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JYJ News Week of 4/30- 5/6/2018

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180506 JYJ Junsu singing at Stylist's Wedding

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[Eng Sub] April 30, 2018 Kim Jaejoong Skatto Japan - part 1 of 5

[Eng Sub] April 30, 2018 Kim Jaejoong Skatto Japan - part 2 of 5


Jaejoong in Hulu Japan

Hulu Japan公式

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Too funny! is life! Thanks for sharing

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20180505 ‪jj_1986_jj IG Story

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Silly ! is everything! Looking forward to more all the time!

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I.. I was about to go to sleep... But I can’t fall asleep somehow... Keep doing this... to you at this hour... Sorry, everyone - Why are you stuttering all of a sudden 😂
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[TopStarNews] Kim Jaejoong's Comeback dominates Japanese Charts: HMV, Amazon, etc!

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ALL THE BEST for 🙏🌻 🎼💚💚💚 Kim Jaejoong Announces Debut Solo Single "Sign / Your Love"



Great morning for me! You did great on the radio yesterday! Looking forward to much more from you. Will support and protect always 💚😊💚

[IG] Looks like I’m being scolded for touching the cell phone

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun To Hold Fan Meeting In Korea On His Birthday -

JYJ’s Yoochun will celebrate his upcoming birthday with fans!

JYJ member Park Yoochun will meet his fans in South Korea for the first time following his military discharge last year.
The fan meeting will be held at the YES24 Live Hall on the singer-actor’s birthday on June 4 at 8 p.m.
He previously met fans in Japan through his fan meeting Reunion: Remember the Memories on March 10 and 11. A DVD of his fan meeting and mini concert was also released.
Through the event, he is expected to resume his activities in South Korea after taking a hiatus due to his mandatory military service. Still, aside from the fan meeting, no other activities of Yoochun in South Korea has been made public as of press time.
But, fans are hopeful that the singer-actor will return with a new project soon — either as a singer or actor.
Yoochun has released songs as a member of JYJ and successfully transitioned into acting. He is known for his roles in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Miss Ripley, Rooftop Prince, and Missing You. Before enlisting, he starred in the SBS’ drama A Girl Who Sees Smells.

Official announcement YC's FM (in Japan) in May has been postponed because of visa issue. not because of Yuchun but due to paper issue by japan's organizer😭😭 
Tokyo 5/6→7/24 
Shizuoka 5/8→7/23 
Nagoya 5/10→7/5 
Osaka 5/14,15→7/10,11 
Hiroshima 5/17→7/2 
Oita 5/19, 20→6/27,28


JYJ’s Jaejoong will be releasing his first Japanese solo single!

Yes, that is right! JYJ‘s Jaejoong will be releasing his first Japanese solo single called ‘Sign/Your Love‘.

It was revealed on live broadcast of NHK radio SP called ‘In Love With Jaejoong‘. There will be a total of four tracks in the CD with a limited edition which will also include a DVD of the music video.
Jaejoong said that it will be a sad and painful ballad track that will convey his honest emotions. This new single will also be unveiled for the first time at his concert called ‘The Reunion In Memory‘ which will be on June 26th and 27th in Yokohama Arena.
There will also be a total of four version of this CD. The first version is the limited edition A which will include the CD and a DVD of MV and making of ‘Sign‘ MV. Limited edition B will include the CD and a DVD of MV and making of ‘Love‘ MV. There is also a regular edition of only the CD. Finally, there will be a FC limited edition which will include the CD and 16 page booklet.
The tracklist itself includes four tracks. The tracks is ‘Sign‘ and its instrumental version and ‘Your Love‘ and its instrumental version.
Meanwhile, Jaejoong will drop his first Japanese solo single on June 27th. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!
Officially Kmusic will keep you updated, so stay tuned!
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Ambassador Jaejoong for Paradise City

百乐达斯城 weibo

百乐达斯城 weibo


180502 Info (Leader’s IG) 【

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[사진] IG 1박2일간의 교육을 위해 떠난 사람들


[Oh! Japan TR] to release his first Japan single album on June 27 "Sad, emotional ballads”

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[pre-order] HMV Japan: 
Sign/Your Love [First Press Limited Edition A] (CD+DVD):  
Sign/Your Love [First Press Limited Edition B] (CD+DVD):  
Sign/Your Love [Standard Edition] (CD):

Jaefans news (public post): additional info on the new single
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[News Summary] JYJ's Kim Jaejoong announces his first solo single in Japan on June 27! •

Jaejoong New single in Japan info: "Sign/Your Love" Info: Links to buy it: •

The new song is scheduled to be released for the first time at the single live "The Reunion in Memory" planned to be held at Yokohama Arena on June 26th and 27th. !! cr:



