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JYJ News Week of 6/27- 7/3/2016

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[NEW PICS] BTS of Junsu with DINGO


160703 moon.j.h(Yuchun's Manager) IG Update

Throw back pic with Yuchun (when Jaejoong was on Holiday from the army)
YC's manager (with glasses) left of picture/next to YC ...Also with JJ's manager (next to Jae) and JS manager...


Junsu in concert...Kobe, Japan
Press Pics

Scroll down for more Junsu in Kobe


A letter to the Korean Press (By Liusu_qingcheng 流苏_倾城)

A letter to the Korean Press

It’s been two weeks since sexual assault claims was brought against Mr. Park Yoochun, and during these two weeks, we saw a big show produced by the Korea Press on the stage.

1. What we see

First of all, is there any evidence that the charge and the subsequent charges against Park Yoochun are substantiated? No, not yet.
The police have so far taken no action against him and offered no evidence. The police are still on investigation.

What we see is that a number of women came forward with allegations against Mr. Park. Among all these accusations, someone withdrew the charge on the second day after her accusation went to public, someone did make allegations to the police but not willing to give evidence, someone made her allegation dated back over a number of years, still no evidence. Most of all, what we see is that the source of the information for the news is the complainant herself or her-selves, and when it comes to the accounts of what really happened of this shameful event, these women went directly to the press rather than to the police.

What we see is that, despite the fact that the complainants keep changing their stories, despite that their own credit is questionable, the press unanimously report all the stories that have been told, without even mentioning this is only one side of the story.

So what is this? This seems to suggest that, if any single individual in Korea wants to mislead or guide the Press/Media and thereafter the public to believe something, true or not, she or he can simply go to the press and tell the story of one side, because the public are willing to take the word of anyone who makes such accusations, especially if these charges are against a famous name. And the Press is willing to give the public a story without verifying of its factuality, simply feeding their curiosity and anxiety for gossip. Then the whole country will start pointing fingers and call him an asshole. Is this what you want?

2. The responsibility of the Press/Media

What is the responsibility of the Press?

Journalists should strive to uphold freedom of the press, and take public interest as the basis of their work. Journalists should uphold the principles of truth, objectivity and fairness.

We do not question your freedom of reporting. But the importance of a free press lies in that the report is not about “taking down Park Yoochun” neither is it a defense of him. It is about trying to set the record straight.

“IV. News and Commentary
We the journalists pledge ourselves that we will report news to its full extent truthfully, objectively, and in a fair manner. We further pledge ourselves that we will adhere to the truthful information and fairness in presenting analysis, commentary, and opinions, and that by taking the diverse opinions in society into account we will contribute to fostering a healthy public opinion.”

This is Article IV in the Preamble of the Standards of Practice under the Code of Press Ethics, provided by the Korean Newspaper and Broadcasting Editors Association and the Journalists Association of Korea (See eg

In the Section III of the standards, it provides Guidelines for News Reporting, to name just a few:
“News reports, including news analysis, should be presented with all the factual information confirmed and obtained from clearly identified news sources. Journalists are obligated to seek truthful information affirmatively in order to serve the cause of social justice and public interest.
1. (Distinction between News and Opinion) In news reports, journalists should differentiate facts from opinions. Further, they should not select or write news based on their self-serving personal interests or biases.

2. (Specifying Unconfirmed information) Journalists, in rare cases where they have to use unconfirmed information or unidentified news sources, should make it clear in their reports that they are using such information.

5. (Verifying Information from Pecuniary Interests) In principle, the information provided by news sources should be verified of its factuality before being presented as news. Journalists, in particular, should guard against public relations information efforts of vested commercial interest.”

Did the press stick to the standard?

When you reported only one side of the story making one person look like a pervert, without specifying that it is unconfirmed information, you did not.
When you started mixing your biased comments with the news, adding unfounded guesses with sarcasm, without the distinction between news and opinion, you did not.
When you went to the complainant’s friend and so-called relevant person and dug the so-called “inside story” without verifying its factuality before presented it as news, you did not.

This is very unfortunate, because in a single sexual assault, victims are victims, and should be believed as they should be, unless further evidence and investigation reveals that it did not happen. It is the same case with the accused person as well, because there were always rumourmongers who spread sensational news for purpose. While the mass media oversteps their boundaries by consistently taking sides in attracting public attention with reckless disregard for the truth, the public listen to the media all the time.

