jin shyly admits that she’s happy all the time as Jae-hyun’s wife, and at noon, the trio head out together and agree to see each other at the BongBong Pub later tonight.
Soo-jin’s en route to the pharmacy with Jae-hyun’s lunch, but stops and turns around when she senses something off. She resumes walking when she doesn’t see anything, but we see that Young-joo had been spying on her from behind a tree.

When Soo-jin arrives, she silently admires Jae-hyun patiently tending to the elderly at work before surprising him with lunch. They head over to the park, where Jae-hyun compliments Soo-jin on her tasty cooking. Pil’s not too far away and watches them sadly.
Jae-hyun informs Soo-jin that he ran into Pil at her parents’ place, and that Pil seemed drunk as he bizarrely stated his inability to fathom that they had gotten married. Soo-jin isn’t pleased to hear about Pil’s antics, but Jae-hyun says he agreed to let it slide on account of Pil’s inebriation.

Soo-jin cautiously brings up the idea of reopening her photo studio again, claiming that she isn’t the housekeeping type and is dying to work. But the discontent is apparent on Jae-hyun’s face, even though he agrees to think it over. But when Soo-jin gets up to buy Jae-hyun a drink, she spots Pil lurking nearby.
She chides him for spewing nonsense at her house earlier and instructs him to give up drinking. Pil asks her if she really did get married, and she figures he’s still not sober and just says that she’ll see him tonight at the pub.

Pil’s parents recover from the scene Pil made at Soo-jin’s parents’ house and figure that time will heal Pil’s broken heart. But in the meantime, Pil’s mom eagerly spreads out photos of eligible women interested in going on a blind date with Pil, while Pil comes home and dejectedly heads up to his room.
He looks through the window to where Soo-jin no longer lives across from him and wonders if her marriage was ultimately unpreventable. His mom comes up and shows him a photo of one of the single ladies, but Pil’s feeling utterly defeated and says he’ll just live sad and single forever even if everyone else around him gets happily married.

Over at the juice truck, Jung-ae grumbles that business isn’t doing as well for her as it did for Jin-sook. Gu-gil stops by to buy a glass juice when Jung-ae laments that she only sold three, but she snaps that he was the one that bought the three. He’s still fine with buying another (aw), and mentions tonight’s get-together, though he’s alarmed to hear that she’s not sure she wants to go.
He asks if she’s worried Dal-soo will show up, and Jung-ae warns him not to refer to him again. But Gu-gil assures her that someone as important as Dal-soo won’t show up anyway, so she should definitely go.

Speaking of, we find Dal-soo dressed in a suit inside a sleek office, looking decidedly corporate. But he’s clearly depressed and bored as he signs off on deals without reading them, since his older brother CEO is the big gun of the trading company. His stifled existence causes him to sigh, and he wonders why life is such a drag. Seok-tae sends him a text reminding him about tonight’s get-together, but Dal-soo’s reluctant to show his face there.
Meanwhile, we find out that Seok-tae is an employee of the civil construction department and that he helps callers with their plumbing concerns. Seeing that Dal-soo didn’t respond to his text, Seok-tae assumes Dal-soo will be a no-show again.

Jin-sook’s skewer restaurant is packed with customers, one of which is Seok-tae. Jin-sook eagerly takes a seat beside him, and he tells her how proud he is of her for achieving her dreams. (The two make a giddy and supportive pair!)
Jung-ae, Gu-gil, Jin-sook, and Seok-tae have already assembled at BongBong Pub, and the bartenders are surprised the group continues to hang out together even after Soo-jin got married. They even order their usual dish, and just one at that, much to the bartenders’ dismay.

Pil takes a deep breath before joining his buddies inside. He notices Seok-tae and Jin-sook acting affectionate and asks if they’re dating, to which Seok-tae matter-of-factly answers that they’ve been dating for just under one year. Pil smiles, thinking back on when he and Jin-sook were once engaged.
Seok-tae also reminds Pil that he wears a suit because he’s a civil servant now, and that Pil should defer to him since he passed his exam before Pil did. Pil notes that a lot much has happened in a year, and he’s having a hard time acclimating to the changes.
Soo-jin finally arrives with Jae-hyun, and Pil says internally that Soo-jin is the hardest to get used to. Meanwhile, Dal-soo pulls up to the pub outside, unbeknownst to the rest of the group.

He quietly enters and overhears his old friends wondering if he’ll show up. Gu-gil defiantly insists that Dal-soo wouldn’t dare show up after abandoning his friends and leaving the neighborhood to work for his father when pretending to be poor got too tough. Feeling uncomfortable, Jung-ae suggests they stop talking about him, and Dal-soo quietly exits. Aw.
Jin-sook says that Soo-jin’s marriage was everyone’s turning point, because afterward, she became the CEO of her own business, Pil and Seok-tae both passed their exams, and Jung-ae acquired a food truck. She falters when she gets to Gu-gil, but Jung-ae chimes in that Gu-gil’s billiards business is doing well, which makes Gu-gil light up.

Jae-hyun announces that he’d like to properly apologize to Pil for the incident — when Jae-hyun knocked Pil out — that occurred before the wedding. He bows in regret, and everyone’s impressed by Jae-hyun’s magnanimity except for Pil, who doesn’t buy any of it.
Jung-ae calls Soo-jin and Jae-hyun the “fated couple” since they coincidentally met in Europe. Pil asks Soo-jin if this is true, and she confirms that she met Jae-hyun while studying abroad, and to this day, she still finds their chance encounter fascinating.

In flashback, we see that after Soo-jin and Jae-hyun first bumped into each other on campus, Jae-hyun asked her out to dinner on a separate occasion, and Soo-jin had gladly said yes.
Back in the present, while everyone swoons at their romantic meet-cute, Pil remembers running into Jae-hyun when he was engaged to Jin-sook and spotting Jae-hyun’s bag, which had advertised study abroad services.

Pil follows Jae-hyun when he steps out for a moment and confronts him on whether his meeting Soo-jin abroad truly was a coincidence. Jae-hyun doesn’t follow, so Pil states his belief that Jae-hyun approached her intentionally and stalked her, already knowing she would study abroad. Jae-hyun laughs and figures that Pil’s unresolved feelings for Soo-jin are giving him ideas. He suggests that Pil stay in his lane, but Pil answers that he’ll see how Jae-hyun does first.
Inside, the crew figures that Pil and Jae-hyun haven’t returned yet because they’re patching things up outside.

