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JYJ News Week of 8/22- 8/28/2016

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Park Yoochun’s First Accuser Has Been Indicted For False Accusation

Park Yoochun’s First Accuser Has Been Indicted For False Accusation

On August 29, Park Yoochun’s first accuser was officially sent to court.
The first accuser (hereafter referred to as “A”) was previously arrested for attempted threat and false accusation. A’s boyfriend as well as her cousin, who were both involved in the case, have been prosecuted without indictment.
The case arose when A sued Park Yoochun for sexual assault in the bathroom of an adult entertainment establishment. Afterwards, she dropped the charges, saying “It was not compulsory.”
However, A, her boyfriend, and A’s cousin later met with C-JeS Entertainment representative Park Chang Joo, and asked for a settlement amount of 500 million won (approximately $440,000). Park Yoochun was also previously booked without detention on the suspicion of fraud and soliciting prostitution.
All the other women excluding A were acquitted of charges, and Park Yoochun has not countersued the women for false accusation.
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One of the women in Yoochun's case detained for false accusations and attempted blackmail

One of the women in Yoochun's controversy has been detained for investigation.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police revealed that they have detained Ms. Lee (24) for false accusations and attempted blackmail. Not only so, a Mr. Hwang (33) and Ms. Lee's boyfriend (32) are also being detained for investigation for attempted blakmail.

Ms. Lee's boyfriend tried to get money from Yoochun after hearing Ms. Lee's claim that Yoochun had sexually assaulted her. He met with Yoochun's manager on June 4th and told him, "She is suffering so much from this and can't live in Korea. She has to go live in China. Don't you think you should help her?" They met him every day until June 8th, telling him that they would spread this news to media and that they were going to go to the police. However, when they got no money, Ms. Lee reported Yoochun on the 10th.

Now that it's been revealed that they had sexual relations but it was not assault, she is being investigated for false accusations along with the other three women, as well as attempted blackmail.


[TRANS] 160826 Composer of Intro from Kim Jaejoong’s Hologram Concert Shares Behind Story

 photo 12356679_878229455605753_7837529898342704316_o.jpg
I participated in the music intro on solo artist Kim Jaejoong’s Hologram Concert in Japan.

Since Kim Jaejoong finished shooting the whole concert before his enlistment,
the concert was possible after adding some finishing touches.

This type on concerts are very rare inside and outside of Korea.

I heard later that it was very successful.

I guess it was possible because it was in Japan.

So much data work was necessary in order to make it look as if the artist was present on stage.

I couldn’t see it with my own eyes but the photos of the concert seems very real.

Blending of live band and the hologram image was a fresh, very innovative stage directing format.

No artist from Korea adopted this format before, yet it seems like an interesting, new type of concert format many artists can try.

It’s unfortunate that I can’t share clips from the actual concert, because it’s in the process of made into a DVD
 photo maxresdefault.jpg
 photo ca2pn_aviaay1rv.jpg
 photo ca2pn_buaaafdoj.jpg
 photo ca2pn_cumaeg6aj.jpg
The intro takes up the whole wall, wich turned into a gigantic screen, via projection mapping technique.
Theme of video used in intro was, “Even though you can’t see with your own eyes,
If your heart really wants to see, your heart’s desire will be reflected somewhere and become reality”

Though it’s not real, hologram reflects the reality and looks real.
I think the intro ilustrated the concept of the hologram pretty well.

Japanese narration play over the music and the video…

But I can’t share it either due to copyright issues…


Listen Intro Music via <Soundcloud>

Source: polydiv
Translated by: @crystalmoon64  
Shared by: JYJ3


Waiting for Park Yuchun...


160828 JYJ FB & CJES IG Update  Countdown 4 days to <Dorian Gray> Preview 
초대형 창작 뮤지컬 <도리안 그레이> 프리뷰 D-4!
우리 모두가 성남에서 행복하게 만날 수 있기를 기도합니다...