And you reported the same assumption and conjecture day and night, repeated it endlessly, with no verification, as if this were the most crucial and important thing of the whole country that is worth reporting.

Misleading the public and making him the blame for your suffer is in no way to make your world a better place.

The press should be a messenger, not a drama maker.

No one doubts or denies that the press should report the news freely and independently, we only request that you report the news objectively and truthfully!

3. If yes, if no.

As the investigation goes on, the truth beneath the surface started to show itself. The police began to believe that there was an organised gang crime behind the story. That’s where it gets complicated, and that’s why it may take longer for the truth to be revealed. Although we don’t understand why the accused person cannot get access to the information by whom he was accused, we won’t jump to the conclusion. We will keep waiting for the completion of the investigation.

We accepted that public figures and bodies should tolerate more criticism than ordinary people, not less. We also believe that the accounts of those who were supposed to give evidence against Mr Park should be subjected to careful scrutiny in the course of the extensive police investigation.

If what was charged against Mr. Park is true, that is, if the answer is yes, he will be punished by the law. The press and people should criticize him, we will too, seriously, no doubt.

But what if, the answer is No? It is a material fact that, in every single case, there is always 50% of possibility that, the answer is “No”.
So what if NO?

How will the Korea media and the general public react? Unfounded sex crime allegations have a devastating effect on the image, reputation, and often career, of the accused, who will pay the price of the loss? Has any of you appreciated the gravity of the situation, and how easy a simple rumor can cast a shadow over one person’s life.

It will provide insight into how easy it is to make a claim, and how difficult it can be to disprove it.
It will also provide insight into how easy it is to make a rushed judgement of one’s personality, because this is not your life, not your name, not your dignity, not your career; but at least, show some respect, for his fundamental right. A person, famous or not, deserves a fair judgement based on factual charge.

Article 21 (4) of the Korean Constitution provides:
(See eg

“Neither speech nor the press shall violate the honor or rights of other persons nor undermine public morals or social ethics. Should speech or the press violate the honor or rights of other persons, claims may be made for the damage resulting therefrom.”

The answer is simple and clear:
Do not judge a person before the truth is revealed.
Do not convict a person before the investigation result is disclosed.
Nobody should!
Let this be our last words.

Yours Faithfully,

Liusu works as a lawyer in UK and her articles are always great…Those awful Korean media should read and think a lot


Junsu in Kobe, Japan


Genie Time
Musical Medley

Don't Go


160702 Fans ask JS to give towel. Wiped his sweat and gave to 88yo granny. Sicsic gave her JS drink too.

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Junsu's hand print for fan

160702 Choi Hong-man at concert today! 
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160702 Genie time

Junsu said that his Japanese is weak but recently his Korean has gotten bad as well. Recently on stage in Seoul, in his mind he thinks 
In Japanese first then translates to Korean and then says it. So it sounds strange in Korean and he thinks 'what am i saying'
Junsu agreed to double encore, saying that because today's atmosphere is like that of the last concert day. But said to keep it a secret.
And of course he knows, so he said "Liars!"

At day3 the seats in the back of the stage was open to audience as well, i believe block L & O.

Junsu said he was shocked when he entered on stage to find out that there were audience in the back as well
Throughout the concert Junsu was perplexed as he felt the eyes of the people on his back, he couldn't turn around to wipe off his sweat 
Because as he turns around, there are fans going "kyaaaaa" The fans in the back were hilarious, screaming everytime Junsu turned around
Junsu said he knows that the audience are looking at his butt, it makes him feel conscious. He was very playful with the back audience


Junsu butt spelling his name^^
(7/1/16)...Day 2 of concerts... 



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Junsu in Kobe
JYJ added 2 new photos.
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎2016_XIA_5th_ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT‬ ‪#‎고베‬ ‪#‎神戶‬ ‪#‎마지막_날‬ ‪#‎과즙팡팡‬ ‪#‎인간비타민‬ ‪#‎짜릿해_늘새로워_지니타임이_최고야‬ ‪#‎오늘은_어떤소원을_들어줄까‬ ‪#‎나날이_신박해지는_소원‬ ‪#‎ジニータイム‬
Anticipating ‪#‎next‬ XIA's ‪#‎genie‬ time, ‪#‎right‬ ? U won't miss every sec of XIA's 5th Asia tour concert! See u in a bit! It's last ‪#‎night‬ in ‪#‎Kobe‬ ‪#‎Japan‬ ‪#‎BigTime‬