[JJweibo]Happy day 1 ​​

[JJweibo]Happy day 2 ​​

재중백업 @JJinfo_

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180502 Weibo 【Goodnight ☆】

JJ Tweets

[Trans] Please listen ^^

ジェジュンが6月27日に日本初のソロシングル発売 「Sign/Your Love」(スポーツ報知) - Yahoo!ニュース

[Trans] Jaejoong will release 1st Japanese single as solo on June 27. Single is entitled [Sign/Your Love]

ジェジュン日本初シングル「感情を正直に伝えた曲」(日刊スポーツ) - Yahoo!ニュース
[Trans] Jaejoong's 1st Japanese single "songs that convey his honest emotions"
As per news, he will perform his single during the June 26 Yokohama concert.

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JJ said that it feels so good to sleep with his cats. Smells good too
JJ‘ reward to himself is to eat 3cup ramens before going to bed if he is off next day 
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 Jaejoong: "I feel like a newcomer like when I was 17 years old and I'm doing my best everyday!"

First song: Good morning night. 

Second song: Butterfly

Jaejoong "In late June, I will be releasing the first solo single in Japan! The title is "Sign"! This is my first solo single, so I'm aiming for the rookie award! LOL  

Third song: I'll protect you

What words does jaejoong hang on to when he is depressed? Jaejoong: I choose "If you want, you can do it!" Great words, is it not?

Fourth song: Heaven

Jaejoong "Originally I wasn't interested in cameras, but in Korean variety shows!" -"Are you also praised by your teacher?" Jaejoong "Pretty much!.. I'm sorry.. I feel glad when I'm praised and still a child's heart!"

Jaejoong: "I feel lonely in Japan, so I adopted 2 cats.. they're Koko and Nene!"

"Where does Jaejoong want to travel on a large consecutive holidays? Jaejoong "New York! ... I don't know New Caledonia! I will search it when this program is over! Haha"

JJ on NHK radio

From 10:10p.m. tonight radio program “In love with Jaejoong” there's 3 patterns of’Jingle’ (jingle means inserted short BGM or song played before & after CM in radios)recorded with Jaejoong’s voice. Wonder where those get broadcasted. Pls look forward
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Hello ! Keep moving forward and onward! Proud of you

[Line] Frequency fixed! What if Jaejoong becomes a radio DJ Tonight with Jaejoong’s sweet voice, Check compatibility with listeners ‘Sync check with Jaejoong’ Title: NHK Radio 1 “in love with Jaejoong” Broadcast: May 2 10:10 PM Site:
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#Kimjaejoong #Radio Awesome! We can listen to JaeJoong’s sweet voice live! Enjoy JJ’s special program on the NHK radio station! #1010pm #tonight #Cjestagram


Jaejoong on Japanese TV

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Gorgeous model/photographer !


180501 Weibo 【Work hard day after day! Energetic! Healthily! 】

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[MENTION]180501 ‘Laundry’ Jin Tae-Hwa, actor resembling the innocence and sincerity.

…Jin Tae-hwa said, “Kim Junsu suggested that I try to do a musical once in a while, so that I was worried about. It was then that we started the musicals formally. ”

Source: Slist News

Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA


Yahoo Japan Hot Topic #1 is Jaejoong!!!🎉🎉


Kim Jaejoong on Japanese broadcast!

said his skin became dry and got more acne after he turned his 30's, so he didn’t want to forget to take care of his skin. Therefore, he made his make up remover to be his phone’s wall paper as a reminder.
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JJ said it’s embarrassing to show his nipple
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’s way to relieve stress is cat. Nene must be his comfort.
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JJ said his type is that mother (Chie Oka)
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[Trans] Fall in love with Hifumi-san!


[Trans] Funny Sukatto


Looking forward to in TV! Ganbatte !

오늘 저녁은 재중과 함께 #스캇토재팬 보면서 하루 마무리하기💛
今夜はジェジュンと一緒に #スカッとジャパン 見ながら一日の総仕上げを
#김재중 #오늘저녁 #7시57분 #日예능 #후지TV #스캇토재팬 #게스트#전격출연 #본방사수 #ジェジュン #スカッとジャパン #痛快TV Finish your day with #JaeJoong Catch up with him on『SKATTO JAPAN』 tonight! #757pm #Guest


 [Line] ‘2018 Park Yuchun fanmeeting & mini concert: Remember the memories’ that was held on Mar 10, 11 in Tokyo will be released as a DVD. Pre-order starts: Apr 30, 6 pm~ Site:

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《明日放送!》明日のスカッとジャパンでは、 が初共演! 見た目も性格も全く異なるこの2人の夢のコラボ、果たしてどうなる!? 気になる放送は明日夜19:57〜より! 是非ご覧ください!

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