Back outside, Jae-hyun’s cool demeanor starts to crack when he gets the impression that Pil intends to replace him if he’s not good to Soo-jin. He suggests they stop fighting and go back inside, but then Pil brings up Young-joo, and we see glimmers of Jae-hyun’s rage upon hearing the name.
When Pil says that it seemed like Young-joo was suffering because of Jae-hyun, Jae-hyun loses it and shouts that it’s not his responsibility to help her get over the breakup, adding that he’s the victim who suffered from her obsession with him.
“What do you know about me to say such a thing?” Jae-hyun bellows. Pil answers that he can’t trust a single thing Jae-hyun says, and that the Jae-hyun he knows gravitates toward evil under his innocent facade. Suddenly, Soo-jin steps in between them and breaks them up.

She’s alarmed by Pil’s audacity to say such things to Jae-hyun, who decides to leave the party early in a huff.
Soo-jin follows him to the car and tries to appease him by apologizing on Pil’s behalf, but that gesture only angers him more. Jae-hyun wonders why Soo-jin continues to attend these gatherings and requests that she try not to attend anymore or to show up alone, because he’s exhausted by her friends.
With that, Jae-hyun angrily drives off, leaving Soo-jin speechless.

Meanwhile, Dal-soo pulls up outside his old DVD store/home. It’s closed, so he peers through the door and spots the giant teddy bear he shyly gifted to Jung-ae. He quickly hides when he spots Gu-gil walking Jung-ae to the store, and watches as Jung-ae thanks Gu-gil for making her feel safe and for reassuring her about the juice truck.
After Gu-gil happily saunters away, Dal-soo wonders what the juice truck is about.

Outside their family homes, Soo-jin hands Pil a box containing all their memories, along with every memento. Saddened, Pil asks her why she’s giving this to him, and she says she wants to settle their relationship for good and return his heart, too.
Cool and composed, she says she understands why Pil didn’t show up at her wedding, but she hopes that Pil can respect her decision to be with Jae-hyun, forget the past, and return as her friend.
Pil’s clearly heartbroken, but at Soo-jin’s insistence, he shakes her outstretched hand.

Meanwhile, Jae-hyun angrily pulls into the front of his apartment. Behind him, a middle-aged driver honks for Jae-hyun to move his car and steps out to gripe about Jae-hyun’s lack of courtesy. Oy, don’t poke the bear!
Fuming, Jae-hyun steps out of his car and bellows at the man, “Why are you talking down to me?!” Soo-jin witnesses all this by standing just a few feet away, and she’s stunned speechless to see this side of Jae-hyun. The driver trembles in fear when Jae-hyun orders him to stay silent and still if he wants to park his car.

Jae-hyun hops back inside his car, bangs his fist against the wheel, and growls in frustration. Yup, no more Mr. Nice Guy.
Next, we see Young-joo telling a psychologist that she didn’t allow Jae-hyun to break up with her because Jae-hyun married his new woman out of spite, and not because he loved her. She claims that she’s the only woman who can make Jae-hyun happy, and that if his wife knew his true colors, she wouldn’t be able to handle him.

In his bedroom, Pil opens the box filled with old keepsakes. He picks up a rock with “Soo-jin is ugly” written on it, followed by the camera he had given her. He sighs, feeling completely stifled: “I should congratulate you on your marriage, say that I’m glad you appear happy, but I just can’t do that.”
He checks the clock — it’s almost quarter to midnight — and heads out. As he’s running, he determines that he can’t live like this: “I came back to my reality, and I finally became a police officer like I wanted, but without Soo-jin, my life is meaningless. Soo-jin, I will turn everything around. I will change this no matter what it takes to get you back.”
He sprints through the tunnel, but when he approaches the site of the manhole, the lid is gone, and the hole’s been sealed with cement.
Dumbstruck, Pil wonders where it went. “What’s going on?” he shouts in frustration.

I wish I could answer your question, Pil, but it seems the rules of the manhole — which were shaky to begin with — have officially been thrown out the window. I guess when the idea well runs dry in terms of where and when Pil should be sent next in the past, the only other option is to send Pil to untapped territory, aka the future. But despite an unexpected trip to the future, this episode felt more or less the same as the previous episodes that occurred in the past, because the exact same chain of events happened: 1) Pil gets transported to a different year, 2) Pil has no choice but to quickly get his bearings and recalibrate, 3) Pil struggles to come to grips with how his people and world changed, 4) Pil reluctantly acquiesces because he has no other choice, 5) Pil’s reluctant acceptance turns to despair, 6) Sad Pil gets zapped back to the manhole, and 7) we do it all over again.
My major beef with Manhole is the fact that due to narrative restraints and magical manhole “regulations,” Pil is only able to react to everything that gets thrown at him instead of act; there’s too much of the same reactions and too few meaningful actions that Pil takes, because ultimately, everything gets reset — ergo, why should Pil expend energy when the result is ultimately futile? Pil is powerless and always at the mercy of the apparently capricious manhole. Moreover, being so helpless doesn’t look that great for Pil, since he was a directionless slacker to begin with. Fine, his pretty puppy dog eyes can be considered a treat, but haven’t we seen them too many times already?
Pil was spurred to action at the end, and I know I’m supposed to find his determination admirable, but I actually don’t because he’s been gung-ho about Soo-jin since forever, and I know he has no idea how to “turn everything around” and do what it takes to get her back. He has no idea, and we as viewers don’t either, so I wasn’t moved or convinced by his determination. The intent is there, but the plan is absent because the rules of time travel are nebulous. I mean, does Pil eventually become buddies with the aliens and strike a deal with them to get Soo-jin back?

Also, his internal monologue at the end came across as so self-centered to me. Even though Pil isn’t entirely privy to Jae-hyun’s dangerous tendencies, he knew enough to suspect the worst, and I would’ve much preferred it if at the end, Pil’s determination to turn things around came from his desire to rescue Soo-jin from danger because he was legitimately concerned about her well-being. Instead, Pil prioritized his long held crush and his incomplete life without Soo-jin; his needs came before Soo-jin’s safety.
I have to say, it is pretty entertaining to see Jae-hyun’s eyes switch from innocent and well-meaning to dark and frightening. It’s simultaneously fascinating and scary to see actor Jang Mi-kwan seamlessly go back and forth between two extreme dispositions with such ease. As for Gu-gil, Jung-ae, Jin-sook, and Seok-tae, all of them are likable enough, but their stories are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things, which makes it hard for me to stay invested.
I wish there were more aspects of the show that would make me cheer, but unfortunately, I can really only come up with one tiny silver lining: Pil is finally employed. Huzzah!