Cute Junsu
이건 역대급 혜자영상이야!!
세로라이브 메이킹 보러가기
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎딩고뮤직‬ ‪#‎세로라이브‬ ‪#‎예뻐‬ ‪#‎비하인드‬ ‪#‎메이킹필름_공개‬ ‪#‎나노단위로_핥아보겠습니다‬ ‪#‎초특급_귀여움에_와랄라라‬ ‪#‎인형_공구하실_분‬? ‪#‎전설은_아니고_레전드영상‬
‪#‎Check‬ out the making film of XIA’s ‪#‎DingoMusic‬ ‪#‎vertical‬ live thru the bio! U are gonna ‪#‎love‬ the behind-the-scenes of XIA. Super ‪#‎cute‬ indeed!

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C-JeS TVcast

Photo published for 김준수 - XIA와 함께 딩가딩가♪ 세로라이브 메이킹필름(Making Film)


Poster for Dorian Gray musical...Starring Kim Junsu


[TRANS] 160701 Park Yuchun returns home after undergoing 8-hour police investigation, “Answered earnestly”

 photo Screenshot_2016-07-01-02.45.png
Appearing in the position as of the suspect at Seoul Gangnam Police Station around 6:30 PM KST on June 30th, Park Yuchun returned home past midnight, around 2:20 AM KST on July 1st.
Park Yuchun –who underwent police investigation for nearly 8 hours– left the police station quietly without a word. The police reportedly concentrated interrogating Park Yuchun on this day, on the suspicions of sexual assault –such as, whether or not he had sexual relations with the complainants–. Also, the police took mouth swabs to do a gene analysis.
The police conveyed, “(Park Yuchun) answered earnestly to investigators’ questions”.
Park Yuchun stated, “I am sorry to have caused a lot of people concerns,” and, “I will cooperate faithfully with the police investigation,” to a crowd of reporters ahead of the investigation, the day before. He kept silent about whether or not he acknowledges the allegations and is planning to counter-sue the different women who are making accusations.

Source: Star News  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Junsu in concert...Kobe, Japan
Day 1 (6/30/16)


Mimiko Xiahtic  

Is You

Junsu wears doctor coat and glasses during Genie Time!



[VID] 160630 Junsu Genie time in Kobe! Heal the world !





160630 CJES IG: "After taking XIA meow, XIA clown video(?) Recharging energy before going on stage!"

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Junsu IG Updates
160630 Junsu IG: "..."

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160630 CJES IG: "Everyone! Are you ready to enjoy"


Junsu special on Tokyo MX Fondue ジュンス君 特集番組に出演

In Fondue Junsu said that he had never done muscle training seriously before but this time he started and diligently followed
Because this time's tour set list has more dance tracks than before so in order to keep up the stamina he started working out
Before dance to ballad was 50:50. Now it's 66:33. Which it certainly looked like it


[ENGSUB] 160628 XIA Fan meeting Making Film

Xia Girl21


[TRANS] 160615 The Excitement still doesn’t disappear, XIA’s successive grade concert behind

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.21.37 PM
The Excitement still doesn’t disappear, XIA’s successive grade concert behind
Every time it was successive grade~ successive grade~ but
this time I really thought that I would cease to breathe
From the beginning the heart rate was going thump thump thump,
Excitement overflowed, and broke through the Gymnastic Stadium,
Will do a big release of that day’s behind pictures!

Held at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium
this time’s concert!
Rehearsals took place since the day before.

Doesn’t have fear of heights at all, Kim Junsu!
Regardless of the rehearsal with empty seats
like the fans are there together
stirred up the venue hall is (not) a secret!!

Seeing the audience seats from the projecting stage
regarding the concert opening on both days
thinking for the time being, Kim Junsu’s form!

Even the state of rehearsing
coolness is clinging [to him]!!!
kyaa~~~ there is not a moment when he is not cool!!

Before matching the ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ dance!
This day ‘ROCK THE WORLD’s
is the day with the dance version M/V was revealed!
After monitoring the dance version music video
‘will be fans be able to do the dance with everyone…’
Jun jjang’s form of while worrying about it captured!

Then, left the words in the SNS immediately!
not ‘dance with everyone’ said to let’s ‘sing together with everyone’
even assigned the official cheering method, Kim Junsu!