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #뮤지컬 #도리안그레이 #드디어_4일_남았다 #9월아_어서와 #기도씬_비하인드 #9월3일개막 #성남아트센터 #오페라하우스
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A Musical Dorian Gray > Freeview D-4!
We are all in a person-happy to be able to see.... I pray

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #뮤지컬 #도리안그레이 #드디어_4일_남았다 #9월아_어서와 #기도씬_비하인드 #9월3일개막 #성남아트센터 #오페라하우스

Ta-da! The #preview #day of the #musical #DorianGray has #come D-4! Keep #looking forward to meet #KimJunSu on the #spectacular #performance from Sep 3rd!


160827 CJES IG Update! Min-sook massage Junsu's neck  
Dorian Gray fighting!

Dorian Gray (Starring Junsu)
Czech Republic
CJeS Culture

[TRANS] 160825 ‘Dorian Gray’ Kim Junsu and Park Eun-tae show off the quintessence of male-male chemistry

Actors Kim Junsu and Park Eun-tae’s pictorial has been revealed.
Revealed recently, magazine Scene PLAYBILL pictorial was conducted with a concept that revives the images of two people who are undertaking the role of Dorian (Kim Junsu), the most beautiful man in the world, and the role of Henry (Park Eun-tae), the person at the center of London high society as the symbol of intellect, in musical ‘Dorian Gray’.
 photo ---9-_-1.jpg
In the photos released, Kim Junsu achieves a peculiar harmony with pink flowers raised in one hand while concurrently arousing females’ hearts with an intense gaze in a blue T-shirt wearing a dark navy blue suede jacket, and animates the feeling of the beautiful young man Dorian. Although Park Eun-tae carries a level-headed intellect with a clean-cut posture and soft eyes, he materialized the character of a sociable Henry.
 photo ---9-_2-1.jpg
The two people had worked well together while proceeding with ‘Dorian Gray’ rehearsal, and their chemistry erupted even in their couple photos. They showed the formula of a male-male chemistry creating an atmosphere flowing with a subtle tension between the both of them while presenting a friendly feeling. It is said the two people produced the best cuts from each and every cut without losing their professional images during the shooting that was conducted due many hours, and received the praises of the staff members on scene.
 photo ---9-_1-1.jpg
In the interview that was conducted after the photoshoot, Kim Junsu said, “I have to express, with dance, Dorian’s image becoming corrupted and contorted. I also danced in productions before but I had the feeling of dissatisfaction. However I think this production can alleviate that frustration”.

Source: YamStage  
Translation by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[OTHER SNS] 160825 John Yoon shares a past photo with Jaejoong for #ThrowbackThursday


Wow! It’s been soooo long since a #tbt! Here’s a picture of the last dinner we had before Jaejoong went to his military service soon after this night. Can’t wait to see him again! #waitingforjaejoong 126 days left!! _

여러분! 오랜만이에요! 재중이가 군대가기전에 우리랑 마지막 디너… 인재 또 곳보겠네요!! 힘내라 재중아!!! 보고싶다!! _

#ジェジュン #キムジェジュン #ロサンゼルス
#셀스타그램 #데일리 #데일리룩 #얼스타그램#셀피 #인스타 #JYJ #일상 #jejung#kimjaejoong #Jaejoong #LAlife #김재중 #김박김
 photo 13715038_1641032866186724_30279769_n.jpg
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Junsu <Scene Playbill> Magazine September Issue!


160826 Junsu IG: "Sad painting, like painting a face without a heart."
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[NEW PIC] 160826 Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Practice! Gold hair!

[NEW PIC] 160826 Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Practice! Sitting posture!

[NEW PIC] 160826 Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Practice!  

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Corporal (Soon to be Sergeant) Kim Jaejoong Update

Aug 23
[INFO] completed 80% of his military service!!!!! 

Aug 23
Singer/Actor coming back to us very soon!!!!

Passed 1 Million! Reached landmark score before discharge! Congratulations n JJ fans all over the world!