Manhole: Episode 12

Oh my, aren’t we getting a bit dark for a romantic comedy? You would think I’d have learned by now not to expect Manhole to follow any set plot lines, but I’m really surprised by the turn this show is taking. Still, the increasing suspense makes for an interesting watch, and I’m sure the feeling will return to my fingers eventually… once I manage to unclench them from my pillow, that is.


EPISODE 12: “Love, the unknown”

Deciding that he can’t live in a timeline where he’s not with Soo-jin, Pil races back to the manhole. As he runs through the tunnel, a countdown clock tells us that he has thirty seconds until midnight. Except, when he gets there, he finds the manhole not only closed up, but paved over.
Pil yells to the skies in disbelief and starts shouting at the manhole for disappearing, causing a nearby couple to skirt nervously past the “crazy person.” Heh.
When his phone beeps that it’s three minutes past midnight, Pil collapses by the inaccessible manhole, worrying that this means he can no longer go back in time.

Back at Pil’s house, Mom and Dad have selected the picture of the girl they prefer for their future daughter-in-law. As they happily gush over how pretty she is (and the good-looking grandchildren she and Pil could make for them – ugh), Pil charges into the house, dashing past his parents as they wave the headshot at him.
Pil runs up to his room and tries to use the internet to find information on the town manholes, but since he searches clever things like “manholes that disappeared,” he unsurprisingly doesn’t find anything. Remembering that Seok-tae works for the city, Pil calls his friend, however, Seok-tae just quips that he’s off duty right now and to call him at work tomorrow. Reaching a dead end, Pil swears, resigning himself to another day in 2018.

The following morning, Jae-hyun is out for a run when he senses someone watching him. Turning around quickly, he catches his ex-girlfriend (and maybe-stalker) Young-joo watching him from behind a tree.
The two of them sit on a park bench to talk, and Jae-hyun has his creepy blank face on when he casually mentions that he heard that Young-joo was hospitalized. In answer, she grabs his hand and says that she can’t eat or sleep, threatening to die without him. Jae-hyun replies with an oh-so-sensitive, “So?” Damn.
Jae-hyun yanks his hand away and asks if she’ll keep following him around forever. He yells that he has a family now, but Young-joo insists that he doesn’t love “that woman” more than her.

Taking his hand again, Young-joo desperately asks if she did something wrong to make Jae-hyun marry Soo-jin, but he replies that he loves his wife. “You can’t even imagine how much I love her,” he says.
Throwing her hand away again, he snaps at her to stop following him and get herself treated (as in, psychologically). He storms off, not seeing that his phone fell out of his pocket onto the bench… where Young-joo eagerly picks it up. Ruh-roh.

Soo-jin is fixing breakfast at her apartment, and keeps flashing back to last night when she witnessed Jae-hyun yelling at the elderly man who asked him to move his car. Thinking about how he beat his steering wheel in rage, Soo-jin doesn’t notice Jae-hyun return from his run until he swoops up behind her.
They sit together at the table, and Soo-jin smiles as her husband eats his breakfast, but she keeps watching him, trying to match his happy countenance with the anger she witnessed last night.
Jae-hyun notices her stare, but is distracted when he realizes his phone is missing. He guesses that he dropped it while running, but when Soo-jin calls it, no one answers.

Figuring that he can call it later, Jae-hyun heads off to work. Soo-jin walks him out, and as they hug goodbye, we see Young-joo watching the couple from afar. After Jae-hyun leaves, Young-joo calls Soo-jin with Jae-hyun’s missing phone, claiming to be a stranger who found the phone and that she redialed the last number received.
Agreeing to meet her to pick up the phone, Soo-jin runs to the park where Young-joo is waiting. Young-joo hands the phone back and Soo-jin thanks her profusely, asking how she can repay her. Young-joo brushes it off, saying she lives in the neighborhood and that Soo-jin can just buy her lunch the next time they meet.

Pil runs to city hall and, after fibbing to his police sunbae that he’s running late to work due to breaking up a fight (he even acts out yelling at imaginary assailants), he heads inside looking for Seok-tae. Happy to find that his friend works in the civil construction department, he and Seok-tae head outside for a chat.
Pil asks about the manhole in their town, and Seok-tae reveals that the city had received a number of complaints from people about hearing strange noises or seeing ghosts coming out of it. (No surprise there.) Pil gets huffy that the city would block off a perfectly good manhole over a few complaints, but Seok-tae wonders why a police officer is so interested in manholes.
Realizing that there’s no other way to ask for his help, Pil tells Seok-tae about his time traveling.

We cut over to the see the two guys standing over the manhole, with Pil swearing that he’s telling the truth. Claiming that he needs the manhole to go back in time, Pil asks his friend to restore it for him.
Seok-tae nods along with Pil’s story… then asks if this is all part of some bet Pil made with Gu-gil to see if they could fool him. (Heh.) Pil tries to say that that’s not it, but Seok-tae yells over him at the perceived prank and stalks off. After he leaves, Pil sighs that it really is a hard truth to believe and worries about how he’ll convince his friend.

Meanwhile, a man is walking down the tunnel when our man in black from last week marches up behind him. (I’m going with the assumption that this is once again Jae-hyun.) Without preamble, Jae-hyun punches the man in the back and starts furiously wailing on him.
The man’s cries of pain draw Pil’s attention, and he starts to run towards the fight. Jae-hyun immediately sprints away and, after checking that the victim is all right, Pil gives chase.

Jae-hyun runs through the neighborhood, barreling through couples and throwing trash behind him. Pil stays hot on his heels up until a windy staircase. Giving an almighty leap, Pil closes the gap and grabs Jae-hyun’s shoulder.
Unfortunately, he can’t get a good grip, and his hands slide off, sending Pil sprawling. His quarry runs away, vanishing around a corner.
Pil calls in the assault and limps back to the tunnel where the paramedics are tending to the injured man. Pil’s sunbae is there as well and sighs when Pil admits that he couldn’t get a look at the assailant.