Thanks to him at the concert on both days
singing ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ together with everyone was
really great right!!!!

Finally the day of the performance saturday is du dung!!!!
before the concert starts, watching <Show me the money>
relaxing (?) Kim Junsu!
As expected it is a form of like MC XIA WAR rightㅎㅎ

“Is today okay?”

looking in the mirror here and there
cute cute Jun jjang captured!!!
whatever form as well all~~~~ is cute wink >_-

“Jun jjang, are you perhaps a mermaid princess?”

“No, I am a cute commanding officer!!”

cute commanding officer Jun jjang’s
lovely feet and small hands is seizing one’s gaze!

He is not blank!
He is currently gathering energy before the start of the performance!
energy wave~~~~!!!
Carefully checking the cue sheet, Kim Junsu!
reputation of ‘believe and see performance king’
did not arise without reason right!

eu ssha eu ssha!
Intermission exercise time before going up on stage!

There is a thought that comes everytime I see Jun jjang
Though jun jjang as well excercises like that
Why don’t i do it… lets reflect on my body ^^

Now finished preparations to go up on stage Kim Junsu!
Heart is pounding again!!!
It’s like I also will have to fly out together!!!!

To there, where you are
XIA will go! GO GO!!!

Gymnastic Stadium filled to the capacity by fans!!
Opening of the concert is ‘F.L.P’!
Preparations of my vocal cords exploding is complet!!!!!!!!!

I thought an earthquake of magnituded 5.5 occurred
that day’s Gymnastic Stadium!!!!!

Ah Ah!!!! seeing the photo
singing Incredible
want to run around again!!!

cheom cheom cheom!!! and
want to stamp my feet at Gymnastic stadium
heart is again, currently burning hot rising up!

Preparing for the next song Kim Junsu!
Just the form of preparing for anything as well
is it sexy like this?
Heart, will you quiet down just a bit…?
It’s just seeing the behind photos but
why is it frequently taking the position of jumping…^^;;

Calming a bit the heart that wants to run around,
Should we try and listen to Kim Junsu’s sensitive ballad?

All the audience holding their breath
the state while hearing Kim Junsu’s song!

Listening to Jun jjang’s song
is like your ears will melt…♥

Seeing the camera in the concert interval
Jun jjang who makes a face like of a mischievous kid!
In this vortex, the arm muscles is again…!!!

Doing a surprise entry in the audience seats and
a performance where breathing together with the audience
made it, Kim Junsu!

Finally it’s the ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ stage right?
making us totally anticipate, this time’s stage!!
Anticipating feelings X 1000000000000

Soon Pong! and jumped up
a louder scream and a fantastic stage
made it, Kim Junsu!

This time’s concert that lasted for more than 3 hours,
the favourable reputation that was really successive grade
is continuing but! (presently progressing form)

Kim Junsu’s fantastic stage,
everyone’s screams,
as it was a performance anyone would have enjoyed together,
it was like furthermore enjoyable happiness!

To the 20 domestic and international dancers as well
a cute commemoration picture snap!

Everyone, really good job!
It was the best for all of those who came as well!!
Audience manner jjang jjang! Thumbs up!!!

Both days hot concert all has ended and
for the time being resting in the sofa Jun jjang!
hardships was the most [for him] ogu ogu (T/N: this word means ‘you are very adorable and I want to take care of you.’ via openslang dictionary)

At this time!
Somebody made a surprise visit to the waiting room!
that main character is, in person!

Sechskies, Kang Sunghoon nim!

On this day went up on stage together
dancing ‘Couple’, the hall
made it furthermore hot

Gladly to the sudden request
went up on stage, showed perfect chemistry
Kang Sunghoon nim, borrowing this place
Once again, thank you very much!

It is a warm friendship welcome like this!!!!!!!!!
From now on as well please be close always!!!
Friendship of these two forever-★

And, after the concert for the fans safe return (?)
held a surprise live Jun jjang!

“Thanks to everyone, the Asia tour’s
I was able to set a good start.
With the energy I received today from everyone
Remembering the cheers I received from everyone
neatly I will do so as to be able to bring to a finish.
Those who came today to the concert hall, thank you very much.
Will see you again next time~”

Kim Junsu held on June 11th, 12th, for two days
ended the performance in success
opened Asia Tour’s first embrasure!

