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JYJ News Week of 7/3- 7/10/2017

What's New With JYJ?
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Yoochun Update

C-jes: "no confirmation of PYC wedding or wedding photos, priority is military service"

It was earlier reported that YC wedding will be on Sep 20 and wedding photos will be taken in Europe.

Note: CJES will not confirm or deny any news re: YC as long as he is still in the military service.

Yoochun and fiance delay wedding date to September 20th, to have wedding pictorial in Europe?


JYJ's Yoochun has pushed his wedding date back to September 20th.

Originally, the wedding date had been set for the 10th. However, as he's enlisted until August 26th, the couple decided to push back the wedding a little more to allow for more time.

They will also be heading to Greece in early September before their wedding for their wedding pictorial. An insider revealed that they were not going for a public pictorial with a magazine, but a private one as his wife is not a celebrity.

However, his label has denied anything is confirmed and that more will be confirmed once he is done with his enlistment.


JJ IG Update

20170709 jj_1986_jj IG

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[IG] I like the sound of rain ..
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Oh update!

170709 Junsu IG: "How is everyone? Hope today is as happy as before ^^"
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[NEW VID] 170707 Junsu in Gyeonggi Police Publicity Video Teaser!

BTS for Ransomware Publicity Video
[@ Ikj5730님 insta]


JJ Updates

Glad to see is any and whatever capacity Fighting!

Since it's #raining and all... #enjoy #fresh and #sunny JaeJoong! #lazysunday

[Cjes IG] Have a happy sunday w refreshing We'll get to see JJ in action in a month when the rainy season is over
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Photo published for 연예인을 여행에 보내면 생기는 일
What happens when you send a celebrity to a trip  



TED (&sequel) is like my hubby's fave movies LOL. Not my kind of humor but whatever 💚😊💚 How's filming ?

[IG] I laid him down for sure...How come he is standing up?
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LOL, Doesn't JJ know TED is alive? 


Manhole Update

Want to see you soon too. Drama Manhole Hwaiting!


Our 's Appa () was 's bus driver/god in Heaven's Postman which I watch almost every week!

"Heaven's Postman" aka "Postman to Heaven" trailer - Eng subs



[jj_1986_jj] Jaejoong's Instagram Update:  

170708 JYJFB update! 


JJ IG Update

20170707 jj_1986_jj IG

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Too cute! 'Uncle Fighting!'  

[IG] "Uncle, wish you the best for your drama! Hwaiting!" 
JJ: Uncle will work hard <3
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’s Kim Jaejoong Shows Off A New Look For His Upcoming Time-Slip Comedy Drama “Manhole”

On June 7, C-Jes Entertainment uploaded a photo of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong from the set of his new drama to their official Instagram account.
The artist will be starring in KBS 2TV’s upcoming time-slip comedy drama called “Manhole” and will be taking on the role of main character Bong Pil. In the uploaded photo, Kim Jaejoong has a new, messy hairstyle that suits his character, who is his neighborhood’s token unemployed person.


Kim Jaejoong will be pushing aside his handsome charms to have an almost maniac, crazy presence as Bong Pil on set. In the drama, Bong Pil will go accidentally go back in time by falling into a manhole and then attempt to stop a marriage from happening in the present.
Meanwhile, KBS 2TV released stills of the cast, which includes Kim Jaejoong, UEE, B1A4’s Baro, and Jung Hye Sung, from the first script reading for “Manhole,” which took place on June 29.
“Manhole” will air on August 9 after “Queen for 7 Days” ends its run.
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Policeman Junsu filming...
BTS for Ransomware Publicity Video

[PHOTO] il_ma.re님의 사진

[PHOTO] il_ma.re님의 사진


Our   is handsome no matter what! in

  • cjes.tagram드디어 오늘 첫촬영! #봉필 오는 소리가 들린다 들려🎶
    #김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #첫촬영_이라니 #8월_언제오세요 #아침부터 #미모열일중 #훈훈한 #사진 #산뜻한 #금요일 #맨홀 #드라마 #스타트 #KBS #7일의왕비 #후속 #씨제스타그램

    #Finally the #first_day of #shooting JaeJoong's #new #drama 'Man Hole'! Can't you almost #hear 'Bong Pil' #coming nearby? So #excited!!

  • at 1st shooting (7/7) of Drama Manhole: can anticipate a legendary character  

    Starts filming his comeback drama Manhole today(7/7) Bong Pil is coming!
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    JJ's first shooting day
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    JJ IG Update

    20170706 jj_1986_jj IG

    "1970th year"

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    Cast Of “Manhole” Show Off Perfect Comedic Chemistry At First Script Reading

    On July 6, KBS2 released a few stills from the first script reading, which took place on June 29, for their upcoming time-slip drama “Manhole,” which will air on August 9 after “Queen for 7 Days” ends its run.
    The main cast, which consists of UEE, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, B1A4’s Baro, and Jung Hye Sung, came together along with the rest of the cast as well as the director and screenwriter of the drama for the first script reading. “Manhole” is a comedic time-slip drama about a man named Bong Pil who accidentally goes back in time by falling into a manhole.
    Anticipation is high for the drama, as the cast members showed not only perfect assimilation to their individual roles but also great comedic chemistry with one another. One of the directors of the drama even said after the script reading, “This is the first time I have laughed so much at a script reading…This only confirms my initial thoughts that we will be able to make a great drama because of the amusing script and our talented actors.”