The two turn to go back to the station, but Pil stops to see something on the ground. It looks like a crumpled piece of paper and metal clip, and Pil’s sunbae bags it, hoping that it’s evidence.
Jin-sook is busy working at her restaurant when Soo-jin comes in to steal her friend away for lunch. While eating, Jin-sook teases that she’s envious of Soo-jin’s happy married life, but Soo-jin looks uncomfortable.

Soo-jin hesitantly reveals the scene she saw last night when Jae-hyun yelled at an elder, worrying that it’s so out of character for her normally mild-mannered husband.
Jin-sook agrees that it’s strange, but then she figures that most men tend to overreact when they get mad. Suggesting that there may have been more to the situation than Soo-jin saw, Jin-sook tells her not to worry about it. Relieved, Soo-jin agrees.
Pil and his sunbae arrive at the station, and the older man grumps that yet another assault happened in that tunnel. He notices that Pil is limping after his chase with the man in black and sends him home to rest. (Aww.)

At the juice truck she took over from Jin-sook, Jung-ae looks morose as she faces yet another day with no customers. Unbeknownst to her, Dal-soo gazes at her from his fancy company car, parked fifty feet away. His assistant reminds him that they’re running late, but Dal-soo gets a sudden idea and asks the man for a favor.
Outside, Gu-gil runs up to Jung-ae with an armful of freshly printed flyers for her business. He’s all excited to start distributing them for her, when Dal-soo’s assistant shows up and places an order for forty cups of juice. Gu-gil drives Jung-ae to deliver the order, and Jung-ae eagerly thanks the assistant. But the man reveals that it was actually the director who wanted to order from her truck.
Said director is in his office when Jung-ae slowly pokes her head in the room. Panicking, Dal-soo grabs his nameplate off the desk and slouches down in his chair, turning it around so only the top of his head is visible from the doorway.

Jung-ae and Gu-gil both enter the room, and Jung-ae thanks him for ordering from her business. Dal-soo calls out a brief “You’re welcome,” prompting Gu-gil to pointedly add that they wanted to thank him, you know, face to face.
Pitching his voice, Dal-soo offers up the excuse, “I am not comfortable talking to strangers.” (Pffft.) Gu-gil snarks that this is one picky customer (earning him a kick from Jung-ae), but Jung-ae recovers and thanks Dal-soo again, leaving a flyer for him to order from her again.
Jung-ae and Gu-gil start to leave, but Gu-gil pauses when he sees a small pile of manhwa in the corner. As Jung-ae literally drags him out of the office, he wonders why a company director would read such things.

Soo-jin wanders around her neighborhood, happily snapping pictures and not noticing Young-joo watching her from around a corner. Popping in front of Soo-jin as she takes another picture, Young-joo reveals herself and claims that they’re having a coincidental “neighborly” meeting.
Soo-jin is happy to see the woman, especially when she says (lies?) that she also has an interest in photography. Young-joo suggests that they go take pictures together sometime and officially introduces herself.

Pil limps his way home after his sunbae released him from work. He pauses to check his injury, lifting his pants up to reveal a bloody gash on his shin. (Yikes!) He resumes limping, but stops to see Soo-jin right in front of him, taking pictures.
Looking at her with the saddest expression, he thinks back to last night when she gave him back his things and asked to be just friends. Soo-jin looks up just then and smiles to see him, but frowns to note his limp. Pil hedges that he “fell,” but she insists on checking his leg.
Soo-jin freaks out to see his wound, asking if Pil went to the hospital. The downtrodden Pil replies that it’s not a big deal, but Soo-jin isn’t having it and grabs his hand, pulling him along after her.

Oh boy. It looks like Soo-jin’s solution is to take Pil (the guy who’s loved her for 28 years) to Jae-hyun (the guy who married her) and have him patch up Pil. Acting a lot like a concerned girlfriend, Soo-jin very nearly pushes the reluctant Pil inside the pharmacy, mother-henning him while Jae-hyun watches, looking like he sucked on a lemon.
Jae-hyun fixes up Pil’s leg as Soo-jin fusses, and Pil finally limps out of the pharmacy, miserable. Inside, Soo-jin thanks Jae-hyun for helping her friend, then remembers to give him back his phone, saying that one of their neighbors found it in the park.

Over at City Hall, Seok-tae is preoccupied, thinking back to when he received a complaint about the manhole. His coworker had said that there had been multiple complaints before, and joked that there must be a ghost hiding inside.
Still in a flashback, Seok-tae had stopped by the manhole after work that night to inspect it. As the streetlight flickered, Seok-tae pulled off the manhole cover and there was a sudden, ominous gust of wind.
Shining his flashlight into the manhole, Seok-tae heard a faint voice (which sounds a lot like Pil whenever he slides down the time-travel slide) echoing from inside and had peered closer. Then, a mystical force gripped Seok-tae and started pulling him into the manhole. Screaming in panic, he pulled himself back out and bolted.

Back in the present (future?) Seok-tae wonders if Pil really is able to travel through time using that manhole. He cheers up when Jin-sook calls him out for lunch, and the two have a super cute lunch date.
Seok-tae brings up Pil’s “prank” and reminds Jin-sook of how he had told her about the supernatural experience he’d had at that very spot. He asks if it’s possible that Pil was telling the truth, but Jin-sook assures him that he was just overly tired that night, and tells him not to let Pil get to him.

Pil sits by the manhole that night, thinking back to Soo-jin’s worry over his injury. Sighing, Pil admits to himself that he still can’t accept the fact that Soo-jin is really married now. He looks back at the covered manhole and wonders what he should do now that it’s gone.
Pil’s musing are interrupted when Soo-jin sends him a text, asking how his injury is doing. Cue PPL moment as Pil uses his phone to send her a photo and personalized message.
Over at their apartment, Soo-jin and Jae-hyun are watching TV together when she gets Pil’s message. She mentions that Pil is doing better, but Jae-hyun is suspicious and asks if Soo-jin had ever liked Pil.

Jae-hyun says he knows that Pil likes Soo-jin, but he wonders if there was ever a time when she returned his feelings. Soo-jin brushes it off, saying that he’s always been just a friend, but Jae-hyun points out that the way she looks at and acts with him is different.
Soo-jin’s smile falters a bit, but she insists that she grew up with Pil and he’s just like family, the same as Jin-sook or Jung-ae. Jae-hyun warily says he’ll trust her, and she quickly dashes to the kitchen for more food.