Till the coming August Nagoya, Kobe, Yokohama, Guangzhou
Thailand, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc. going all around Asia
have plans to continue the tour, to Kim Junsu
please send many energy and cheers~~

Remembering the happy day of the concert,
lets meet again next time~~
#KimJunsu #XIA #XIAJUNSU #FullLength4thAlbum #XIGNATURE #5thASIATOURCONCERT #concert #behind #cjes

Source: CJes Naver Post
Kor-Jap trans by MY ONLY XIA
Jap-Eng trans by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Corporal Jaejoong!!!

[IG TRANS] Which sunblock does use? Curious curious


MBC’s “PD Notebook” Apologizes To C-JeS For Falsely Stating That The Agency Did Not Respond To Them

 photo Park-Yoochun4.jpg

The morning of June 29, following the June 28 broadcast of MBC’s “PD Notebook” covering the Park Yoochun case, the show posted a notice on their homepage apologizing to C-JeS Entertainment.
The post says, “It was revealed through a June 29 article from Herald POP that the statement made during the June 28 broadcast of ‘PD Notebook’ saying that C-JeS Entertainment didn’t [make any statement] was false. C-JeS stated to media, ‘When we were asked to give a statement [to ‘PD Notebook’] regarding the series of incidents, we responded via e-mail.'”
“PD Notebook” then states, “After confirmation with our production team, we have confirmed that C-JeS responded with the e-mail below on June 24.”

Here is the full text of C-JeS’s response to “PD Notebook” (revealed in the PD Notebook apology post):
 photo pd-notebook-cjes-apology.jpg
“Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.
“This is our response to your request for our cooperation regarding the ‘PD Notebook’ broadcast scheduled for June 28.
“From the [first] reports on the incidents to now, our stance has not changed. Many outlets have requested interviews, but we are unable to consent to any.
“Due to indiscriminate reports on unconfirmed situations that are still being investigated, [Park Yoochun’s] image is being ruined. In this current situation with rumors flying about and with the essence of the situation being lost, we want to keep our course, and we will do everything we can to regain [Park Yoochun’s] honor and reputation.
“We hope you understand why we have no choice but to respond to interview requests according to a specific guide.
“Thank you.”

“PD Notebook” then apologizes: “We sincerely apologize to viewers regarding the part which we failed to confirm. We would also like to express our deepest regrets to C-JeS Entertainment. We will, through more thorough confirmation, bring you better broadcasts in the future.”

Source (1)


Corporal Jaejoong shown on TV (KStar News)

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Photo published for Jaejoong JYJ dan Tae Jin Ah Nyanyi Duet di Konser Spesial untuk Tentara Korea

Taejinah participates in military concert for n duets "Partner" with him

20160629 K STAR

K STAR 생방송 스타뉴스

I hear u are waiting 4 me always I get much strength from it I'll do my best here in army till the end thanks 

Hello, this is CPL It's been a long time sine I greeted you. I'm doing really well and healthy in army 

Thanks Taejinah for preparing concert n MC w him 
Female narrator: JJ drew attention for greeting his fans

sang Everyone
boasts his unparalleled, powerful vocal abilities

Taejinah keeps addressing our Jaejoong lol yeah he is OUR JAEJOONG 

Taejinah visited on a Sunday/went to worship together/that's when they came up with idea of holding concert

Taejinah's love for his "adopted" son continues even after enlisted

Taejinah also said he may hold one more concert at 55th Inf Div to celebrate 's discharge

Taejinah holds concert to encourage Their duet stage of "Partner" revealed! Please go press (heart)

DC Jellery, Lookkaew, JJ's Pics, ItaJYJ


Junsu Update
160629 JYJ FB: "Ladies~ I arrived in Kobe! See you tomorrow."

Junsu arrives in Osaka
Mimiko Xiahtic

[NEW PIC] 160629 CJES instagram update!!

Junsu on his way to Kobe, Japan

160629 Junsu at Gimpo heading to Kobe!! (Cr 小于儿Ether)

[NEW PIC] 160629 Junsu instagram update!!


160627 김준수 - XIA in NAGOYA!

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C-JeS TVcast

160627 Idols of Asia 

MTV 我愛偶像
MTV 我愛偶像


Corporal Jaejoong Fighting!!!