    Kim Jaejoong will be taking on the male lead role of Bong Pil, who is his neighborhood’s token unemployed person. He goes back in time by falling into a manhole and attempts to stop the marriage of his long-time love Kang Soo Jin, who will be played by UEE. B1A4’s Baro will be taking on the role of Jo Suk Tae, a cute character who always loses to Bong Pil and is waiting for the right moment to exact revenge on Bong Pil. Jung Hye Sung will be taking on the role of Jin Sook, a character who has grown up in the same neighborhood as Bong Pil and Kang Soo Jin since they were young.
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    'Manhole' cast get serious in newly released stills of their script reading

    The cast members of 'Manhole' have united as one to kick off the start of the drama with photos from their script reading.

    KBS has finally released behind-the-scenes photos from the cast's script reading, which took place on June 29. The actors showed their irreplaceable charms and their cheerful chemistry as shown by B1A4's Baro and UEE, who smiled while looking at their lines. However, smiles aside, many of the stars can be seen intently focusing on their script like JYJ's Jaejoong and Jung Hye Sung, who have stoic expressions.

    'Manhole' is JYJ Jaejoong's first drama since his release from the army. The plot has a weird, worldly vibe that tells the story of a man who travels time after falling into a manhole.

    Check out the photos for yourself!



    Jaejoong IG Updates

    Already hilarious! Our kinda loser but lovable of in ! is

    Unkempt unruly hair is supposed to make seem like the that he is? Still gorgeous

    [OTHER IG] KBS Staff (jinwoo_k891 Instagram Update: Script Book Ep.1 Team fighting!



    Jaejoong Update
    JYJ added 4 new photos.
    #재무룩 #떼중이 #여행블로거
    재중의 여행 비하인드 하드털이 탈탈!!
    http://naver.me/5mTBPzYE #김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #여행 #강원도 #2박3일 #자유여행 #즉흥여행 #하드털이 #미공개컷 #놀이공원 #낚시 #데이트
    Here's a #handful of never before #revealed #cuts from JaeJoong's #Spontaneous #Trip!! You're welcome
    Image may contain: indoor

    Image may contain: 1 person

    Image may contain: 1 person, standing, ocean, sky, outdoor and water

    Image may contain: 1 person, train and outdoor

    From Naver


    [NEW PICS] 170706 Junsu shooting for Internet Virus Prevention Film! 😍 Eradicate extortion! 👍

    Junsu filming Ransomeware Publicity Video!


    Actor Jaejoong Update

    Oh my... our and friends!!!
    #Ready to see JaeJoong as 'Bong Pil' every #Wednesday and #Thursday?? You can #bet its going to be #awesome! 

    Kim Jaejoomg returns to the K drama in 2 years letting go of handsomeness for comedy  

    Beautifully Crazy Chemistry: Drama Manhole's First Script Reading: xUEExJung HyesungxBaro

    [PT TR] Comedic acting extravaganza!
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    PT TR] KimJaejoong x UEExJung HyesungxBaro burst into laughter from the first script reading session
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    어디서 봉필이 오는 소리 들리지 않아요?
    8월엔 다 같이 '맨홀'에 풍덩💦
    #김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #KBS #맨홀 #잘생김 #묻은 #동네 #백수 #오빠 #봉필 #아_빨리와 #무더위 #물리칠_희소식 #7일의왕비 #후속 #8월 #첫방송
    Can you #hear 'Bong Pil' #nearing? Let's #all #jump into the 'Man Hole' this #August!

    Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing

    HQ pics

    Upcoming drama '' with casts: , , 's , and !! COMING UP SOON~


    One of Yoochun's alleged sexual assault victims was acquitted of false charges - ...

    Yoochun‘s sexual assault saga is seemingly never ending, and the most recent news out of it is that one alleged victim that was charged with making false accusations was acquitted of the charge. In a plea to the jury, the alleged victim reiterated that she wasn’t lying and that she was a sexual assault victim.

    Ms. Song begged innocence and sobbed, “I followed him to the bathroom because we didn’t have much skinship beforehand. It’s true that I couldn’t resist because Yoochun talked to me as if he was going to give me 20,000,000 KRW (~ 17,329 USD) but I never asked for money afterward. Please listen to me. Please trust me.” She added, “I’m a victim of sexual assault. I am so upset and angry.”
    This scandal continues to be a tough one to crack because it has so many factors, many of which will likely go forever unknown. What we do know is that the initial accuser was found guilty of making false accusations and blackmailing him, but even that was muddied by the judge’s rationale and Korean consent laws. However, another alleged victim has now been acquitted of making false charges against him, while two others filed charges and were not charged with false accusation, and another made an accusation but didn’t file charges. Of course Yoochun was also acquitted of sexual assault on all those who did file, but the end result has hardly backed the conspiracy theory defense many fans put forward about all of them working together or something, and they can’t rationally just try to hand-wave away the alleged victims.
    So what to make of it?
    I’ll generally still go with what I said last December.

    In the end, people will come to whatever conclusion they want about this scandal, and the tough thing is that I’m not sure anybody can be truly “right” or “wrong” because there’s so much room for interpretation of what happened at the present. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable treating him the same as guys like Park Si Hoo or Kim Hyun Joong, where regardless of the legal decision I can easily make a logical argument that they are guilty of what they were accused of. In Yoochun’s case, it’s hard to be concluding much of anything based on what we now know, because while there’s no evidence that all of these accusations were a connected conspiracy against him or something, there’s also no smoking gun in any of the cases that allows us to point the finger definitively at Yoochun.
    That said, the optics of four alleged victims maintaining that they were sexually assaulted by him reflects terribly on Yoochun and it’s personally impossible for me to look at him the same, as this sexual assault case and all its murkiness will always pop into my head.


    Jaejoong and UEE looking very casual!

    Note: Looks like a get-together at an ultra chic hotel  before filming commences...


    Ambassador Kim Jaejoong

    [OTHER IG] Paradise City Instagram Update:


    Kim Jaejoong: Fool for Fans


    Jaejoong's MakeUp stylist IG Update
    [rue_710 IG]


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