When she leaves, Jae-hyun idly starts skimming through her camera pictures, but his face does that eerie blank look again when he sees the photo Soo-jin had accidentally snapped of Young-joo (when she’d jumped in front of the camera).
Soo-jin comes back, and when Jae-hyun casually asks who the woman in the picture is, she cheerily answers that it’s the neighbor who returned his phone.
Pil waits for Seok-tae in front of his house, very nearly pouncing on his friend to ask him to hear him out about the manhole. Frustrated, Seok-tae pries Pil off and ducks into his home, wondering just what has gotten into him.

In her apartment, Young-joo sits amongst a pile of torn up pictures, crying as she thinks of Jae-hyun’s insistence that he loves his wife. Ripping up her final photo, Crazypants tears around her room, throwing her belongings and screaming out Jae-hyun’s name.
At the same time, Jae-hyun approaches Young-joo’s building. He heads to her apartment, but halts to see a small crowd of ajummas clustered around her door, worried about the noises coming from inside. Shying away from potential witnesses, Jae-hyun retreats outside.
Taking matters into his own hands, Pil returns to the manhole, now armed with a sledgehammer, and starts pounding ineffectually at the cover, barely making a dent. His construction attempts are interrupted, however, when his police sunbae calls to ask him to look into a complaint at Young-joo’s apartment.

Speaking of, Young-joo leaves her apartment building to find Jae-hyun waiting for her. He asks her to come talk with him and grabs her arm, pulling her to his car. Pil arrives at the building just as Jae-hyun shoves Young-joo inside, and he watches Jae-hyun drive off with another woman.
Jae-hyun takes Young-joo to a dark, secluded area, throwing her up against a fence and yelling that he warned her to stay away from Soo-jin. Laughing creepily, he guesses that she took his phone on purpose to meet her. Young-joo looks petrified as she tries to say that she just wanted to see what kind of woman he left her for, but Jae-hyun isn’t buying it.

Furious, Jae-hyun reaches out and wraps his fingers around Young-joo’s neck, cruelly choking her. With a manic look, Jae-hyun snarls, “You know how I become when I get mad. If you try to see her one more time, I won’t let it slide, so you better behave.”
With a final deadly squeeze, Jae-hyun pushes Young-joo away and slithers off, leaving her in a gasping, terrified heap.
After seeing Jae-hyun drive away with Young-joo, Pil waits for the pharmacist in front of his building. Pil confronts him as soon as he drives up, asking Jae-hyun why he’s with Young-joo when he claims they broke up.

His temper rising, Jae-hyun barely stays civil as he asks if Pil is accusing him cheating on Soo-jin. Undaunted, Pil replies, “Who knows what you scheme in secret.” Truer words…
Pil asks if Young-joo is really a stalker, or if Jae-hyun never truly ended things. Jae-hyun argues that it doesn’t matter what he says since Pil won’t believe him, but he does warn Pil not to mention any of this to Soo-jin and cause a “misunderstanding.”
In the apartment, Soo-jin thinks about Jae-hyun’s comment that she doesn’t treat Pil as just a friend. At that moment, Pil calls and asks if they can speak in person, promising it will only be for a moment.

Soo-jin agrees, but as she heads out to meet Pil, Jae-hyun spies her leaving and follows.
Pil waits for Soo-jin at their spot at the observation deck. As he sits on the bench, he thinks back over all their times together, from when they were children and Soo-jin kissed him, to when Pil was a ghost and Soo-jin confessed her feelings to his memory, and finally when he possessed Seok-tae and she teased him that when he goes back to the original timeline, they should get married.
Back in 2018, Pil thinks that they went through so much together, except right now, “There is no one beside me, but you already have someone else beside you.”

Soo-jin joins Pil on their bench, and after a few false starts, he asks how well she knew Jae-hyun before she married him. Soo-jin wonders why he’s asking, so Pil admits that he’s not sure Jae-hyun is a good person, and there may be something about him that she doesn’t know.
Soo-jin quickly cuts off Pil’s line of questions. She states firmly that Jae-hyun is her husband and she knows him better than anyone. Reminding Pil that she asked him to respect her decision, Soo-jin asks if he’s trying to make her marriage fail.

Offended, Pil replies that he – more than anyone – wants her to be happy. Soo-jin says that if he really wants that, then he should never speak ill of Jae-hyun in front of her again. She continues, “I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, but no matter what you say, I will trust Jae-hyun. Even if… he did do something really bad, I’m the one who must accept him.” (All right, blind faith it is, then.)
Tailing Soo-jin, Jae-hyun arrives at the platform and watches as Soo-jin tells Pil that this is the last time she will meet with him at night. With a final farewell, she leaves, and Jae-hyun glares at the left-behind Pil.
At the police station, the man who likes to get drunk and sleep at the station (to avoid his wife) tries to head in to his “room.” Pil’s sunbae and another officer have to repeatedly repel the heavily inebriated guy, finally getting him to leave by fibbing that his wife is waiting inside the station. Heh.

At the manhole, underneath the magically flickering light, Pil tries once again to use the sledgehammer to bash his way back to the past. He seems to be in a battle of wills against the manhole, panting between hits that he really has to go back this time.
But alas, the cement covering is too strong. Midnight comes and goes, and Pil stays in the present… er, the future… well,whenever he is.
Rejected from the police station, Mr. Drunk is stumbling home in the dark when he catches the attention of a passing man in black. (Oh no.) As he meanders down a back alley, the masked Jae-hyun swoops up behind him with his trademark punch-to-the-back and starts beating the poor guy.

Then, who should be passing by the alley but Gu-gil, who is currently on the phone with Jung-ae to wish her goodnight. The noise of the assault pulls his attention and when he sees the fight, he quickly hides around the corner to call Pil.
Pil answers, and Gu-gil whispers that there’s a guy getting beat up, giving his location. Suddenly, the kicking sounds stop and Gu-gil looks down the alley to see that the attacker has vanished.
Still on the phone with Pil, he tiptoes down the alley to help the guy, but then Jae-hyun emerges from the shadows and punches Gu-gil straight in the face.