A soldier shares his episode w lol Imagine JJ jump rope together w other soldiers ADORABLE


JYJ's Jaejoong and Tae Jin Ah team up to entertain troops with special concert

JYJ's Jaejoong and Tae Jin Ah teamed up on June 22 to entertain the troops in the 55th army division with a special concert.
After speaking with army directors, Tae Jin Ah was able to put on a concert with his "adopted son" Jaejoong, who is currently serving his mandatory military service. They both hosted the event and performed, singing his hit track "Partner" together.Tae Jin Ah commented, "It was very meaningful to sing and MC with Jaejoong. After seeing the troops so happy, I think I should come another time." Jaejoong also said, "It was a concert that's not easily seen in the army. I think the troops gained a lot of strength from the concert."

The JYJ member also talked about his time in the army, saying,
"I'm spending my time in the military very well and very healthily."


We Will See Corporal Jaejoong soon!!!
Thanks to his 'dad'

Taejinah participates in military concert to encourage soldiers for JYJ 'heartwarming'
Taejinah's extraordinary love 4 his junior singer JYJ participates in military concert  
Taejinah pays for Military Concert for JYJ "heartwarming"
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Unrealistic proportion/unbelievable skin tone/heaven sent facial features  
잘났네 잘났어
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Taejinah holds Military Concert for JYJ who he considers his "adopted son"

Taejinah spotted at a Military Concert for his "adopted son"  


Taejinah Joins Military Concert to support his "adopted son"


Bonus: TaeJinah prefers Jaejoong over his own son!
JTBC Entertainment


[EN] 160618 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT in Nagoya, Genie time Q&A

xiah junjjyu


Short Clips of JJ's Jackal Comes & Dr.Jin by FilmNProduction


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Park Yoochun's Fans Showing Support from Around the World... 

A letter to Park Yuchun.

Fans from Guangzhou

Yuchun Hunan (Changsha) FC

Yuchun Xi'an FC

Yuchun Hebei FC

Yuchun Chengdu FC

Yuchun Jinan FC

Yuchun Xi'an FC

Yuchun Shanghai FC

Yuchun Henan FC

Yuchun Heilongjiang FC

Yuchun Guilin FC

Bangkok, Thailand

6002 fans around the world supporting Yuchun

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Defendant party's non-compliant behavior is allegedly delaying progress into Yoochun's case

By jubilantj

Police are allegedly unable to proceed with further investigations into Yoochun's counter suit against his accuser due to the defendant party's non-cooperative conduct. 

This past June 20, Yoochun and his label's president, Baek Chang Joo, counter sued red light district worker Lee, her boyfriend, and a man identified as Hwang, who claimed to be Lee's cousin, for slander and blackmail. 

On June 20, police questioned Baek, and they also questioned Baek's father and the father's acquaintances on the following June 21 and 22. However, police are unable conduct any further investigation and questioning for the defendant's party as they are allegedly being uncooperative. 

If the defendants continue to resist the authority, then police plan request official arrest warrants.

Hwang in particular has been on the police's radar since three years back for being affiliated with a gang from Ilsan. Baek's father is also reported to have been a part of a gang, and police are investigating whether the gangs intervened at all in the process of the the two parties trying to reach an agreement. 

Currently, both Yoochun and Lee's party are banned from leaving the country. 

After finishing up their round of investigations with the defendants, police expect to summon Yoochun some time in the next week. 



Ryu Jun Yeol Shares Proof Shot Of Refrigerator From JYJ’s Junsu

It looks like the refrigerator that JYJ’s Kim Junsu mentioned in a press conference earlier in June has arrived at Ryu Jun Yeol’s place!
On June 26, their mutual label C-Jes Entertainment posted the proof shot onto the agency’s official Instagram with the caption, “A kimchi refrigerator that [Ryu Jun Yeol] received for getting a perfect score on XIA’s quiz. Refrigerator, rely on me….! A beef party with the kimchi [from this refrigerator]? You in??!”
Kim Junsu in a previous live radio broadcast had called labelmate Ryu Jun Yeol and given him a quiz over the phone. After he answered correctly, Kim Junsu had promised to gift him with a kimchi refrigerator.
What a generous gift!
Source (1)

Photo published for  

Ryu Joon Yeol thanks Junsu for gifting him with a kimchi fridge

By jubilantj 

C-JeS recently shared a picture on their official Instagram of Ryu Joon Yeol smiling happily next to his new kimchi fridge! 

