You’ve probably seen K-pop stars on stage driving fans wild with their easy swagger and cool confidence. Well, a large part of the appeal comes from the way they dress.
South Korean fashion label Moldir carries a wide range of trendy apparels and accessories, which reflect a youthful, exuberant energy.
Moldir opened its first flagship store in Seoul in 2014. Ever since then, it has wowed customers with collections that are timeless but with just the right amount of edge.
Have your doubts about Moldir? Then know this – South Korean superstar Kim Jae-joong is the label’s art director. If that doesn’t work in lending it K-pop cred, nothing will.

Jaejoong lends his creative vision to Moldir’s design aesthetic.

“In a flawless production, whether in music or acting, fashion is something that can’t be left out. Through the designs, I try to show the sensibility I have developed through my experiences,” he stated in a 2015 interview.
“What I consider most important is the material. To create a design that is not just instant fashion with a short-term, consumptive feel, high-quality materials must be used, which is why I care about every single little detail.”
Popularly known as Jaejoong, he’s also a member of the pop group JYJ and a songwriter and actor.

From designing to the cloth selection process, the 31-year-old is reportedly very involved in Moldir’s creative process. He works closely with the team to come out with the products.
In videos posted up on YouTube, Jaejoong can be seen spearheading design efforts. He is shown looking through fabric swatches and inspecting finished products, as well as sketching designs.

Jaejoong wearing one of his designs while rehearsing on stage.
The label started with leather bags and accessories, but now includes ready-to-wear for men and women in its collections. Sweatshirts released by Moldir in the past apparently sold out within a few days after launching.
While the five-storey flagship store located in the Cheongdam-dong district of Seoul is definitely a must-visit, you can also shop for Moldir online ( – and yes, there is international shipping!
A favourite with Jaejoong’s fans, Moldir is well loved by other South Korean celebrities as well. Hallyu actors such as Lee Minho, Lee Hyun Woo, Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Jong Suk have been spotted rocking the products.