Dorian Gray...Starring Kim Junsu
Another Me MV

CJeS Culture
V Live
Photo published for '도리안그레이' 측 "김준수 연기 기대해도 좋다" 자신감


Corporal Kim Jaejoong at Gyeryong Harmony Concert
Shown on TV

Scroll Down for more videos and pics of Kim Jaejoong at Military concerts.....


[NEW PICS] 160823 Junsu on <Scene Playbill> Magazine September Issue!

160823 CJES IG Update! Junsu in Prague!  
Can't wait for <Another Me> MV release tomorrow!
In 24 hours, the M/V of #KimJunSu on the musical ‘Dorian Gray’ will be released! Stay tuned in it! It’s #way more #fabulous than U could expect EVER! #yay

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Kim Jaejoong Mentioned...
Chinese Olympic flag-bearer and two time gold medalist reveals that is her favorite celebrity

리우올림픽 중국 선수단 기수이자 2개의 금메달리스트인 딩닝 선수가 좋아하는 연예인은 김재중
She also mentioned as her favorite celebrity during the London Olympics as well
딩닝선수는 4년전 런던올림픽때도 좋아하는 연예인으로 재중이를 언급했었어요
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Filmed/shared by fan(Chinese Women's Volleyball National Team, another Olympian):Amazing composure by in chaos

(During the Military Games)


Corporal Jaejoong at Gyeryong Harmony Concert

olive126 JJ

[기사] 계룡시 민관군 어울림 음악회 ‘인산인해’

Scroll down for more Jaejoong at Gyeryong...

Other news...

JJ is not to attend GFF due to the plan of his division.(GFF official site)

So...No Jae like this last year...

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Jaejoong News

Nam Gyuri recently visited serving his military duty: He craves gimbap (Kr Seaweed roll)
Said they are great pals, had lunch she bought and brought (including gimbap) at base visiting center and laughed out loud a lot.


[NEW PICS] 160822 Junsu <Dorian Gray> Musical!  
24/8: Release of <Another Me> MV 
26/8: Release of BTS
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Junsu will appear on <Scene Playbill> Magazine Sept Issue Cover! Featuring <Dorian Gray> Musical Interview too!

[CJeS Culture FB] 

[PHOTO] cjes.tagram님의 사진

That’s #newsy! The no. of #KimJunSu on musical ‘Dorian Gray’ will be out on this #Wed 2pm! It’s totally #beyond your #expectation U won’t #miss it EVER! Let’s #keep it up till the #opening day, Sep 3rd!


Corporal Jaejoong Updates

[News] Pls watch Gyeryong Concert to be broadcasted on 8/23 Noon at KT Olleh TV ch.789
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Promo Video


[PRESS PIC + TRANS] 160822 CPL Kim Jaejoong at 2020 Gyeryong Expo Harmony Concert

News 1

[TRANS] “Mountains and oceans of people gathered for Gyeryong Civil/Gov/Military Concert”

(Omitted unrelated parts)
 photo 101826_85410_221.jpg
 photo 101826_85411_232.jpg
 photo 101826_85413_36.jpg
 photo 101826_85427_352.jpg
JYJ3’s Note: You can check more press photos of this event here


News 2

[TRANS] 3,000 showed up at Gyeryong Concert!
CPL Kim Jaejoong from 55th Infantry division received much cheers from the audience

(Omitted unrelated parts)

Sources: mbstv (Press Photo), kookbang  
Translated by: @crystalmoon64  
Shared by: JYJ3

[News] Mountains and oceans of people gathered for Gyeryong Civil/Gov/Military Concert
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Corporal Jaejoong!!!
Non fans blogs...
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Pics as tagged

[TRANS] Blog posting of at Gyeryong Concert

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Blog Posting of at Independence Day Concert1

[TRANS] Blog Posting of at Independence Day Concert2

"Saw Kim Jaejoong! Nuclear bomb level handsome! Seems like he is not from this human world^^

Jaejoong oppa was so excited!!! "
Translations by crystalmoon64

Click link below for more Kim Jaejoong at 71 Korean Liberation Celebration concert and at Gyeryong Military/Harmony Concert...

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