C-JeS uploaded the picture with a caption that read, "I earned this kimchi fridge after getting a perfect score for XIA's quiz. Fridge, you can 'Lean On Me...'! Should have a BBQ party with the kimchi in this fridge? Anyone down?!"
Previously, Junsu had promised that whoever answered all nine questions to his 'XIA Quiz' correctly would receive a gift from him. And that lucky person was none other than Ryu Joon Yeol, who attempted the 'XIA Quiz' and got the answer to every question right. 

What a nice gesture from Junsu!


The Park Yoo-Chun Incident: If It Smells Like A Rat

Park Yoo-Chun Photo ©C-JeS -Entertainment

An International POV

As the South Korean entertainment industry continues to grow in popularity around the world, it is attracting legions of new fans as they tap into the vast previously unexplored universe of K-pop music, TV dramas and movies. By making their entertainment content available on a global level, South Korea has opened up a world of addictive sub-titled wonders and talented musicians with their highly visual synchronized stage shows, endearing them to fans far beyond the realms of their own country and transforming them into international superstars. This means with so much attention focused on their talent, what happens in South Korea no longer stays in South Korea. Although it is a small country which would fit in between Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA, their entertainment industry is second to none. But the downside is it has the highest rate of false allegations against celebrities than all other countries combined. Those in the limelight who depend upon their image to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of entertainment, also become sitting targets which some view as easy prey and a fast buck, putting them in a position where they either have to fight back, pay up or be destroyed. Although authorities take these matters seriously, it hasn’t stopped the bold and aggressive behavior of some to seize the chance to capitalize or gain attention when the opportunity presents itself.
All eyes are currently on Park Yoo-Chun, one of South Korea’s most prominent entertainers who is experiencing every actor’s nightmare. As the world watches the actor-singer fight to keep his professional life from crumbling amid accusations of sexual misconduct, the first thought which enters the minds of international onlookers is “here we go again”, because incidents of this nature are so commonplace.
An overall picture of Park’s ordeal is now coming into focus. Considering everything surrounding the initial claim and even before the criminal plot was exposed, the word “rape” had an absurd ring to it. The fact that the scheme against him fell through comes as no surprise. His mistake was letting someone he didn’t know well enough to trust with his private life get too close.
It’s highly doubtful Park can be charged on accusations alone. Why were the 2014 and 2015 allegations not pursued earlier? Their “after-thought” actions now appear as bogus as the first claim; Especially since it appears Yoochun was out of the country both times the incidents would have occurred as stated in their claims. Flimsy tactics of this sort should be an insult to any court of law in view of the initial accuser recanting her story and becoming the perpetrator by making false accusations against the star which resulted in blackmail and extortion charges backed with documented evidence.
Similar to the Yoochun accusations, the two females who were charged and convicted for blackmailing international star Lee Byung Hun learned the hard way about the consequences of fraud. Also, after being accused of sexual assault, singer Kai(not EXO Kai) has been proven innocent and cleared of all charges. Universal Music Group announced it will take legal action to seek restitution for the damage to the singer’s reputation.
Why should the public automatically assume Park Yoo-Chun is guilty of these charges simply because they are made by women? While crimes against women are a major issue and deserve all due diligence in recognizing their rights and protecting them, there are many instances where the perpetrators are women using the “weaker sex” scenario to carry out their orchestrated scheme to frame a person of notoriety for monetary gain, often with accomplices. All elements in Park’s situation screams this is the case.
The whole fiasco and everything surrounding it just doesn’t add up. To anyone watching this heartbreaking agony of one of South Korea’s A-list superstars, it “smells like a rat” (to detect something suspicious) making it very hard for common sense to accept the accusations as anything but contrived.
Park Yoo-Chun has yet to be charged with any wrongdoing and accusations against him continue to unravel and fall apart. His management company is taking a fortified stance in his support and stands ready to issue a counter attack against all individuals behind the malicious activity.
While rumors circulate that Yoochun will never work in the industry again, even after proven innocent, the fact remains he has a strong unwavering international fan base who are not buying into any of it. In the wake of this unfortunate disaster, strict measures should continue to be taken against all who made false statements as well as a major clean-up to uncover all the destructive comments launched by social media and internet jockeys on a witch hunt as well as biased journalists whose judgemental words resulted in defamation of character. ~ Asian Entertainer Editorial
The Park Yoo-Chun Incident: If It Smells Like A Rat

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