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JYJ News Week of 2/12- 2/18/2018

What's New With JYJ?
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JJ's Photo People Update

A feel good, wholesome variety show will surely mesmerize and warm the hearts of the whole family during the Lunar New Year holidays
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180217 IG 【Happy New Year~ ^^】

  • xiaxiaxia1215모두들 새해 복 많이 받으세요~^^

  • [OTHER IG] 180215 Funk.Won Update:
    We have 90 new arrivals
    #Publicityteam #GyeonggiSouthpolicepromotionteam
    Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

    Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

    Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling


    Kim Jaejoong will be performing at a Football (Soccer) Game's Halftime Event!

    2/23 (Friday) Sagan Tosu opening ceremony - Kim Jaejoong, half time show announcement 2/23(金)サガン鳥栖開幕戦 ジェジュンさんハーフタイムショーのお知らせ | サガン鳥栖 [公式] オフィシャルサイト


    Half Time Performance by Kim Jaejoong 
    time : After the first half 
    place: Pitch center (main stand side) 
    ContentsSong Performance
    After the first half, Jaejoong,will show off singing performances at the center of the pitch on the main stand side. Kickoff is at 8 pm, the only game to be held on the 23rd . (gtrans)
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    ☆ 180223 일본 J리그 개막전 하프타임 공연 소식 ☆ ☆ 재중효과로 티켓 매진 ☆


    Jaejoong's Dating Simulation (Jp) Official Tw account!




    【「My darling♥︎Kim Jaejoong~ Only 2 persons in HoneyHoliclife~」Official Twitter Published~! Fell in love with Kim Jaejoong, do you expect? Love dating sim with fast heart breaking released eventually, right? Please look forward for the news in the future.】
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    【It’s thankful to receive lots of followers suddenly❤️In order to release the game as soon as possible, we put all our efforts to produce! Today, let’s publish a little info when producing☆】

    180216 Info Words in pic 【Let’s be together next year and the year after next. I promised.】
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    JJ IG Update

    Happy Lunar New Year! with his beautiful nieces and nephew... 💚😇💚

    [IG] The best thing to do over the holidays is giving autographs to nephew and nieces ㅎ Lunar New Year Many blessings everyone
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    180216 Weibo 【

    【Hi, I’m Park Yuchun. I knew many fans concerned abt my recent status from Weibo, thus I send my greetings. I’m fine bcuz of u & I feel full of energy when received ur support. Thank u. Wish u guys be healthy & hv 2018 full of happiness & gd things. Happy New Year. Thank u. 】
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    Yoochun returns to the public with a Lunar New Year greeting clip for fans


    JYJ's Yoochun greeted fans publicly for the first time in a while, to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

    Yoochun shared a video clip via his official Weibo account on February 16, appearing casually-dressed and sending out his greeting message. He said, "Hello. This is Park Yoochun. I've heard that many of you here on Weibo were curious about what I've been up to, so I'm here to greet you. I am doing well, thanks to you all. I am hearing all of your cheers and encouragements, and seeing them gives me strength. I hope that your 2018 will be full of only good events, and please be healthy. May you be blessed with good fortune this new year." 

    The singer/actor will be kicking off his fan meeting tour in Japan this March 10-11 in Tokyo - '2018 Park Yoochun Fan Meeting & Mini Concert in Japan: Reunion, Remember the Memories'. You can find his full Lunar New Year greeting on his Weibo, here.



    180216 Weibo 
    (CN&KR) Hope you spend the new year with more happiness 】

    Speech 【(CN&KR) Hi, this is Kim Jaejoong. (KR) I hvn’t greeted u guys for long time. Wish u all things go smoothly, all wishes come true in new year. Wish u spend ur new year w/ur lovers. Hv a year happier & healthier. I’ll put more efforts on my works in future, thank you.】

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    Junsu Update

    180216 Info 【With the 90th freshman.】

    180216 Info (Leader’s IG) 【 Usually, I’ll ignore their oppressions... Everyone in front of me stunned, I can feel it. I can’t reject this, because it’s broadcasting. It’s the difficult point.】

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    Being a backstage photographer is hard work! Hwaiting! preview Click link and give hearts!

    Cute & lovely of (preview) Cast is great!

