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(Ouccchh....I got blank moment...Didn't know how to start this review. I hate that. Luckily finally got the idea)

A New phase in MuRim’s relationship when being Just A Partner is not enough. XD....Is it too soon? Nope...After sharing their own secret n doing things for each other. It's a normal thing that could happen. On this eps, finally we got MG's smile. But I didn't chose it as My Chunface of the day coz some reason. XD

So, this is my Chunface of the Day (4)..

LOL...How come he still has that straight face after he see the result of what he was doing. What a Poker Face U have Mu Gak ssi... XD...n still eating. LOL

Choi Mu Gak

These scene are hilarious.

The moment when he try to make a chit chat with his colleague but ended "brutally".LOL....N they add the funny moment with that background sound. LOL

It's nice that he want to starting a chit chat with Det. Tak... so far he always the good one to him among the others Det. Like talking about weather, a chit chat can started coz of phone, especially when we see something that we think special for the person. But unluckily, it's not run  like what he wants. LOL ....It's often happen when we make mistake about the baby gender... but usually if that happen, we will break the awkward with Oppss Sorry or do anything but not like MG. Just blank expression.  LOL

N I even didn't think that he will try to make the 2nd time of that chit chat, LOL

N Mu Gak is like Lee Gak....LOL


Oh, I still love to hear MG call Cho Rim’s name. XD

Do U think MG has ability to "talk" with animal? Especially coz he was an aquarist. The way he talk with CR, it's kinda like that. LOL.... He gives the order n she do it as the order. Hahaha.....

N LOL....CR has a habit. Walking while sleeping. Haha....It's so funny.... n I won't bore to say that I like things that could happen in our daily life can be a funny scene on this drama.

SSK did good on this.

N based on his convo with his sister. It's definitely his 1st time with a girl.  A girl sleeping on his lap is too intimate. Hehe....

Awww.....heartbreaking scene but I like that she told him. 

But before doing that, she did this..

N I like that. XD...LINE sticker for this eps. XD

Wahh.. CR....U really did that. I like when the lead female do harshness to ChunNi.  XD.... With that power to slap him,  Yup it must be hurt.

N yeah, finally she told him...Not just keep it in her heart. “It hurt me so if he care for me, he will get hurt too”.

N yeah He Cares....If he doesn't care, he won't ask Directornim to give CR another chance n do what he ask.

As a Director of gag show...He really hard to laugh. But I was laughing when see his PP on CR's phone. XD....

I was waiting to hear his laugh when the group must leave the room... n yeah, heard it. LOL.....Seriously I don't need to see what kind of thing that MG did n can make him laughing like that.XD

N the moment when they leave the room n made the scene even more funny coz that no expression from MG. HAHAHAA.... n also his gesture when Directornim push him a little. I like little gesture like that. Don't know it's ChunNi's adlib or Not ... I really like it.

Those ChunNi's no expression are AWESOME.

Then we got MuRim's  reconciliation n it's cute...hehe...I like that they didn't drag into some eps. But I do like that they will have another moment like that,hehe...coz it's cute. LOL....The reconciliation started by CR. I like that she didn't hesitate to do it. Coz Not everyone want to admit their fault.

Mu Gak's expression is so cute when he was trying to ignore her.

coz  His eyes still following her n curious about what is she doing.  XD

N Wow....he was kinda shoo her with that Thank You and that stare.

Luckily our Cho Rim still has an idea. LOL.....Wait, I think I’ve never seen any ChunNi’s character bite his lips like that? LOL....So Cutee...

CR’s tactic finally success, hehe...MG want to hear her reason why she comes. But Poor CR.....our MG still wanna playing “hard to get”. LOL...n then MG got 2 Sorry from her. I love this couple. I think on MuRim's relationship, both of them don't hesitate to admit when they're wrong n say Sorry n Thanks when they should say it.

Unfortunatelly CR didn’t look at MG’s face when say Sorry. It’s so nice that we can see MG’s reaction to CR. He feel happy to hear that n even try to hold his smile n just give CR his Poker face. Hehe..

N then the misunderstanding has been resolved. We get our Happy MuRim. Unfortunately CR didn’t see his smile. This one was his genuine smile coz he’s happy. Not coz other reason.

N then what else that they should do when celebrate it? It’s ALL U CAN EAT lunch. XD....It’s a good idea Cho Rim. Hehe...n poor the owner,haha...coz it’s really a loooot of plates. XD

I knew that we will get funny scene when MG saw CR wanna doing test for him. N yes, we got that, hahaha.... but didn’t expect that MG will turn the plate. Hahaha...He’s so playful..

Poor CR...hahaha....n MG with his Poker face just offer her a drink. LOL...

N off course we should get another eating scene. XD...n yeah, agree with CR..can’t focus when hungry, hehe....n aahh, finally CR get that idea, coz MG already said Eat fast and Let’s go n coz he still can’t thinking about others, I think CR will get nothing again. N the funny thing was MG’s expression when heard that. I think that was the 1st time he heard it. She learn from the mistake. LOL

Though MG kinda annoyed with CR’s request but he still obey what she wants. Hehe..n it’s so funny, he counts it. LOL.... I hope later we will get eating scene when MG allow her to eat 1st without CR say about it.

N I like CR’s prevention action. LOL.....In case, she still hungry n want the meat. XD

The thing that we got from this scene is MG really TRUST her. He didn’t give her another question. Love it.

Can’t blame CR for the misunderstanding. LOL...

I wonder why I see CR’s friend on different place when watched without sub n LOLing when read the sub. XD...A very different & interesting thought, she is the one who fired the owner. I wonder if her friend know about her ability? Cool...hahaha...n CR is like an open book.N yeah...her expression really tell how is her feeling.