Gu-gil puts up a fight though, and soon the two are rolling around the alley, trading hits. Gu-gil’s phone goes flying in the scuffle and Pil can only listen to the sound of the fight, repeatedly asking if his friend is all right.
Rolling over Jae-hyun, Gu-gil gains the upper hand and tries to yank off the black hat (and reveal his identity), but Jae-hyun reaches up to hold it down. The motion jerks up his jacket sleeve and Gu-gil is distracted by the scar on his inner wrist (the one that Pil saw during his fight with Jae-hyun).
Jae-hyun knocks Gu-gil away and starts kicking him repeatedly. Gu-gil struggles weakly, but it’s too much. As Jae-hyun stands over the fading Gu-gil, Pil yells frantically into the phone, calling for his friend.

Ack! Not Gu-gil the Lovable Goof! If he dies, Pil better put some muscle behind that sledgehammer and get back in the manhole so he can fix everything. Although, considering his track record with trying to “fix” the past, we should probably have a backup plan ready.
I’m pretty torn over how I feel about Pil’s trip to the future. While I like the writing consistency where a change in the departure time (11:00 p.m. instead of 12:00 a.m.) results in traveling forward rather than backward, the fact that his future trip was a year later from the original timeline poses some issues. It makes everything that has happened over the last few weeks moot, and calls into question why Pil went through all of it in the first place. It’s also really confusing because I can’t keep track of what happened in the original timeline vs what happened in the alternate times.
I spent a large part of this episode trying to remember what did or didn’t happen between characters. Did Jin-sook still steal Pil’s letters? How did she get over him and move on to Seok-tae if she and Pil never broke off their engagement? Was Dal-soo always doomed to return to his family business? If Jae-hyun never found Soo-jin’s camera, then how did they meet? And now my head hurts.

Still, in spite of the plot (or lack thereof), there’s some really great acting going on, and no one is more memorable than Jae-hyun and his terrifying Choke of Death. I have to hand it to Jang Mi-kwan: He’s proving once again that he really knows how to do creepy. I think I’m actually more invested his storyline than Pil and Soo-jin. I especially want to know how Jae-hyun became so obsessed with Soo-jin. From all appearances, he and Young-joo are rather perfect for each other, what with their matching brands of crazy.
It seems like the show’s end game has morphed from stopping a wedding, to catching Jae-hyun as he continues on his random assault spree. I’m guessing that the wrist scar we’ve now seen twice will come into play somehow, but honestly, I can’t really bring myself to care. Given this show’s general nonexistent plot, there is a very real possibility that the entire time-traveling adventure could turn out to be some weird dream, and the last six weeks will have been for naught. At this point, I’m dropping all expectations and adopting Pil’s philosophy: I’ll just ride the manhole and see where time takes me.



"From an unemployed to a police officer... 7 stages of his spectacular evolution

[Cjes IG] Which Pil is your favorite among these spectacular characters?
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JJ's friend IG Update


JJ IG Updates

of KDrama

Photographer ! I like his new hobby inspired by KDrama !

[IG] Photo by moondori Moon-Kyongtae (Cuter way of pronouncing Kyungtae)
Note: KyungTae is his number 2 manager...

We LOVE this man !!!@bornfreeonekiss Hwaiting! Stay strong!!! We support you always! 💚😊💚

[IG] If you can't take a joke, live saying only the right thing

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Our handsome is drama BTS 
Some translations via crystalmoon0213 

Recap Love is fleeting always

Photo published for [V LIVE] [맨홀]사랑은 늘 도망간다 / [Manhole] making film
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Sujin got married, manhole is sealed, I don't see a way out, I have no where to go, I'm in a huge trouble

This time travel got me in a pickle again today It's 2018! Finally, Bong Pil has a job! Congrats!

Drives police car, rides kick board and runs like a pro

I'm gonna catch you! But what about Sujin? She belongs to Jaehyun now Something's fishy about that pharmacist but no evidence

When r you gonna forget Sujin and live your life? I'm gonna live alone till the end (sniff)

The sealed manhole, pathetic time travel

Day when Pil+Sujin went back to being friends Seems like things I gave her/Things that hold our memories

Pil: Jinsuk 
Sujin: I'm Sujin 
I called Jinsuk Sujin I'm crazy these days 
Sorry I apologized to Jinsuk 10 times

What's in the box Sujin gave? Memories: Photos of people I liked and... A check too? 500K Won?!


Thoughts about Manhole up to this point (episode 12)

From the beginning, Pil/ was there to 'rescue' Soojin. is taking Pil on a wild ride not just claim her Heart but to save her--

If Pil/ succeeds in gaining love then that's bonus. In hindsight, 's been showing the 'danger' but we weren't focused on it--
Ultimate danger is lurking... 

Along the way Pil/ learned about himself & those around him. altered situations a little but threat to SJ was always there.

I think Pil/ will go back to the past via & nip the psycho in the bud. Whether he gets the girl is a mystery...


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JJ IG Update

Did wake me up with some cereal? And some 'deep' musings about life... take care!

  • jj_1986_jj시리얼 디스팬서 덕분에 심심할때마다 내려먹는다. 가득 채워서..
    근데 가끔 우유가 없다는 사실을 뒤늦게 눈치챈다.. 라면을 먹는데 젓가락이 없을때
    스테이크를 먹으려는데나이프가 없을때
    와인을 마시려는데 오프너가 없을때
    손톱이 자랐는데 손톱깎이가 없을때
    샴푸를 하다가 물이 안나올때
    반찬 다 차려놨는데 밥통에 밥이 없을때
    급하게 화장실 갔는데 휴지가 없는데 핸드폰도 없을때
    식당에서 혼자 밥먹고 계산하려고보니 카드가 없을때
    담배 피려는데 라이터가 없을때
    잔돈100원 없어서 만원짜리 낼때
    발렛파킹에 파킹 맡겨놓고 나와서 차빼달라고했는데
    현금이 없다고하니 차안빼주실때
    컴퓨터 켰는데 마우스 고장나있을때
    집에 들어가려는데 비밀번호키 베터리 없어서 집에 못들어갈때
    술집에서 민증검사받았는데 민증없어 쫓겨날때
    군대 사격 훈련 갔는데 처음부터 탄창에 총알하나가 비어있을때
    비행기 타려고 공항갔는데 여권 없을때
    여권 챙겨와서 다시 들어가보니 비자 안받아서 거부 당할때
    처방받은 가루약 입에 다 털어넣었는데 물이 부족할때
    생일파티 음식 차려놓고 축하받을 준비하고있는데 소나기 내려서 촛불 혼자 끌때


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    [JJ IG] Nice song

    Note: Bobby is from YG group IKON


    beautiful shoot thou feels lonely

    [Cjes IG] Officer Bong Pil in charge of your safe Fiery Friday night traffic Go home safely Appreciate your hard work Happy weekend
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    170915 Junsu in new publicity pictures for Gyeonggi Police Agency! 