    Will miss for sure! Watch preview here: w/ , , , , , , , ,


    Jaejoong's message

    A special message from to fans💚 “New Year’s Blessings, everyone! Looking forward to your love and support this year, too” Happy new year, Jaejoong and fans! Wish all his and your plans for the new year come to fruition 😘 StudioJayxOneyebu


    Junsu update

    [V LIVE] It's XIA TIME! - 8th <XIGNATURE> 투어브릿지 X <예뻐> 세로라이브 촬영장 Behind

    #cjestagram #Vapp
    #SuperGreat The perfect gift for the #LunarNewYear Enjoy the #video


    Jaejoong's Bright Starts Event in Japan

    More Bright Starts here:  JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 1/29- 2/4/2018


    Such a great son! Happy Lunar New Year And Family 💚😊💚 Proud of

    [IG] Spending Lunar New Year’s Day with my parents Father 
    Kim Bong Hyun
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    [JJstagram] 이제야 도착하다니~!


    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Looking forward to our forever Valentine’s new album!

    [Cjes IG] Yeah, you are supposed to be recording on Valentines! Shoulders like the Pacific, lovesick warning ⚠️
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    #YAY Recording on #Valentinesday Happy Valentine's Day!


    [Cjes IG] receives invitation from Yohji Yamamoto and takes his first step in becoming a real fashion photographer

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    New Photo People Episode
    Aired 2/13/18
    Click link and give hearts

    Great show w/ 💚😊💚 Watch new episode here Love casual laid back JJ so much!

    Gorgeous photographer of 💚😊💚 Watch subbed episode here: Please give hearts and support JJ and all cast!

    Our is nervous but excited in final mission! We all know he’ll do amazing! Watch the show and give hearts


    [ENGSUB] Why do you call me dad??: One Year Old. Kim Junsu x Kim Hyung-joon.

    Published on Feb 12, 2018
    4th Gyeonggi South Police Facebook Live. #경기남부경찰홍보단 #경홍단 #경찰홍보단 #김준수 #시아준수 #ジュンス #XIA #XIAH #junsu #준수 #군라 #김형준

    [ENGSUB] 180207 "What is the new performance program of the police promotion team?"

    Published on Feb 12, 2018
    #경기남부경찰홍보단 #김준수 #시아준수 #ジュンス #XIA #시아 #김형준


    Hello gorgeous photographer of ! Please Support our JJ & watch the show here:

    【cjes.tagram】프로페셔널한 이 모습에 또 한번 반함🤔💕 테스트 촬영부터 꼼꼼하게 리드하는 재중👍🏻


    New Photo People Episodes
    Aired 2/12/18

    Click links and give hearts...
    Exciting episode. Takings pics can be nerve wracking! Watch Show and give hearts for & rest of the cast.

    Our has great eyes for models 💚😉😁💚 Nice Episode Click link & give hearts. Support and , , , and more


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    Hot model in Watch Show and give hearts!

    Handsome and hardworking photographer in w/ , , , , and more 


    JJ IG Updates

    Anticipating ’s new album!

  • jj_1986_jjRecording 🔥

  • JJ watching the Olympics
    • jj_1986_jj대단하네요 정말 보기만해도 온몸이 부서질것같은 느낌..
    180212 IG 【It’s really amazing. Just after watching this, my whole body seems to be broken...】
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    Photo People Previews...
    Please click on links and give hearts

    [V LIVE] 5-3 You will get hooked on photography from now on

    [V LIVE] 5-2 ※Nose bleed warnings※ Make way for expert photographer/model~ 

    [V LIVE] 5-4 The final mission! The day of Photo Crew debuted

    [V LIVE] 5-1 GD&ParkShinHye caught off guard 

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    [OTHER IG] 180210 _yoonjaesung Update.

    [OTHER IG] 180211 Update:

     as tagged


    180210 IG Story 【Lee Jin-ho】

    180209 Sina Weibo 【^^】

    180209 Sina Weibo

    20180209 jj_1986_jj IG Story

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    180209 IG Story 【Walking after long time】

    180209 Sina Weibo 
    【CN: like a scene in movie KR: like a scene in movie】 
    The video is same as the one in IG.
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    IG Update from ... Like a movie. 
    Wish for our JJ to be in movies & dramas & on TV & in radios & in huge concert venues & everywhere & anywhere!!!

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