N later she even can’t make appropriate reason. LOL


Oouucchhh, who is that man in Black? I hope it just the trainer Andy who came to see the result of what his brother did. But if not, oohh my.....the murderer became CR’s shadow now? N BLACK is more suspicious than the WHITE that CR wore. LOL...

Yes MG get helps from CR but he also smart as a Detective. I like that he cover the victim’s face when he ask the resto owner. People more easily remember about the clothes or something unique that other people wear than a face. So, when the owner remember about it. It’s easier to make her remember about the face. But yeah, maybe it also coz not good showing a dead man face?

Is it just coincidence or he already plan it before?

So, Dr. Chun was CR’s doctor before?  No wonder he recognize her. As a Doctor, he must do a lot of operation but in CR’s case (comma) I think that the reason why he remember her (special case). As a doctor, I think he wanna know how the operation result but he didn’t know it coz CR was moved into another hospital. But maybe he has another reason. How about love at 1st sight or maybe he know CR before.  Hehehe...But I think we can still put him as a suspect. Maybe he got an order to kill Choi Eun Seol but he didn’t want to kill CR, so he kill MG’s sister. 

Wah, he told JH about that....Wanted to meet her again. Can’t wait to know what was the reason. Dr. Chun isn’t a 2nd lead but can we get a Triangle between him n our MuRim? LOL....

JH is still our suspect coz I don’t think his basement only for wine n food pantry. A dog won’t bark like that if the place only for that. Maybe it was the place where Ma Ri stay before got killed? CR must be can see it but coz it’s her boyfriend house, so she didn’t has any suspicion.

Both of them looking at her with different reason. Oucchh....

N Yes....finally he can get the access...

N we got another genuine smile from him but this time for his sister. 

I saw 2 smiles. A big different smiles. The 1st one was from his own happiness n the 2nd one was from his purpose of life.

N I can’t wait till MG see CR’s face on the file. He’s smart, think he can connect all that things. But off course can’t wait to see his reaction when he know that the one who must be killed was Cho Rim Not his sister.


Can I get a Triangle here? Hehe...I didn’t satisfied with RTP’s Triangle. LOL....Coz I knew LG’s feel, he got close to SN just coz he think she’s the reincarnation of his wife. Though I know that MG gave YM a big smile just because she gave him the access. XD

I think YM is a serious lady type. Before she got good laugh from MG n now she get a Big Smile from him. It’s a smile like she give him a very big gift n yeah, it’s a very big gift for him. A contagious smile. XD n our CR saw that smile. His smile to other girl. At 1st, she was shock to see him with a lady (her lips kinda saying “oww’...XD...don’t know if she realize who is she) then she was kinda don’t wanna see it but then she was looking at them again coz she can’t believe what she see. A SMILE from Mu Gak. 

Is she jealous? Hmm.. Maybe but from her expression I didn’t see she’s mad coz MG smile to other girl. I see a surprised face coz of THAT SMILE itself. Oohh, he CAN smile..

The Ending

LOL....I think it’s a rare thing when we didn’t get preview for next eps. I don’t wanna think it because they didn’t have material video for it. I wanna think as it’s a good choice so make viewer curious n will watch it again on next week. n I really love to see their BTS. It's so Fun. I like their chemistry is not just on the drama but also off screen.

I have many scenarios about the beginning scene on next eps. LOL...but I think will just write 2 scenarios. XD
1.Cho Rim maybe just leave the resto n later when he met MG for the practice, she didn’t say anything. After she questioned about her feeling, it will be the 1st time they meet, before only by phone. Coz maybe if she ask him about that, he will wonder, what she was doing at the resto n didn’t say Hi if she saw him. 

2. YM saw her n tell MG that her friend also at the resto. Then MG will look at her but he’s already back into MG whom emotionless n just ask her, what is she doing here? N that’s an easy question coz she can anwer it  “Wanna meet her friend” n later maybe we will get another scene when CR’s friend ask her about her feeling to see MG with other girl. A “normal” CR will ask MG the reason why he smile n I think MG will tell her that finally he can see the file that can help him to find his sister’s murderer. But when her heart already involved, we don’t know how will be her reaction. 


Finally I watched RM again. I watch this show only coz ChunNi's costar...Ugghh.... when we can see him on variety show?

To continue What I wrote before that I want to see backhug n  Cho Rim kiss Mu Gak on his cheeck. I can imagine it could happen.  LOL.... Only saw the pic that SSK kiss Garry but after I watched the show, SSK act the backhug scene on one of the game. 

CR do a little run before she backhug MG. Could U imagine the scene ? LOL...It maybe the sign. Please Writernim, make it happen.

N about the kiss on cheeck. I have another story.  LOL 

I don’t like Hello Kitty, I’m more into Doraemon, it’s not coz he’s BLUE. LOL....coz even though I usually like everything about ChunNi....- he was singing for Hello Kitty’s anniversary – but I still don’t like it. XD....So when my sister told me that she bought a Hello Kitty Card (it’s kinda like Debit Card, Indonesian Chunsa should know about this card) and wanna give it to me, I said...”hmmm, I don’t like it, why U give me that” but she insist n said that it’s cute. LOL..So, I said, OK lah...just put it in my bag but I didn’t see the pic. So, when finally I use that card, I see the pic n I see MuRim. LOL...(I’m so crazy that everything I see, I make connection with ChunNi. LOL)’s really like MuRim right? I can imagine that Cho Rim kiss Mu Gak on his cheek like that n Mu Gak’s eyes popped out like that. LOL

I can’t believe from zero idea, I can write it longer than usual. LOL....but off course need longer time.


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