    Junsu Update

    [OTHER IG] 170914 Cjes Update:
    오늘은 정규 4집 [Xㅣ그니처] 녹음실 비하인드 대방출!
    <It's XIA TIME!> 3화 지금 보러 GOGO!
    준수TV 3편

    #김준수 #준수 #XIA #JUNSU #네이버 #V #V앱 #준수TV #Its_XIA_TIME #3편공개 #3rd #Episode #4집앨범 #XIGNATURE #녹음실 #비하인드 #다른누구도대신못할너 #IS_YOU #10월_15일 #만나요 #씨제스타그램

    Photo published for [V LIVE] It's XIA TIME! - 3rd [XIGNATURE] 녹음실 Behind

    Junsu at another Police Community event

    as tagged



    20270915 cjes.tagram IG


    [Cjes IG] wishes for success of 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic in Pueongchang!


    Manhole episode 12 Highlights...


    trapped in the future, Uee's husband is the cold wanton assailant?
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    Run Pil run! epi 12 with


    JaeHyun's key chain (left at crime scene)

    So husband is a bully and husband's ex gf is a stalker psycho also! drama epi 12

    Nice product placement here haha drama epi 12 w/

    Stalker ex gf and creepy bully husband...Ugh epi 12

    Scary dude... Why are you clinging to him dear lady? Ugh drama epi 12.

    Handsome sad policeman of drama epi 12


    Running out of time?

    Awww GooGil got beat up by this psycho!!! drama (where's my RomCom?) epi12 Hwaiting!


    His first meal and it's very late in the evening!


    JJ update after Vlive


    [Cjes IG] Happy to see you today, see you again at 10 PM on wearing pinkish purple shirt 
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    Jaejoong on VLive
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    [Cjes IG] says he has plans to visit Europe and the US!!!! So curious what he has in his sleeves for us
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    JJ on V Live


    Come here now! Let's #join his V-live right now! Stay tuned in him & #pyeongchang2018 #Kdrama #manhole


    [Cjes IG] Bong Pil runs again today toward love... True Love I want to go back ep 12 tonight

    [Cjes IG] "Did you wait long?" Finally, holds long awaited fanmeeting

    Waiting so long, #credit ? Stay tuned in his #following #fan #meeting on Oct 29th 5pm at Kyunghee University Peace Hall. Let’s get the #tickets on Sep 20th 8pm thru #melonticket link!

    Other countries/venues will be announced soon.

    JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Announces Plans For Asia Fan Meeting Tour

    JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is set to greet fans all over Asia with a special fan meeting tour!
    On September 14, C-JeS Entertainment announced, “Kim Jaejoong will be holding his ‘2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Seoul’ fan meeting on October 29 at 5 p.m. KST. He has been having a busy year, starting with an Asia tour early this year, all the way to his drama ‘Manhole.’ Through this fan meeting, Kim Jaejoong hopes to create another special memory with his fans.”
    His upcoming fan meeting tour will begin in Seoul and take him to places like Taiwan, Macao, and Hong Kong. An agency representative stated, “Despite having already held a concert tour in Asia earlier this year, we continue to receive many requests for Kim Jaejoong to hold more events overseas. Therefore, we’ve decided to plan this new fan meeting tour, which will take Kim Jaejoong to many cities across Asia, some of which he didn’t get to visit during his concert tour. He hopes to sincerely connect with fans as a singer, actor, and just as another human being.”
    Tickets for Kim Jaejoong’s Seoul fan meeting will become available on September 20 at 8 p.m. KST through Melon Ticket.
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    [SUPPORT] CielJJ's support for Jaejoong at Manhole filming site

    [CIELJJ'S SUPPORT] 170913 Coffee truck to Manhole filming site (4) Special box for JJ (drink, cookies, sandwiches, fruits)

    [CIELJJ'S SUPPORT] 170913 Coffee truck to Manhole filming site (5) JJ drank iced Americano from this big purple tumbler 

    [CIELJJ'S SUPPORT] 170913 Coffee truck to Manhole filming site (6) his manager helped to take these pics of him with our truck


    Manhole Episode 12 Preview

    KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

    Sujin, I know we decided to go back being friends but it's so hard for me to do... 

    Seoktae, it is really true! 


    So Pil is really time traveling through this Manhole? Seoktae

    I'll break it open if you don't, Seoktae! 

    Isn't that the girl he used to date? I thought they broke up, what are they doing???

    Translations by crystalmoon0213




    [맨홀 OST Part.7] KIM JI SOO(김지수) - Stay with me (Official Audio)

    MUSIC&NEW 뮤직앤뉴

    Kim Ji Soo – Stay With Me (Manhole OST)

    Look at the sky, the dazzling sky
    The clouds have your smile
    Alright, my feelings are growing
    Look at me girl, I can’t hide it
    My head spins whenever you smile
    I’m so familiar with you but I keep getting curious
    What’s wrong with me?

    I wanna be with you
    I think of you all day
    I’ve fallen in love
    (I want you, stay with me)
    I wanna be with you
    Every day, you rise up
    I’ve fallen for you
    (I want you, stay with me)
    (I want you, stay with me)

    Just like a star, like the stars
    You’re in me and you shine
    Beautiful, it’s the perfect moment
    Like a sugar, a sweet moment
    When I hear your voice
    I can’t do anything, you keep getting clearer
    Falling in love

    I wanna be with you
    I think of you all day
    I’ve fallen in love
    (I want you, stay with me)
    I wanna be with you
    Every day, you rise up
    I’ve fallen for you
    (I want you, stay with me)
    (I want you, stay with me)

    Every day
    I wanna place you in my heart
    I wanna place you by my side, I wanna cherish you
    I want to like all of you
    I wanna think of you, draw you out
    Always wanna fall asleep next to you
    What am I gonna do? I’ve fallen so hard

    I wanna be with you
    I think of you all day
    I’ve fallen in love
    (I want you, stay with me)
    I wanna be with you
    Every day, you rise up
    I’ve fallen for you
    (I want you, stay with me)
    (I want you, stay with me)

    Time is whizzing by
    But I don’t care when
    I’ll tell you (I want you, stay with me)
    I’ll tell you (I want you, stay with me)
    I’ll go anywhere
    I don’t care if it’s a strange place
    I’ll tell you (I want you, stay with me)
    I’ll tell you (I want you, stay with me)


    [KBS Oneclickdrama FB] Pls go press LIKE!!! 
    2 minute summary of episode 1&2

    Will be able to find solution to dire situation he is in where time slip through may no longer possible?
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    Scroll down for more Manhole episode 11 Recap/Highlights...


    JJ IG Update...
    at around 3 AM K time!


    Jaejoong's IG LIVE 
    After Manhole aired...

    veronicha __

    Translations by crystalmoon0213
    IG LIVE: Sleepy but filming is not over ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Still filming....

    Looks so tired.. still so gentle and sweet when talking to staffs... Hope we can send energy to him

    Say hi to staff. 
    S:Have you eaten yet? 
    S:Are you on the phone? 
    J: Yes.
    To fans: Sleepy...Not over yet...Don't know why I'm doing this Live...Good nite~

    Morning J @KJJ_VotingTeam


    Manhole Episode 11 Highlights



    went to the future(9/2018) this time! Did the time-slip rule change?

    can't believe the fact that Uee and Jang Migwan has been married for a year

    sighs over Uee's marriage... He could not prevent it after all?

    agonizes in front of manhole that has been filled Uee discovers Jang Migwan's two different faces

    by crystalmoon0213


    Heartbreak for BongPil... and this current OST is life!!! Oh my gosh! with !

    And this creepy guy is bothered a lot! Watch out Soojinah! epi 11 with as BongPil!

    Let's be friends... epi 11 with and

    Heart break for Pil then creepy guy is showing his true colors!!! epi 11

    Oh my ! So expressive! Can't help but feel for him/ Pil! epi 11

    Oh no!!!!! What now? epi 11 w/

    [Other IG] Well-mannered He is such a good guy... Having fun filming~
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    BongPil and Soojin of kdrama Manhole

    from Naver

    changohdong_ceo IG


    JJ IG Updates!

    So thoughtful towards his ! LOVE 💚🙏💚 KDrama Hwaiting!

    I wake up early on my birthday just because of aka of KDrama !

    [Cjes IG] Front, side... Police officer Bong Pil looks cool from any angle! If you want to see him? Would put handcuffs voluntarily
    via crystalmoon0213

    And sends a pic! Great timing! team Hwaiting! 

    Let's give our LOVE and support! is KDrama Fighting!   

    [IG] Feels like I burned off 200 days worth of my body's energy
    by crystalmoon0213 

    Bonus pic


    [맨홀 OST Part.6] Kim E-Z(GGOTJAM PROJECT)김이지 (꽃잠프로젝트) - FOR YOU(너에게) (Official Audio)

    MUSIC&NEW 뮤직앤뉴

    Complete list/videos of Manhole OSTs so far...



    Manhole bts pics Episodes 9/10/11

    's Bittersweet Time-travel! Finally getting a job, Bong Pil? (Featuring Flower Policeman)

    via crystalmoon0213




    170913 맨홀 예고

    [VIDEO/SNS] 170913 #Manhole Drama Episode 11 Preview – Jaejoong, UEE, Hyesung & Baro

    KBS Drama Facebook Update:

    “I will change this situation!” Beginning of a change?!

    BongPil: Have I become a policeman now?
    Sujin: I started believing in destiny when I met Jaehyun in England
    BongPil: Is it really true that you are already married?

    SeokTae: I praise you a ton!
    JinSuk: I thank you a ton!

    BongPil: Jinsuk and I went shopping and had photoshoot for wedding
    Jinsuk: I did what with YOU????

    Sujin: Jaehyun may not be the perfect guy in your eyes but I want you to respect my decision, Pil!

    BongPil: My life is meaningless without you, I’m gonna change this situation

    Source: KBS Drama Facebook  Translated by: @crystalmoon0213
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    CJES IG and FB Updates

    JYJ added 3 new photos.
    Our BongPil has gotten himself a job? w/ the amazing

    Image may contain: 1 person 

    Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

    [Cjes IG] Finally! My eyes witness in (police) uniform! So graceful! Congratulations police Bong Pil! Dreams do come true
    via crystalmoon0213

    will give viewers different type of excitement this time with an unexpected turn of events

    transforms constantly! Looks great in police uniform also

    [PTTR] Flower policeman this time! Where is the end of 's transformation? Did Bong Pil really achieve his dream?

    Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor


    [KBS STORY] Please press ❤️ Pil-ice(Pil+Alice) in Wonderland ep 1

    Pil's time goes backwards

    Visual Shock! Is his face for real? I'm saving it into my heart!

    The god-given, ideal proportion

    The original wide shoulders

    I'm the hero of this town Bong Pil

     Translations by crystalmoon0213


    Our beloved BongPil aka of KDrama

    [Cjes IG] The unique vibe only can create! Stylist shot this behind the scenes. Is this an art work or what?!
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    Always young at heart! Park Shinhye (Kim Jaejoong) Stars who look good in school uniform


    Manhole ranked at top 7 in TV Popularity Index for 1st week of September! Let's keep talking about it!

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    JJ IG Update

    20170911 jj_1986_jj IG

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    [Showbiz Korea] Kim Jae-joong(김재중), Kim Ji-seok(김지석) _ Star Picture



    Manhole Update

    What did learn from the random time slips? Bittersweet growing pains

    Laugh and identify captivated audiences in A time traveler's coming of age story


    170911 from KJJ Taiwan Support Fan Page



    fm actress to #JungHyeSung #JaeJoong

    fm actress Worked in previous project


    Junsu Updates

    170905 Junsu's duet collaboration with Lim Chang-jung will be released in 2nd week of October! Can't wait! 

    170906 Junsu's gathering with his fellow policemen! 


    170908 Close-up with Junsu! Lucky fan! 

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    Jaejoong spotted at Manhole a policeman


    JJ IG Update
    [IG] Got them as gift. These go so well with white bathtub that I'm hesitant to use them. I appreciate it anyhow. It feels so cozy.
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